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Rachel Zoe Box of Style Summer 2016 Box Spoilers + Coupon!

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Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 3.04.38 PM

The hero item for the Summer 2016ย Box of Style has been revealed! Each box will include:

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 3.52.15 PM

Exclusive lariat necklace & ring combo by LA it-brand Luv AJ, valued at $190

UPDATE with more info from The Zoe Report:

Summer is undoubtedly our favorite time of year, full of sun, sand and chic vacays galore. We’re helping you jumpstart your warm-weather style with the reveal of our next Box of Style hero item: An exclusive jewelry set from LA It brand Luv AJ.

This perfect pairโ€”valued at $190โ€”includes an eye-catching lariat necklace with delicate pave Swarovski crystals and adjustable open crescent ring, which look incredibly chic worn together or alone.

What do you think of the spoilers?

If you havenโ€™t signed up yet, use this link to save $10 off your first box! What do you think of the spoiler?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Ugh, starting to regret the yearly sub. Hopeful that the rest of the box is nice!!

  2. The discount doesn’t seem to work anymore… probably just as well – I should resist the temptation!

  3. Going to cancel if they keep this as the hero item and going to try Luxor. They actually listened to their customers, and that alone is worth going with them. C’mon Rachel, listen to your customers and make this box right. Almost $200 for costume jewelry with is a huge portion of the box value? No, just no.

  4. Would love some Rachel jewerly or any jewerly not exclusive but the real stuff!

  5. I was sad to cancel because this is one of my favorite boxes but I know I’ll never wear the necklace. I hope to be back for Fall. My favorite season!

  6. That’s the great thing about having so many different types of sub boxes and the swaps. We all have different tastes. I have nothing like the necklace or the ring in my “fun jewelry”! Until recently, I was like the nice lady who stated that she only wears here wedding rings and another similar type ring. I, too, am a 34D. Size 4-6 … I used to never wear anything but my real jewelry.
    I have found it very liberating to break free from the mold of my “classic” look and go “glam, trendy, boho, and what ever else I felt like exploring! & it’s not being trampy. My husband loves it!
    I haven’t felt free like this in years!
    I look forward to this box to have fun!!!

  7. I cancelled. I already have a couple of lariat necklaces, and this doesn’t look like a $190 set. Really dislike the ring. And the rest of the box will be just over $100 in value if it’s going to be about $300… No thank you. Hopefully the fall box will be better.

    • I cancelled too. I’m happy for the people who like this item, but it’s not my style at all, so I will sign up again for the fall if I like the hero items. Funny, they asked about a two-year sub in their recent survey, and I said yes, but now I am much less sure.

  8. I cancelled. I will never wear this necklace…maybe the ring, but it is just too much of the full value for me. I am going to save my $100 and apply it toward the Popsugar summer LE box.

    • Me too!

  9. I would have preferred to see a piece of her jewelry in the box since some pieces are around the same price point. I do like the ring though and hope the rest of the box impresses.

    • I agree! I wish she would take a page out of Luxor Box’s customer service and change the hero item since the majority seem to dislike it. I’m sad to cancel, but that brand is just not worth it. I would definitely stick around if she changed it to one of her pieces of jewelry though!

  10. Cancelled. Not my style but looking forward to what fall brings!

    • I agree. Too bad they don’t pull this hero item!

      • Second that. Really hope BOS can do the same as Luxor… So very regret to sign up for annual subscription… Can’t cancel like the rest of you did… Sigh…

        • Maybe if people email them they will change it

  11. I am an annual subscriber and I’m a bit bummed about this spoiler.

    I just think this style of necklace only really works with a low cut neckline, which I never wear for various reasons. I got that kitsch necklace from Popsugar last year and just couldn’t make it work with anything in my closet, despite liking the delicate style.

    Oh well, I like the box overall and maybe Rachel will have some styling suggestions for those of us who don’t wear tops like the one pictured!

      • I agree with you. It will work with other necklines, not just low cut.

        • I like the look, but the BOS piece looks like it’s going to hit closer to the cleavage area and I’m not sure it would lay that flat on me.

          I do like the style, but it’s one of those things that my body doesn’t work with (like bikinis…lol).

      • Perfect-just in time for summer. Get the turtlenecks out

      • I think you are right. I would never wear a low cut top like the one in the spoiler, but I have worn a similar style necklace with a long mock turtle neck shirt-dress and received many compliments.

  12. Cancelled but remain totally open to coming back for fall. So grateful they reveal the hero item so we have the option of passing each season! A cute patterned home item by Lilly or Marimekko would have been something fun and colorful for summer.

  13. Sadly, cancelled. The Hero item was underwhelming, also don’t like the brand. BOS is my favorite upscale subscription, but the value of the Hero item is so big against the total value that there is little room to justify the $100 cost. I have always looked forward to this box, and wish I didn’t have to wait for Fall. It’s too bad.

  14. I love this hero item. BOS is my favorite box. People have to keep an open mind. Some things don’t seem that great in the pic, but when you actually get them in hand , they turn out to be better than expected. This is so my style, so maybe that’s why I feel differently than most of the people who commented. Keeping fingers crossed about this box.

  15. I like the style of this jewelry set but don’t like the brand. If it was from some other better designer (like Alexis Bittar), I bet we all would’ve been excited. I am so over the inflated prices of this costume jewlery and wish that one day we will get some cute silver jewelry from tiffany (which is by the way almost the same price range).

    • totally completely 100% agree. She would blow everyone away with a tiffany silver piece (yes, same pricing) or a sterling silver verses the junky fake costume over inflated pricing.

    • OMG I love the idea of a small Tiffany’s piece!

      • I TOTALLY agree that a tiffany piece would be amazing!! I think it probably won’t happen though, only because the “price” they quote us at is not what they pay for it. So since the hero item is usually “exclusive” it means two things: 1) other people won’t have it (yay) but 2) that the value is inflated because the designer and the curator struck a deal for wholesaling it essentially. This is my general issue with the hero item always being “exclusive:” it drives up cost. This is how they afford to put such “high cost” items in the box, after all. So, I doubt Tiffany’s would strike a deal with them, but who knows ๐Ÿ™‚

        I think the necklace could be really cool, I don’t love the ring though. But I have learned my lesson enough times that I should wait til I have it in person to decide ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Tiffany is not Rachel Zoe’s style. The point of the box is to get something Rachel Zoe would choose for you, not something you would choose for yourself. I don’t understand why so many people post in these comments that they wish their boxes would send out Tiffany jewelry. If that’s really what you want, then maybe it would make more sense to stop subscribing to boxes where you don’t know what you’re getting, and save that money to buy yourself a Tiffany piece of your own choice.

      • I couldn’t agree with you any more. I can’t believe how many people are hating this spoiler. I love it! People keep mentioning Tiffany’s, to be honest with you I would rather have this than tiffanys. I have a few Tiffany pieces and I think it’s nothing special. I think Tiffanys is over priced. This is definately something you would see Rachel Zoe wearing and I love her style.

  16. I’m a 32dd but I’m still excited for this! Rachel Zoe always has great things I wouldn’t buy for myself but once I receive it, I realize I really do like it. That’s the fun of subscription boxes!

  17. I guess I’m in the minority since I wear long necklaces like this one all the time with no problems and I’m a 36 DDD. It’s good that people know the hero item in advance so they can cancel especially in light of the price. For me, unless I know something can’t fit me (no issue yet but if she ever sends pants it would be since I’m a 5’11” size 6 with a minimum 34-36″ inseam). I try to reserve judgment until I get the box in my hands because I sub specifically to experiment with pieces I wouldn’t have picked myself. I’m willing to assume that risk for that reason but can definitely see that as a gamble not everyone wants to take at this price point. So far I’ve loved every jewelry item since the first box. I still wear the first bracelet at least twice a week. Ditto for the ring, the latest bracelet, ear crawlers and watch. So I’m excited to get more new pieces!

  18. I think I am going to cancel. Not impressed with the jewelry. I guess I was expecting something different for summer.

  19. Maybe I’m the minority but I like the necklace and ring. Both pieces are different than any thing else I own and I look forward to incorporating these pieces into my summer wardrobe.

  20. So I am a 34DDD and this will not work at all. Out of all the hero items this is by far my least least favorite. With that I will have to cancel because this is such a high value item. (For some cheap material too.) I hate when they add costume jewelry in these boxes. Not many people would pay $200 for something that is not even real silver….I was hoping these would get better with the hero item the more known the box has become bit seems to be the exact opposite.

  21. Nice!

  22. Thank goodness for spoilers!! I’ve been considering signing up for this one but this is not the time. The necklace and ring are not my style and I think would be a little too much bling for my cleavage, even though I’m not as buxom as the rest of the group seems to be. I’m also not a fan of expensive costume jewelry in boxes, particularly for the hero item. Maybe the fall one will be a better fit.

  23. (Sigh) I so want to like this — but like a lot of others I’m a G cup, so the necklace just won’t work, and the only rings I wear are my engagement/wedding rings. Not sure if I should keep the box and try and swap the necklace and give the ring to my daughter (both daughters have their mom’s figure) or just cancel.

    • I wouldn’t bank on swapping any AJ jewelry. All you have to do is go to the swap site and search for the aj bracelet and you’ll see how popular it is lol.

    • Do you mind sharing with swimwear brand do you use…. Only brands I discovered are Becca and Natori and will love to know of others…. Tks!

      • Try swimsuitsforall dot com. They have lots of extended sizes. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • I’m plus size, and I’m over 50. So I wear skirted suits from either Woman Within or SimplyBe (both go down to a size 10 or 12 I think). Avoid Swimsuits for all — even when they say it’s for the “full busted” it only fits like a DD or so. I find the WW and SimplyBe work well for me, including in the bust — but like I say, I’m old and fat so my needs are probably different than most of the people here ๐Ÿ™‚ . I swim laps, and don’t care as much how I look as long as I’m decent. They both do have styles other than the skirted ones, so it might be worth a look.

      • Also, not swimwear, but for all big-busted women (as well as anyone else) check out It’s an online clothing shop, mostly dresses although they’ve recently added tops, pants and skirts. The beauty is that they custom make everything, i.e., you choose the style, send them your measurements, and they make it to fit. So if you don’t fit into a standard size, no problem! In addition to the standard bust-waist-hip, you can also send measurements for arms, inseam, and bust-to-waist/bust-to-hip so if your short/long-waisted, it’ll fit there, too! AND their prices are really reasonable. It’s one of my favorite sites, and probably half of my dresses come from there (not only am I busty and plus-size, but I have an hourglass figure and I’m short-waisted — its such a pleasure to find dresses that actually fit).

        • Thank you so much for posting! They have some really cute things. How much more is it for them to custom make it for your size?

          • It’s $9.95 for all customization. They can also change necklines and sleeves for an additional $9.95, and will often change the length for free. It really is a wonderful place to buy dresses. My younger daughter wears a 34DDD bra, and I always get her a dress or 2 for gifts; it’s the only way she can get clothes that fit her well. If you send me your e-mail to mimiretzkin_at_hotmail_dot_com (with the usual symbols replacing the at and dot) I can send you a referral link for $30 off a $70 purchase.

          • I’m not employed by them or anything; I just know how tough it is to buy clothes that fit when you have a large chest or any other non-standard body issues. I learned to sew when I was 12 because I could never find clothes that fit.

  24. Does anyone know how long we have to cancel until we’re charged? Seriously thinking about cancelling, but would like to see another spoiler first. TIA!

    • This is how you cancel:
      If you would like to cancel your seasonal subscription after receiving the first box, then make sure to do so before the 15th of the month prior to receiving your next box; otherwise you will continue to be billed for the following monthโ€™s box. There are no cancellation fees.

      In order to cancel your subscription, please contact us at [email protected]. Canceling your subscription before the 15th of the month indicated on your account will stop any further credit card charges.

  25. well I’m a 34 DD so this necklace with appear to be struggling for dear life. guess I’ll have to cancel. I love or enjoy her boxes and have purchased everyone. This is half the value so I am leaning towards cancelling answer swapping for items I want.

    • I cancelled. Thinking I’ll buy the Adidas A box this summer and pick up the BOS fall box again. I figured I’ll swap for other items if I want the badly.

  26. IMO, the boxes have been going downhill since the winter 2015 box…the hero items for the first three boxes were so special that I would willingly pay retail for them whereas the cocktail ring from winter and Shaffer bag from last month are not worth their suggested value. This jewelry pair seems to be following that trend as well ($190 value for cheap-looking ring and necklace??!).

    • I’d agree except the Alexis Bittar – that was a special ring. I get so many compliments on mine.

      • Completely agree! I was not impressed with the bag this past box and I was so excited about it. The ring however I was not anticipating and I wore it continually through out the holidays and it garnered compliments everywhere! So with that in mind I will with hold judgment until I receive it.

  27. I think I may cancel too. Still kind of bummed about the bag last month. And this necklace won’t work (unless I could adjust it somehow to wear it a LOT higher on my chest). I just don’t see myself ever wearing any clothing that would allow me to have something dangling between my breasts like that.

    I suppose we can sign back up for the next box (not like we get a lifetime ban or anything right)?

  28. Does anyone know what the material is? Most of the items on their site are 14k gold but it isn’t advertised for this piece. This is my least favorite hero item but I’m going to keep an open mind! I usually love every piece in the box of style.

  29. I’m considering cancelling. This is the most disappointing hero item yet. The ring reminds me of the Communist symbol a little. I’ve gotten three boxes from her. In each, I love the hero item, so even if the other items weren’t amazing, I was okay with it. But if I don’t like the hero item, what am I sticking around for? I’m not sure I have the courage to cancel….help me, people, help me!

    • I just cancelled. I have large breasts and this style of necklace does not work for me. I don’t want to fool with swapping. There will be a hundred on the swap site….First box that I’m passing on and it makes me sad. I love all of the other boxes and that RZ included a special gift for her original subscribers. I also appreciate that she recognizes her current subscribers, unlike any other box.

    • It reminded me of the Communist symbol, too!

      • I thought the ring looked like one half of a pair of scissors

      • Oh good, it’s not just in my head! Thanks for the validation, Erin ๐Ÿ™‚ I haven’t cancelled yet because I figure I have some time (until May 15th?) and maybe they’ll release another spoiler. Seems like the cancellations are coming in fast and furious so they better….

  30. Eh…kind of cute, but I’d probably never wear it. Also, I’m tired of receiving so much gold-toned jewelry in sub boxes. Another pass for me.

  31. Ugh… Mixed feeling… The ring looks pretty nice but the necklace… And this is the hero item… Maybe I shouldn’t commit an annual sub that fast, cuz now I’ll just have to suck it up ๐Ÿ™ good thing I’m off the swap waiting list, thank you Liz! Hope the rest of the box will be more exciting. At least it’s still better than the valentine Luxor box imo, which I really need to put it up for swap ASAP lol

  32. I really like that ring, but I wear size 9 and it would never fit me nicely.

    • Yeah, double issues for me…big boobs and man hands….sad to cancel, but it’s done.

  33. Not sure how I feel about this hero item. I’m a little bummed. I was hoping/expecting something really exciting. The ring reminds me of that symbol that Prince was going by for awhile…. I’ve never owned or thought of buying a necklace resembling this style. I’m a mom and I don’t go anywhere that I could wear this. Brunch?? Idk. I do think it’ll look good on though. Hoping these are all given in gold.

  34. THIS is the HERO ITEM???? UGH! I guess unless the rest of the BOS is EXTRAORDINARY I will be cancelling. I am VERY DISAPPOINTED! This does not look expensive it looks cheap.

  35. Boo. I have been really wanting to sub to this box for awhile, i now have some extra money so i was planning on getting the summer box, but this hero item wont work for me. As a super busty girl, these type of necklaces look aweful ! They end up either wedged between my boobs, looking like an arrow pointing south, or they end up looking like an upside-down question mark when worn over a shirt, neither way looks good:(

  36. Hmm. I kind of like this one and it says the ring is adjustable. On the other hand, I’m moving and have too much stuff as it is… I suppose I could justify it having not bought the PS Resort box… ordering something summery sounds nice on a cold snowy day.

  37. I did not like that awful Luv AJ bracelet in the popsugar box, so that makes this box easy to cancel…worst hero item so far

    • yeah, that brand really produced something not my style for PopSugar Dec. :/ I wish I wasn’t locked into an annual now.

  38. At first glance, I wasn’t wowed. But, I do wear this type of necklace in summer and I’ve been leaning more towards delicate jewelry over statement. This is the least exciting ‘hero’ item from her. I wear all the others on a regular basis and always get compliments…so I must trust Ms. Zoe that I’ll love this too.

  39. I got sooo excited when I saw the spoiler in my email. I’m crazy for lariat necklaces and this will be so perfect for the summer, especially when paired with the ring. Can’t wait for the box!

  40. I’m out for summer. Just not my style and it is too much of the value of the box not to like the hero item.

  41. Is this the hero item?

  42. Kinda of a bummer for me, who wears a DDD or G in my bra size…..and those poor little necklaces don’t stand a chance in there, lol! Oh well, I have a 22 year old daughter who is petite and goes to tons of music festivals. She will love them ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Lol @ Paula! Big boobs here too and those necklaces definitely get lost ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Yep!! Same here. This is really pretty but no way it will work on me. I think I’ll be canceling for summer and swapping for anything else I want from the box (she always has amazing beauty products).

        • Amy, that’s my plan too ๐Ÿ™‚ #greatminds

  43. Wish she would have silver tones sometimes, yellow gold hasn’t been my thing ever

    • Would have loved sterling silver.

  44. I love that ring! I just hope it fits my stupid man-hands.

    The necklace is also nice (and on trend, of course), but previous experience tells me that lariat necklaces don’t often work well on me.

    Hmmmm… What to do, what to do…

    • Funny. I HATE the ring. Necklace is ok, but I hope there’s something better than just the jewelry.

  45. I think this looks great and very on trend! I can’t wait.

  46. Aren’t these the guys that made that unwearable PSMH bracelet?
    I’m not sold. At least not yet.

    • oh my goodness. would never had known. yes, that ombre one from Dec.

    • Lol… yup. Ha ha now I’m curious about the rest of their EXPENSIVE / OVER PRICED designs

      • The ombre bracelet is still available on their site! LoL

  47. Awesome, I’m sold!

    • Me too! Totally my style! ๐Ÿ™‚

  48. This is a bit out there for me as well but hey that’s what this box is about so I can’t wait to get it.

  49. I THINK I like this… can anyone tell if the chain is actually metal or if it’s beads?

  50. I’m on the fence as I don’t typically wear necklaces like this (or tops that would look good with this kind of necklace).

    • I was thinking this is good for swimwear….

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