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Adidas: Avenue A Box Summer 2016 Spoiler Updates

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Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 4.25.20 PM

We have some spoiler updates and hints for the Summer 2016 Avenue A by Adidas Box. Each summer box will include:

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 5.50.43 PM

adidas’ miCoach® Fit Smart watch, plus other, high-end fitness apparel.

With the Fit Smart watch, you get a wrist-based heart monitor, daily tracking, speed and distance tracking and real-time coaching.

And here is a new video from curator Morgan Brian about the watch:

And here are a few more spoiler hints/info from Adidas commenting on our site!

Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 9.58.03 PM Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 9.57.32 PMSo now we know that there are more than 3 items in the box, and one of the items is shoes!

And here’s one more hint from Rita Ora’s Instagram account:

DONE. @adidasoriginals @adidaswomen #campaignum10 #adidasavenuea

A post shared by Rita Ora (@ritaora) on

This is tagged #adidasavenuea, and in it, she is wearing the Adidas Running Stretch Jacket. This also appears to be what Morgan Brian is wearing (in white) in the above video. It’s not confirmed if this will be in the box or not, but it seems likely.

What do you think of the spoiler updates? I’m excited about SHOES!

More about this box if you want to sign up: Avenue A by Adidas Box is $150 a box and ships once every three months. Every Avenue A box is filled with at least 3 premium items (mix of shoes, apparel, and accessories) selected by celebrity curators who exemplify style, fitness and performance.

Check out my Avenue A by Adidas Box reviews to learn more about this fitness subscription box!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. So I still haven’t received my tracking number but I did email avenue a yesterday. Their response:” Mariah,

    Your order ships tomorrow for a Friday delivery.


    Avenue a customer support”

    So I’m not worried anymore lol.

    • I did the same and got the same. At least they responded right away! Never ever been so excited for a box!

      • I’m so freaking excited it’s not even funny. I might be addicted already lol

        • Me too! Especially after seeing the spoilers. I couldn’t wait one more minute! Now to get the box!

          • I feel like Friday is coming in slo-mo lol

  2. So should I be concerned I still haven’t received my tracking info yet?

    • I haven’t either. I’m trying not to worry, but I got my first box in the first wave of shipments so I don’t know why others have gotten shipping info already and my box doesn’t seem to have gone out. I got charged on time so I’m telling myself there’s nothing to be concerned about.

      • Me neither. However, I didn’t get my tracking info until after the first lot of boxes had been received last time, very stressful:) Seems like it will be the same this time. But well worth waiting for!!!

        • Christiner- did you get your box late last time then?

          • It wasn’t really late, I think it was about a week or ten days after the first boxes arrived. Long enough to make me think I might not be getting one!! I emailed Adidas to find out what was going on and received the tracking info. about 10mins later!! I guess they send them in waves and I must be in the last lot??

      • I got charged on the 3rd and not the 2nd so I was thinking maybe mine is going to ship later. I’m not going to lie I’m a little nervous lol. I think I’m just anxious.

  3. So I did some MAJOR instagram digging…with the Avenue A hashtag one of the images comes up from @locgibson4 who is wearing a pair of hot pink pants with the pureboosts from the Spring Launch. In the comment section, she says that she works for Avenue A. Under Rita’s instagram image, she tags @adidaswomen. If you go to their instagram page, one of the images has a styled set including the MiFit Coach Watch, sports bra, ultra boost shoes (running ones, but it looks like it’s confirmed we will get slides too – BONUS!) and the same pair of running pants that are in @locgibson4’s tagged image. I put this together and making some conclusions 🙂 …coincidence?! Thoughts?!

    • Hahaha…I was trying to do the same yesterday!!! I was looking at the tags on Rita’s instagram post and other images with the #adidasavenuea. Trying to see if I could spot other clues, I saw a photo shoot image from @kateclaracitron from a few weeks ago that had a caption about a @wellandgoodnyc collab, launching this fall and it was tagged “#AvenueA”. I have no idea if that’s a clue to the Fall box or an Adidas fall campaign or just a coincidence, but I had to step away from my computer.

      • I know…this may drive us all to insanity! #subscriptionboxtherapy

  4. Any idea if i can still sign up for this?

    • think it depends on your sizes – some items/sizes are not available. why not try?

  5. I’m in. I need a tracker. If we have to get a little filler item, I hope it’s socks and not a hat. Really detest sports hats!

  6. Really liking this box. May sign up for fall. It would be nice if they do a men’s holiday box.

    • I agree!! Really hope they do a men’s box. Holiday or quarterly. My son would love it.

      • When my spring box showed up my son was all excited until he opened it. I didn’t tell him it was all girl stuff he just saw the adidas symbol and figured it was for him. He’s 15 so the look on his face was priceless.

  7. I think the “shoes” are more than likely going to be some sort of slide or sandal. They are very popular with soccer players since you can’t wear your spikes indoors. I hope people aren’t disappointed if it’s not another pair of sneakers.

    • Agreed – there are no guarantees that they are sneakers and it seems like people just joined today because of shoes. Hopefully they like the tracker since I think that is the hero of the box.

  8. I spent the afternoon running around trying to find Adidas sneakers, bras and clothing so I could determine size. That is just not a popular brand here I guess! Not sure what to do but I want this box for the tracker. I’d hate to have nothing else fit, though. And I am with the person who wonders how they will size the tracker–many women need larger tops to accommodate their bosom than their wrist size would suggest.

  9. I need to stay off this site. But with the shoes I just couldn’t resist.

  10. Omg I’ve been wanting a heart rate monitor able watch/fitness tracker for months. AND I need new shoes… But $150 for something I don’t know will fit right, etc.? So hard to decide! If only there was a return or exchange option then I’d be all over this probably!

    • Everyone last time said that they were GREAT about trading for the right size shoes!!!
      Come on in & join the cult!!!!

      • Do you go into the store or send them back through the mail?

        • I am going on what I was reading – I assumed that they sent them back. But I didn’t get the last box & it is 2nd hand info…

          • I ordered, also, because I needed shoes & I have a think that tracks my movement & sleep – but not my heart beat and other things that this watch does! (Wonder if it keeps time!!)

    • They do have an exchange / return option – and it was so easy!
      Only time there might be a problem is if an item is an exclusive to the box and they’re out of the size you need, but you would have the option to get something similar in your size.

      Seriously the best box ever for me – loved the items and their customer service was super helpful!

  11. Rita was wearing white Ultraboost sneakers. Fingers crossed it’s in Morgan’s box!

  12. Ok with the confirmation of shoes, I am signed back up!!

    • Yay Mailbox Junkie! Ha!

    • Yay Mailbox Junkie! 😛 LOL, you are going to have to put that tracker to use!

  13. Gave in and ordered! I’ve been looking at fitbits (had a Nike fuel band) so might as well get this plus all the extra goodies! Anyone know about sizing? I only have one adidas legging and its old. I’m so hard to fit, short and petite with big boobs! If the size is off can you exchange for a size up or down? Can’t believe I just spent this much on a sub but it looks too good to pass up! Omg, send it to me NOW!!!!

  14. 4.5lb box!

  15. So I tried to subscribe but it came back that something wasnt available in my size so I have to wait for the fall box. Probably the shoe size. I have to size up 1 1/2 sizes for running shoes which makes me an 11 1/2. 🙁

    • At what point in the process did it push you to the next box? Thanks.

      • Not until I completed everything. All it stated was one of my items was not available it the selected size so my subscription would start with Fall 2016.

  16. Just got my tracking! Mine is 4.7 lbs. I think maybe 3/4 length tights with pink below the knee might be in there as well. The old pictures on the site had her in the winter box stuff. Now she is in the white jacket, green tank(?) 3/4 tights, shoes (not flip flops or slides) and is wearing the watch. I’m wondering if rita shot a promo wearing the summer box to keep the fall box a surprise.

  17. I looked again at the description of the box and it says premium urban running gear, so it is not a workout box, but a running box, I assume. So I guess if it is shoes, it has to be running shoes. I cannot wait.

    • I hope you’re right, I hope it’s running shoes. Need one ASAP and this would be an awesome treat.

      • I signed into my account, looked at every word, and it indeed says running avenue a box, so this is definitely a running gear box! I run in dog agility and I need new running shoes, keeping my fingers crossed. There are some cool? running shoes at $80, I think that might be it for summer.

        • COOL!!!! White or pink will be fine with me!!!!!
          I will say, I really hope that I don’t get the watch in white. I need black or graphite…

          • I think it is in white.

  18. My box has shipped and is scheduled for a 6/17 delivery, woot. Also it’s 4.6lbs.

  19. So I caved and subscribed! I usually only wear Nike’s so I have no idea how their shoes fit. I need a new pair of running shoes so I hope a pair is included!! I’m excited about the watch too. I love that it’s coming in white. Now I only wish they had a mens box so my husband won’t be jealous of all my goodies I get in the mail.

  20. Woot,woot! Just got my tracking info. Scheduled delivery for Friday. Says 4.6 pounds.

    • yes lawd!

  21. This is the best box out there right now. I use everything from the last box several times a week (except the jacket, which now is too warm for where I live, but it will reappear come fall). I can’t wait for this one!

  22. I think this box looks great and all, but I wasn’t 100% sure I want to subscribe yet. I went through the sign up steps quickly to see what they ask & what types of Paypal payment they take. I couldn’t specify while on the Paypal website and it says “you will confirm your payment method in the next step on Safecart” or something like that, so I clicked “next” and then it finalized my order automatically! It’s my fault for playing around on the site, but just annoyed that it didn’t do what it said – and my bank account got charged instead of my credit card… Emailed both Safecart & Avenue A, but no reply yet. 🙁

    • The same thing happened to me! I thought it was under PayPal credit system, not the balance. I can’t really afford it due to bills and change of job–but they keep trying to charge me. The first time I didn’t have the funds and Safecart charged me 29$. I got an email they’d try in three days, so I said I needed to fully cancel because I won’t have the money. No response, now they’ve charged me again and I’m in the red in my bank account. 🙁

  23. hi ladies – did anyone get an email about shipping info?
    i got an email initially telling me that it was shipped and that the 1st email will be followed by another email with shipping info. i never received the 2nd email – so i’m a little worried.
    has this happened to anyone else?
    i called addidas – but customer service couldn’t help because avenue a – which is like a whole nother company under addidas, does not give access to addidas customer service.
    i sent an email, but didn’t get a response as of yet.

    • Not yet. I saw on their site somewhere that the box is supposed to be delivered around 6/17.

      • oh okay – i could have sworn it said for 6/13.

    • I haven’t received shipping confirmation yet, only an email confirming that my payment went through on 6/3. I’m really excited for this box so I’m getting antsy!

      • i received the shipping email yesterday with tracking …maybe they are shipping over a couple of days since they are size specific boxes? so excited! really excited if i get the white fitness tracker 🙂

        • me too – i am stupid excited for this. it’s like christmas and im 10 yrs old.

          • I’m the same! For the last few days, I’ve been searching online for any leaks or missed clues. The 17th can’t come any sooner!

            I have only received the box is coming soon email earlier this month, so I’m sitting here waiting for the confirmation so that I can obsessively refresh the tracking info.

      • i see they want to keep the whole surprise & suspense thing going

      • ugh! i can’t stand the wait!!!

    • I did and I’ve been stalking it on the FedEx tracker…

      It’s coming from South Carolina and it weighs 5.1lbs!

      It left SC on 6/10, and the scheduled delivery date is 6/17. I live in Oregon btw.

      • oh thanks for the info!!
        as long as someone here gets info – then it makes me feel better 🙂

  24. What makes you guys think that the shoes will be slides or flip flops? I hope not, you can’t run in those

    • With that jacket & the watch, I’m expecting tennis shoes… I have a feeling that they get them at a discount. .. (?)

      • I hope you’re right. I can’t wait to get this box! I’m thinking that once I get it, I can put on the running shoes, with the jacket and keep track of my workout with the fit smart watch ??

      • The jacket might be Fall since Rita did a video recently in it (so maybe she’s the next collaborator). Or maybe it’s this month. Anyone’s guess…

        • Then again, maybe for consistency, she could be wearing the jacket that we get in summer for her Fall video. There are a few pictures of Morgan in our shoes from the first box. Ah…. just want it to get here already.

    • When a commenter says “sneakers” and they reply “shoes” it might not be running shoes… also she’s a soccer player and they go hand in hand. It doesn’t say it’s a runners program – it says “Curated, athletic apparel subscription program where style and performance collide” anyone’s guess what it will include.

  25. Why are some commenters thinking that the shoes will be slides or flip flops? I know it’s summer but you can’t work out in those and this is a fitness box. I would be sorely disappointed to get flip flops. Did anyone read it somewhere or is this just a hunch?

    • It’s just a hunch because the tracker was the “big” ticket item. I don’t think many were expecting shoes at all until the representative mentioned the inclusion of shoes in the comments section. Personally a tracker plus running sneakers would make the value of this box REALLY high and I just can’t see it. (P.S. I’d LOVE to be wrong)

      • Whoever gets this box MUST post immediately a pic of their goodies so we can all relax. I’ve never been this excited (anxious) about a box, EVER! The suspense is killing me. I hope I’m productive at work today ?

  26. If I sign up now will I get this box? Looks amazing!

  27. I promptly signed up when this box first came out and was so excited to receive everything in it! The Avenue A customer service is some of the best I’ve ever encountered when I had to swap out the shoes and sports bra. Although this is only their 2nd box, it is by far the most favorite I have ever received! I think Rita Ora is going to be curating the fall box, which may be when that jacket is included. Since this is summer, I’d be surprised to see it in this box. I guess we will all find out by Friday!!!

  28. I’m guessing it’ll be a slide for the shoe. The only problem there is sizing. I based my size selection on a running shoe, not a sandal!lol betting they get a lot of size exchange requests. Still hoping for a running shoe though!!!! This box is for my 14yr old and she’s going to be thrilled!!!!!

    • Exactly. I size up a whole size on running shoes and a half size on tennis shoes. I take my regular size in flip flops or slides. It’d be nice if they stuck to the running theme since all these variables weren’t taken into account on the profile questions. Similarly with the band on the fitness tracker, I’m worried I’ll get a large based on my shirt size but I have tiny wrists. I hope the CS is as good about exchanges as I’ve heard.

  29. I’m so excited for my box! It says delivery by 6/17 which is Friday! I hope so because I go on vacation the following weekend. Can’t wait!

  30. Just tried signing up and got the following:

    Thanks for your interest in subscribing to Avenue A by adidas. None of our current Avenue A boxes are available, but you are now pre-ordered for the next-available box, which ships out in fall 2016.”

    Only good thing is that they do not have my credit card number, so I’m not on the hook if the fall box looks uninteresting.

    • But, then it might be too late! (That’s how I reasoned it out for myself!)

    • I just signed up and I was given the impression I’d be receiving THIS box, especially since it charged my account right away. Hmm…maybe a size available thing?

      • Yeah if they already charged you the $150 you are getting this box because if you preorder I think they charge a 1 to the card on file and not the 150 until they are shipping everything out. I am guessing like you that it must be if the size is still available.

  31. I think that Rita Ora might be the curator of the Fall box. A few Instagram pics before that one is her posting a 5am call time and then the next picture is a picture of her making a video. The caption of the picture posted above is “DONE”. I think that might mean she was done shooting her “latest edition” video. This is just me speculating, but I really hope she is the next curator. How fun!

  32. I’m so excited for this box. I’ve been needing to buy some new summer gear, but have been holding off until I see what I’m getting in this box. I’m hoping for flip flops or slides … And shorts! Long sleeves are generally too warm for summer here, but if we get the jacket I’ll have to be patient and wear it in the fall. I have been wearing the heck out of the teal jacket from the last box, it’s so light weight that it was perfect for spring.

  33. I was so sad because I missed out on the debut box. Signed up for this one though! Can’t wait to get my shipping notice!

  34. Holy crap! Super excited about this box. I subscribe to lots of food boxes so this will balance out that indulgence. Better run to burn all those calories and have a fab summer fit! I’m going to find a running group in my neighborhood and see if that helps with the motivation.

  35. As bummed as I was to miss the first box, I am so excited I subbed!
    I look forward to getting my box this week an more boxes in the future.
    I wonder if they will put a limit on subscriptions to keep the quality but then again they are a big company.

  36. I did it, after box envy last time I took the plunge. With size 11 feet this is a great way to get Adidas shoes in my size, when I can’t always find them in the store…I did have to wiggle around some of my sizes since they said there were some things not available in my size in the summer box, here’s hoping everything fits, does anyone know when it ships??

  37. I’d also like to say that I hope the watch is the black variant, not the white as shown… it looks REALLY hard to read (maybe that’s just me though?)

    • The comments by Adidas on the other post indicates that the watch will be white.

  38. Love the spoilers but don’t think I can rock that jacket cropped at my old tummy
    Fitness Watch
    Shoes of some sort
    Something else? And it’s almost here

    • whoa that is a short jacket. Sorry as a larger chested person that is a big no go.

  39. I’m not sure how they can do the watch and a shoe but that got me, I’m in! Most of the other clothing items will likely not fit me but they will either go to my sister or up for swap.

  40. Ugh. Why do I keep coming to this site! I just signed up for this box. I’m excited to get it! I’ve held out on all the other “Summer” boxes until this one…..I’ve been wanting/needing a watch like we are getting. Everything else is a bonus 🙂

  41. Will shoes be included in all boxes?? I think they should be.
    I’m also curious, I have an account but misplaced the e-mail to ‘activate’ it before the 3 days was up. I am now waiting for a new credit card (someone got a hold of my old one…). When it comes, if I put in my information, will I get this box or the fall box?

  42. Ohh-la-la -la!
    Stupid excited about this!

  43. Can’t wait to get my box!!!

  44. Great clues on the other post – it looks like the tracker will be in white and the apparel colors were selected by Morgan Brian and most likely will be bright. The inclusion of shoes is amazing – could be a pair of slides ( This box is the best sub yet!

  45. The jacket looks really cute on the 5’9″ size small model. On anyone else its a big NO.

    • to say anyone under 5’9 can’t wear this jacket is a bold statement…especially considering most fit models for athletic brands are under 5’7.

      • You’re right. I’m just bummed because i’m under 5’5″ and wear an xl. I have boobs and a butt and am not fit. After seeing what was in the last box, I had hopes for this brand. If its going to be curated to the already fit, it won’t do for me. I was sooooo excited for this box, i’m just really let down. It’s not inspirational either, even at my best shape, this would be unflattering.

        • I felt the same way when I saw the jacket. It is pretty but not everyone can wear that and I am one of them unfortunately. My problem area is my middle and this will only emphasize that for me. While this will be cute when I finally get back into shape I would feel self conscious wearing it now. Oh well. I guess I could just leave it unzipped over my tank on the way to the gym or running. I love the shoes idea and Ill use the watch. It does more than my fit bit and I use adidas shoes already and go through them regularly between running and zumba. Can’t wait to see everything else 🙂

  46. I can’t wait to get my box. Seriously best sub box ever! ?

    • And I love that jacket too!

  47. I hope they send out a sneaker with every box. I don’t know about other runners but I go through sneakers every 5 months or so and I luv adidas. I loved the sneakers from the first box. I can’t wait for this box. Thanks for the spoiler!!!

  48. OHHHHHHH! YES! I have felt like crap all weekend (due to a bug!) I am glad to hear about this at the end of this weekend! And I needed shoes!!!!!
    I love pink. So I hope I get pink!!!

  49. OMG I seriously cannot wait until I receive this box. I am so excited that shoes will be included. I was actually looking for some shoes yesterday and I came across a pair of Adidas flip flops and I said to myself this will be so cool if we receive something like this in our summer box and now after seeing we will receive shoes I am even more anxious to get this box. I just am absolutely loving this Subscription Box.

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