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Play! By Sephora May 2016 Subscription Box FULL SPOILERS!

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Play! By Sephora October 2015 Subscription Box Reveal

We have a sneak peek for the May 2016 “Forces of Nature” Play! By Sephora subscription box! (thanks, Adele, for the head’s up!) Each box will include:

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 7.21.31 PM Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 6.53.46 PM


What do you think of the May 2016 Play! By Sephora box? I’m loving these brands! And the tarte lip crayon looks like a great sized sample – maybe full-sized!

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. This looks good for my first box! I hope I get the Origins Maskimizer as I already have the other two though.

    • You get all 3 masks!

  2. Wow this is an amazing site ! In love with reading reviews of boxes I didn’t even know existed! What a treat . Well I loved my Sephora April box and was beyond surprised to find the May Contents . I was about to cancel and VOILA ! I just couldn’t . Thank you for all the hard work . You rock . ❤️

    • 100 percent agree, word for word. I just joined yesterday and am addicted to this addiction site, lol!!

  3. I love the box. April was my first one and actually , my first subscription, too. I never signed up on the waitlist, and I had received an email from Sephora asking if I wanted to sign up for the box. Of course I did, it was cheap enough and I do love Sephora. Now I’m reading about all these folks that were on waitlists for so long and I feel badly that I received an email asking me to sign on for a box, but I’m glad so many did get in in April.
    One of the best parts is the extra 50 points, but you do have to purchase something to receive them. Just watch what they’re doubling or tripling points on that month and try to buy that and you’ll get triple points plus the 50! That’s insane to me!
    I think the products inside are all great little samples and some are quite large. I didn’t like the NARS lip crayon in Rikugien since I’d already received it for my birthday gift. It’s nice, but why duplicate? I’d rather they go the skincare route than make-up, but who knows? I love a perfume sample too. And the cute little boxes are sturdy and re-usable, I hope they keep them. I don’t need a little make-up bag or some sort of bag at all!
    I’d like to sign up for another box in the same price range that offers similar products aiming towards skincare. Any suggestions?

    • I would suggest Birchbox which is also $10, but they’re ignoring everyone’s beauty profiles (oily skin products sent to dry skin girls, etc). Ipsy does a pretty good job on sending out face masks and they’re $10 too. In fact, this month they’re featuring more GlamGlow products. Ipsy does come with the little bag though, but you could give it away!

    • Allure is my favorite subscription box, love the sizes and products of every box. I’ve been with Ipsy and Birchbox for several months but not impressed with theirs, kinda repetitive/similar items that don’t go by my profile and most months I have no use for anything in my box, so I’m cancelling those 2 subs and keeping Allure ❤️

    • Allure has an awesome box too! I just love it every month!

    • Birchbox!

    • Beautufix by Dermstore costs a little bit more, but ALWAYS has great skin care. It is a bit more BUT SO WORTH it to me. When I first started subbinh, all I wanted to spend was as little as possible, Maybe one $10 subscription bit hasn’t worked out that way. I totally addicted. Especially dermstore beautufix. Seriously, read the review on this site from this month’s box. A full size Dr. Babor cellular crwam, a little bottle of hyaluronic acid serum and so much more

      Some samples usually are pretty small and my 1st box left me feeling disappointed and I cancelled. Then I realized out of all my subscriptions, the skin care products I reached for most were the ones from beautyfix and they lasted at least that whole month, so as small as some may be, I always have GREAT skin care products that last me box to box.

      I’d suggest watching the reviews a few months and just see what kinds of stuff is sent. We get about 6-9 products, mixed from samples, to deluxe samples to full size. Ot is $24.95 though

  4. I’m so excited. the lip colors are perfect for me and I have been dying to try all the masks listed. I don’t like perfume but this one doesn’t sound like a floral mess so it might just be an ok item. I’m not good with the hair mask. I got the hair mask in my Ipsy last month and my hair is thin and stringy so this is the only item I’m not happy with so this is a pretty good score. I’m loving the Sephora box already!

  5. I’m asking in case anyone has asked and gotten an answer, saving me a CS call or e-mail. Is the Play! Pass usable at Sephora counters in JCPenney or only in Sephora stores?

    For the longest time I thought we didn’t have a Sephora store, but it turns out we do – it’s just rather inconvenient. The one in the JCPenney is not far from my office.

    • From what I’ve gathered , yes.

    • I read somewhere on the site that it’s not good at the JC Penney stores, just the stand-alone stores. I’m in the same boat, only Sephora store nearby is at JC Penney near my work 🙁

    • I just used my play pass at our JCPenney store and it shows up on my account.

    • I tried using it at a JCP, but they were really confused and didn’t think it would work, so I went to a regular Sephora instead (I’m lucky to live in an area with both stores in close proximity to me).

  6. Why is Kimchi a hot pink color. My minds eye see the color the lip color should be kind of an orangy red.

    • i agree

    • Same here.

    • Agree, unless you throw the Kimchi on the grill. Then it’s brownish-orange and extra yummy 🙂

    • That was my first thought also! 🙂

  7. I can’t decide if Sephora was just overwhelmed by the sheer numbers who wanted in on this box, or if this is a carefully calculated move to create a burning desire for the subscription. Because, honestly? When I got the invite email, there was NO WAY I was going to turn it down, knowing how hard it was to get; and 2) there is also NO WAY I am going to cancel, knowing how hard it was to get. I mean, sure, if Sephora sends me a bag of dog poo and a perfume sample, I *might* unsubscribe….after a few months…and only if I don’t like the perfume. 😀

    • Hahahahaha.

    • Bwahaaaa ha ha!!! ???I agree ?????????. When I got in I was like (well still am like) ??????☺️??????????????❤️???????????❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣ so I feel ya girl. I’m right there with ya!!!

    • Same here!

  8. I got the MSA alert that Play was accepting subscriptions and immediately ordered mine (using email that I had signed up for wait list with). Very excited…..and I heard it hear first! The alert arrived about 6 hours before my notification email from Sephora. Thank you.

    • *here was so excited I didn’t proof

  9. I had tried since before Christmas to get a box. While I am excited this is my first box, I am very sad I had to miss out on the March box!!!! I loved that sponge and eye liner!!!!!

    • UGH!!! Me too!!’ Still so bitter about that.

  10. Really excited to FINALLY get a Play box! I really enjoy getting an inexpensive beauty box, but both Ipsy and Birchbox have become ho-hum to me. The pass for in-store instruction sounds great and gives me a reason to ask hubby to take the kids so mommy can have some me time every month. Now all I need is for the Sun Safety Kit to come out!!

  11. Why did I see this spoiler? I mean I unsubscribed, because I felt the 10 and change was a bit high for deluxe samples. After I saw this spoiler, I resubscribed, because I saw the May spoiler. How can anyone resist this? Okay, okay, okay, I am only going to subscribe to May, and then I will cancel…Maybe.

    • I got ahold of the very first Play! box last fall, and I swore I would sub ASAP.

      All their boxes seem to be this good. I know I should cut back, but judging by past months, I don’t know if this is one I plan on cutting.

  12. So excited for this box!! Want to try Bite Beauty, Origins and Brigeo!! Yeah!!

  13. For anyone that hasn’t been able to subscribe I just spoke with Sephora’s customer service and I let her know that I had been on the waitlist since September and haven’t been able to subscribe now that they are open. I also let her know that I’d tried different emails, browsers etc… I also let her know that people that had not previously been on the waitlist had been able to subscribe, as well as those that recently got on the list. Why am I not able to subscribe? Her response was that anyone that says they were never on the list or got on the list recently, and were able to subscribe, are not telling the truth. In fact, she said “those people are lying”. She told me that it is first come first serve in regards to how long someone has been on the waiting list. That there are thousands and thousands of people on the list and I will get my email eventually. Eventually? yeah, eventually. lolol

    Anyway, just wanted anyone interested to know! If you call CS and get a different response I’d love to know!

    • I think you just got a bad customer service person. I had to call back 4 times to get things fix. It was letting me have a box but wouldn’t accept my password and wouldn’t send me a reset. Just keep calling back until you get help.

      I think if anyone says something as silly as people are lying about when they signed up on the wait list… lol I would be inclined to ask her why she thinks anyone would do that. Sorry, no just hang up with that kind of person and call back until you get someone who will help you.

      My box just got processed so it can be fixed. 🙂 Good luck!

      • Thank you Teresa! I had never deal with their CS before so I really hope they can fix this! I’m glad you got your issue with it solved! Sucks we have to call that many times..truly insane in my opinion. I will call back tomorrow and see if someone else can help me. 🙂

    • I saw your comment and just *had* to respond, because I got the email saying I was off the list an hour ago and literally just signed up. When did I join the waitlist? ABOUT TWO WEEKS AGO.

      I don’t know who is telling the truth here, or if there is even a “truth” to be told (maybe the right hand doesn’t know what the left is doing, so to speak, and the CS rep has been told something that isn’t strictly followed), but I triple-promise you I have been on the waitlist less than a month for sure.

      [FWIW, in Chicago, VIB Rouge, if any of that’s relevant, though it doesn’t seem like it really is in terms of who is getting off the waitlist!]

      • Thank you!!! I just got off the phone with Sephora CS again and this girl was VERY nice!! I gave her the short story of yesterday’s CS call and let her know what you said too (about beeing on the waitlist just 2 weeks!) and just said I was frustrated and wanting to know what is going on. She said that many people that are getting in forgot they had signed up for the waitlist and probably got an email months ago for text market and didn’t use it then (spam folder) so it’s still valid and that anyone else getting in was their turn to get in. She told me she flagged my account to be looked at because there have been problems with people on the waitlist for a long time getting their invites. Someone would email me in 1-2 days. She was really nice and at the end of the call also credited my account with 200 points “For the inconvenience”. That was nice!

        OH! And she said for sure I should get an email invite in the next month either way.

        • I subscribed on Dec 2015, when I first learned about subscription boxes, and only last week I got my invitation email, and I signed right away. I had some issues with emails, and I try to subscribe with another email without invitation and I was able without contacting CS. I just had to cancel the first one.

          So I just think this month they are accepting new people regardless if they have an invitation or not.

    • Hi,
      I actually kept checking with the website every few days and one day it actually accepted my email address (and didnt say i had to go on the waitlist) was only maybe a week and a half ago and the website stopped accepting new subscriptions later that day.
      I had signed up three previous email addresses and I recently got a notification I had an invite but I have already signed up…..I think i have 4 more days until that invite expires…

    • I was on the wait list from January of last year until I got an email recently. Not sure what the deal is.

    • For anyone who is unable to subscribe, log in your sephora account first. Then use the search bar to search for “sephora play.” It will take you to the Play home page, then enter your email again.

      I received an email in April saying that I was off the wait list, but when I went to subscribe, it put me on the wait list again.

      Until today I’ve read some where that you have to sign into your Sephora account first.

  14. I just got off the waitlist and I’m incredibly excited for this box! Initially I was not looking forward to the two lip products, but with the “Play! Pass” I should be able to go to a store to learn what to do with lip liner [or I can try to watch videos online again]. I’ve never been a big lipstick person but maybe this will push me out of my comfort zone. I’ve subscribed to BB for a long time but I like the idea that with Play! I can go to a store and talk to people if I have questions about how to use something.

    Still, four products that I either know I like (Atelier Cologne, Brigeo) or am really excited to try (Origins, Korres) totally outweighs two that are questionable to me and might be huge hits. I certainly don’t love everything in my BB and this is a much higher value of things to try. I’m excited!!

    • I have a rather stupid question, but I haven’t been inside a Sephora store before. With the “play pass” included, are you expected to bring in your samples for them to try on you, or will they know/have the exact ones there for “show & tell”?

      I’m 47, look relatively young for my age, but just never think I can pull off the bold bright lip, be it red or pink, so I tend to stay more sedate/neutral warm tones (redhead here so pale & warm toned skin). I tend to focus on my eyes. So, I would love to see what they can do for me (if anything) with the PINK lippy!

      Are there any other 40+ women out there that feel the bright colors tend to age you?

      • i’m 40+18 and usually wear either red or deep berry colors. I don’t think they age me, and if someone else thinks so, I don’t really care — I think they look good on my really pale skin. i also firmly believe that feeling pretty is half the battle. I do sometimes wear bright pink, and feel the same about it. The one thing I would suggest is that you use a lip pencil (try a colorless one), not only to outline your lips but also because it kind of “grabs” the color if you use it all over your lips. If you use a colored lip pencil, it’s almost mandatory IMO to use it on your lips; if not, as the lipstick wears off, you’re left with a colored outline and nothing on your lips, which looks really funny,

        • I’m 47but look younger too, and I don’t think bright lip colors age you, but it depends on your hair and skin color. It seems to me that being redhead you shouldn’t have a problem with bright colors, but stay away from darks. In my opinion, dark lipstick just doesn’t work for us older women period.I’m brunette with dark brown eyes and light medium skin. Dark lipstick makes me look hard and older. Berries and medium pinks look work for me. And lipliner is easy, just use it to draw your lip line and either fill up the rest of your lips with the pencil and apply a bit of gloss or lip balm, or use a lipstick same color as the liner.

          • Thank you Angelica, for giving me the courage for trying a new color, I didn’t think the bright pink would worked well on my light skin (go figure), although, I’m really not use to such a vibrate color – but it was/is fun – and I’ll definitely uses it again – It actually Looked Good!! 😀 accompany that with a good hair day & I was ready to take on the world! So, Thank you all who encouraged me to try something new (& definitely OUT OF MY COMFORT ZONE!!) ! xoxo!! love you all

      • Thank you everyone for encouraging me to take a chance, the bright pink looked great on me – go figure… (yes, I’m really pale in color) I was trying to figure out how to post a pic of me with the lippy on, but I don’t think I can, sorry… However, thank you for the encouragement to try something SOOO out of my comfort zone & well, it worked, and the color, well it makes me a bit happy/ giddy!! SO THANK YOU ALL!!

  15. I wonder if we were signed up last week if we get this months box,fingers crossed I hope so??

  16. I just got my April box yesterday so I’m in a glowing Sephora mood. The May looks fun as well! I think for the price, they are knocking it out of the park!

  17. I’ll swap this whole box for the whole April box! Really wanted that one. 🙂

    • What did you really want to try from the April box?

      • The Sunday Riley and the eye cream! I know I’m responding late, but if you’re interested, email is betnapcpaws at cox dot net. Thanks!

    • Yeah, I second that. What are you interested in? I am not a fan of the April box, as the colors are just not me(they were too light and cool toned) and I have tried them before. I did however, open the perfume thinking I would love it.I didn’t–it is across between Armani(oceaney) and pink sugar(blackberry’ish) ). If anyone is really wanting to trade for this. Please let me know.

      I can also post this on swaps.

  18. How long were you guys on the wait list for? I signed up back in December 🙁

    • I’ve been on the waitlist since January and I never got an email saying I was off the waitlist. There was a post on here with a link saying that Play! was open. I was able to sign up with my same email yesterday with no issues!

    • Same here, I signed up in Dec. and pretty much gave up until last week when I visited again to check after reading about the “open” waitlist and within an hour the invite was in my email. Other people got in after using a different email or signing up again so I will keep my fingers crossed for you; check out the post from a few days ago about Sephora on this site.

  19. I was finally able to subscribe to Play! and I am so excited for this May box. I don’t get too crazy with my lip colors but I am so happy to be getting a pink shade over the red lipsticks and glosses that Ipsy continues to send me every month. The Tarteist lip crayon alone is almost double the cost of this box! I’m hoping my May Boxycharm and Ipsy subs are just as exciting 🙂

  20. Some people complain they’re on the wait list, then when they’re (finally) off, complain still about the products! Every sub box of any kind is variable and can be a hit or miss. Let’s just be excited about the things in the box you WILL like. C’mon, Just saying…#positivity

    • I agree with you!! ???

    • You read my mind! I know the lipstick is too pink, but I have a friend who can rock it and will be stoked for a make-up freebie! Win-win for everyone. I am in love will 6 items for $11(w/tax!). $1.83 per item is AMAZING and it is going to allow me to save my points for the 250 or 500 rewards! Booyah! Cheers for Sephora Play! Cheers for My Subscription Addiction. 🙂 🙂 Cheers for #positivity!!!!!

    • Thanks for your post! I 100% agree with you!! #positivity all the way

  21. At last! A Play! box that I can actually get excited about – Because I’m lucky enough to be getting one! 🙂

    I’m a little on the fence with the lipstick color, but other than that it looks completely great! Super excited for the Origins mask (or masks), and for the 1st time, I’m not angry over spoilers for this one. So this is what it feels like!!!! 🙂

    • You’re adorable. 🙂

  22. Winner! I’m so excited for this box. No regrets about dropping BB and Ipsy for this. BB just never lived up to the hype for me and although I enjoyed IPSY for the variety, the brands Sephora has access to make it a no-brainer.

    • Hi what town are you in if you don’t mind me asking? Or state too lol.. How long have you recieved Play! ?? Thanks!

  23. Ohhh I am SO EXCITED for this box! I will use/love everything… Amazing. You cannot compare this to Ipsy or BB, in my is SO much better (for me!)!! I’m thrilled!

  24. I assume we’ll be getting only one of the 3 face masks listed????? I can’t imagine we’d get all three – if so that rocks!

    • Based on the one image, it might be more than one of the masks. Fingers crossed! 🙂

      • I wondered that, too, but assumed we only got one. I’ll be pleasantly surprised if we get more than one – which would be YUGE.

        • Haha…YUGE!

        • i was reading through it and it says they all 3 go together so maybe we will get all 3… that would be awesome!!!

    • I think we are getting all! The Maskimizer is like a little spray you put on before the mask, so I think we are getting the spray sample plus 2 masks.. if you read the little card thing in the photo I think we get all ! 🙂

      • That is YUGE! hehe. I can’t read the card – its too blurry. Is there a link to go to this page of the website where the card is actually posted? Thanks!

      • I followed the link for that spray and the description wasn’t all that descriptive. It’s pretty vague and doesn’t say how it does what it says it does.. It seems gimmicky, but the point of samples is to try new things with less commitment. So I’m happy to try it 🙂

  25. I’m actually kind of annoyed with this box. I recently got off the wait list and this will be my first box but I’m so disappointed that there is not only one, but two lip products in this box. I already know that bubblegum pink shade will not work at all for me, and I have no use for the lip liner. I don’t wear lip products often in the first place. While I am impressed with the brands included and some of the comments seem to be hinting that they will be decent sized products, I still can’t help but be disappointed over all. I won’t use the two lip products or the Cologne. There goes half the box… I just pray the masks work great on my skin and help turn this box around for me. Sigh. If anyone wants the lip products let me know and we can work something out!

    • I’m with you on this – I don’t use lipstick, I don’t use lip liner and the glosses I wear are VERY conservative. Lip products SCARE ME! I know the point of these boxes is to try and experiment, but I hate to see an entire product go to waste because I tried it once and I hated it.

      I keep hoping I get off the swap waitlist because I have a pile of things to swap and I could easily say that those two items will be added to the pile, but at the rate I’m going they’ll just be sitting in a box collecting dust.

      It was really smart of Sephora to release full spoilers though seeing as it sounds like SEVERAL people (including myself) got off the waitlist. I personally have been waiting for some spoilers…what’s tempting me are the masks. I don’t care for that Briogeo product, but I’m not offended to have it. I’m happy to try the Origins masks, the sleep facial and the fragrance. I guess I might take the jump. I am currently just subscribed to Allure so I don’t think a $25/mo budget for sub boxes is totally unreasonable.

      • Ugh. Me too. My first box. Kind of bummed about the lip stuff….I was super excited..

    • I agree! I just got off the waitlist and am underwhelmed with the box. I don’t wear bright or even dark lip colors, so they’re always wasted on me. I tried a Bite gloss sample before and my lips had a bad reaction to it, so I won’t be trying this one. They’ll sit in a GlobeIn basket (one of my beauty box item storage methods!) waiting for someone to hopefully want to swap for them. I can’t tell you how many red glosses and lipsticks I’ve collected!

      The other items are just “meh” to me. I’m sure they’re good brands, but I’m just not excited. I have too many facial masks and sleep masks and hair conditioning treatments as it is. Maybe I’ve just subbed to too many boxes and tried (or stockpiled!) too many products to really be “wowed” by anything that isn’t super-awesome at this point.

    • I think with beauty boxes one thing that they send a LOT of are lip products. So I think you’ll have to expect that in most boxes. I sub to a lot of boxes, and I pretty much get a lip product in EVERY box. Maybe a different type of box, like BeautyFix would be better for you – its more skincare and less makeup.

      • You make an excellent point. If there are makeup selections, lip stuff is going to be in most of the boxes. I have the kind of coloring which allows for a lip-switch up so I like all the colors and brands. I have tried a lot of different boxes and there are some like the K Beauty (Beauteque Mask Maven for instance) which focuses on other beauty products, etc. instead. Sephora equals makeup first and foremost and therefore they feature those samples. What is not used is given away–if family and friends pass, I package and donate little goodie bags to the local shelter for women.

        • The goodie bag idea is amazing!

    • I would love to swap with you! let me know I will send you my email if your not on the swap bored. ?

  26. One thing I noticed was the lipstick size reminds me of the size of the Avon samples way back…..

    • It’s like when MILK Cosmetics gave out samples of their lipstick as a duo online at Sephora and in Birchbox a few months ago. Literally smaller than a quarter.

      • These samples are much bigger than the Milk sample. I have the same sample in Radish and it will last a while.

    • Where are you seeing the lipstick size? I bought the trial set of bite lipsticks and they are a very good size. They are a lot bigger than the Avon lipsticks. It’s probably half the size of a regular lipstick. I assumed that’s what we were getting but maybe I was wrong. How do you know the sizes of the products in the Box. I’d love to see that.

      • I think they are seeing the pictures of the products in the image above the product pamphlet 🙂

    • I’m VIB Rouge and grabbed a sample size lippy from same brand and the size is quite generous. It was a 100pt deluxe sample redemption. It’s similarly sized to those little Stowaway lippies from Poosugar December. The Milk sample from BB was minuscule. As someone with a lot of lip colors, the size is perfect…to either decide I like or not, and to use up quickly instead of it sitting around going out of date.

    • I remember the Avon sample lipsticks being a lot smaller than that, like the equivalent of two pencil erasers.

  27. Excited ?

  28. I usually avoid spoilers but this is my first Sephora Play box so c’mon, who could resist? 🙂 What excites me about this box is the sheer scale of the mid-range and high-end brands they can offer to us in the coming months. This is not your mother’s subscription box (nor hair products, hopefully!). I’ve seen a few complaints that it’s like paying $10 for stuff they give for free in-store, but not so. This box is like getting four or five 100-pt perks at a time (so roughly $40-50 worth) and frankly those perks and the 3 free samples per order were part of Sephora’s fun for me. Now I’ll get five of them every month (and surprises, too, if I keep off the spoiler page!) for the small charge of $10, yippee! (Sorry, I’ll try to tone it down.) 😀 😀

    • Agreed 🙂 Stuff from Sephora is hardly free, just bought with points (which you spent $ at a point) or GWP. I love it! That’s the best part of Sephora ?

  29. Looks like great box. I noticed the products are on the low end as far as price goes. Origins is excellent and has a great price point. But cologne? Cologne doesn’t last long at all on the skin. But excited to try.

    • I view the perfume as a bonus. 6 items is a lot for $10. And the bite in tarte products are expensive.

    • Atelier cologne is very long lasting. I always select those samples at checkout if available

    • I own the Atelier in vanilla and blood orange and it lasts all day. And it comes with a postcard.

    • Atelier products are 15% concentrated and are technically pure perfume. The brand is called Atelier Cologne because all of their products have a citrus element, which is a reference to the historical origins of cologne.

      • Thanks for the clarification! I was still excited for it but am even happier to know it may be closer to parfum or eau de parfum (though it sounds like you’re saying it’s parfum).

  30. Wow-I was on the fence about subscribing, just because I wasn’t sure if I wanted to spend the money, but this looks amazing. There’s not a single thing that I wouldn’t use. I’m even excited by the perfume. The lip products wouldn’t really be my first choice colors, but I love experimenting with my lip color, so I guess I’ll be forking over my money!

  31. ?

  32. Liz, do you know when Sephora charges your card every month? I signed up for Play the other day when you posted the alert and gave my cc info and I haven’t been charged yet.

    • on their site it says between 5/1-5/4 …hope that helps ya!!

      • Thanks Roxxie!

    • Roxie is right. Before, they were charging cards around the 9th of the month, but they sent out an email about a month ago saying it would be changing to sometime between the 1st and the 4th. I’m assuming with that change, that they will ship the boxes earlier, and hence why the spoilers are available already for May. Also, I’m assuming that they’ll be changing up the packaging – putting the products in a bag instead of just being in the box.

      • Aw bummer! I was hoping to get at least one of those cute lipstick boxes! Hopefully the products will be in a bag in that box still BC the box is sooooo adorable! But I am pretty excited for most of these products! And kimchi? Yes please!!!! That’s exciting 😉

  33. Bite Beauty is my all-time favorite lip brand. I also love Briogeo’s mask. I got one with BB this month, but can always use more. The rest of this box looks good, too. I was really concerned that once they opened up subscriptions it would go downhill, but it looks like it’s still really great. I’m super-thrilled I was able to get in on this, and might give up one of my other subscriptions because of this one.

  34. This will be my first box and I’m kind of meh about it. Hopefully I’ll like it better once I get it.

    • Same here…. was on waitlist since last year and jumped on the invite same day I got it! I previously tried and then canceled BB5, Ipsy, and Birchbox due to ‘meh’ items, horrid shades, and duplicates. I did join LipLover recently and first box was ok, next 2-3 will tell whether I stay or not. My longest sub is to Julep Maven, which is even better now that you can swap out and choose your entire box now. High hopes for Play but this sneek peek doesn’t excite me either, hoping it will be better IRL.

  35. Meh, this might be my one and only box. I was hoping it was more like Allure than Ipsy and it feels like Ipsy. I got rid of my Ipsy subscription in 2 months. Ugggggh!

    • Not even close to Ipsy. And for $10 it’s a steal for high-end deluxe samples and full-sized products.

      • My Ipsy has been better than this – I probably will be canceling Play. I honestly think I just joined this one because of the hype of getting in.

      • Amen Jill, This blows Ipsy way out of the water! I got my second box yesterday & I love it!! I honestly have to say my 3 Favorites are Play Box, Little lace Box, & my Luxor!

      • Which one (s) are full size? The Tarte liner?

    • I understand your frustration, but I’m glad that Liz does reviews of all the boxes, so we can get a feel for sample sizes/products/etc included in the boxes. Sometimes it takes a box or two to see if it’s for you. Hopefully the May box has some good finds for you, but definitely good to see if your money would be better spent on another box that may suit you better. 🙂

  36. Yay for a Bite lippie! I think I really like this new formula. But boo for the color- possibly my least favorite of all the Amouse Bouche line.

    Def keen to try the Tarte lip pencil!

    Not a fan of the Briogio line. And yes, I too have received this product a couple times already from other subs.

    I love masks, though!

    All in all, a pretty good start. 🙂

  37. I really hope they continue the 50 point bonus card with each box.

    • Me too! I fully intend to take advantage of that offer!!!

      • I just wish you could use it for online purchases…I never seem to make it to a store.

  38. I love the cute little bag! It’s so different than anything else I have. Hope they continue to send bags each month because that will be AWESOME!

    • What bag? I have had the box since box 1 and I never got a bag!

      • Some of the people who just got e-mail invitations (myself included) noticed that the invitation said that it would be five deluxe samples, a perfume, and a “collectible bag.” From the picture, it looks like it is going to be a little drawstring bag. Very cute.

        That may not be such a bad thing because between two Birchbox subs (though I cancelled the second to join this), Glossybox, and Target Beauty Boxes, I have enough boxes to last a lifetime!

  39. I’m a little bummed about Briogeo because I literally just got it in my Birchbox (and it was “meh”), but the rest looks great! Hard to complain about 4/5 plus a bonus perfume, which sounds like it’ll be a keeper 🙂

    • I got a tiny one and a sample hand cream sized one this month. One in Bb, one in Ipsy. Then, I finally get Sephora and get another one. Oh well, my daughter has butt length hair, so she will be happy that it is shiny and smooth, lol!

    • I found with the Briogeo if you put a bag on your head tied and take a hair dryer for 10-20 minutes then it works amazing and gives super smooth, silky, healthy looking hair.

  40. I am THRILLED to have finally been able to subscribe, and May looks AWESOME!

  41. I LOVE anything by Origins! Very excited to try more of their products. I’m obsessed with their ginger burst body scrub and I use their high potency night-a-mins every night. It’s so thick and hydrating and smells like freshly squeezed oranges.

  42. I’m excited for the masks and Tarte Lip liner too! I will be waiting until I get my box and test try the others… either way, I am SO excited I DO finally have a Play! by Sephora Box!!! 😀

  43. Yesssssssss!!! Some products on my wish list and others by brands I love. ?

  44. Looks as though May will be Mask Month! How fab.
    I almost bought the Tarte lip crayon last week. Glad I waited. This shade should be a good neutral for most.

  45. I’ve never tried these products, so I’m looking forward to this box. I wonder if the mauve and hot pink lip colors can be combined. I loved doing that with the ones from the November box.

    • I was also curious about combining the mauve lip liner and pink lipstick. I think that might work great! I’m excited for the entire box. The combination of the products, packaging and booklet is just fantastic!

    • Maybe it is for an ombre look? I have the color Namastae Lip Paint from Tarte so I think Latergram will work.

      • I haven’t tried the ombre look yet, that will be cool if it works!

  46. YAY! Thanks for sharing! I can’t wait to get my first box 🙂

  47. it looks so awesome!!!! so excited to finally get this box been on the waitlist since the 1st day and now i have it yay!!!

  48. SO excited that this will be my first Play! by Sephora box, I’m a mask addict and can never seem to get them in my ipsy bags. This sounds perfect for me!

  49. Hmm maybe I’ll be more excited when I actually see the box. I finally got off the wait list after months. But this box doesn’t look so exciting to me. I don’t like Barbie pink lipstick and don’t use lip liners. I love Atelier Cologne though, sad it’s not the Cedrat Enivrant lol. And I always like masks.

    • I agree, I cancelled Ipsy and Allure for this, and I’m not too excited…?

      • That’s tough to cancel 2 boxes, but hopefully some of the products work for you. And if worst comes to worst, you can cancel Play and go back to another one that suits you better 🙂

        • Thanks you’re right! I was super excited to get off the wait list, but I was getting too carried away with all the boxes so I decided to cancel 2 subscriptions ? I’m sure it will be worth it.

    • I never used to use lip liners either. Now I love them. You can even use them alone to fill in the entire lip for a matter lipstick look too. Or use with a lighter lipstick for an Ombre effect. It’s awesome. Try it! 🙂

    • I agree with you on everything!! I loved everything in last months box!!

  50. This looks awesome, and Origins make the best masks too! I can’t wait to get my first box!

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