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Rachel Zoe Box of Style Summer 2016 Box Spoiler #2 Coupon!

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Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 3.04.38 PM

We have a new spoiler item for the Summer 2016 Box of Style! Each box will include:

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 1.48.35 PM

Ouai Haircare Wave Spray – UPDATE Value $15 (1.7 oz)

Here is a video on how to use it:

And in case you missed the first spoiler:

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 3.52.15 PM

Exclusive lariat necklace & ring combo by LA it-brand Luv AJ, valued at $190

More info from The Zoe Report Box of Style:

Summer is undoubtedly our favorite time of year, full of sun, sand and chic vacays galore. We’re helping you jumpstart your warm-weather style with the reveal of our next Box of Style hero item: An exclusive jewelry set from LA It brand Luv AJ.

This perfect pair—valued at $190—includes an eye-catching lariat necklace with delicate pave Swarovski crystals and adjustable open crescent ring, which look incredibly chic worn together or alone.

What do you think of the spoilers? Also, what do you want to see in future boxes?

If you haven’t signed up yet, use coupon code MSABOS10 to save $10 off your first box!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I’m a current subscriber and love the box, but I’ve recently had a billing issue and have tried emailing them at: [email protected] and both emails failed to be delivered. Has anyone else had this issue or had a good experience contacting them for customer service?


    • I had an issue and got a quick response from customer service using this address: [email protected]

  2. Gilt city is offering the summer box and a $50 credit for $100. I received an email about this morn.

  3. I was just going over my bank statement and this sub just charged me THREE TIMES for my subscription! $300!!!! This could really hurt someone’s bank account. They are lucky I have plenty to cover it, but some people could be thrown into being overdrawn. I emailed them immediately and if they don’t respond in 24 hours and refund me I will have to file fraudulent charges with my bank. Anyone else have this issue? I’m so disappointed and am really considering cancelling. This is too much of a high end purchase for these types of errors to be happening! Soooooo disappointed. ???

    • I got billed $350 for an annual subscription today and I am signed up for a quarterly box and should have been billed $100. Pretty upset by that. I’ve emailed them about it and got an automated response. My hope is they resolve this tomorrow. I would encourage everyone to check their bank balance to make sure they haven’t been overcharged as well!

      • It’s weird, I’m having the opposite problem! For some reason my card information is no longer saved in the website and everytime I try to add it back it won’t save! I’ve tried multiple cards and nothing is saving on the site; it just keeps saying error adding customer information. I’m getting so annoyed. I’ve been a subscriber since the beginning and now my account is on hold. I emailed customer service yesterday, but still no response.

        • I’ve had the same issue. The $100 amount just shows as ‘pending’ and it shows my box as being ‘on hold’ I have emailed and basically got fobbed off and told to email again if it’s not resolved my Monday. Not thrilled by the customer service but I guess we shall see what happens…

          • Same!! I’ve contacted customer service four times now and gotten the same automated message except in one message they asked for my phone number and said someone would call me that day. That was two days ago and no one called me. The zoe box of style has literally the worst customer service out there. I just got an email saying my payment was accepted so I guess my card magically found its way back on their website? Kind of shady that they didn’t even contact me to let me know what was going on.

      • I was floored when I saw the three charges! Something is seriously wrong with their billing and they need to fix it asap. I didn’t get an auto response from my email, so I’m going to send another one. Hopefully this will be corrected quickly. I take these things really seriously, we put out trust in them to handle the very sensitive financial information that we give them. To me, this is a total breach of contract and rattles my trust in them.
        Dramatic…I know-sorry…I just hate it when these companies make tons of money, advertise a service, we spend our hard earned money on them and they make mistakes like this.

    • I got charged three times too….UGH

    • I also had this happen. I contacted them and my bank. They told me on the 15 that they would call my bank and refund that day. my bank told me all they had to do was call and cancel the hold for funds by 5. This wasn’t done so it was processed. Co texted them again and this time I was sent an email with attachment saying they refunded me but it could take 10 days to show up! Um no way. I have subscribed from the first box and never had an issue but if my money isn’t there tomorrow I am calling my bank asap.

    • I had a billing issue as well (billed twice) and have tried emailing them at: [email protected] and all emails have bounced back and failed to be delivered. Has anyone else had this issue or know of another way to reach customer service?


  4. Does anyone know when they’re going to charge for the summer box?

  5. Do you have to send an email to cancel? I didn’t see that option on my account page but I am on my phone.

  6. I love BOS, but just canceled because I really do not like the hero item this time around. I noticed that they are no longer using the hero item in advertising the summer BOS. Maybe the hero item is hurt sales, not helping. It’s just a picture of the box now. Hopefully, RZ will come back big in the Fall.

  7. I was going to buy the second spoiler but held off. I love beach waves even though my hair is naturally wavy it really helps it look perfect in an imperfect way. I can’t wait! Plus $15 value leaves more room for other stuff.

  8. I love the first spoiler, I guess I’m one of the very few. I’m not crazy over the second spoiler. I have so many hair products and a few beach wave sprays that I haven’t really used, but I will definately try it out. I’m sure the necklace will work for me since I do not have a big chest. It seems most of the women posting about how they are not liking the first spoiler is because they have a big chest and the necklace will not look right. I hope the other items in this box will be good.

    • I know, right? Those big-chested women inadvertently talked me right out of my excitement for the necklace because I have a lot of boobage. But, I don’t know… I might try it anyway. So what if it drapes in a different way if you’re busty? I bet it still looks nice. And the ring? Doubles as a self-defense weapon, so that’s cool. 🙂 Still on the fence about canceling or not. I’m hoping a 3rd spoiler arrives prior to the cut-off date of May 15.

      • Haha, I love that suggestion for the ring!

  9. I died over last years Spring and Summer boxes but missed out on them (loved the bracelet in Spring and loved everythinggg in Summer). Signed up for an annual sub starting with the Fall box which I was thrilled with. Winter was so-so. Spring is still completely packaged sitting in my bedroom (I haven’t even opened any of the tissue paper to see what colors I got of various items) which really is saying something about how interested I am in the contents of that box. She seems to be leaning jewelry heavy which I am not a fan of unless it’s chunky jewelry. With the Summer box, the necklace spoiler is just a big no for me. I’m a petite girl and normally have 32C breasts that would eat this necklace, but am now 16 weeks pregnant and they’re already up to a D so who knows how large they’ll be by the time this box ships. If I put that necklace on it would get lost in sweaty summer cleavage… not pretty. Flat chested women could totally rock it with a boho look, but the rest of us are screwed. And I have naturally curly hair so the texturizing product is another fail/totally unnecessary item for me. I was really hoping for a fashion accessory that screamed Summer to win me over!

  10. Sooooo… my birthday’s coming up…. -whistles-


  11. Bummed about this 2nd spoiler. The first one was so so, but def not great. I was really hoping for something that would excite me this time. We all have different taste/needs so I hope some people are happy with the spoilers. I love Rachel Zoe and I’m sad to cancel. Looking forward to her Fall box!

  12. I cancelled too. Makes me sad as I love this sub, but both spoilers aren’t for me and I really can’t throw away $100. I hope the fall spoiler is awesome so I have an excuse to resub.

    • I wish I could skip this one but I have the annual subscription. Good reason to go quarter to quarter.

  13. For those of you that have the annual that ends with the summer box – you can put it on hold and have your last box be the Fall box. That’s what I did. Go to your account and you will see you can put it “on hold”. They called me to confirm that my last box will then be Fall.

    • Than you so much for this! I paid for a year up front but I’m not really excited for about either spoiler. Put it on hold, excited for fall.

      • They called me to confirm that that was I meant to do – so if they don’t call – call them to confirm it with them:)

    • Thank you so much, Laura, I would never have known I could do this. Just put mine on hold and am looking forward to the Fall box.
      Much appreciated!! :o)

    • Thanks for the tip! Do you have to manually reactivate it for Fall or does it happen automatically?

      • I think it will reactivate – but I am not positive so I an going to keep my eye on the status when it gets closer to Fall.

  14. I emailed them yesterday to cancel. Got a response today, offering me $10 off. I was considering it and hoping for a second spoiler….but this will not do it. Shame. I was looking for a reason to stay….

    • They just offered me the $10 off too. Guess I have until May 15 to decide. I hope they release more spoilers by then to help me make up my mind.

      • Oh my gosh! I got another response from them asking me to stay on! This is ridiculous!

  15. I’m excited about the hero item, but I’ve naturally curly hair, so this product is probably not useful to me (if there are going to be product related to hair texture I wish we could choose because what’s useful/good for straight hair isn’t for mine). Hoping for some stuff to be excited about in the rest of the spoilers (also hoping we’ll get a little bonus like the La Mer again)

  16. I purchased an annual subscription last September and paid it in full. Can I cancel now and get a partial refund? I would not use or want either of these spoilers. So disappointed.

    • No – but you can put it on hold and have your last box be the Fall box. That’s what I did. Go to your account and you will see you can put it “on hold”. They will call to confirm that your last box will then be Fall.

      • Is “suspend” the put on hold option?

        • Mine says “On Hold” now for the status – I don’t remember if it said suspend when I went on a couple of weeks ago and put it on hold – maybe its said suspend and then when you press it – then it converts to the words “on hold”.

  17. Interesting to see how everyone has completely different taste. If i were a sub box curator, i would get so much performance anxiety trying to please as many people as possible!

    I do like the spoilers so fast. I’ve been seeing a lot of raves for the Ouai line and despite some bad reviews, I would still like to try it myself. And this way i don’t have to pay $15 to try it! I would like to see Rachel Zoe include an undereye serum one day (my dark circles are just getting darker every day :'( ), a nice leather wallet, or a nice going-out sort of clutch. A girl can dream!

  18. Sadly, I also canceled. I’m saving money for a wedding so I only want to buy boxes that are worth the cost for me. I loved the initial boxes but I missed out on those. I started with the Fall box & thought it was okay. The Winter box didn’t wow me & I disliked the Spring box. These spoilers don’t wow me and I have very curly natural hair which will hate sea salt spray. I emailed to cancel. Be sure to include the reason for canceling in your subject line as stated on their website. In my email, I suggested allowing subscribers to skip a seasonal box to prevent having to cancel. Hopefully they will get enough requests to initiate change.

  19. OMG! Am I the only one who is PSYCHED about this?! I have wanted to try Ouai’s wave spray for a while now and I almost bought it yesterday- WIN! So excited to get this. I didn’t love the necklace/ring combo at first but it has really grown on me and there’s no doubt that Luv AJ was all over Coachella (lots of celebs’ instragrams) so it’s cool to get a piece from them (I got the Dec PS box bracelet and am not a fan- so I guess I should say something from them that I LIKE!)

    I think this is a perfect inclusion in the box and I cant wait to see what else is in there!!

    • You are not the only one. I am psyched for the this box!

    • Me too! I’m excited that this is a luxe “of the moment” brand and it looks like a great product. I have fine/straight hair so this will be great for me. I appreciate that Box of Style sends out items from brands I’ve actually heard of.

    • My only small issue is that it’s a deluxe sample at 1.7 oz- not full size. That’s why it’s $15 instead of $26. I’m a little bummed they couldn’t have sprung for the extra $11….. But at least I can travel with it!

  20. Wish we would get one of the Clinique systems that were in the gift bag from RZ @ Coachella! But on a different note, with the jewelry set and now beach spray, there is only $84.00 left for the box (basing this on $300.00). Hope with rest of the box is great??!! Still in love with the Fall and Winter BOS!

    • Even though it always says it’ll have a $300 value, it’s usually way above that. I think last season’s box had an overall retail value way above $400. Not that I’m expecting more than $300, but it’s a fairly decent bet that it’ll be much higher. 🙂

  21. Rats. I wasn’t thrilled with the first spoiler and I definitely won’t use this one. BUT I’ve LOVED every other RZ box so far. … I just don’t think I can justify it this time, so I guess I’ll cancel and hope she knocks the next one out of the park.

    • Oh goodness. Looks like we can’t cancel and avoid summer at this rate, right? Just read this on the site. Anybody know??

      “If you would like to cancel your seasonal subscription after receiving the first box, then make sure to do so before the 15th of the month prior to receiving your next box; otherwise you will continue to be billed for the following month’s box. There are no cancellation fees.”

      • I think we have until the 15th of this month because the next box is June right?

  22. Oof. The reviews on Sephora are all over the place – with a LOT of bad. Bummer. This seemed like an interesting new brand.

    I’m thinking of cancelling too. I love the ring but I know I can’t do the necklace. And then this product doesn’t appeal. Money’s a little extra tight right now, so I’m not sure I can risk it.


  23. I don’t see my original comment, but if it’s posted, I wanted to add I wish I could pause this subscription instead of canceling. I have been with them since box 1 and would like to continue, but the necklace and wave spray are not for a busty, textured hair girl like myself. This will be the 3rd box in a row with a hair item and I rarely wear my hair straight, so I don’t use the dry shampoo that much. If someone has figured out how to use beach spray on 3c hair, please let me know, haha. 🙂

  24. My hair is naturally wavy, so I don’t need the spray to make it crunchy. I am so torn, they gave me $20 discount for this box for some issues. I really want to keep this box just for the discount, but don’t care for the necklace or the spray. This box is going downhill so fast without any exciting factor to hold onto. I get more thrill out of my popsugar. So sad…

  25. I’m still in. The jewelry is different so I’m not going to knock until I try it. Love hair stuff. Don’t really need since products last me a long time because I have to use sparingly on my fine hair. But I like surprises and trying new stuff, that’s why I do the whole sub thing. If I want the same old stuff I can just go to the store and get it.

  26. I would be more excited if I didn’t already have about 8 texturizing sprays in my stash right now. So torn about cancelling. The jewelry in the first spoiler is pretty, but I don’t really wear long necklaces, so… argh, I guess I’ll wait for the tiebreaker spoiler and then decide. 😀

    • So glad I canceled. Got a note from them when I did, asking me why. Told them I’d do an exit interview for them if they paid me $100. If they want information from me they will pay for it. (Not just this sub, but all subs and many other arenas in life.) Giving them info after I cancel they’ll have to pay for. After all, I don’t get their product for free…

      • They ask for information on your cancellation so that they can improve the boxes. Providing feedback is what makes these subs more satisfying and enhances the quality. If everyone cancelled and said it was due to the first spoiler then TZR would react accordingly.

      • This is an…interesting approach. Curious to know if/how they respond.

  27. Did anyone else have a hard time when they cancelled? I had to send three different emails. The first one they replied with the standard are you sure. I replied yes please cancel and got ANOTHER email back asking for a reason and to confirm I wanted to cancel again. I was going to sign up again for fall but after that I’m not so sure.

    • SERIOUSLY a hard time. Very frustrating. When you commented I went back as I sent them my cancellation email on April 5th and other than the automatic reply “Hi Zoe Reporter,We have received your inquiry and are working on responding as soon as possible. Please note we are currently experiencing a high volume of emails and promise to take care of your request. Our business hours are Monday – Friday, 9am to 6pm PST.We appreciate your patience!xoxo,Team Zoe” THEY STILL HAVEN’T CONFIRMED MY CANCELLATION (not really angry with shouty capitals – just annoyed). I sent them another email again today, received the same automatic response . I think 26 days is plenty of time to respond. I used to really love this box, however not thrilled with the curation this month and I have noticed it has become VERY different from the first couple of boxes, and not thrilled with the complete lack of customer service. Popsugar (and this is reaching) even responds to me within their 7 business day promised (2 weeks). Never thought I would compare the two, but here I am.

      • okay strange. I just logged in and they cancelled my account (thankfully) but never even responded. Huh, Customer service was lacking on this one. I would have told them it was the main spoiler. Im not thrilled with the hair product but if I liked (even a little) the main spoiler, I would have stayed. Many women are big busted and this simply doesnt work and looks a little silly atop a high necked shirt too. Im 5’3″ and thin, just busty and this would have been lost in never never land lol

    • yes, SO ANNOYING! They even sent me a link on how to style the necklace and ring after two separate emails saying i want to cancel. Also – 10% off to stay is not worth it considering Ive been with them from the 1st box, and they were offering new customers 20% off!

  28. i would love to see a luxury ecofriendly skin care set (like Sunday Riley or Tata Harper) in a box. Or would also love to see some luxe items for the working girl– foldable leather flats, gorgeous desk accessories, etc.

    • totally wholeheartedly agree

    • Ditto!

  29. I had a felling this would be in this box, after she was promoting it on IG. I wear my hair in a beach wave all summer, so I’m excited to try it! If it ends up being lousy…c’est la vie. This is exactly why I get sub boxes, to try new products.

  30. I also canceled my subscription for this box. Don’t like the necklace or ring, but held of canceling in case the next spoiler was amazing. But I’m not loving it. Really hoping fall is better because normally these boxes are the best!

  31. Wow out of all of the comments, everyone but 2 cancelled this box. I also cancelled when this spoiler of the necklace came out. I was fearing FOMO however I still am not sadi cancelled. Even if they had a great coupon, I still probably would not sub this season as I really do not love the necklace (I have boobs), the ring – i have children i hope not to spear, nor the hair stuff and I normally LOVE hair anything. I bought the specialty Luxor at $200 in its place – on top of my already exorbitant box spending lol. I am thankful that they release a main spoiler so I am happy I cancelled. I do hope that those that get this box, love it. It normally is one I really enjoy, except apparently for this one.

  32. One day I’ll have the bravery to order the Rachel Zoe Box of Style – today is not that day. I’d love to see more leather handbags, or a superb throw, or even a piece of art! But a spray to get beach waves isn’t going to make dole out a large chunk of money. I want something that will last.

  33. I am so sad but I’m going to have to cancel… Don’t love the necklace/ring and I’ve heard that this scent is strong like cheap perfume and leaves a weird finish on hair. I never thought I would cancel my Box of Style!! I hope Fall wows me.

  34. Her box is starting to become a basic sub like Popsugar. For $100, I want items that are more lux than these 2 spoilers. I never thought I would cancel but I did.

  35. I cancelled after the necklace/ring (still glad because when I look at that picture again I know I could never pull it off), and this item doesn’t wow me either. Am I the only one who doesn’t really get the beachy wave thing?

  36. This brand gets great reviews, but I’ve tried a shampoo and conditioner and they totally destroyed my hair (the smooth line – it turns out the heavy proteins it has aren’t good for medium to coarse hair types). I also tried the Soft Mousse and it was sticky and made my hair feel dry. The only thing I’ve liked so far is the treatment oil.

  37. Nothing to get excited about. Canceled.

  38. Im excited about this!!!

  39. More and more happy I cancelled.

    • Agreed, this season’s box isn’t interesting me in the slightest.

  40. I heard so much great things about this brand, so I’m very excited to try this out! Perfect summer addition.

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