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Wantable Intimates Subscription Box Review – January 2016

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Wantable Intimates is one of the subscriptions from Wantable, and it is probably my favorite box they offer. Like all Wantable subscriptions, you can heavily customize what they send you by filling out your preferences – and you still get to be surprised!


My Subscription Addiction paid for this box. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)


The Subscription Box: Wantable Intimates

The Cost: If you subscribed before October 24th, you were locked into the previous $40/box rate. However, for new subscribers (anyone who signed up after October 24th) the new price has increased to $50/box.

The Products: 3 intimates products based on your profile settings.

Ships to: US, Canada (additional $6), UK (additional $7) and Australia (additional $10)

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Here are the order details of my box. Wantable recently added free individual item returns to their subscription plans, so you can send back any item(s) you don’t want and get the refund based on the “Your price” listing. (Returns are free for US subscribers). However, if you keep everything, you get a “$4 credit” to your account making your next box $46, plus you are issued a full refund of the “your price” of the item you return. If you return anything, you have to pay the full $50 cost for the next box.


When you first sign up for any Wantable subscription you take a style quiz and you can get very specific about the items you want and don’t want. (This is the list of my loves, likes and dislikes from my invoice).


Cotton Connection Thong – value: $10 (my price: $5.41)

These are okay. They’re soft and functional but I’m not super excited to get underwear in my boxes anymore. I should change my preferences, really. It’s just that I’ve received 2 or 3 pairs I’ve really loved in past boxes a while ago and keep hoping I’ll get more.


Aztec Mixed Legging – Value: $24, (My Price: $12.97)

If you read my review last month, you’ll understand just how frustrated I was when I saw these were in my box. Long story short, you can no longer choose whether or not you want leggings in your intimates boxes, nor can you pick your preferences for solids/prints/colorful/etc leggings. I’ve never been sent a pair I like (read: are long enough for me or aren’t super thin). I put a lot of effort into contacting Wantable’s customer service after my hot mess of a box last month (more about that later in this review), but one of the main things I was asking was why they send items subscribers have no say in, not even preferences of details? On this specific issue, customer service told me (twice, by two different people) that they added a note on their end to not send me leggings anymore. And here we are, with a pair of leggings. Almost completely identical to the ones I got last month. I’m really frustrated, to be honest.

I contacted Wantable about this issue after opening this box and they told me the note is, in fact, in my profile but the stylist missed it; they gave me $15 store credit as an apology, which I appreciate. That’s better than what they did for me last month (they just offered to not penalize me the normal $4 for next month’s box cost for returning an item). Last month, I also talked about how (in my experience) I’ve felt the stylists have become pretty inattentive to the details in my profile or my notes across my intimates and makeup boxes. Needless to say, I was disheartened to see they missed this note too, and sent me more of these leggings yet again this month.


Hooded Sleep Shirt – value: $40, (my price: $21.62)

This is something my stylist did pay attention to: I have in my notes that I like tunics and tops and such. She sent met this, and I like it! It’s hooded, has thumb holes in the cuffs, and is made of a type of thermal-feeling fabric.


Sorry for the mirror selfie – I wanted to snap a photo of this shirt on for you fast. I think it fits great!

Many of you encouraged me to try and talk to someone higher up than Wantable’s front-line customer service reps about the issues I voiced last month. Well, I did, and I was actually able to get my email passed along to the customer service manager. To summarize the things I asked about, they were 1) that they send items you can’t customize or opt out of in their preferences quiz, 2) their re-design to send “mini collections”/cohesive items in boxes, which I haven’t seen to actually be implemented in my 2 boxes since their big changes, 3) increasing the price of the subscription without also increasing the value or quality of the items they send in each box, and 4) my dissatisfaction with customer service’s response to my issues last month (which was resolved – she also agreed they could have done more for me than say I can return the box).

Her responses were, to summarize 1) the new design just doesn’t allow for liking/disliking certain items like leggings, but you can absolutely request to not get them sent to you in your notes or via email (I’m sure this decision was made much further up the corporate ladder than her), 2 and 3) they absolutely intend to send more cohesive items and “their buyers are currently working to purchase more cohesive and higher value products, but this is usually 6-8 weeks out.” She said the first couple months of the transition are a process, which is why they grandfathered in their current subscribers to the $40/month rate. I feel like they should have gotten their new vision implemented with actually having their new stock in house before upping the cost for new subscribers, though.

Ultimately, I’m happy that I felt heard and sympathized with. She opened her email with “While I completely understand all of your comments and concerns, I unfortunately do not have an answer for them all.  I wish I did.” I know she’s only in charge of the customer service aspect, so I understand her limitations of what is within her realm of control. I appreciate her honesty, though, and the fact that she acknowledged that there are some issues with the things I’ve experienced makes me feel better.

Verdict: Sometimes you can find items that Wantable sends on sale online so the value can be a little tricky to evaluate – personally, I think as long as all the items included are worth the subscription cost to me, I count the box as a win. I would not pay $50 for this box, so I’m not really thrilled. I like the shirt a lot, but I’m probably either going to return or swap.

What do you think about Wantable Intimates? What did you get this month, and what do you think about the changes? Have you been having a better last couple months than I have?

Written by Haley Faye

Haley Faye

Haley Faye first discovered Beauty Army and Birchbox in 2012 and instantly fell hard and fast for the world of subscription boxes. Over the years of writing for MSA she has found many subscriptions to fuel her addiction, but her favorites include fashion, geeky, beauty, and mom/baby boxes to share with her son.

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. I only subscribed to Wantable Intimates for 3 months. I saw some of your earlier reviews and thought the items looked great. Some of the things I received were okay, but ultimately not good enough to pay $50 a month for it. They would send me random undies with plastic connector as if it were part of a 3-pack. It just seemed really cheap to me. I can spend $50 anywhere and get more things that are better quality.

  2. For a while in late 2014 to early 2015 I LOVED Wantable, and was recommending people to check it out, but most people were dissuaded at the $36 price point. Then I realized I only loved their customer service because I started getting boxes where I didn’t like anything. It makes me sad now because it sounds like they don’t have even half decent customer service anymore.

    I am curious if they sold the company or are under new management. Perhaps they’re just trying to move everything over to their Style Fix-ish sub model. Whatever it is, I stopped subbing last Feb-ish and won’t be going back. I’d rather pick out my own box of crap with $50! Heck, I do that every time I go shopping. “Why did I pick this out? It doesn’t even look good on me.” Plus, it’s free to return stuff to stores, and if you go on Mondays or after 7.30 or so, malls/stores are usually pretty dead.

  3. Well, I would comment on what I received this month but once again I have a delayed box. I am a recurring subscriber for eight months straight. Where is this surprise that they now need to find something in my size coming from? Where is this mysterious place my stylist goes to on lounge wear expeditions for weeks at a time?

    • Beth, that’s what happened to me! They USED to contact ME if my box was going to be late at all and apologize profusely and offer a small credit. My last 2-3 months as a subscriber it would be 1-2 weeks after I should have received my box and I would have to contact them and ask where my box was since they always managed to withdraw my money on time only to be told they didn’t have any items in my size that match my preferences. Hmm. For 2-3 months in a row you have no Medium loungewear or bottoms or anything? AND you don’t bother contacting me to let me know what’s taking so long. Poor customer service.

    • I have had this problem for the past 16 months now! Since Oct. 2015 I have not received an Intimates box in the same month I paid for it, my wait has been 5-7 weeks on average. When I finally get a box, I only wind up keeping it half the time, either because the quality is so poor, or my “stylist” obviously did not read my note, or both. I contact customer service about each and every tardy shipment (I usually give them 3-4 weeks after payment before contacting). The ONLY reason I have continued my sub this long is because I remember how Wantable used to be, before autumn of 2015. I received my order within 1-2 weeks of payment and I received 4-5 items that actually matched my profile! Obviously Wantable is just going to continue to slide downhill and my hopes of things going back to the way they used to be when I origibally subscribed are very misguided! Oh yeah, when I complain about tardiness I am always in effect made to feel as if it is my fault due to my size and profile preferences, without fail! Yet, my size and profile were not an issue at all from January thru September of 2015!

  4. This has happened to me for the last couple of months! I never put that I liked socks or tights because I do not want to get them in my boxes. Then when they updated the quiz, they basically send me whatever they want.
    I ALWAYS get underwear. I feel like that’s their way of putting one thing “expensive” and one thing cheap so it balances. I only got 3 things this month, a robe, thong, and tights. Tights that are polka dots at that. I hate polka dots. And my preferences are more than just thongs but it’s all they ever send me.
    A couple months ago they “didn’t have enough of my size,” so they wanted to send me 4 pairs of panties. Lol basically, $10 for each. I’ve gotten 21 pairs from VS and paid about $25-$30 using discounts and promotions. I’d rather buy my panties from VS than get them constantly in my subscription that I pay $40 for.
    I’ve returned many things. I’ve received many things that I’ve never worn. Sure enough, I’ve been pretty disappointed the last few months. I’ll be skipping again and possibly Unsubscribing.

  5. Do you have any suggestions for other subscriptions that do loungewear? I’m about to have a baby and want some comfy pieces for wearing around the house but after reading your last two reviews I don’t want to take the chance with Wantables since I won’t have time to contact customer service with a newborn!

    • Yes please! Suggestions! Wantable Intimates has obviously left a gaping hole in the sub box industry that is waiting to be filled! Hmmmm…maybe MSA should start an Intimates Collection….

      • AdoreMe is a great service, you can skip any month, if you dont pick an outfit they simply give you a $40 store credit. You get to pick out any set you want, and though the lingerie, bra, pantie, and corset selection take up most of the site, there’s quite a large section devoted to sleepwear. Some of it is fairly risque, short shorts and a lacy cami, and some is totally appropriate for even very conservative family ladies, ex. long fuzzy robe, pajama top and pants… plus your first set is $25 and for each 5 sets you buy you get one free. Ive tried their bras, nighties, and corsets, all very high quality and easy to return if its off on sizing. There’s some reviews here, I’d say quality is better than dept. store but just under VS quality. I really like it.

  6. I can’t believe it still is taking them so long to get better quality pieces after raising their prices! I would not want to resubscribe at a higher price for the exact same pieces!

  7. Haley, you are one of my favorite reviewers. You have been steadily losing weight since you’ve had your baby, and I must confess to being a teensy jealous. But lots inspired to follow your example 🙂

    • I agree, Haley’s beautiful body is making me jealous but also one of my inspirations to get some of my extra pounds off. 15 pounds down…um many more to go!

  8. I’ve been with Wantable Intimates for several months and there have occasionally been on the brink of quitting. I usually review my items, and I add a new note to my profile by “retaking” the quiz every two months or so. But that’s about where I draw the line; I’m far too busy/lazy to try to take my complaints up the ladder.

    I fully expected the redesign to be the kiss of death for me, but the two most recent boxes I have received have actually been nice! I noticed there was no option for leggings in the new style quiz, so I asked for leggings in my notes and they sent me TWO totally different pairs in December along with a tunic. It’s one of my favorite boxes ever!

    January was strange, though. Two bras and a pair of panties. One bra is perfect for everyday wear, which I soooo appreciate. The other bra is more high fashion and has crazy strap details. I L-O-V-E the look and fit, but as soon as I sit or really move around it gets uncomfortable. The panties are just my style. BUT two bras and a pair of panties? That is definitely not a coordinated look! HAHA Thankfully I really don’t care about coordinated looks as long as I’m getting items I like.

    Have you started using the Wantable Stream to request specific items? I have been using it over the last month, so I’m excited to see if my February box has any of my selections in it; it just shipped today.

    • Sarah, I totally lol’d at your description of the 2 bras not being a cohesive look. I was imagining you wearing everything plus that uncomfortable editorial bra as either a fanny pack or weird necklace…or maybe as a slingshot if you’re planning on scaring off any pesky critters in the yard!

      • Reading this was such a funny way to start my morning. I was just picturing wearing two bras at once. It never occurred to me to use the second bra as an accessory.

  9. I used to LOVE wantables intimates but cancelled several months ago. Their box quality, listening to likes/dislikes, customer service, and communication has, in my opinion, drastically worsened. They used to be so on top of things and their customer service was amazing! Sadly, that’s no longer the case and even after contacting them things didn’t improve…much like your post. I gave them 2-3 months and no improvement or apology. I miss the old wantable!

    • I really do like the hoodie tunic with the hood. I’d be happy with that as part of weekend loungewear or something.

      For over a year and a half, I got matched sets of PJs, a few gowns, some mukluk type sock-shoes, interesting and pretty things.
      Overall, it was cohesive. I was sent sets.

      The main reason I stopped buying the Wantables Intimates subscription is because when I took the quiz after the change over, they required that I put panties in my likes and that I receive them _every month_. I don’t want mystery panties. I tried that with Splendies and it’s just not for me at all.
      I didn’t renew because I felt they were making customers take a rather cheap panty as the 3rd item in a 3 item box, which was a significant downgrade for me.
      I’m extremely tall too.
      If I get leggings which are too short, I simply put a pair of either ankle booties or a pair of knee high boots on over the leggings IF they are the type which can be worn out of the house ( I’ve never seen sleep leggings, to be honest, so I don’t really know what they feel like or how thin they are).
      This might help some people who are getting leggings which are too short. I don’t think many people ever get them and think they are too long.

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