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My Subscription Addiction
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She Found It Subscription Box Review – May 2016

Haley Faye
ByHaley FayeMay 20, 2016 | 20 comments


She Found It
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She Found It is a new “seasonally-inspired boutique lifestyle collection” that is released quarterly, aiming to highlight high-quality, niche designers.

This is their first box!

SHE FOUND IT SPRING 2016 - packaging 1

This subscription was founded by Angela Lutin, who is “a 20-year veteran of sales, concept development, and emerging brand discovery.” She seeks out the “best of the different” and launched this subscription service to share rare, unique, high-quality finds.

SHE FOUND IT SPRING 2016 - packaging 2

I love when all the items are wrapped within a box!

SHE FOUND IT SPRING 2016 - all items

This box was sent to us at no cost for review. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

The Subscription Box: She Found It

The Cost: $219/quarter with free shipping. Boxes are released in April, July, October, and January. There’s also a gift option that is a one-time purchase of $225.

The Products: 5 unique, high-quality products from niche designers.

Ships to: US

Check out the Women's Subscription Box Directory and make sure to add She Found It to your subscription list or wishlist!


Inside the box was an info card that listed each item in the box and the brand/designer they came from. I have to say, for a box that is so big on discovery and uniqueness, I was expecting a lot more detail and information about the items/designers on their info card. The founder talks about her passion for the discovery of the items she picks for the box, but she doesn’t express that at all or explain what she loves about them. Hopefully this will change as they move forward.

SHE FOUND IT SPRING 2016 - items 1

Urban Agriculture Organic Grow Kit, Basil – value: $16.95

I’m loving indoor growing kits popping up in subscription boxes this season! I like growing indoor herbs (though I would also love to see a floral kit in one, too). This one is really nice. The material for the container is recycled and very sturdy.

SHE FOUND IT SPRING 2016 - items 2

The instructions seem super easy, too.

SHE FOUND IT SPRING 2016 - items 3

Here’s a detail shot of the bottom – I love that it looks really well constructed and should have no problem standing on its own.


RICA Bath & Body Aloe Butter Sugar Polish, Basil Mint – 15 oz, value: $20

This sugar scrub isn’t oily, and it also has raspberry and cranberry seeds to help with extra exfoliation. It also has butters made from mango tree kernels, shea nuts, and aloe. I really like everything about this product, except the basil in the fragrance. It’s just not for me, and my husband doesn’t care for it either so I’d just prefer not to smell like it.

SHE FOUND IT SPRING 2016 - items 5

The ingredients label is nice and readable. Nothing I can’t understand or takes up 12 syllables.

SHE FOUND IT SPRING 2016 - items 6

I’ll have to gift this – look how cute it is with the little scoop!

SHE FOUND IT SPRING 2016 - items 7

The next item was wrapped very carefully…

SHE FOUND IT SPRING 2016 - items 8

Jenal Foo Glassworks Triangle Mirror Tray – value: $38

This tray is lovely. I really like how the metal is black so it will go with just about any décor.

SHE FOUND IT SPRING 2016 - items 9

Le Feu De L’eau Bleu Nuit – 16 oz (~80 hr burn time), value: $62

I’m saving this candle to show you last because it’s gorgeous – the WHOLE thing is made of wax, and it’s made underwater! More pics below.

Julie Rofman Beaded Bracelet – value: $66?

Unfortunately the info card doesn’t say the name of this design style so I’m guessing a bit on the price (this bracelet, that has 4 rows of beads costs $55, and this one with 6 rows costs $77, but this one has 5, so I’m guessing the price/width is somewhere between those two). I love this little bracelet! $66 is more than I’d pay for it myself (the beauty of getting things in subscription boxes), but it’s very well made and very beautiful.

SHE FOUND IT SPRING 2016 - items 10

Here are some close ups for you. I LOVE how it adjusts – you just slide the little metal square up and down. It’s very easy but is tight enough to stay where you leave it. I like the metal caps on the end of the leather, too.

SHE FOUND IT SPRING 2016 - items 11

Okay, now for the candle! The fragrance is “Black and Red Currant.” It’s inspired by “the fantasy candle” of the late 60’s. What’s super unique about this candle is that it’s sculpted underwater. I’m really curious to google more because I have no idea how that would even work.

SHE FOUND IT SPRING 2016 - items 12

Here it is! It’s beautiful, isn’t it? No two are alike, either. The whole thing is wax. Because of this, they recommend limiting your burn time to an hour or two each session. But once it melts you’re supposed to be able to then be left with a pretty wax shell to re-purpose. Really interesting, I think. Smells great, too!

Verdict: I think She Found It succeeded at sending high quality and unique items.  I love everything they sent and I know I’ll use each item. The value totals to only $202.95, though. For spending so much on a box, I’d love to see more value. However, the point of this box is definitely to feature unique and some one-of-a-kind items, and curation. Some people may value those things enough to be happy with the value, but I feel like it’s not too much to ask to want the contents to value at least the cost of the box (which is $219/quarter).

I’m looking forward to seeing what future boxes contain from them. Part of me wants to say, “oh, this was just a fancy candle, a little tray, bracelet, body scrub, and herb kit – nothing we haven’t seen in other subscriptions before.” And to some extent, I guess that’s true; But the quality is undeniably fantastic for each piece, so that’s where this box shines. This is definitely a higher-end subscription.

What do you think about She Found It?

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She Found It is the Quarterly Lifestyle Subscription service curating and delivering limited edition finds to a discerning clientele. Every quarterly Edition of The Subscription includes 5 or more items from artisans chosen for the uniqueness of their brands and passion for their product.
Haley Faye
Haley Faye
Haley Faye first discovered the wonderful world of subscription boxes in 2012 and began writing for MSA in 2014. Over the years, she has found many subscriptions to love. Now a mom of three, her favorite boxes are ones that dress her kids, help her get organized, feed her family, send her snacks, and offer educational fun for her children.

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I enjoy and purchase high end products, could pay that for a box, but why??? That was unimpressive. Yes, girl your reviews are always great! It’s all so reminiscent of items I’ve already received from pop sugar for half of that price. She isn’t going to make it like this…
The value would need to be upwards of 350 AND have better ideas behind the products. The wow product can’t be the candle… The little festival bracelet, meh

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Same here, Jodie. I could afford to buy this, but why would I? I am spending less for 6 Luxor boxes ($125 each) . I am spending significantly less for 6 Oui Please boxes ($87 each) and guess what? I am spending a HECK of a lot less for 4 Zoe boxes ($350 or $88 per box).

The values are much higher per box than this one. And the curation is much better, at least in as far as the boxes above have better reflected my taste. It really is just a seed pack, a tray that looks very similar to line Birchbox carries, a beaded bracelet, a scrub and a candle. Maybe it is the “rich hippie” vibe all these items have to me that makes them such a miss??

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Hayley, your reviews are the best on here. The following opinion doesn’t reflect on your thoughtful and insightful review….
This subscription has a very small chance of making it. I can’t imagine that it could ever take off in its current form. The price is so far out of line that even a 50 percent cut would not fix it. A $100 price point is where they need to be, maximum. They have to compete with PS luxury boxes and that fact cannot be ignored. Heck, there are PS monthly boxes with better values and equally unique and interesting items.
They also have to compete with FabFitFun boxes, which are less than 25 percent of the cost and have a higher value with equally luxe and uniqely interesting items. Plus, many more items.
In short, curation is fine, very nice even. Price is completely, blatantly, out of line. This just doesn’t work in the subscription box world.

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Shannon Swanda

The only thing that impressed me was… Haley’s review. 🙂 Do you write any other blogs or columns? 🙂 I would be horribly disappointed with that box especially in the subscription box world. What we pay for we want to see double in a box at least. I actually feel like that box is an insult. That you can throw together those few items and tell people it’s worth $250! We are a little smarter than that. LOL

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The only thing that impressed me is the candle. Why a candle? Over priced maybe. Nothing that WOWs!

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Another candid thoughtful review from Haley…I always learn something from your reviews… Have to agree with the majority, not enough value for the price and curation seems geared for showcasing up and coming artists needing to spread the word, not bringing luxury to a new subscription but we’ll see how it goes in the next 2-3 months

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Love the items in this one, the curation seems great. With the price of the box so close to retail, I guess I’ll just buy what I like from the box instead of getting the box itself.

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Very smart! I agree! I LOVE that triangle mirror tray!!

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I could make that bracelet with about $10 worth of materials and a beading loom…

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The concept sounds nice, but not liking the execution. I think the only thing I would find if I got this subscription is an empty wallet :/ and regrets. Great review though!

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I apologize for being negative, but i feel this box is crazy over priced. The items are interesting, especially the candle, but for such an expensive box, i would expect a higher value. There are just too many other great lux boxes out there for cheaper. I feel that $120 would be a more reasonable price. Great review though !

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Agreed. That’s an insane price point for what you’re getting. The curation is nice, but not worth the cost. There’s nothing crazy unique here.

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I agree.

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I totally agree!! For $100 it’d be a great box, for $220, no way. I do like some of the items.

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I think there’s something to be said for luxe brands and a higher-end subscription model. The target markets may not be the same as a monthly PopSugar or something, which is fine. That fact sort of gets lost in the comments sometimes.

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Nothing in this box says luxe or high end to me. Grow my own herbs? A beaded bracelet? A candle? All very nice, but nothing special. The tray itself is beautiful, and I suppose shipping is included, but I agree with the others, the price point is way too high for what is included.

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Agreed. Compare this to Luxe Provence or Luxor or even Oui Please. Oui Please sent me a couple of $10 chocolates and even the wrappers were amazing, with beautiful design work and thick paper. The Brandon Blackwood bag and pouch from Luxor are amazingly well constructed, beautiful and luxurious. I used the pouch as a clutch/wallet on my last trip to my in-laws in New Zealand, and every time I pulled it out- in the duty-free shop in Fiji or a coffee shop in Wellington – people stared at it and complimented it because it is unique, simple and gorgeous. The Histoiries de Parfums from Oui Please are nearly all stunning (I have begged and swapped for seven different scents) and I don’t even LIKE perfume.

Expensive boxes should blow you away, introduce you to things you might never find or even think you might like (see me and the perfume). There is not a single thing in that box that makes me want it.

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