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BoxyCharm March 2016 FULL SPOILERS

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We have the full March 2016 Boxycharm spoilers!

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FYI – Subscribers will not receive all items pictured, but that covers the variations this month.

Each box will include at least one of the following:

And all subscribers will receive:

  • 2 Eyeshadow pans from Makeup Geek: (1) Matte Shade and (1) Duo Chrome Shade.

Other possible items you may receive:

What do you think of the full March 2016 Boxycharm spoilers?

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, it is $21 a month. Check out my reviews of past Boxycharm boxes too!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I looked at the Boxycharm website and social media to see what they ALL SAID we are paying for.

    Three Website Pages:
    ♡ “How it works” page VERDICT: 4-5 FULL SIZE
    ♡Top of Main Page VERDICT: (the part you see first) 4-5 FULL SIZE
    ♡ Bottom of Main Page VERDICT: (don’t trust the first one so you scroll down) 4-5 FULL SIZE/LUXURY
    ♡ FAQ PAGE 1 VERDICT: (in search for “full size”) 4-5 FULL SIZE
    ♡ FAQ PAGE 2 VERDICT: (in a search for “full size”) 4-5 FULL SIZE/LUXURY

    Social Media:
    ♡ Facebook About VERDICT – 4-5 FULL SIZE/LUXURY
    ♡ Instagram About VERDICT – 4-5 FULL SIZE
    ♡ Twitter About VERDICT – 4-5 FULL SIZE
    ♡ Pinterest VERDICT – NEITHER (doesn’t specify)
    ♡ Google+ VERDICT – NEITHER (doesn’t specify)

    Final Tally
    Just Full Size: 5 sources
    Both Full Size and Luxury: 3 sources
    Not specified: 2 sources

    No wonder I was confused. This is insanity!

  2. I just cancelled mine. I asked for reassurance (not hints/names) just a yes or no if they will send out the full size they promise.

    I got a snooty email back saying i was WRONG they send out full size/luxury and they don’t release the items in boxes.

    First of all…I clearly stated I wanted an assurance NOT a list or hints. Second, I called BULL on that and sent a screenshot from the HOW IT WORKS link from the main page. It says (and still does…i checked) 4-5 full size…

    They just emailed me back and said “oops we’ll get that fixed but in tha FAQS section it says full size/luxury”

    Pffft i emailed back that I hoped they fixed it soon because i wasn’t in the habit of checking multiple links on a website for inconsistency in what Im paying for and not paying for.

    I wasn’t even upset with February… It was a little off from the last 14 boxes I’ve gotten from them. March was one full size brush, one full size eyebrow, and 4 luxury samples…no pump for ofra, no zpalette to put loose mug pans in (…ive already accidentally dug the flap into one pan) and a sample perfume.

    I’ve already subbed to birchbox instead since I already have ipsy(love it)

    The sad thing is is that I had no intention of cancelling going into the emails. Terrible customer service.

    I just check their rating on better business bureau C.
    Ipsy has an A.

  3. This was only my second Boxycharm box. I started subscribing after unsubbing from Glossybox because some of the past boxes looked great. I am really disappointed. Who wants pan eyeshadows and nowhere to put them? I feel like my makeup drawer is filling up with them. And I just got a makeup brush last month! They get one more month and if next month’s isn’t spectacular they’re getting the ax.

  4. I got the exact same box as Liz except different eyeshadow colors. I like everything except the perfume, so a really great value!

  5. I got to mug cocoa bear and cosmopolitan and they go great together. Also got the anti puff eye cream and it is a large size, provided the bottle is full. Says .5 fl ounce so I doubt it. Also the perfume, Luxie brush, perfume and eye brow pencil which I’ve used before and liked. My gripe is I am tired of pans as I don’t have a way to store them.

  6. I subscribed in January to this and 3 other sub boxes. So far, this is becoming my least favorite when considering the price and products. I have liked some products out of each box very much, while hating others. This month, I was disappointed to get the perfume as I got the same brand in a Birchbox last month. I have a large collection of full size perfumes, so it isn’t going to be used. I also got the Previse, duo chrome and matte eyeshadow, eyebrow pencil, and Luxie brush. I use Anastasia brow pomade, so won’t use the pencil. And, I don’t have a palette to put the shadows in. Looks like I’ll need to invest which doesn’t make me pleased since I don’t like buying more when they could have just made them standalones. Or sent a palette! Again, not terrible, but just disappointing. My other subs were exciting and on point. May end up canceling if things continue this way.

    • I joined Ipsy, Birchbox, Allure and Boxycharm in February. I Have to agree with you. The products haven’t hit the mark with me I think that I would feel good about the box at about $15.00 a box but end up feeling ripped on when shadows without a case and face masks are considered full sized items. The other 3 boxes I really liked and considering the price of Boxycharm is double the cost of Ipsy and Birchbox I don’t think it delivers. I decided to give it another month and see if they deliver anything good. I seem to get my box later than others so here is hoping it turns out. I guess if it has the eye cream and a the brush I will stay on another month. I don’t know about you but I don’t need another Eyebrow Pencil and small perfume samples turn me off.

  7. I just started subscribed to boxycharm last month. I chose them over any other service because after looking through their previous boxes it seemed like they offered a lot of fun and variety. However so far after getting February’s box and now seeing this one i’m feeling a bit lukewarm. I’m sure it’s hard to cater to so many different people needs, but these boxes just feel so….safe? Dull? I feel like there’s a bit of luster lacking. I don’t look at this and feel excited, I look at it and think “Oh, that’s very practical” Which isn’t bad, but it’s not quite what I was hoping for. I saw the sweet treats theme and thought that there was going to be color and personality and this just fell so flat. I’m still quite interested to see and try the products, i’d like to give everything a chance. I think i’ll try this service for one more month, and if i’m still disappointed after that then hey, I can always cancel knowing it wasn’t quite my cup of tea.

    • Stick it out. All subscription boxes have dull months. I’ve had ipsy and birchbox and boxycharm is by far my favorite. Sure there are dull months where I’m bored or I already have that but it’s so worth it when you get an amazing box and boxycharm never disappoints.

    • I’ve been with Boxy since July 2015. Last month and this month’s boxes have been the worse, thus far. I’m hoping they bounce back to normal next month! *crossing fingers*

  8. I got:
    (LIKE) Luxie Beauty Brush
    (LIKE) Chella Universal Eyebrow Pencil in tantalizing taupe
    (DISLIKE) OFRA Body Illuminizer
    (DISLIKE) Catherine perfume
    (MEH) Makeup Geek shadows: (1) Matte in Cocoa Bear (redish brown..dark rust)
    and (1) Duo Chrome in Mai Tai (pink)

    2 full size? Bronzer 4oz and brush
    3 Samples? shadows pan 0.064, perfume 0.3 , brow stick .09

    Noooo pricing info on the card? That’s shady all of a sudden.
    Not at least 4 full size

    Beginning of the end…that started last month? New management? What…is happening. Ive been subbed for over a year and I have been pleased with EVERY box. Until this one…last month gave me pause but this?

  9. Looks like Boxycharm is going the way of Glossybox 🙁

  10. The worst box to date from Boxycharm. I received the illuminizing body cream, which is a bronzy, glittery lotion (meh), the perfume (2 months in a row of stinky fragrances), the contour brush, which is about the size of a highlite or undereye setting brush, and the brow pencil, which looks and feels cheap. The two eye shadows are neutral shades, but not worth buying a palette for and too much of a pain to use when stored in cardboard envelopes. Passing along the whole box this month. Waste of money and not what I expect from Boxycharm.

  11. I got cocoa bear eyeshadow in my boxycharm and looking to swap because I have this already. Anyone interested?

    • I would love the cocoa bear if I get something else! I won’t get mine til around Saturday.

      • Let me know. I’ll definitely swap with you if you want:)

  12. The last box I received from BoxyCharm was January 2016. That’s after having them since 2014. They are straying from the quality they used to have (although admittedly, I am envious of the MUG shadows) and they keep repeating the same brands. Subscription boxes are about trying new things, new brands. I don’t want to own the whole line of one or two brands, especially when everything from them I have disliked.

    Multiple items that people can receive are repeats. December 2014 – Mistura Brush
    September 2015 – Vasanti Brush & Previse – November 2015 – A lexie brush. When items are repeated in a 6 month time frame, for whatever reason, that’s a flag to me. Makes me glad I bailed.

    I am aware that Boxycharm claims the repeats are only for new customers, but they’ve repeated an Ofra product to me before, so I’m not quick to believe them.

  13. I actually liked last months box better then this March box. Lol
    This is the worst box I think I have gotten. I’m so over makeup brushes. I know most people love them but but I have too many and I don’t need cheap brushes. I also know most people love that brow pencil but one- I already have it and Two- I don’t like it. ?
    The thing I liked the most about boxycharm is that everyone got the same products and that seems to be changing so I’m not sure how much longer I’ll be staying with them. I seem to get a lot of just bad products. I don’t know maybe I’m spoiled and used to high quality because I used to be a makeup artist in my younger years.

  14. I’m pretty pleased with the options, tbh. I think it is an improvement on the last month. It had a couple alright items (blush duo probably the best item, but the mask and sponge thing are at least something useful – the other things I gave to people). January was pretty good with the palette and brush set, so I’m fine with that one. Overall, aside from Feb, most box I’ve liked the majority of the items, so that value is still there for me. I would prefer eyeshadows in full packaging, but I am ordering a z-palette for a makeup order from Kiko Milano, so I can jut put it in with those no problem.

  15. Awwwww… I’m so relieved. I’ve had the worst time, trying to get up the nerve to cancel. But, after last months box, I just did it! I don’t think I’ve used more than 1 or 2 items, from the last 3 months or so. I truly think Boxycharm is going downhill. Maybe they’re in a rut, but I had to get rid of it! I used to look forward to Boxycharm every month. But, the last 3 months, I dreaded it! I literally threw February’s box out.. Just threw it straight into the trash can. I have 0 envy, after seeing this. I did however, sign up for Allure as a replacement & I’m so happy with it! I love all the products & love the mini-magazine, that accompanies it! So, I’m a happy, happy girl! Sorry, Boxycharm.. but, it was YOU, not me.. lol! xoxo

  16. I don’t like variations in boxes either, it just creates box envy. I got the Ofra body illuminizer which I will never use and already have a few of from other boxes, and the perfume spray which is a repeat as well for me. But, on the plus side, got the Chella eyebrow pencil which is, after trying dozens of different eyebrow kits and pencils, my Holy Grail! So, thankful to have another one — it’s $18 and thus worth the cost of what I pay for this box. Still a bit envious for the de-puff or the Previse, though. 🙂

    • Hey!

      I get my box tomorrow. If I get the Previse I will switch you for the ofra illumnizer. I’ve tried the Previse before and hated it. Let me know 🙂

  17. I’m disappointed again! Ugh, so tiered of stinky perfumes/lotions and crazy blush/lipstick colors ….but that’s just my gripe others might like the colors …donno
    I have been somewhat disappointed with every box this year …It was the porcupine eyeshadow brushes, then the single face mask, sample purfume, now this variation box …
    I liked boxy because we all got the same …hate this variation in boxes…ugh
    It seems all subscriptions have a few good months and then go crazy, not sure if it’s really worth it in the long run…I keep thinking about all the nice expensive palettes I could buy every month rather than all these sub boxes with sub-par items 😉

  18. I WANT that eye cream, lol. The only two items I am interested in are the eye cream and the brow item. I absolutely love my Boxy charm sub and do not plan on canceling it. BUT the last two months do not feel as special. Maybe it’s just me? I don’t mind the varying items for subscribers, but not two months in a row.

  19. I received my box and I did get the matte as well as duochrome, vasanti blush7 brush (it feels really soft and seems of really good quality my understanding a repeat from July) , anti puff eye cream, chella eyebrow color, and CM spray. No ofra and no previse. I must say I am not happy to get the spray 2 months in a row but I guess I could consider it a bonus item as there are 6 items and the anti puff eye cream alone is full size and does retail for $87.00. I would never buy it on my own so I’m excited to try it.

    • Your review helps. I was trying to decide on Boxycharm. Poor reviews and poor BBB ratings are enough for me to pass on. Too many others to choose from.

  20. I am disappointed that in Boxycharm’s store. Every thing that I want to repurchase is Out of Stock. It is annoying, does anyone else feel the same. And for the charms only , not very many products to choose from. I just Started this subscription in Dec, and so far I have liked every box. But I am frustrated that everything I want to buy is Out of Stock!!!!!!!!!

    • Yes, It bothered me as well, there is no point in the charms if they buy nothing. I canceled my subscription.

  21. I unsubscribed for the month of March. I was not happy with what Boxycharm pulled in February. They state that they give 4-5 full size products and they outright lied and sent sample size products. (I consider any products that say, “not to be sold” as a sample product) I also consider that cheapy smelling perfume a sample size. and the single mask. If I have to sample a product once, then that in my book is a sample and they only sent one mask. Even the High lighter sticks product amount seemed measly. (Roll it up, and you will see what I mean!!) I really do no like how they are operating in recent months, and now this stunt with the switching of duo chrome to shimmers. I have tons of shimmers. I want to try a duochrome. I liked the fact with other previous Boxycharms, everyone got the same products. Yes, I am guilty of box envy, and when everyone gets the same, and I know what to expect, it is great. While I would like to try this month’s box just for the eyeshadows, I don’t think it is my worthwhile. I am trying Glossybox anyway. They sent a 15% off and I know for certain I am getting the Luxiebrush and the two faced liquid lip sample. If Boxycharm guaranteed I would have received a luxiebrush, I think that would have swayed me. But the possiblity of receiving the mistura retractable (which looked horribly cheap) and the other brush shown, turned me off. Sorry for the long description.

    • That Mistura brush IS horribly cheap. I received it ages ago and put it up for swap. I threw it in on top of what I was swapping for with someone who was interested once. I wrote her and told her I couldn’t in good conscience swap for the value of it, she could have it for ‘free.’

    • Just posted about this above!! I emailed them about full size and they told me flat out that i was WRONG about the sizes they send out.

  22. Not super excited this month. Maybe the products will prove me wrong.

  23. They originally said we would receive 1 matte MUG and 1 duo chrome, but then changed it to be 1 matte and 1 either duo chrome OR shimmer. Unsure why they posted the first sneak peek then changed it. I feel like they lied, but this is strike 2 for me, against them. One more and I’ll probably cancel and try another sub. I wish they had explained why the false sneak peek was posted – or why they changed it.

    • They actually did explain! 🙂 They said it was because they had such a positive response from the sneak peek that they ordered more shadows to please a wider customer base. Many new subscribers this month!

      • I missed that explanation. Thanks for posting it! Granted, I don’t feel like that makes up for it. What they SHOULD have done is go ahead and plan to do the shimmer shadows in a future box. What they’ve done now is make themselves out to look like liars, with their original sneak peek and then changing it. I hope I get a duo-chrome! My box should be here Wed.

    • I noticed that too with the eyeshadows. I use to adore this box. Last year it was Bliss every month. Come on Boxycharm. This box is ok but I’m use to the Wow, you usually never disappoint!

  24. I think they’ve gone downhill. Time to cancel this sub.

  25. Weren’t the Previse and the Mistura brush in previous boxes? I hope I don’t get repeats.

    • According to Boxycharm the repeat products are for new subscribers only. I hope so because I’ve been with them over a year and gotten several of these. Wouldn’t mind a repeat of the Previse though. It was one of my favorites!

    • Awe darn! I really wanted the Previse again. Hopefully since I have a different active sub maybe I’ll still get it!

    • I am hoping for the eye cream but since I am new, I will probably get the Previse. It would be awesome if I get both but I have a feeling that is not happening.

      • I am new and received the eye cream, so you never know I guess.

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