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Our Subscription Box Favorites for March!

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Subscription Box Favorites

We’re starting a new monthly post highlighting our favorite discoveries from subscription boxes! Here are our favorite items from the past month:

Lindsey’s Favorites:


The Item: Bloomsy L Gerbera Daisy Bouquet

The Cost: $48.99 (BloomsyBox offers subscription bouquets in three different sizes: $34.99 per month for Bloomsy S, $38.99 per month for Bloomsy M, and $48.99 per month for Bloomsy L)

FromBloomsyBox (COUPON: Save 15% off your first box with code MSAC15!)

Why I love it: I love keeping freshly cut flowers around my apartment, so I was thrilled to be able to try my first bouquet subscription box in March. I loved the gerbera daisies that I received from BloomsyBox, and I was thrilled by how long they stayed fresh.


The ItemGoldilocks Polvoron in Ube and Cookies & Cream

The Cost: Goldilocks Polvoron cookies are unavailable for sale online. If you would like to discover other hard to find international treats, a subscription to Universal Yums starts at $13. ($13/month for the 6+ snack Yum Box and $25/month for the 13+ snack Yum Yum Box.)

FromUniversal Yums

Why I love it: I’ve been obsessed with food subscription boxes for years now, and I absolutely love discovering new international snacks. Polvoron is a chalky, crumbly, and dry treat from the Philippines that’s kind of like a cross between a cookie and a candy. I’d never even heard of Polvoron before sampling it in March’s Universal Yums Box, and I’m a big fan!


The Item: Cheese Tortellini with Basil and Spinach in Tomato Soup

The Cost: $12 per plate

FromPlated (COUPON: Free dinner for two with purchase of 3-dinners plan ($24 value), just use this link!)

Why I love it: I made a lot of different subscription box meals in March, and this one was by far my favorite. The combination of tortellini, tomato soup, and spinach was hearty and delicious!

 Celicia’s Favorites:



The Item: La Belle Femme – Body Butter in Pomegranate Kiss – 2oz?

The Cost: $6.25

From: Essence Beauty Box

Why I Love It:  Body butters/oils/lotions are always going to be favorites for me.  This one’s fragrance is so strong to John, I ended up mixing it with unscented shea for his sake.  I absolutely loved its scent and performance throughout the day. I’d love to discover another fragrance from this new small business brand in future subscription services.



The Item: Nectar – Custom Sunnies

The Cost: $28.00

From: SprezzaBox (COUPON: Save 10% off your first box with code MSA10!)

Why I Love It:  I didn’t even need to think if John had a favorite item was this month.  He’s been wearing these shades nearly every day.  He says he loves the filter and says they bear no weight on his face.  I think they’re pretty cool too!



The Item: Earth’s Nectar – Green Olive & Lavender Scalp Oil (1oz?)

The Cost: $4.60

From: We Are Onyx Box

Why I Love It: I’m so predictable, I’m rolling my eyes at myself that I couldn’t pick another favorite.  I can’t recall a day where I’ve said, “I really need to destash my hair and body oils”. Oils like this just go too fast!!  I always need more so getting a better brand in a subscription service that smells great too is so delightful!

Anna’s Favorites:


The Item: Bitsbox

The Cost: There are 3 options. Digital Book is $20/month, Bitsbox Book is $25/month with free shipping, and Bitsbox Original is $40 + $9.10 shipping = $49.10/month.

From: Bitsbox

Why I love it: I have an eight-year-old and a ten-year-old who can now create apps! That’s why! The activities are fun, the games they create are funny and cool, and they are seriously, honest-to-goodness coding now! This box gives the kids such a leg up on education that they normally don’t even teach in school. We love it!


The Item: iPad Wedge Pillow

The Cost: $22.77

From: Mystery Box of Awesome

Why I love it: I get a lot of treats and really special items in subscription boxes, which I love, but once in a while I get something that I use all the time. This pillow has become one of those things. It’s better than most iPad stands because it can never collapse, and on the rare occasion that I can lie in bed and watch Netflix, it’s just perfect. Plus it’s worth almost as much as the entire box cost!


The Item: Close Up

The Cost: $21.99

From: Boxwalla Film

Why I love it: This was a really, really great movie! Aside from the fun surprise ending (which I loved!), I found it fascinating to get a very real, street-level view of Iranian culture in the 1990’s. I’ve never seen anything like it!

Nancy M’s Favorites:

DotYoYo-March 2016-necklace

The Item: Vintage Brown Statement Necklace

The Cost: $22.00

From: Dot & YoYo (COUPON: Save $15 off your first box with code GET15OFF!)

Why I love it: It has the most beautiful earthy tones with the right amount of bling! There is so much versatility it’s hard not to like. You could wear this with a blazer or a simple tee and look chic instantly, love!

MAshbox-March 2016-product1

The Item: Maid of the Meadow Vodka by Denning’s Point Distillery

The Cost: $2.80 ($41.99 for 750 ML)

From: Mashbox (COUPON: Save $15 off an annual subscription with code MSAMASH15!)

Why I love it: It’s hard not to love vodka…but on a serious note- this is one of my top picks because of the quality. I’ve never had vodka this sweet and I loved how I could taste the honey and herbs in it. It was a surprisingly good combination. If it wasn’t for Mashbox I would have never discovered this gem.


The Item: Tie-Dye Shirt

The Cost: $17.00

From: My Monogram Box (COUPON: Save 10% off subscriptions with code TEN4LIFE (gift subscriptions not included)

Why I love it: I mean it’s tie-dye AND purple, need I say more? It’s also very soft and I love having my initials on it! I’m a clothes horse so I always enjoy getting new threads and this will be fun for the summer.

Ragan’s Favorites:


The Item: Missha Bubble Maker

The Cost: $1.40 (?)

From: Miss Tutii TutiiBox (COUPON: Use code FIRST10 to save 10% off your first month (month-to-month subscriptions only).)

Why I Love It: I seem to have acquired a lot of non-foaming cleansers lately.  I am sure this is psychological but I never feel like I am getting my face as clean when I don’t see any bubbles.  This thing will make bubbles from any cleanser I’ve tried it with.  It makes me want to use the non-foaming cleansers.  And it’s inexpensive!


The Item: Derma E Purifying 2-in-1 Charcoal Mask

The Cost:  $5.74 ($19.50 full size)

From: Whole Foods Hello Beauty Bag

Why I Love It: Charcoal masks are really good for my skin type.  I thought this helped clear my pores (especially on my nose, which is a big trouble zone for me).  I have already bought it in full size, as well.


The Item: Maui Meow! Catnip Carrot

The Cost: $5.99

From: Meowbox

Why I Love It: How can you not love something that inspires pictures like the ones below?




Haley’s Favorites:

BLUUM MARCH 2016 - items 4

The Item: Zoe Organics Cream – 2 oz

The Cost: $18

From: Bluum (COUPON: Use coupon code GETBLUUM to save $10 off your first box)

Why I love it: This is one of my very favorite organic product brands! I was thrilled to see them in Bluum Box! I immediately knew I was going to pick this cream. It’s waterless, so you know it’s a thick, very hydrating cream. And it’s completely unscented!

GOLDEN TOTE 149 MARCH 2016 - items 4

The Item: Gili Striped Midi Dress

The Cost: $65?

From: Golden Tote (my $149 March tote)

Why I love it: This dress is great! I normally feel like midi dresses make me look short, but I actually feel the opposite about this one. I was nervous about my bra/underwear situation because the large white stripes are right on my chest and hips, but when I think about it, it’s actually flattering. The white makes my chest and hips look a wider in comparison to the black band at my waist making it look smaller.


The Item: Trina Turk Grey Alesia Pullover

The Cost: $298

From: Rent the Runway (COUPON: Coupons do not apply to subscriptions, but you can save 20% off your first regular RTR order with code FIRSTRTR20P OR Save $20 off your first month of the unlimited service with code FFUNL19113F!)

Why I love it: I love this sweater! It was so soft and it felt new to me. The pink geometric shapes were a mix of embroidery, beading, and sequins. I wore this as much as I could before returning it. I don’t have much pink in my wardrobe, and I loved this bright neon pink touch!

STITCH FIX MARCH 2016 - items 1

The Item: Olive & Oak Mulliken Raglan Striped Knit Shirt and Liverpool Denise Bootcut Jean

The Cost: $48 for the top, and $78 for the jeans

From: Stitch Fix

Why I love it: I have actually pinned this shirt (maybe even a couple times?) to my style Pinterest board so I was thrilled to see it and even more thrilled that it feels high quality and fits great.

I was really excited to try jeans from Stitch Fix. I loved every maternity pair they sent me while I was pregnant, which was when I first started Stitch Fix. These are great, too! Very stretchy and actually designed to help support + shape. The tag even says they’ll make you look a size smaller. All I really know is that these are comfortable and I feel great in them.

This was one of my best Stitch Fixes ever. I kept the whole thing, and use everything from it all the time!

Bekki’s Favorites: 


The Item:  Petite Pumpkin Zuchette – The Pasta Shoppe

The Cost:  $6.00

From:  The Pumpkin Batch

Why I love it:  Pasta is something that is generally good, but every once in a while, you get some exceptionally great dried pasta.  This is exceptionally great dried pasta.  Plus this sounds weird to say about pasta, but these are really cute!  They’re shaped like pumpkins, and they do a great job at catching sauce!  I have used these several times since I received them, and I’m rationing what I have left.  


The Item: NYC Deli Pickles – Brooklyn Brine

The Cost:  $13.25

From: MOUTH Snack Box (COUPON: Save 20% off any of Mouth’s 16 subscription options with code MSA20!)

Why I Love it:  Simply put, because these are delicious.  They are everything a pickle should be and more!  These are absolutely the best pickle I have ever had, and I LOVE pickles.  


The Item: Lucky Dog Brown Label Hot Sauce

The Cost:  $6.99

From:  Monthly Pepper Box

There are a few hot sauces out there that taste like straight up vinegar – I hate those.  So when a hot sauce comes along like this, I LOVE it!  This is really good hot sauce.  Monthly Pepper Box describes it as a medium heat chipotle sauce with mustard, chipotle, cumin, bartlett pear juice and figs.  It is excellent, and I can imagine it being delicious on anything.  It almost tastes like there’s some brown sugar in there as well.  It’s so good, I’m going to have to find ways to eat it.  I am probably an average person when it comes to heat levels, and I found that it wasn’t too spicy to enjoy!

Nancy S’ Favorites:


The Item: Berrisom My Lip Tint Pack in Virgin Red

The Cost: $15 (on sale for $9 on Memebox)

From: PinkSeoul Box (COUPON: Save 10% off your first box with code MSA10!)

Why I love it: The time and patience it takes to put this on is totally worth it! The Berrisom tint gives me the most beautifully vibrant and long-lasting tinted color to date. It stays on my lips for half of the waking day before starting to fade just a little. Even then my lips still look red at the end of the night. I recommend it for the longevity alone.


The Item: Secret Key Witch Hazel Pore Clear Toner

The Cost: $10

From: 3B Box

Why I love it: After getting used to the strong fragrance, I now use this twice a day after cleansing. It’s inexpensive, effective, and my face always feels refreshed afterwards.


The Item: Divine Bovine Tangy Teriyaki Beef Jerky

The Cost: $7.99

From: SumoCrate (COUPON: Save 10% off all purchases with code MYSUBADDICTION10!)

Why I love it: This beef jerky is so soft and tender. It has to be the softest and tenderest jerky I’ve ever eaten. You have to eat it to believe it! Just typing this is making me crave Divine Bovine jerky again.

Jessica’s Favorites:


The Item: So Susan Luminaire

The Cost: $23.94

From: Lip Love (COUPON: Use code LIPLOVE1 to get a free bag when you purchase a 6-month subscription!)

Why I love it:  This creamy stick illuminator is made without mineral oil, phthalates and is fragrance free. I love the color and I think being in a stick makes it easier to apply than a powder. It really brightens up my face.


The Item: Honey and Fig Whipped Sugar Butter

The Cost: $9.99

From: SudzBox (COUPON​: Save 10% off any subscription with code SUDZ4LIFE!)

Why I love it: I’m obsessed with this sugar butter! It is the best smelling shower product I’ve ever tried. I love the color and consistency too. It lathers up a little and has some sugar in it for a little exfoliation. Plus I love how my skin smells after I’ve used it. The Sudzbox website doesn’t currently have this same scent in stock, but they do have a mango version.


The Item: MLB ’47 Clean Up Adjustable Baseball Cap

The Cost: $19.97

From: Yankee FanChest

Why I love it: I think this is the quintessential Yankee cap. I love the classic color and design. It fits perfectly too!

Eric’s Favorites:


The Item: Daredevil/Punisher Hat

The Cost: $15-20?

From: Loot Crate (COUPON: Save 10% off any length subscription, or $3 off month-to-month with coupon code ADDICTION or SAVE3)

Why I Love It: I’m a big Punisher fan, and Daredevil fan, so this was perfect for me. I was worried that the weather had already turned and I wouldn’t be able to wear it until next winter – but we did get more cold weather, so it was put to good use.


The Item: Jae Lee Signed Print

The Cost: $20+?

From: The BAM! Box (COUPON: Use coupon code CJMARKET10 to save 10% off of your first box!)

Why I Love It: Jae Lee is an incredible artist – so getting a BvS print, signed, is a major win!


The Item: Adventure Time/Rick and Morty Shirt

The Cost: $10?

From: Fandora’s Box

Why I Love It: I love both of these franchises, it’s a perfect shirt for me!


The Item: The Entire Box!

The Cost: $31.95

From: Star Wars Smugglers Bounty

Why I Love It: I couldn’t pick one item from Smuggler’s Bounty this month – Cantina was a great box all around!


The Item: Hand Drawn TMNT print

The Cost: ??

From: Blindbox Comics (COUPON: Save $5 off your first box with coupon code MSA5!)

Why I Love It: I was shocked to find this hand drawn item in my box! Incredible!


The Item: Batman v Superman Mystery Mini

The Cost: $14.99 on Amazon

From: Geek Fuel (EXCLUSIVE DEAL: While supplies last, use this link to get $3 off any subscription PLUS get a Star Wars Bonus Item with a 3-Month subscription! (This $3 off + Free Bonus on the 3-month deal is only available for MSA readers).)

Why I Love It: Geek Fuel got my BvS mini figure collection started!


The Item: Amazing Fantastic Incredible: A Marvelous Memoir by Stan Lee

The Cost: $17.85 on Amazon

From: Geek Fuel (EXCLUSIVE DEAL: While supplies last, use this link to get $3 off any subscription PLUS get a Star Wars Bonus Item with a 3-Month subscription! (This $3 off + Free Bonus on the 3-month deal is only available for MSA readers).)

Why I Love It: This is a great story done in the most appropriate format!

What do you think of our favorites for March? And what were your favorite discoveries?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. Where did you find all of these people?

  2. Lindsey, you need to visit the Goldilocks bakery and restaurant. It’s to die for! They’re located in Southern and Northern California.

  3. Liz, where are your favorites?!

  4. I love the pic of kitty with his carrot.

    • I second this!! HILARIOUS!!

  5. Great job. Love this type of post.

  6. Liz, we love ya! Where are your faves?

  7. Where are Liz’s favs? Those are usually the stuff I covet.

  8. That kitty with the carrot is the best!

    I’ve found a lot of favorites lately:
    That melon candle from Popsugar Mini. It’s gone already 🙁
    Umbra gold tray from BB LE, Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans (also gone lol), John Frieda Brilliant Brunette shampoo and Neutrogena Color Stick from Walmart, the NYC tea towel and Jay Z notepad from LLB. March/April have been great box months for me.

  9. Nancy M. I love that necklace!

  10. Liz, where are your favorites? No Loot Pet shirt for Buckles this month?

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