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BoxyCharm Subscription Box Review – March 2016


BoxyCharm is a full-size beauty and makeup subscription box. They always provide a great value compared the cost of the box.

This box was sent to us for review purposes. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).


The Subscription Box: BoxyCharm

The Cost: $21 a month

The Products: 5-6 beauty items that will include nail care, skin care, makeup, haircare, fragrance and more. (At least 4 of those items will be full-sized).

Ships to: US

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Each box comes with a card. Previously these cards detailed the items included, but this month there is just info on a social media contest.


Catherine Malandrino Style de Paris – 10 ml Value $16

This is a fruity/floral fragrance. Not my style, but I’ll pass it along to a friend!


Clark’s Botanicals Anti-Puff Eye Cream – FULL SIZE! Value $87

This is an awesome high-value item to include, but considering how Boxycharm has been having more product variation lately, I would imagine subscribers would not be happy if this isn’t one of the items they receive. (Check out variant options in the last spoiler post).

The irony is that I got the high-priced item in my box, but it actually irritates my skin! I think I just need super gentle skincare products for my under eye area.


Luxie 512 Small Contour Brush – Value $16

Chella Universal Eyebrow Pencil in Taupe – Value $18

These are both great for me! The luxie brush are pretty good quality (I’ve received a few now thanks to subscription boxes). And the Chella Eyebrow Pencil works for my coloring – and I like that the pencil has some wax in the formula too – it helps keep eyebrow hairs in place!


Makeup Geek Eyeshadow Pan in Cocoa Bean – Value $6

Makeup Geek Eyeshadow Pan in Cosmopolitan – Value $6

Since these are just eyeshadow pans, I might end up buying an empty palette from Makeup Geek to hold them. (And then I have an excuse to buy a few more colors, too!)

Here are the shades swatched (with the Chella eyebrow pencil too):


I had heard good things about the Makeup Geek brand, and now I understand why! These shades super pigmented! The cocoa shade is a red/brown matte, and the Cosmopolitan shade is a rose gold shimmer.

Verdict: This box has a value of about $149! I think that’s a great value for a $21 box, but keep in mind the value could be different depending on the items you receive. I really like the Chella, Luxie and Makeup Geek items, so I’m happy with this box, but it feels a little different to me than Boxycharm boxes of 2015.

I noticed this last month too – a few of the items don’t fit the “full size” standard I’m used to from this box. It’s still an amazing value, but I’m just trying to figure out if I need to change my expectations for Boxycharm a little bit!

What do you think of the March 2016 Boxycharm Box?


How do subscribers rate BOXYCHARM?

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (66)

  1. I just signed up and I’m on a wait list. Any ideas as to how long I will wait? I kinda wanted the March box. ?

  2. I’m hard pressed to saying anything nice about boxycharm…

    That being said I’ve been loving Ipsy, birchbox and allure.

    I got the perfume, I have allergies and can’t use any of it. I wish boxycharm would make it possible to opt out of it or at least send it less. I don’t use brow pencils and have recently already gotten this very same one in another box. I have to agree with another poster that the eye shadow pans by selves just seem cheap.

    On the up side I did luck out and got the eye cream that turns out to be good and as I was in the market for eye cream that saves the day and prevents me from canceling my boxycharm subscription. But it’s just one more bad box away from me canceling and trying out Julip. Only 2 of the 6 products are something I will use.

    Last month was my first box and I opened it all excited and the first thing I found was do to careless packing one of my products got damaged. It was my first and now lasting impression of boxycharm. I contacted customer service and was told to take a picture of it as proof and they would replace it. I told them it wasn’t a product that I was going to use anyway. I was quite disappointed in my whole box in fact. Having dealt with Birchbox and Le Tote customer service I have come to expect high quality customer service from my subscription boxes. I was surprised to find they didn’t tuck a replacement for my damaged product in this months box. Birchbox sent a whole free box when one of the products was missing from my box without pictures.

  3. I really wanted the eye cream and really did NOT want the body illuminizer. I received the Previse cream instead of either. It’s okay but knowing I could have had the more expensive eye cream still leaves me a little perturbed. Thank you to Liz and others who have said the eye cream was too harsh for their eyes. That made me feel that perhaps the Previse was the best thing after all. If the eye cream hadn’t been an option I would have been overjoyed to receive the Previse.

    I have to join with others who have said it’s best to have everyone receive the same or at least similar products and definitely with similar values. Also, I did really miss having the information card listing the products received. I also keep those for future reference.

    I still like Boxycharm. I like receiving different kinds of products (except eye shadow pans), so I am fairly happy with the last couple of months.

  4. This was my first Boxycharm box, and I was really disappointed. I had expected things to be more high-end, larger and higher-quality for $21 a month. Didn’t like the fragrance, the eye cream immediately caused stinging, and the eyeshadow pans without a palette is just plain cheap. I’m really regretting getting the three-month subscription. The only thing I liked was the brush. 🙁 🙁

  5. I received the same box and being that this is my first Boxycharm box, I am very pleased! I received the Shimmer Shimmer and Frappe shades, both of which go well with my fair skin. I gave the perfume to my 12 year old daughter. She was just happy to get something. So far, I’m pretty impressed with Boxycharm. Can’t wait to try the Anti-Puff eye cream.

  6. I received the same box as Liz except the eye shadow shades are Shimmer Shimmer and Frappe. I do not like the perfume but love everything else. However, if I did not receive the eye cream I do not think I would feel the same.

  7. I got the same box and I am very happy. I actually love the smell of the perfume. I got a pressed matte eyeshadow in cupcake and a duochrome in rock star. I am very happy with this box!!!

  8. I also got the same box as Liz, just different shadow colors. We get ipsy, Allure, and BC. I’m going to give BC one more month before I decide to cancel. So far Allure has been a hit, BC not so much. No point in wasting money!

  9. I bought a 2nd subscription (monthly] a couple months ago as a gift. The newer subscription got the eye cream and a duo and arrived 2 days later.
    My own (older, annual (?)) subscription was shipped earlier with the illuminizer and no duo.
    I cant help but think m2m new suscribers got the better stuff. Not cool. I agree with everyone, i don’t want to pay to have box envy.

    • I’be been a month to month subscriber for a year now and I got the same box (except a different brush) that Liz did. I think they’re just random, but I do agree. I don’t like variable boxes, particularly with such a huge difference in value.

  10. So I got the OFRA bronzer, but mine came as a square pump bottle. Just curious if anyone else got that- it seems most people got a tube. Is mine an old version? Or a new version? It’s on the OFRA website. Boxycharm has me all confused this month ?

    • Marisa, I noticed on Instagram that a few people got the square bottle.

    • I got the square bottle too. Have no idea if it’s older or newer packaging. Mine’s up or swap because it just looks way to dark for my lighter-than-pale skin.

  11. Got my box today and of course I got the stupid perfume. I don’t hate it so much now (I think in my Birchbox sample bc it was a vial I was smelling too much), but it just isn’t for me. I saw a reviewer somewhere else call it a very sweet, bubblegum scent. I wish. I may keep it as the dispenser is more useful this time compared to the vial and the scent isn’t bad, but I would have preferred almost any other item to this one.

    Aside from different shades of MUG (Shimma Shimma and Cupcake for me), I have the same box. Glad I got the eye cream over the illuminizer as it seems that may have been the other option. I was hoping to try the Chella pencil when I saw the variations options, so aside from the eyeshadow and brush for being useful, I was most pleased with that.

    Overall, aside from the perfume, I really liked this box and it seems like an improvement over last month’s. I liked the mask and shower scrubby thing, but they are still in my bathroom. The blush duo thing was nice, too. But the banana powder and perfume were total misses for me. It just didn’t wow at all, and this one I do prefer since it has a lot more stuff I can use. Even the perfume, which I was dreading, isn’t bad with a better applicator, so I’m pleased with boxy this month.

  12. I loved the Boxycharm March box! I received the exact same box Liz did and I love it! My favorite ‘surprise’ was the perfume, which was a shock to me as I tend to like my usual perfume’s, but this was nice and very ‘springy’! The awesome thing about these boxes is finding something you didn’t know you wanted or needed!

    • I also meant to mention, you can order a palette from Costal Scents, nice quality, holds 12 pans and MUG fits, that also has a mirror. I bought it for about $6, so not bad.

  13. Great. I didn’t receive 2 of my items. Same exact box but lacks one of the eyeshadows and the perfume. It’s only my 3rd box so it’s pretty disappointing.

  14. I got the same box as Liz, except the MUG colors- ShimmaShimma, which was very pretty, and Frappe- a dark matte brown I wasnt wild about. I am rather annoyed we didn’t get the Duochrome we were originally promised. If their goal was to get us to go directly to the MUG website and order a shade we liked, then they succeeded with me.
    I did find a great sale on 9 of their spring shades for only $25 (plus i bought the duochrome i wanted) which was cool, but I’m still disappointed in Boxycharm for the switcheroo.

  15. I received the exact same box as Liz, including the same MUG colors. I haven’t tried anything yet, but I’m pretty happy with my box. I was hoping for the duo chrome shadow, but the ones I got are pretty. I’ve never tried MUG so I’m excited to receive these. The Luxie brush is very soft, and considering the value of the eye cream, I’m hoping it will do great things for me! Like many of you, I was also disappointed there was no product info on the card. I hope they bring that back next month.

  16. First off…I was kinda disappointed there was no product info on the card??!! I’m wondering if that’s because of the different variations sent out that they skipped doing it. Sad. Second…I don’t at all see Sweet Treats (a second month of perfume??) more chella, and a second month of pans??? Disappointed. I used to really get excited about BC. Not so much anymore.

    I’ve been subbing for a year. In November they had a sweet Black Friday 6 month sub. I signed up because at the time BC was great! Now I wished I hadn’t. Sadly I’m cancelling after Aprils box. The last 3 for me were stinkers and wish I could skip a month and salvage what months I had left.

  17. Zzzzzzz…..what a boring box. I have always loved Boxycharm, but the last 2 months have been boring, particularly this month. If anyone from Boxycharm reads these…PLEASE stop with the variations! It’s so frustrating when you see reviews online and then you get the one item you don’t want. I got the Ofra illuminizer…ugh. I feel Boxycharm used to have greater variety, more interesting colors instead of just neutral, different companies I’d never heard of, and just fun! This box feels tired. There’s really nothing new, nothing exciting, and stop with the loose pans, they are making a mess. I may think about the Allure box if this is a continuing trend. Feeling a bit like I did before the French Box fiasco. I’ll stick it out a few more months in the hope that this is just a weird blip.

    • What was the French Box fiasco?? I just subscribed to the Allure box earlier this month. My first box is supposed to be delivered today. I can’t wait to get it!

      • The French Box was really nice, then they went through some changes. Items were swapped, or missing, selection got weird, and it culminated with a box filled with dirty, old, expired items. They shut down for a while to regroup.

  18. I really want that perfume! I received a sample from Birchbox and loved it, but sadly cannot afford it 🙁

    • Mine will be up for swap soon. I like it, I just have too many right now.

      • I wish I was on the swap site.

    • Go onto the swap site here, there is bound to be people swapping it. I know I will be.

  19. I got my box today and was so upset to see the silly body O’DEA iluminizer! I don’t want it, I have absolutely no need for it I’m puertorican and it’s way to dark for my medium skin. I wish I have gotten the moisterizer even though I thought it didn’t smell to good in our past box. I don’t like this sending people different things. I was so upset that I haven’t even played with my eyeshadows…lol

  20. I got the same exact box Liz!! I was so excited about this month. It is my 3rd month and I have used everything I received. I love the MUG eye shadow colors. Coco Bear and Cosmopolitan are so smooth and blendable. The eye cream instantly moisturizes my skin. I like the fragrance and If I don’t use it my 9 yr old will. 🙂 The Luxie small contour brush, is very soft and works well. I have really dark eyebrows and its hard to find a color that doesn’t make them look too bold. This one works awesome and I am going to buy it again this weekend. Thanks Boxycharm for a great box!!

    • I also got the exact same box!

  21. I got the exact same box! I also didn’t like this perfume, nor did I like the one last month with the pink and camo (wth??) box. Never have been a fan of sub box perfumes…I’ll stick to my designer stuff. And of course, no duo chrome 🙁 but at least this is a pretty color and I’ve been getting a lot of shades like this to make a really pretty peachy, light look. Peach smokey eye this summer maybe? Too Faced seems to agree!

  22. I am new, second box. Clarks Eye cream, duochrome-black light ( it’s purple) matte-cocoa bear, chella, perfume, vasanti blush brush ( love, super soft) Wasn’t thrilled about perfume as last month I got one ( scents bother me BAD so I will probably NEVER like perfume in a sub) My daughter took that one but this one she said “no way”. However I so consider it a bonus item. I know we get 5-6 items, so considering the value and being 6, something like that would not upset me. I can still give it with a gift to someone.

    • Forgot… I do not like that there was no info on the card. I expected to flip it over and see that.

  23. I received the Previce hydromilk this month. A $48 value. Although not happy that others got a value of nearly $40 more than me I am glad I got something I could use instead of another eye serum which seems to come monthly in subs. The reviews on the Previce are great so I am looking forward to using it.

    What I’m not happy with is getting another 2 products in a pan, making them difficult to use without purchasing a compact. I also am surprised we did not get an information card this month. Packaging gets thrown away and without manufacturer information repurchasing can be problematic.

  24. I also got the Ofra body illuminzer. In addition to the fact that I really don’t want “illuminzed” skin, the color looks way to dark for me — it’s kind of a golden tan color and I make Dracula look well tanned. It’s possible it looks different when rubbed in; I didn’t actually try it as I wanted to put it up for swap. My eyeshadows were both kind of brown-ish, one matte and one glimmery. I’ll use them, but they certainly aren’t favorites.

    I don’t mind variations when it comes to color or scent and things like that, but I think variations should be within the same price range so subscribers don’t feel ripped off.

  25. I received the same box except for the eye cream. My box included the Ofra body illuminizer. This box was an improvement from last months. I am a bit disappointed in Boxycharm. I started subscribing month to month last June and have pretty much been wowed each month by the products and the box. Because they have been so outstanding I renewed for the annual in January. I did not receive my January box due to the sell out until last week. I save my cards that come from my subs to know who sent what when. Where Boxycharm has always definitely been a step above Ipsy these past 2 months have been extremely similar to what I received in the past from both Ipsy and Birchbox. The Catherine Malandrino perfume I received from Birchbox. Glossybox’s variations can be frustrating. I always liked the NO variations from Boxycharm and the redo on the website reminds me of Ipsy. If Boxy is becoming another Ipsy I will rethink my annual sub. As I am considering canceling my Ipsy as it has been more misses than hits for me in the past year. Boxycharm please return to your previous concept and fabulous delivery of exceptional products.

  26. I received the exact same box as you except I received a retractable powder brush made by Mitsura. I like the brow pencil but it’s a shade too dark for me. Perfume is almost always a bust for me. Wish boxycharm would just avoid that altogether. Giving the eye cream to my mom and will use the eyeshadow and the rest. I’m happy but I agree that they should stick with the “same for everyone” formula they have been using.

  27. Have they learned nothing from Glossybox – sending out different value boxes? This was something I’ve always appreciated about Boxycharm. If they start varying products like Glossybox does/did, I’m dropping them as well. I hope this isn’t the trend, I’ve really loved this sub. I got *another* body lotion instead of the pricey eye cream which I would have loved.

    • I completely agree. I loved that everyone got the same thing and now of course, I too am disappointed that I didn’t get something that someone else got so it just makes it seem unfair. One starts to think why am I paying $21 a month to feel like someone else got a better value then me.

  28. Hi Liz,
    I was wondering if you could list the ship weight of boxes that varying items. I’m very impatient and I really want that eye cream. Have a feeling I’ll get another highlighter.

  29. I did get the eye cream and can use it and love it, I’ve already received that previse considering I’ve been subscribed almost a year now and I am happy with my box, overall… for what I pay. BUT….my shadow colors are disappointing, I was gait I got to get a duo chrome and then see is “rockstar”, that doesnt look like a duo chrome on me at all and is barely visible. Cupcake is my matte color, it’s alright but in comparison to all the colors that have gone out, I have box envy. I hate these variations as well. me it seems like like the new subscribers got screwed getting the precise vs the eye cream but I’m sure that just means they will get that a month us that got it will get something not as great. And I feel the regular subscribers got screwed , come wise for the shadows. Is love to have received blacklight…. even havoc. 2 very light in pigment colors is very disappointing. Then….. the card. I really hope this is a 1 time thing not being so detailed bit I have a feeling this is a regular thing now because there is now going to be box variations. Also, i do feel the products have been sliding down in the wow/yay factor. The perfumes seem cheap to me. I could see if ot was some fancy bottle of perfume -that’s what I’d expect from the boxycharm I once knew. I think im cancelling because it’s changing what stood out from the rest that I loved so much. I am not excited anymore and just feel more a set up for disappointment. Don’t get me wrong, it is a great value for $21 but not worth the box envy and just overall change. I don’t need makeup, I don’t need anything. It was just a nice surprise. … before.

    • Sorry…reposting EDITED.
      I did get the eye cream and can use it and love it, I’ve already received that previse moisturizer considering I’ve been subscribed almost a year now and I am happy with my box, overall for what I pay. BUT….my shadow colors are disappointing, I was excited I got a duo chrome and then see is “rockstar”, that doesnt look like a duo chrome on me at all and is barely visible. I guess even the shimmer would have been better. I got Cupcake for my matte color, it’s alright but in comparison to all the colors that have gone out, I have box envy. I hate these variations and to me it seems like like the new subscribers got screwed getting the precise vs the eye cream but I’m sure that just means that they will get it one month in the future and those of us that got it will get something not as great. I feel the regular subscribers got screwed , color wise for the shadows. Id love to have received blacklight…. even havoc. 2 very light in pigment colors is very disappointing. Then….. the card. I liked it bring detailed, I kept them all and was able to keep track of what’s from which sub and when. I really hope this is a 1 time thing but I have a feeling this is a regular thing now because there is now going to be box variations. Also, i do feel the products have been sliding down in the wow/yay factor. The perfumes seem cheap to me. I could see if it was some fancy bottle of perfume – that’s what I’d expect from the boxycharm I once knew. I think im cancelling because it’s changing what stood out from the rest that I loved so much. I am not excited anymore and just feel more a set up for disappointment. Don’t get me wrong, it is a great value for $21 but not worth the box envy and just overall change. I don’t need makeup, I don’t need anything. It was just a nice surprise. … before.

  30. This box felt very strange to me. I got the Ofra illuminizer instead of the eye cream but what bothered me is the box felt like a mess of old products. It wasn’t the awesome boxycharm I remember. I might take a boxycharm break and go back to glossybox. At least then I can use the cute boxes for something! 🙂

  31. Boxycharm has to stop it with these box variations! It is turning into a pricier version of Ipsy and nobody wants that. It’s not right that some subscribers get products worth almost $50 more than others (the eye de-puff). Also, they need to go back to their regular product listing cards. I actually keep all of mine from all my subs so that I know what came from where.

    • Sorry, I already made my rant about this last night, but didn’t see the comment so thought it went poof! 🙂

  32. I got the exact same box – eye cream included. I had no idea that it was so expensive! I will put it up for swap as I do not use eye cream. I really like the eye shadow shades but not having a pallette is a bummer. The rest of the items I will not use. I canceled my subscription because I am really on makeup overload at this point. I will stick with Glossybox with my year sub and Goodbeing every other month.

  33. I received the same as Liz except I got the Previse Hydromilk instead of the Anti-Puff Eye Cream. I like the Previse, but my box total was $110… compared to Liz’s $149 box. That’s a huge difference in total values. 🙁

    • I too got the previse instead of the eye depuffer. I am disappointed by the variation and value difference…I like what I received, but at the same time feel shorted or ripped off. I am a new subscriber just joined in January with a 3 month sub, this was my third box, so I will make sure I cancel. The Jan box blew me away (which is why I joined!), but the Feb and Mar boxes have been duds.

      • Same here, Kim. I joined in January and this was my 3rd box. I like them a lot, but not sure I’m gonna keep them if they continue with the box variations. The value is great, but I’m disappointed when there is a $40 difference in boxes.

      • I would gladly swap either of you for the Previse! I got the eye cream, I’ll never use it as I have many more. But I’m almost out of my Previse from last year’s box! I’d love another bottle, it keeps me acne free better than most moisturizers!

  34. Maybe you got the expensive eye serum because this wasn’t a just-another-subscriber box – you said that this box was sent for review purposes – hence, a hook for those of us who keep the Boxycharm account inactive, and only reactivate AFTER we see what the spoilers are on MSA… Sorry, Boxycharm, didn’t work for me this month. Onwards to April!

    • I’m a “regular” subscriber. Been with them for a year and I got the eye serum as well. I pretty much got the same box, the only difference is that I got the fancy brush. I actually love my box. I was disappointed when I saw the spoilers but I got everything I wanted in the box.

    • I am new, second box I did get the eye cream

    • I’m a plain Jane subscriber! Haven’t even been with Boxy a year. I received the same box. I doubt Boxy does this, as many people got this exact box, not just reviewers! No worries, the whole world isn’t a scam! 😉

  35. I got the same box as Liz and I’m really happy with it. I can’t believe the eye cream is $87! Great!
    That said, it worries me that the info card doesn’t list the individual items like it normally does. I hope it doesn’t become like Ipsy with the variations every month.
    I cancelled Ipsy. I don’t want to cancel Boxycharm. It’s one of my favorites.

  36. I wanted the eye serum, but received the body shimmer instead:( I received a beautiful mauve matte and matching chrome color ( I’m too old for shiny eyelids.) The rest was the same as yours. I do love the brow pencil. I’m not a fan of the perfume. I haven’t used the brush yet, waiting for my pallet in the FFF box to arrive, then I will try it.
    The last two months of Boxycharm have not been as special, to me. I’ve subbed to this box for almost 2 years and I have always been wowed and pleased, except the last two months. Maybe it is the various box thing, maybe it’s just me.

  37. This is not to exciting this month, the same for last month too. Last year I couldn’t wait to get my boxes. I hope they bring back their box style from 2015. I agree with you Liz

  38. I would have preferred your box! I’m not a perfume fan so that will be swapped. Instead of the very useful Cosmopolitan shade, I received Blacklight, a shimmery light purple that does not go with my skin coloring at all. And I would have loved the eye cream, but I was given Previse Hydromilk and the tube looks a little worn with some stains on it. Since I read that Boxycharm has been giving this out for well over a year, I imagine I received an old one. That gave me the impetus to cancel. Shockingly, I much preferred my Ipsy box this month and I also enjoyed my Glossybox. I think they are a better fit. And it’s my third Luxie brush from a beauty box in 2 months! It’s just an odd sized brush, unlike the other two.

  39. I hope I don’t get the perfume. I just got that exact one as a sample (granted a vial and not a spray), and I didn’t love it. Also from Glossybox the brush is the same brand, just a different shape. Wouldn’t be horrible, so long as I don’t get the same one, but a bit repetitive, especially combined with the duplicate perfume.

    I’m buying a z-palette to put the shadows in. I already have some pans from Kiko Milano coming, so I don’t mind getting these pans. Just hope to get good colours that are usable for me.

    The main thing I’m hoping to get is the Chella brow pencil, as I’m always looking for good brow products. It looks like a shade that’d work for mine, even though I tend to go for pretty dark brow products.

  40. I got the same box as Liz, except the Ofra illuminizer (which I’ll add to the pile of body luminzers I’ll never use) instead of the pricey de-puff cream. I wish Boxy wouldn’t start the variations, because it just builds envy when you don’t get the item you want and/or resentment when the items’ values are vastly different. I mean, an $87 item vs a $39 item? That’s almost a $50 difference. Why would they want to treat their customers that way? I appreciate that sub boxes are a roll of the dice and the surprise is more than half the fun for me. But… I am operating under the assumption that all subscribers will receive, if not the same products, than at least about the same retail value.

    • In my experience, the eye creams (all outrageously priced) that Boxy sends out definitely aren’t worth their RV, if that makes you feel any better. The PurLisse one actually came close, but I’ve been with boxy less than a year and I already have 3 large “luxury” eye creams that will eventually go bad because I can’t use them fast enough! Ha! The swap site on here has treated me well, you could always try and swap the items you don’t like if you feel you’ll throw them out.

  41. I received the same items, both of my eye shadows were matte too but different colors. Frappe and Shimma Shimma

    • Shimma Shimma isn’t supposed to be a matte shade.

  42. Hey Liz, you can actually use any eyeshadow palette. I had one laying around from MAC and they fit perfectly! Just FYI…

    • I definitely like the idea of not spending any money on an empty palette – thanks for the tip! 🙂

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