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Oui Please Subscription Box Review – Vol 1.6

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Oui Please is a subscription box that brings you the best of France every other month.


The packaging is gorgeous and I’ve been reusing the boxes for storage. I always find myself marveling at the packaging of these boxes and wondering how much money goes into both the boxes and the mini magazine.

My Subscription Addiction pays for this subscription. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).


The Box: Oui Please

The Cost: $150 per box (ships every other month)

COUPON: Use coupon code OUINOEL to save 20% off your first box.

The Products: An assortment of full sized French products worth $400+ *That value promise looks like it has changed since they first started this subscription. It seems to be more like a $300 value box.

Keep Track of Your Subscriptions: Add this box to your Subscription List or Wish List!

Ships to: US

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The box comes with a mini mag – it details all the different products you might have received in your box. (There are a variety of product combinations each subscriber will receive).



This magazine is great for finding items you wished you had received! (At least there are swaps!)


1951 Maison Francaise Card Holder – Retail Value Listed $60

In the spoilers for this box, Oui Please revealed that some subscribers would be receiving the 1951 clutch. I assumed that would be the regular sized clutch, but this is still cute. And it has the signature lining:


To give a better idea of how small it is, here it is next to my iPhone 6+:


I love the brown/grey color of this leather, too.

On to the jewelry!



Mirgiole Sorbonne Earrings – Retail Value $60

These are minimal and delicate – I’m a fan! And according to the Mirgiole site they are 24K gold (plated?) too!


Tassia Canellis Bracelet – Retail Value $50

This piece is a Oui Please exclusive! (I think this is the first box they’ve done exclusives for?) It’s a super delicate piece (which I love) and I think the pearl detail is perfect. Here it is on:


(Please ignore the fitness tracker!) And here is the clasp:


It’s definitely on the smaller side for wrists, so I imagine it wouldn’t fit everyone.


Petit Parisienne Candle in Spices of Christmas – Retail Value $30

This is the only home item in the catalog for this box, and I’m glad I got it! I love getting candles and home items in subscription boxes, (I don’t think I’m the only one, either!). This candle is made with 100% soy wax, and I like the spice scent too, so I’m happy!


L’attelier Carmelized Walnuts – Retail Value $15

L’attelier Dark Milk Chocolate Disks – Retail Value $25

There are a few subscription boxes that are for me that my husband Eric is always interested in…because of the treats. (Another example is POPSUGAR Must Have). He claimed these and enjoyed them – his favorite were the chocolate disks!


Atelier Cologne Vanille Insensee Spray – Value $25

I’m not always a fan of perfume in subscription boxes, but I usually like the Atelier Cologne scents, and this one smells great to me! (This wasn’t listed in the booklet, though).

Harem des Sens Fabulous Skin Milk – Retail Value $30

The consistency of this product is somewhere between a lotion and a liquid. (I guess that’s why the call it skin milk!) You can use it as a lotion, or add a few drops to a bath. I haven’t tried it in a bath yet, but I am impressed with how quickly it absorbed when I applied it to my skin. It is a fragranced lotion, but it the scent isn’t too strong for me.


Lebon Toothpaste in Cinnamon Mint – Value $10

Luxury toothpaste = something I would never buy on my own, but I totally appreciate the packaging! The scent of the cinnamon flavor is great, too. I actually received this item once before from Oui Please, so I was a little surprised to get a repeat. Oh well, at least it is a useable repeat item!


Verdict: This box has an estimated retail value of $305. I’m using Oui Please provided retail values for most of that estimate, so it might be a little inflated. I’m happy with the contents of this box – everything feels special (thanks in part to the amazing packaging).

I think it is really important to call out how much boxes vary subscriber to subscriber. This box feels like more of a gamble than most subscription boxes, so I would advise looking at the comments on past reviews to see what others receieved if you are considering subscribing. (I think this box might have less variation than previous boxes, though).

What do you think of the Oui Please 1.6 box?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. Anyone elses L’Attelier chocolates expire in 20 days?

    • as if mine would last 20 days!

  2. Finally received my box today and was worth the wait. Received a lovely 1951 rose colored pouch which I think must be a size down from the clutch and did not have the chain. Value on sheet was $100.00. Similar items as everyone else for total value of $377.00. I did renew for another year as I feel that Ouiplease is listening to their customers and even though I have had box envy at times, I have really liked every box I have received and every item has been useable including the box. I am really looking forward to my next box in March.

  3. I received the following:

    Sorbonne earrings $60
    Tassia Canellis bracelet $50
    1951 Clutch, yes, the actual clutch in pink $120???
    Harem des sens $30
    Histoires de parfums in Vert pivoine $40
    Oolution $40
    LeBon toothpaste $17
    Ladure $25
    Macadamia Nuts $15

    Total $397

    I’m not thrilled about any of it but since I only paid $86 with the discount per box, I supposed, I can’t much complain.

    • wow, lucky! you got the pink clutch 🙂 congrats

    • I got the 1951 pouch (I don’t know if I would call it a clutch) in Neon Rose (like a hot pink) and the value that OuiPlease gave is $100.

    • Do you recall what size your Oolution lotion was? Mine is a deluxe sample size so I was wondering if that is what everyone else received. The pic in the booklet is of a full size product. Thank you!

      • 75 mil / 2.5 fl oz. both of mine

        • I’m an idiot – I looked at the wrong item. My oolution is also 30 ml

      • Mine was 30mL.

      • Mine was also a deluxe sample at 30ml. My sheet showed value at $40.00 but I am sure that is not accurate.

  4. My box arrived last night and has a $407 value, which I’m pleased about, but will probably put most of the items up for swap. I received:

    Harem des sens Fabulous Silk Milk
    Mirgiole Earrings
    Histoires de Parfums 1804
    Node bijoux Carica ring
    Lebon toothpaste
    Tassia Cannelis bracelet
    Oolution moisturizer
    L’attelier chocolates
    L’attelier walnuts

    The ring is my favorite item, but the only finger it fits on is my left ring finger with my wedding band and engagement ring. I have contacted them to see if it is available in any other sizes. For a “White Winter in the Alps” theme, I really would have loved to see a hat, gloves, scarf, etc. some sort of winter accessory! The perfume, lotions, bracelet, and possibly the ring (if they can’t replace it) will be going up for swap.

    • I got the very same box as you, except my perfume was the Vert Pivoine!

      It’s a very nice box. The ring is lovely — really quite bold and unusual, and I wish they had mentioned what it was made out of (there’s a bronze version on the maker’s website). That perfume, though, is really strong and really not for me! Jury is out on the scent of that lotion.

      (Has anyone noticed that the boxes themselves always smell so nice? Always the same mix of fruit and flowers and caramel… I wish that they’d send a perfume of that!)

      The delays are frustrating, though, leaving even the nicest boxes on a bit of a downbeat. They’re coming later and later, and every time I read the travelogue stories in the little booklet, I think to myself, no fair, they’re off frolicking happily in France instead of getting our boxes out!

  5. Has anyone else not received shipping info yet? I still have two boxes on my yearly sub, yet my account has been changed to “complete” and “cancelled” and no shipping info. They confirmed months back that I would for sure get my last two boxes and that my cancelled account would remain in “pending cancellation” status until all 6 boxes had shipped. The long waits and constant delays have killed a lot of the fun of this box for me and now crickets…..
    I just sent them another email, but wondering if anyone else is in the same boat?

    • I had the same problem you did and I sent them three emails before they finally sent me an email back with a tracking number. Normally my boxes just appear at my door with no email containing a tracking number, but with all the confusion about the “cancelled status”, I wanted to ensure I wasn’t going to be ripped off, so you definitely should be getting a box.

      • I never received any information. I asked the other day if my box had shipped. They gave a generic response and no specific issue to my account. However, my box arrived yesterday anyway. I never did get a notification.

        I got the 1951 bigger leather pouch. I guess it is a leather clutch without the strap. I like it but I am almost done with OuiPlease. I have one more left. I am wondering if they will send that box or if I will get shorted one since I cancelled a while ago. The low value and the constant flow of skin care are not really a problem. I expect lots of filler. It is the late shipping. I was told the 1.6 would definitely arrive in early December. Here it if in February.

        OuiPlease gave me the best sub box prize ever…the Sencha & Bourbon scarf with my initials on it. I wish OuiPlease was more reliable. I worry that they run on such lean cash on hand that they may not make it. There is no other reason that I can think of for the boxes to run this far behind routinely…using the Paris attacks as an excuse. I am in Paris frequently for work stuff. I have been there three times since this attack. The world did not end there. That is a lame excuse. I also do not love that they delete most customer comments from the Facebook page. I see why they do it, but it annoys customers a lot.

        I wish them well and I would gladly buy one-off boxes. I really like it, even with lower volumes. However, if they cannot get their shipping times and customer commitments in order, it is not for me.

    • I emailed and received tracking number in my email from them. I am scheduled to receive box on the 9th. Waiting is hard . I did subscribe for another year as I have really enjoyed my boxes and for me the items are all useable. I also feel that OuiPlease has sourced some unique, great items. If I recall they were the first to bring the 1951 clutches and now other boxes have followed. They may have over reached on the original values to deliver but I am pleased on what I receive for what I paid. The delayed shipping is something I hope can be better in 2016 as I think this will help with their success.

  6. I got my box today, and I am happy with it. Still trying to get over the bracelet that is “worth $30” that looks like a hair tie with gold circle. But I love the color of my card purse gold spotted leopard? one, love the earring and food so I am happy.

    My box:
    Silk Milk (harem des sens
    Mirgiole earrings
    Perfume – Vert Pivoine
    Tassia Canelis – delicate bracelet
    Le Bon – toothpaste ($17 really???)
    Oolution – Glow Up
    Numero 8 ($30 really????)
    Chocolates (trying soon)
    Caramelised walnuts (yummm)
    1951 small – love my color

    so their price of my box is $367 which is much better than many I get. I am happy with it. This does feel like a luxe box for sure. So late shipping though….

  7. Here’s me venting…
    I was signed up for an annual sub since the beginning. So i have been dealing with these delays, box inconsistencies etc since day one. So i told myself when i get my last box i would cancel…But i decided not to cancel yet because i didn’t want any issues with the last box being shipped to a cancelled account. So guess what? I was charged the annual renewal on January 1 without any heads up first (thank goodness I had money in my acct!). When I wrote them expressing my anger at this practice they finally responded after a week and then told me they refunded my money less the $45 processing fee. Now I guess I should protest against this charge but quite frankly I’m just happy to get back the bulk of my money. If I had more faith in their sub i would have probably resubscribed anyway because the annual rate really is a good deal when you think about it, But as I write this i still avent received my last box which I see others have gotten by now (I got a email stating i would b here on Monday? But until its in my hot little hands…)
    Oh and have received 7 boxes in total (sub and 2 Mother’s Day boxes) and I’ve never received a clutch. Just mentioning for anyone who’s wondering about how often these clutches get sent out. Since I remember a while back they mentioned they keep track of everyone’s boxes and eventually everyone gets a “nice” box.

    That’s it.


  8. This is my fourth, and best box so far. If they solve their late shipping issue, it will be a great subscription. I do loathe checking their Facebook for weeks hoping for a shipping update however.

  9. I was actually one of the lucky few to receive the 1951 clutch in bubble pink. It’s cute.

    My box has a total value of $377 and included:

    Harem des Sens lotion
    Mirgiole earrings
    Histoiries de Parfums spray – Vert
    1951 Maison Francaise clutch
    Le Bon toothpaste
    Tassia Cannelis bracelet
    Oolution face moisturizer
    L’attlier chocolate disks
    L’attlier caramelized walnuts (already gone!)

    I am an annual subscriber, so my cost to value ratio is very good this time around, BUT, I cannot imagine signing up for another year. I really dislike the box variances, the repeats, the long wait between boxes, and as others have pointed out, broken promises and questionable business practices. Also, while the jewelry is typically very nice, it is just absolutely not my style. I have the Ripauste leather bracelet in red and a crocheted bracelet, both sitting in my jewelry box unworn. They will be gifted or sold.

    • Are on the swap board? I’d be interested in the red Ripauste bracelet.

  10. I understand why everyone who purchased an annual subscription when the $400+ value was promised. I believe they promised this until box 1.3 or 1.4 when then enamel jewelry went out. Then, they switched it up to “double the purchase price”. Paying month to month at $175 versus the $90 that some pay per box with the discounted annual subscription, I wonder if the wording was changed to “double the purchase price” so that subscribers who pay more, get more? I’m not sure whether they have received higher value boxes due to this. I understand that a promise is a promise, but it’s hard for me *to not feel okay* when I am getting a much higher value than double what I paid ($90) per box. Do I have box envy sometimes? Sure I do, and I wish I could have it ALL, lol! I have lucked out with some of the shipmetns, and it sucks for those who haven’t gotten anything good in any of them.

  11. I think it’s also important to note that this is the December box and they find it impossible to ship on time.

    • Actually this is the October box. Here are the actual due dates before they got seriously delayed. Each box has been more delayed than the one before it:
      1.1 Dec 2014
      1.2 February 2015
      1.3 April 2015
      1.4 June 2015
      1.5 August 2015
      1.6 October 2015 (just arrived…. beginning of February 2016)
      2.1 December 2016

  12. I feel fortunate, my box value was $415.00. I did not receive a candle or any product from 1951. While I received a wonderful box I still do not wish to renew my subscription.

    • Wow! Would you mind telling us what all was in it?

    • This is the October box.

  13. I remember seeing comments that there is a charge of $45 for canceling annual subscription. I have annual subscription but wants the flexibility to cancel if I change my mind for another year of commitment. To charge $45 for cancel request is not cool.

  14. I’ve been subscribed from the beginning and while I don’t hate OuiPlease, their business practices leave a lot to be desired. This box is four months late. It contains repeat items for long time subscribers. The promised value has changed from “over $400” to double the cost of the box. That part doesn’t really bother me because it’s more about what’s inside than the presumed rtv.

    However, I do caution continuing a subscription based on an expectation that the value may go up. I will be curious to see if more uniform boxes mean that there will be fewer people who get boxes worth around $200. That would be a very beneficial change. But I still don’t like the bait and switch they did on Annual subscribers with the initial promised value.

    I do wish OuiPlease would have shown some ability to learn from their past mistakes but every box beyond the first and second have only been delivered later and later and later.

    And charging annual subscribers before they received all six boxes they paid for initially is unconscionable! Charging a $45 “restocking” fee when refunded is petty and malicious. I’d be having serious words with my credit card company about that. Ugh. Especially when they initially (to me) said annual subs wouldn’t renew.

  15. I love the fact that they list the retail value for the earrings as $60. However, when you go to their website and convert to USD it lists the prices as $39.20.

    • They say that they account for the import costs to US in their figures. Some of that is fair. But it’s a big stretch the way it is being listed 🙂

    • Retail is $60 but they are currently on sale. I questioned that also but didn’t use Liz’s link to find them since I received my box prior to the review being posted (which is literally like the only time that has ever happened to me!) and searched for them on the Mirgiole website. Liz also has the same one’s that I found linked. My question…are they really gold or gold plated per the website? The ones on the website are “light pink rose gold” and ours appear to be just regular yellow gold…at least that’s what I see. Any ideas? Liz?

  16. I did some research on this company. It is run by the same woman who founded BeFrnch which is a styling firm for the super rich (and I mean multi-million dollar homes rich) in Dallas. There were articles about her in D Magazine talking about Oui Please. It seems the concept never really manifested itself the way it was promoted. I also don’t think this owner is 100% into making this company work. I get the impression it’s just a socialite/climber running around with the super elite of Dallas who happens to have some side businesses to support her expensive life style.
    I don’t see this lasting much longer. And she is indeed French. Which makes the whole attacks in Paris excuse really lame to me. I am done with the lies, excuses, false promises, constantly changing terms to screw customers, deleted Facebook comments, etc. If you’re a business then run it like one; not a hobby.

    • Thought I replied to this but don’t see the reply. I think they say that some of the prices listed are attributed to the import aspect from France. However, the prices listed are quite high, even factoring that in.

      • Oops. comment to the comment above. disregard here.

  17. I too have been frustrated with the shipping delays but if I look at it logically and compare it to the two other french boxes on the market, I think oui please does a great job of curating their boxes. If you buy an annual sub with 20% coupon you are paying $90 a box and you get 9-10 items. I compare that to frenchbox which provides 4 items on average (and almost never jewelry) at $36 or luxe provence at $195 a box with 4-5 items and I think oui please is the winner. While I love the items in luxe provence it is definitely not a bargain subscription box. I did resubscribed to oui please for another year as I felt it was the best value.

  18. I actually received the “clutch”, not the coin purse, so I am happy about that! It seems like those that received the full sized clutch did not get the candle or the Atelier perfume and instead got a face lotion. Those that received the coin purse got an extra smaller item.

  19. I was holding my comments until I received my own box and was able to personally see everything. After doing so I feel as this box was just filler, left overs and repeats. It’s almost as if they didn’t get want they initially thought they would so they scrambled to throw together what they could. I truly believe this because of the low value and the repeat items. And of course (drum-roll please) the fact there was NO Clutch but instead a tiny card/coin purse.

  20. I chose to cancel and not renew my subscription. After a few boxes that were lower in value than promised, I did reach out to them with my concern. Their response was to apologize and promised to send something to make up for it. Not surprisingly, that ‘something’ never arrived.

  21. I always dig your reviews 🙂 Big fan!!! By the way couldn’t help notice your fitness tracker, That also looks cool. May I ask which one is it?

  22. For once, I do not have box envy! (This is my fourth box, and have had box envy for the other three…) I received the clutch and the Oolution! Although the value written on my packing slip says $377 (not $400 as advertised), I am very happy with this box. I love the earrings and the bracelet (I received the same as the ones pictured above). And, amusingly, am about to run out of toothpaste soon so the Le Bon item came at a good time! Haha

  23. It seems that they have abandoned any relation to the season’s theme. Rather than make people think they are getting products that relate to winter in the Alps, they should just stop issuing a theme.

  24. I would never pay that much for those earrings or the bracelet…no matter where it came from.And toothpaste from France or anywhere else is still toothpaste.I like to be more realistic when I spend on “gifts for myself whether I can afford to splurge or not.It just leaves a sour feeling in me if I think(or know) I am paying over-inflated prices,while I’m being fed how “special” it is.The longer I sub,the easier it is to spot the scams.

  25. The coupon code for new members ” ouidiscount” is still active.
    Will give you 20% off on first box.
    It will not work if, like me, you panicked after reading the not-great reviews for past boxes and cancelled, then reactivate the account, or try to sign up with a new account.
    They are logging IP addresses or tracking cookies, something.

    Oh, and they offered me the discount to re-subscribe, but since it didn’t want to work and since I do think the box is worth full price, I didn’t mind that the “Coupon” area was grayed out.

    Hope this might help someone who doesn’t know the discount code Liz gave out for this box, which is now sold out, still works for one first box in a subscription. 🙂

  26. It does seem like they promised a $400 value, in which case I would expect them to deliver that $400 value (even if it was their own inflated prices) – they didn’t. That would definitely be upsetting to me after shelling out $150, especially seeing that some people got more, some got less – too much variation. I think a lot of us subscribe because of the value these boxes return – Sarah did a great job with the math and comparison to other popular boxes. So financially if I purchased this box I’d probably be annoyed.

    However, I do think sometimes we have to look at the curation of the box. Does everything fit the theme? Do you feel like you came back from France with these items as souvenirs? Does it all feel like high end items? How is the packaging? Liz herself noted that she wonders how much money goes into the packaging and production of the mini magazine.

    I have zero interest in this box myself, but I think of Escape monthly and how easy it always is for me to scoff at their box because the value just is never there – but I’ve really tried to stop myself to think – is the theme more important to their customer base than the value? I think that might be the case in this box.

    • I have to say, in regards to your question: “do you feel like you came home with these items as souvenirs?” No. These items suck as true items from France. Period. Do you know how much 6 macarons from Laduree Paris costs? 16 euros (bought some today). Soap from Marsaille? 2 euros (bought several bars of savor de Marseille at Naturalia yesterday). France organic toothpaste at Naturalia is 4 euros. Delicate handmade jewelry from le Marais in Paris? About 20 euros, le marais is filled with independent jewelry designers. I went to 1951’s Paris location yesterday and met the owner, the XL bag and chain costs 72 euros total and he threw in a gift of a free card case, because he’s awesome and he wants more business (and it’s also soldes in Paris right now.) Any non diptique candle should be less than 20 euros.

      As a tourist in Paris right now and was earlier this week a tourist in the South of France…this box is a flat out rip off. The prices are disgustingly inflated. Save your money that you would spend on Oui Please for a year ($150 x 12 = $1,800). Visit France yourself and bring home your own goodies. Much more cost effective (not to mention meaningful and memorable) that way. For $150 you could buy a Longchamp bag and doubles of each item featured in this box, especially since its Soldes in France.

      Such a rip off.

  27. This box has had the least variation which I think is based on customer feedback. Personally I loved the variation but am fine with a more consistent box too. This is by far my favorite subscription – I had purchased the annual subscription with the discount and the value per box is amazing. My 1.6 box arrived yesterday and instead of the perfume I received a Numero 8 bracelet which I adore.

  28. I think it’s important to call out that this box is super late. This was my first Oui Please box and I really should have read the reviews before paying for an annual sub. While I have really loved reading all of the reviews over the past year, I wanted to experience it for myself but this wasn’t what I was expecting. I chatted with a lovely woman via email about the delays. She had informed me that the terrorist attacks in Paris had delayed the exports of items they had planned for this box. While I completely understand, after 9/11 things came to a halt here in the US for a while, the business major in me starting really considering that they only plan one box out…really??? Why would you only plan one box out. Correct me if I am wrong but most of the major box companies plan months in advance to prevent any issues with shipping, quality, and availability of the items they are including in the boxes…right? I would. It just makes good business sense. That being said, I loved my box!!! I received everything that Liz did but I also received a bottle of Tubéreuse 2 parfum (which is an extremely floral scent, very beautiful but strong) which is really quite beautiful. That puts my box at $345 but that’s still quite off from the $400 they promise. I really can’t complain too much since I adore my box but it just seems inconsistent in items, values, and delivery. Maybe that’s a french thing? LOL! I’m just kidding! I really have no clue! 😉

    • Oh geeze…my grammar!!! 🙁

    • They are probably only one box out for financial reasons; vendors typically give companies 30 days to pay for product once it ships, and they are living paycheck to paycheck on our subscription dues. I imagine margins are tight for subscription box companies so it will take them a while to build up the capital to buy a months worth of inventory in advance. Another theory is lack of warehouse space; they could be running this business out of a house or office.

      • Dangit! Submitted on accident. I meant to add that I tend to be extra forgiving of box companies, but have no idea why. If I ordered something from target and it was a month late I would silently boycott them for a year.

        • I totally agree! At first I was kinda irritated that it didn’t ship on time and then I felt bad for even asking! LOL! I’m such a pushover!!!! 😉

  29. I’m over the drawn out waiting period between shipments, lack of honest communication and consistent let down of the items in the box. I will not be renewing. I have one more box after this and then Ouiplease and I will say Au Revior.

  30. This was my first box, and except for my little pouch thing, we got the exact same products.
    I had wondered if you would receive more jewelry, and also the one facial glow product I haven’t seen in any boxes.

    I LOVE my box. I shop in Paris, and these items are extremely appropriate for a lovely weekend of shopping if I had picked out the products myself.

    I guess almost all of us get a few lower priced boxes like PopSugar, but I honestly do not see how any of their monthly boxes have the overall luxurious French brands that Oui Please has.

    I hope very much that the company has learned from their recent past mistakes and will be sending all its customers the same or almost identical products from now on.
    I also think it’s ludicrous to compare ” retail values” between boxes because I believe everyone is smart enough to know that none of the companies are paying anywhere near retail for the stock for their boxes. The amount probably varies depending upon the buying power the company has, and I doubt Oui Please has hit a very high benchmark in the way of discounts yet. I hope they do, I hope the values increase to $400-$500 per box per customer ( not just a few customers).
    I believe consistency in product distribution is very worth giving up $100 of ” presumed value”.

    A lot of people have full on hate for this box and I don’t think it is being evaluated fairly by those who want to create unhappiness. It is an extremely nice, well- curated box with nothing that breaks or spills easily.
    Eric was right- the chocolate caramel melts are the BEST!
    The only thing which would have made them better for me would if they had been from my favorite shop, Hediard’s.

    • Giving honest feedback and opinions about less than positive experiences as customers does not equate to wanting to create unhappiness. It’s feedback like that which keeps others from making the same mistakes. So while it’s great you’re pleased overall, others are not and legitimately so. It is pretty unfair to essentially call those who aren’t satisfied customers haters. Customer service and product value are legitimate areas for review. If I read nothing but sunshine and roses reviews about any company I’d immediately be suspicious they were purchased reviews. I never understand why those who are happy with a given sub feel the need to call out those who aren’t. There’s just no reason for it.

    • I don’t think anyone here is trying to “create unhappiness.” Just discussing and comparing and conversing.

  31. Though everything in the box is awesome, I find myself thinking, hmm, $305 isn’t the same as $400. Do they really promise a $400 box value? Has anyone challenged them on this and gotten a response? If that promised value is right, then basically a quarter of the box is missing! I mean, when you compare it to Popsugar…I paid $25 for the February box and got almost the same retail value as the Oui Please box. I know the value for this month was exceptionally high for Popsugar, but still. Paying $25 for the Popsugar box and getting $270 worth of products, vs paying $150 for Oui Please and getting $305 worth…the math just doesn’t add up. The Pop Sugar box was 90% off retail value, and the Oui Please was 50% off. I’d love to subscribe to Oui Please, but could use a greater value (and of course, like everyone else, consistency and fairness across the board). Then again, I’m the cheapskate who doesn’t subscribe unless I’m getting the items for 65% or more off the retail price. 😉

    • They promised $400+ for one or two early boxes. They promised “double the price” for subsequent boxes, I believe.

      • Yes, for us who bought annual subscriptions in 1.1 or 1.2 (possibly still even 1.3) they promised $400 value. After about the 2rd box, they changed it to “double”. So some people were locked in at that expectation. Honestly, with all that has happened w/ delays and excuses, I let the value thing go. I was sort of concerned w/ them even being able to honor boxes for a full year.

        • Mish, I agree with your comments 100%. Many of us bought annual subscriptions when they promised a $400 value. So considering their often very over inflated values and still being under the $400 promised value we are are not getting what we signed up for. One more left on my sub and I’m out. I can’t wait to stop thinking about this company. It’s been a long year of nonsense filling my head… When my annual subscription was supposed to be a lovely Christmas gift allowing me to look forward to 6 lovely remberances of my only trip to France. Not only do I feel like it was a poor use of money, it also caused way to much drama in my life. Such a shame.

    • and um, those price differences are using Oui Please’s numbers, which are inflated high…..

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