Amazon Luxury Beauty Sample Box for $9! Or Free w/ Purchase!

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Thanks Marcy for letting us know that theΒ Luxury Beauty Sample Box from AmazonΒ is back!


The Box: Amazon Luxury Beauty Sample Box

The Cost: $8.99 (Or free with the purchase of any item in this category!)

The Products:

Example Samples Included (May Vary):
1. L’Occitane Almond Milk Concentrate Body Cream .2 oz.
2. La Roche-Posay Anthelios 60 Ultra Light Sunscreen Fluid, 0.1 fl oz
3. Euphoria by Calvin Klein .04 fl. oz.
4. TOPPIK Hair Fattener, 1.0 oz
5. AHAVA Mineral Hand Cream, 0.68 fl oz
6. VICHY Idealia Life Serum, 0.05 fl oz
7. Vincent Longo, samples will vary
8. NUXE Merveillance Expert Regenerating Night Cream, 0.05 oz
9. bliss Aloe Leaf + Peppermint Foot Patrol, 1.0 fl oz
10. Julep Nail Polish Color Treat, Carla It Girl, 0.27 fl oz
11. Shaveworks The Cool Fix, 1.0 oz
12. LIERAC Mesolift Serum
13. SABON Shower Oil, Delicate Jasmine

Are you grabbing one? Check out our review of the last Amazon Luxury Beauty BoxΒ and our reviews of Cheap Subscription Boxes for other similarly priced boxes!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Just got mine, and everything seems so nice. I got the lotion instead the shower oil, and my extras were the toothpaste, the cm perfum, and two foil packets of nuxe lait demaquillant.

  2. Got my box on Wednesday. Instead of the shower oil, I was shipped SABON lotion and my Victor Longo product was a smoky eyeshadow trio!

    Other than that, I received everything mentioned, plus Marvis toothpaste and a Catherine Malandrino perfume sample.

    Superb job, Amazon!

  3. Got mine today! Absolutely blown away! Best $8 I have ever spent!

  4. This box is freaking amazing! As someone else mentioned, it blows many of the other monthly beauty subscription boxes away! I am SO happy I got one — thanks, Liz!

    • YES! I was about to say almost the same thing! It’s way better in person than in the pic! I was really excited when I opened it last night! πŸ™‚ Husband: what’s in the box? Me: Toys!

  5. I love it! I got everything it said plus marvis toothpaste and catherine m perfume. This was well worth the money. And the box, with magnetic closure, is adorable!

  6. This has to be the best beauty box I’ve ever gotten! I get Birchbox, ipsy, Target, and Sephora Play, but this one beat the pants off all of those boxes.

    As others have mentioned, the box is gorgeous (I’m already planning to use it as a container for all my perfume samples). The mini-toothpaste and sunscreen samples I received are perfect carry-on size for the plane rides I’m taking this summer. And I mean, come on. I got a full-size $30 eye shadow trio as just one of my products. This is well worth the price.

    • Oh, I love your idea on how to use that pretty box! I am stealing that, too. πŸ™‚

    • I agree just got mine!

  7. Got all the products mentioned .. Plus three additional ones a marvis toothpaste , a perfume sample by Catherine M and rituals body creme foil packet .. Could I ask for more .. I don’t think so πŸ™‚

    • Got those three extras too. Anyone else think the box smelled so nice when you opened it. So much good stuff that I feel like a kid who got away with something. Seriously. Holding this box with a maniacal giggle.

    • Just wondering if you got the pale pink julep or if the color is random?

      • Got the pale pink ?

        • I got a lavender color. It isn’t a color I would normally buy so I am actually really pleased to try it.

          • I didn’t get ANY julep polish…nor MANY other items…plus I got MENS items in mine?
            I ordered all 3 boxes…and honestly. This was the LEAST impressive! I’m pretty disappointed and think I’ll contact amazon! Seriously all I got were foil packets, and vials of perfume for men and women (more men’s???) a VERY few items I’ve heard of…but…NOT what was advertised??? Anyone else?

          • I just rechecked my amazon luxury beauty box to what I’m supposed to have to what I got….I received ! Item I was supposed to…a Calvin Klein euphoria perfume sample! IM VERY UPSET! Seriously….mostly foil packets…half men’s?????

  8. BLOWN AWAY! Just got my Amazon beauty box today and I must say this surprised me on so many levels. The packaging is second to none. The empty box alone is worth it to me. Magnetic closure and a pretty ribbon tie bow. This blows Target & Wal Mart boxes to shame. Huge amount of product samples. No junk… that’s what surprised me, There was not one item in there that I wasn’t happy with or excited to try! Very excited about this beauty box. This even blows Ipsy away by far! Awesome box! Love it! <3

  9. Received mine today and I Love It!

  10. Just got mine today and for the price, it just puts many others to shame in my opinion. I love everything! Particularly the Julep and eyeshadow trio. Such pretty springy colors!

  11. Just got mine today! Can’t thank you enough Liz for your awesome site:) I got the lotion instead of the oil,2 extra perfume samples, the Marvis toothpaste,the eyeshadow in Sweet Melody and the coupon too. GREAT purchase!!!

    • I got mine today and it’s the same as yours; I was pleasantly surprised by the 3 extra samples ( my husband and I love marcis toothpaste ). I also prefer the body lotion to the oil…this is so much better than the last amazon box…just wish I had gotten a second one for my parents.

    • I received mine today! The same as yours.

  12. Got mine today. Got a lotion instead of the oil plus 2 extra perfume samples. My Vincent Longo product is a trio eyeshadow called lulu eclipse.

    • Can you show us a swatch? ?

  13. Just got mine in the mail today! Everything was as stated, with the exception that I got Sabon Body Lotion instead of Shower Oil – and 3 extra samples!
    – Marvis Cinnamon Mint Toothpaste
    – Juicy Couture Malibu (perfume)
    – Catherine Malandrino Romance de Provence (perfume)
    Super impressed! So glad I saw this post on MSA!

    • I got the same, plus a coupon code for $10 off of a $50 luxury beauty purchase. This was the first time I’ve ordered this, and I love it! Thanks, MSA, for letting us know! Awesome job, Amazon!

      • Yay!! ?

  14. Thank you for posting the code! I got the box free with the purchase of Oribe’s texture spray (I’ve tried to swap for it but no one has agreed to it–love that stuff ?) so its a win-win!

  15. I just ordered the Oribe Apres beach spray for $39, the box, got the ink joy gel pens (8 pack) as an add on for $2.99 used the 15% off just now and it worked :). Total was $37.50!! Cheaper than the Oribe alone!! Thanks MSA ?

  16. LUXBEAUTY worked for me too! 15% off plus free shipping.

  17. I got the Last one, and it was okay, however this offering appears to be vastly superior…out of 13 samples only 4 (as far as I can see) are the little foil packets, and we know that tge julep is full size so I am assuming that the remaining 8 are deluxe samples. hooray!!!

  18. Loved the last one and ordered this one. Thanks for the heads up on this box.

  19. I used the code and I got 15% off the product (Bliss sugar scrub) + value of the box ($8.99). I looked it up — this code will only work if this is your first time buying lux beauty items from Amazon. Maybe this is why it’s not working for some people?

  20. All I saw was the name of the box and the price, and I immediately went to buy it. Didn’t have a clue what was in it. After I bought it just now, i’m super excited. Addiction, indeed.

  21. Can’t find it on

  22. I got the last box and the box itself is worth the purchase, the awesome samples are gravy.

    Sadly. the code did not work for me. ?

  23. I just ordered one of these Amazon beauty boxes and I used the LUXBEAUTY code and it worked. You have to type it in as ALL CAPS.

    • It doesn’t matter. It’s just working for some & not for others.

      • Correct. I pasted it in, and it didn’t work. I typed it in all caps, and it didn’t work. I typed it in all lowercase, and it didn’t work. I used Chrome on my Mac desktop, if it matters.

        I’m only buying the box, so it’s not enough to bother contacting Amazon about.

  24. I just purchased this and the LUXBEAUTY code worked for me! I did get the 15% off and it brought my total to $7.64. Hope that helps! And I am so excited to receive this!

  25. Tell me what in the box makes you the most excited? For me it’s the eye shadow.

    • For me it’s the nail polish hands down, but close contenders are the hair fattener, the after shave gel and the foot lotion! The nail polish alone is 14 dollars if you arnt a maven (12 if you are), that alone pays for the box. I worry about the eye shadow just because there’s no telling which variation of color you will get. But I looked up some of the options and there are some nice ones. It’s definitely a more expensive eye shadow so could end up really nice. Super excited for this box.

  26. REGARDING THE ‘Luxbeauty’ CODE:
    So, I called Amazon because I could never get into work & that code expired last month! If it worked for you, it was a glitch they’ve apparently fixed! They were going to expedite shipping for me in exchange but couldn’t because it contains ‘flammable material’.
    Hope this clears it up for anyone attempting to use it! For those of you who got the 15%-you lucky ducks!! ?

    • Haha, it didn’t work for me but I figured I probably used it last month. They are heavily promoting their Luxury Beauty department and they have promos like this all the time lately.

  27. Won’t ship to a P. O. box or an Amazon Locker. Kinda bummed, but it’s not like I really need this one, even if it is wrapped up in a pretty black bow. πŸ™‚ I got the last box and really liked it. This box actually looks better.

  28. I love these Amazon beauty boxes! I have gotten the last 2 and loved just about everything in them! I got this one too. Thank you MSA for keeping us in the loop with all the great boxes. I subscribe to about 15 boxes and I literally have no willpower to stop πŸ˜€

  29. Won’t ship to APO boxes πŸ™

  30. Hehehe this is why I check MSA morning-noon-and night! I knew there was a reason why I got Prime!!

  31. Can’t get the code to work. I’m taking it as a sign that I don’t need the box. Must. Have. Willpower.

    • Me either. Emailed Amazon. Typical Amazon glitch. I added an item from their list to my cart and even though it says the $8.99 will be taken off at checkout, I got all the way to the submit order step and I was definitely still being charged.

    • Try typing it rather than copy and paste and see if that works

      • I’m not talking about a discount code. According to Amazon, the price is supposed to be deducted when you checkout without need for any code. The only requirement is to purchase a qualifying item, which I did. And the response from Amazon customer service? They’ve never heard of the promo, period.

  32. Awesome! I purchased the last box and loved it. Also loved the gorgeous box. thanks Liz, I check your site about 30x a day. No kidding. My favorite. This has really changed my life. I love getting all 11 boxes in the mail each month. I’ve found great products that really make a difference. ?

    • Thanks so much, Bella!! πŸ™‚ ❀️

  33. I couldn’t resist and bought this one too. I still haven’t received my Target box and the Birchbox, so I’ll probably be able to “binge-test” a lot of samples at once by the end of the month lol.

  34. This is why I check this site morning, noon, and night! Thanks MSA. Can’t wait for the Julep and anything Sabon rocks in my book. Wish I could buy extras as gifts…

  35. Ugh, you’re killing me! I couldn’t resist, even though there were some meh reviews on the last one. The nail polish alone looks worth the $8 so I won’t complain!

  36. Thanks for the code. I renewed a gift card and received a $5 promo code. With the $5 and the discount code I only paid $2.80 for this sampler. Would have paid full price since it has the full size Julep polish in a color I don’t own, but why? So addicted!

  37. Thanks for the code! When I first tried to use it, I copied and pasted, and it wouldn’t take it (said my order didn’t qualify). So I deleted it and typed it in and tried again and it took it. Just a heads up in case others have the same issue.

    I saw several things that looked like they would be nice to try. The only thing I’m worried about is that it says the items may vary.

  38. How do you set up alerts for this box?

  39. Yep for sure addicted!!!! Geez!!! No self control at all. Free shipping and the code worked $8.10 total.

  40. LOL, I went back and cancelled the order just to be able to use the 15% off code. Ugh, what I’ll do just to save a dollar. :p

    • Me too πŸ™‚ Zero self control but still wanting to save a buck lol

    • Whew! Sold out just before I hit the order button! No self control, so this is lucky for me since I jumped on the Allure Beauty box because I fell in love with the polish (even though I have 150+ bottled already!).

  41. I think I like this one better than the last one. I bought something to get it as a GWP.

    • I did, too. I got theBalm Hey Mama! trio.

  42. Use code LUXBEAUTY for an extra 15% off!

    You can only get one box per Amazon account.

    • Thank you! Your code worked. I just ordered mine with the code you gave and got it for $7.64 Thanks again for posting that!

  43. I got it for FREE! I had a gift card I forgot about and I used it to get the box. #winning

    • Me too!! Lol!!! I had a card from my bday in January that I had been holding on too! Totally made my night!

  44. I ordered the one they did in December and quite honestly it was not worth it at all. Biggest impulse buy. However it did come in handy to throw with a gift card for my MIL’s present. The hero item in this one is the Julep polish, which I already have. Admittedly if I didn’t have carla I would get the box, but I’m happy to say I’m passing on this box.

  45. I saw the last post you did about the Amazon Luxury box so I clicked on the link and bought the FatGirlSlim kit thinking I would get the box free. Wellllll, little did I know that the Luxury Box deal was over. So, I think this time, I’m just going to buy the box outright. πŸ™‚

    • What do you mean by “the luxury box deal is over?” It’s still fully advertised on Amazon as free with purchase from their product list.

  46. So excited! I got one for 9.71 with tax, but I didn’t see shipping added – they won’t charge me afterwards right?

  47. 8.99 with free shipping with Prime? YES PLEASE! And I had some Discover cash back that made it less than $7. I consider that meant to be. And I didn’t even read the whole list..with that many products it was totally worth the price! YAY! More products I don’t need but can’t wait to try!

  48. What do you have to purchase to get it for free?

    • I can’t figure this out either! How much do you have to spend to get free shipping?

      • I bought it for the 8.99 and it was free shipping. πŸ™‚

      • The box was the only thing I ordered and shipping was free!

        • Use code LUXBEAUTY for an extra 15% off.

          My total came to $8.10

    • Any item in the category I linked to will get you the box for free. Items in that category start at $24. Hope that makes sense! πŸ™‚

  49. I ordered. I’m out of control. My boyfriend will be doing an intervention soon.

  50. Another box to add to my addiction. I’m so getting this tonight!

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