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Special Edition December Luxor Box FULL SPOILERS

Luxor Box

Thanks Brittany for sharing these spoilers with us!

FYI this box is no longer available for sale, but here are the box details:

The Box: Luxor “Luxurious Gifts” Box

The Cost: $175 to the US, $195 to Canada

The Products: $500+ worth of products. (6 unique products).



Hello Correspondence Card Set of 8 – Value $29.95


2016 Notebook – Value $70

(Hm – is this the same one as the 2014 one that was in the POPSUGAR Holiday for Her box?)


Tatcha Polished Rice Enzyme Powder – Value $65


Claire Fantasy Flower Skinny Cuff by Deepa Gurnani – Value $90



Hope and Love Catch All – Value $130.00


1951 clutch – Value $130.00

What do you think of the spoilers? Thanks again Brittany for taking and sharing these pictures with us!!


Luxor Box

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (55)

  1. I got mine today and I absolutely love everything in this box! I don’t get why anyone wouldn’t be ecstatic about it.
    I got the dark brown clutch and it’s gorgeous. The leather is incredibly soft but not so soft that the clutch loses its shape. The detachable chain is a big plus too.
    I love the catch all too. Most of the ones I already have are glass. This will look great with the leather container I got from Burke Decor a few months ago.
    The bracelet is so pretty and perfect for holiday parties.
    I love the Tacha enzyme. I use mine from the PopSugar box all the time so I’m happy to have more.
    I write note cards frequently . I subscribe to Happy Mail too. Hand written cards and notes are so much more thoughtful that an email, ecard or Facebook post.
    I have a couple older friends who are not computer or smartphone users so I will likely gift the planner to one of them. I usually don’t regift my subscription stuff but the planner is a really beautiful and high quality item.
    I couldn’t be happier. And $175 for $515 worth of stuff is fabulous!

  2. I would love to swap for Deepa Gurnani bracelet.

  3. I ordered 2, I don’t know why but I did. They both shipped on the same day but only one has arrived. When I check the tracking number it appears that it hasn’t left GA yet. Very strange and I am experiencing buyers remorse.

    That said, the bracelet is gorgeous! The clutch is disappointing. It’s a nice clutch but I don’t get the hype. And I can’t figure out the chain. The loops on the actual clutch are very wide and the hasp on the chain doesn’t open wide enough to get the leather loops fastened securely. Anyone have any thoughts?

    • I opened the clasp all the way, put the hook in through the loop and rotate it through almost 90 degrees. This allowed me to close the clasp by pinching the leather back a little bit. I did not have to pinch the leather back on the other side.

  4. I have no clutches from boxes. I have clutch envy. The worst part is it isn’t going away any time soon. At least not until health issues and medical bills resolve. It is cool that you guys are so lucky.

    • I am thankful for what I have and just want everyone to realize how much they have to be thankful for!

  5. Ok so i wasnt as impressed with the black handbag as i thought i would be. I dont know if anyone else has bought fossil handbags before but i have several and they are heavy thick leather and this one was smaller and thinner leather than i thought. That being said it’s a nice basic bag. I may try to get the silver leo. I am disappointed they put two paper products in it, I was expecting one. Both are up for swap. They are nice but i have a smartphone for my notes and calendar and don’t mail cards. Loooove the bracelet! ! Too bad they didn’t send variations in color because i would swap for more colors. Missing the luxe food item. Tatcha is good, but it says it’s for dry skin and i have oily skin. I may try to get the oily skin version. Catchall is ok but up for swap. I already have a bunch of trays from other sub boxes. NOTICE to all sub box companies I have enough clutches/small bags and trays/jewelry boxes for a lifetime!!!

  6. I received mine today. I don’t know how I feel. I really like it, but I keep reminding myself I paid a whopping ONE HUNDRED SEVENTY FIVE dollars for this. For $100, I’d be thrilled. $175? I’m not so sure.

    Also, how on earth do I get the bracelet on me?

  7. Very nice If i had not spent so much $$ on other things i would have bought and been satisfied, but not regretting passing Just not for me…. it would have been regifted to family and friends.
    I did buy the black friday mystery box… Anyone have any news on that?

    • I got my mystery box a few days ago. I am happy with it, but mine was on the lower end of the RV range for the box. I plan on subbing now so I’ll start with the January box 🙂

  8. I didn’t expect it to be, but the clutch is hairy. It’s the tigre print. I’m texture weird and it’s kind of freaking me out. lol

  9. Ok so when I saw Liz’s spoiler post for this box I was SOOOO disappointed.

    Now I have the box in my hands and I can honestly say I absolutely LOVE IT.

    The picture of the bracelet does not do it justice. I was trying to get my friend to buy it from me, but now that I have it, there is no way I’m letting it go, so beautiful, my favorite item in the box.

    I also love the planner, I think it will be a great gift for my mother in law. She will never appreciate how much a planner like this actually costs, but with technology these days I know I won’t use it and she would be more likely to.

    I got the leopard clutch… I like it… don’t love it… although it does feel high quality I would never pay this much for a clutch like this one. I’m only 27, but even I feel a little too old to be wearing a leopard clutch lol.

    The note cards are probably my second favorite item surprisingly. Both the cards and envelopes are beautiful and I love gold.

    Tatcha is a great brand.

    I really like the tray but agree that it is WAY overpriced.

  10. Help, I got this box (and love it!) but can’t figure out how to attach the chain to the bag?? Am I missing something? The fasteners are too big for the leather attachments? Or am I the unlucky one who got the lemon?

  11. I just received my box and already knew the contents after seeing this spoiler post. I wasn’t sure about some items, but after seeing everything in person, I am in love. Each item is of very high quality. This is honestly the first luxe box I’ve ever received where I will keep and use everything. Of course it was the clutch that lured me into spending this much, but no regrets!

  12. I got mine today and honestly it’s the best subscription box I’ve ever gotten. It’s also the most expensive one lol! I haven’t liked the monthly Luxor boxes to date, but the clutch drew me in and I’m not sorry. For my tastes it’s much better than any of the Popsugar holiday boxes this year, the only thing missing was some tasty food.

  13. Sigh. I finally pull the trigger and order a LE box and of course I basically hate everything in it other than the clutch. Nothing in this is something I really wanted,or something that would make a great gift for my mom or sister, which is who I am shopping for at this point. Who needs a $70 planner in the age of smart phone calendars? The RV on most of these items seems ridiculous. I was so excited and now I just feel let down.

  14. Luxor regular boxes are great but this is my second LE and meh

    • I agree! Love my bi-monthly boxes, but the LE’s, not so much. I think I’ll just stick to their regular boxes from now on.

  15. I’m pleased with this box and will use everything BUT what’s up with the RV prices for these items? 130.00 for the catch all? NO WAY I understand these items are luxe, but if I were on the Price Is Right, I would lose the showcase showdown….that catch all isn’t worth more than 40 max!

    • It’s from a golden cow, obviously.

      • Ha! Right?

  16. This box was a fail for me personally. I think it’s a very good box but I still have a full size Tatcha from RZ I’m trying to swap, I just got a new 2016 planner, hate the bracelet, have a bunch of catchalls, and I just got a couple Maison clutches that are nicer than the ones we got in this box. I’m willing to sell or swap anything in the box or the whole box.

  17. I can’t wait for this box to arrive…I love everything in it. Just wish I could have gotten the black bag….it was already gone so I am getting the silver bag…..hope I love it!

  18. Better than the PopSugar holiday for her box, but I paid $180, almost double the popsugar box . Dislike the rice powder, note cards, the cuff bracelets. I hope I like the tiger print clutch print enough. Zoe’s box of style isn’t better to me either, don’t like the ring. Maybe I should quit my subscription boxes for a while to bring up the old excitement 🙂

  19. I think I love everything. Can’t wait for my leopard clutch.

  20. Putting the stationery up on the swap site. Possibly the bracelet and catch-all as well. Just not coming off as my style here, but maybe in person I’ll change my mind? Hmm.

  21. Sooooo glad I passed on this one! Nothing is really my style, I guess I’m too cheap lol.

  22. Really like everything but the Tatcha. Still have both a sample and full-size from other boxes, so not sure about it — may swap or gift it. Like the notebook a lot, as well as the clutch. Just got a new desk, so might put the catch-all on it — or put one of the baskets/bowls currently in my bedroom on the desk and this in my bedroom.

    • I’m looking for that ha products. Would you care to swap?

      • Swap for?

    • Tatcha auto correct stinks lol

      • Susan — please e-mail me at mimiretzkin-at-hotmail-com. I got my box today and have the tatcha for you.

  23. This looks fantastic! Love everything and it all seems very luxe. The notecards and the dish are beautiful. Not as excited with the Tatcha and the bracelet…which goes with all the beaded headbands….maybe the boxes need to find a new brand! But the star is the 1951..great marketing on their part. They are beautiful handmade bags and really very special. If you are a bag person, they are heaven!,,,,

  24. I listed the rice powder and the bracelet for swap. I’m happy with the other items.

  25. I bought this box and while I like it, I still seem to like their regular boxes more. With a holiday theme I was really expecting some holiday items like a Christmas candle, expensive cocoa, a really nice nutcracker or something like that. The items are beautiful and classy but pretty predictable. This must be the season of the notecard and the jewelry tray since they seem to be in every box. While I like the planner and I’m glad it’s leather $70 seems a bit pricey and really prefer the Christian LaCroix from Oui Please from last year. I think from now on I will be sticking with the regular Luxor box and not going for the limited editions.

    Note to all sub box proprietors out there, think of something new to put in these boxes. Crystal wine glasses, small terrarium, nutcracker, gravy boat, throw pillow, something other than notecards and jewelry trays.

  26. Wowed by this box. Can’t wait for its arrival!!!!!!!!

  27. I’m in love. My box shipped today and will arrive on Friday. I received good quality cards before in Burke Decor. I could tell and feel the difference with the cards. I love the color scheme of the box.

  28. I really don’t get the hype around the 1951 clutches. They’re fine. They’re ok. They’re not anything super special to me. Kind of like everything in this box. I still regret purchasing their most requested box… Glad I dodged a bullet on this. Happy others are happy but blech! I’ll be sticking with RZ.

    • Same here. I purchased 2 ‘Most Requested Box’ to gift my friends and I was so disappointed. They both liked it, but I felt it could be much better!! Glad I didn’t purchase this and guess I won’t get another Luxor box any time soon.

      • I guess this isn’t the box for me. Thank goodness for reviews and spoilers. I don’t doubt the quality of the items, but with a name like Special Edition “Luxury Gifts” Luxor, I would expect items that had an exotic theme, or even a theme at all. Or items that are rare, or made me feel pampered or glamorous. This made me think….If I suddenly had to come up with gifts for perfect strangers and I ran through my house finding things to re-gift. Calendar, check. Costume jewelry, check. Bag I did’t care for check. Catch-all, check . Note cards, check. I am not saying that I don’t like the items. But if I spent 175 on that and opened up. I would be disappointed.

      • Sadly I did order this box and I feel exactly the same way. Generic items I might regift to people I didn’t know well. When my box shows up tomorrow , I’m sure I’ll be filled with disappointment when I open it too.

    • same. I got “most requested” and didnt like it. Glad I didnt get this one!

  29. Wow! Finally a winter luxe box that has knocked it out of the park!! RZ and PSMH LE were so disappointing to me this season, but this one is fantastic!! Unfortunately I didn’t order it but I hope everyone who did thoroughly enjoys it, and I’ll be watching the swap site to trade for some of these things!

  30. I’m glad I got this instead of the popsugar LE. Pricey, but everything is luxe, and I finally get my 1951 clutch! The only thing I’m not keen on is the bracelet but my opinion may change when I see it in person.

  31. $70 notebook got me like whoa.

  32. Don’t want the bracelet or the rice powder, will swap them out again..

    The catch all is not my settle, but matches my desk accessories so will be ok

    I love that it’s all gold and gilded.

    • Shari what are you looking for the Tatcha rice powder? Im interested!!!!

    • I would love to swap for the rice powder!

      • Hi Suzanne I’m looking to swap the powder if you’re interested I already have it from pop sugars LE box. Are you on the MSA swap site?

  33. I will totally be swapping for that bracelet – love it! I like the notecards too, and maybe I can finally swap for that Tatcha powder since more will be in circulation now.

    Not keen on the catch-all, clutch or planner, so I don’t regret skipping this one, but it’s nicely curated.

    • Also a $30 note card??

      • Just to clarify thenotecards are a set of 8.

      • There has got to be more than 1?!

      • There are 8.

    • AGREE! I LOVE the bracelet and notecards. Hoping to swap for them. I think this is a nice box, but I like their regular boxes more.

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