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POPSUGAR Must Have CFDA Special Edition Box Review

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POPSUGAR Must Have CFDA Special Edition Box Review Box

The POPSUGAR CFDA Limited Edition box was a collaboration with POPSUGAR and the Council of Fashion Designers of America. 50% off the profits of this box go to the CFDA Foundation – their goal is to strengthen American designers’ influence and success globally.

This is one of the pricier boxes POPSUGAR has released, and they’ve never done a collaboration with CFDA before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect.

My Subscription Addiction paid for this box. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

POPSUGAR Must Have CFDA Special Edition Box Review Items

The Box: POPSUGAR CFDA Limited Edition Box

The Cost: $195

The Products: $600+ worth of products, featuring an assortment of established and emerging designers, including some of fashion’s most coveted brands.

POPSUGAR Must Have CFDA Special Edition Box Review Card

Each Limited Edition box comes with a fold out card detailing the items included:

POPSUGAR Must Have CFDA Special Edition Box Review Info

POPSUGAR Must Have CFDA Special Edition Box Review Tote

Apolis + Clare V. Market Bag – Value $68

This may be my favorite item in the box. It’s the most chic reusable market bag I’ve ever seen, and I love the leather handles and the waterproof coating on the inside.

Here is the other side of the tote:

POPSUGAR Must Have CFDA Special Edition Box Review Burlap

And the inside:

POPSUGAR Must Have CFDA Special Edition Box Review Inside

Since this bag can stand up on its own, I may leave it in our entryway by the front door to keep umbrellas and other items – I just want this tote on display 24/7!

POPSUGAR Must Have CFDA Special Edition Box Review DVF

The Woman I Wanted To Be by Diane Von Furstenberg – Retail Value $26 (On Amazon for $17.77)

Book summary from Amazon:

One of the most influential, admired, and innovative women of our time: fashion designer, philanthropist, wife, mother, and grandmother, Diane von Furstenberg offers a book about becoming the woman she wanted to be.

Diane von Furstenberg started out with a suitcase full of jersey dresses and an idea of who she wanted to be—in her words, “the kind of woman who is independent and who doesn’t rely on a man to pay her bills.” She has since become that woman, establishing herself as a global brand and a major force in the fashion industry, all the while raising a family and maintaining “my children are my greatest creation.”

In The Woman I Wanted to Be, von Furstenberg reflects on her extraordinary life—from childhood in Brussels to her days as a young, jet-set princess, to creating the dress that came to symbolize independence and power for an entire generation of women. With remarkable honesty and wisdom, von Furstenberg mines the rich territory of what it means to be a woman. She opens up about her family and career, overcoming cancer, building a global brand, and devoting herself to empowering other women, writing, “I want every woman to know that she can be the woman she wants to be.”

I wasn’t expecting a book in this box, but I’m always up for reading books by inspiring, business-savvy women!

POPSUGAR Must Have CFDA Special Edition Box Review Milly

Milly Nail Polish Set – Value $36

I can’t get the Milly NY web site to load, so I don’t have any more info on their nail polish line, but I do like the colors included. This is one of those boxes where I would have preferred to receive more if not all fashion items instead of beauty items, so I’m not overly excited about these.

POPSUGAR Must Have CFDA Special Edition Box Review Marc

Marc by Marc Jacobs Logo Bangle – Retail Value $80

I couldn’t find this bangle for sale online, so I linked to a Bloomingdale’s page for the bracelet – it no longer is available for sale though. It’s a very classic look, but considering I can’t find it online, I’m guessing this bangle isn’t from a current season – a little disappointing.

POPSUGAR Must Have CFDA Special Edition Box Review Detail

Everyone will get one of three different metal variations. I’m not into silver jewelry so much, so this is the variation I wanted the least. I can’t really wear bangles anyway though (they annoy me when typing) so really any color variation wouldn’t have worked. (Since this is such a nice piece, I’ll do a little giveaway at the bottom of this review in case you’d like to enter to win it).

POPSUGAR Must Have CFDA Special Edition Box Review Anna Sui

Anna Sui Lipstick in 371 – Value $30

I’ve seen Anna Sui lipstick in magazines before but never tried it, so this is a nice addition for me. I think the packaging is gorgeous, and the lipstick shade works for me:

POPSUGAR Must Have CFDA Special Edition Box Review Lipstick

The formula goes on smooth, and it has a surprising rose scent!

POPSUGAR Must Have CFDA Special Edition Box Review Earrings

Maiyet Poison Dart Stud Earrings – Value $295

These earrings are completely my style – I love all things gold and small-scale when it comes to jewelry, and these manage to be both tiny and bold at the same time.

(These were listed on the info card as $395, but they actually retail for $295). I think the $295 price is still pretty steep, but I can definitely tell they are quality pieces.

Verdict: In general, it seems a little risky to put half the value of the box in a small jewelry item that wouldn’t work for anyone without pierced ears. While I really like the studs, I think POPSUGAR would have had more success getting a different item for that amount of value, or spreading the value more evenly between the items. The good news is that POPSUGAR is accepting returns if you weren’t happy with this box – just email customer care to return the unused box.

What do you think of the CFDA POPSUGAR Limited Edition Box?

Also – if you want to win the Marc Jacobs bangle:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

(Use this link if the giveaway isn’t loading for you).

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. I know this is an old topic…and not sure if anyone will still read…but did anyone notice that Kim was wearing the Maiyet earrings on this week’s Better Call Saul? Somehow they made it into wardrobe!

  2. The earrings and market bag are my favorite items out of this box! It is nice that we have another opportunity to purchase this box. I was able to use, gift or swap all items from this collection:-)

  3. Did anyone else get an email this morning about being able to purchase one of the CFDA Popsugar boxes? It says “The CFDA POPSUGAR Must Have Box sold out in 80 minutes, and we were able to secure a limited amount of additional boxes! See what’s inside and purchase on Tuesday, June 16”

    I just thought it was kinda funny… must be all the returns. I’m interested to see if they added/removed anything from the box and what the price will be.

    • I got the e-mail and came to this review immediately to remind myself what was in the box and if I’d get it if they decided to lower the price. Still nope. I think they’d be better off holding onto the items and distributing them in future monthly boxes.

      • I have no desire to get this box. I like the market bag, but that’s about all. I kinda hope they don’t put this stuff in future monthly boxes bc none of it seems that great to me. I guess maybe it’d be ok if it was one of the items per month for the next few months, but I’d be disappointed if one of the next monthly boxes had 2 -3 of these things in them.

    • I got the email too and came here immediately too lol. I honestly tried to like this box but it’s just not for me… The only thing I like is the bangle BUT I’m NOT paying a whole box just for a bangle.

      • Me too! I’d wear the bangle and use the bag (and probably read the book if I had it), but I don’t have pierced ears so that makes it pretty impractical for me.

    • I find it interesting that you cannot click the email to “find out whats inside”… confused..

    • Just like you ladies I received the email and immediately came to this review. I’m out,especially with that price. I just received my Summer LE box, and June box…I just don’t see the value. Plus, the Zoe Box of Style box should be hitting the card thus week. But I’m mostly excited for this month’s LLB!! Plus “limited number” is aways so stressful…probably the boxes that were sent back. Good look to those who try to get it.

    • I ordered and received the CFDA box way back when. I also returned mine. I did not get that email this morning and I’m a subscriber to PSMH. Very strange, I wonder what they’ll charge this time around. I had really wanted to keep the box last time around but not for $200!

  4. I think I might also be willing to part with the MJ Braclet and Anna Sui lipstick. I have the bracelet in silver and the lipstick in 370 Coral

  5. Well, I’ve used everything except for the book (Why, PopSugar!! Why!), and I like the Marc Jacobs bangle the most. Even this is a let down, as not only do I prefer silver and got the gold one, but it’s all about the logo, so I feel like a walking ad. Plus, with the Marc by Marc Jacobs line going out of business, it just seems like they had a bunch of these lying around and just tossed them in on the cheap.

    That being said, the silver bangle seems to be hard to find, I can’t find it to swap for my gold one, and I’m not going to pay full price on Ebay for it. I recall someone mentioning they found it for something like $30, even before this box came out, at a Kohl’s or some place like that. Anyone know if this is true? I like it enough to consider getting it in silver.

  6. So I received my box today and I did open it. I was hoping to convince myself that I loved the items enough to justify keeping it. I just couldn’t do it, and believe me, I get excited over silly things. For me, there’s nothing exciting, enticing or practical in this box for $200. I did not use the lipstick, simply looked at it and it is way too light for my coloring. The remainder of the items are just ok. I’m wondering if anyone has returned AND received their refund yet? They can’t give me a hard time for looking at it (I think) … I didn’t feel that I could make an informed decision without opening the box. I now realize that I probably should have just slapped the return label on and be done with it! If anyone has sucessfully returned could they please post that info here.

    • I opened my entire box because I got it before the review was posted. I returned it last week and it has already posted to my credit card.

      • Thanks for posting Regan, that’s good to know. I really wanted to like it but … it felt really empty. Like it was all stray stuff on its way to the deep discounter (except maybe the market bag, and I liked my flip and tumble bag from the April monthly PSMH box much better). Best of luck to all.

  7. I’m curious how long we will have to wait before PS puts out an email about their failure. With many other boxes (little lace) they were quick to respond as well as others who were proactive (kloverbox with that toner? Can’t remember) about any product issues. This box has clearly put a lot of us in a pickle that we have lost faith in them. In fact, if the summer LE is a fail for me, I think I’ll be done. Too much risk right there.

  8. Would love to win this bracelet! That was the only thing I truly liked in the box. I couldn’t justify keeping the whole thing for 195$ had to return it. Would be great if I could win this bracelet!

  9. So disappointed in this box. 🙁

    What I love about my other boxes is how curated they are. This box feels like a bunch of leftover items that no one else wanted. I don’t feel like the book, nailpolish, and lipstick are especially “fashion” items. The lipstick and nail polish seem like fairly standard beauty items, and the book just feels like something no one else really wanted. They aren’t a “discovery” like some of the other PSMH beauty items are. Just lipstick and nailpolish, nothing special or unique. I like their monthly beauty items that are new, or something I wouldn’t have thought to look for. These… well, you can get nailpolish or lipstick anywhere.

    Likewise, the bracelet from a discontinued diffusion line is something I wouldn’t ever buy. It’s just a logo item. That’s all. I specifically avoid buying things with huge logos, and this just has the MxMJ logo. Not something I want.

    The tote… eh, it’s okay. Nothing special, really.

    I do absolutely love the earrings. I wish I could just return everything but the earrings. They are gorgeous, and presented so beautifully!

    I never thought I could hate a PSMH box, but I do hate this one. 🙁

  10. I received my box today. I did not even open it. I put the label on it and it is scheduled for pick up tomorrow. I wanted to open it, but didn’t want any questions or issues with POPSUGAR receiving the return. Thank you for your review. That way I was able to really see the items without personally seeing them. I like the bag a lot, but I am going to go online when I receive my refund and buy one outright from the site. I can not justify the bag for the $195.00 cost of this let down box. At $195 it just isn’t worth it to me BUT at the $100, I would have been very happy even though it wasn’t curated as it was promised. I think it would have been smart for Popsugar to have offered $100 credit therefore essentially getting close to the LE price and the ability to have the $100 back via refund or to apply towards lengthing your sub or receive the LE Summer Box at no charge. Also, personally I wonder if they are utilizing the write off, or insurance and then selling this to marshals or TJMAX where they buy inventory. I would love to see pieces in LE boxes at the standard $100.00. Honestly and no disrespect to the jeweler, but $295 or $395 for non solid gold earrings at the size you show seems strange and over inflated. They look pretty in the picture, but the pricing is WAY off.

  11. just plain to much $$$ for me

  12. I hope Popsugar sells the returned boxes. I’d pay full price and take a portion of the cost as a charitable contribution write-off but would only do if purchased directly from PS.

    • I sent an email requesting the ability to buy another box. I want a second market bag. I reasoned that if I had to pay $75 ( cost, tax and S&H) I might as spend another $120-125 for 5 additional items I can use for gifts or swap fodder. The e mail was sent yesterday, just waiting for a reply.

    • You can’t write off the charitable contribution because you got items for your money. Doesn’t matter how PS distributes the proceeds.

  13. Got my box today and on the fence about what I’m going to do. I got the bangle in silver/rise gold and I like it but it’s really heavy (fits perfectly) and in nit sure I’ll ever wear it. The earrings are cute but again, nothing special. The lipstick is a light peachy color it seems so fragile I feel like I’ll break the packaging immediately!). As for the book, I already own way too many books. On the fence. I guess I could trade most of the items …

    • Actually, my box is identical to Liz’s aside from the lipstick color.

  14. Hi Ladies- I am seeing a few that have returned the box. How did you return. I received the box , it’s unopened and I really want to return it. I have emailed Popsugar three times with no response! Should I just go to USPS and “return to sender” ANY help would be greatly appreciated as I think this box was, for me personally, no where near the 195 value- nevermind that a box by DVF is not a fashion item. THANK YOU!!!!!

    • I just emailed them that I want to return and got a reply the next day (or something like that) with a Fedex Ground shipping label.

      However I haven’t shipped it back yet, I really like the Claire V bag, not sure if I should keep the box for that bag alone, or hope someone will swap with me :).

      I’m curious to know if folks who has the box returned (and delivered), whether they immediately get the refund back.

      • Hello. Trying to get the few available bags available for swap is almost impossible! Good luck 🙂

      • I loved the market bag and decided not to keep my box just for that. I found on Nordstrom website Apolis market bags in 3 designs (not Claire V) but same bag with different city names on it marked 40% off from the original $68. Plus ebates is 16% at Nordstrom today. So of course I ordered!

        • Thanks Cay for the pointer! I’m heading to to pick one too.

        • Thanks Cay! Just snagged the Chicago one 🙂

        • Those Apolis bags at Nordies are nearly identical! Thanks for the tip! I didn’t order this box (waited too long) but the bag was the only thing that I felt that I was missing out on…but not any longer! I nabbed the Seattle one. 🙂

    • I sent an email to them with my order # and sub# for them to find my records. I got the return shipping label the next day, with my info in it. I dropped them off on Sat with Fedex dropoff. Try email them again with all the information, so that they won’t have to hunt for your records.

  15. Just got my box. Wasn’t going to open it as I am sending it back but was too curious not too. I did not want to even tear the paper so I was only able to unwrap a couple of the items on top. Earrings surprisingly pretty but not worth anywhere that price point. Can find similar and even nicer for 1/4 of the price. I am a big Marc by Marc Jacobs fan especially his accessories. This bangle is one of the worst of his items I have ever seen in real life. Its HUGE and tacky and heavy and looks cheap. Totally disappointed. The lipstick I got was a super bubblegum pink – definitely not a very wearable color. Also I saw the book at the dollar bookstore a few weeks ago. Im going go try to pick it up for a dollar tomorrow.

  16. I wonder if they had been upfront about the portion of the sale of the box that went to the CFDA if they would be having this backlash. If you knew $50 went to the CFDA and that it was essentially a $100 box with a charitable donation or if you got a certificate of donation in your name to the CFDA then I think people would be feeling really differently. I like the box but my one issue is that stinkin nail polish and its lack of existence to check the cost on. But in the end its really the CFDA that is going to suffer by the box returns.

  17. I’m still glad I didn’t go for this box. I like the bangle and the lipstick, but I don’t think I would get any use out of the other items. I can’t believe the only high dollar item is a pair of earrings- like Liz said, they’re useless for anyone without pierced ears. I wouldn’t like them either, because I only wear silver-toned jewelry.

  18. The market bag looks very nice. The other style & color variations on the Apolis website are super chic, too. I really like the charcoal one.

  19. Anyone else curious what they are going to do with all the returns? I didn’t get this box, it was too steep for my liking without any spoilers. I like the items in the box and would have liked it at $100, but glad I didn’t pay $200.

    • Comment

    • I’m super curious too!

  20. I purchased the L.E., have looked forward to receiving it (regardless of the naysayers) and never ever considered returning it. Thank you PSMH!

  21. I am one of the few who kept the box. I loved the bag and knew I could send the box back and buy the bag. I have used the bag everyday since I got the box. I have used the lipstick. I have used the bangle and even swapped for another bangle. The book – I’ll read. I don’t have pierced ears but I am going to gift the earrings. I did ask pop sugar if they could rectify just the earring but I was told I could only return the entire box. As for the nail polish. I have just accepted we get nail polish in every single box. I liked Rachel Zoes selection better. I was happier once I had the box in hand but I skipped the summer LE box this year because of disappointment and not wanting another let down. I also looked back at the last two years and really wasn’t that impressed with either summer box.

  22. If I had gotten the silver/rose gold bangle I would have kept this box, but they sent me the slate/gold one. I was only interested in that, the bag, and the lipstick. I see so many people who wanted one metal and got the other (another reason the gold earrings as the big ticket item was flawed since I wear silver) so the profiles weren’t considered on top of misrepresenting the box and the price discrepancy with some of the items. I am still unhappy this box didn’t live up to the hype, but glad I had the option to return and I still really love Popsugar and will continue to subscribe.

  23. I ABSOLUTELY <3 ur reviews. I recently bought the popsugar June and summer box and before that I would always go on ur website to check how it is…
    & you're right, not everything is always perfect (I like your straightforwardness), but the surprise element is a plus:)
    I luv Anna Sui and rose scents and bangles so I definitely would be so happy and excited to win!

  24. If anyone wants to sell just the tote bag, let me know! I would like just that part of the box.

  25. I returned my box, but had I seen your review prior to returning it I probably would have kept it. I didn’t even open the shipping box to look at the items. I agree the price was steep and I would have loved it at $100. Although I would have hated the bracelets. My wrist are very small and bracelets are always too big for me. Now, hoping I win your giv-a-way. I also think the bag is the best item. I may go to the website and order the bag.

  26. I love the bag and maybe the earrings. The bangle is GIGANTIC! This is the opposite of the box of style screw bangle that was perfect for me but too small for a lot of peeps. Lipstick is not a good color and I have too much polish. Couldn’t care less about the book. So this box just not for me. I have a return label so trying to decide if the earrings+bag+good cause are worth it.

  27. the nail polishes are so pretty and so is the bracelet. Thanks for having this giveaway 🙂

  28. The bangle is adorable…and the lipstick packaging is the cutest I think I have ever seen! Definitely use that tote bag as a home decor item..

    I am so happy with LLB, PSMH, Orange Glad, and Birchbox that I am not drawn to these expensive boxes. But I do enjoy reading your reviews of them…

  29. Ooo that lipstick is gorgeous!!!

  30. I was one of the first to criticize this box…it wasn’t until I read this post that I truly realized that 50% of the profits go to the CFDA Foundation to try to help influence up and coming designers. It’s a good cause to support, although they may have missed the mark on the box…

    • This is true, but what is 50% off the profits?

      • That’s a great question…I’d like to know the true profits that benefit the CFDA. Liz, do you think PS would release that information?

        • I have no idea – but I’m guessing no. Only because I imagine they would have mentioned it if they were planning to.

  31. I have never subscribed to Popsugar because of the price. Every item looks awesome to me. I would love to win this POPSUGAR MUSTVHAVE box. Thank you for the opportunity:)

    • You’re entering to win the bangle, not the box.

  32. Thanks for the giveaway!

  33. I returned my box unopened. I love the tote, but not worth keeping with the steep price tage of $195. I would of kept for sure at a $100 price tag. Oh well…I’m looking forward to MSA/Kloverbox and PSMH Summer LE 🙂

  34. I’m returning this. It’s an okay box, and I would have been content with it as a regular PopSugar box, or even a $100 box. For $195, though, it’s not worth it to me.

  35. I messed up on the entries.. I put my pinterest username as @ireviewstuff6. That’s my Twitter handle. My pinterest is shannonmcaswell. Oopsy.

  36. My box apparently has finally reached the post office and we’ll be delivered tomorrow, of course, the one day I don’t get home at all! I can Amway tell that I’m going to love the bag. I think that keeping the box will hinge upon the lipstick color. I’m tired of getting wonderful lipsticks in unwearable (for me) colors. My main objections to the box are inflated price and the simple fact that the advertising was totally misleading. The box doesn’t contain new and upcoming artists. These are old established fashion powerhouses. We purchased a box on the strength of what Popsugar led us to believe. And as everyone has said, this would be Ann amazing box, at $100 not $200. I’m subscribed to the Rachel Zoe box and if that one (and the PSMH Le box, yang I’m a sucker) don’t wow me, I think I’m going to join the ranks of the MSA stalkers, not the sub purchasing suckers! I really like the idea of being introduced to new cool products. If I want to buy last season’s clearance I’ll go to Century 21 or Off 5th where at least I can return my purchase mistakes!

  37. I did not purchase this box and although some of the items are nice I can understand why some were upset based on the cost of this box. The bag and lipstick are my favorites. Made me really appreciate the Luxor box. I have a feeling that the Klover MSA box will be the hit of the year and can hardly wait.

  38. Thanks as always for a great review Liz! Love the bangle & would love to win it! I agree with previous posters that the price is a bit steep- I’d pay $100 for this box.

  39. The Milly website is just and they don’t list any polish on their website. Only clothing.

  40. I think your pictures did the items better justice. You can tell the earrings are high quality, but let’s face it you can find solid 14k gold pyramid stud earrings for half the price (or less) online. The bag is also my favorite item, and the lipstick if gorgeous. That said, I’m no longer upset that I missed this box, but I do like most of the items.

  41. I want the bangle so bad ! Crossing my fingers !

  42. I love that bracelet and I love Marc Jacobs! I really hope I can win this. 🙂

  43. I did not order this box because it was a little too risky for me. I think my comfort level ends around $150.00. At that point it needs to be something I know I will like.

    I like the bag and the lipstick. I use reusable bags all the time and may outright purchase the bag if I can’t swap for it. Right now I have nothing to swap. I need to stop giving it all to my sister! I think the lipstick is beautiful.

    I don’t understand the curation based on all the comments in the previous thread. I do wonder what is 50% off the profits. It can’t be around $100.00 because there’s still labor and shipping cost even if everything is donated. Unless they wrote all of that off??? It doesn’t matter in the end. I’m curious because I tend to be more lenient on purchases that goes towards a cause.

  44. I think this is nice. I would have totally bought this for $100. Not $195 though.

  45. I am very excited for this box! Cannot wait for it to arrive at my door.

  46. I would love to have the bangle though lol.

  47. The tote and lipstick look delightful. This would have been a Great box at $100. Thank you Liz, I enjoyed the review more than I would this box. :0)

  48. Just FYI – Marc by Marc Jacobs was shut down recently and so no longer exists. That is not to say that it isn’t a quality item but not being the current season is an understatement!

    • All the Marc by Marc Jacobs items on Nordstrom are still full price though and most look new? This Bangle is definitely from last year though because a few people claimed to find it at Ross already. I happen to love it but I can absolutely see why anyone paying for this box would be upset!

      • Yep, even Net-a-Porter is still getting new Marc by Marc items in. Marc Jacobs is phasing out his diffusion line, but there are still plenty of full-price, current-season items on offer (though the bangle is obviously not one of them).

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