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POPSUGAR Must Have Summer 2016 Special Edition Box Details!

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Thanks, Jenn and Michelle,  for letting us know that the POPSUGAR Must Have Special Edition Summer box will be launching soon:

The Box: POPSUGAR Must Have Special Edition Summer Box

The Cost: $100

The Products: Summer-inspired favorites!

Launch Date: May 17th early access for subscribers

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Are you going to grab a Summer box? Check out my review of the 2015 POPSUGAR Summer Box, and my review of the 2014 POPSUGAR Summer Box to see what has been in past boxes!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Does anyone know how soon theses boxes sell out? Do I have a week or two to wait for some spoilers or not?

  2. I just bought mine!! I am so excited I feel like I should buy more than one but I don’t want to be greedy!!

  3. Just got mine!

    • just ordered mine too 🙂

    • Early Access Available Now!! Through Facebook. Just ordered my fix.. sigh!

  4. I am a subscriber and I can’t get early access to the LE summertime box. Can anyone clarify where i go to purchase this?

    • Anyone able to order, yet? My account states Summer LE available 5/19 even though I’m a subscriber.

    • When is early access. I’m a subscriber and got the email yesterday but when I log in it states available 5/19.
      Anyone get one yet or have more info re this. Thanks!

    • i rec’d the email yesterday but there is no where to click on it nor can i see early access to this box….in the email PS said they would post on FB but just checked and nothing there, ah well…..

    • Try now through Facebook. Not working just by logging in. Good luck subsisted!

  5. I hated, hated, hated the resort box this year, was meh on the holiday one- but loved last summer and the resort one last year. I am torn!

  6. This is tough because I love the Summer 2015 box, but would’ve really hated summer 2014. I wish there was a spoiler, but I think it’ll sell out before that.

  7. Definitely gonna buy! Just hope they give a spoiler

  8. Wow, has it been that long? I am pretty sure the first time I heard of PSMH was the 2014 summer box. (It was meh to me, the 2015 was nice though.) I think that was the first review I read from Liz too. I have been visiting the site ever since. haha.

    Of course Liz is an enabler and as such I now have subbed to boxes instead of just reading the reviews.

    Agreed though with most. No go until a great spoiler.

  9. I love the summer boxes. I am buying it. yep. no question here

  10. Not without a decent spoiler.

  11. I am grabbing one of these! I can’t wait for early access tomorrow!! I kicked myself for not getting last year’s box!!!

    • Me too!! I didn’t love the 2014 box so skipped the 2015 one and then was super disappointed when I saw the contents, especially the body oil and giant Baggu bag.

      It’ll be funny to see the comments though if they include something else with tassels.

      • Lol, they have gone super tassel crazy, but I liked the necklace personally… I think it’s unique.
        That baggu from last year was amaze-balls!! Super bummed with myself after passing on the summer box. Not to mention, with the disaster that the CFDA has been to sell this year, I am thinking they will try to make things up with this one… or at least I can hope lol

    • did you get early access? I should have that as well but can’t find how to purchase it?
      Were you able to find it?

  12. I hope to stay strong and not buy this without a spoiler.

  13. Anyone get CFDA tracking yet? Typical, focusing on tons of releases. I still have yet to get May (in label created stage forever) and no idea when CFDA will come.

    • I have tracking for my CFDA box.

    • My May box has not moved. No activity. I checked again today and it is not moving. Hmmmm. I think I will get the summer box though.

  14. maybe they will put the leftover cfda wraps in this one

  15. torn because I liked enough of last years summer box, and winter box to make it a good deal…but then again there’s always swaps or buy on ebay…

  16. I wonder if those sunglasses are secretly a spoiler. That would probably make me sign up for this.

    • I sure hope not….they just did sunglasses in cfda

    • I think those are the sunglasses that were a spoiler for the CFDA box… so they won’t be in this box

  17. I loved this year’s resort box, so I’ll give the summer box a shot… not touching the cfda one with a ten foot pole though!

  18. The resort box was my first PSMH LE and I swapped almost everything away. Love the monthly boxes (most of the time) but I think I need a spoiler to buy this Summer box. I don’t want to feel like a fool again.

  19. I know lots of subscribers love them, but I feel that these special boxes are about the same level as the monthly boxes but with inflated prices.
    Perhaps it’s just me, but if I’m paying for goods at a higher price point I’d rather choose them myself than be ‘surprised’.
    Having said that, I love, love my Popsugar box each month.

    • This is exactly how I feel. Suuuuuch inflated prices in order to get the value up on these LEs, when the items themselves are pretty on par with the monthly boxes (which I love, for $40 haha).

    • I wish they would give more products in a LE box rather than give out higher priced items. It always seems like the values are way overstated in these.

  20. Well I’ll probably be getting it – wish there was some spoiler first, but I’m sure when tomorrow rolls around I’ll buy it anyways.

    • Same! Glad it’s not just me lol 🙂

  21. I’m telling myself now that I’m not going to buy this because I have a vendetta against PSMH because of some of their shady/incompetent practices, but I know I’ll break down if there’s a good spoiler. If I have self-control I’ll only try to swap for items I like.

    Meanwhile I’m lusting after those sunglasses.

    • The sunglasses look like the ones in the CFDA box. I am sure those will end up in swap sites or ebay. Except for the people who put their Items up on ebay and list them for full price, I don’t understand that and I sell on eBay. As for the summer le, I am sure I will pull the trigger, who knows. Would like to see a spoiler. I don’t need another pair of sunglasses, I love my DVF’s because I can wear them over my glasses.

    • I agree with you ! I had issues with ordering a box from an email enticing me to buy the May box …. I buy monthly and cancel each month so I can control which months I purchase based on spoilers . I did not want the cookbook (April) so purchase May off that email, then a couple days later I get a oh great we found another April box for you. Because of their fine print I was SOL even though I purchase the May box directly off the email promising May… So I was mad and contacted them
      And got a “oh well” read rhe fine print …. Not a happy camper . Now today I get a May box after paying a $100 for the Limited Edition Summer Box yesterday . Yes , I caved after promising myself I was done with them ! Now I can’t figure out where the May box came from !? I really hope I wasn’t charged for that when I already paid for it only to get the April box! I don’t like cook books , and don’t even know anyone who does , so have no one to gift it to ! I went on my account and can’t figure out where this May box came from , so confusing and frustrating . If it was their gift In an attempt to make things right that is much appreciated, but no email , no note in the box … So far no evidence it exists on my account . Just hoping I didn’t pay $100 for this instead of receiving the Summer Box. Sorry for the lengthy comment , just wanted to communicate with someone who “gets” my frustration with some of their policies and practices ! I hate complaining but these are expensive boxes and I can’t afford to throw away money on things I don’t even want. like who can or wants to
      Do that , no matter how much money they have ?!?! Ugh!

  22. I definitely need to see some spoilers first. I don’t need anymore sunglasses.

  23. I. Don’t. Know! Arg!!

    Their LEs have been all over the place lately – for me, anyway. The Resort box was only okay (loved half, hated half), the Winter/Holiday box was a complete nightmare, and the CFDA box is looking pretty sketchy. But the Fall box and last year’s Summer box were *glorious*!!

    This is going to take some contemplating.

    • Agreed. Sometimes it’s “Pop Sugar Must Have” and sometimes it’s “Pop Sugar Might Hate.” No more LEs for me unless I LOVE the spoiler.

      • LOL – “Pop Sugar Might Hate” – too funny! Yet, sadly true when it comes to the LEs.

    • I agree, Holiday box was a nightmare along with the NBC box. The fall box did not scream fall to me. Loved the Resort Box and the Target box. This year’s CFDA box is not bad, better than last year’s so far. I wish they would post a spoiler. Love the monthly box though. I sometimes have FOMO but I need to drop that ?! Hmmm maybe a little liquid courage will put things into perspective!!!!

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