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Oui Please Volume 1.6 Box Spoilers + Coupon!

Screen Shot 2015-12-29 at 6.38.38 PM

Oui Please has shared these spoilers with us! The theme for the Volume 1.6 Oui Please box is “White Winter in the Alps”

If you are interested in subscribing, use coupon code OUINOEL to save 20% off a membership.

First, before the spoiler pictures, I just want to call out that Oui Please boxes vary from subscriber-to-subscriber, so not all subscribers may get the items pictured below. (And there seems to be a lot of variation in value too based on reader comments, so keep that in mind if you are thinking of subscribing).

Here are items that all subscribers will receive:


Mirgiole jewelry


Ladure® milk chocolate caramel fleur de sel


An item from Histoires de Parfums

And some subscribers will receive items from:


Petite Parisienne
Screen Shot 2015-12-29 at 6.57.02 PM

Harem Dessens

Screen Shot 2015-12-29 at 6.56.32 PM

1951 Maison Francaise

(In half the boxes)


Screen Shot 2015-12-29 at 6.56.17 PM

Numero 8


Screen Shot 2015-12-29 at 6.57.14 PM

Tassia Canellis

What do you think of the spoiler pictures?

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. So, I purchased the annual subscription last January and only received 4 boxes.
    1.2 1.3 1.4 1.5
    Isn’t the annual subscription 6 boxes? They tried to charge my credit card again for an auto renew of the annual subscription and thankfully my credit card didn’t work, I cannot commit to a company again that still owes me two more boxes. I contacted them to see if and when I am getting the 1.6 box. I have not received a response nor have I received a shipping notice.
    I have loved all of my boxes from OuiPlease, but feel very frustrated by this.

    • Hi Annie! This is my question as well. Having 4 boxes in an annual subscription instead of 6 (which is what was advertised) doesn’t feel right to me. I love Oui Please, so I hope they can fix this for us. If you hear back from them, would you let us know? Thank you!

  2. If there is no mention of the 1951 Maison Francaise clutch in any part of the booklet accompanying the box; and they only list the card case, then i think they are not including clutches in the box only. if this is the case then it is a blatant bait and switch from the spoiler they had on 12/18.

    • Yeah, I thought the clutches were supposed to be in half the boxes?

    • I know the disappointment. I saw the 1951 logo on a cloth bag and I was digging into my beautiful box like a frenetic mole on a golf course fairway.

      What I believe they did, maybe because they did realize there was no record of who got what in last box, was send everyone the little card holder.

      The reason I say this is two-fold. One, this item, the coin purse/ card case/ whatever tiny thing you want to use it for, is the ONLY item listed under ” Accessories”.
      If there’s no substitute item, then everyone will get one, right?

      The other thing is I think they did the layout of the magazine far ahead of the shipping ( understatement).
      One whole page has a girl in a teeny skirt. It only shows her from the waist down and in front of her skirt is the 1951 Maison XL or XXL clutch. Unless she’s wearing a skirt which would fit an 18 inch tall American Girl doll, they gave the full sized bag one entire page and the little case thing has a small mention in the upper left corner on the left page of the two pages devoted to ” Accessories”- the change purse, or driver’s license holder, or whatever.

  3. Oops, I forgot to put the RV as stated by Oui Please on my invoice.

    ALSO, a big THANK YOU to Liz for the coupon. I would not have tried the box without one, so would now not have a regular subscription with Oui Please.

    Total RV of my box contents as stated by Oui Please is $352.
    Broken down as they have the items listed on my invoice:

    Harem Des Sens $30
    Mirgiole Earrings $60
    Histories de Parfums $40
    Tassia Canellis bracelet $50
    LeBon toothpaste $17
    Atelier Cologne $25
    Petite Parisienne $30
    L’Attelier Chocolate Disk $25
    L’Attelier Walnuts $15
    1951 Small $60

    Total for 10 items: $352

    If they are going to use the Paris subway tragedy as a reason for the box being 2 months late, do we get to pay less because of the strong dollar against the Euro? Someone should ask them.

  4. I received my 1.6 “White Winters In the Alps” box today.
    This is my first Oui Please box, and I had really expected to cancel after the first one. Nix that, I’m keeping this subscription! I LOVE my box, although it did have a ” Christmas feeling” to it, which is not strange, considering that it was supposed to ship out in December.

    I got the following:
    1) Tassia Canellis bracelet in gold with a pearl. It’s very dainty and goes extremely well with my right hand jewelry. Mine was in a teeny red velvet- like pouch and arrived in the pouch but very tangled, so it is easy to miss this.
    2) Mirgiole triangle earrings. Very pretty and well made.
    3) Maison Francaise 1951 spotted animal print hair calf card holder. ( Leopard, cheetah, one of those cat prints).
    4) Harem Des Sens Fabulous Silk Milk
    5) 1876 fem. chypre fragrance
    6) Lebon cinnamon toothpaste ( my least fav. thing in box)
    7) Petite Parisianne Candle in Epices de Noel fragrance- very holiday scent.
    8) L’altelier Chocolate Caramels- very pretty in the jar, would have been a nice stocking stuffer for a foodie.
    9) ” ” Caramelized Macadamia Nuts- very pretty in the jar and would have made a nice little stocking stuffer for a male or female.

    I followed the booklet pages when listing these items as I cannot spell French words well at all. I would have swapped the very expensive toothpaste for one of the overload of lotions sent in last box, for sure.

    There was NO mention of the 1951 Maison Francaise clutch in any part of the booklet accompanying my box. Only the card case, which I don’t use. I was really hoping for the clutch, but I’m not entirely sure how many were shipped, or if they sent any more out.

    • If they don’t have the clutch in a number of boxes, I expect that people will be very unhappy. I would really like the tiger jewelry so I am ok without the clutch, but I know a lot of people are expecting it.

      • There are 3 brands of jewelry in the booklet: The Tassia Canellis, 2 possible pieces from Numero Uno which retail for $30 each, and 3 possible pieces by Node which are 3D printed.

        OK, Node has one item which is a very tiny looking tiger head. Is that the tiger jewelry you are referring to? The other two pieces from Node are very plain looking rings which do not shine at all but look more like wood and do not have any tigers on them, nor is the logo for Node pictured as a Tiger, but the pieces may be gorgeous in person. I don’t know, but if they are the highlight for some people, then Oui Please didn’t get their money’s worth out of the photo for the three items. In addition to looking very small, the necklace also looks extremely short.
        I have 6 inch wrists and my bracelet had to go into the extra link part. What IS it with French sizing? I have been there, no one looks overly tiny, just normal weight for height. I was taller than a lot of the ladies, but I don’t see how that affects wrist, neck, or ring size.

      • Joint bones can be bigger if you are taller…. maybe???

  5. Finally! Just got a shipping notice! The box has been picked up by FedEx. I was starting to think it was never coming…

    • Likewise! It will be interesting to see if my emails to customer service are going to result in me getting the less exciting items…

      • I also received my shop notice. This is my second box and last time I was one of the first to receive a box. I also was presented with one of the lousiest variations! I hope this isn’t quite so awful!

  6. Has anyone received their December Oui please box yet?

    • Not a word.

      I’m concerned because I ordered an annual assuming that it would wrap up nicely by February/March 2016. I still have three boxes to go. I’m putting everything in storage and traveling for the most of this year, so now I’m worried that I’ll never see the rest of my boxes.

  7. I just received an email response and they said they were shipping later this week and into next week. ??

    • I got the same email

    • I received the same email, however they sent me a long email blaming the shipping delay on the terrorist attacks in November. I found it appalling that they would use something like that to their advantage and responded informing them of such. The box was supposed to ship in early November (and really, months before that), and the attacks occurred November 13th. The items should have already been in country.

      I have received beautiful boxes from OuiPlease, but their customer service is horrific.

      • I totally agree! I wasn’t sure if I was being overly righteous or huffy, but I was really bothered by their email. My family is Parisian and they still managed to visit the US a few days after the attacks. My point being – the terrible incident should never be leveraged as an excuse for delays (or communicated as such to the customer). I’ll definitely cancel after this box.

      • Completely agree. I lived in Paris for some time, so I know I am overly sensitive on the topic, but it just seemed to be in such poor taste.

  8. I like the mix of items but I really hope that they keep track of who they are giving the hero items to and who they are not. I thought I read somewhere awhile back that they were tracking it to ensure that people who miss out one round will get it another time.

    What bothers me is that the boxes that have the hero item usually seem to have extra items that are already on the high end of the box value then plus the hero items that make it really skewed so folks who get the bare minimum feel extremely slighted.

  9. So the only thing this sub does on time is charge. That’s interesting! I don’t get the discrepancies though … How do they decide who gets what? I know my box was pretty disappointing last time.

  10. I was upset when I heard OP was charging $45 to cancel!
    I emailed right away to make sure this wouldn’t happen to me.
    They said only if I am charged and want a refund, not just to cancel.
    Of course I asked about the remaining boxes on my account and they said even if I cancelled to not be charged I would still receive all boxes I paid for. I love this box and can’t wait to get 1.6!

  11. Does anyone know when the next box, V1.6, is shipping?
    they are super late with this box

    • I received an email stating they would expect to ship out the week of the 10th January. At this point who knows.

      • well this was a vague response on Facebook from them to someone:

        OuiPlease: We are so sorry for the delay – yes, we are shipping soon!

  12. I sent them an email saying that I wanted to end my yearly subscription a few months ago. I had been unable to get into my account. A few weeks ago I received an email stating that I was going to be charged the yearly rate again. I was really tired of how late the boxes were sent out and I had thought they had really gone downhill. They then charged my credit card company but then reversed the charges after I sent them another email and billed me $45. At this point, I don’t even care because I want to be done with them. I do think it’s odd that they tried to charge me for another year when I have yet to receive six boxes.

    • THEY DID THE SAME THING TO ME!!! I cannot believe they had the nerve to charge me $45 for cancelling when we haven’t gotten our 6th box yet….I honestly didn’t think I should cancel because I figured those idiots would just not send me my last box (I was an annual subscriber). Like most others, im so fed up with OP! I’ve filed a dispute with my credit card company and I encourage others to do the same–if cc companies see similar disputes being filed related to OP, it will be easier for us as customers to get our disputes resolved because the company will be flagged as being sketchy within the banks claims department (let’s just say I spent a lot of time on the phone with my bank today). 🙂

      Also, I am 1000000% sure they JUST updated their policies to add the $45 “processing fee” – reading the information on their Terms page, the description of how they charge the fee is illogical. Based on what their site says right now, you can be charged $45 for cancelling an annual subscription no matter what time you do cancel in relation to your renewal date. In my opinion, it seems like that little “$45” section was clearly thrown together last minute (cough cough, once all of the initial annual subs started renewing) to suck some money out of all the people cancelling. For Heaven’s sake, they even credited me a full refund first and then recharged me later, less the $45…Maybe they decided after they gave me my first refund that they could weasel more money out of me?? Not playing their games anymore. I’m sure since they patrol MSA comments all the time they will see this and have the page updated asap, but as of right now it is not.

      I really hope people who are considering subbing to this box take fellow MSA readers’ comments seriously. Oui please is a scam. It has caused me so much stress and frustration, and sub boxes are supposed to be FUN!! I’ve subscribed to over 20 boxes and always am very positive about any hiccups that happen. OP is different, and I’m not even talking about box variation. They are only interested in taking your money. I wish I could plead with my fellow MSA readers to save them the headaches and not sub to this box.

      • This is exactly what happened to me. I posted in the forums because I thought it was so unusual. I didn’t get the warning email telling me my annual renewal would be happening soon. I just saw the charge on my cc and immediately emailed about a refund. I disputed the charge with my credit card company, and they closed the dispute because I received a partial refund. So, I submitted a second dispute. I agree; I think they updated that policy after we subscribed annually. I won’t be surprised if I don’t get a Vol. 1.6 box– what incentive do they have to please cancelled customers. I have learned my lesson about annual subscriptions (actually, they’ve burned me on new sub boxes too)! I am deleting my cc info for any existing annual subs that I have the ability to because I’m afraid I will forget at renewal time.

  13. I have such mixed views of this box. I loved 1.5 but there’s so much that doesn’t quite feel right and yet I keep subscribing because the box has a certain je ne sais quoi.
    Having said that, I have just been charged $150 for my next box 1.7 which has me severely ticked off as I have not yet received 1.6.

  14. I really enjoy the variation – I find it fun to see what I’m going to get. BUT all boxes should ABSOLUTELY be of the same value. And they should all include at least one high value/exciting item.

    This is problem that I have with this box. I appreciate that they’ve made an effort to improve by ensuring that everyone will get one or two specific thing or brands. But they really REALLY need to address the value issue.

    Personally, I’ve bought three boxes from them, the Mother’s Day box, 1.4, and 1.5. The Mother’s Day box was good, but not great. I was satisfied. 1.4 was a nightmare; I didn’t use a single item from it (except the box. Love those boxes.) 1.5 was pretty great. It could have been better, but not by much. So my experience has been really varied.

    Meanwhile, does ANYONE actually like getting perfume in these boxes?

    • I’ve received 2 perfumes from them and love them both!

  15. I received 2 boxes from Oui Please, and I was satisfied both times, I received the Tee and beach towel from the 1.4 box and a monogrammed scarf from 1.5 box. But I have found that doing a curated box this past November worked for me much better ( I really wanted a clutch) and the coupon code OUINOEL worked great. I got the Luxor February box instead of re-upping for this one. Although, I think I might use that code again and do a 1 month. HMMMM What to do!

  16. I agree with most of the comments below. I have been a subscriber since the launch and all my boxes have been on the lower end of the value. I have NEVER received any of the leather bags; since they are including them again in the next box I would hope that they are keeping track of who has not yet received one. I agree that this does feel like a bit or bait and switch, which is unfortunate since we all paid good money for this box. I want to stay positive but if the next box is not great I will not renew my subscription.

    Does anyone know if this auto-renews after the 6th box?

    • I am with you here. None of my 5 boxes have the exciting and high value items. They attempted to charge my account on Dec 6th for another annual of $704 but my bank declined it. They then put my account on hold, so I cancelled it. I have to see the 6th box first but the chances are I will not renew. I really do not want a lot of bath or perfume products. And I keep getting those in my boxes.

    • I believe it does. But I’ve notified my cc co. to not approve the renewal. I think it’s shameful that I paid for the annual expecting high quality and most certainly an equally priced box with a continuity for every box. I didn’t hesitate to plunk down hundreds the very least don’t screw me over,especially since there are no returns or cancellation. Believe me I tried but for some reason my cc co couldn’t understand that it was a bimonthly box and it wasn’t obvious until others began to share their wares on msa. I am NOT recommending this box. PERIOD!!

      • BTW I have all the boxes still unused and for sale. If anyone is interested go to there are more from other box subs as well.

      • Do u by chance have the box which had the zadig and voltaire scarf ? I have been coveting that scarf for so long !

      • Sorry to say that I missed that box. Hope that you find what your looking for. Thanks for your inquiry.

  17. I love the French themed boxes. Getting products that are not readily available here at a discount is always great. But…this one is not going to get my money. I know some of the boxes I get give variations, but none like this one. It seems too bait and switch to me. I think values at least need to be the same, but it doesn’t seem like that’s even happening here.

  18. I usually try to stick to the positive with my comments, but I do have a funny feeling about this subscription box. They indicate the boxes have some variation but actually it feels more like a very calculated bait and switch. They show spoilers of all the higher end items. But a minority of people actually receive the big ticket items, just enough to justify the pre-sale advertising. I am a big luxury box girl–but my experiences have left me feeling unsettled. I would not be able to recommend this sub to others until there is more transparency on how the company is fulfilling current subscriptions. This was actually very hard for me to write — like I said I really like to stay positive.

    • i totally agree with you and feel the same.

    • I’m not really sure it is the minority of those that receive the good products – it is impossible to gauge without knowing how many people actually subscribe. I’ve never seen hundreds of comments about low valued boxes so I think that a fair number of people get good valued boxes – definitely some have not fared well and I think those are the ones in the minority. I have subscribed since the start and have always received good valued boxes – were there other variations that looked nicer, sure. That doesn’t mean what I received was bad.

      • I have found that over a year it seems to even out. I have never gotten the clutch but I have gotten two of the lovely scarves including one that was personalized. I think if you only got the provence box you were probably disappointed, Although it is the luck of the draw to some extent, for what you pay on a yearly subscription with the 15% or 20% discount, this is still one of the best deals around (along with those who were original subscribers to Luxor box,) i re-upped my yearly subscription. For $90, vs, the $175 annual I paid for Luxe Provence (beautiful but very expensive), I think Oui Please does a great job.

      • I stuck it out 1.1 through 1.4 and never got any big exciting item I could use.

        My 1.1 was all lower retail / small items.

        My 1.2 had a sweater in the wrong size; they agreed to not send me clothing after this so I accepted it.

        My 1.3 was lower retail.

        My 1.4 was about middle of the pack on retail, but after agreeing to not send me more clothing, I received the tee-shirt, again in a size I couldn’t wear, so I canceled.

        I re-subbed for this round, but I’m not going to give them another 4 boxes to wow me before pulling the trigger on canceling. I’m hopeful after seeing their curated boxes this winter they’re getting the message about what customers want.

      • Hi Everyone- I’ve actually liked all of the boxes I’ve received so far (but I like bath/beauty products). However, I’m most concerned about my annual subscription possibly not equaling 6 boxes. Like most people, when deciding on an annual sub, I divide the cost of the annual sub by the number of boxes I will receive – in this case, every other month meant six boxes. So, will we not receive six boxes for the cost of our annual subscription? Has anyone contacted them to clarify? I don’t mind the delays in receiving the boxes, I just hope that we’d receive a total of six boxes.

  19. This will be my second box (I caved and purchased the annual subscription) and my first box was terrible. My items were ALL on the lower end and it was annoying to see all the boxes with monogrammed scarves. I don’t mind that there’s such a huge variation in items, it’s the value differences that infuriate me. I suppose our sub money is what funds Oui Pleases’ lifestyle in France. Unless my boxes improve I certainly won’t sub again

  20. I don’t sub anymore as I had horrible experiences with the first few boxes. But here’s a question – what is “the other side” of the 1951 bag? I don’t see anything shown that would be comparable to NOT getting the bag. way too much random variability. I would stick with Luxe Provence (if they didn’t stick me with DHL customs costs!)

  21. I know I am in the Minority but I really like the variations per box. This is and has always been my favorite box. I appreciate all the different items I have been introduced to and some of my favorite items are from OuiPlease boxes.

  22. I hate the “lottery” style of this box. This will be my first out please. I decided to try it after seeing the spoilers on Facebook. If I get a not so great box…it will be my last Oui Please. It’s too much $ for me to “wait out” getting a fabulous scarf of clutch. I’ll stick to Luxor and Rachel Zoe.

    • I chose Luxor and Rachel Zoe as my “luxury- type” sub boxes because they DON’T do the almost bait and switch thing. It’s not like I can’t go buy anything in the Oui Please boxes if I don’t get it in my box, but it’s the principle of ” less than”. It’s just mean and wrong. Either buy enough stock to please everyone immensely or serve up what you have in stock that goes around to all. It’s so simple. I think they are elitist and snobby, as a matter of fact.

      An anonymous person or people running a subscription service have NO right to choose what I get for my money vs. what Jane Doe gets for the same money when the value is significantly different. And I do not think it is completely random. Liz’s boxes seem to be the higher value ones in every shipment.

  23. I love the French theme of the Oui Please box but I’m glad I’ve never subscribed. It seems to repeat brands a lot. The jewelry is odd and always gold tone. A clutch isn’t practical most of the time. I would love to shop in Paris some day but I wouldn’t be buying anything like this. Just me, I guess.

    • I’ve never been impressed with their boxes solely based on reviews. Most of the items seem to be hype…..French soap and bath salts? Random perfumes? The 1951 clutch? People lose their minds over this thing. How often do people walk around carrying clutches?

  24. I want this box, I’ve gotten one before (either the spring or summer ) and it was mostly products. If rather have more items like these shown in the spoilers. And I would love that bag! I’m trying to buy less boxes, so I’m not sure yet

    And I don’t get the theme either

  25. They always have the most beautiful spoilers then send out almost none of it. I will not be sucked in! I love the spoilers but I KNOW better.

  26. I’m surprising myself as I write this, but I think I might actually subscribe for this. I unsubbed because I didn’t want to get charged before I saw any spoilers and didn’t really expect to sign back up.

    But I like the look of MOST of what I see here. The only spoilers I don’t care for at all are the parfums and the Numero 8. The other two jewelry brands had several pieces that I liked so there’s probably a decent chance that I’d get something I liked. … Probably. … Maybe.


  27. Looking forward to this box and hope my variation will be great. I feel that OuiPlease has made an effort to listen and work on the concerns. I appreciated that an email was sent explaining the delay on this box. I renewed my annual subscription as I believe next year is going to be great.

    • Did you receive an Email telling you that this box was running late? I am a yearly subscriber and received no such Email …

      • I got an email on 12/22/2015 that boxes will ship in Jan.

        I don’t like some of the negative comments here, I certainly hope Oui Please is not bait and switch.

  28. I fail to see how any of these items say “Winter in the Alps” at all -_-

    • Me too. I’m thinking scarves, hot chocolate, ear muffs, mittens. Luxurious throw, blanket, sweater

    • I totally agree, but I don’t sub to this box. There are too many variations for me, plus it looks like repeats from past boxes.

  29. I was super excited about the 1951 Maison Francaise (love the Zebra one shown on the instagram) until Liz(@MSA of course) pointed out if every subscriber will get one.

    So far, my Oui Please box seems have been on the lower value side, why do I still like Oui Please box so much 🙂 ?!

  30. I really hope they have some ability to make sure the subscribers who got parcel 1.1 and didn’t get a bag are able to get one this time around. There are going to be some harsh feelings I suspect if some people get another 1951, while others never got one at all.

  31. I have mostly loved my boxes from Oui Please but agree the variations are a bit extreme to keep gambling on. My annual sub is almost up and I think whether I receive the 1951 Maison or not will determine whether I renew for another year (or not)!

  32. The variations are just too extreme for me.

  33. I’m in the minority here but I’m not hoping for the 1951 bag. I wish they would include a luxurious scarf since it is a winter theme after all. 🙂 It appears that the OuiPlease team is listening to subscribers’ comments as they are being more clear on what to expect in every box and what the variations would be. I like the variations as it keeps the surprise, I think it only gets frustrating when someone receives a fabulous item and you get a piece of gum…ok, they’ve never included gum, but you know what I mean.
    Does anyone know when we can expect the box to start shipping?

    • Hi Karen, they went from saying they were going to start shipping the week of Dec. 28 (on a post in instagram) to now shipping in early January with no date (on a Facebook comment made today).

      • Thanks for the info Valerie!

        It seems like the shipping dates are part of the “surprise factor” for this sub. ???

      • Best post here!!

        Technically this should have shipped mid-October so the moving ship date is very frustrating.

  34. It looks pretty good. Really hoping for one of the 1951 bags!

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