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Bullymake Box Subscription Box Review – January 2016

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Bullymake Box is a monthly subscription box for power chewers.  You all have heard about (and seen) some of Nyx’s exploits with plush toys from dog subscription boxes so when I heard about this one, I had to sign up immediately.  Nyx is definitely a power chewer!  You pick your dog’s weight in 10-pound increments so this is a box for an 80-pound dog (Nyx weighs about 83 right now).

My Subscription Addiction paid for this subscription. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

Subscription Box: Bullymake Box 

Cost:  $39 a month (save with 3, 6, and 12 month subscriptions)

The Products:  Toys and treats specifically tailored for heavy chewing dogs (no plushes).  You can also choose a “toys only” box.  Because of Nyx’s dietary issues, I went with the “toys only” box.  You can also enter specific allergy information in a box on the checkout screen.

Ships to:  USA (free!)

COUPON: Save $5 off your first box by joining their mailing list (it was a pop-up when I visited the site).

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Note: This box did not come with an information card but it is pretty heavily customized so I would not expect a card.


JW Pet Company Hol-ee Roller X Extreme – Value $6.99

We’ve had other toys from JW before and they are usually pretty good for us as long as they don’t have feet, ears, etc. that can be chewed off.  This doesn’t, and it appears that it will last a long time.

Kong Classic Large – Value $13.99

We have a couple of Kongs but they are pretty old.  A replacement is probably in order.  This is one of the few toys I feel safe leaving with Nyx while I am not around.  I can’t put peanut butter in here (Nyx can’t have peanut butter) but her food kind of has the same consistency so I can just use that instead.


Mammoth Gnarlys Stick w/TPR Treat Ball – Value $12.49

Nyx likes to chew on her leash so I know she will like to chew on this.  Of all the toys in the box, this is the one I think she’s most likely to destroy (a few years ago, she ATE an entire Gentle Leader harness, including the plastic buckle).  However, the way the canvas is folded, I think it’ll take awhile for her to do any damage.

Mammoth Flossy Chews Large Knot Tug – Value $5.99

This seems durable so far (see below).   Nyx hasn’t had a rope toy for awhile and she does love them.


I only let Nyx have one new toy every few days.  The rope is the first one we tried and it is still intact after her first session with it, which is downright remarkable considering her recent track record.  Plus, she loves it.  (In fairness, she loves pretty much any toy I give her…)

Verdict: I calculated a value of about $39.50 for the January 2016 Bullymake Box.  That is right about the cost of the box, and more than what I paid because I was able to use a coupon for the first month.  Plus, some of the prices listed above are sale prices.  If you get a longer subscription, it’s a really good value for a dog box.  Box contents are going to vary by a lot depending on allergies, toys only versus toys and treats, dog weight, etc.  So there is definitely some value for customization as well.  And, I received this maybe 3-4 days after I placed the order, which is pretty remarkable.

I do see a lot of hard rubber toys in the future with this subscription.  Nyx likes those, so that is good for us.  In fact, this box was perfect for her.  The items were size appropriate and durable (and Nyx is the most destructive dog with toys I have ever had).  I’m really glad I found this subscription!

What do you think of the January 2016 Bullymake Box? Do you subscribe to any dog or cat boxes?

Written by Ragan Buckley

Ragan Buckley

Ragan stumbled across My Subscription Addiction in late 2013 and immediately subscribed to way too many beauty boxes. She’s now focused on boxes for her cats and dog, vegan/vegetarian food boxes, and craft subscriptions (and she didn’t give up beauty boxes entirely).

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  1. I have an older dog, so if you do t have a young dog dont get this box. I bought the yr subscription be cause I thought it would work, but they are sending things I could get at local pet store a lot cheaper. This k real hard before you get trapped in a long subscription!!!!!

  2. Unfortunately, I just received my January box and I didn’t receive that black ball, but a blue one with feet and ears. My half lab half boxer ate the feet and ears off in 5 minutes!!! I called Customer Service only to be told that there was no one higher up to speak to, and that once the feet were gone it should be safe. So I asked him why he thought it would be ok for my dog or any dog to ingest big pieces of rubber; I could have bought a dollar store toy if I wanted a toy that could be destroyed in 5 minutes. I’m extremely disappointed and cancelled my subscription. I’m hoping that he follows through and sends a new toy.

  3. I’ll keep my eye on this box, might actually work for my pittie Nala – although I had to chuckle at the red kong as she has successfully torn those apart (she only ripped off the top prong of the black ones – for better access to her frozen cream cheese)

  4. As dog mom to a canine Houdini and part goat I totally understand about the harness issue. Buddy has eaten his way out of 3 heavy duty harnesses and pretty much eaten the rest after the fact. In a matter of 10 minutes left unattended. Not to bum you out but Buddy is 13 and still does this if given the chance. He hasn’t gotten the senior dog memo yet. I can’t count the number of panties he’s eaten from the laundry basket or the volume of bathroom trash he’s digested.

  5. Ooh, this box might work for my 15 month old 80 lb golden! He is like Nyx, but doesn’t ingest most of the toys, just occassionally a small bit of them. I have stuck with bark box, but the toys are ripped to shreds within 24 hrs. I should give out one toy every few days like you!
    Finn just gets so excited when a box arrives at our house, I can’t bear to not get him some kind of box. He thinks my boxes are his, so sometimes, I fill an empty box with treats when a box for me arrives.

  6. I have a 90 + lb Yellow Lab/Golden Retriever mix who is a chewing machine and would love to have some new options such as the Hol-ee Roller ball. I have to really think whether $40 bucks monthly is worth the cost, but will keep my eye on the reviews for a couple of months to see if it continues to work for others and decide?

  7. I kinda died of laughter when I saw the cinder blocks around the kennel

    • It’s actually just portions of upright pet fencing — there’s no bottom to it and also no top. It’s a 5 x 7 area (with a Target rug on the bottom). But it needs some support and I couldn’t figure out another way to do it.

      The cinder blocks are attached with chains. We had bungee cords and zip ties but, um, Nyx ate them.

  8. Although Oberon does not destroy toys (he still has the toys we bought him when we first got him at 8 weeks, and now he’s 17 months), I’ve read all your reviews about how Nyx loves her toys to death (sounds so much better than her being destructive) and am delighted you’ve found a box that caters to her!

    • It’s funny because my last dog was a Rottweiler and had the same plush toys for more than 8 years. (Of course they are gone now because I let Nyx have them…)

  9. I will keep an eye on this one & may get a 3-month
    With a 85 lb Labrador & 70 lb boxer both toy destructors this is what we need

  10. And I thought my 43 lb. chow mix was a handful.

  11. I heard about this box recently, so I glad to see you review it. Nyx is just like my dog Bella. She will find any weakness in a toy. She’s picky, she loves plushes but they don’t last very long once she sinks her teeth into them. She doesn’t like many of the interactive treat toys, I tried to reach out to Barkbox and they were going to try to give her more durable toys. This might be a box that would be a good fit for her.

  12. Yay! Nyx is wonderful! I have a Dobie with the same coloring and power jaws. unfortunately she hates hard, rubber toys so I am often at a loss with what to do and we, too, monitor her toy supply carefully because they don’t last. Her go-to move is not complete destruction but instead she works at them with her teeth to relieve them of their squeakers, and then their stuffing. Always in that order. Once done they are a flattened, sad shadow of themselves that she leaves about the house. (I think as a cautionary tale for us should we ever stop feeding her, but I digress.) Perhaps I can give this box a whirl though and at least keep the supply levels up!

    • My dog does this too, but then he holds one end of the unstuffed material to the floor with his paws and rips the material to shreds!

      • Nyx uses her paws to hold things down like that, too. I guess it makes stuffing easier to rip out…

  13. This sounds perfect for my Marley!! She is definitely a power chewer and much like your dog…destroys toys in seconds, but doesn’t eat them!! I am fortunate though that she doesn’t chew furniture or shoes!

  14. This box would be PERFECT for my Coco!! She’s chewing machine! (At least she just chews and doesn’t actually eat what she chews. If she did, I am not entirely sure she’d be here right now because among other things, she’s chewed up: a 6′ leash, about 5 pairs of my socks, a LIGHT BULB, an unopened 3 pack of Kleenex, the old couch (she chewed a giant hole in one cushion. Good thing I never liked that couch, and about 3 crate pads.

    • Sadly, Nyx eats the stuff she chews apart. Luckily, it has all passed through in a day or two. I am SO careful about what she even gets NEAR now.

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