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Serendipity by LLB Subscription Box Review – March 2016


Serendipity by LLB is a bi-monthly subscription by Little Lace Box. The regular Little Lace Box subscription is a bi-monthly themed box, and it ships on the off months of Serendipity (so, if you subscribed to both Little Lace Box and Serendipity by LLB, they would trade off every other month as far as which box you receive). Serendipity boxes do not have a theme – they’re just some fun product finds that LLB wants to share!

FYI – This subscription is currently sold out. Sign up for Serendipity News Alerts at the bottom of this post to get an alert when subscriptions open up!


This box was sent to us for review purposes. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

LLB SERENDIPITY MARCH 2016 - all items

The Subscription Box: Serendipity by LLB

The Cost: $12.99/bi-monthly

The Products: 5-7 sample or full-sized items that don’t follow any specific theme.

Ships to: US

Check out the Women’s Subscription Box Directory and make sure to add Serendipity by LLB to your subscription list or wishlist!


My box came with a little folded info sheet detailing a little bit about the products chosen this month. Even though Serendipity boxes aren’t themed boxes, this month’s items do focus a little bit on New York to draw some attention to their flagship box, Little Lace Box.


The inside of the info sheet had details about each item and the retail prices/values.


On the back they provided a cocktail recipe for a Manhattan – appropriate!


Vintage Kitchen Red 27 oz Coffee Canister – value: $13.99

(Pardon the chipped nail polish – the life of a mom!)

This is cute! And the lid feels like a nice, solid seal when I close it. I really like this item but it doesn’t go with the rest of my kitchen. FYI – these varied in style and type (coffee/tea/sugar) between subscribers. Maybe you could swap for a complete set! Good to know: it’s not dishwasher safe.

One thing I really want to point out for our readers is something the info card says! For this description, it had this:

“But as a final test [of demand/interest for this item] we went to the research. I’m talking about, “The 500 Things I Really Want To Find In My Next Subscription Box” compiled by NASA (National Association of Subscription Box Addicts). And there it was.”

Now obviously that “NASA” (wouldn’t it be “NASBA,” though?) doesn’t exist but part of me wonders if they really did get the idea from some comments from our post asking about all of the things you’d like to see in subscription boxes! Did any of you mention something like this? Canisters, kitchen organization, tea boxes, etc? Just a funny thought!

(Also, I like to think the MSA community would totally qualify as the unofficial National Association of Subscription Box Addicts!!)


Here’s how the coffee canister looks on the inside.


Fat Witch Bakery Brownie – value: $2.95

This was yummy! Honestly, it didn’t blow me out of the water, but it was a nice chocolate treat.

Kate Aspen Gold Love Coasters – set of 2, value: $3.55

These are beautiful! I think this set of 2 is actually made to be wedding favors, but they’re so pretty I kind of want to swap for more. I usually prefer grippy-er coasters (silicone, cork, etc) but these are so pretty I’m rethinking that a little bit!


Here are the 2 coasters, out of the box. They feel really well-made and sturdy, too.


Pamela Barsky 6×8 Pouch – value: $16.95

I like this bag – it’s quirky but obviously very practical. This is another item that varied between subscribers; there were a few different sayings sent out.

Modern Sprout Kraft Seed Starter Kit – value: $5.66

This is the item I’m most excited about in the box! I am about to move into a house we bought and I’ll have a little garden and such a larger kitchen and I’m really excited to have both my garden outside and some little herbs inside or on my porch! This item varied between subscribers, too. I think the options were basil, mint, or lemon balm.


Here’s the mint seed starter kit opened up.

Verdict: This is my personal first Serendipity box, and honestly I think it’s a great little box for $9.99! The value all adds up to $43.10 for this month, and I’m happy with that.

What do you think about the March Serendipity box? If you got one, what variations of products did you get?

Serendipity by LLB

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Written by Haley Faye

Haley Faye

Haley Faye first discovered the wonderful world of subscription boxes in 2012 and began writing for MSA in 2014. Over the years, she has found many subscriptions to love. Now a mom of three, her favorite boxes are ones that dress her kids, help her get organized, feed her family, send her snacks, and offer educational fun for her children.

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Comments (51)

  1. I just signed up for the year- got an email saying my box would ship soon, and the confirmation said 1 shipped, 5 more to come. I’m hoping they are talking July box and not the May one (not super thrilled with those items) any current subscribers have a guess?

  2. Serendipity has become my fav sub box! I got the yellow and cream sugar canister. I already have a sugar thing, but needed a coffee thing, so I just turned it around and put coffee in it. ha!
    I got the cherry tomato seeds and the “preach the gospel of bacon” bag. Split the brownie with my hubby and it was okay, but we both agreed that my homemade brownies are better. 🙂

    • Agree the brownies aren’t very good at all. Not very chocolaty, kinda dry, out of the box is better. I had a Fairy Tale brownie in an Orange Glad box, and I still have dreams about that brownie, it was hands down the best I’ve ever had.

  3. I got the cream and mint colored coffee container and the cherry tomato seed starter. Absolutely LOVED this box and regret not signing up for the whole year. I will be doing that as soon as it opens up again next month.

  4. I got the Thai Pepper seeds and a bag that said “I’d rather be rich than skinny!” I loved it, it is so me. I wasn’t too fond of the brownie. And I got a red canister that says “sugar” I love it all! My coasters came missing some of those little dots on the bottom to grip, but I probably won’t be using them anyway, or some hot glue would work if I ever needed to!

  5. My container is red and says SUGAR. With all the rain, a bunch of sunflowers came up from the seeds I feed to the birds. The yellow sunflowers look great in the red container.

  6. Red Coffee Canister, “I am so very very important” pouch (which now contains crockpot liners), and Thai Pepper plant for me. I am VERY happy. I really enjoyed the Fat Witch brownie & liked the coasters more than I thought I would.

  7. My bag was damaged and the words were run together! Unusable! Zipper broken, as well! Brownie arrived in crumbles. Very dissatisfied & disappointed! This was my first box & first experience with this company ! So not impressed!

    • I have recieved great customer service from them since the new launch. I do know that delivery/ handling by a carrier can be an issue (regarding the brownie) .
      I plan on planting the mint by my deck ; hopefully , being an ant repellant is not a myth

      • Be careful with the mint… that stuff takes root and grows like crazy!!! 🙂

      • Mint is invasive! Best to leave it in a pot.

      • Absolutely! Our mint invaded our grass – horrible to eradicate.

      • Most certainly plant in a pot on the desk – not near grass – it will sprout underground runners and spread into your lawn.

      • Thank you all for the heads up about the mint , very much appreciated.

      • Wait, is that a bad thing? Having the yard smell minty fresh every time it gets mowed sounds kind of nice ?

      • I’m in Southern California struggling with drought killing my lawn so I actually planted mint on purpose in the front yard. I’m tired of begging the grass to grow. The mint spreads like wildfire, doesn’t ask for much and looks & smells beautiful. It can be cut down if it gets too long. So, for me, mint in the yard isn’t a bad thing!

    • Amy, LLB’s customer service is excellent. Before writing them off I suggest contacting them first. I am pretty confident they will make it right. This is the only sub box I know of that started off on the wrong foot and worked very hard to understand and fix it’s mistakes.

  8. This box looks like so much fun I would love to know when it opens up again.

  9. I wish I had this sub! Does anyone know how often do they open up for new/re-subs?

  10. Who has box envy and really trying not to?! Ugh, I said, no! You have too many subs already don’t sign up! Now look at me; drooling over this box. How often do they open it up for new subscriptions?

  11. Haley, it is a complete joke and has NOTHING to do with MSA. If anyone has ever received a LLB or Serendipity Box, they know that the content letter is one of the best parts. It is always written with a delightful sense of humor that sometimes makes fun of past LLB content that might not have been as well received as hoped. If you look at the list that you drew attention to, you will see a mini spatula listed. That was included in November’s Serendipity to pair with an appetizer mix. I’m sure there were a few vocal people that questioned its presence in the package. I have been with LBB for well over a year now. Honestly, everything keeps getting better!

    • I use that mini spatula more than any other item from a sub box! It’s great for getting condiments out of the little containers that Plated sends.

      • Totally agree Heather! It’s the perfect size for a can of tomato or cream of chicken soup. I loved mine!

    • YES I love that little spatula! I use it all the time.

  12. Being from NY, I think they did a great job of finding some creative items that are true to the city. Although it seems like they may have gotten some less popular designs, Pamela Barsky’s pouches are everywhere, and it would be hard to find a person who doesn’t love Fat Witch! I’m so curious to see what the big box is like. Part of me wants to sign up, but I’m not really a fan of musicals…

  13. Super jealous right now, I wish there were more reviews on earlier boxs just to get a better idea of the subscription. From what I see in this box, I love it, so cute. Ahhh, oh well, maybe I will have a chance to get this sub later, gratis on the great box ladies.

  14. My Bag says “Id rather be rich than skinny” LOL!!! its like they knew me!

    • Yep, you can always buy skinny 🙂

  15. Wow, looks like an awesome box for $10! Too bad it’s already sold out when I saw the post… ?

  16. My bag said PREACH THE GOSPEL OF BACON. lol.

    • I’m a vegetarian and I would’ve laughed my butt off if I received this. Then I would put it up for swap haha!

      • I actually swapped for that exact bag from… A vegetarian! She also threw in some pork rinds as an extra since she got them in one of her food boxes this month.

    • Thats the bag I got. I am kinda meh about it. Added it to my swap pile.. need to actually update on the site though. 🙂

      • Does anyone know how long people are usually on the waitlist? I’ve been waiting for awhile and am thinking maybe I should just give up and donate my many unwanted products.

  17. Serendipity is so awesome. I got the yellow top sugar canister and my pouch said “Fashion is my boyfriend”. my seeds are cinnamon basil which I’ve never heard of before, but sounds interesting.

  18. Really happy I decided to go with the 6-month sub. I loved this box and I quite enjoy the randomness of it and not having any expectations/disappointments whether or not the contents fit the theme. It’s just good, fun stuff. I liked everything this month, excellent quality all around. The coasters, though beautiful, weren’t my style but I’m happy to report they swapped immediately!

  19. Love everything! I’ve never heard of LLB, but I’d have loved receiving this box! Congrats on a new house, we’re looking for the perfect fit (new home) for our family over the next 6-8 months and I’m already stressed out. 😉

  20. I received the cream and robin’s egg blue/sage green coffee canister and the Thai Pepper seed kit, along with a pouch that said “I am a very very important person.” This is probably my favorite subscription, and especially for the price. I purchased the annual subscription with a discount using my LLB rewards. I’ve been a subscriber to LLB for awhile (including during the “hoopla times” mentioned above) and have never had a bad experience. I like that LLB ships every other month (and ON TIME) and that I can get Serendipity in the off months. The company has always been extremely responsive and helpful on the CS front. This is the first Serendipity I have received since the company piloted the concept for free to subscribers and I am really glad I purchased a subscription. The pouches (especially) and canisters have been trading like hot cakes in the swap! I was able to swap the pouch and coasters (items I like but will not use) as soon as I listed them.

  21. So Christian opened up last week or whenever that was. Will I get this March box?

    • So I signed up last week when the sub opened up. Will I get this March box?. Sorry. Voice recognition failed me.

      • I signed up last week too and was wondering the same thing. I emailed them and they got back to me right away. The March box sold out in February, so those of us who subscribed last week will start with the May box

  22. Wow. Great box for $10! I stopped my LLB sub because of the hoopla long ago, but I’ll definitely put myself on the wait list. What do I have to lose for $10? I’m definitely sorry I missed out on the coffee canister. I’m a coffee addict and would have used it.

    • How do you get on the wait list? I couldn’t find it on their site.

  23. This was my first Serendipity LLB and I’m glad I got in on the yearly subscription. I got the red coffee container that I will use in my pantry, and the Thai pepper seed kit. My pouch says “I’m seriously thinking about starting over”. I love coasters and these are really beautiful. What a great box for $10!

    • We are box twins! I personally did not like the saying on my pouch, so I gave it to a friend who liked it, but I am super excited about the Thai Pepper seeds! I like growing herbs in pots and have never tried peppers, so this is perfect!

  24. I received the gray tea container, which is perfect because I already have a coffee container. They don’t match at all, but I still think they look cute together. My herb starter kit is for cinnamon basil. I would’ve preferred regular basil, which I would use more, but I’m sure it will smell delicious. I’m so glad I was able to buy a six month subscription. This looks like it will be a great box, and the first January edition sold out lightning fast.

  25. I love this box. I never know what I am going to get and the value is always there. I received Thai Pepper for my seed kit. I also received the red coffee container. It doesn’t match my current kitchen, but I have always wanted a black/white/red kitchen. So for now it is in my cabinet holding tea bags, since I don’t drink coffee. My bag said “Sweet juicy raspberries may have just one calorie each but I”d still rather eat cake” Nice bag, but I would have preferred a different saying.

  26. My seed starter was cherry tomato!

    • Stacy, I would love that! Sounds great. =]

  27. Congrats on buying a house!

    • Thank you so much, Cassandra!

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