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Rachel Zoe Box of Style Spring 2016 Box Spoiler + Coupon!

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Rachel Zoe Box of Style Spoilers

The hero item for the Spring 2016Β Box of Style has been revealed! Each box will include:

Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 11.47.15 PM

This exclusive Shaffer LA leather Greta bag ($150 value) plus other staples for festival season.


If you haven’t signed up yet, use this link to save $10 off your first box! What do you think of the spoiler?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Hey! Great spoiler πŸ™‚ Does anyone know if the color will be that tan/brown or will it be random?

  2. I’m on the fence with this one because the bag is so small. Maybe I could get off the fence if I understood what “festival season” is. Will one of my fellow sub addicts please enlighten me?

    • Music festival season kicks off with Coachella and SXSW in the Spring and festivals like Lollapalooza and Bonnaroo in the early summer.

  3. I’m not really a boho kind of gal, and I rarely see any bucket bags I like but I like this one a lot. RZ does make boho look good though. The style is simple not sloppy looking. And I like small bags to carry on weekends. So what if I don’t need another bag, I don’t have one like this so it’s all right. Rationalization 101.

  4. The strap does not look adjustable . If anyone is wondering there is a clear photo on their site that shows how big the bag is and shows it can be worn cross body. – I’m going to skip signing up again. I dont mind the size of the bag, yet I would like the strap to be adjustable.

  5. I cancelled bc I am trying not to use animal products and I already got the white leather satchel for summer (which I haven’t even carried yet), and I just don’t want another leather bag. In general I have loved RZ box and I will resubscribe based on the next hero item. I hope I don’t miss out on anything too great in the rest of the spring box!

    • Are you selling the white purse since you haven’t used it yet?

      • For the time being, I seem to be just hoarding it lol. I probably *should* sell it. I’m about to have another baby so it does seem u likely that I’ll ever have a chance to carry a small white bag like this. What do you think the going rate to sell it would be?

  6. How long do we have to wait before these ship??? I just signed up based on the spoiler and I am very excited!!!

  7. The bag is small, but nobody else sends you leather bags like this in a $100 box. Looks plenty big for a wallet and phone. Can’t wait for Spring!

  8. Love a bucket bag but it is SMALL

    • (Well thank you computer for posting when I wasn’t ready!! LOL).

      It doesn’t look too small in the pic here, but on the website it is tiny. I would really like it if we got some fun colors.

  9. While the fringe tassels may be on point, I’m not loving this as the hero item. I’m still morning that cuff bracelet from last spring, it was exactly my style. This bag is a bit small for my taste but I do like that about this subscription box. Everything seems of good quality and not something I would necessarily buy for myself so it feels more like a gift.

    • I was mourning that cuff bracelet too. I found one on Etsy for 30. It’s a knockoff, but you can’t tell.

  10. They did have a glitch with their website last night. I got a nice reply this morning that they canceled the multiple pending charges-and I was about to complete my order. I really wanted this bag because of its size-I carry a giant bag for school most of the time and wanted something small for my phone and wallet for other times. I had been looking at similar styles!

  11. I LOVE this spoiler! I am so excited! I needed a new purse. This is my favorite sub by far. I just signed up for Luxor Box as well so we’ll see how they compare. I know I should switch to an annual sub because I’m not canceling this one any time soon, but the thought of not being able to back out of something for a year is just too scary for me.

    Update: Just looked at the pics on the model. I like small bags, but this looks really small. Hope I can fit a wallet in it. I’m happy that it’s crossbody though.

  12. The Greta on the shafferla website is listed for $188 but RZ says it has a $150 value. I wonder if the RZ exclusive is slightly smaller or…? I love that RZ chooses small but respected brands that generally sell very high quality goods. I am so over the crappy “faux leather” made in China bags found almost all other boxes.

  13. Love the bag! As a seasoned festival-goer I would like to guess the rest of the box it will be fun to see in 2 months how well I did
    A stylish water bottle
    Some sort of chic sun block
    A lip balm with a good spf
    Maybe a light scarf or hat for more sun protection

    • The lip balm would be an on trend tinted one of course

  14. Eep! I don’t really love the bag…. but I’m so afraid of missing out on what else might be in there!! Fall was a hit for me, winter a miss so I’m really on the fence. Ugh… What to do? What to do? :o)

  15. I am loving this spoiler and the theme! But I also love my $100…

  16. An easy cancel. I just bought a Mansur Gavriel bucket bag in a tan color. I did love the white bag from the summer box but this is too boho for me. And if the rest of the box is super boho too, then I won’t be missing out on much. I didn’t like last year’s Spring box either. Oh well, at least I feel better about being a seasonal subscriber and not getting the $50 discount on an annual.

    • Love MS bags! I have the bucket in Flamma so I’m actually excited to get this bag because I think the minis are so cute. I just can’t justify a bag purchase right now, so this is a good work around. πŸ˜‰ I really am coveting a camello/orange MS tote though!

    • oops I meant mini minis

    • Man I was tired and brain dead last night. *MG bags

  17. What ever happened to the ability to sign in and manage your account?

  18. I wonder if it will come in different colors?

  19. oh….kay, so I just did the math.
    litterally 4 more months until we see this box! ( I die…..)

    • The box ships March 1. So not too long.

  20. love it! I am still majorly in love with the White Leather clutch from the summer box and this one looks super awesome too! I was looking into buying a fringe purse, but this one just looks so much cleaner ( and tassels are semi-contained forms of fringe, no?)

  21. I can’t decide. This bag is very cute! It is the perfect color brown – totally can pair with black and work the two tones together. It looks really small though! I may be okay with that. RZ has a way of getting me to wear things I wouldn’t normally pick your for myself, and that is part of the fun of it. I have kept every item since I subbed for fall except the hat. I really liked the hat…I can’t wear hats. I sold it locally.

    I loved the summer box – I discovered the box too late to sign up for it. I hunted down almost the whole box after market…

    I’m on an annual subscription, so I am getting this box either way…I will have to wait and see on how I feel about the cute, tiny purse.

    • I completely agree. My only issue is we get another purse as a hero item. I would have rather had something different. But I don’t have a good brown purse and RZ has great taste. Just don’t like that it’s small and doesn’t have a zipper or something to more securely close it.

  22. Decisions, decisions, decisions. I usually carry a huge purse — but then again, I’ve been thinking of downsizing it because it’s getting too heavy and I find that a lot of times I end up transferring a few necessary items to a clutch. I don’t mind brown purses, or some of the colors shown — but then again, I wouldn’t carry a green (just not my color) or a black one in the summer. This spoiler isn’t totally grabbing me — but then again, the ring totally didn’t do it for me, and I ended up liking everything else in the box and my daughter fell in love with the ring. So what to do, what to do?

  23. So glad they showed the spoiler, just enough time to cancel. I do not and will not own anything brown lol. I am so picky!

  24. I was hoping for a neat spoiler since this box seems to always deliver. Leather isn’t for me though, so an easy pass.

  25. Oooh, I think I like it!! I wasn’t sure at first, a bit too boho for me. But I think it will work for a date night or something out where you don’t want to carry a lot. Hoping it’s fun spring color too and not brown!

  26. I know that most people love this spoiler, but it’s unfortunately not my style. Sadly, I had to cancel.

  27. Love this spoiler. I’m so glad it’s a purse instead of jewelry.

  28. This was a nice surprise to find this morning. I was wondering when the hero item was going to be released. Loving the small bucket bag, this will work for me and also only 150.00, so that leaves at least 150.00 of goodies left for the box. Totally loving Box of Style!!!!!

  29. I am interested in this box so I went back to read the review of past boxes. It seems there have been many quality-control issues with items in this subscription.

    Is that a fair assessment?

    This bag looks great, but not if it’s a sub-par item that will damage easily or fall apart quickly.

    • This box? I don’t think with this box! Now Popsugar is nothing but a quality control issue. Did I miss something with RZ?

    • No, not really. A few people posted about a purse clasp problem and a couple of people posted a problem with the watch band. If you look -the majority of the posts had no issues – unless they just didn’t like something.

      • I had a problem with my watch band (the bit where it snapped in was too long to snap on my band). I sent them pictures and they sent me a replacement. They have excellent customer service and if there are issues, they resolve them promptly and kindly.

    • I don’t think there have been any major quality issues with this box. Sometimes Rachel stretches it in a different direction than people want the box to go. Some items don’t work for some people, but I don’t know of any major quality issues.

  30. Really like this bag, so my style!

  31. I’m both bummed and relieved that the bag is too small to be practical for me for everyday use. I very much enjoyed the fall box of style, but I really liked that watch, so everything else was gravy. If this bag worked for me, I’d be all over this box, but since it doesn’t, the temptation is removed. Yay for saving money, I guess πŸ™‚

  32. Love it! This sub is the bomb!!!

  33. So excited!! I was strolling Nordstrom thinking I need a new bag this spring. Now I don’t have to think about it, because this looks perfect. Brown wouldn’t be my first choice, but all the colors on the website look nice.
    By far, my favorite sub! I was wearing my watch and ring all through the holidays and got a ton of compliments.

  34. I don’t know. It’s a beautiful piece and from the pictures it looks high quality, so I think it’s a great choice for the box.

    But for me, I’m just not a tiny purse person. I tend to want to carry a ton of stuff around… I’ve got a little kid and her stuff comes with me too on the weekends. I bought the Nina Garcia winter box when it went on sale and I love the little fringe purse that is in there, but I never use it because if I’m going out of the house I generally need my wallet and that won’t even fit inside it.

    So far (I started with the fall box) the rest of the items have been just as great for me as the spoiler hero, so I’m not worried about the box not being great for me overall.

    I’m curious about what it means that the other items are good for “festival season”. I’m hoping that means more sunglasses πŸ˜‰ I traded for the pair from the first box and love them, but they fall off my head when I lean forward so I’ve been itching to get another style.

  35. I am having the same problem when I try to order this I keep geting an error message, only thing charge is not pending on my card. I’ll try again later I hope it doesnt sell out so quickly.

    • I was having this too and I just went to the menu and not through the link and then I didn’t have any issues.

  36. Ah love this! I’ve been wanting a bucket bag and glad it’s on the smaller side.

  37. Love the bag…and like the fact that it is a item that you don’t have to worry if it will be too big or too small for someone to actually use.

  38. Did anyone else have an issue completing their order? I kept getting an error message and now it looks like I have 3 pending charges. Are they pretty good at responding?

    • I am getting the same error message with both my cards on my PC and phone so I’m guessing its on their end. I also emailed and hopefully they can get it sorted out before the box sells out.

      • Do you have multiple orders showing? I tried on different computers as well before I realized I had multiple pending on my account page.

        • Omg I have 4 pending orders. I emailed in… hopefully they figure this out before $400 is out of my account today πŸ™

          • My husband wants to get this for me and we kept getting an error also. I don’t even know what email address to write to to get this figured out. I hope I don’t get charged multiple times, but as of right now, it doesn’t look like I am getting one at all.

    • Emily, they are EXCELLENT in responding! I ordered mine on 12/10 & I could not find the place to enter my $10 off code so it went through at full price. I panicked & wrote them immediately. They got back to me ASAP (I did it at 3 am haha so they got back to me by 10 am). The $10 refund went through my bank at the exact same time the $100 charge went through so they’re awesome!

      • Thanks-I feel better now!!

      • I also had a great experience with customer service. My card expired between the time I signed up and the actual charge date, so even though they’d already sold out of winter, they held mine even when the charge bounced and I was able to re-enter the new data to get it shipped!

  39. The real question here is: will this bag be big enough to fit my slightly overweight kitty in it? She has been asking for a new subscription that isn’t so toy centered because she is “grown up” and “mature” a “cosmopolitan cat” if you will. While she wouldn’t be leaving the house as an indoor cat, she does want something that fits her “personal lifestyle.”

    I’m just on the fence but I know this will be sold out soon… Sigh….

    • I’m thinking “no”. The bag looks really tiny, I have a feeling I couldn’t fit my mini-Ipad in it.

      • Nana my cat owes you a debt of gratitude or at least a Poem about tasty cabbage… Probably both. (She calls it a “Pawem”…

      • Nana, the website states the dimensions are: 6.5″L x 3″W x 8″H & the strap is 30″ long. I’m quite sure an iPad mini will fit in there. πŸ™‚

    • I read this comment before I read the poster’s name… Should have known it was you right away Subscriptionista! #stalker

  40. Drat! It’s cute but way too tiny for me.

    Although if they send me one in that pony polka dot, I’d live with its teeniness.

    I wonder if all of the bags will be the brown in this pic or if they’ll send out different colors. There are a ton shown on the website.

    Also – the “exclusive” version they’re sending out is worth $150 vs the regular cost of $188. I wonder what they changed.

    • Tamara, my thoughts exactly! I’m neither a brown handbag girl nor am I smaller than a tote bag girl or shoulder bag gal either! LOL If not the pony polka dot, I’d definitely drool over the turquoise or even the purple one!!

      Regardless, the purse is gorgeous & looks very well made. Not sure l can handle waiting 2 more months for my box now. Sigh.

    • Hi, I just received my email with the spoiler. The picture is different from the one shown above. And you can tell it “looks like” the Greta, but its not. Um…
      basic difference:
      1. Greta has a stitched top seam ( the top of the bag has been folded inwards and sewn down ) Usually, this is a detail to improve aesthetics but also strengthen the shape of the bag )

      This change probably reduces the time each leather worker spend on a bag ( hence the small reduction in price )

      • ? I checked the Greta bags on the Shaffer site and the top seam is the same as the one shown for the Box of Style.

      • I’ve never gotten an email spoiler, just that my box is shipped. Is this normal? I subscribed for the whole year.

  41. I was thinking about canceling it :(.
    Does anyone try to cancel and resubscribe just to use the code again? Does it work??
    I love this bag…

  42. My one year sub is up– does anyone know if they auto renew, or do you have to re-sign?

    • I think it’s auto renew but maybe you should mail them to make sure in case you miss this little darling bag.

  43. Love it! Bravo, Team Zoe!

  44. has anyone gotten their $10 off code yet??? i hate that send them to your email.

  45. That bag is gorgeous! I love it so much more than the white purse a few boxes ago! Idk how RZ manages to always put together an exciting and beautifully curated box every quarter. #flawless

  46. So cute! It looks like it will go with just about anything! RZ is easily one of my favorite subs & I’ve loved every one so far ?

    • Me too.

  47. I love it! This one looks much more practical than the white purse from the second box. I was never able to fit anything into it and ended up eventually trading it. I don’t think I’m going to part with this one!

  48. I wasn’t sold on the purse until I clicked on the link and saw the model wearing it. It’s cute! Now I have to decide if I want to resub.

  49. Fabulous! Rachel Zoe does it again! With this item, I don’t even need to know what’s in the rest of the box. But I’m sure I’ll love it anyway.

  50. Love this spoiler! But want to wait a little while before buying it. How soon does it normally sell out? Is it safe to wait a week or two or should I bite the bullet and order now?

    • Hard to say consistently when they sell out. With this spoiler I wouldn’t be surprised if it sells out soon though.

      • Thanks! Just got the Popsugar target box this morning, but I think this is too good to pass up & I’d hate for it to sell out if I wait.

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