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GlossyBox Subscription Box Review – May 2016

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GlossyBox is a monthly beauty subscription box. They have the best packaging in the business, their products are usually deluxe-size or full size, and the value is usually really good too. The only issue with this box seems to be the late shipping – I would recommend just keeping that in mind and setting your expectations accordingly if you sign up for this box.

GlossyBox sent us this box early for review purposes. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).


FYI: GlossyBox sends out multiple variations of the box during some months. So, there may be some variation between what I review and what you receive.

The Subscription Box: GLOSSYBOX

The Cost: $21 a month (save more with 6-month or annual subscription)

The Products: Deluxe and full-size beauty products.

Check out all of my GlossyBox reviews and the list of the best beauty and makeup subscription boxes!

Ships to: US and Canada

glossybox-may-2016-info glossybox-may-2016-card

Each box comes with a fold out card detailing the items included.


NIOXIN System 3 Cleanser and Scalp Therapy Conditioner – 1.7 ounce each Value $5 total

This system is designed to remove oils and residues that clog hair follicles. I tried it out last night and I really like the minty scent, and I can’t tell if I’m just expecting my hair to look better, but I swear it looks shinier today!

One thing to note, though – this is designed for thin hair, and my hair isn’t thin. I didn’t notice any difference in volume, either.


Veraspa Face Moisturizing Gradual Tanner – .5 oz total Value $8.75

(Good to know for swaps – inner foil seal)

I’m happy to report that this self-tanner does not have that self-tanner smell! It really doesn’t have a scent at all, and it is gluten free, paraben free, cruelty-free, and noncomedogenic.


Benefit Roller Lash – .1 oz Value $8

I’ve already sampled this mascara from Benefit and I love it! I’m able to build a lot of volume and length without any clumping on the lashes.


Talika Photo-Hydra Day – 1 oz $39.50

(Good to know for swaps – inner foil seal)

(This is listed as $29 on the info card, but based on value per ml, the total I got was $39.50.)

This moisturizer is lightweight, and almost a hybrid gel/cream. I think the formula is great for summer – it absorbed almost instantly with no shine or greasiness. It is scented, though, so if you have issues with scented skincare items, this might not be for you. (I’m pretty particular when it comes to skincare, but the scent didn’t bother me.)

RITUALS Cosmetics Shower Foam in Zensation – 50 ml Value $3.75

I’ve sampled this product before and I like it! It’s a shower gel that transforms into a foam with water. A little goes a long way too, so I should get many uses out of this sample!


 Verdict: This box has a value of about $65. (Or $55 going by the $29 value of the Talika moisturizer.) I think the value is pretty good, and I’ll use every item included, so I’m happy about the curation. Admittedly, this box didn’t look super exciting when I first opened it, but after trying the products, I’m a fan. I wish the value was distributed a little more evenly between the products though – if you don’t like the moisturizer, this will likely not be a great box for you.

What do you think of the May 2016 GlossyBox?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. Hi there… Did anyone else check the website for the May box? It says that the Rituals Shower foam would be full size – a $15.00 value. Full size is 6.7 Ounces, not 1.6 oz. Has anyone contacted Glossybox about this?

    • I just sent them a message. I didn’t ask for a resolution, but I told them it seemed misleading to make it look like we are getting a full size product. You can tell from the photo that it is a smaller size, but the text says full size.

    • I just sent them an email. They do this with a few products. Everyone needs to compare how much you get in fl oz with what you got. Between my 2 boxes I have 3 items much smaller either sample size or deluxe sample size when they advertise on their product card these are supposed to be larger. I understand they can substitute but sending my boxes with product cards as full size then sending sample sizes is bait and switch. Bad experience starting out with Glossybox. It’s not a fluke. This is deliberate sneaking in smaller items.

      • The info card tells you what the cost of a full size is. Not that you get the full size. Sometimes they do send you one or two full size products but it’s mostly and supposed to be normal to deluxe samples in your boxes. You should really read the info on their site before ordering so you won’t be surprised at what you get. I love Glossy and they never treated me bad.

  2. I got the Adore serum also. I always look at the items first before the info card and the first thing I thought when I opened my box yesterday was “Yay! No tanner!” (I just look better pale) Then I looked at the card and thought “$750 retail?!! Maybe a typo?” Was still excited till I saw the mineral oil listed in the ingredients. I’m not that ingredient savvy but I do know that mineral oil and all her siblings are not happy skin ingredients. I don’t even use products containing those ingredients on my hands or body, let alone on my face.

    Still happy with the rest of the box.

  3. “The beauty profile, unfortunately, is not available to customize choices for each subscriber. What it does is help us decide between two options of one product item.”

    When I complained about getting tanning stuff even though I’m already tan, that was the response. The tanning moisturizer and the serum are not the same product. My beauty profile stating my skin color obviously didn’t help their decision. Why fill it out if they’re just going to send whatever?

  4. I just got my box and instead of the face Tanner I got a .5 oz. serum that retails for $749 for 1.7 ounces. Crazy stuff but I am excited to try it. Adore Cosmetics Cellmax Elite Facial Serum.

    • I got the same thing! I’m super excited to try the serum out!

    • I’m actually considering cancelling Glossybox because of this. If we are all paying the same amount per box shouldn’t we all be getting the same products in terms of value? I don’t like feeling like I’m getting less than everyone else.

      • I’ve complained to them numerous times (I’ve only been a subscriber 3 months!!!) about that, but they don’t care. If you’re going to do different items, they should have the same value so everyone gets their money’s worth

        • I so agree with this. I don’t mind variations of colors or scents, but items should be the same value so no one feels like they’re “second-class subscribers”.

          • The “value” of the Adore Cellmax serum is only if you go by the insanely inflated price provided by the retailer. In reality, it’s half an ounce of heavily perfumed silicone, worth $4, by a generous estimate. There’s a larger conversation about this further down in the comments.

            If you like the serum, great. Use it, but know it isn’t worth a fraction of the listed msrp. If you didn’t get the serum in your box, don’t feel cheated. Adore is a notoriously sketchy outfit. If you really want to try their products, walk past any cosmetics kiosk in a mall and they’ll offer you the exact same product as a “free sample.”

            I know I keep posting about this, and I don’t mean to sound like a one-note Nancy. But I like Glossybox, and it unnerves me that they keep working with and promoting outfits like Adore, Orogold, and Vine Vera. These companies are built on exploitation and deception, of both workers and consumers. I’ve actually written to Glossybox about this twice now, though both have gone unacknowledged. I know there’s a GB rep monitoring this thread, and I hope my concerns will be “passed along to [the] colleagues in the Glossybox office.”

          • I with Jay on this one. Adore is such a scam. At the kiosk it may start at $750 but it will quickly start to go down in price. Before I drug a friend out of there (she is too nice to say “get out of my way, I’m leaving) it had dropped to $199 for it and another product. And they would throw in the eye serum (or cream…can’t remember) for $50-as long as she swore not to tell anyone. But they will take you for whatever they can apparently. No returns. They give you some sort of FDA spiel stating they cannot take it back even if it’s unopened. Totally lowered Glossybox in my eyes when I saw this was in some boxes. It is a very unscrupulous company.

    • I also got the same serum instead of the face Tanner. I love it. The serum is really moisturizing. I love it I am glad because I would never use the Tanner and the value is amazing. It is worth more then I paid for the subscription.

  5. I just wanted to let you guys know that Amazon sells the Nioxin for a whole lot less than Ulta. You can get both the shampoo and conditioner together for less than the cost of one bottle even with the $5 discount.

    • Gotta watch out for that, though. The first few Nioxin listings I clicked on, on Amazon, were from third party sellers. So there is a risk of getting closeout/expired (or sometimes just counterfeit) product. That is how the third party sellers can offer stuff for so much less than retail. It’s worse with designer perfumes, but it can happen across all beauty categories. If I buy beauty products on Amazon, I stick with “ships from and sold by” under the price and not “fulfilled by Amazon.”

      Also Ulta has the rewards program and a 2x or 3x (for Platinum) points multiplier going on right now (on anything), including sometimes good GWPs.

      • Amazon has a money back guarantee, even for items bought from “other” sellers. If you have any problems with any of the sellers on Amazon, just get on chat with amazon and they will fix the problem quickly. I have been a member for many, many years and have had very few problems. I have had way more problems with feebay and paynotsomuchapal with scammers.

  6. I decided not to read the review until I get my box, so my initial thought was like…. BeautyFix? Because of the shampoo/conditioner, lol. My husband will gladly take them for his travels. Target hasn’t had Men’s box in a while, so he doesn’t get much. I received the same items as Liz, except one variation. I received a hand lotion instead of self-tanner. While I was happy that I didn’t receive self-tanner as I tan a shade or two darker during summer, so I never use them. But I am dissapointed that I received the EXACT same hand lotion and scent from my March box. I am also dissapointed that there were no full-size item. The body wash was the cheapest item for full-size and they could have just send us that. But overall, practical box and everything will be used. I cannot wait to try the mascara!

  7. Got an email from Glossy just now with code EXTRA you will bet 2 not just 1 box

    • Yeah, I signed up for that, but forgot to put in the code. I went back and resigned up, got charged twice after trying to cancel the first one and was told they would cancel it. We will see if it gets cancelled.

  8. Just a head’s up. I looked into the Nioxin 1 via Ulta’s website and it says it is for thin natural hair that is NOT chemically treated. My hair is highlighted and I’ve had a cezanne treatment so there’s no way I’m risking trying these products. I guess I’ll give them to my husband.

    • Probably because it has sulfates. A lot of people avoid those in chemically treated hair. They don’t seem to cause any issue for me so I use them (I dye my hair black and have been using sulfate-laden shampoos for decades). There’s nothing else in the ingredients list that stands out as being an issue.

    • Mine actually was labeled for chemically treated hair, which is in my profile.

      • Mine was also for chemically treated hair as per my profile.. I kinda liked the shampoo and conditioner as I have fine thin hair.. I have hair care products I live by and won’t switch, Macadamia Flowless it’s a co-wash I switch it up with their other products as well.. but I still loved my May Glossybox and absolutely love the serum!

        • Mine was also for chemically treated hair

        • Oh we are so on the same page…I read co-wash and immediately hit reply! I’ve been trying to go longer in between washes and need to find some good co-washes. Gonna try that one. I have very voluminous 3B curly hair but thin strands so that my pony tails are actually really small around…with a big bunch of fluffy curls hanging out. What else do you use?

      • My profile says I have chemically treated hair but they sent me the kind for natural, no treated hair which is the Nioxin 1.

  9. I feel like I hit the lotto with this month’s box! I will use absolutely everything, and the value of my box is insane for what I pay for this subscription! I received both the Adore Cellumax serum as well as the Talika Photo-Hydra Moisturizer, both Nioxin items, the Roller Lash and the Rituals Shower Gel. As a woman in my early 40’s, this box is much more of a fit for me than the Birchbox’s and IPSY’s that are so heavily focused on makeup…and even when they describe their samples as deluxe, those other subs deluxe samples are usually minuscule in comparison to Glossybox. I love getting skincare and trying the more prestige brands that Glossybox introduces me to. Is everything always a perfect fit, no, but that is the risk you take with any sub box. I never walk away feeling I didn’t get my money’s worth.

    • I totally agree.

    • Hi there Christine,

      Wow, we here at the GLOSSYBOX office are excited about the wonderful comments you have made on your May GLOSSYBOX. As the sun gets stronger, the Talika Photo-Hydra Day moisturizer is a great addition to everyone’s summer skincare routine! This lotion doesn’t only keep your skin hydrated, but it also gives you a summer glow. What more could you ask for?!


      Gabrielle from GLOSSYBOX

      • Can I ask, what does “gives you a summer glow” mean? Does it make your skin shiny or act like self tanner? Neither of those works for me and if that’s what it does, I’d rather pass it off to someone else.

        • I’m also confused by the description of this product.
          I haven’t figured out if it’s self tanner or moisturizer.
          Does anyone know what summer glow means
          Thank you

      • Thanks Gabrielle! It’s great to know that Glossybox reads our comments, as the large volume of users on this site have some great input / feedback. I just wanted to add that while I understand there are a load of subscription boxes to choose from, I keep coming back to Glossybox because it meets MY DEMOGRAPHIC. I can’t remember ever getting a gawdy makeup color, or cheap brand in this subscription. There aren’t that many beauty boxes that provide products for those of us in the 30+ age group. Not saying that is the only group you should target, but I for one appreciate a box that really does meet the needs of my stage of life!

    • Oh I absolutely agree with you Christine! I’ve been subscribed to this box since August of last year and I haven’t been disappointed in any of the boxes yet. I’m in my forties too, and I have discovered new brands and products that I can use and really like. I love Glossybox and it’s the one sub I would keep if I had to choose 🙂

    • When was on vacation and gotmsunburned a sales person told me that Nioxin scalp therapy helps with sunburn. I may try that. I have super thick hair I get layered to take out the fullness. My entire family has thick hair. I don’t need this product for my hair

  10. And I was thinking I was special lol…I opened the box today and thought “holy cow, this is truly personalized just for me!” I really did. Everything in the box fit me perfectly, down to the variation. I really don’t care how much they list the price for, if it’s a good product, then I will use it, and I love a good serum. I’ve been on a good skin care regimen for several years now and people honestly believe me when I tell them I’m 25. A good southern girl never tells her true age.

    I don’t get the complaints. To each his own though. But every month this is one box I can say consistently provides higher value than any other box I receive and lately I have cancelled a couple. If you look at each month, the products are great. I have yet to encounter a problem with one of the products, being old or broken, etc. I honestly can’t complain about the products when you compare it to the price. I wanted good products to try in skincare and makeup. That’s what I signed up for based on the reviews I read here and that’s what I get it each month. This box is the middle of the road on price, comparably, and yet the products are like what you would get in a higher priced box. Unless there is a huge decline in product quality, this one is a keeper. And this month is awesome and my favorite!! Maybe it was curated just for me…? I am special!

    • Same… I don’t care if I get a box full of skin care products because I love trying new skin care stuff.. I like to stay looking young!!

      • Amen sista’!

    • Hi Rachel,

      I want to wholeheartedly thank you for your post. We here at GLOSSYBOX appreciate that you take the time to review May’s box edition. Your thoughts and opinions have not gone unnoticed and I will pass on your comments to my colleagues, so that you can continue to be excited about the arrival of your box.

      Gabrielle from GLOSSYBOX

      • I appreciate hard working, caring companies that do just what you do. Customer service is lacking in so many places now, so it’s nice to see someone out there finding out what works, what doesn’t, what demographic likes it, which ones don’t and what can be done to improve. So thanks for reading and responding to the good the bad and the ugly.

  11. I really really really hate this box .. You think I would get the variation no but I got tAnner and hair thinning products .. I am a thick haired tan girl as it is please check my profile before sending all this .. Even the Walmart box was better than this !!

    • Hello,

      Thank you for the honest feedback you have given. I will be happy to take your thoughts to my colleagues and hope we can continue to keep you 100% satisfied with your box.
      I am sorry to hear you are not happy with some of the items you have received this month in your GLOSSYBOX. Please contact our Customer Care team directly at [email protected], so they can further assist with your frustrations.

      Gabrielle from GLOSSYBOX

      • Hey ms Gabrielle ,

        I am going to write again for sure but I would like to add that I already had written to them yesterday and last month as well when I got the beach spray . Unfortunately no one replied to me

        Nevertheless , will try and voice my concerns directly to the team at glossy box .

        Thanks again

    • I am with you, this is the first box I really did not like. Items should not be as specific as products for thin hair, not unless it is based on your profile, which it clearly was not. I will use 2 items, maybe 3 – depends on if the Talika item is a self tanner – I hope not.

      Sadly, I am cancelling all my boxes for the summer. I am afraid this is going to be a summer of self tanning tassels and sea salt sprays. Seems to be the trend and not for me.

  12. Wow, I usually have such bad luck getting the worst variations in boxes…but this month I received everything Liz did except instead of the VersaSpa, I got Adore Cellmax Elite Facial Serum. Full size is $749.95 on their website (1.7 oz) and the sample size is .5 oz. At that price, it should turn my face into sheer porcelain.

    Anyway my box is amazing – Glossybox is one of my favorite subs (at the sale price).

    • I got that too!!! I was like “what”?!! I guess we all have to get lucky sometimes 🙂

    • I got the same box with the serum!!!!!! OMG!!! I can’t wait to try this! I won’t ever be able to afford a full size but man we got a great size sample.. this is why I have stuck with Glossy for 2 years cause you never know what they may surprise you with! I seem to be getting the best boxes from them cause my box value is always super high… love it!

      • Hey there Angela,

        I want to thank you for your post. We here at GLOSSYBOX appreciate that you take the time to comment on our May GLOSSYBOX. Your thoughts and opinions have not gone unnoticed here at the GLOSSYBOX office. My colleagues and I want to thank you for being such a loyal customer and member of our GLOSSYBOX family.

        Gabrielle from GLOSSYBOX

        • I always love my Glossybox!! Its the only subscription I hold on to when I’m cutting down for financial reasons because you guys have treated me really good and I won’t ever forget the wonderful gift your reps sent me last year for all the positive comments I left them on Facebook! It was an amazing box of goodies!!! Love u guys!

    • Sadly Adore products are little more than glycerin, mineral oil, fragrance, and minuscule traces of a “stem cell activator” derived from a Swiss Apple, whose magical anti-aging properties are alleged almost exclusively by those shilling cosmetics containing it as an ingredient.

      There’s not much “organic” about Adore products: Adore Cosmetics (or Adore Organic Innovations – they seem to go by both names) is another member of the questionable mall kiosk hard sell family, a sibling to Vine-Vera, Orogold (both of which have made recent appearances in Glossyboxes), Forever Flawless, and Dead Sea Spa. The prices, like this serum valued at $750, are insanely marked up so they can magically drop them during the sales pitch and let customers think they’re getting a “great deal” by *only* spending $300 for 2oz of perfumed silicone.

      (True anecdote: I was once in an Adore Cosmetics store, and when I said I had some skin allergies and asked the salesperson to clarify the ingredients in the products, rather than clarify, she claimed it was “scientifically impossible for anyone to be allergic to their products.” There just isn’t enough side-eye in the world to give that response what it deserves.)

      • Is that..rain? on my parade?! nnoooo!!

        • …yeah, sorry, it is. I’m not being a wet blanket for the sake of being a wet blanket though – these skin care/cosmetic lines (Adore, Orogold, etc.) really are built on unethical and exploitative practices (on both the consumer and work force end). While I generally like Glossybox, I’m unsettled when they choose to work with and promote internationally disreputable companies.

          • Haha you rained on my parade, too – but good to know. Thanks for the info!

      • I was kidding I actually really appreciate the information you gave us and thank you. It helps to know so we avoid supporting these fraudulent companies. I think skin products that are priced sky high (anything over $100) are a con and a waste of money we are better off buying healthy food. Eating healthy definitely shows in our skin.

      • Your post has helped me decide against this one. I get boxycharm and ipsy currently, and am giving birchbox a try this month. I am going to add one more and was researching this one and benevolent. Thank you for your post.

  13. I probably sound like I hate everything but really I don’t. I think these companies could curate boxes/themes better than what they do. I canceled Glossybox, Birchbox , and PopSugar. Birchbox 1st said they could not process my payment when I inquired it was error on their end yet when I saw the items I was going to receive in the May box it looked nothing like they had shown. They said they ran out of items which made no sense to me I was within the time frame & if they had to alter my box a email would hv been nice. Everything in the box were facial items all 3 of the sample add-ons & sunscreen.
    Anyway sorry for this rambling venting post. But it feels good to get it off my chest

  14. I wish it wasn’t a tanning moisturizer!!! I’m already naturally tan, well I’m a light tan, but definitely tan enough.

    I’ll give it to my mom and say I “forgot” to include it in her mother’s day present. Lol

  15. I really hope I get this box, the make up selection they usually send me is not my taste.

    • Agreed! I always get the lesser valued box! I have been with them since the beginning. Still have a ton of dots and when those are gone, so I am. Pfttt

    • This is utter rubbish I’ve ordered this box on the basis of your reviews Liz and they really are not paying you enough or they are sending you custom boxes! Mine were full of garbage samples size carp you could get free at any decent store. The rest of the stuff in the box was cheap unusable, yeah great packaging and no content, you’re reviews are sadly very misleading you really ought to call Glossybox out.,, what a con

  16. Wow, apparently I might be the only one who’s thrilled with this box, lol. I actually hope I get it as-is with no subs. I’m excited to try the shampoo and conditioner because I have thinner hair and love that the conditioner is actually a deluxe sample size vs. a foil packet like Birchbox. I love the idea of self tanner formulated for faces. I use Fake Bake on my body about once a week in the summer but I don’t like the results of it on my face. So it’s nice to try something specifically formulated for faces. I LOVE roller lash mascara and already use it everyday so it’s always nice to have a travel size. The Photo-Hydra day sounds interesting. I’m just so glad not to get another lipgloss/lipstick or nail polish with this box!

    • Hi Danielle,

      The Versaspa is a great way to get that coveted summer glow! Remember to avoid streaking, try not to get wet for up to 4 hours. The pool will have to wait:)

      Gabrielle from GLOSSYBOX

  17. Oh boy, I’m glad this is my last month (I unsubscribed after April, but was too late unsubscribing, so they charged me for May). The lack of unique items really did it for me. Allure and Sephora Play have been a good match for me so far. Boxycharm has been my biggest disappointment though, Glossybox was cool my first 2 months and…I don’t know what happened to them recently. Self tanner??? Ugh. Either you can tan naturally or you can’t. I cannot!

  18. This is actually one of the reasons why I’m really happy that GlossyBox has variations. I hope I don’t get this particular variation. The self tanner or shampoo set would get swapped or gifted right away–I never use tanning products (I actually don’t mind my super pale skin) and my hair is about as thick as you can get so I would have no use for the Nioxin. The other three products look great though!

    • Amen I lukew my fair skin and am ever so slightly insulted every summer to be bombarded with self tanners. I don’t want to be orange and they ALL look fake to me either orange or so weird brown no thanks I’ll stay pale 🙂

  19. Is there any coupon code available for sign up to G;lossybox?

    • I received one for new subscribers in my limited edition box that I just received. 15% off a 6-month subscription. Code is GLOSC635

      • Thanks so much for letting us know!

  20. Glossy has been definitely been missing a ‘wow’ factor for me since the Gilt City deal…until this box. I like the sizes and the mosturizer looks amazing! I don’t subscribe, but will keep my eyes open for this box when they’re trying to get rid of their surplus 🙂

  21. I was afraid I’d be all upset I cancelled this month until I saw this review. It isn’t a bad box or anything. I’d have used most of this one. But I feel like it is missing a “wow” item.

    That being said….I just received my Mother’s Day special edition glossy box and it is AMAZING! Verrrry happy with that one!

  22. Both my March and April boxes had issues with packaging. My March had items missing and my April the nail polish was broken and their was no packaging or an insert card. This box is horrible. Glossybox has always been one of my favorites and was the 2nd sub I signed up for. I have received 4 of the mascaras all total one previously from Glossybox. The others from various other subs; Birchbox, Ipsy, etc. I don’t need anymore mascara or eyeliner I have enough for several people for several years. I don’t need the Nioxin but will give it to my daughter’s boyfriend who uses it. I will be canceling my Glossybox sub after this month. The quality of the box is going substantially downhill and is not worth the $21. Glad I signed up for Play!

  23. Why do I suddenly feel like I’m getting ripped off paying 21.00 for this box of samples,no full size and all these people are paying 8.00 I’m out definitely

    • I am with you. I am still mad about getting a beach spray instead of the perfume last month. I paid full price for a year and feel like this whole thing is a bait and switch scam.

      • Who is paying $8 and for what?

        • Several of the ladies have said their paying 8.00 a month instead of the 21.00 ,some kind of special sign on deal I believe

          • Gilt City had a deal in December where you could get a 1-year subscription for $150, and then there was an added (Gilt City) coupon for 30% off, so if you used that coupon and bought the Gilt City deal, the boxes end up being $8.75 each.

  24. Meh. I cancelled boxy and glossy this month. I used to have more than 20 subs. I’ve dwindled it down to Allure, Petit Vour, BeautyFix. Then every other month, seasonal, etc: Yuzen, Zoe, FFF, Ouiplease (of which I am on my last shipment).

  25. I agree with the general consensus that this is just an okay box — not terrible, but not really exciting. i loathe self-tanners; never use them and never will. It’ll go up for swap, or be donated. I don’t have thinning hair, so that’s a waste. Other than that, it’s just ‘meh’. I might end up cancelling this subscription.

  26. Alright, so 5 deluxe samples
    -face lotion
    -shower gel
    -fake tanner

    Anyone else feeling like this is basically just a nice Birchbox? What happened to the days of full size items?

    • That’s true! Ha, so sad

  27. if I get this box, I will cancel. I don’t need products for thinning hair and not a fan of self tanners. Boxes either have to pay attention to the profiles we take the time to fill out or not send products that are this specific.
    I am thinking about cancelling all beauty boxes for the summer since self tanners
    seems to be a theme in all boxes

    • I don’t think it is for “thinning” hair. I think it is for thin strands, which I have had all of my life. I have a ton of hair, but the are thin hairs. Its not an “I’m balding” product I do not believe.

      • It does say fine hair on the label. But I have neither thinning hair nor fine hair so I hope it will work as a regular shampoo…

        • I got NIOXIN 3 and it’s for normal to thin-looking hair

      • Unless it is a new product, Nioxin has always been to treat people with thinning hair, not create volume for fine hair.

  28. 3 out of 5 five look good to me, but I’m not too excited about the shampoo samples. The self tanner is something I would absolutely never use, so that’s a dud. I wonder if that one will even be swappable…? I guess I’ll wait and see what comes in my box.

  29. Not a single product in this box is full size. Usually at least two of them are. Hope I don’t get the self-tanner. Get enough shampoo samples in Target and Walmart boxes – why would I want one from a company that chose “Nioxin” as their name? Sounds too much like “dioxin” – the most carcinogenic man-made chemical on the planet.

    • I believe the body was is full size – but it’s not a high value item.

      • *body wash

    • Nioxin is from the chemical used to treat thinning hair.

    • Forget my comment about the body wash – I was looking at the card in the pictures above, which listed the full size (and since in February 2015 Glossybox DID send out a full size of this same product in a different scent, I was assuming they would do so again). But you are absolutely right – no full size items this month! 🙁

  30. The mascara and moisturizer look nice, but knowing my luck with Glossybox lately I will probably not get them.
    Self tanner and thin hair products are just not for me at all…

  31. Here’s hoping that if there IS any variation in boxes this month that it’s in the hair care category. I have the world’s thickest hair already (not complaining necessarily, although it has its own challenges) so using a Nioxin product for thin hair is absolutely out. Shower product looks interesting and while mascara isn’t exciting, I can at least use it. I’m on eyeliner overload right now!

  32. Okay so I love this whole box minus the self tanner. I love glossybox (most of the time) I just kinda dislike the fact that they send out variations. I wish everyone got the same thing only because sometimes the value difference is unfair. I really hope I get this variation although I could definitely live without the tanner as I’m already Tan 😉 with the whole Allure debacle I’m just glad that glossy at least stays consistent. If I can get another yearly deal through gilt I will stick with them. Their customer service is awesome!

    • What debacle with Allure? I always avoid their spoilers, so if this is about the May box perhaps I missed something?

      • Oh gosh. I don’t wanna be the bearer of bad news… let me start off by saying if you have gotten the April box or any earlier boxes (so if you are not a new subscriber) you are totally fine and will get your May box. But it seems that new subscribers are not getting the May box because Allure over sold & miss informed people of the cut off date to get May. Pretty much in a nutshell 🙁 I didn’t wanna bring this discussion here to this post I’m sorry about that. Just made a general comment. But if you want more information there are like 2 posts here in MSA further discussing the issue. Hope that helps

        • Thanks so much for filling me in, I had missed all the news about it.

          • Oh you’re very welcome ?

  33. I’m not renewing Glossybox when my annual sub (Gilt City deal) comes up – though I *might* re-up if Gilt City does another deal – but I have to say, they had a great April box. This one looks OK. I am drowning in mascara, but I do love this mascara. I once got that foaming shower gel as a full-size bonus item from Birchbox, and it smells AMAZING. The cherry blossom smell is very nice! However, I just can’t get that excited about a body wash. It’s good for travel, though.

    I’ve been getting Glossybox since November, and I live in coastal SC. There box usually arrives either the same day as or 1-3 business days after Birchbox. My only complaint is that I rarely, if ever, get a shipping notification, and when I do get one, it’s right before it arrives. So basically shipping is already in the works, but I’d never been notified. It’s fine, though, because I know that once I get my Birchbox, my Glossybox is coming shortly. The one SNAFU I had was when my December Glossybox never arrived – the tracking on it is still dead in the water. CS took far too long to agree that the box was, in fact, lost. I got the replacement box a day or two before my January box.

  34. Another great box! Can’t wait. ?

  35. I’ve been watching this box and I’m still unsure if it’s a box I would like or not. It’s the price that holds me back since it’s not all full size products.

    • I would NOT recommend this box for the full price of $21……..I got it with the Gilt deal and for less than $10 a month I’m ok with it. If you want bang for your buck go check out Boxycharm it’s the same price $21 and you get a MUCH better value!!!! 🙂

  36. Ooooh, once again Glossybox wows me! Love this sub!

    • Hey there KC,

      I am excited for you to try the great products in your May GLOSSYBOX! Looking forward to hearing how you liked your box:)

      Gabrielle from GLOSSYBOX

  37. This box is actually pretty good. The tanner isn’t a thrill for me, but I have a friend who loves loves the stuff. So she will get those, but the rest looks good to me. I can use the hair care product for switching in between my normal shampoo. The mascara is boring, but the wand looks interesting. It might actually reach my tiny eyelashes… usually I can only get longer lashes.

    Box is good. A bit visually with all that white, but still has the good stuff I expect from a Glossybox.

    • I love this mascara. I have decently long lashes to begin with, but I find that the wand does a great job with coverage. I don’t have to go back over it, and it’s washable without leaving me with raccoon eyes. I’m currently on a D&G sample, and even though it’s too early to move on to a new one, I’m considering ditching it early due to “meh” coverage and raccoon eyes by the end of the day.

  38. Yup yup .. I definitely do not like this box..anybody interested in the tanning supply can hit me up will send it to you and include the ones from the target box as well

    • Will be cancelling glossy box once this ends I am happy with just Sephora and allure .. And target … And Walmart and Amazon luxury …and Ipsy… And I guess that’s pretty much it

      • Would love to swap for some tanning stuff!

        • Would love to swap .. I have this plus I also have two of the loreal tanning things from the target box ( brought 2 boxes ).. Let me know if you are interested.. Thanks 🙂

      • What’s amazon luxury? And have I not heard of it?! Lol

        • It’s the Amazon luxury beauty box .. You can check out their reviews on MSA .. The last box was really good $8 for a $100 value

          • I need to look into this ASAP

    • I need tanning stuff my anniversary coming up and my legs so white!!!

    • I’ll take it!

  39. I’m actually pretty excited about this box. The only thing I won’t use is the self tanner. Oh well I guess that’s what the swap site is for. Even better maybe I can finally receive a dry shampoo instead. I’ve had birchbox, ipsy, allure and beauty fix for the past few years and I’ve only received one dry shampoo. I love dry shampoos since I have greasy, thin straight hair.

    • Hello Adeline,

      The Nioxin cleanser and conditioner is great for thinner hair. It balances the moister levels in the hair and helps your locks appear thicker.

      I love to use it before styling my hair for a GLOSSY night out! It gives my hair a fuller look 🙂

      Gabrielle from GLOSSYBOX

    • I just received my box and I guess glossybox read my profile and I didn’t get the self tanner yay! I received a serum instead. I love this box way more than play by sephora . I’m going to cancel that. I received 5 junk things and a perfume sample. I’m about to cancel sephora subscription.

  40. I’m hoping I don’t get the self tanner. I don’t use self/fake tan products at all – I embrace my fish-belly white skin. I was disappointed to see I’m getting self tanner in my Birchbox this month too, and the inclusion of self tanner wipe(s) was part of the reason I didn’t spring for this month’s Target box. Fingers crossed self tanner won’t be the trend for sub boxes all summer… :-/

    The mascara is one of my favorites, so I’m on board with that!

    I don’t find the other products to be particularly exciting or desirable, but they are useful. I’m on product overload at this point, so unless a product is REALLY unique or new, I’m not that excited by it. I’m on the year Gilt City sub until next January though, so there’s no taking a break…that said, at that discounted price, I really can’t object to any items that I will eventually use.

    • Hi there Jay,

      This is one of my favorite mascaras as well!

      For the ultimate curled lash, gently wiggle the wand from the base of your lash to your tip.

      Gabrielle from GLOSSYBOX

  41. It looks great! I always get the exact same box as Liz’s, so I am excited!

  42. I am soo happy I found this site! I was not happy that I didn’t sign up for this box in time BUT when I saw these spoilers I am beyond glad. Not ONE item would be useful to me, lol
    I happen to have thick hair and hate getting thinning hair items, I never ever self tan and since subbing with Pearlesque I have more than enough moisturizers and cleansers to last a few months. lol that leaves mascara which Ipsy and birchbox have been more than happy to load me up with. lol

  43. I’ve already cancelled – I’m just awaiting my time until my subscription wears out… this box doesn’t “Wow” me either….. But I did get the Mother’s Day box… It is nice….

  44. I JUST cancelled right before I saw the spoiler so this will be my last box. The boxes have been “meh” for the past several months. Also, I’m on product overload. Cancelling Birchbox, Ipsy and Glossy. I need to figure out how to cancel Wal Mart, as well. Will stick with Allure and am starting Play. Will probably pick up Target occasionally.

  45. Other than the self tanner, I’m liking this box. Lots of useful items, and I’m actually looking forward to trying the Rituals shower foam. (Fingers crossed, I’ll get it in my box!) 🙂

  46. It looks like the Talika product sells for $49 for 1.69 oz everywhere except for Talika’s own website, which must be what Glossybox used to calculate the value. At least Glossybox didn’t artificially the retail price in their foldout.

    I agree with the others, this box is “fine”. Nothing remarkable but not awful either. Just kind if there but it could definitely be worse, so I’m happy.

  47. If I never saw another self tanner in a sub box, I’d be soooo happy! Plus the mascara is a repeat we’ve gotten in a few different boxes. I’m thrilled I only pay $8 for this box, it’s been getting less and less exciting. Plus I hate that they do variations like all the time now.

  48. I hope I get this variation, or at least most of the items. Nothing I’m thrilled about, but all things I’d use. That sums up my experience of Glossybox for the last number of months.

  49. I don’t know how I feel about this box.

    If I get the self-tanner it will go in the trash immediately. I do not use such products. Ever. (Last month I got the cheap texture spray and threw it out too.) In general, I am not happy if I have to completely trash one of the items from a box.

    I won’t complain about moisturizer or mascara because even though I have tons of both, at least they are products I will use. Eventually.

    The shampoo and conditioner aren’t right for my hair type but they will probably be OK.

    I like Rituals products but hate the shower gel cans. If you are not very careful, you will end up spraying a bunch on the shower curtain/door/wall instead of where you want it.

    I mean, I got the Gilt City deal so I am locked in for awhile, regardless. But I am kind of like “meh” about this box. I guess it will not be a difficult decision to let Glossybox go when the time comes. (On the plus side, at least they are not sending out pale pink nail polish in every box like they did last year.)

    • I actually like and would use everything in this box. If you put it up for swap I’d be interested in it 🙂

      • Sorry, I don’t swap. I have too much stuff so there’s nothing I really want in return (plus I already subscribe to or review all the boxes I am interested in), and I am so busy I can’t guarantee to ship stuff in a reasonable period of time.

  50. Hm. I’m still cancelling this sub, but it’s not a bad box to go out on. Seems pretty useful and a good balance across categories.

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