Julep Maven May 2016 Spoilers + Free Box Coupon!

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We have a sneak peek at the Julep Maven May collection! The selection window opens on the 20th.

FYI – if you haven’t signed up for Julep Maven yet, if you sign up for your first box by 4/18, you will also be eligible for the May 2016 box selection!

Here is the new beauty product:

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 3.11.55 PM

Julep Lip Oil and Tinted Lip Oil Treatment

Each is formulated with four pure oils — camellia, avocado, roesehip seed and grape seed.

And here are the new nail polish shades:

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 3.11.46 PM

What do you think of the Julep Maven spoilers for May 2016?

If you haven’t signed up for Julep Maven yet:

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 8.55.54 AM

Now through the 18th, when you sign up for a Julep Maven subscription, the free box offer applies to the May selections!

Here is how it works:

Sign up with this link and use coupon code FIRSTBOX (Do this by the 18th)

You can get a free box if you sign up for a 3-month subscription ($19.99 a box) or 50% off your first box (regularly $24.99)

On the 20th, you will get an email from Julep for May selections, and the May box will be your first box!


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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. What is the difference between the “my maven” and “maven luxe” boxes? Do you pick from the same items each month or is maven luxe given different options? How many items do you get with the maven luxe box since you get 3 with the regular box?

    • Maven Luxe gives you a choice of the same things, but you get to select a few more. If you plan on buying everything (AKA The ultimate upgrade & The whole shebang) it will end up costing you the same.
      However, the curated boxes are “bigger”, and I think the base Luxe box can be a much better value than the Maven curated boxes, but I prefer to customize my boxes, and have done so every month since I worked out how to do it.
      I would recommend just subscribing to the basic Maven box until you have decided what you think of Julep. I am really fond of their skincare lines, have an amazing collection of nail polish now, and am looking forward to their new lip products. Because I feel like I get a good deal on what I order, I don’t buy much of any other brand anymore. What a great marketing plan! They got me ?

  2. I’m confused as to why everyone likes Julep so much? The nail polish formula is one of the worst I’ve ever used… and for the prices I feel like you can get a higher quality beauty product as well, or at least a better known product. If Sephora (or even Target 🙂 ) doesn’t carry a product, I am always wary of it. Just curious for some opinions?

    • I don’t like Julep either, but regarding Sephora: they did used to sell Julep. Polishes were $14, if I remember correctly. The reviews were pretty good, too, so I don’t know…

      • Interesting!! I had no idea. I don’t know why, I just feel like compared to some other brands, I just don’t like their formula at all. It seems to chip and it needs like a thousand coats haha

        • If I had to guess it is because of all the fun colors. I used to sub stopped subbing for a few years and am now back to subbing. I dont use eyeliner yet like theirs. I also like their sponges, train case, lip products. When I use nail polish which is seldom its another brand.

    • I love Julep. I really love their makeup and Korean skin care products. The cleansing oil has changed my oily acne prone skin!! I love that I can customize my boxes. Julep is sold at Nordstrom which only sells very high end beauty products and I am so happy that I can get them much cheaper with the subscription. I have not had any issues with their polishes, and find that they have such beautiful colors and finishes. I also love the fact that the owner always is taking surveys from customers as to what we want! I had Boxycharm and Glossybox and barely used anything, but with Julep I have loved everything I got so far and am so looking forward to my next box. I liked it so much I upgraded from a regular sub to the Luxe sub, and I only use high end brands and think julep is comparable to high end brands.

      • Thanks!! Good to know! 🙂

      • You know what I discovered and was surprised to learn? That certain oils can help with acne! Who knew!? I was used to using harsh stuff that completely dried out my skin and left me with worse issues!

        Still haven’t decided on whether or not Julep is for me, but reading all of your comments is definitely helping on whether or not I should decide to take the plunge or wait…I like the promotion they’ve got going right now too! That’s really good incentive, but I’m going to read more comments on people’s experiences and then I will decide. I want to at least try it. And it would be worth it for that extra 8-piece kit.

    • I’ve never had a problem with the Julep formula. Well-known doesn’t always been good quality. I like that they’re (1) five-free and (2) a woman-owned and operated business.

    • I agree! I WANT to like Julep, but their polish is among the worst I’ve tried (and I’ve tried.. a LOT…), and while the pretty colors look great sitting on a shelf, that’s all they do.

      The eyeliners though.. the eyeliners are fantastic!

    • I love nail polish & makeup in general and will spend a good amount on it. I use a good amount of nail polish too as I like to change my colors every week. I found Julep about 3 years ago when I first heard of the maven subscription. I’m still hooked to this day. Before Julep I tried a lot of other nail polish brands (from Revlon to Dior) and I didn’t really notice too much of a difference then personally. I experimented a few weeks ago and bought a color that was a different brand that I couldn’t quite find in Julep’s collection. This time I noticed a difference. It was thin, took too many coats to put on, and less colorful compared to my Julep polishes at home. It didn’t last too long on my nails either. I can afford luxury brands, but I’m not afraid to buy drug store items either. That time I seriously noticed a difference. Julep’s was just better. For me, their product is better, their maven subscription service is just amazing in how customizable and convenient it is, and their customer service has treated me very well when I have problem. My makeup collection now has Julep in it. Their eyeliners are top notch (I have 5), their blushes are blooming (Rosewood is my fav), and their cleansers are seriously working it (that cleansing stick is amazing on my skin). The overall service has done me well and it’s fun to see new things coming out every month too. Definitely comparable to high end brands.

    • Here is my take on Julep:
      I have not had problems with their nail polish. I must admit that I seem to gravitate back to Seche Vita for a top coat, and Mavala for my base layers (I use the Nail Shield system at the moment), but I have not had any negative issues with Julep’s nail products. I have also had incredibly positive feedback from my friends who have received the Julep colors that I share.
      So I must disagree with the claims that their polishes are inferior.
      I like their makeup, their skin care line, and pretty much all of the ancillary products that I now use on a regular basis. They don’t seem to irritate my sensitive skin, nor make my allergies flare up. There may be better products, but the Julep ones work for me.
      The next point I want to make is about the price point of the Maven subscription, as well as the fun of getting something lovely once a month that doesn’t break the bank. In the past I have subscribed other “box services”, including Le Métier de Beauté, and I almost always was left feeling like I had just wasted money. My budget is a lot tighter these days, and the Julep subscription allows me to chose what I want (or need) at that time, and I get to experience the fun of opening a nice little box of goodies once a month. I can afford $19.99 a month, and I feel like I get a really good deal.
      Perhaps the allure of the Maven subscription is not just “the polishes”; I look forward to my delivery from Julep, and if I can’t justify getting more polishes, I don’t feel guilty if I just select some skin care or toiletries. And I don’t get sent crap that I don’t want and won’t use.

  3. I signed up for a three month sub using the code for the 8 piece beauty gift (which is on its way! Yay!!). This will be my first month and I like those polish choices. I am intrigued by the lip oil as well. My lips can get sooo dry, depending on the weather. So maybe this could help 🙂

  4. Is it just me or do the shimmers seem to dry faster?

    • You’re right! On Live with Jane today she said they do dry faster.

  5. The polishes are gorgeous; not sure about the lip oils.

  6. I thought I was bad 🙂 I get sucked into those coupons and deals they send out. Always seem too good to pass up! I joined last month and made like five purchases so far.

    • me too. i keep buying and buying and havent even gotten my first luxe box yet

  7. I have a serious addiction! Last month I created a second account to get the 12 piece nail polish intro gift. And before seeing this I JUST placed 2 more orders. The $5 select polish sale is still going on with the code BLOOM so I snagged 4 more of those. And then I placed another order for ANOTHER polish caddy case and those little plastic spoon things you swatch on and used the APR15 code. My Mystery box hasn’t even come yet! I’ve already collected 60 polishes and I started my subscription in February! HELP ME.

    • I thought I was bad but you may have me beat…at least when it comes to nail polish. =)

      • In my defense, I haven’t ventured into their beauty items yet. I had a preexisting nail polish addiction before I signed up 😉

    • I laugh, but my daughter and I had to buy a second carry case, because the first one is almost full. And I love the makeup. And today we got the $100 mystery kit, which we loved, and what is in the box? a 50% off coupon. I didn’t have that in my hands five minutes without going out and getting the plie wand. SIGHHH. But i am willing to give up our ipsy’s for it, we were getting overwhelmed with eyeliners.

      • I know I’m such a sucker for coupons too. I just need to try and remember that there’s almost always one available at any given time. Do you check the Sweet Steals? There’s a new one almost daily. They had a 3 piece nail polish and decals for $13 the other day!

    • Do you happen to remember which polishes are in the 12 piece set?

      • Yes, let me just check my master list I have to keep in my phone so I don’ buy duplicates… true story! lol


        Luckily I didn’t have any of these yet but with all the mystery trios and other add-ons, my duplicates are building their own collection!

        • There is a website you can log all your polishes on: julep.ariaevans.org

          • Wow!! Thank you! This looks like fun 🙂

    • What is the deal for the 12 piece nail polish intro gift? Anyone know if it is still available? I just checked and I don’t have those 12 colors posted. Sounds very interesting.

      • I worded that a little wrong. Technically you’re getting the 12 piece set for free as the gift and you’re paying for your first months box and starting a subscription with the $24.99.

        • I did read it as a “welcome box” with a monthly subscription. Is there a code to get this 12 piece set as your “welcome box”? I couldn’t find it anywhere. I am considering starting a monthly sub.

  8. All the shimmers!! I want them all… ??

    • Yes! Want all shimmers too! Not sure about the lip oils, but definitely want shimmers!

  9. I’m getting annoyed with Julep’s beauty line because the won’t stray from “safe” colors despite many customers asking them to. And I would’ve like the spoilers to be more lip colors for their lip mouse and eyeshadows but guess that won’t happen anytime soon 🙁

  10. I love lip oils. This will be my first box. I’ve not done the “customize” thing yet so a little confused. I guess I will figure it out with the email on the 20th ….. 🙂

  11. This is so random … but does anyone know what color polish that is second from the right? The peachy grapefruity pinky one? I love it!

    • You can ask them on facebook, or just call them.

      They will tell you! Facebook seems to be the most effective.

  12. I HATED the Julep Luxe Up Your Lips lipgloss, and I LOVE lipgloss. It was horrible, like trying to put water on your lips to moisturize them. There is no color, it’s so watery/oily, and somehow gritty at the same time. I tried to use half the tube and just threw the rest out. However I love the Julep lip gloss in Lively, it’s such a pretty color and moisturizing.

  13. Can’t wait! I love lip products (that aren’t red).

    How much fun will these be when used in combination with the (upcoming) Julep lip liners?

  14. Is Julep an all-natural beauty line (like Tarte)? I was trying to find out more information about their ingredients?

    • They claim to use as much natural ingredients as possible but I haven’t fully looked into their ingredients to see if it’s true or not. I do know last year people complained about a specific skin product because it contained a mineral oil but unfortunately I can’t remember which one it was. I’m sure if you google it, you’ll see what I mean.

  15. Julep is awesome, being able to skip is very helpful.

  16. Do you have to get nail polish in this subscription? I do not mind getting one a month but two is far more than I will use.

    • Nope! I usually get skin care and/or makeup with the occasional polish thrown in. And you can skip any month so if you don’t need anything no worries.

      • Thank you. I will try this out and snag the free gift.

    • NO! You can choose a substitute for everything in your box and actually get no nail polish if you want.

    • No…this subscription is totally customizable! I did not realize this for the first couple of boxes, but now I only get exactly what I want when I go in and edit my box.

      This is the best subscription I have signed up for – hands down. The products are high quality; I can get nail polishes if I feel in the mood; I can choose my colors for everything.

      Also, their customer service is A1 (pretty much impeccable). I should see if they are a publicly traded company, because I am sold on this company.

      • Their customer service is awesome! When FedEx indicated on their site that delivery had been made this month but it hadn’t they offered me the choice of resending it out or refund without jumping thru hoops.

        • I agree. I have had issues with other companies and traded emails for days (FabFitFun was horrible to deal with). I had a small issue with julep, called them up on a Saturday, got a real person, and my issue was fixed in minutes. They were terrific.

    • Nope, you can easily skip getting nail polish if you prefer not to get it. One of their curated options each month, I believe its called “Modern Beauty,” which usually contains two beauty/skincare items (I’ve noticed sometimes three if two items are around the same price as the nail polish, though I haven’t found that info specified anywhere), or if you don’t like the options chosen for you in modern beauty, you can switch out the products for other items that they have available to add to the box that month, so you can get that occasional nail polish still when you desire it. They also make it easy to skip a month if you don’t need it either, I usually only get my box every other month (or if they release something particularly good..)

  17. I think I would like to see this on a person before I decide whether to skip, choose one of these, or do all polish.

    But then, at first I didn’t think I would like the April polishes. However, now that I have them in had, I really do like them. (I upgraded to the full collection.) So they have the capacity to tempt me the more I think about their items…

  18. This sounds interesting. Might be two months in a row I take this box, and that never happens!

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