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Target Beauty Box Review – May 2016


Every month, Target launches a beauty box, and it sells out very quickly. (This box is currently sold out).

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My Subscription Addiction paid for this box. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).


The Box: Target Beauty Box

The Cost: $10

The Products:

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Each box comes with an info card and a Target coupon good for $3 off a beauty purchase of $15 or more. (Tip thanks to MSA readers – save these to use on future Target Beauty Boxes!)


Laneige Water Bank Moisture Cream – 20 ml Value $12.80

I love it when one item is worth more than the entire cost of the box! Laneige is a staple in these Target Beauty Boxes, which is fine by me because I think they make great, inexpensive skincare. This formula absorbs quickly and is very moisturizing. It is scented, so if you have very sensitive skin, you might prefer a non-fragranced moisturizer, but the scent didn’t bother me.


Burt’s Bees Oil Basic Cleansing Facial Cleanser – 1 oz Value $2.67

This product is new to me, and I love Burt’s Bees, so I was excited to try it! It’s a very gentle cleanser, great for removing eye makeup, and the natural scent is great, too. If you are new to cleansing oil, you apply it and massage it first to clean dry skin, then introduce warm water to remove it.

CeraVe Unscented Foaming Facial Cleanser – .5 oz Value $.50

Yay for a gentle and unscented cleanser! This worked well and didn’t dry out my skin. The sample is pretty tiny, but it should be good for travel – it has about 4-5 uses.


Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Cream – .1 oz Value $1.20

This is one of those cult-classic items I’m always happy to get – even in this tiny sample size! A little goes a long way with this ointment/cream, so this sample actually goes pretty far!

L’Oreal Paris Sublime Bronze Self-Tanning Towelettes – Medium Natural Tan – Value $1.25

I prefer self-tanner lotion with a mitt applicator, so this tan towel isn’t for me, but I gave it a quick sample. The scent is surprisingly not-bad for self-tanner, and the towel was similar to TanTowel.


Hair Food Dry Shampoo – 1.7 oz Value $5

This is sulfate and paraben free, goes on clear, and has a nice scent too! I’m a little overrun with dry shampoos at the moment, but

L’Oréal Paris Colour Riche Lip Pen in 201 – FULL SIZE! Value $9

This might be my favorite discovery in the box. I lucked out – the color works great for me, the pigment is great, and the finish adds just a little shine. Here it is swatched:



Andalou Naturals Resveratrol Q10 Night Repair Cream – .4 oz Value $4.90

Derma E Firming DMAE Moisturizer with Alpha Lipoic and C- Ester – .5 oz Value $5

Target did a great job at including good skincare brands and good sized samples too. I found both of these moisturizers to be gentle, and I like that they included both a day time and night time skincare option.

Verdict: This box has a value of about $42. I’m happy to see such a high value for the May box since the price for this box was higher as well (usually, the boxes are around $7). I’ll use everything besides the self-tanner.

What do you think of the latest Target Beauty Box? Were you able to grab one?

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (121)

  1. Liz, Does the Target Beauty Box ship to Alaska or Hawaii?

  2. Does anyone have an extra coupon code for 3 $ off?

  3. I have an extra box if anyone is interested…just shoot me an email! ?

    • ya i want one!

    • interested!

  4. Anyone think there will a June box? Think it will come out May 30th or June 6? I’m feining…

  5. My $5 gift card came in the regular mail about 2 weeks BEFORE my boxes. They were lost in Atlanta, or so the post office said. I called Target and they overnighted my two missing boxes. What a great company! I just love Target.

    • I wonder how they came up with more boxes when they were supposedly sold out!?!?!

      • Every time I try to snag a box it says they’re sold out…is there a secret club or code to get one…the only thing I get is an offer to buy the product in the full price…what’s the trick to getting a box… and how did the one girl get 2 boxes resent…

  6. My box went to the wrong zipcode, courtesy of one-digit wrong. I was tracking it, and saw that it was “Out For Delivery” in a town that’s an hour and a half away from me. I quickly called the PostMaster from that town, and he looked into it, apparently “found the Target package”, and told me to have Target correct my zipcode. Really? Ya think? I asked him if he was going to ship it to the correct zip code now, he said yes, but there’s no update on my tracking at all for the last two days. So my Target box sits somewhere. I have no idea where and I don’t know when I’ll get it…..When I called Target, the CS Rep said “there’s nothing they could do, since the box has my correct address, and only the zip code is wrong.” This is my first box from Target and this level of customer service is not appropriate.

    • Well, what are you expecting Target to do? They can’t send another box, because they’re sold out…there’s not much they really can do

    • You’d think with the correct city and state with a street address that is otherwise correct, they could correct the zip code and set it on its way.

      • Send* it on its way

  7. I haven’t been a big fan of Hair Food products, but I used the dry shampoo this morning and really liked it. It went on clear at first, but had a little whiteness to it after a few minutes. It rubbed in well so you can’t see it. I really like the scent, it smells like I washed my hair with fruity shampoo rather than a dry shampoo.

    I also REALLY like the lip pen. I received lacque-y charm. The color is perfect for my skin tone and I like the finish. The scent is a little odd, baby wipe-ish, but I can look past that for the wear.

    I’ve received the night Derma-E moisturizer before and really liked it as well as the Laneige water mask and like both so I’m pleased to have more of both.

    I can’t say I’ll use the tan towel, I live in Florida so I get a little glow naturally.

    I do always love the Target boxes. This one feels like a good win minus the tan towel.

  8. Finally got mine last night and am very pleased. I think Target does a nice job with the presentation and selection. I got the matte lip pen (were they all matte? or did some boxes have the lacquers?) in 108 (Matte-r of Fact). I don’t know if this is the same shade that some posters here are describing as “hot pink” but I find it to be a medium pinky-purple with blue undertones. It’s definitely my kind of color (although did I need another lip product in this color? prob not) and I find you can kind of smudge it in for more of a lipstain look. Haven’t played around with the other products too much, but I know I like the Laneige cream. I am not thrilled in general with Derma E products but I’ll give that a go, too. I’m a regular dry shampoo user so can definitely use that, as well as most of the other products. Thinking about using the tan towel before a party coming up but a little nervous . . .

    • I didn’t get a matte ?
      I got la lacque in charm (201) & you (207). I love my colors though, so no matte is okay

      • Well I guess they’re actually called lacque-y charm & lacque-y you

      • Those look like pretty colors!

      • So you got two lip pencils, Taya???

      • I bought 2 boxes, one for me & the other for my mom. I’m just taking what I want from the boxes and switching with her…even though she has no idea I bought her one. ??

  9. I tried the Andalou Naturals Resveratrol Q10 Night Repair Cream last night and woke up very moist(I have dry skin). I don’t know what does on the age defying front but we shall see. Count me impressed with it’s moisturizing ability and little to no scent.

    • I tried the andalou last night too and love it! I have very dry skin and this morning I woke up with moist glowing skin instead of dry and taut. I will definitely buy the full size 🙂

  10. I don’t see why it would be a big deal to exchange this stuff at Target. It CAME from Target! Other box item exchanges are a different story, but if it came from their store originally, why would it matter?

    And I’m frustrated with this. I worked open to close at work the day before this came out. I couldn’t sleep so was sitting in my chair when these were released. I had the 20 whatever in my cart for the gift card and fell asleep in my chair as I was checking out. I went through checkout, but apparently not the very last page!! 🙁 Sad.

    • You’re right. However, if you mention the Target Beauty Box, the employees at the store have no idea what you’re talking about. (One lady asked me if I got it in Birchbox. I had to explain the entire concept, which she admittedly thought was cool, but still – you work at Target and should be told about these things!)

      I know some people have gone through online CS and gotten an e-mail saying to do an even exchange at the store, but when I did it, the store did it as a return without a receipt. The exchange wasn’t exactly even and cost me something like 20 cents (I guess the one I traded in was slightly cheaper?), which was no big deal. However, I don’t want to keep doing this every time I get a bad color and then be flagged for receipt-less returns in case I need to return something big and either can’t find the receipt or don’t have the card – which can happen if you get a new card for any reason. That’s been happening a lot to me lately with the new cards with the chip.

  11. Received mine today, a little later than usual (they normally arrive a week to the day after ordering) and I’m happy to say my streak of getting totally unwearable lip colors in Target boxes is unbroken. lol This one is a doozy. Gorgeous BRIGHT blue red, but no way I can pull that off. That said, the Target boxes are still among my favorites. Even if everything isn’t perfect, you just can’t beat the value. I did like the formula and feel of the lip pen, so I might try a different color.

    • I’m right there with you on the lip colors I got the brightest hot pink ,which I’ve said I could have pulled it off in the eighties lol

  12. My box has been stuck in Harrisburg, PA since May 6th at 4:29pm. I’m in South Caroilna. It has never taken so long to arrive.

    • Mine arrived Monday, and I’m in Coastal SC.

  13. I am most excited to try the Egyptian Magic! My boxes arrived today (according the the alerts I set up on the post office’s website) so I’m considering ditching work early (just kidding, boss!!!!) just to crack it open. I have such terrible dry skin and haven’t yet found my HG.

    • I’m excited about the Egyptian Magic too. I’ve heard of it all my life, but I’ve never actually tried it.

      Sadly I won’t be able to pick up my box (boxes if you count the 4 other subs waiting) from the post office until Saturday. This is my 1st month using a p.o. box, so … LONGEST. MONTH. EVER!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  14. I got two boxes for $6 each, and if I end up using the coupons it’s $3 each. Pretty darn good for $42 worth of product 🙂

  15. I appreciate the input from those suggesting people exchange their unwearable lipstick shades but I think I’ll just keep it and try to mix with other shades to get something wearable. Target has a generous return policy and I don’t want to abuse it. They scan your driver’s license because if you do this too many times, it alerts their system to fraud. I’d rather save my exchanges/returns for stuff that really matters. It’s a sub box; getting a sucky color is the risk you take. 🙂

  16. I was going to skip this one, but I really felt my mail box wasn’t being utilized properly. I have never tried dry shampoo until last night…i know, crazy right!? I love it!!! I gave my mom my tan towel and she gave me her lip pen.

    • LOL love it!

  17. You know, I was surprised at how much I liked the tan towel. One really was enough to cover my whole body, and (aside from a few places I apparently missed) there were no streaks. The color was wrong for me, though. I definitely need a shade lighter for the more gradual tan that the product is meant to give, but the medium didn’t look fake or orange on me, either. I just look like I’ve had more than one application.

  18. This was skin care heavy so I really like this month aside from tanning product, and I received lip color I’ll actually use. I don’t want to be a BUZZKILL BETTY, but I’m not a fan of BURT’S BEES- they were bought out by CLOROX, a major manufacturer of neonicotinoids, the pesticides deemed responsible for recent mass bee die offs (colony collapse disorder). Despite the surmounting evidence and even an overrule of the EPA by the courts to ban one of them, Clorox blames the varroa mite for the die offs, a pest which they conveniently manufacturer the pesticide to eradicate also. I no longer purchase any of their products and smh at their “greenwashing”. Thought MSA readers should know!

  19. Mine is currently “out for delivery!” Can’t wait to get home and open it! I’m excited about everything except the self tanner.

  20. My dermatologist recommended CeraVe a long time ago. I was happy to get the sample size. A little of this stuff goes a long way! I literally buy 1-2 bottles of it a year. And now I have a nice refillable travel size that I don’t need to label. Something so small made me so happy.

    I am excited to keep the dry shampoo at work since my fine hair often gets greasy.

    My L’Oréal® Paris Colour Riche Le Matte Lip Pen is VERY pink. I have issues with dry lips and am hoping I can use this soon though.

    I have used the tanning towels before and like them so this might get me using them again.

    As for the rest, I use ceraVe products on my face so I might be making some grab bags for my friends for Christmas with any extra unused items! But I will be trying the Burt’s Bees to remove eye makeup.

    • I got the bright pink one, too, in both of my boxes 🙁 I would have loved two like Liz got here. Last time I exchanged a lipstick at Target, they looked at me like I had two heads and let me do it, but it was kind of a pain because they had to call over a manager, which meant I had to stand around while people were behind me in line at customer service. I felt like a jerk. I think I’ll head to the swap site and hope to do an even exchange with someone else.

      Otherwise, great box! The Laneige made it a total winner, even if they screwed up everything else (which they didn’t). I’m giving away the dry shampoo to a friend who uses it, and I’m not sure about the tan towels. I might try it this summer when I know I don’t have any real social events 😉

      • Did you take off the safety seal or something? Seems kinda crazy to call over a manager for something that’s still sealed..

      • Nope, totally sealed.

      • Well, it’s not like the item was bought from Target, it’s completely reasonable that they needed a manger’s override. I’d personally people just donate their unwanted items than trying to exchange it, it will force companies to change their return policies with enough people doing it and harm those that bought the item and actually lose the receipt.

      • I agree. Getting a wonky color is part of the sub box game, that’s why we pay 1/5 of the price! I’ll deal, rather than raise a red flag on my returns in the future.

    • Oh, yes, and CeraVe is great. I’ve got eczema, as do my two boys, so I swear by CeraVe. I also love Laneige for the same reason. Both are good for KP, too.

    • I loved the Burts bees to take off my makeup ,but it burned my eyes .So be careful but it’s probably me

  21. i love the target boxes… i try to get one every time they come out … and i can actually use the lippie this month which is awesome i normally get red and can’t wear them but this one is actually nice and doesn’t get all sticky and dry feeling so it’s a win for me!!! i’ve never tried the tan wipes before and from reading all the comments on it i’m kind of scared to try it.. does it streak really bad???

  22. I tried everything right away. This was the best box in awhile! The tanning towlette actually made me look tan! (I’m Norwegian, so my skin is always pasty like I could glow in the dark, or else burned to a crisp. There is no “tan”.) I even used the towel on my face and neck without streaking. The lip pen was in a wearable color for me, and it stays nicely. The CeraVe cleanser did a great job leaving my face feeling fresh and hydrated, I didn’t even have to use a moisturizer.
    The first thing I did with the Egyptian Magic sample was pull off the foil packaging (there’s a thin clear plastic packaging inside) to see how much was really in there. It’s not a lot at all, it didn’t even fill the entire little plastic package. So although I can use sparingly, it doesn’t give me much to go on for deciding if I would purchase it in the future.
    Burt’s Bees products are always a win for me, I hadn’t tried that cleansing oil before so I was very excited to try it. It works pretty well and left my skin feeling good. I am glad for the sample size – this should last me awhile and give me time to try it several times to formulate a full opinion. 🙂

  23. This box was just meh for me. I’m not really into dry shampoo, got a very bright lip color (as I always seem to in every box), and won’t use the tanning towel. The rest of the items were good for me though. I am curious about people saying they are swapping items (like the lip color) from the boxes in-store. I just don’t see any of the stores near me going for that. :-/ I figured I’d try an eBay auction for a bunch of these bright lipsticks I’ve been getting and hope I can get a little bit back. I’ve thought of using the swap site, but it seems kind of complicated and annoying, with people having different ideas of what things are worth (some use retail, some use personal value or rarity).

    • You: I would like to exchange this
      Them: Do you have a receipt?
      You: no
      Them: *gives you store credit to buy the other one*

      AND obviously it can’t used…

      • Exactly. Just do a cash no receipt return. Mine was unused and sealed.

      • obviously it can’t be used. lol it’s more like what someone else said above – they call a manger over and everyone looks annoyed, esp the people in line behind you. I don’t like to lie either, and I know it’s a small lie and hurts no one, but I’ve always just been a terrible liar – people always know! And explaining it was from a target beauty box they’ve never heard of…idk. But we’ll see, it might be worth it for something else.

      • Those people give too much info away. If you follow my script, you’re fine. ? Also, for customers without receipts, I’ve never seen an employee call a manager to approve it

    • I exchange lipstick and nail polish all the time from Target and Walmart boxes. I’ve never had a problem. I just tell them I got it as a gift or can’t find my receipt. Walmart got smart, however, and put a sticker over the barcode on the Revlon mascara (red tube) I received in my last box. It wasn’t removable, and that stuff was horrible. My daughter liked it.

  24. I like this box, but the lip pen smells AWFUL. Like baby wipes, maybe? Too bad since the color I received was very pretty. I had to toss it. I will use everything else besides the tan product.

  25. Got both of mine. I got two different color lip pens and I like them both. This is one of my favorite boxes ever. I don’t wear any makeup besides the occasional lip product but I am a skincare junkie so I love all the different samples this box had. Most boxes are heavy on the cosmetics for my tastes.

  26. I’ve been following Liz’s amazing site for a little while now but am still a novice here! I was forced to stop all of my Subs a few years ago (yes, I went into a deep withdrawal & depression!) I’m in awe of the amount of boxes available now!
    I went a bit crazy last month ordering doubles of things (I just don’t need or will ever use!) I just signed up for the swap site but was placed on a wait list…I have an extra Target Box & 2 Purple ‘deaux lux’ wallets from the Vegan Cuts Box that I’ll never use + a lot more! Hope to be off the wait list soon?!
    I better check my bank statement…I don’t even know who or what I ordered from last month & I need to buy a car not duplicate boxes lol!

    • You don’t need a car, just get a bus pass. Problem solved!

  27. Loved this box. I bought two, took advantage of the gift card deal, and used my $3 coupon from last month’s box. So I paid $17 (including tax) and received a $5 gift card – $6 each box. Yay!

    • I forgot that I was supposed to receive the $5 gift card – I bought two boxes – how did you get yours – through email or in a box?

      • My $5 gift card came via email as soon as the box was shipped.

    • So if you buy two boxes you get a 5$ target gift card? Is this deal every month?

      • No. I have always received a $3 off card inside the box, however, last month Target just happened to be running a promotion at the same time the box was out. I believe it was spend $20 on Beauty and get the emailed gift card.

        So folks scored the card in the box and the emailed gift card for $5.

      • and adding that you didn’t have to purchase 2 beauty boxes to get the emailed gift card. I got 1 box and spent the remaining $13 I needed to to get the GC on other qualifying products that I needed.

  28. I still haven’t gotten my boxes. I’m slightly annoyed since I was planning to use one as a Mother’s Day gift. Tracking says it should come by Friday….

    • I haven’t gotten mine either. : ( grrrrr

  29. I like this box, I’m new to subscription boxes so I may be easy to please. However, I have a 2 week trip for school next month and this stuff will be great for that!

  30. I loved this box! It had so many great samples, although I don’t like the lip color looks orange on me.

  31. I got this box mostly for the L’Oreal lippie so wasn’t thrilled to get an unwearable color. And yes, I realize I could’ve just taken my $10 and gotten the color I wanted, but where’s the fun in that? 😀 😀 Overall, though, I’m still pleased with the box. Love Target!

    • I got an unflattering shade of Cover girl lipstick in the last box. I took the lipstick to Target along with the box and they let me swap it. No problem, even though the girl said she had never heard of the subscription box. It was great to be able to pick my own color.

  32. I love those lipsticks, I have one in red. But I got a hot pink matte… Not a fan! Oh well, Lord knows I have plenty of lipsticks!! Maybe my 8 year old niece will like it! But excited to try the Egyptian Magic more and everything else was good!

    • Swap it!! I love hot pink haha

    • I must have got the same color as you a very bright pink,which I would have worn in the eighties lol

  33. My boxes have been at the same post office for days. The tracking said they scanned it saying that it’s there, but it’s so weird because my allure box went to that same post office and I got it yesterday AND the Allure box got there after the target boxes. They better not have “lost” it lol. This is the first time this has happened to me

    • Mine started doing that as well and would be there for literally two weeks, when they finally arrived at the END of the month the boxes are a bit beat up but everthing inside is ok. I only have this problem with target boxs and it’s become the norm…..very annoying.

      • It’s so bizarre…lol they just don’t like target

    • That happened to me the other month. It showed as being in Vegas and I got one of my Target boxes that shipped at the same time and the other one just disappeared. I called and complained to the post offices. Weeks later after Target already refunded my box, it showed up in the mail all beat to hell.. ..odd

    • I got my $5 giftcard in the mail today. With the email option, they wanted to charge me $9 extra…which makes no sense

    • I just checked the tracking and the boxes finally arrived at my post office. Hopefully the same thing won’t happen ?

      I wonder if maybe they thought there was something suspicious in there? Lol they we’re like “Target doesn’t use these boxes to send things.” Then they had to use one of those scanner things (like at the airport) to see what was inside ???

      I’m just going to pretend that that’s what happened

  34. I’m so glad I got two! Such a deal after the $5 gift card and two coupons. (Once I forget to use my code so I set up reminders now.) Have been wanting to try most of these, the rest will be gifted or swapped. Can’t wait to get! I’ve noticed mine usually arrives about a week after the review is posted.

    Liz, you should block/black out your coupon code since it’s single use. (Unless you used already.)

    Thanks for the review!

    • (Thanks – yes, used it already) 🙂

  35. So bummed. I had this in my cart and it wouldn’t let me check out. Then it pulled it from my cart so my cart was empty. Tried to add it back in and it said I had the maximum quantity in my cart. It was a really disappointing experience. Now that Sephora has opened up I probably won’t worry about fighting for the Target one as much.

    • @Debbie Sephora still has me waitlisted 🙁

      • Oh no! Sorry. :(. I guess I shouldn’t get too excited about it until I actually get a box! ?

    • Same happened to me so I couldn’t get one.

  36. Mine is missing the lip pen

    • Contact customer service… They will most likely replace…

  37. I ordered 2 boxes and only received 1. I called up today and the rep was very nice and gave me the option of a refund vs a replacement. I asked for a replacement so hopefully they don’t run out!! I was looking forward to both since one of the boxes is for my mom.

    • Contact customer service… They will most likely replace…I ordered two, and they arrived two days apart…

  38. I love my target Beauty box I order the first day when they came out and I love every items in the box I can’t wait for next month box

  39. Did anyone else notice their CeraVe sample was less than half full? Or was it just mine haha. Oh well I still love love love Target boxes.

    • Mine too.

    • CeraVe samples are always half-full – says something about them, I guess.

  40. I’m so bummed!! I really wanted this box but forgot to order when I received the email alert!

  41. Love this box BUT I ordered 2 and I haven’t received my email giftcard for the purchase or f 2 and didn’t get an order confirmation or shipping on my last 2 orders so I don’t even know what to reference if I call in

    • My email gift card came separately but at the same time as my shipping notifications. If you haven’t yet received either, you could check your credit card/banking to see if you were charged for the boxes. If so, definitely call or email them to see if your boxes are on the way. My boxes came a day apart even though I ordered them at the same time. I am very happy to receive them. I received different lip items, one matte and one lacquer and different colors. I was glad to receive two different ones because I am not crazy about matte lipsticks and red is not usually a good color for me. I am most excited to try all of the different moisturizers and least excited about the self tanner. This box was a great deal if you used last month’s $3 coupon and bought two boxes for $5 back as a gift card and received another $3 coupon for next month.

      • I got the boxes just fine and they charged me I just want my giftcard

      • Did the gift card show up when you were checking out? Mine didn’t and I didn’t notice until after I placed the order. I did target chat and gave them the order number…they looked it up and issued the email gift card immediately.

    • I also didn’t get my electronic gift card. I emailed them and they said there was a computer glitch and not all customers reviewed their emails.

      • Maybe you’ll get it in the mail like I did. It ships separately from the box

      • I get them by email and received it along with an apology stating there was a glitch in their system.

      • Received, not reviewed. Whoops!

  42. I love the May Target box, so worth the money!!! I will use everything in the box, extremely happy!!!

    • Me too ?

  43. My lip pen is bright bubble gum pink and i will never use it. Since it is full sized does anyone know if I can exchange it at Target?

    • I’m not sure they encourage that but I exchanged the nail lacquer we received in an Allure Beauty Thrills at Target…..

    • I was told that people exchanged their lip color last month.

    • I hate the idea that someone who got something in a box wants to exchange it at a retail store for something they do want. There are exchange sites for this reason. I don’t know what Target would do with the returned item but it sure doesn’t make me feel comfortable knowing I could be buying makeup someone else has already looked at, and probably tried and/or touched. A few months back someone suggested that a nail polish received in a Target box be swapped for a different color at Walgreens. It was for a Sinful polish and costs all of $1.99. I didn’t think this was the spirit of getting these boxes. And, as I said there are swap sites just for this reason.

    • I exchanged mine today. You totally can! To be nice (cause Target rocks), I’d suggest looking online for swatches and leaving it sealed/new. I wanted to make sure Target could still sell mine from the beauty box on the shelf.

      • I tried to exchange the Star Wars Cover Girl lipstick a few boxes ago (told them it came from a beauty box) and they wouldn’t. Said that they could replace the lipstick only if it was defective and then could only exchange for the same color. Curious as to what you told them. Thanks.

      • I said hi, I didn’t use this and it’s still sealed. Can I exchange it for a different color? They asked if I had a receipt, which I said no, then they took my driver’s license and handed me the gift card with $9 on it. I used that to buy the color I wanted.

      • Thanks!

      • I said hi, I didn’t use this and it’s still sealed. Can I exchange it for a different color? They asked if I had a receipt, which I said no, then they took my driver’s license and handed me the gift card with $9 on it. I used that to buy the color I wanted. Don’t mention the beauty box because that will be confusing if they don’t know what it is and assume it didn’t come from Target originally.

    • Last month, I brought mine to a local Target (OK, local to my mom — the Target closest to me is terrible) and said I had purchased the wrong color and wanted to exchange (without a receipt). They did scan my driver’s license but then let me trade colors. I feel a little weird doing it again this month, so fingers crossed that I get a color I like!

  44. I didn’t like the lip pen! I had to swipe it a few times to see any color, then it didn’t even last until lunch time. (Ofra and my liquid suede does!) It is a good neutral for days when I don’t mind reapplying. It wasn’t drying, so that is a bonus. I doubt I’ll use the tanning towelette either.

  45. The lip pen was great for me as well…the color is perfect for my skin tone. I will use everything in this box except the tan towel, as well, so this was a win for me!

  46. I was so disappointed in the Egyptian Magic. It’s mostly petroleum jelly, and that’s how it feels. Yuck. The rest of the box was great (I gifted the tanning towel).

    • The Egyptian main doesn’t have petroleum jelly in it although the consistency is similar. I let it melt on my skin with body warmth first and then it rubs in nicely.
      Egyptian Magic is made of Honey, Beeswax, Olive Oil, Royal Jelly, Bee Pollen and Bee Propolis. Our unique process combines these six simple ingredients to create a moisturizing balm unlike any other. That’s it. No additives, preservatives, fragrances, chemicals or parabens.

      • If the ants don’t show up.

      • Sounds like great ingredients. I can’t wait to try it.

    • I LOVED the Egyptian magic. I’m allergic to sunlight (not a vampire, I swear). It does feel a bit oily if you apply it directly (I made the same mistake and then read the directions on the back). I used it last night before bed on the hives that cover my face this time of year, and my face was significantly less puffy this morning, and moisturized. I’ll be buying a full-sized version of this – it works better and smells better than the prescription strength steroid cream I normally use.

    • Agree that it felt like petroleum jelly, although it didn’t have any in it. I didn’t care for the ointment consistency. I really hated the scent! I quickly washed it off, but the odor didn’t go away right away. I shared this with my sisters and we all gave it a big ‘yuck’. It smelled almost rancid, not at all what I would expect from a honey based product.

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