Play! By Sephora April 2016 Subscription Box FULL SPOILERS!

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Play! By Sephora October 2015 Subscription Box Reveal

The reveal for the April 2016 Play! By Sephora subscription box is up! Each box will include:

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 9.29.41 AM

(FYI – Play! by Sephora is only open to subscribers in certain test markets right now, but you can sign up on their waitlist to get notified when you can sign up. Boxes are $10 a month).


What do you think of the April 2016 Play! By Sephora box? I’m loving these brands! And the NARS lip pencil looks like a great size!

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I was able to subscribe (finally) but my mailing address ended up wrong so I called the 1-877-SEPHORA number…waited 10 minutes then finally got a clueless customer service rep who has nooo idea what Play! by Sephora was and took another 15 minutes to try to figure it out. Hmm not a good start…hope this box is worth all the hassle and wait!

    • I’ve subscribed from the beginning and moved in November…it took three calls to get my address changed. It was a really obnoxious process. It was actually the biggest hassle of the entire moving process! I have no idea why you can’t just change it on the website. The box has definitely been worth it though!

    • Don’t ever move is the only advice I can give. I moved last month and called to change my address and my billing address. The first time I called I was on hold for two hours. The second time I was assured my address would be changed. My card was still not charged, so I called back and was assured all was well. The next day my card was still not charged, so I called again and was told my address was not updated in time and I would not receive the April box. I am super unimpressed with Sephora. I will say that they did give me 200 points as a courtesy. I’m probably just bitter, but that didn’t really make me less upset.

  2. OMG! I signed up for this and was on the waiting list since it started. Living in Oklahoma I thought the subscription would only be available for LA and NY, etc. After reading everyone’s comments here I went back to my Sephora account and put my address in again and GUESS WHAT?????? It let me sign up again and pay for the subscription. I’m in! Woohoo I’ve never been more excited to give someone my money. 🙂

  3. California! Just got OFF the waitlist today! Woohoo! Been waiting since August!

    • I got in! As soon as I saw your message I went to the page and got in! So excited. Thanks for the heads up!

  4. OMG!!! I can’t believe it! I didn’t get an email (checked my spam box too – nothing).

    Went to the Play site out of desperation, put in my email, and it allowed me to sub!!!!!

    WOW!!!! I’m finally in the club!

    Ladies, do keep trying to put in your email at various times. (I’d been just randomly checking – putting in my email for weeks.) It works!

    • By the way, a couple of weeks ago, I did set up an unused Sephora account with the email that worked. (I think I have a couple of items in my cart I was thinking of buying, but didn’t.) Maybe that tilted the scale for me (?)

      For reference, I’m in Northern Virginia.

      I hope this info helps anyone interested to get off that horrible waitlist.

      Hooray!!!!! Sephora’s gonna allow me to give them money! 🙂

  5. I’m in Indiana. I think I signed up in January and was on the waitlist one month. I got off in February and March was my first box. I don’t know how I happened to have such luck. So excited for all of the Play boxes. Where else can you get high quality samples for $10 a month? Birchbox is playing around and the only thing keeping me with them is the points because it’s literally like you’re only paying $4 a box once you do the product reviews.

  6. YAAAAAAAYYYY! I got an email last month to join (Madison, Wi). My friend also got the email she lives about an hour from me in a small town. Not sure how they pick, but not complaining since we made the list! Patiently waiting for this AWESOME first box!

  7. Great box! Still waiting, wah 🙁

  8. I just can’t be excited having to wait months upon months for a business to take my money. I don’t know why I came in here to get upset all over again lol

    • I pasted my email into the “subscribe” section and was told they’d let me know if there was a spot. A couple of days later, I saw an edit to the review of the Play box, and the edit said that some people were pasting their email repeatedly over a period of time, and one day it worked. I did this for a while, and just 30 minutes ago, it worked. So i’m much closer now, ha.

  9. Sephora Play is the Mean Girls of subscription boxes — “You can’t sit with us.” Boo!

    • So much this haha. Stop making me want what I can’t have!!

  10. Looks like an amazing box!! Very excited to get it!! 🙂


      It looks likes you can see the May box products along with Forces of Nature Play booklet- I see a Korres cream, a Tarte eyeliner and an Origins Sheet Mask, can’t make out the fragrance. Also mini lipstick and swatch of liner? The Spotify list is telling. Wild World as in Korres Wild Rose? Sea of Love? Hopefully Tarte Rainforest From the Sea

  11. It’s getting harder and harder to care about this box, which is now invite only through someone who already has a subscription? And whatever happened to the Macy’s box?

    • Like I just told someone else, I got in through repeated pasting of my email address. Yeah, it says, “We’ll let you know when there’s a spot,” but screw that. I kept pasting away, and this morning I got in. I checked my email to see if they sent an invite, and nope, they didn’t. Just got lucky to steal a spot, I guess. Not that I know how their system works, because it doesn’t seem to make any sense whatsoever.

  12. I contacted Sephora recently after spending 6 months on the Play! waitlist and drooling over the boxes, which seem to be eternally out of my reach.
    They replied (after a week) and said the box is “currently offered on a limited, invitation-only basis during a market test period….” Yadda, yadda, yadda….”We understand that this may be extremely frustrating”….blah blah blah…..”We deeply appreciate your patience…”

    So alas, I shall continue to wait in vain, softly sobbing each time a new box is posted…

  13. Is anybody receiving two of them? I would be happy to cancel my Birchbox for a second Play subscription.. I have a couple of girlfriends who are dying to sign up but are still waitlisted. I would love to get a second one so they can Play! too!! Lol..

    • I received the invitation at the beginning and since it goes by email, you can only get one 🙁 I even called and asked if I could get an extra one because I think it’s totally worth it but, sadly, the answer was no.

  14. I’m excited! I’ve been on the wait list since the news broke and was thrilled when I received the notification last month to subscribe. I’m in the middle of nowhere southern Minnesota (about 60 miles southwest of St. Paul); so it’s obviously not tied to being in a metro location to get in.

    I didn’t mind waiting as I’d rather they work out their distribution and fulfillment pieces first. I can only imagine the uproar if it had been open to all without testing first.

    These are all new to me items that I’m excited to try!

  15. I’m looking forward to this box and I don’t mind the repeat NARS color because I broke the one from my birthday gift. I called Sephora to ask about when it’s fully launching and she said they are going national next month, but she didn’t sound too sure, so who knows, but I think that’s promising and if not next month, hopefully soon.

    • I hope next month or the one after that. I live in the NYC-metro area and my area wasn’t picked any sooner. I changed my e-mail address so I made sure to list my new e-mail address on the wait list. I, also, have been on the waiting list since Play! by Sephora came out. Attempting to save money for it. Thanks for asking questions. You are a big help. I will keep my fingers crossed.


      • In the same area and try to subscribe 1-2 per week and still no invite. I did write and comment about the number of bloggers that seem to have the box, but received the same old general answer.


  16. I’m in the Charlotte, NC area is anyone around here off the waitlist?!? I want this box so bad but… I just can’t get off the list!!!! ?

    • Try going on the website and put your email in. I didn’t get in an email and I logged in and they allowed me to get the box! Try and see if it works for you!

      • the regular Sephora web-site? Or a special one for the Play! subscription?

      • I did that because some people said their emails went to their spam folder but it still told me no unfortunately. I had my fingers crossed!!! Thank you so much

      • Thank you SO much for the tip Jessica! I signed up for the waitlist the day it hit the internet and I’ve been waiting ever since. I signed into my (Rouge) account after reading this comment – then went to the the Play link in Google – and was instantly taken to a page to add the subscription to my cart. (I’m in Atlanta.) I got the confirmation e-mail that I’m subscribed less than 30 seconds later. So if anyone out there is in the Atlanta area, try it!

        • I’ve been clicking on the link provided in this post to take me to the Play! Website. Once there I entered my email and it said no spots available and I’m waitlisted BUT when I signed into my Sephora account on their regular website then searched for the box it allowed me to subscribe!!!!!! So awesome… Everyone try it! Yay yay yay! I’m in Texas by the way… East Texas.

          • OMG, me, too! I’ve been shut out since forever (including as recently as the day this blog post was posted), and then I tried that just now, and it worked!

            I’m in Charleston, SC with only a Sephora counter in JCPenney, if that helps anyone. I can’t believe it worked just by signing in to my Sephora account on the main page, searching for “play by sephora”, putting in my e-mail address.

          • Worked for me too!

          • OMG – this is amazing. I followed the advice as well and got in immediately! Like everyone else, I’ve been adding my name to the waitlist on a regular basis for the last year and nothing – now, I’m in! Charlotte area BTW.

          • That’s how I got in last month too! I signed in from my regular Sephora account and was able to add the Play sub! Easy Peasey! No invite, no problem! Mine shipped out yesterday

          • I did this too – and got a subscription finally!!! I wonder whether my first box will be in April or May! Great start to a Friday morning 😉

          • I was wondering when our first box would be too (those that were able to subscribe today). I checked my account and wasn’t charged right away so I’m not sure. Fingers crossed for April!

    • I’m in Charlotte as well and still on the waitlist since this was first posted 🙁

    • I’m in Wilmington NC…I got the email and i’m off the list! Keep trying to imput your email address.

  17. Still on the waitlist here in Nashville 🙁

  18. I never got an email inviting me but just randomly tried to subscribe to this box and it worked! I did it after seeing other ppl post about their experiences last month. If you’ve ordered from Sephora before and have an account, I suggest trying to subscribe even if you never received an invite. I’m in Wisconsin and it definitely worked! I am receiving the April box.

  19. Too funny – How many companies have people lining up to give them money in monthly payments, but are making them wait months on end? It’s like we’re begging them to take our money, and they’re like, wait, we’ll send you an invite to give us money at some point, hang in there. We’ll randomly get to you soon —Hopefully…

    Very frustrating!

    P.S. I really want that Sunday Riley!

    • I’m sure it’s because they are trying to iron out the kinks before opening it to everyone. I know that at the beginning a lot of stores had no idea what I was talking about when I mentioned their Play subscription or gave my monthly card for 50 extra points. Also, they have the play date where you meet at Sephora on a certain day/time to get tips on how to use the things in your box so I’m sure they are just trying to make sure everything is running smoothly first.

  20. Yay!!! I’ve had the luck of receiving all of the boxes so far (I live in Houston), and this box looks amazing!! The last one wasn’t my favorite, so I’m stoked that this one is outstanding.

  21. I understand a lot of people are unhappy with the roll out of the subscription, but maybe (if you’re not currently subscribed), you can write down the list of products, and go get some small samples of them at Sephora (if you live close to one I guess)? I know they limit samples to 3 (one per “world”), but if you have the ability to go often, it could be a fun way to pamper yourself & try the products for free. Again, not great if you don’t live close to a Sephora, but you could still test out some of the products if you’re interested.

    • If it’s something like a lip color, maybe you could try it on in store? (after it’s been sanitized like crazy that is)

  22. Anyone in the Omaha, NE area off the waitlist? I’ve been on it since the beginning and nothing. 🙁 SERIOUSLY want this box darn it! haha

    • I’m in Des Moines and just got off the waitlist about a month or so ago. My aunt lives in Omaha though and she hasn’t said anything about it (I’m guessing she signed up to be on the waitlist as soon as I told her bc she LOVES Sephora).
      I’m honestly surprised, bc I figured if Des Moines opened up, then surely Omaha would too – we’re not that far apart.

      • I got invited from Davenport last month. There’s a sephora in jc penny here, but iowa city is the closest full sized one!

    • I’m in Kansas City, and have been on the waitlist since day 1. I don’t think I’m ever going to get off of it. Giving up on this sub and Macy’s. I would’ve loved it; but I don’t agree with this “limited roll out”. Tons of other subs start up and offer subscriptions to everyone, not just a limited number of people.

    • I’m in Sioux City, Ia & April will be my 1st box.

    • I’m in Lincoln and still on the waitlist 🙁 I want this box so bad too! We have a Sephora here and I think I’d shop there more vs. just Ulta, online, etc. if I was getting their box. WHY WON’T YOU TAKE MY MONEY SEPHORA!! haha.

      • I’m in Lincoln also and STILL waiting!! Our Sephora is inside JC Penney at Gateway Mall, so they don’t offer all of the products a full size Sephora store does. You would think Omaha and/or Lincoln would be able to subscribe since we are the biggest cities in Nebraska!!

  23. I’m in DC and just got off the waiting list a few weeks ago! April will be my first box.

    • WK, me too! I’m literally just outside DC. I’m a Rouge and have been on the waitlist since the very beginning and was so happy to get the email last month.

      And this looks like a great box; the things in here that I’ve tried before I’ve liked, and I’ve really been wanting to try the Milk Sunshine Oil but didn’t want to commit to a full size.


    • Me too. Very excited about this box!

  24. I’m so jealous! I can’t wait to be off the waitlist!

  25. My first box as well and I live in Northern VA. I think I was on the waitlist for about 4 months. So excited for the Sunday riley and Nars lip pencil!

    • I’m in the DelMarVa area and got off the wait list, this will be my first box. It looks like they added a quote few to the DC-ish area.
      So – I’m beyond excited for this particular box!! The only thing I won’t be able to use is the Rikugien. The Milk Sunshine Oil looks great, except it won’t be in a handy roll-on. Not that I’m complaining.

  26. I’ve been signed up since the beginning and I finally got off the wait list. This will be my first box. I’m in Texas and we don’t have a store close by.

    • Where in Texas?

      • I live in Granbury.

        • There’s on inside the Burleson jcpenny

          • Wow. I didn’t know that! I also just found out there’s a full size store on S University in FW!

  27. Has anyone in the SF Bay Area gotten an invitation for this box? I live 5 minutes from a store, I’m a VIB Rouge and spend way too much $$ both at the store and online…have been on the waitlist since the beginning. Every time a new MSA review comes out, I re-add my name to the list… But still, nothing. Getting VERY frustrated!

    • It’s very random how they choose
      My mom and sister sign up the same day that I did and I got the invite for the first box and been subscribe ever since and they didn’t and I don’t even expend that much at sephora
      And by the way I live in Texas

    • Nope. You’d think the Bay Area would have been one of the first markets to get it since their corporate office is in San Francisco, but NOPE. I’m also Rouge and I’ve been on the waitlist since day one.

      I’m not that broken up about it anymore though… I really haven’t been blown away by the spoilers, so I guess they’re just helping me save money at this point.

    • I am in Pebble Beach. They just put a new store in Monterey, CA. I signed up for the waitlist last month and this will be my first box.

  28. The many stages of waiting for the Sephora subscription:

    ?= Happiness (1st time hearing this)

    ?=Shock (there’s a waitlist?!?)

    ?=Sadness (more spoilers, none for you)

    ?=Resignation (I don’t even WANT this anymore)


    ?=Anger (Sunday Riley in April’s box!?!)

    • OMG This is amazing! haha! 🙂

    • Couldn’t agree with you more! What adds more insult to this is what’s the point of being a VIB or VIB Rouge if you can’t even get on the subscription list?!! It makes me so frustrated and upset. :O

    • YES! Anger at Sunday Riley in the box!!!

    • Perfectly Accurate!!!

    • YES!!! My exact emotions!!! Kansas City here…

    • Is there an emoji for despair? That’s the stage I seem to be stuck in.

    • Yep.

      I live in Alabama. As slow as this is rolling out, I doubt I’ll ever get one. Every time I see it talked about like it’s something I can have these days, it makes me want it less.

      This whole rollout was handled badly. You’d expect a company like Sephora to do better, but then again…

    • Great job expressing yourself. I totally agree.

    • Love this Maribel:)

    • OMG Yessssssss

  29. Is anybody in Florida getting this box?

    • No Florida! I’ve been on the list sense the beginning of time! Vib Rouge and when I email even for a review on my channel it’s next year. Next year will probably be next year! I love that the Texas people are not around a Sephora and the closest one to me is JCP and it’s almost an hour away. Not understanding the test market areas at all ?!

    • I live in Tampa and April will be my first box.

  30. I just read in their FAQs that the first “wave” of invitations for signup will be sent out Mid April 2016 and will continue to be sent out “monthly as the program grows”

    • So maybe some of us will get invited soon! I’ve been on the waitlist for what feels like forever!

    • Thank you! You’re giving me hope lol, I’ve been on the wait list for a loooooong time! Let’s hope this is my lucky month

  31. 1st Box!! Can’t wait!!! Live in DC. Was on wait list for about 10 months.

  32. More deluxe samples I already received via Sephora. UGH WHY.

  33. I’ve been on the waitlist under 2 separate emails for over a year! I’m in Boston market too!!! UGH THIS IS PAINFUL!

    • I am in Boston too! I just got invited last month after signing up when it first opened up! There is hope for you yet!

    • Boston area here too. Don’t know if location is the issue because they don’t know your location unless you’re a VIB. Could also be because I’m bitter about being on the wait list.

  34. Looks better than my first Birchbox I got this month. Once I’m off the wait list, I’m canceling BB real quick.

    • same here, I did Play and thought I would try Birchbox but Play was so much better! Switching back whenever I get off the list again!

  35. I was on the waitlist for over a year and this is my first month. (Finally!)

    • April will be my first month as well so yay for us!! I wonder where they expanded to.. I live in southeast virginia..

    • Also my
      First box 🙂 I am in Boston

  36. April will be my first box!! So excited to finally get off the waitlist!! I had been on the waitlist since August!! I’m very excited!! Be patient ladies!!

    • Yay! Excited for you ?

      • Thank you Liz!! I am excited about trying some of the brands included in this month’s box. Some I’ve never even heard of!

  37. I’m still on the wait list. Womp Womp.

  38. I’m clearly on makeup overload. I have a subscription and just don’t want it. I wish there was a way to give it to someone. I feel bad just cancelling. My March box is up fot swap and this will be too.

    • I say keep putting it on the swap page at MSA. So many people are wanting to get the box and it’s not being delivered to their area, so I’m sure that people would definitely be interested. I’ve never swapped anything before, so I guess someone could just pay you for it if they’re really wanting it and don’t have anything to swap/if you’re not wanting more products? Just thinking out loud. But if you do decide to cancel, maybe the sub will open up for someone on the waiting list? (wishful thinking)

    • Jennifer, where do you have yours up for swap or sale? I’d love to buy this box.

  39. Ugh! I want this subscription so bad. The longer I wait, the more I want it. I don’t know why I even torture myself looking at the spoilers. : (

    • Same!

      • Ugh same here! I think I’d just start skipping spoilers and reviews of this until I get off the waiting list.

    • SAME here! Uggghhhh
      I hate you Sephora for doing this to me! (But please get me off the wait list lol)

  40. I wish they would open up some spots! Would love to get this box! Does anyone have any idea how many/how often spots open up?

    • This will be my first box box after being on the waiting list since the beginning. I live in Maryland. I don’t know if it makes any difference, but we have a store less than thirty minutes away.

  41. I’m excited about this box! I love the NARS lip pencil. I loved the color in the b-day gift but have been slow to buy it full size.

    I can’t wait to try the Milk Sunshine Oil.

  42. Yep same nars color. Disappointed a tad, I like the color but would prefer to try a different color than last years bday gift.

  43. I am pretty excited about this box! I have always wanted to try a gel blush and I will finally get to see what all the fuss is over Sunday Riley products. I am a little disappointed however that they included an oil for the second month in a row. I am in oil overload with sub boxes.

    • Also, you would think that they wouldn’t repeat the lip pencil since I’m sure they have to know most of the subscribers received these as a birthday gift.

    • I love the Sunday Riley Good Genes. I had recieved a deluxe sample and ended up buying it. It has makes my skin look great when I use it regularly. Although I will warn you that it has a strong initial scent that some may find offensive. I think it smells like sour Fruit Loops and I don’t mind it. But some can say it stinks.

  44. Has anyone had any luck with calling customer service to request an invitation and getting one? Wondering if it’s worth a shot..

  45. Super excited about my first box!!

  46. This looks like a good box! I love those NARS pencils but if it’s the same color as the birthday gift, I’m a bit disappointed! I still have that one and it doesn’t look so great on me. I’ll swap or gift it perhaps. Everything else looks awesome! This will be my second play box and I’ve been pleased so far!

    • Dang! I was hoping the Nars wasn’t the birthday color.

      • I think it is different 🙂

  47. I’m so jealous of this particular subscription review. I just want to get the box!

  48. I’m so happy! This is my first box & I’ve been following that Nars lip pencil forever! Worth it for me just for that.

  49. I got that exact nars lip pencil as a birthday gift last year and it is amazing. I’m so jealous, I can’t wait for Play! spots to finally open up around here.

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