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Dazzley Box Subscription Box Review + Coupon – May 2016

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Outer Box

Dazzley Box is a subscription box that sends one necklace each month.

Box Open

This box was sent to us at no cost for review. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

Inner Box

The Subscription Box: Dazzley Box

The Cost: $24.99 a month + free shipping

COUPON: Save 25% off any subscription with code MSA

The Products:  1 necklace (you choose your style: boho, statement or delicate) This review is for the statement necklace box.

Ships to: US

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I was surprised to see this necklace considered “statement” because I would have classified this more as a “boho” piece. It’s not my style at all and to be honest I think it’s rather cheap-looking for a $25 necklace.

Verdict:  This month’s Dazzley Box was a miss for my personal style. It’s such a hit or miss box since they only send one piece. If you love your one necklace then $25 might seem like a reasonable price, but if you don’t like it then it’s pretty disappointing. I would expect much higher quality and attention to detail for a box at this price point.

Have you tried Dazzley Box? What did you think?

Written by Jessica Telesmanich

Jessica Telesmanich

Jessica’s addiction started off slowly enough with Birchbox, but it has grown and grown over the last three years. An elementary school librarian and mom of two she loves boxes that are child-centric. But she’ll never turn down a good fashion, beauty or tasty treat subscription.

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  1. Words escape me.. I am so beyond non-plussed right now. The eyepins scream “unfinished” like they forgot a few plastic beads, the overall design and color choices are just bizarre, the workmanship and materials look like a school child made it at summer camp for mommy.. it just goes on and on. The only explanation is that someone dumped out cheap jewelry findings in the middle of the table at a craft center and let kids make up anything they wanted. As someone who makes jewelry, the insane wrongness of this for 25 bucks is actually alarming and depressing. If I had paid for a sub and received this, I would be doing a chargeback immediately. If my 8 year old niece made it for me, I’d coo and praise and wear it at family gatherings. Otherwise.. just no.. just holy crap..

  2. I have been laughing at this for five minutes straight. Thank you so much for posting this.

  3. Ahahaha! This improved my day so much! I may print a copy to keep at work for when I need a pick-me-up.

  4. That necklace is hideous. My four year old could make a better necklace than that.

  5. I usually don’t comment but I have to agree 28th all the previous commenters. Not good at all.

  6. oh no! that is the worst ever. not statement. not worth $25. i actually make jewelry & that is a few dollar necklace. i did Dazzleybox 1 time and got a thick gold chain for a statement necklace, which made much more sense, but…was not a $25 necklace either, sadly. more worth it to take $25 to Target and say you are going to spend it on whatever jewelry you want to gift yourself with. this box would be fun at a MUCH lower price point, MAYBE $15 shipped, max.

  7. I just got on line and was browsing and saw all a lot of comments and thought I was missing something. So I clicked on the review and thought wow another great sub. But then I scrolled down and I’m sorry but I just burst out ????. I mean, really? ?

  8. Sweet mother of all that’s good and decent that’s just awful. Like lost a bet in the asylum bad. Or “we decided not to bother finishing these because we lost interest due to them being hideous but we have to send something so here’s some beads and bone fragments on a string” awful. They then chose to up the ante by proclaiming them statement pieces, most likely because no one would have ever guessed that. As they say, if you have to tell me what it is and why it’s so great, it probably isn’t. I think I’m still in shock from the sheer hideousness. All it’s missing are some sequins and pom poms and it could be part of a Halloween costume. A bad one.

    • Actually, the name of the subscription choice is “statement piece”. Subbers have a choice among statement, delicate and boho. So that pink piece of paper is the one thing they got right.


      • I actually went and looked at reviews of this sub on other sites out of curiosity. This is by far the worst thing I saw. Most of it was acceptable, at least, if not necessarily my style. I don’t know what happened here.

  9. I looked at some old reviews on this. It seems like someone is mass producing the “jewelry” for this box in the crafts room of the preschool they are running out of their basement, with kids as the “crafters”. Nothing else explains any of the things they have sent to subscribers; I can figure out how this box has been around for four years.

    • Yes, definitely preschool. I was also thinking either summer camp or one of those kids craft kits from Michael’s. Wow! I usually keep negative comments to myself. But, this is over-the-top BAD!

  10. Wow just wow. This entire post is hilarious- best laugh all day. I think the statement was April Fools. I would crack up if I got this necklace and would probably have to wear it out just to show off this horrible necklace and when people asked what I paid oh what a laugh I would give them. Just think of the conversations you could have.

  11. It is a statement piece if the statement you want to make is I have no taste. I actually got the giggles looking at this necklace. It’s like someone went out of their way to make it as awful as possible. What’s with the beads on the side piece? They look like teeth. Maybe that’s why they used eye-pins so you could add your own teeth. I would wear the ribbon on the box before I’d wear this hideous thing. For $25 they should be ashamed.

  12. I wasn’t going to comment you had so many already but nobody commented on the far left strand that looks like bones a witch doctor would use for voodoo purposes.

    • ?

  13. I would classify that as my kid made it for me at camp,I would be pissed if I paid 25.00 for that

  14. Soooo, NOT a “statement” I’d want to make. Unless of course my son had made it for me. Then it would be super adorable. I’d love it and wear it all the time! lol

  15. I spy macaroni!!!! ROFL

  16. Omg, thanks so much to all the funny commenters. Hahaha
    I seen the comment count too….opened review, read description…..scrolled and thought…wait she said statement box….wth is that that’s not a statement piece., lol. I’m not even sure what that is to be honest…..but I know I would be screaming REFUND please! ( the value in material as well as design are just no where near the price). Makes me thrilled that I subbed to bijoux box… comparison….you just can’t because bijoux would be priceless. ? A store named Wet Seal continually has beaded jewlery… Very pretty too and if you wait they continually mark them down to $1.50, $2.00 norm.. $15-$25 or so.

  17. I use to have some stuff like this, in Jr high we made this stuff out of seed beads and safety pins and wore them on our shoes. We called them friendship pins and I never knew I could dupe someone out of $25 for them….bahahahaha

    • Omg….memories ?

  18. Not a fan of the color choices…perhaps that would have helped. And the box is shipped from MN, where I’m from…wow.

  19. STAHHHP! I saw this review on the homepage with 20 comments and thought “that has to be really great, or really awful”, clicked to open and scrolled down to the pink note and thought “way to ruin the surprise”, scrolled to the pic of the necklace and snort/laughed! Seriously, what statement are they trying to make??

  20. I just LOLed at work. I REALLY needed that today!that’s something positive…right?

  21. Holy cow!!! this is the worst thing I have ever seen in a sub box! Wow for $25! You are better off going with Your Bijoux Box – for $35 a month because you get three pieces of beautiful costume jewelry. I would only wear it, if a child made it for me and I did not want to hurt that child’s feelings! It totally looks unfinished too – wow, couldn’t they send you a finished necklace? It is not worth the money at all. I looked at other reviews and they look ok, this is nowhere near the other ones. I guess this sub box is on its way out…because this is usually what you see when they are having financial problems or supplier problems or both!

  22. I try to always say only positive things …but…I just can’t……?

  23. That is the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen. I’m pretty sure my 4 year old made that a camp.

  24. After seeing this I had to look at their past boxes. I didn’t see anything I loved but most of the past items were not so…unique?? I don’t get the eye pins at the bottom either. And that one random strand of different beads on the left.

    Odd piece. And not the one I would pick to try and draw in new subscibers.

  25. This certainly makes a statement. I think it’s “I made this during quiet time at the loony bin”.

    • ROFL!! That comment just made my day.

    • OMG, THE BEST comment. Thank you for the laugh!

  26. No No No. What were they thinking? That is a never ever wear. If we add some tassles and Pom Poms to the ends, we might match the drapes somewhere. I will admit to not having a FOMO with this sub.

  27. I feel like a really hot 23-year-old girl with beach wavey blonde hair, oversized sunglasses, a maxi skirt, and an African-inspired crop top shirt could pull this off. Sadly, that’s not me. But even if it was, I’d pay $5 max for this necklace.

  28. I agree, this looks like a child’s summer camp project- one that took maybe an hour of “busy time”. See, this is my fear with sub boxes, especially ones that specifically say it will be one item– I will spend my hard earned money, have the anticipation of building, open the package– and this is what I end up with!

    • I totally thought a Girl Scout troop could out do this piece of “art” I would be so upset if I got this at any price range.

  29. This is legit terrible.

  30. oh no! This is definitely a “miss” even for those who appreciate “boho” style. I dont think the style itself is unattractive- I think it is the quality of materials that are used that makes it not look like a quality item. Maybe with different beading? I think the concept is good- just a little lost in the finished product.

  31. It looks unfinished. Why would they use eyepins instead of headpins for the dangly parts? It’s like they intended to attach some more of the larger beads but got tired and gave up.

    I could make that for about $2 worth of materials from my craft closet. But, well, I wouldn’t.

  32. They cannot possibly be serious!!! ??? omg this has got to be a joke. Seriously if I got this & paid 25 dollars for it I would totally flip my lid. ?

  33. wow, that’s bad…

  34. I just went and confirmed that they sent this to you for free. Because if not Id be PISSED!

  35. Im trying to find the words but they escape me….

  36. that necklace is an abomination.

  37. That’s just ridiculous. I would flip out if I had paid money for this box and had received that. No, no, and no.

  38. I would also classify it as boho, and awful. I feel like they got that at the dollar store and resold it for $25.

  39. Wow. That looks like something your kid does in summer camp. And not in an “isn’t that adorable” way so much as a “wow, that’s…interesting” way.

  40. My kids can make that “statement ” necklace for free 😉

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