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We have a FULL SPOILERS for POPSUGAR‘s second limited edition box with the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA).

Thanks to Chanttee, for giving us the head’s up on this reveal post from Haute Beauty Guide!

Each box will include:


What do you think of the full spoilers?

Here is the info on the box:

The Box: POPSUGAR CFDA Limited Edition Box

The Cost: $225

The Products: For the second year in a row, we’re proud to launch our limited-edition Must Have box with the Council of Fashion Designers of America. This fashion collaboration has little luxuries perfect for a relaxing day by the pool or a weekend filled with sun and music. Fifty percent of POPSUGAR’s profits from each box will be donated to the CFDA, in support of the CFDA mission to strengthen American fashion in the global economy.

Read our review of last year’s CFDA POPSUGAR Special Edition Box to learn more about this box.

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. Alright everyone! In needing some of these items lol!! I have an XL turquoise 1951 plus much more if someone will swap with me!! :))

  2. Personally I LOVED this box – and don’t regret it in the slightest! People complaining about the price need to remember these are DESIGNER items. They’re going to be expensive, so the price of the box is expensive, but still a deal if you were to buy everything retail.

    The illesteva sunglasses I got were tortoise with classic dark brown lenses – while I like them, I just bought a similar pair from Celine. Did anyone get a mirrored pair that would like to swap me? I’m on the waiting list for swaps currently – not sure how long it takes to get approved. Let me know! 🙂

  3. This box is terrible and really makes me regret taking the leap to spend so much on it. I got plain sunglasses with brown lenses and the only reason I ordered the box was for the reflective sunglasses. I was already prepared to be disappointed by the cover-up, but it was worse in real life. Everything else is pretty boring, so no relief from the terrible sunglass disappointment! No redeeming qualities – I’m going to get my money back via my credit card’s return protection!

  4. So I caved. Kept thinking oh Ill swap for the sunglasses, perfume, and bag. BUT what if i cant swap for them? This is the first box that has had full spoilers where i really like and can use all of it and its not sold out. So there you go. My summer present to me 😀

  5. Would love to swap for the sunglasses!! If anyone is interested I can send you my swap profile link! Thanks! 🙂

  6. Hey I received mine today! I’m loving all of it, except the coverup. If anyone’s looking for a coverup let me know… I’ll be looking for a great high end swap item. I always wanted that Rachael Zoe bracelet from last spring… I’m sure someone has something great to swap for this coverup

  7. Hmm I ordered this as soon as it was available for purchase — but still don’t have it. Wonder when I will get mine.

  8. I absolutely love love love my box! I received the plain sunglasses (not mirrored, not reflective) just light brown lenses. The eyeglass case is solid. So Excited about this entire box.
    my little black bag had a great message on it so I LOVED it even though it’s small. The only thing with the dry shampoo is I have black and I have blonde hair. I have never tries dry shampoo before so if someone could explain if I have the wrong color for my hair? I may need to swap that color out? If anyone knows I would appreciate any advise.

    • I love this dry shampoo. I have very light blonde hair and I use the black bottle. You can use either black or white- just be sure to rub it in. The black does have tan color to it but it goes away when you rub it in/brush it out. The only difference I’m aware of is the smell between white and black, although perhaps the white is a lighter color. It’s great- I love it!!

      • They are all the same color, only the fragrance is different.;-)
        I love the fragrance “Black”
        White is a lighter peony fragrance. I got them both for my daughter as a gift. They are great separately or layered together

        • Thank you so much. I feel silly now! Lol :))

      • Thank you so much!!!

  9. I would love the coverup, water bottle, and dry shampoo if anyone is interested in swapping those!

    • Hi Blake,

      What do you have to swap for the dry shampoo?

    • Hi Blake,

      What would you swap for the coverup and dry shampoo?

      • Hi Mati! Are you at all interested in the 1951 clutches? I have s turquoise one in XL I’m looking to swap for some of these items!! 🙂

    • I’ve got a coverup I’m looking to swap..

  10. I will be swapping the sunglasses and probably/possibly the dry shampoo….
    I like the rest!!

    • Would love to swap for your sunglasses! I got lots up to swap! I’m dyyyyyying for those glasses : P

  11. Mine arrived today. With all the negative comments, I was prepared to be disappointed. Well, I love it! The cover-up fits (and I would say I’m a size L-XL in a women’s tshirt, so I was worried about that), I like the color of sunglasses I received (I think they are a lighter tortoise shell, with silver reflective lenses), I’m excited about the fragrance set (and like the first one so far), love the S’well bottle (never had one of that brand before), and even though I don’t need any more dry shampoo, this one seems extra fancy and smells really nice. The only thing I’m a little less excited about is the pouch–too tiny to fit much of anything into, and I can’t imagine why it’s valued at $195. But overall, I’m really glad I got this box! 🙂

  12. My box came today. I’ve seen some people wondering about the size of the cover up. I am 5’9″ and busty. I wear a size 12 or large top usually. This fits me like a shirt. Not loose but not too tight either. It’s short but I am tall. The fabric is nice. I will definitely wear it. Overall… I like everything in the box. I wear glasses so I’m giving the sunglasses to my very excited daughter. Lenses were silver in mine. Very trendy… Adorable! The water bottle is only 9 oz… So maybe a little on the small side for bottles I would normally take to the pool. I think I’ll use it for iced coffee.

  13. I thought I was doing such a great job by not buying this for over a month. Well, I bought it last night lol. I was hoping for them to discount it, but I couldn’t wait any longer!

    I always loved the sunnies (although I’m really anxious to see the other colors people get– hoping for the plain silver reflective or maybe blue- but the red is creepy). The cover up really does look cool, but I prefer other colors- and doesn’t seem worth almost $200, but I’ll DEF wear it and will probably enjoy it in person. The dry shampoo is AMAZING YOU GUYS. It’s the only one I use. I prefer the black scent, but the white is great for daytime. I totally feel you all for being annoyed about another dry shampoo, but this one really is great. I’m meh about the fragrance and pouch (really, $200 for that??), and I have like 60 S’wells. So I am meh because I love them, but have enough– and why did they send a small one?? Oh well. I like it. I agree with most though that a makeup or jewelry item would have really sealed this box for me.

    Here’s how I justified it: I was likely going to just purchase the sunglasses at some point because I really dig them. That’s $177. I was definitely going to replace my dry shampoo soon, so that’s $28 (up to $205). I think the coverup is really only worth like $20, so there you go. It’s basically like I got the pouch, fragrance, and bottle for free. At least that’s what I’m telling myself 🙂

    I hope everyone who got it loves it!

  14. Ok, so I dig it. I ordered it, slightly disappointed that we are again getting a swell bottle from PopSugar, my first one came from them, possibly my second one also. So I really am not excited abou another one, m daughter will use it though. I’m hopeful that the coverup will fit someone, it won’t be me. But I’m loving the glasses and the fragrance set. Dry shampoo, I’ll use it, but yeah not thrilling. I buy high end dry shampoo all of the time. They should have included a jewelery item I think… or some great sun or after sun product instead… Still in liking it much better than last years box!

  15. I showed my 30 year old daughter the contents… She said that’s what the fanciest girl at the pool will have with her! I agree… Love it! 225.00 happily spent!

  16. Am I the only one not a big fan of “exclusive” items? I feel like it’s a way for them to offer smaller or less expensive versions of things with a designer label. I know that these boxes are supposed to be special things but I just can’t imagine what makes a coin purse valued at $195 …

  17. This is how I view this…. If I were to walk in Neiman Marcus with 225 and left with these items, I would be STOKED!!!

    I will use everything in this box except the dry shampoo. I ordered this box last night after I saw the full spoilers.

    Now if we could just get a summer le box spoiler…………..

    • Agreed. So I just bought one.

  18. The only thing I’d be interested in Is the dry shampoo, lol! Love the stuff.

    Still can’t tell what kind of protection the sunnies offer, other than for certain they’re non-polarized, and I wouldn’t wear that style anyway, or the caftan. Don’t wear perfume, and I love the gold comment re: the Lim coin purse! Even if you can afford it, it’s silly to pay that much. My Contigo glass water bottle was $11 on sale. The MSRPs are uber inflated.

    Really want to try a ltd sub box, but at this price point I’d rather select items I want vs. receiving a surprising disappointment. Maybe someday…

    • I’d be happy to swap the dry shampoo with you or work something else out. Let me know if you’re interested! I love the idea of dry shampoo but it just doesn’t work for me 🙂

    • LOVE the dry shampoo too!! It’s the best. I totally agree about the pouch- the pricing is nuts. It better be nice! lol

  19. I ordered this after I saw the full spoilers. I already liked the sunglasses, and I fell in love with the makeup pouch as soon as I saw it. I want to look at the other items in person to see if I want to keep them or not. If not, I’m sure they’ll make great gifts or swap items.

  20. The “value” may be there numbers wise… But I think these are either boring items (like the dry shampoo) or items that are too taste specific and with super inflated prices (like the glasses, the perfumes and even the coverup). I think considering this box has been unsuccessful for a 2nd year in a row, they really need to revisit if it is worth having it again or if they are, if the price needs to come way down! A $250 dollar surprise box is too expensive, I’m sorry. With that money I go out and buy whatever I want…

  21. i am so glad i ordered this – the coverup will be perfect for vacation, the sunglasses ave good reviews and are different than anything i own, the leather bag is a total yasss – the perfume is cool and im into these smaller vials.
    the only thing i dont love is the dry shampoo just because im not a fan of that scent- it is high end and will make a great gift though.

    if i was shopping for all of these things, i’d spend at least $100 on sunglasses , $30 on a low end coverup, $70 on a leather clutch from a retailer like dsw, and $60+ on a new perfume, therefore this box is totally worth it to me, since i am getting much more high end items than I’d ever choose in a store due to price.

    • I actually spend more than that on items. I typically shop this boxes level of labels (I already purchased the perfume and dry shampoo when they first came out awhile ago). I own three Swell bottles, and purchased my first one three years ago. What disappoints me is that these are not cutting edge brands. They aren’t even new products from established brands. That’s why I refuse to order. My last sunglasses were $245 plus tax, and I still refuse to order this box.

  22. I’m pretty sure we’re all about tired of dry shampoo (maybe it’s just me, though) and this one is overpriced to boot. You can’t tell me that it’s 3 times better than plenty of others that are 1/3 of the price.

    A $200 cover up that won’t fit plenty of folks (although at least this was an early spoiler so you could opt out if you knew it wouldn’t fit you; that was nice of them).

    I typically love sunglasses but I don’t like the shape of these at all, although that’s subjective. I like the water bottle, I don’t have one, but I bet a lot of boxaholics are full up on water bottles, even nice ones. The pouch is cute but tiny – I DO like that it’s a high end brand. Perfume is too personal for me to want a sampler from one specific brand.

    Also just because you SAY something is worth $200 does not make it so.

    This is a nice enough box………..for $100, or even $125.

  23. I really like it, except the water bottle. I might even be interested in trying the dry shampoo too since it sounds like it smells lovely. But I keep looking at the coverup and does anyone think you could get crafty and take two of those striped linen towels we are inundated with from previous boxes and just sew two together down the middle and get “the look for less” lol

    • Lol, that’s what I was thinking too!

  24. I’m really torn. I actually like almost all of the spoilers, but especially the coverup and sunglasses. I almost just bought this yesterday, but $225 just seems a little high. I wish that I liked the 3.1 pouch more, but after seeing an actual pic on another site, its hard for me to really imagine using it for anything other than a makeup bag. I just don’t know!

  25. Honestly, the coverup ruined this box for me. I like all of the other products, and even though I am not a perfume person, what an awesome gift that would make.

    • how did it fit you?

      • I didn’t buy the box… I meant that the coverup made me not want to buy the box. I am sure that it would fit me fine, but it’s just really not my style. The value isn’t in the box for me. I can just buy the sunglasses on my own and be happy.

        • Ah ok 🙂 looking for opinions on items like the coverup from people that ordered 🙂 Sunglasses (in person)? pouch? mine won’t be here until next week. Anyone?

          • I LOVE the sunglasses! The coverup is cute but doesn’t fit me.. I like the box!

  26. I love the items so much, this is an excellent box but overpriced… I’m hoping they put it on gilt city for $150. At that price point I’d jump on it.

  27. I don’t understand. I love Popsugar LE boxes but why is this one such a disappointment year after year?

  28. Another bust, IMO. Maybe I just have too high expectations for this box. I feel like a collaboration with CFDA should be bring edgy or at least fashion forward items and neither year did that. The items are *ok* but I think this is an opportunity wasted each year to do something, ahem, out of the box 🙂

  29. I liked both spoilers, but this box is out of my price range. I agree that the dry shampoo has to stop, but at least this is a fancier one than we normally get and many people would be happy with ANYTHING by 3.1 Phillip Lim. Personally, I have 3 S’well bottles and I wouldn’t mind 3 more! And the perfume looks like a great bday or Christmas present for the right girl. I honestly think the box is a miss for so many because of the price. If it were even $175 it would get rave reviews.

  30. Everyone is so negative on this box! $700+ value for $225? I think that’s pretty incredible. I’m thrilled with it!

    • The value only matters if people get things they like/want. Otherwise it doesn’t.

      • Agreed – and the items just seem over priced. Nearly $200 each for a coverup, sunglasses, and a tiny pouch are way more than I would spend. But maybe I’m just not the target market for this.

    • I agree. I ordered and am thrilled. Most of the people who actually ordered the box seem very happy with it. Not every item is for me — but I am already deluged with requests from people to swap for items from this box so I know I will be able to swap for a couple unicorns. Win win. Love the sunglasses.

    • Yeah, there is nothing in this box that begs me to drop this money. I am getting Rachel Zoe and Oui Please BOTH for less than $225 TOTAL – and I will get at least $800 worth of merchandise at retail including a monogrammed swim cover in my size! This stuff is not worth $225. This is a $100 box, tops.

      I think it also has to do with how long you have been a sub addict and how many boxes you have gotten in your sub career. I have been getting boxes for nearly 5 years, and I was an original PS subscriber. Other than the swim cover, there is nothing that has not appeared in PS and dozens of other boxes in some form or fashion over the last few years. Not a single thing jumps out as special.

  31. Hoping to trade for the s’well if anyone is interested!

  32. Geez I definitely dodged a bullet there! So glad I didn’t order this one.

  33. Soooooo glad I didn’t get this!! The only thing that interested me was the purfume, and that could have been a total miss depending on the scents.

  34. Bullet dodged.

  35. I think the best items were the ones that were spoiled. Unfortunately, they’re also rather taste-specific. (Or size specific.)

    The other three – dry shampoo, a teeny pouch, and a water bottle – are pretty disappointing in that they are all ubiquitous throughout sub box-land.

    If the cover-up fit me (which it wouldn’t) and the sunnies looked good on me (which they wouldn’t), I would be happy with this box… at half the price. … And I very rarely complain about things being over-priced.

  36. I am actually interested in swapping for the sunnies and lemlem wrap. Please take a look at my swap list, would love to work something out. I have the rad labs Anna clock, mela trey, sunnies from the NM box, the tumbler from this months Luxor amongst other fun things

    • I’m going to look.. I want to swap the coverup..

  37. I am actually interested in swapping for the sunnies and lemlem wrap. Please take a look at my swap list, would love to work something out. I have one Anna clock, mela trey, sunnies from the NM box, the tumbler from this months Luxor amongst other fun things

  38. Wow… Really glad I didn’t cave in… The pouch looks pretty nice, but for that price point… Man…

  39. I’m sorry I’m confused, the Phillip Lim nano pouch, is a little coin purse looking pouch for $195???! I love the idea of the coverup, but it’d never fit me. And I like the sound of the dry shampoo because of I love the scent. This box is in no way worth $225 to me. Maybe PopSugar shouldn’t do another CFDA box, they seem to be way overpriced and disappointing. How many dry shampoos and water bottles can one sub addict use?

    • You can get the dry shampoo, at a size for $14, at Sephora. I have it and $12 for a hand lotion in the Nirvana white (they have black as well). They also sell the perfume set and individual perfumes. I’ve gotten two as samples as well.

      • Thanks!

    • I love designer brands, but I’d NEVER spend $200 for a little coin purse. I’d rather get an adorable Kate Spade coin purse for less than half that cost. Glad I passed on this box. Two years in a row have been a bust on this one.

  40. All of the big ticket items in this box are terribly overpriced. I could find similar items much cheaper. I would never pay $225 for this group of items.

  41. I’m really glad I skipped the box this year. Overall a nice box if you liked spoilers 1 & 2 – if not….

  42. That pouch had better be filled with gold for $195. A tacky makeup case worth two 1951 clutches? Yeah no.

    The coverup and glasses are ok, but pretty style specific

    Fragrance and dry shampoo are a no. Too many from too many boxes.

    Basically not worth the money

  43. Annnnnnd disappointment. I just feel like a collab with CFDA is like setting the bar really high.

    But if the money came easily for me, I would still buy the box.

  44. Dry Shampoo in a sub box again???

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