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POPSUGAR Must Have Resort 2016 Box FULL SPOILERS!

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Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 1.00.42 PM

We have full spoilers for the POPSUGAR Must Have Special Edition Resort box! (Thanks, to Ramblings of a Suburban Mom!)

Each box will include:


MAKE Beauty Custom Finish Effects Matte Dew
Kara’s Cupcakes Artisan Handmade Toasted Coconut Marshmallows
Rifle Paper Co. Passport Pocket Notebook Set
Tai Evil-Eyes Pom-Pom Bracelet
Mela Artisans Congo in Indigo Photo Frame
Goorin Bros. Fatima Hat
Indie Lee Coconut Citrus Body Scrub

What do you think of the spoilers?

More info on this box:

The Box: POPSUGAR Must Have Special Edition Resort Box (SOLD OUT)

The Cost: $100

The Products: Travel-inspired favorites!

Check out my review of the 2015 POPSUGAR Resort Box, and my review of the 2014 POPSUGAR Resort Box to see what has been in past boxes!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. I wonder what size is that hat and will it fit every one? I’m guessing they ordered a medium.

    • I received mine yesterday. The hat was too big!! It states “one size”. I do have a small head. But, for reference, the hat I received in the Rachel Zoe “Box of Style,” in I think the fall, fit very well.. So, I’m disappointed in this “one size” hat. I’m honestly underwhelmed by the box. The best thing in there, for me was the bracelet! It is very cute & made well. I think I’ll be wearing that, for a long time! I also ordered a box for my Mom, for Mother’s Day, because the Neiman Marcus box, was a big hit, for Christmas. I’m a little worried, it may be too young, for her tastes. So, I may have to start looking for something else… I didn’t mean to ramble. You just asked about the hat! LOL! ? xo

      • PS. The bracelet in the picture, is not the one I received. Mine is much more muted, shades of gray beading & on one pom pom, the other is a muted blue. Very pretty & practical.

        • here is how to fix the hat….

      • I’m a little worried about the hat size for me as well but I was online and googling.. you can fix a hat that is too big.. lots of videos/info online so don’t give up on it. 🙂

  2. Well, I see now why they didn’t release a spoiler. What would it have been? All of it’s “okay” but nothing terribly exciting. The hat is super cute but I wonder how it will fit.

  3. Thank you thank you thank you God I didn’t order this one.

    No wonder they didn’t send out any spoilers and that’s what I was waiting for.

  4. I loved the last Resort Box sooooo much, I was so hopeful! This box is just sad. :'(

  5. I’m excited about the whole box, surprised there aren’t more excited comments. Glad I got mine, but really wish I’d had any spoiler while waiting…was driving me nuts. I’ll remove the Pom poms and the bracelet is perfect for me, and I hope my big head fits the hat, because it’s perfect for me this summer. But those are minor details!

    I’m just glad it didn’t have a pair of boring sunglasses, another necklace, sunscreen or a water bottle!

    • I’m also very excited and a little taken back by the negativity from people who didn’t order the box anyway. This is a bunch of practical stuff with an exciting twist.

      • K, same here!!! I LOVE the funky twist. I think the “Resort” aspect had the one style of people who were looking for the resort luxe like items. But the theme was “Wanderlust.” So I figured, ‘This is going to be an exotic eclectic box.” I am so happy I got this box!!!!

        • Me too! I did see louder green and blue pom Poms on the bracelet in the review photo. Might not have been happy about that one. Mine is a pretty soft muted gray and muted dark Mexican blue Pom Pom with the soft gray beading. I LOVE mine layered with a thin gold bangle. As for the citrus body scrub and marshmallow treats… Nice and useful! Love the color of the photo frame. And, I may end up using the MAKE product since it isn’t actually “makeup” but a dewy glow enhancer and matte to remove oily areas for combo skin. I’m intrigued to try it out. Decided I’m wearing the hat by the pool. I’m excited everything is useful and great quality. Fun surprise for myself. I really don’t understand the degree of negativity with the box either, unless people received different colored items or something. Mine is great! I’m happy!!

          • Me 4 I can’t wait to get my box!! It should arrive tomorrow ?

  6. When I first saw these spoilers, I was so disappointed. This looks like a regular box- nothing luxe at all. And that bracelet?!?! HOW?? I’m also swimming in blush palettes. And Marshmallows?! What??

    HOWEVER, it’s growing on me. I think the bracelet will be kind of funky and different, but still can’t get behind the $120 RV. I love the hat because I always wear a fedora in the summer. The makeup is actually kind of different which I like, and maybe I’ll end up liking the marshmallows.

    My disappointment is that the RV just isn’t there for me. I’m also just sad because I would have LOVED to see a beautiful colorful sarong, some oribe apres beach spray, some dewey makeup setting spray, the hat, maybe some coconut macaroons, and some beachy jewelry. Just something a little more……luxe. It just feels like a missed opportunity for a great box, and instead I’m just settling for it.

    I hated the March spoilers and ended up LOVING the box when I got it in my hands, and using the items daily. So here’s hoping for another positive ending!!

    • I agree. I would have much preferred a sarong or something like that. And definitely would have liked more beachy jewelry over this bracelet. Maybe if I take all the charms off it will be something I would wear. This does not feel like a special box at all. This was my first LE purchase and most likely my last without a spoiler. I liked the past years resort boxes much better than this one.

      • Couldn’t agree more! This was also my first LE, so I even though I’m trying to remain positive until I get it in person, I can’t help but be a little disappointed. This will really likely prevent me from getting another LE w/out a spoiler first.

        • Wellllll, after seeing the spoilers I felt irritated. Now that I have my box in-hand, I am quite pleased with the entire box. I MAY not wear the hat, bc I’m not a hat person by nature. It is super cute for the pool or beach so I may just try it out. The scrub and treats are both useful items. I absolutely knew I would hate the bracelet…even more so after reading the volumes of negative reviews… It’s not particularly cute UNTIL I put it on my wrist with a thin gold bracelet and a bright blue t-shirt. It’s is SO SO cute…Pom poms, charms, and all. Won’t match every outfit style, but I really do like it layered with other thin bracelets, and paired with a skirt and bright t-shirt. It’s very bohemian and perfect for summer. LOVE the frame. Great color for our new lake house. The notepads are cute and a great size to fit in my work tote bag or my purse.

          • I’m so glad to hear this!! Maybe the key for me is having some self control and not always looking at the full spoilers before I get my box LOL! Anyhow, I suspect that I will feel the same way when my box arrives. So glad you love yours!!

  7. I don’t mean to be negative but the items here look like they belong in just a plain monthly popsugar must have box, and not in a resort style box.

    • That is exactly what I thought!

  8. I like this box and am happy with it. We are cruising this summer and the hat, notebooks are just awesome for that!! I love the marshmallows and the scrub and the frame will be awesome to put a picture from our cruise!!! The bracelet poems will be removed and other charms added. I too do jewelry so can rearrange with no problem!! No complaints!!!!

  9. I’m actually hoping I can swap to get the whole box (or at least the hat, bracelet, and MAKE dew matte).

  10. Thank God this box sold out before my FOMO kicked in and I caved!!! I was expecting to be totally bummed out when I finally saw what I was missing. Instead I feel like I magically dodged a bullet. Nothing in this box speaks to me. Nothing.

    • Yeah, you’re lucky. I’m stuck trying to sell mine when it gets here tomorrow. :/

    • Same. Completely. I figured this would happen, so I didn’t cave (I often do), and when I saw this spoiler post, I though, “ooh I hope I don’t like anything…”

      And I totally don’t. At all. But I am glad that a lot of people seem happy about it!

    • My heart dropped when I saw the link and I was thinking: I hope I don’t love it, because I missed out…and then elated I didn’t waste my money!!! 😀

    • Me too!! I don’t think I have been happier to not have a box!

      • LOL

    • Ditto! I unsubscribed from the monthly box last year because I decided there are usually so many of the items up for swap that I can just swap for what I want. I’ve still been ordering the luxe boxes since then though, but decided to skip this one and am glad that I did. Not because I think it’s bad, because it looks decent, but I already have enough of these items from the past two years or so that I just don’t need anymore, you know?!

    • I’m another person who is super-excited that I DIDN’T purchase this box. What a sad box for $100. I already was disappointed by the Holiday Box for Her. You can’t fool me again!

    • Totally agree, this box is not for me at all. But most PS special edition boxes I don’t care for. But does everyone really love Rifle Paper *that* much? It’s an obsession I don’t understand at all. I mean ok the designs are kind of cute; but nothing I’d ever spend my money on.

  11. I’m not sure how I feel about this one yet. At first, I wasn’t too impressed, but it’s starting to grow on me. I like the picture frame and I think I might really like the bracelet once I see it in person. I’ll also have to see the hat in person, but I think if I don’t like it for me it’ll make a good gift for my mom, since she’s always out gardening, etc. in the sun. The makeup item is also interesting. The only thing I definitely don’t like is the body scrub, which I’ll be swapping.

  12. I am surprised people are disliking this so much, it’s a total winner for me! 🙂

  13. Wow. Honestly, I never liked any of the past Resort boxes; However, my gut said get this one. I have constant Wanderlust. I am SO glad I listened to my gut. I LOVE this box!!! Every single item. I can’t wait to put that evil eye bracelet on (I’m happily shocked they added such a funky item for once!!! They always play it so safe) & that hat. I cannot wait to get this box in my hands!!! So so so happy!!!!

  14. so glad I didn’t get this one!

  15. I was tempted, but I feel nothing but relief that I saved $100 by skipping this LE box. I’ll probably still spring for the winter one though.

    • Agreed, so happy I didn’t waste $100 on this.

  16. Ugh–I’m really bummed I skipped this box. I love it! More than I’ve liked a Popsugar box in some time. If anyone is looking to sell their entire box (or possibly the box minus the bracelet, for a lesser price) please email me at charell.arnold[at]gmail[dot]com. Here’s hoping!

  17. Ok, the piggy in me wants to eat those marshmallows 🙂 ok maybe the passport holder too. I love all riffle paper Co stuff

  18. Glad I didn’t order, but I kind of want the bracelet. I would trade for it but not at $120 RV sadly.

    • With the 300+ already listed to swap I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to secure one for little more than a prayer. ?

      • 300+??? Wow, that speaks volumes.

  19. My whole box is up for swap (or sale).

    • Hi Brooke– Can you email me? I’d be interested in purchasing the box! charell.arnold[at]gmail[dot]com.

      • I sent you an email

  20. Love the frame!!! Everything else, meh, glad I passed but I might try to trade for the frame

  21. Can’t wait til i get my hands on it to decide if i love or hate it. Ugh. Bought one for my sister but she now tells me she got one too, so i will be selling this box! Email me at mel10 (at) if interested. 🙂

    • So I actually got this box early…first time that’s every happened to me with a PopSugar box of any kind. At first I was a little bummed. I wouldn’t pay RV for probably anything in the box. But after having the box for a day, everything’s totally growing on me. And sure I wouldn’t pay RV for most of it but for $100 it’s a great value and I’ve been looking for pieces similar to a lot of these things.

      Totally just my personal opinion – I’ll leave you to decide for yourself how you feel about the box. But I’ve gone from a little bummed to really excited to keep playing with the items and mix them into my wardrobe/routine.

  22. Will be putting the full box up for swap.

    • totally interested!

  23. So happy I didn’t buy this box!!

  24. I WANT that frame!! And sorta the scrub. Otherwise, I’m glad I passed on this box. I see the value, but it’s just not for me.

  25. Glad I passed. But I really want the scrub. Swappie time!

  26. I don’t wear hats so I’m not excited for that, but I like every other item! I think people will go crazy trying to swap for those rifle paper co notebooks. I’m excited to see the evil eye bracelet in person, I love evil eye stuff but I agree that the price is way inflated. However, it’s worth mentioning that ALL jewelry in sub boxes has way inflated prices. Right now I’m thinking about that Claire’s boutique type necklace in the FFF box that I received today… Anyways, there was a recent box that had an item from Mela Artistry and I can’t remember exactly what the box or item was but I was interested in that item and definitely thought about it. I’m super happy to be getting an item from them now, and I love the color palette.

    I’m not impressed or even okay with Make brand cosmetics. I expect a more prestige brand of cosmetics in a luxe box but this is okay. I assume they just wanted to add a makeup item without going over budget. So it’s better than nothing.

    This is definitely the best quarterly box for Spring. RZ and FFF get thumbs down from me this season (I cancelled RZ thankfully but FFF was prepaid). mine is supposed to be here Saturday but I wonder if it will show up a day early like they sometimes do 🙂

    • The other box that had the Mela Artisans item was the Neiman Marcus PSMH LE. It was a tray. (And easily my favorite thing in that box!)

      • Yes it was, thank you! That box was too expensive for me, but maybe next time it comes around.. Hehe

  27. Wow, this is nice! I love the picture frame and I’m happy with the box. Glad I jumped on it when the pre-order was available. I know that I will enjoy it in person. Um, that hat is really cute! Can’t wait to see it all in person 🙂 Thanks for sharing, Liz!

  28. Would have loved this one! Enjoy ladies ?

  29. Based on my so-so reaction to the Holiday for Her box which I did buy and the fact that the previous Resort boxes didn’t have anything I really lusted after, I decided to pass on this one. Definitely made the right decision. Yeah, I could have used most of the stuff in this one — but again, nothing I’m lusting over and I’m sure I can find better uses for the $100.

    • Completely agree with you on both points (although the bracelet is making my shake my head … but maybe it looks better in person).

  30. I’d be willing to sell if anyone is interested. Email me Maya.Thevenot (at) Gmail if interested.

    • Post this on your swaps page with your ebay link I’m interested in second box.

  31. Does anyone know what the Dujour magazine item is? It’s listed on the card in Ramblings of a Suburban Mom’s post.

  32. Oh.. So glad I passed on this box…. Only interesting thing for me it’s the scrub…???. I’m on the look for one that will not make me itchy …?????

    • I love body scrubs from 100% pure

  33. Putting mine up for swap.

  34. Would love to swap for the body scrub and the mela picture frame if anyone is interested, also the marshmallows if possible. I can list items from the men’s LE box if I don’t have ones listed already.

  35. I would swap for the entire winter LE box if anyone bought this and wished they didn’t!

    • Also interested in buying. If anyone is selling, shoot me an email at hannah . matschek @

  36. The hat!!! I wear a fedora all summer and am happy to have another hat in a slightly different style. I like the makeup too, since that’s about all I wear in spring/summer ( I think I’m the only MSA’er that doesn’t subscribe to Birchbox) Rifle paper is always a nice item. The frame and bracelet are just ok.

  37. Oh wow.. I loved last year and the year before. So this year I got 2 boxes and I hate this box. I don’t like a single item. That bracelet is hideous. It seems like not a single item is that big ticket item for me. If anyone would like to buy a box let me know. 😀

    • Saying it’s hideous really? If you said its not your style thats ok but it’s far from hideous. Others may like it so keep that in mind, plus until you have it in your hands keep an open mind.

      • I wasn’t excited when I saw another beaded bracelet but then when I realized it’s an evil eye bracelet, I Love it! I agree, it was uncalled for to call this bracelet hideous.

      • I’m going to remove the charms and pom poms from the bracelet and then it will be perfect for me. Luckily, I make and sell jewelry so I can usually ‘fix’ any pieces that don’t work for me.

  38. I was really considering getting this but am so relieved I didn’t. This looks like the value of a regular box.

  39. Will be looking to sell the whole thing.

  40. I love this box! So happy with everything…and happy I’ll get mine saturday. I love anything with evil eyes, may have to remove the pom poms tho. That’s about all I’m unhappy with…

  41. I like the box.. I’m vegan so I will have to give the marshmallows away since I’m sure they aren’t vegan and the frame since it’s made of bone.. that is horrifying for me. I’ll tweak the bracelet by removing all the charms since I make jewelry. I’m happy tho. It’s worth $100 for me.

    • So I really liked the frame and was about to swap for it till I read your comment. I just read the link tha describes the artisan process of using bones and now I wouldn’t have this thing in my house. Creeps me out?

  42. Disappointed I spent $100

    • I’m feeling the same. Hoping I’m more excited once I get everything in my hands. Am I the only one getting *really* tired of the ridiculously inflated RVs on what is, at best, average costume jewelry?

  43. Dang it. So disappointed with this box. Not worth the $100 I spent on it. ?

  44. I love anything coconut, so I hope I can swap for the marshmallows and scrub. I like how everything fits the travel/resort theme, but but rest of the box isn’t really my style.

  45. The frame is gorgeous but I personally wouldn’t spend $100 on all these items (mainly because the only thing I would purchase is the frame and only if it was ~$20) so I’m glad I missed this one!

  46. So glad i passed on this box ….

  47. So glad I passed on this one! Phew… 🙂

    • Also, how in any universe is that bracelet $120? I mean totally my style but you can get the same from Baublebar or even Pura Vida (similar) for $10-35!!! Just sayin’!

  48. Glad I didn’t have any FOMO on this one. Nothing in here is grabbing my attention.

  49. YES! I love the looks of this box!! Mine should be here by Friday, and I can’t wait. I think the only product I’ll be swapping is the Make set. YES!! MARSHMALLOWS!!!

  50. I might try to swap for one or two of the items, but overall I’m glad I passed…

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