Nina Garcia Quarterly Box #NGQ07 FULL SPOILERS!

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Thanks, Amanda, for sharing the Nina Garcia Quarterly Box spoilers with us!

The Nina Garcia #NGQ07 Quarterly Box includes:


What do you think of the Nina Garcia #NGQ07 Quarterly Box spoilers? I’m curious to see if there will be variation in the headband, makeup bag, and earrings.

FYI – this box is $100 plus shipping. Check out my Nina Garcia Quarterly Box reviews to learn more about this subscription.

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. On the defense of the Nina Garcia’s box I totally think this has been my favorite box so far. The choker, the little cactus bag is so cute. I can now put my lipsticks in a cute clean baggie without touching my wallet. Also the headband when I put it in my head I feelt like an upper east sider in New York city ready to go to central park to show it. Details people! We know so little about fashion that we think we have been ripped off when thats not the case. I invest in this box because the brand of nina makes you be the color out of the gray zone. I am totally going to rock my lipstick and i dont care if people looks at me weird. I live in a small town and as nina says in her 100 rules are to break them (sometimes).

    You cannot compare ninas brands with zoe, I think Nina rocks better at style. Zoe with her overated valley girl accent and boring style in her boxes are nothing compared to the quality of ninas . We are better with Nina and this box is a A+ for your bucks.
    Seriously is every 4 months cry a river!

    • Rachel Zoe is far from boring. She has awesomexstyle. Nina garcia boxes are boring. It pisses me off when she’s putting ladt season clearance,items in her box. Rachel zoe never diappoints and her items are always high end brands. Her boxes are worth every penny in my opinion.

    • Yes Ana!!
      If you read the excerpt it explains all the seasons hottest fashion. Then gives us comparable AFFORDABLE pieces that can be re purchased later because they aren’t outrageous.
      I think a lot of people are just looking at the money value and not the actual products.
      It’s a shame.

  2. Just cancelled…I cannot believe I paid $100 for this box!!! Funny enough the only item I liked in the box was the Nyx! Go figure lol It’s all going up for swap..I’m done with Nina!

    • did you get gold or rose gold necklace, by any chance?

      • I got gold

    • Lisa,
      Do you still have this? Would you be willing to sell it?

  3. anyone get the gold or rose gold and want to trade for my silver? otherwise, happy to buy the whole box from people who got one of those colors. my silver is listed. just PM me with request.

    • I got the rose gold but couldn’t find your listing for the silver. Do you still have it?

      • If she doesn’t still have her’s available, I do. I haven’t listed it, but you can email me at mimiretzkin-at-hotmail-dot-com (with the usual symbols for at and dot)

    • I received gold and would prefer silver. I’d love to swap. I’m posting it today.

  4. I actually like this box more in person. Based on the comments from Nina Garcia, all the headbands are silk. I got a very usable small black and white stripe which is really nice in person. I also got the makeup bag with the little lipsticks which is so cute. I got the rose gold choker and would really like the gold so I am going to try to swap for gold. I don’t like the earrings much or the lip color. The brow gel will be used but not the false eyelashes.

  5. On the plus side there’s nothing with fringe on it this time! ?

  6. In defense of this box, the BAGS are absolutely adorable (photos might not capture just how cute they are). And I personally like the headband. It’s really nice quality in person. I’m pretty happy about the brow item too. And the necklace is beautiful.

    • What headband did you get? I realize most items aren’t really SS16 but everything looks super fun. Something I wouldn’t normally buy. That’s the fun of subscription boxes, they force you to try new things. I don’t think people realize that when they sub to these boxes it’s a gamble. You aren’t going to LOVE everything. If you do Great!! If not, you took the risk!
      Thanks for the positive feedback!!! Can’t wait to get mine!

      • 🙂 That’s a nice perspective. I got the exact same headband shown in this post. It’s a great quality.

      • Sondra, you are right, if “something I wouldn’t normally buy means “something I would not think of buying / couldn’t get my hands on / that might not be my style, but an inspiring item anyway”. In this case it’s “something that is years old (Baublebar)”, “something that has already been marked down 70% on Jennifer Behr’s website”, “something that is plain cheap (nyx)”, etc.

        As somebody else said earlier: my litmus test is “could I have spend $130 better on my own” and the answer in this case is YES, absolutely!

        • what’s $130?

          • $30 is shipping to Europe

        • Minnie,
          I don’t understand. You pay 100$ for a box. The employees at quarterly need to be paid, rent (unless it’s a one man show packing boxes in a garage somewhere) boxes, tissue paper, excerpts need to be printed AND items more then likely need to be purchased at cost for the boxes.
          So 100$ doesn’t go that far.
          Chokers are in. Quarterly found a good quality choker for the box.
          Head bands are in.
          Quarterly found a good quality high end band for a fraction of the original cost. Perfect addition!!
          Cute makeup bag to throw in purse also cute and a few items to spruce up your spring makeup line (probably given to quarterly for promotional purpose)
          I haven’t gotten mine yet. But by the looks of the box everything goes together, it wasn’t months late and it’s good quality.
          I think this box looks great.

          • The choker is the only good item in box. The headband varies from each box, you could get a silk one or others are getting satin or polyester. These headbands are significantly reduced and the earrings are on clearance from their winter stock. For being a high end box your going to put nyx cosmetics really? I have nyx products which I like, but that brand should not be put in a $100 box. If you want a great box with high end items and perfectly curated then rachel zoe box of style is the way to go and worth every penny. People complain about that box and I really don’t know why. It seems people who complain about her box have a completely different style than rachel zoe.

          • Sondra, I disagree. They do not have to buy this stuff, many items are provided for free or with a significant discount. Nina Garcia is such a well connected person, she should have been able to pull off something much better.

            Look for example at Bianca Jade’s box. For half the price $50 she manages to curate a spectacular box every time (and on time).

  7. I really want to know how Quarterly is still in business. They don’t curate good boxes, they don’t ship on time, and they have lousy customer service. This box looks like a $40 Popsugar box, no where near worth the $100 people pay. There’s nothing that screams lux to me here, all very over inflated. I’m glad I never subscribed to anything Quarterly has done, total rip off.

  8. Anyone that got gold/rose gold want to swap for my silver? It’s listed in the swaps.

    • Yes!!! I would love to if I get the gold or rose gold.
      Should have my quarterly by tomorrow!!

      • YAY! thanks. LMK.

  9. Quarterly does not only have a lousy curator, but also a lousy customer service.

    I emailed Quarterly complaining about the box, too and all I got was a response that they are sorry and do not do returns!

    I think I will just file a complaint with my credit card company, as the box does not match the description.

  10. I just received my box and was not as disappointed in person. I like the headband on. The earrings I like but I don’t have pierced ears. The lipstick and lashes do not work for me at all. Maybe ten years ago but not now. The makeup bag is tiny but I have lots of small purses so I can make it work. I really liked the choker because it is so clean and simple. It’s a step up from the last box. So I’m happy about that. Is it worth $100. No.

  11. I sent them an email telling them how disappointed I was. Every time I look at what comes in this box- I get angry. My box is scheduled for delivery today— also I cannot believe they are sending some people a silk headband and some people a polyester one?! This looks like a clearance box.

    • Please let us know if they respond.

      I was hopeful this was going to be their turnaround box but that doesn’t appear to be the case. This box seems extremely random and I agree that, aside from the choker, it seems filled with overstocks – I found the silk headband on clearance for $60. The fact that some people are getting a printed polyester headband instead of the silk one just compounds the general dissatisfaction with the box even more.

      At least the choker is nice. Thank goodness!

      • They thanked me for my feedback and asked what I would like to see instead and I cited they need to look at the box of style (RZ) because that curation level is what we should be getting for the same price point- then they thanked me again and said they would send my feedback to the curators. Shrug. Probably won’t make much of a difference but I bet if a lot of people complain it could….

    • I emailed them today about how unhappy I was with the box etc. And I received an email back and they sent me a return label to get a refund. They said they normally don’t give refunds, but because I was so unhappy they would. Thank god. This box is definately not worth $100. I thought for sure this box was going to be great, but again it was disappointing. I cancelled and will not resubscribe unless she comes out with an unbelievable box that I must have, but I doubt that will happen anytime soon.

      • Wow – I’m amazed they refunded you. That’s good to know. I haven’t received mine yet and I’m sure I’ll keep it but it’s nice to hear that they were responsive to you.

        So far, I’m not super thrilled with the CS/logistics – I saw that people were receiving their boxes yesterday so I looked into my status. Despite the charge hitting my credit card more than a week ago, my account status still only said “Ready To Ship” so I emailed them asking what was going on. I received a response today that they shipped it last night (it will arrive next week), so I’m thinking I somehow fell through the cracks. I wonder what would have happened if I had never emailed. Needless to say, I’ll surely be getting the “leftovers”, so I’m expecting a polyester headband. Oh joy ?

        Eh, what can you do. (I’ve already cancelled the sub).

        • I emailed them a few days ago about when it will ship and they said it shipped and sent me tracking info. I’m suppose to get it tomorrow, but after seeing the spoilers I was so mad that I emailed them today. I was surprised they said they will refund my account. I never return boxes, but this one is not worth it. I was hoping I was going to love it.

          • It is MEGA annoying, that their refund policy is as random as the curation of their boxes. They refused a refund after I complained.

            I am done with Quarterly for good.

  12. i gave up on quarterly after nina’s travel box was delayed for months.

    i used to be so excited to see the quarterly spoilers. but now i feel like it’s really gone downhill.

  13. I don’t think this box was re vamped at all. The bauble bar earings state on their site ‘they are the perfect winter accessory’ and the Jennifer Behr satin headbands are marked down 70% off on their website.
    Those items were for sure given to quarterly at little or no cost for promotional purpose.
    So what other then the choker matches the spring trend theme??
    I re subbed after I read she was re vamping….. But that was just a ploy to get us back ?

  14. Very disappointing!

    This was supposed to be a “totally revamped” box. I expected something cutting edge, bang on trend, actually a Rachel Zoe box curated by Nina Garcia.

    Now I will get a granny headband, kindergarten pouch as well as earrings / lip color (black?!?) I can’t wear.

    I am gutted.

  15. Everything in the box is perfectly acceptable if this box was $50. I don’t like to be negative abut boxes but I would have felt let down had I bought this box. After the travel box I decided not to resub and I was worried I might have box envy when I saw the spoilers but not this time.

  16. From what I found by researching prices, the total RV seems to be around $350-$400. The silk headband is sold out on their site, but I found a few other sites (also sold out) that had the price listed anywhere between $150 and $219. You can see it on pinterest as well… after playing around with my hairstyle with it I have changed my mind – it’s really cute! Definitely not for every day, but that’s why I subscribe to different boxes – to push my boundaries and try new things!

    • Very cool thx! I can’t remember the last time I’ve worn a headband but I’d never in a million years spend $150+ on a hairband so I think its a cool addition to the box. And I would think it would fit most people too 🙂

    • This very headband was on Jennifer Behr’s site for $48, marked down 70 %, because it is a WINTER item. The same goes for the earrings which are from the winter collection as well. They promised us hot Spring Summer trends, and did not deliver (yet again).

  17. Basically, this looks like a Pop Sugar box to me.

    • I thought the same thing…plus, another person said that it is most definitely *not* silk…so, I doubt the RV is $150 on the headband. Overall, this box is terrible.

      • The one I received seems to be silk. It does not shine ‘white’ the way synthetics do. I’m not sure.. maybe there are different styles.

      • So after researching it a bit, it seems that the solid ones are silk and the floral are satin.

  18. WAY downhill from first couple, glad I cancelled long ago.

  19. Looking on line, it appears that the headband if it is the silk one retails for about $160. I would say that it is high end.

  20. I love the Nyx brand, but in a $100 box? Yikes.

  21. Do the cards list an RV for all the items? What was the total value of the box?

  22. I bought it because I liked the choker, and based on the promise that future boxes would be better than the recent-past boxes. I’ll keep the choker, and perhaps the earrings. I can use the brow gel. I’ll have to see what color the lip pencil is. My daughter might like the headband. The 10-year-old down the hall might like the cosmetic bag (maybe as a pencil bag?). I wear extensions, so the fake eyelashes are definitely a no-no. Lesson learned. I’m cancelling this one now.

  23. Between this and the Rachel Zoe box of disappointment I am glad I cancelled both subs. Rachel Zoe is really hit or miss (loved Winter but definitely not Spring) and Nina Garcia has just become a miss all together. Bummed.

  24. So sad. Just got my box, before I saw the spoilers, and I knew by how light it was that I would probably be disappointed. The headband I got is a very stiff cotton, maybe even a polyester blend, with a print that does not match my style. The NYX lip pencil is black. The lashes and the brow gel, though from decent midrange brands, are way below what I hoped for with Nina. The cosmetic bag is teeny tiny, and you know that we sub box addicts need more room than that for our stash. So basically I overpayed for a choker. Never again, Quarterly. I am usually pretty chill about the content of boxes, but I don’t buy $100 boxes, and I won’t again. Hope others do find the items useful, I certainly don’t want to rain on anyone’s parade.

  25. I agree that when this box first started out, it was more fashion forward and edgy. The items were not something I thought I could do better buying on my own for $100.00 That is always my litmus test. If I think I would have more fun buying similar, I think only of the items included in the box I would use, items myself and sometimes for a better value ( this last part holds true for wantable subscriptions – especially the intimates box, then the box is not worth my money.

  26. If this box goes on sale for $50, I might get it. I think I might like the headband and maybe the earrings, depending on what style I received (I don’t care much for the ones in this pic.) I can always use more brow gel and I’ve been flirting with the idea of trying false lashes.

    You really can’t help but compare this $100 fashion-oriented box with Rachel’s $100 fashion-oriented box. RS’ blows this one out of the water. The items are almost always more interesting and more luxe overall.

    • I’m willing to bet a lot of the items that sort of intrigue you will be up for swap…I’m pretty sure I’ll be posting the headband, the earrings, the false eyelashes and probably even the brow gel!

      • Ooh, good point!

    • That’s exactly what I was thinking, for $50 I would get it, no way this box is worth $100.

  27. Kind of regret purchasing this one. I subbed after the spoiler for the necklace and it’s really the only piece I like. So $100 for the necklace doesn’t seem like a good value. Tempted to sell the entire box…

    I can’t wear earrings & don’t do false lashes so those will be swapped for sure if I choose to keep the necklace. Also the little make-up bag isn’t my style personally but glad to see others like it.

  28. Wasn’t this supposed to be the revamped box that “listened to subscriber complaints”? Ouch.

    It’s so blah, glad I opted out when I saw the choker spoiler. I can’t pull off a choker at all, so it seemed like a waste.

    I hope that the people who did stay subscribed are happy with at least part of the box 🙁

  29. This box feels a little bipolar. Some items seem luxe, but then there’s NYX and Bauble Bar thrown in, which are fine, they just aren’t luxe, in my opinion. I stink at applying false lashes, so they’re a waste of money for me in any box. I just wouldn’t drop $100 on this. I’m also not a fan of Quarterly. I’m not sure Nina has much to do with this at all.

  30. I wish I had one of those long, elegant necks that could pull off a choker, but I don’t. I think curators need to ask if the item can be pulled off by a wide variety of customers.

    • The headband is something that most people can’t pull off either (or don’t even want to try to pull off). Same with the earrings – not everyone has pierced ears. And I’m betting most of the people who can pull off the headband probably won’t be super excited about a preppy yellow, pink and green makeup bag with cacti on it.

      These items are each so taste/style specific and the items don’t seem to blend across the same taste/style at all. In a nutshell, I’m willing to bet that a VERY small number of people would actually appreciate all of the items in this box. Like, maybe two. Maybe.

  31. This box is terrible! Nina Garcia started out with great boxes and awesome items. I think the excitement has worn off for her. I bought one box awhile ago when the World Cup was in Brazil. That box was good and felt curated, but I did not subscribe, thank goodness. I am guessing part of the deal with these boxes is that they get free or low cost items of designer brands for promotional purposes or some vendors will pay for a spot in the box in the hopes that people will like their stuff and buy it. For me, I actually have discovered some great products and have repurchased or purchased other items from them. However, I think with the saturation of sub boxes (so many nerd boxes and life style and make up boxes) – there are less deals between the sub company and the vendors. I know that is part of how Birchbox started out (brilliant idea).

    • I totally agree. These boxes tend to get a bit redundant with the same old “sub box brands” (Jules Smith, Bauble Bar, Nuxe, etc etc etc) presumably because these are the companies that the subs have identified as being willing to include their items in boxes for little or no cost in exchange for the marketing provided by the box (both the direct marketing by the box as well as the social media promotion provided by the subscribers)

      It seems to me that the one company that really benefits from that symbiotic vendor/sub relationship is Allure, but they seem to be able to cast a wider net across a wider range of vendors than the other sub boxes and consequently usually deliver much more interesting and appreciated boxes (presumably because they can more easily leverage the pre-existing relationships that the vendors already have with the magazine). In their case it really works – they provide fresh products at a great value whereas these other boxes are offering less and less variety and lower and lower value.

      Nina Garcia has led the pack,in my opinion, when it comes to declining boxes.

  32. This so doesn’t look like a box worth the $100 to me. I think if this was a PopSugar LE box a lot of people would have been complaining but that is just my opinion.

    • If this were a PSMH LE, I’d be piiiiiiissed. 😀

  33. my face kind of fell when I saw this- hoping I’ll like more of it in person. I immediately cancelled my subscription though -def not worth $100 risk

  34. Sorry I ordered, nothing ground breaking in this box. I knew I shouldn’t expect much from QUarterly. Most will go up for swap. Last time you fool me Quarterly!

    • I’d love to swap for the choker if anyone wants to swap it. 🙂

    • I’m sorry I got this one too – this box seems sooooooo taste specific. I like the choker and I suppose it never hurts to have yet another makeup bag, but that’s about it for me.

      Then again, I suppose I can wash my face while pulling my hair back with a $200 silk, dry clean only headband (if it’s what I think it is) but that seems a bit ridiculous.

      Another box I will be discontinuing…the silver lining is I’m saving money right and left these days!

  35. Phew! Glad I waited for spoilers. Just saved myself $100.

  36. I would like to see some different things in a subscription box. Seems like they are all starting to look alike. But I still love them.

  37. If you compare this to what comes in a Rachel Zoe box… this is really unexciting.

  38. Yay! I’m so excited to contribute to the site!!!

    So I will be honest, not loving the headband – but I am sure it would look cute on the right person. I’m just not a headband person. The value is there for me, but if I had received a gold choker it might be different. I wear silver, and it feels really well made. It is really cute on as well! And the tiny makeup bag is amazing! It’s my second favorite item 🙂

    • Thank you again, so much for sharing your pics! 🙂

  39. I’m so glad I didn’t buy this! I don’t think there’s one thing that I would use. I do hope that those who bought it love it!

  40. Hmmm, I’ll be curious to see the Jennifer Behr headband in person but the rest seems a little blah to me. More bauble bar earrings? (Sigh). I’m also always a bit surprised to see NYX cosmetics in these more expensive boxes. It really seems to cheapen the total box. I think they would be better off just leaving it out.

    • Other than the choker, that is. That was the only reason I subbed for this one so that’s a win for me no matter what finish I get.

    • Totally agree! Not a high end box at all with Nyx in there. I know people love it, I don’t at all. The whole box looks disappointing to me; but I like the headband.

  41. Hard pass. I like the necklace, but not enough to drop $100.
    And I’ll probably try to swap for the cute makeup bag 🙂
    Everything else is meh.

  42. I don’t buy for one second that Nina Garcia would wear those eyelashes. Or that headband. :/ Really cute necklace though.

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