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Beauty DNA Subscription Box Review – December 2015


Beauty DNA is a monthly beauty subscription service that sends you one full-size beauty item each month based on your preferences. They have three categories of items: skincare, hair, and body. When you sign up you take a very specific survey on your beauty preferences, and they match you with a new beauty item each month.

My Subscription Addiction pays for this subscription. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).


The Subscription Box: Beauty DNA

The Cost: $25 a month with free shipping

The Products: One new full-size product each month that matches your beauty preferences.

Ships to: US Only.

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This box comes with a card that details the item included and a why it matches your specific interests and preferences. (This month I got a bonus match, so I have an extra item and card). Here is the main item:



Elysee Scientific Cosmetics – Bio-Skin Function Oil – Value $30.50

This facial oil is lightweight, absorbs quickly, and the fragrance is barely detectable. (I like my skincare products fragrance-free when possible, so that’s good for me). The only issue I have with this oil is that it includes parabens in the ingredients, and I had indicated I prefer no parabens on my BeautyDNA profile:

Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 10.48.20 AM

I went back to my profile to double-check that my settings were correct when I noticed the disclaimer text with this section. Now I’m wondering if I should try to be less specific so that I have better chances of getting paraben and fragrance-free items.



Now onto my bonus match:


Briogeo Be Gentle Be Kind Green Tea Shampoo – Value $19

This is a great bonus item for me – I like it better than the main item! The natural green tea scent is fantastic, the shampoo works great, and I like that the formula is free of pretty much any ingredient you may want to avoid.

Verdict: In general, BeautyDNA has been doing a great job of matching me with brands and products that fit my preferences, and I’ve been really impressed with the value too. This month isn’t my favorite since the main skincare item doesn’t match up well with my preferences, but I guess the text on the profile is basically saying, “Liz you are really picky, and we can’t please everyone all of the time!”

But, I got this box with a deal on Gilt City, so it’s still even a good deal just for the shampoo! (Sign up for Coupon alerts at the bottom of this post if you want an email the next time this subscription goes on sale).

What do you think of Beauty DNA? What did you get from them this month? Have you found that they match all your preferences well?

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (42)

  1. I finally got my free trial box in, they had delayed it because they said they were having trouble matching me, so i changed some things in my profile. I received grande lash MD firming serum, which is a bit of an odd pick for my profile. This product sells for under $15 on amazon. Im very glad i did not pay for it, or i would be upset. I will definitely not be continuing this service.

  2. This is the first month that I have been really disappointed with BeautyDNA after 7 months of products. This month they sent a single use FOIL packet mask valued at $20 (Ling Skincare -SparkLING makeover mask) On the product website, the original price is 4 in a box for $80, but they are offering at a discounted price of $20 for the box of 4, and don’t offer a single mask option on their website, so I wouldn’t consider this a full size item. It is bizarre to open the box and just have a single foil packet in a plastic Baggie. Even their “retail” price for this item does not cover the price of the subscription.

  3. This was my favorite subscription until today. I get more then one BeautyDNA sub per month and then someone else in my house gets one (that I gifted). So I get a couple boxes per month. Last month I got identical products which I figured was just a fluke then this month the same. My profiles are completely different. Well I had an issue with a product and asked for a replacment and the reply was very rude. She said she noticed I had more then one account and that was against beauty bars rules and because I got one by them she would not replace my product. I got my subs through gilt city not beauty bar. I didnt know we could not have more then one sub. Does it really matter? My money should be just as good as anyone elses. The way she responded I seriously feel they are purposely doubling products.

  4. I was also skipped in December. This is the email reply I received today:

    I do apologize for the delay, we are going through all the members who not matched in December and the process is taking longer than expected.

    A match was not generated for you in December. For this question “What types of moisturizers do you want to try?”
    This is asking about product formulations for Skin and Body products. You only have Serum and Spray selected so you can only be matched to products that have those formulations.

    Please select some more product types as Want to try as well as update your formulation preferences so we can re-process your profile and get a December match shipped to you.

    I’m pretty discouraged by this. The whole point is to get products that match my needs, not match my needs to the products they want to send. With so many products available, why was a moisturizer my only option? I don’t plan on replying and if it saves me the cost of a box so be it. If they pull the same stunt for January, I’ll cancel.

    • Wow, at least you got this response, I still have nothing more back on this myself and I have more than just moisturizers and serums selected. Urgh, fail. :^(

  5. Gosh, I am so displeased by this sub’s CS. I bought the Gilt deal and received my Oct and Nov box. All good, very satisfied with products. In Dec the tracking they sent was for some other person’s box, but I contacted CS and they sent me my proper tracking and said they’d figure out what happened. So December comes and goes, no box, nothing showing in my account either. I wrote 2 CS emails asking about my missing box 2 weeks apart, no response. I finally called, left a VM. They got back to me right away saying sorry they were backlogged from the holidays (my first contact had been before the holidays but OK), and said they would look into it. Nothing further, I see a shipment (wrong tracking again) for a Jan shipment, December totally missing still, and here’s the wrong tracking again. So I will have to contact their CS again, which I dread since they were curt in their response about the issue, and we’ll see if I can manage to get the 4th box that I should have received. I was going to sub, but I disliked the CS so much, I believe I may have to take a pass.

    • Correction, Nov was the wrong tracking, not Dec (I never got Dec).

    • Wow, had a really great response from CS about the missing box and about not getting back until now, I may subscribe now because I was very happy with the products and now I am happy with the CS. Good pleasant CS heals wounds!

  6. I received my free trial box today and was happy with their choices. I received a hand cream and a hair volumizer. Both are perfect for me. I may pull the trigger on a sub if they ever offer another deal on Gilt City, etc.

  7. I received Epicuren Green Tea and Seaweed Soothing Mask which retails for $50, but $28 on Amazon (I am not sure if I will purchase skincare/cosmetics from Amazon, but I would like to google just to get a feel of prices elsewhere). I am into masks these days, so I will try at some point as I work down my stash, lol. And my last Rue La La voucher bonus item was Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Herb and Rosewater (4 oz/$7). My bonus item was much larger than my main item, so I was shocked to see the price of the facial spray. I usually like to spray my toner and then pat with my hands to work into my skin vs. using cotton pad, so it is a good bonus item for me.

    I asked customer service to add my GiltCity voucher to continue for another 4 months. They said they were working on upgrading their website for us to be able to add vouchers. Not sure they have done that yet. But they added another 4 month to my current account. Let’s see what I receive this month!

  8. Their website is so glitchy! I started to sign up several months ago, but I didn’t enter my CC info because I wanted to take the quiz first to see how in-depth it was. I was satisfied with it and tried to go into my account and put in the payment info, but months later, it’s still giving me an error message and telling me that I need to sign in again (and if I do sign in again, the same loop repeats).

    I wanted to try it, but not enough to contact customer service about the issue – lol. The comments about having so many issues with the subscription scare me, too.

  9. This sub is so fascinating (and seemingly somewhat random, especially when it comes to product value, but still fascinating).

    I just went into my account online and saw that I will be receiving Natura Bisse Rosa Mosqueta Oil. I’ve actually purchased this exact product from Barneys before (for $57) so I am thrilled to get something that is actually very much in line with my tastes/needs/preferences. Would it have been fun to try something new? Sure. But knowing I’m getting a great product at a great price (thanks to the Gilt City deal) is pretty fabulous.

    In case anyone else marvels at the crazy high prices of some skincare products, one supposedly “revolutionary” product in the Natura Bisse line sells for $730!!!! Now if that product had been sent in my box, I think I would become a lifetime subscriber on the spot!

  10. I’m usually pretty easy going and I try to never complain about sub boxes, but this subscription has been the worst. I used the gilt city deal to try out this sub, since I have so many I didn’t really need this one but hey there’s a deal sure why not lol. The first month I got an acne spot treatment that retails for $18 odd since I have nothing acne related on my profile and I thought the product was supposed to cost at least as much as the $25 dollar box, but hey it happens I suppose. Next month I received a single use mask in a foil packet retails for $20. What??? Foil packet???? Not happy! Called CS they said so sorry that was supposed to be sent as a bonus with another item. Fine they sent me my bonus item. It’s in a box somewhere…not impressed. Third month would you believe the same dang foil packet mask without another item. Called again so sorry we have fixed everything that will never happen again. Yeah ok. Now this month December is my last box still have hope for at least one good item out of this 4 month deal. Just got my box Friday it seriously has the same foil packet of a mask. That’s 3 months in a row same product. Should I even bother calling CS or chalk it up as a complete loss? This has not been a good experience

    • Email them and be firm. Then you have a written record of the mistakes. I got an oily skin product and I argued until they sent me something good! They owe you another 4 month, IMHO, and darnnit, you need to make them give it to you!

    • What in the world??? You must have been a glitch in their system. Did they not send you the three full sized items they owe you? I’m shocked if they didn’t. That’s insane. I didn’t get a December box for some reason but I checked my subscription and it looks like I’m going to get all 4 of my boxes. It just skipped December for some reason.

  11. I passed on the Guilt City deal but just got the Allure deal for a free month and now wish I’d gotten the Gilt City deal.

    My first match was L’Occitane Immortelle Precious Cream, at $62 anti-aging facial cream with a subtle botanical scent. A great fit! I cancelled before it came, just so I could try it before I was sent another match, but I think I may retire another box and replace it with this one.

  12. I’m loving some of the brands other people got and excited for my pick to arrive soon! They’ve all been good. For the people, unhappy with their picks-it might be worth it to call in and have someone advise you on your profile :). I’ve thought about doing it myself to get a good pick, but all of my picks have been good so far 😀 …knock-on-wood I do NOT need women’s Rogaine! Just deselect Hair care and say No to any problems with your hair. It works for the other sections that you DON’T want to receive ?

  13. I got the shampoo too and LOVED it! Funny thing is I got a second product to and can’t even remember what it was. Perhaps I get too many boxes…..

  14. I finished my 4 month sub in November. Then contacted BeautyDNA to add my 2 four month subs onto my account. They said they did and the website showed it was correct but… I’ve never received a box since. None in December or January yet. I emailed them last week and still haven’t heard back. I’m a little disappointed. 🙁 Hopefully they come through and set things straight!

    • I got skipped for December too. Not sure why. I’m hoping January ships soon.

      • What I also noticed is that my 8 month subscription changed to 7 months, even though I didn’t get the December box. I guess it’d be good for everyone to make sure they get a credit for a month missed. I paid for 8 months, so I want to get 8 months! 🙂

  15. I signed up for the free month trial and am very happy with my box. They matched my needs perfectly and sent me a Goldfaden MD Liquid Facelift. It’s valued at $68 and targets my concerns & preferences exactly. I’ve used it twice and I really like it so far. My box shipped quickly and I loved getting a full size product and personal information card in the box too.

    • Ooo! I love Goldfaden MD products – that’s an awesome item! 🙂

      • Me too! Thank you for posting the trial offer Liz! I wouldn’t have tried it without reading your post. I usually don’t have good luck with subs where contents vary like this one or oui please, so I was willing to try it with the great offer and really happy to get a good match for me and a high quality, high end product in a line I like. I hope others have a great experience too!

    • That’s the same item I got. It wasn’t as great a match for me as I want stuff to prevent wrinkles, not cover them up. Indeed, as I suspected it would happen, in the process of trying it out I had to get close and personal with my mirror and thus I discovered that none of the stuff I put on my face has stopped the advancement of wrinkles. I now have a new layer below the “fine lines” under my eyes.

    • Hi Rochelle & Liz~
      I got the same product my 1st mo (Gilt City deal) & tried it, under my makeup.. Which was a really bad idea, because it looked like all the products, had rolled up in balls, making it look like boogers or puss balls.. Had to start over without the Goldfaden product. Then, I started using it at night & in the morning after I had washed & toned… I saw 0 results. I finally gave up!! It’s been in its box since, with over 3/4 left. I just saw it last night & thought there has to be a way I can use & love it! It gets great reviews. Do you have any tips???
      PS. I got Glytone night renewal cream last month & Olie 100% Argan oil, this month. (For those reading these, trying to decide. I’m on the fence if I’m going to resub, with a regular subscription after next mo..) fingers crossed, I come across another awesome deal!!)

      • Hi Brit, I’ve only used this twice so far under my makeup (I won’t use it at night, I think it’s effects are cosmetic not preventative/restorative imo) and haven’t had that happen. It has happened with other filler products so I know exactly what you mean and hope I can help! I’ve used this product sparingly only two drops total and only apply where I have lines or want lift. I let it absorb then use other regular serum on the rest of my face, then use my moisturizer/ eye creams over it and let absorb. Then apply my makeup. Both days I was using jouer luminizing tinted moisturizer, so not a heavy foundation. I also applied my makeup lightly with my fingers, not my beauty blender. Maybe I’m using a lot of moisture so it doesn’t dry and bead off? Maybe make sure it’s under your moisturizer? Maybe rub it in a little bit? I’ll try to pay more attention when I apply it tomorrow and see if I can think of anything else to help. ?

    • I love that product! I got it on two different DNA accounts and my mom even ordered herself a bottle from Dermstore!

  16. This was my first month, using the free trial, and I received a Kora Organics Soothing Day and Night Cream. I haven’t opened it yet since I already have one I’m using, but I’m excited to try! RV of $64 seems pretty good. I’m thinking about giving this a shot for a few months and really going in and re-specifying my preferences. One question, do you HAVE to get hair care from them? I would rather not.

    • I had dry scalp as one of my top 5 concerns so that is why I got shampoo. I have always gotten something associated with my top so just be sure it isn’t listed there.

  17. I also got a Christie Brinkley product. An eye cream. It retails for $80! I just started using it today. I tailored my survey around my eyes so I would def get an eye cream. I’m pleased but this will be my only month. I’d be so upset if I paid $25 and received a rogaine or low end product!

  18. I signed up for the free month, but have not received my box. I am getting worried they will charge me for the nexg one, without receiving my first trial. Does anyone know when they charge ? Thanks

    • Yes, they charge on your ‘anniversary’ date within the month. It is the same date every month (but varies by customer). Mine is the 8th of every month because that is when I joined.

    • I signed up for the free trial and also have not received my box. I too don’t want to get charged again, especially before I’ve even received my first box!!

  19. BeautyDNA has been hit and miss for me. I signed up with the Gilth City vouchers and am happy with what I receive given what I paid, but I am unlikely to resubscribe at the end of my four months (I have 2 accounts, each with a 4 month subscription). My first item was a luminique SPF 15 day/night moisturizer that was matched to me because I like “lightweight moisturizers.” It is thick, gloopy and smells heavily of sunscreen (which I had deselected based on reviews and comments I have read here). I contacted CS and they sent a replacement: a Christie Brinkley moisturizer (once again with SPF!). I contacted CS and pointed out that I had said no SPF in my products. I kept it and have been using it though–I actually like it, but it sells online direct and at Kohl’s. Not exactly my idea of the kind of high-end skincare I thought I would be receiving. They sent me ANOTHER replacement, this time a Primo lash growing serum. I’ve been using it. It stings my eye lids a bit and I haven’t noticed any lash growth (not beautyDNA’s fault though). I’ve also received Dermaquest brightening treatment and 3 Labs facial wash, both which I use and like. On my second account I left it pretty wide open (didn’t select paraben-free, natural or fragrance-free) to see what I’d get, thinking that j might receive some of the fancier brands they advertise. My first item from my second account was a Jurlique eye serum that has an expiration date in March 2016! I received it in January 2016 and contacted CS. They responded that 3 months prior to product expiration is the latest they will send a product out. They are sending me a Dr. Brandt eye serum as a replacement item. On the one hand, CS has taken care of every issue I have brought to their attention. On the other hand, I would be somewhat disappointed if I had paid full price at $25 a month given the issues I have noted above.

  20. I just received my final box of the 4-month deal from gilt city and AT LAST I received something good! A 3Lab moisturizer. Woo! Hopefully, it doesn’t suck. All other months were a bust, in some cases painfully so. My first month was a conditioner that *appeared* to make my hair fall out. O.o

    There’s no way I’m renewing, but at least it ended on a high note.

  21. My item this month (I have two accounts thanks to the amazing guilt city deal! Thanks liz!) was an all natural eye cream for depuffing under eyes! As a college student applying to vet schools soon, what sleep? Lol it was a perfect match and I hope it works! No parabens and RV $59 (which is actually the lowest RV from them I’ve ever had but my preference are all skincare, no hair care, and paraben and sulfate free!)

  22. I want that to be my match! lol I’ve just been getting skin care, and last month I got women’s rogaine! omg.. I got a kick out of that, though.

  23. I find it disappointing that I’ve never received a second item in my box, even when my item value was low. I had one item that retailed $28 and they didn’t include a second item. Guess I am too plebeian for that.

    • I think Liz had a Rue La La or other deal that included a bonus item.

    • I’ve never received a bonus product either. I also haven’t received my December box yet.

      • Me either Laura. Odd.

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