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Elizabeth & Clarke Subscription Box Review – Spring 2016


Elizabeth & Clarke is a women’s clothing subscription box – and they specialize in just shirts and tops! They make all their styles in-house, and only do a limited amount of new designs each season, so they are able to keep the prices very reasonable.  Each season you get to preview the tops and pick your favorites. (There are usually 3 new tops, and a few classic styles they have available every season).


Elizabeth & Clarke sent us this box for review purposes. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).


The Subscription Box: Elizabeth & Clarke

The Cost: $30 for one shirt, $50 for two shirts, $60 for three shirts (once a quarter/season)

COUPON: Use code CMSA10 to save 10% off your first box!

The Products: Classic shirts with on trend styling and materials.

Ships to: US (and International countries for a $25 shipping surcharge).

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They included a card this month showing each of the tops.


The Catalina

(40% viscose, 40% acetate, 15% poly, 5% elastane; machine-washable, tumble-dry low)

I’m really impressed with this top. It’s quite different and original. I’d style it with different pants, though. The fabric is thick (in a high-quality way), has some stretch, and it’s very comfortable. I think it’s really unique and perfect for a chic Spring.


The Holloway

(100% Crepe de Chine; machine-washable, tumble-dry low)

This is a really comfortable and versatile blouse. Again, it has some nice, high-quality thickness to it! I need to invest in a steamer to get the wrinkles out gently, but I really like this pretty blush top.


The Edwards

(100% Ponte de Roma knit, lining: 100% cupro; machine-washable, tumble-dry low)

This is probably my favorite top this quarter! It’s edgy chic, and the neckline has a nude lining underneath.


The back is gorgeous, too.

The Verdict: This is my second Elizabeth & Clarke box and I’m really happy. I love the style of the items and the quality is amazing. I can’t believe that a 3-top box is only $60 and I definitely think the value is worth it to go for the 3 tops instead of 1 or 2. I think this box is great for quality, chic, and classic tops. Also: How awesome is it that all of these are machine-washable? I’m so excited about that. Personally I feel like I have too much on my plate to wear things I need to hand-wash or take to the dry cleaners!

What do you think about Elizabeth & Clark? Which top is your favorite?

Elizabeth & Clarke

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Written by Haley Faye

Haley Faye

Haley Faye first discovered the wonderful world of subscription boxes in 2012 and began writing for MSA in 2014. Over the years, she has found many subscriptions to love. Now a mom of three, her favorite boxes are ones that dress her kids, help her get organized, feed her family, send her snacks, and offer educational fun for her children.

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Comments (36)

  1. I’ve been harboring a secret crush on them from the sidelines… but sadly, they only go up to a 14 (I’m currently a 16 or XL in most shirts). Guess I’m gonna have to up my workout game if I want in…

    • I read that they will be launching a kickstarter campaing for Larger sizes. But if you do have the option of working out that is so much better!!!! Hope you accomplish your #fitgoals

  2. Shirt 1 is cute but would look better on someone more curvaceous. Shirt 2 has a nice color, perfect for spring, but looks too big for Haley. Tailoring can fix that though. I digress. Shirt 3 definitely looks the best her. Great fit and nice detailing – hope you pair is with a vibrant pencil skirt to really make it pop!

  3. Although I appeciate the the form fittiing wishfull thinking with the years that this sub have…. I think their designers screw up with this collection size patterns. Don’t get me wrong… Form fitting is a great approach but not cost effective for a sub. Hopefully they learned the lesson and if they do “form-fitting” they will use a model pattern more precise. I mostly buy on-line and I know I’m a size 6 in some brand and size 13 in other brands but they’ve always use the same model size for the pattern. I think this sub failed in doing that…

  4. I always loved E&C until this box. As an aside – I am a size 10, 36D but I always order an 8 because their shirts run large (at least the last 15 or so I’ve bought). Anyway, my box was late so I contacted them. They promised to send it out right away. I then got an email because the Catalina was out in my size and the next size up, too. They offered me 2 options. 1- I could be issued a $20 credit for a future box OR 2- I could get a shirt from an older collection but there would be a $10 “fee” because they considered that a customization. I said I’d rather just have $20 refunded to my credit card. They said they couldn’t do that. I ended up having to do a chargeback for the entire box (which was successful since I hadn’t received the box). They were total jerks about it.

    • The same thing happened to me on the last box, because they do not ship according to the order, but rather geographically. So someone just sign up and live further away might beat you to the shirt you ordered 2 months ago. They ship furthest first. I was able to pick another shirt from a past collection which I already have, but no additional fee.

    • Wow, that’s terrible. I’m so over E&C. I’ve been an admirer of them for some time know, but no longer. I’ve read too many crappy things they’ve done to customers and they don’t cater to larger sizes. Even if they start making larger sizes, I won’t bite because of their crummy treatment of customers. Someone mentioned eShakti on another post that actually makes the clothes to fit your size, and you can personalize the outfit with different lengths, sleeves, neckline, etc, and they supposedly work with you to make you happy if there is a problem with the outfit. I finally decided to try them out last night after taking a deep breathe and getting the courage up to take all my measurements. That was fun…LOL! I really like their clothes on the site, so I’m excited to receive my first outfit. I hope it’s as great as it looks on the site, and super exited that it’s made to fit ME. 🙂 Whoever posted about them, THANK YOU.

      • Ugh, I just re-read what I posted and I sound like a commercial. I have nothing to do with the company and have nothing to gain! Just wanted to share my excitement since I never got to experience E&C, and honestly, after reading all the problems, am glad I didn’t get the experience. HA!

      • I just looked at the website and am excited to try them out. Hopefully, your outfits turn out well.

        Thanks for sharing!

  5. Just an FYI – while customer service is very helpful and responsive (and super nice) for those of us needing to size up (myself included; I’m a size 10 in the bust but a 6-8 everywhere else), they are completely out of the Edwards in any size beyond 8 and won’t allow you to wait and see if an exchange comes in for your size. Because of that I had to select a different shirt from a past collection, which wouldn’t be a problem except for the fact I’ve been subscribed since their second collection in 2013 and have purchased every new shirt each season, leaving me little to choose from without duplicating. They told me to pick any shirt from any past collection shown on their blog and they would do an even exchange. It took me 6 picks before they had one available, even checking each selection in 2 sizes. It’s a repeat of one I got in my third box that was a bit too large in the arm holes. Not the best outcome but better than nothing since I always love their shirts and don’t want a refund. It would have been much more efficient to tell me what shirts were available in my size at the outset versus having me play a guessing game for a week.

    I have a hard time understanding (especially in light of the higher than average number of returns/exchanges this season), how they know now that they won’t have any returns in my size later. The end result was that despite specifically asking to wait they said that wasn’t an option. It seems they either don’t want to delay the process any further or have a policy to not send returns to different subscribers (an odd policy if true in light the requirement that all shirts be returned in their original packaging such that damaged/used returns are unlikely).

    I really wanted the Edwards since it was my favorite. For what it’s worth my sister who is a size 0 had the same hilarious experience as me getting stuck in the Catalina, requiring our husbands to extract us from our shirts (both of them questioning why we continued putting them on when it seemed clear they wouldn’t fit – proof guys just don’t get women’s fashion methodology, lol). Like my experience trying to do an even exchange, my sister was also out of luck trying to size up in the Edwards and the Catalina in either a size 2 or 4. It stands to reason they most likely won’t have many sizes available across the board.

    Up until this season they’d done a great job sending me mixed sizes in each box. They added a note to my account in 2013 that I’m usually a size 8 but need a 10 for all button front and zip closure tops. This time they sent all 8s despite two having zippers (plus the fact both are sleeveless, which are almost always cut smaller in general). In fact the rep I spoke with said that the shirts this time were intended to be a smaller cut. It would have been nice if they had shared that information proactively or even noted it in the descriptions so we could plan accordingly. I can’t imagine this is a cost effective outcome for them since they pay for return shipping and to re-ship any replacements for any exchanges.

    At the end of the day (and my very long post) I still love E&C!

    • Haha about getting stuck in the shirt. I haven’t gotten mine yet, hopefully they will fit well!

    • I guess I got lucky and managed to size up to a 4 on the Catlina and Halloway (hoping that Catlina will work out!) The rep I was working with was really helping in just letting me know what size 4 they have in stock for me to exchange the Edward. Thanks for the idea of doing mixed sizing though, size 2 fits just fine with the unstainable shirts and the winter box so depending on how the summer box fits with my size updated to 4, I might have to do the same!

    • I’m surprised your replacement was so much hassle. This is how it’s been for me to request styles from the past: I made a list for myself of all the past styles, visited various review sites and read descriptions. Ranked each top 1, 2, or 3 (1-must have, 2-nice to have, 3-not for me). It took some time but was fun (I need to have a system in everything I do, you see). Now, when I need to replace a top with a style from the past, I send them a list of my ‘must haves’ asking if they have any available in my size. They usually respond with a list back, of what they have in my size. I pick one, problem solved. Btw, sometimes they will have styles becoming available later (for later seasons), that’s how I nabbed a Scott.

  6. I have subscribed to them for almost 2 years, and very disappointed in this and last box. I have been getting a size 10 and all my shirts are big and loose. So I decided to go down to an 8 this time. The Catalina is very tight on the armholes, the Holloway fits, but because it is a pull over, it is very hard to,take off. Th Edwards is also very tight. And if you line all 3 shirts up, they all have different bust and waist sizes. So I asked for an exchange for the fist time. The Holloway is the only one which is available In a size 10. No Edwards, and I got the Catalina in a 12, have not receive them yet. So in this situation I am given the choice to pick a shirt from last seasons, or get a $10 refund. So I picked another shirt from past seasons which I already have. I am disappointed because it advertise as free exchanges. Yes the postage is free but the sizes are not available. As for last season’s box, even though I picked out the styles early, they ran out of the vest, and I was forced to pick another shirt from past seasons. I have yet to see the summer box, but I am on the verge of cancelling.

  7. I love E&C but skipped this box because I really don’t need any more sleeveless looks and the blush top reminds me of scrubs. Hopefully next collection will be more exciting. Their shirts are amazing and the ones I have go so well through the wash

    • Totally agree it looks like scrubs except for the waist-tie.

  8. Elizabeth & Clarke seems like such a great idea, but I have a problem with their fabric descriptions. Neither Crepe de Chine nor Ponte de Roma are types of fibers, but rather descriptions of fabric styles that can be made in any number of different fibers. Calling a shirt 100% Crepe de Chine means absolutely nothing in terms of quality or care. Industry standards, and I believe US law, are to note the type of fibers on the garment label (for instance, Crepe de Chine may be listed as 100% silk, or 100% polyester). I’ve written to them to ask for more information and they don’t seem to have answers nor have they changed their descriptions.

  9. I guess I’m not the only one that needs to size up on this box! I’m going to keep the larger size for the summer box and see how that goes (although the unstainable shirts and winter box fits okay in the smaller size.) I am returning Edward instead of exchanging because I’m petite and the waist is hitting me at the hip, so a larger size won’t help with that. Their customer service is great and I was able to get an older style to replace the Edward instead. This is only my second box but so far I’ve been really impress with the quality of the shirts.

  10. Love these but difficult for the busty. Sized up for this box and it was needed for the Edwards, which is going to need a small bit of alteration to lay right but it’s such a solid top it’s worth it. The other two I returned for the original smaller size, and they couldn’t have been nicer.

    Worried about the spring selection because I can’t tell from the pics if one of the 3 will require a bigger size because of a tight cut.

  11. I couldn’t get the Catalina over my chest because of that middle strap….anyone else? Mine didn’t seem to have any stretch at all. I’m currently losing weight but am unsure if even that will work. I’ve already washed it so I don’t think I can exchange. Cute tops though!

  12. I think part of the fit issues many people are having is that we are no longer used to wearing form-fitting, structured clothes. Think back to 1950’s dresses and anything before that was supportive as opposed to relaxed fitting. I personally miss the look and feel of those fashions. I think fitted styles make us look more polished and elegant. So I welcome these tops but yes we do need to stand up straight in them :).

    • This! ^

    • I agree 100%! I feel more fitted styles tend to be more slimming, especially on those of us who are on the shorter side.

  13. Love E&C! I was in love with the Holloway, but it just didn’t fit me right. I’m getting all 3 summer tops though, to make up for it 🙂 I always get compliments on my E&C tops!

  14. I’ve exchanged the Edwards and Catalina for a larger size. I can’t even fit into Catalina. Hopefully the larger size will fit me better. This season is so form fitting, and I usually like my tops a little looser. They said that next season will be more relax cut.

  15. Wow! All of those shirts are awesome. I personally really like The Holloway but the Catalina is close. There’s just something so fresh aboutthe Catalina with the cut of that top and I think the thick, but not cheap, fabric can be figure flattering on so many different body types. I also think it can be pretty versatile yet not boring top.

  16. I love this company! Sadly the Spring collection did not fit me right. I’m 34F and 5’2. I order a size 10 and I always get tons of compliments when wearing their blouses. I also love that I can wash them in gentle cycle so no special care needed.

    Im very much looking forward to their Summer collection which I believe will fit my body better.

  17. Easily my favorite sub (and always top quality stylish, but never boring clothes). I was particularly happy with the tops this season. These tops fit me like a glove which is very rarely the case because I’m tall. Even the sleeves are always long enough. The Edwards (the black one) is especially gorgeous, it almost has a corset-like shape to it, so it really straightens you up and gives you a nice shape. 100% I recommend this subscription to build up your wardrobe of quality stylish clothes. I even told them they should expand into men’s shirts, because my husband was so impressed with these tops.

  18. I’m so jealous that The Edwards fits you so nicely Haley! I had to send it back because of armhole gaping. You look pretty busty as well – did you size up? I usually get an 8 and the other shirts fit in that size but maybe I should try a 10?

    • Kristin,
      Yes, I’m busty, especially because I’m breastfeeding. I order size 10 from them. I just ordered some of their unstainable shirts in size 8 accidentally, but I’m curious to see how they fit or if I’ll need to exchange them because the styles aren’t very form fitting. I at least want to see to compare, you know? I think a lot of people had a hard time with this Spring collection because 2 out of 3 are so form fitting.

  19. I really want to love this sub. The quality is amazing. However, I am busty so that makes for tricky fit issues. If I go up a size, the shirts fit like a tent elsewhere. This month I had to send back two of my shirts, but I am hopeful for the summer set will fit better, because this sub cannot be beat for the price and quality.

  20. I want this soooo bad, but they don’t carry my size. I emailed them to please make bigger sizes and they responded it was on their agenda.

    • I so agree! I’ve been eyeing this for over a year now and would purchase if they made larger sizes.

  21. Hey, your hair looks so nice! Seriously, thats a great color on you! WERK IT

    • I was gonna say the same thing! Looking good, Haley! 🙂

  22. This is easily my favorite sub box. I am always pleasantly surprised by the little details of these tops that weren’t noticeable in the preview pictures. I was so sad because the Edwards top didn’t fit me quite right, so I ended up having to exchange it for a different top. It looks so cute on you! Exchanges are free though and they make it easy, so it wasn’t a huge deal. Looking forward to next season’s box already!

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