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Birchbox Subscription Box Review + Coupon – April 2016


Every month, Birchbox lets subscribers pick between a curated box (all samples revealed) or a single sample choice and be surprised by the rest of the items. This review is of the sample choice box.

BIRCHBOX APRIL 2016 - packaging

My Subscription Addiction pays for this subscription. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

BIRCHBOX APRIL 2016 - all items

The Subscription Box: Birchbox

The Cost: $10 a month (get one month free and $10 to spend in the shop with an annual subscription!)

COUPON: Get $5 (50 points) to spend in the Birchbox shop when you subscribe with coupon code SUBSCRIBENOW50


Receive a free Rifle Paper Co. Notebook Duo when you join Birchbox using code RIFLEBOOKS!

The Products: Beauty and lifestyle samples selected by the Birchbox team.

Ships to: US, FranceSpain and the UK and Canada

Check out all of our Birchbox reviews and the Beauty Subscription Box Directory!

Keep Track of your subscriptions: Add this box to your subscription list or wishlist!

BIRCHBOX APRIL 2016 - info

Each box comes with a card that has a blurb of the month’s theme.

BIRCHBOX APRIL 2016 - info 2

And on the flip side, it details the items included and some tips on how to use them.

BIRCHBOX APRIL 2016 - items 1

Beaver Professional Repair Rescue Shampoo – 2 fl oz, value: $3.65

Beaver Professional Repair Rescue Conditioner – 1.35 fl oz, value: $3.25

I’m happy that these are for hydration because that’s a hair concern of mine. I haven’t tried these yet but I think they smell pretty good and I appreciate that they’re larger samples than normal/1 oz/foil packet.

BIRCHBOX APRIL 2016 - items 2

Rms Beauty The Ultimate Makeup Remover Wipes – 2 wipes, value: $1.60

These were my sample choice this month. These are nice! I like them especially since they’re made with coconut oil. I think these would make your face feel “greasy” if you don’t normally care for face oils, though.

BIRCHBOX APRIL 2016 - items 3

Acure Organics Pore Minimizing Facial Scrub – 1 oz, value: $3.26

I just finished up a different exfoliant from Acure Organics so I’m happy to have another! I like this brand a lot.

The Beauty Crop PBJ Smoothie Stick in Guava Nice Day – .09 oz (Full Sized!), value: $14.95

This is a new product to me. I love that it’s full sized. The formula also feels very nice and moisturizing, and a little goes a long way as far as color goes.

BIRCHBOX APRIL 2016 - items 4

Here’s what the lip pencil looks like on. I love this shade!

The Verdict: I’m really happy with this month’s Birchbox. I got to try some new products from brands I love as well as find something completely new to me that I really liked. This box has a value of about $26.71. It’s actually a little on the low side for Birchbox compared to some of my previous boxes, but I’m not disappointed with it for $10!

What do you think of my April Birchbox? What did you pick as your sample?


How do subscribers rate Birchbox?

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Written by Haley Faye

Haley Faye

Haley Faye first discovered the wonderful world of subscription boxes in 2012 and began writing for MSA in 2014. Over the years, she has found many subscriptions to love. Now a mom of three, her favorite boxes are ones that dress her kids, help her get organized, feed her family, send her snacks, and offer educational fun for her children.

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Comments (66)

  1. I ended up cancelling Birchbox after being subscribed for nearly 2 years. Their samples have just not been impressing me lately. I just picked up Allure but of course won’t be getting the May box….they are however offering me a bonus box this month and not charging me for June’s box. Their samples are just way more impressive. Birchbox has a great rewards system and I’ve found a lot of products I love through them but it seems lately that they’ve been focusing more on getting people to spend money on their shop rather than giving out decent sized and variety of samples. Love you Birchbox, but I had to let you go.

  2. With all the problems going on over the Aullure box, I want to mention some AMAZING customer service I received from Birchbox. My experiences with Birchbox and Allure started out very similar, but with completely different outcomes. I am a new subscriber to all beauty boxes, and I first subscribed to both Birchbox and Allure in April. My April’s Birchbox got lost in the mail, so I contacted them via email and the representative, Val, sent me a new box right away and gave me extra Birchbox points. When I contacted them again awhile after my replacement box had supposedly shipped, but showed no movement on the tracking, she again apologized for the lateness of the box and comped my May box! She also sent me a free item that I had mentioned I was excited about in my original box, but was disappointed to not see in my replacement box! I want to emphasize that I did NOT ask for any of these compensations, but she went FAR above and beyond what I would have ever expected a business to do to try to accommodate a customer. When I contrast this to my experience with the poor Allure customer service, not to mention terrible business practices, I am blown away. I’m not even going to consider the Allure box in the future, but now looking at the Birchbox limited edition boxes for gifts. I haven’t even received a box from Birchbox yet, but I already love the company. I know people complain about their sample sizes, but that doesn’t matter to me nearly as much as the awesome responses I’ve received from them.

  3. Got four products and my face mask and hand cream were nearly empty. Canceled because I can spend my money on better items that this!

  4. I didn’t receive mine yet (this will be my first box), but I’m supposed to get:

    -Davines OI / All in One Milk
    -Davines OI / Conditioner
    -Davines OI / Shampoo
    – Juliette Has a Gun Not a Perfume
    – Acure Organics Pore Minimizing Facial Scrub
    – The Beauty Crop PBJ Smoothie Stick
    – Benefit The POREfessional Face Primer

    I am extremely excited!!! Just seriously hoping that the perfume is a full bottle and not a sample (if it is, the bottle alone is worth $100!)

    Give all the negative / underwhelmed comments here, I wonder if they send super nice bottles on the first time to get you hooked, and from there on it’s just less cool stuff?

    • it will be a sample.

      • 🙁 Yeah I was hoping for too much…

  5. I got the Davines OI / All in One Milk spray for hair and it is the most amazing product hands down since It’s a 10. I have one in my cart from the Birchbox shop and just waiting to get some more points to buy it. Did anyone else get this?

  6. I just got my box and m pretty underwhelmed. A Burt’s Bees lip balm. Two makeup remover wipes. The teeny Au Naturelle makeup sampler (the lip color is crazy garish). A cute Amike Spray Conditioner. A Naobay cream (I just got a Naobay cream one or two months ago).
    Overall it just felt very small. The lip balm looks like a nice color, and I’ll be interested to try out the spray conditioner. Cream is always handy. But nothing in this box made me super-pleased. I’ll give it another month or two but then may quit Birchbox. :/

  7. I received my April birchbox today – I requested the curated box and upon opening it, I found I had received the dr jart sample, the parlour volume sing spray, the 20% off coupon and nothing else! I photographed it and contacted customer service right away – I fully expect them to make it right but I was so sad as I was really looking forward to sampling all the products this month!

  8. I am ready to cancel my subscription after receiving my box. My face scrub was empty and my perfume was broken. I got a dab of eyeshadow and no lip stick. IMO not worth the money!

  9. I got a pop beauty matte rose lipstick (full sized), a shampoo and conditioner foil pack, the face scrub from above, hair milk spray, and a lovely purfume sample. I’m happy with my box. I just wish the purfume was not in the style bottle it is. It has a dipstick instead of a sprayer.

  10. You got a nice box ,I’ve picked the featured box ever since my first box game and I hated it,maybe I’ll change it again next month

  11. So feeling pretty lucky, never choose a sample, just always let them pick my box, it’s always amazing. This month Amika full size hair spray (love ) Aquareveal water peel, Acura lip lush, Marcelle 3in, and Vasanti brighten up.

  12. Guys, this Au Naturale makeup sample is hilarious! I’m not even sure how to use it without mashing all the products together with my big fat fingers! Lol. Pray to the makeup gods for me. Also, I love the lip crayon! I was worried because it looks so good on you, Haley, and I’m a dark-haired and olive-skinned. I was surprised with the versatility of the pigment.

  13. The Acure scrub was in the Whole Foods beauty bag. It earns a big ‘meh’. Comes glopping out of the tube and slides right off the face.

  14. I haven’t gotten my box yet, but it does look very underwhelming. I have 5 months left of Birchbox, but I’m done after that. It just lost its allure to me.

    BTW, Haley, I love looking at photos of you. You look just so vibrant and full of life all the time and you’re absolutely gorgeous. I think you should include a gratuitous baby picture from time to time in your reviews, though 🙂

    • Nana, that is so sweet of you to say. Thank you so much! I really appreciate that. And maybe I’ll sneak in some baby pics on some baby box reviews! ;D

  15. If i subscribe for Birchbox this month will i get April’s box or May’s box??

    • I have a promo email from them stating that you have until April 25th to sign up and get the April box plus two free Rifle Paper Co. notebooks with coupon code RIFLEBOOKS. Hope that helps!

  16. Has anyone received points for sharing this months box on Twitter or Facebook? ?

    • I have, but I have to do it from the mobile app in order to do so. I have trouble when trying to do it on a regular computer.

    • I e-mailed them about this a couple of months ago and they say they no longer give you points for that 🙁

      • It’s strange how some people are still receiving points for sharing and some aren’t… I received a response from them just now and they said the same thing, they are no longer giving points for sharing on social media. I’ve also been having trouble using codes that I’ve never even used before. I’m starting to wonder if they flag people who are “coupon savvy” (lol). If they are, what a shame… I was really starting to like Birchbox. ?

      • I’ve still been able to receive 10 points for sharing on social media via their mobile app up until this month. I tried it last night, shared on Facebook, and it just thanked me. Usually it thanks me and tells me I earned the 10 points. Lame! I was counting on those 10 points to reach me to $40 off. I had my cart ready for my next purchase and everything.
        And my other Birchbox account still won’t even update my box. It’s still showing March.

      • Well that’s irritating. I just manually checked on my Aces April box since it still wasn’t showing and they completely changed the contents from what was originally shown. I had the box with the 7 items that included the Davine’s set and my pick was the Naturale’s trio. Now its 5 items and no trio!! Hopefully they legitimately show my box to me soon and it will be back to normal. *sigh*

      • I just got the points for sharing my box on twitter in the beginning of the month. I just tried it and it did not work. wtf? why do they have a button that says that if they arent doing it anymore?

    • I emailed Birchbox about that and they said they no longer offer points for sharing box on twitter and fb. This started 2016. ?

  17. Clearly Acure works amazingly for you! That skin!

  18. I got the PB&J stick and am going to replace the almost-gone chubby stick in my purse with it 🙂 I wish I had gotten Acure stuff because I have grown to love their skin care line, having gotten it in Target beauty boxes and Birchbox.

    Haley, I think you’ve mentioned it before, but I have to ask, how is it that your skin is SO smooth? You’ve said that you don’t use any filters, but you look so good that you look Photoshopped – and I mean that in the best way possible!

  19. Where’s my Rifle Paper coupon!! The box is adorable of course, but not seeing the benefit to current subscribers of this collab. Am I missing something?? The only deal I see is the one for new subscribers.

    • There was a 20 percent coupon in my box. Do you want the code?

  20. I should be getting the lip crayon too, I love that shade on you!

  21. if the sent me boxes like this i wouldnt of ended up canceling but my smples kept getting tinier and tinier

    • I’ve wondered if reviewers on blogs may get better boxes/bags from subs. ??

      • I got a very simllar box and have recived that shampoo conditioner in the past, not a blogger, youtuber cool kid, sorry ypu had bad luck with BB I.have been mostly happy with it, after dropping Ipsy like a bad habit.

      • I review boxes/bags/ beauty products and such and my birchbox has been nothing but the tiniest samples. Granted I’m no blogging star or anything haha. I don’t think I’ve gotten a box worth more than $5 to be honest. My Target boxes are better than my birchboxes hands down. So I really just think its random. If you were able to have preferences and a profile like Ipsy and get more products that you want I would consider staying with them.. but it’s just not worth it in my opinion.

  22. I want that lip crayon! I got the Davines OI all in one milk with foil packs of shampoo and conditioner, Naobay mattifying cream, the RMS wipes, and an IPKN BB cream that is way too dark for me. I was supposed to get a clear lip gloss, but it was missing so they are sending it separately. I have more leave in conditioners and dry shampoos than I will ever use, but I love Birchbox for the CS and the points.

    • Always seems crazy! I never get dry shampoos and love/need them! Can’t figure out the algorithm…..

  23. I keep thinking peanut butter and jelly when I look at PBJ. Does it taste like jelly? 🙂

  24. I was very underwhelmed by this month’s box. So much so that I have cancelled and picked up Allure instead. I didn’t pick my sample because I didn’t care for any of the 3 options. The curated box was sold out by the time I was able to make my selection. I don’t like or need conditioning hair products. I thought “fine/thin” hair would make that obvious. The CC cream sample is crazy small. The lipstick looks okay, but the packaging is very juvenile. The body butter is nice. I can’t even remember what my 5th sample is and I got this 2 days ago! A lot of people like Birchbox. I don’t get it. I have been mostly underwhelmed from the beginning.

  25. I received 7 items this box. Excited for everything except for the perfume

    -Whish Shave Crave Shaving Cream
    -English Laundry Notting Hill Femme Eau de Parfum – 1.7 oz.
    -Acure Organics Pore Minimizing Facial Scrub
    -Au Naturale Cosmetics Trio Set
    -Davines OI / All in One Milk
    -Davines OI / Conditioner
    -Davines OI / Shampoo

    • That’s the same box I have coming, too.

  26. Thanks for the review I am also getting the wipes and the PBJ stick.
    After this I’m definitely going to swap the stick since it will not work for my skin tone. It looks lovely on you, but it will not work on me.
    Acure scrub looks nice, I might have to pick that up next time I’m at Target.

  27. I have this exact same box coming. I haven’t received it yet, but I’m not wowed. I think the thing that I am most looking forward to is the box itself–I love the Rifle boxes!

  28. Haley, you seem to get a lot of makeup products that I am interested in (I seem to only get boring ones lol). I was wondering what your preferences were under classic/trendy/adventurous, etc. if you don’t mind sharing 🙂

    • Buttercup, I have adventurous and classic selected, and “dedicated enthusiast” as my level of beauty knowledge. Hope that helps!

  29. My box was completely different except for the lip crayon, and the lip crayon was missing; I only got four items instead of the five listed on my card. And the lip crayon was the only thing I was looking forward to! I did email them and ask if they could send me one since it was missing, and they said they would. I’ve never interacted with Birchbox customer service, so I don’t know how reliable the are, but I’m really hoping they come through. (They were nice about it and apologetic. I just really hope they actually send it :-).)

    • Taz, BB customer service is some of the best I’ve come across from any company! They’re always prompt and leave me happy with their solutions.

      My most recent interaction with them was when I placed a full-sized order from the BB shop that included a baggu bag. However I accidentally forgot to select the pattern I wanted and just got the default-selected black. I emailed them regarding this and asked to exchange my plain black baggu for the pattern I wanted. They said no need and just sent me the patterned baggu! No exchange or further purchase. I was really impressed and grateful.

      Please note that my BB account is on my personal account so it’s not associated with MSA in any way. I just love their CS and always have. For what it’s worth. =]

      • The other day I received a limited edition box where an item had spilled and coated everything in the box. I contacted them via email and in THREE MINUTES they had replied and a new box was on its way to me. (I did send a picture of the spilled item, but I think that is a record CS response time.)

      • Past great examples of their customer service I’ve had:

        – wrong sample choice sent on a BBMan box, said to keep the wrong item, sent out the new one (so extra $35 value I believe) AND sent me the $20 three color Stila liquid lipstick set from that month with the little heart shaped bag randomly as well

        – add-on item worth $45 that had been in some warehouse limbo for an odd amount of time and hasn’t shipped with regular box like usual…contacted them and they sent a new item out immediately, when I ended up getting the initial package thought to be missing at first, they said keep both and give one to a friend or something

        – another BBMan sample selection incorrect, again got to keep both

        – every time I have contacted about an issue they add in 50 points for the trouble, just because…they’re great about customer service and making every customer feel valued

      • My very first Birchbox had an eyeliner that had no cap, so it was open and “drew” all over the inside of the box. Birchbox promptly replaced the item and gave me 100 Birchbox points for my trouble. Last month, the Smashbox eye shadow in the curated box, which I had been super psyched to get, was partially open in the box and had cracked and broken all over the inside of the box. I didn’t ask for a new box, just a replacement item, and they sent me an entire replacement box. The other items were salvageable in the box with the broken eye shadow (and, to be honest, the other colors in the Smashbox trio were fine – but it definitely warranted a replacement item), so I got doubles of the other items. I don’t know if I got that because I’m an Ace.

        Birchbox has always been very responsive and quick to fix any problem.

    • @Taz yes I agree with the others. Their customer service is the best. They really take care of their customers. Have a great day.

    • Birchbox customer service has always been fabulous! I’ve gotten so much extra free stuff because of order issues in the past, or replacing one missing item and then sending something else along just for any hassle I had to go through. All without complaining or requesting more than noting they sent the wrong sample choice for example. They also credit my account often with 50 points on top of that if I had to contact them. I notice they go above and beyond if I send them a really polite request regarding any issue.

  30. I was happy to get six products this month instead of the usual five. My box had the Malin & Goetz facial cleanser and a foil packet of the moisturizer, Briogeo hair mask, Marcelle micellar water, OCC lip tar, and a WEI facial mask. I typically have gotten the curated boxes. I did not choose a sample at all this month, yet still got one of the three sample choices, and one of the samples from the curated box. Every time I have chosen a sample (or no sample), I still end up with at least one additional sample that was a sample choice. Does this happen to anyone else? I feel like if I had wanted to choose one of the samples, I would have done so. At least I can use everything except the lip tar. Not a red lippie person, particularly in the spring/summer. Not impressed with the hair mask.

    • Sometimes I get one of the sample choices and sometimes I don’t, when I don’t choose. (Usually the times I don’t are when I’ve already received most or all of the sample choices before, though. Like last month.)

    • I have always found their customer service to be one of the best. I’m sure you will get your item.

    • Box twins! And yes, I didn’t choose a sample because I didn’t want any of them. Last time I did this (not choose) I got a box with ALL THREE!

  31. I think I am in the minority but I like the Beaver shampoos and conditioners. I got a couple last time they were making the rounds and even bought them in full size. My hair felt really nice after using them.

    That Acure scrub smells weird, it was in the Whole Foods beauty bag.

    My Birchbox was totally different, though. I did get one useless product (an Amika texture spray) but the rest of it was nice.

    • I am with you. I had the Beaver shampoo and conditioner in a box before and liked them so much I used my points and bought them in full size (once I was able to find them in stock!)

      • I remember when I saw it coming thinking Beaver? Those are not.animals known as glamorous! But then I tried it, Ahh Maz Ing! You’re not alone

    • Yep, I also like the Beaver hair products. 🙂

  32. Hey watch out with those wipes – coconut oil is extremely comedogenic and causes breakouts.

    • Hi, c8. I use coconut oil for everything – I already use it for moisturizer and to remove my makeup! Fortunately I don’t have any problems from it. =]

      • Faye, I also use coconut oil for everything, even as deodorant from time to time to take a break from the chemicals of regular deodorant. It also works great for tooth pulling, I use about a spoonful with a few drops of oregano oil, it works wonders to keep your teeth and gums healthy and your breath fresh, even in the morning lol. BTW I love how flawless your skin is, just beautiful! 🙂

      • Meant to call you Haley not Faye..need more coffee.

  33. I got this same box and I really enjoyed the lip crayon. I’m working on finishing up my current shampoo, so I didn’t crack this one open yet and the wipes are just ok. The face scrub is good too, but it looks like diarrhea! That is hard to get past!

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