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POPSUGAR Must Have Box April 2016 Review + $5 Coupon


POPSUGAR Must Have is a monthly lifestyle subscription box for women. Each month they send a mix of items from categories like beauty, fashion, food, fitness, home, etc.

FYI – If you sign up now, your first box will be the April box.

This box was sent to us for review purposes. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).


The Subscription Box: POPSUGAR Must Have

The Cost: 39.95 a month

COUPON: Use code MSA20 to get $20 off your first box!

The Products: “Must Have” items for women selected by POPSUGAR editors. (Fitness, Home, Beauty, Food, and more)

Ships to: US via USPS

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Each box comes with a fold out card detailing the items included.


Cravings: Recipes For All the Food You Want to Eat by Chrissy Teigen – Retail Value $29.99

I was so excited when this book was announced as a spoiler for this box because I was planning on buying it. It’s full of delicious looking recipes:


Plenty of pictures of Chrissy feeding John:


Noodles and Carbs:


Party food, etc:


The food pictures in this book are great – exactly what you would expect if you follow Chrissy’s love of food on Instagram!


Field Poppy Conservatories Hand Creme by Royal Apothic – Value $24

The packaging on this hand cream is amazing! Linen-wrapped with gold foil embossed detail:



And, of course, the actual hand cream lotion is beautiful, too!

FYI – there is a tool in the box for getting every ounce of the lotion out of the tube:



This hand cream absorbs quickly and has a floral fragrance – I think it is great for spring.


Noon Design Shop Lemons Flour Sack Tea Towel – Value $18

I think this is the “fresh” themed item for the box this month? Here it is in full:


This is handmade in the US with 100% cotton, and is designed to get better with every wash!


Farmacy Sleep Tight Firming Night Balm – Value $48

I think this is my favorite item in the box! It’s all natural and smells so good! And the packaging is amazing too:



Here is the balm:


The scent is really light and natural and the balm feels great. I can’t wait to wear it tonight!


Canvas Home Tinware Salt & Pepper Shakers – Value $12

These have a vintage enamelware look to them:


And they came in their own box, too:


This style doesn’t fit with my kitchen, but I think this set will make a good gift!


Next by Nature Dark Chocolate Espresso Beans – Value $4

These dark-chocolate espresso beans are my husband’s new favorite treat! (He always loves POPSUGAR food items, so I’m not surprised.) Here is a look at the beans in the window in the back of the package:


He said he normally doesn’t like dark chocolate, but these were perfect!


Bloom That – $20 Gift Card

This card expires 6/30/16 and has no minimum purchase requirements. For my zip code, prices started at $48 plus shipping, so this card won’t equal free flowers, but it is a significant discount – especially if you are already planning to buy flowers for Mother’s Day!

Verdict: This box has a retail value of about $136 – less if you use Amazon pricing for the book. (And that’s not counting the Bloom That gift card). At first I wasn’t sure what I thought of the box because I was expecting a big ticket item, but after going through all the items I decided that this is a great cooking/kitchen box, and I think it would make a great Mother’s Day gift, too.

What do you think of the April 2016 POPSUGAR Must Have box? What item are you most excited for?

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your first box27% off


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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (146)

  1. I didn’t think very much of the cookbook when I got the spoiler but since I got my hands on it- I’m in love! I’ve made two recipes last week and they were amazing and so many more I can’t wait to try. Love my Popsugar!!

  2. I LOVE this box. Love the cookbook – colorful, fun, full of personality and wonderful sounding recipes. I adore the Farmacy face balm. Love the hand lotion – pretty packaging and I like the fragrance. Adore the tea towel – so cute and useful. Giving the S/P shakers and the chocolate espresso beans as a gift. Very happy with this sub as usual. PS does such a good job!

  3. So funny the comments here! You can really see how different all our tastes are and how any box could be a hit or miss! Thank goodness for the swap board! I loved everything in this box! Now I’m actively looking for more night balm and the hand cream!

  4. This has actually been my least favorite Popsugar box (I’ve subbed since 6/15). Everything for me Is just sort of “eh I guess I can use/gift this”. Nothing I’m thrilled to have. My mom called me to ask if my salt and pepper shakers were chipped too lol.

    • I agree, I didn’t like this box at all. I got my box Saturday, never got a shipping notice and it was scheduled for Monday. I think I dislike it even more in person. I gave the tea towel to my mom, might give her the hand cream too, I don’t like how you can’t smell it without opening it all the way. The cookbook is more disappointing for me in person, I like to bake and there’s like no baking, no desserts. The salt and pepper shakers I didn’t even open, they’re very generic and not my style. I don’t like espresso beans, so I’m already gifting those and not sure I’ll even use the night balm, I don’t like the scent. I agree with someone else saying it feels like there’s something missing.

  5. I’m furious. My APRIL box isn’t due to show up to me until MAY 2nd. WTH?!?! Totally unacceptable. Two years & MANY LE boxes with these people. How did I get shoved to the end of the list? Sigh.

  6. If anyone wants an extra face balm, I’d be willing to trade mine for the hand lotion and tea towel. I’d also consider trading for the hand lotion and some other small item.

  7. I loved this box. With the exception of the flower gift card I love everything about this box. Fresh, new and useful items. Great job Pop Sugar!

  8. Mine arrived today, a day early to my surprise! For once tracking went smoothly and I actually got the shipment email. Even though I was bummed when I saw the spoilers, the unboxing for me was pleasant and I really enjoy the items. Now I’m having a little bit of regret cancelling a couple days ago! Oh well. Hopefully they release a spoiler soon that will get me back in.

    • I did forget to mention the giftcard was missing but I’m not even going to go through the hassle of contacting CS, especially with the review comments about them.

  9. I just received my box and am pretty thrilled with it as usual. No surprises as I can’t resist looking at spoilers!
    The teatowel looks yellow on the screen and the included card, but mine’s decidedly orange. Anyone else get an orange teatowel?

    • Am I the only one who didn’t get their box. I have a tracking number, but it says label created for days now. This is the first time I’m getting my box so late. It says I it’s been at fed ex since the 14th and still only a shipping label created.

      • I got mine 2 days ago but never did get a tracking number. It’s still showing processing. ?

      • I’ve been looking at my account and it said processing for the longest time and then finally earlier this week it said a tracking #, but then it just says shipping label created since the 14th. In the past I would receive my tracking info after a week I received my box. Go figure.

      • I never got past “pending” and emailed CS and was told it was lost in the mail. So sad!! Has anyone else had this issue before? They said they might be able to put a new box together for me or I could get a credit. Nope! April was my birthday month and I was so looking forward to this as a gift. Total letdown.

      • Mine has been the same. No notification of shipping, but when I looked on PS site it showed it finally left there today and through tracking I should receive it by the 28th. Well, that still makes it an April box, but just barely!

    • Yep, mine is decidedly orange.

  10. I was so excited because I got a SIGNED copy of the cookbook in my box! Woo hoo! Love it!

    • That is awesome!! 🙂

  11. Okay so I got my box just now & it was empty. Completely & totally empty. Marked with a whole bunch of red stamps that say “received without contents” & “received unsealed”. I cannot begin to express how dissapointed & bummed out I am. I was looking forward to this box this whole month 🙁 the box itself was ripped open on the side & held together with 2 pieces of tape (empty) so it’s obvious that during transit it broke open somehow. Maybe it fell off the conveyor belt or something idk. Anyway I reached out to Pop Sugar via email (no contact number apparently) & took a few pictures of the box asking them to replace it. I haven’t heard good things about their customer service but I really hope they are able to replace it. This is such a dissapointment 🙁 Hope everyone enjoys their boxes though.

    • Please keep up updated as to the replacement status. If they won’t replace it I could share something from my box you like. ? Good Luck!

      • That’s awful nice of you Jaclin & I appreciate the kind gesture very much :-). Thankfully pop sugar said they would send out a replacement box 🙂 idk when I’ll get it but I’m just happy that they at least said they would replace it… I will say that I reached out through email & got no response & then I reached out through their Facebook page & the response was immediate. Just a suggestion if other people need to reach out also. Seems like they respond faster through Facebook

      • Glad to hear that they are going to replace it for you. Hopefully it won’t take to long to get it! PSMH needs to step their game up!

    • OMG!! I can’t believe the entire box was empty. Huge letdown. I have had two past PS boxes with missing items and they have promptly sent out the replacements, no questions asked. I hope that’s your experience.

  12. Finally got tracking info….it has indeed shipped out, but won’t be delivered until the 28th!!!! Ugh! (Oh well…)

  13. I checked my PS account this morning, and finally saw a tracking#. According to FedEx, the label was created since 4/14, but it still hasn’t been shipped yet. I’m so sad… hope it’ll at least go out today, since they did promise it’ll ship by the 20th.

    • Me too – I checked and finally there’s a tracking # – but it just says “label created” on April 15th… and as of today, April 21st – still no movement.

  14. Love love love the face balm!! I never notice a change from using a product only one time, but I did with this! Hooray! Also love the towel and shakers. I wanted to love the lotion, but it was a bit too strongly scented for me.

  15. Did anyone here receive one of the signed copies of the book?

  16. Loved this box, particularly compared to last month. My only “Why!?” is the salt/pepper shaker set. First, everyone I know uses pepper grinders (and sometimes salt grinders) so even as a gift item it’s a little useless. Second, they have artificial “wear” that is supposed to give them character but makes them seem chintzy.

    The cookbook looks good enough to give a whirl although the flower coupon code is a bit useless unless you were already planning on spending at least $20. (The lowest priced bouquet for my zip code was $30 + S&H.) I haven’t decided if I’ll give it a try yet. This isn’t nearly as useful as last month’s coupon code for a free box from Lola.

    The hand cream, tea towel, balm, and chocolate covered espresso beans are fabulous and make the box.

  17. For me, this box is why I subscribe to Pop Sugar. I think it’s perfect. There is something cute for the home, something beauty related, something yummy to snack on and then usually some “bonus” item that I maybe probably wouldn’t have purchased otherwise. In this case for me, the cookbook. So happy to have it now as part of the box!

  18. I’m not a big fan of this box. I don’t use oils on my face because they break me out, so I can’t use the firming balm. I have more hand creams from sub boxes than I know what to do with, and I don’t like Chrissy Teigen.

    The only thing I’ll use is the salt & pepper shakers set. February was great and last month was pretty good, so I hope May is better for me.

  19. Opened my April box today and discovered that I was sent TWO pepper shakers, instead of a salt and pepper shaker. Totally lame!!

    • do you have high blood pressure? maybe they are trying to show they care.
      I’m kidding, you’re right. that blows.

  20. mine is still processing…..

  21. I never look at this until after I get it, so I’m always so much later on the comments. I LOVE this box!! Meh about the book, but even if I don’t really care for the author I can enjoy the recipes and be just fine about it. Because it’s so pretty I’m tempted to gift out the lotion. Those salt and pepper shakers are just so cute. I’m happy to have them and the tea towel looks like stuff I grew up with.
    This box was much better than last month’s with the watch and the weird necklace.

    • haha, weird necklace. You’re right, that thing was hideous.

  22. Ok so I must’ve gotten a fluke for hand cream because mine smells exactly like a heavy man’s cologne??? Was looking forward to that item too! Oh well. The rest of the box is ok but I’m not a kitchen type person. It’s ok I’m sure next month will be back to “normal”? ?

    • is it labeled as “poppy”? that’s sounds pretty floral. I’m on the fence about Mother’s Day gift so I’m leaving mine in the box until I decide.

    • Omg, I thought the exact same thing! That hand cream smells identical to a men’s cologne I’ve actually purchased for a guy before (can’t remember the name of it). It doesn’t smell floral at all. I even had my boyfriend smell it after I used some and he agreed that it smells like cologne.

    • So does mine! Definitely not a floral scent. Not terrible, but not very feminine.

  23. I’ll use everything except the flower gift card and the espresso beans, love the theme this month, excited about the Farmacy item, and the rest is just the right amount of Spring whimsical combined for me.

  24. As usual I love this box. I think it’s fantastic to get another Farmacy product. The Popsugar mini came with the Lip Bloom which is AWESOME. I cannot wait to try the other Farmacy product. I’m not a big fan of getting books – said the Reading Teacher. LOL, but everything else is awesome.

  25. I guess since I sort of like 4 out of 7 items this box could be considered a win for me. But I feel disappointed. The towel, shakers and flower gc are already up for swap. The cream is beautifully packaged and the tool is great, but the scent is pretty strong. I am excited to try the night balm. Hubby likes the espresso beans. Hoping to find some good recipes in the book.

  26. First box I have received before looking at the spoiler! Unfortunately, mine has the night balm and shakers missing! I have an email in to them, hoping they still have some of the night balm on hand as I was really excited to see it in the booklet!

    • Oh no, I hope they’re able to get them to you!

  27. This looks like an amazing box. Perfect fit for me. Popsugar has been on a total roll for me this year. I signed up with the Friends and Family deal and am so glad I did!

  28. ECSTATIC over this box! I love great quality, useful items. We recently purchased a lake cabin. The salt and pepper shakers and tea towel are perfect for there! Can’t wait to use the balm and the beautifully packaged hand cream. Great box and theme!

  29. I’m so underwhelmed by popsugar lately. Crappy service, empty promises, shipping issues.. The only thing keeping me from cancelling is the damn FOMO! I have so much clutter and a box full of brand new items I wouldn’t even gift. One year for my birthday my boyfriend went with me to TJ Maxx and gave me a $60 limit (we were on a really tight budget at the time) and I got SO much stuff. Just random things I couldn’t usually justify buying for myself like home decor, kitchen stuff, a new yoga mat, some notebooks, even a dress! $60. I think I’d be better off cancelling both the regular popsugar and the mini and letting myself go on a monthly shopping spree and buying *crap* I actually want. The surprise factor’s already gone anyways as I can’t stay away from Instagram and this site!!

    • Exactly what you said Glad I’m not alone. I hv the exact same thoughts Especially since I can now shop online with TJMAXX website.

  30. This box is meh for me. Not a fan of cookbooks, wish we could choose something else. The boxes have been going downhill since the February one.

  31. My kitchen is cobalt blue, white and lemon themed, so this box is perfect for me! I also love cookbooks. I’ve used barely anything in the last two boxes, so this will be a nice change. This box feels like they’re trying to make up! I still plan to cancel when my six months are up- far too many items I don’t use, and are flooding the swap site so I can’t even swap them.

  32. I love this box. You know, PS can’t please everyone every single month. And you can’t expect them to. You sign up to a sub box (with suprises) for the fun and excitement, not because you expect it to be perfect always. If you want specific items, sub boxes aren’t for you. There have been months that I wasn’t 100% happy, but I keep subbing anyway since pretty much day 1 (except for some breaks for financial issues), because its fun. Everyone has different tastes, wants, needs. It’s be a miracle If they made everyone were happy always. Diversity is good, and I think PS always does the best they can.

    • Thank you Jessica, agreed 100%!!

    • True but you sound like a rep from the company. (No offense) I know it’s a gamble however for some of us 40 dollar boxes better deliver. I subscribe to a lot of boxes and roll with the punches. I just think higher priced boxes especially popsugar can do a lot better. 10 dollars 15 I can let it slide. But I expect popsugar to set the standard based on the website and just the name recognition. Overhyped but the hv a chance to mk other boxes step their game up too. I don’t think my expectations are unrealistic.

      • LOL nope, not a rep. I was trying to advocate something I really really love. I was just thinking that if a PS rep did read these threads, they would think that this thread spoke for everyone, so it would be important to share a different perspective. I’m just a medical student who just needs some stress-relieving monthly pick-me-ups. Considering I had many errors in my post (cause I was typing from my horrible phone), it would be quite an embarrassment if I were a REP. What I was trying to say is really that there are some that think like you do, that they can do better. But, then again, there are some people who coincide with my thoughts. Many people think they are the best in the game. I spend $40 on such stupid stuff on a daily basis, that to ME, these boxes are ALWAYS a win and add so much sunshine in my very stressful life. Like I said, they wont please everyone, that would seriously be a miracle. Everyone has different standards. The website clearly states: “Discover happiness with a box filled with full-sized surprises valued at over $100 for only $39.95 per month, shipping included.” So, we are receiving what they promise. I know its also a silly matter, but I always take into account that had I chose to purchase each of these items individually, I would’ve paid extra for tax+shipping.

      • Jessica, I’m with you on this! I don’t know why people complain SO much about the monthly PS boxes!! They provide us with what they promis & more!

        Heck, this month we’re getting a CURRENT NY Times #1 best seller cookbook. Woo hoo! Fun, fun, fun!

      • Exactly! I think many forget that subscription boxes were created for trying stuff out.

      • Thank you, Jessica. You perfectly articulated what I think every month when I read the overwhelmingly negative comments about PS boxes. What I don’t understand is why people who are perpetually displeased don’t just cancel. We all choose to vote with our dollars and if something isn’t meeting your expectations, don’t buy it anymore. For example, I was ultimately disappointed by last year’s CFDA box, so I’m not buying this year. It might end up being filled with diamonds and puppies, but that will be my loss.

      • I was relieved to not like that coverup spoiler with the CFDA box…phew, I can resist it now. I really can’t afford it right now. the Resort box was a big spulge for me. I was happy with it because I didn’t spend more than I was willing to be ok with what I got. that’s how you have to go into these.

      • I made the same point, agree completely with hers, and I can promise you I have zero affiliation with PSMH. I think it all has to do with what expectations. if you want to be in control & get what you want, hit the TJMAXX or Ross or Target. I love doing that too, but I also like the feeling of a surprise box of gifts that I treat myself to each month so that I try stuff I possibly would never had tried. I never add up the retail value or care because it isn’t what it’s really about to me. I know the prices given are overinflated anyway (can’t claim I’m a rep pointing out how much value you get). I try every product or give it away rather than seeing things as some bargaining chips for swaps. Seems some people buy everything purely & soley for swapping, and I really don’t understand that. a swap here & there I get. They are ones highly focused on prices, but they are really spending more money than they would if they only bought individual things they want. I guess it’s more like a gambling game thrill. to each their own. I shouldn’t criticize their way either. if this isn’t for you, save your money to spend on something that is. of find a box that suits your tastes better–either one more youthful or one more mature perhaps. this one does attempt to be trendy with quality from my experience so far.

    • I think it’s easy to be frustrated, but I agree, if overall you’re feeling meh about box after box then you should probably put your money elsewhere. For me if it’s only 1 or 2 items every other box it’s sort of pointless to get the box. I subbed PSMH for a 6 month deal. Not every month has been “my month” but I have sincerely loved some items out of nearly all months. If the overwhelming amount is stuff you don’t love, save the money and just buy the one or two items that you do.
      But I also think this is a good avenue to vent about getting repeatedly weird or nonsensical items. I mean who else in your life really gets your frustration about getting a box that doesn’t suit at all.
      But I’m glad there are an equal smattering of positives and negatives posted from people. Like you said, not everyone can be pleased.

    • my exact point too!

    • Yes! I completely agree. I think there are times when a sub box company has a real oops moment — but most of the time these boxes are really are fine it is just that we are all a little jaded from already having so many boxes!

  33. I love, love this box! The only thing that bugs me is when subs include gift cards that require you to spend money to use them. Oh well.

  34. This will be my first box and I’m excited. I was so happy to miss the march box (wasn’t impressed at all). The feb box made me want to try out popsugar. My husband got me the 3 month sub for my bday. I will decide if I want to continue after.I love cookbooks and trying new recipes. Face items and hand creams are always a plus!

  35. I emailed Bloom That about the gift cards and asked:

    1. Are the cards each going to have a different code on them, or will the code be generic?
    2. If I get two boxes from Popsugar, will I be able to use both cards on one order, or will it be one card per order?

    They got back to me really quickly and answered:

    1. Each code is unique to you, so only you’ll be able to use your code.
    2. You’ll only be able to apply one code to one order. Our system can’t accept more than one code.

    • If you sign up for the emails you get a discount don’t know if you can combine it with the gift card

      • I like the way you think…if you find out more let us know. I’ll do the same;-)

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