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Meowbox Subscription Box Review – December 2015

Meowbox Subscription Box Review December 2015 - box

Meowbox is a monthly subscription box for cats filled with fun, unique toys and natural, grain-free, organic, or locally-made treats.

My Subscription Addiction pays for this subscription. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

The Subscription Box: Meowbox

The Cost: $32.95 a month (save with longer subscription plans)

The Products: 5-7 toys and treats per month for your cat.

Good to know: Meowbox will substitute non-food items for cats with special dietary requirements.  (There is a box to check during the signup process if you want to do this.)  And for every Meowbox you buy, they give one can of food to a shelter cat! 

Ships to: US (free shipping), Canada, and the UK (not sure of shipping costs for those last two)

Meowbox Subscription Box Review December 2015 - names

I love this – they wrote my cats’ names inside the lid!

Meowbox Subscription Box Review December 2015 - inside

Here’s a look at the items.

Check out the Pet Subscription Box Directory for more great boxes for your cat(s)! 

Meowbox Subscription Box Review December 2015 - monkeypush

I just had to share this here.  Poor Monkey has a scab on his underside that he keeps licking at (don’t worry, it is getting better), so he has to wear the E collar.  He wanted badly to get inside the box, but the collar meant he kept pushing it across the dining room floor instead. 

Meowbox Subscription Box Review December 2015 - card1

Meowbox Subscription Box Review December 2015 - card2

Included was an information card detailing the items in the box.  I love the cartoon – so true!

Meowbox Subscription Box Review December 2015 - catnip1

Petstages Geeky Squeek Mouse – Value $4.99 

This must’ve had some strong catnip in it.  Monkey wouldn’t let anyone else near it.

Ruff and Whiskerz Wildlife Rodentz – Value $5 (?)

My guys (and gal) were all too crazy from the catnip to actually chase this (they just wanted to roll around on the floor).  Mr. Kitty definitely loves chewing on things with fuzzy textures (I think his medication makes him do this for some reason).  I couldn’t find these in stock online anywhere, so the value is a guess (the Amazon listings had a price of $999…).

Meowbox Subscription Box Review December 2015 - catnip2

Bavarian Cat Toy Festive Holiday Pillow Toy – Value $6.99

We got another toy from this company a few months ago.  It has a strange (strong) smell (valerian, according to the packaging, somewhere between “cheese” and “dirty feet” to me) but the cats seem to like it.  (This is a seasonal item so I linked to some others from the same product line, instead.)

Pet Candy Catnip Penny Candy (2 pieces) – Value $1.98

I think these were the clear toy winner this month.  Sneaky, Madison, and Mr. Kitty all loved them.  So much I had to take them away from the cats for fear of Mr. Kitty swallowing it.  They will get only supervised play from here on out! 

Meowbox Subscription Box Review December 2015 - treats

PetGreens Semi Moist Treats (3 oz) – Value $5.55

These are grain free and made in the USA.  As usual, Sneaky and Madison liked them, Monkey didn’t really care (he is oddly unmotivated by food), and Mr. Kitty can’t have them due to his IBD.

Meowbox Subscription Box Review December 2015 - coupon

There was also a coupon for some nail trimmers that are supposed to keep you from cutting the quick of the nails.  Nice if you can do it, but I am going to keep paying $10 at the vet when I need nail trims. 

And now for the gratuitous cat photos:

Meowbox Subscription Box Review December 2015 - madison

These little candy things were quite popular this month.  Madison was tossing this one across the room and rolling all over the floor with it.

Meowbox Subscription Box Review December 2015 - monkey

Monkey would not stop licking this toy.  It was wet, wet, wet when he finally left it alone.

Meowbox Subscription Box Review December 2015 - mrkitty

Mr. Kitty didn’t want his photo taken this month.  But he really loved these toys a lot.  He almost had the whole thing in his mouth at one point (so I did take it away eventually).

Meowbox Subscription Box Review December 2015 - sneaky

And what cat subscription review would be complete without a picture of Sneaky biting something? 

Verdict: I calculated a value of about $24.50 for the December 2015 Meowbox.  That’s low for the price of a one-month subscription, but an improvement over last month.  My cats liked everything.  I think a box like this is best for people with multiple cats (more of a chance that every item will be enjoyed), and I’d strongly recommend a multi-month subscription using a coupon code so that you can at least break even on the per-box cost. 

What did you think of the December 2015 Meowbox?  Do you subscribe to any cat boxes?


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Written by Ragan Buckley

Ragan Buckley

Ragan stumbled across My Subscription Addiction in late 2013 and immediately subscribed to way too many beauty boxes. She’s now focused on boxes for her cats and dog, vegan/vegetarian food boxes, and craft subscriptions (and she didn’t give up beauty boxes entirely).

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Comments (15)

  1. I love the pictures of your cats! I hope Monkey gets better soon!

  2. I would loooove to get a cat sub box, but my cats are pretty apathetic to toys and the only treats we give them outside of their diet food are designed to prevent hairballs.

  3. I got our cat the 6 month subscription and this comes to under $23 per month. I think it’s definately worth it and if you have too many toys for the time being you can always donate them to a shelter or gift them to someone who does have cats 🙂

    I love that Meowbox is Canadian and the food included in the boxes is also only from North America. They also donate a cat for each box every month also, so you’re donating to a good cause while getting a box of goodies 🙂

    • Meant to say *donate a can* not a cat! hehe 🙂

  4. I came here just to see your cats. Haha love them!!

  5. Whenever I read your reviews, I don’t want the box, I just want more cats.

    • I also want more cats, just in general. Because I like cats.

      • The toys are nice but gee, not for $32.95 :-/ unless they are handmade( not made in China) with organic catnip. I LOVE all your kitties. Poor Monkey, and these plastic collars are sucks. It makes poor kitty walk backward and bump into things :-/. I have the same one but a soft version and it works really well on 2 of my kitties. Happy holidameows!

  6. Aw, your babies are so cute. And poor Monkey. My vet calls those collars the Cone of Shame. They always remind me of the episode of Fraiser when something was wrong with Eddie. Fraiser was trying to sleep and Eddie kept barking and keeping him up. He walked into the living room, frustrated and said, “It’s bad enough that he’s here at all and now you have him fitted with a megaphone!” It cracked me up.

    Thanks for letting me know about the box. I have considered getting it but I have several bins of sniffed over cat toys already and they’re really particular about treats, so I have to be even more particular picking things out for them. They’re such divas. I’m so glad that your babies loved their stuff. The pics are a true delight. I can see each of their personalities in them. Your house and heart must be filled to the brim with love and warmth. Blessed be.

    • We have been calling him “Conehad” instead of Monkey lately. Poor guy.

  7. Squee! Pics of your kits are why I always look forward to this review! I think we’ll sit this subscription out, because my 5 will take years to play through the after Christmas discount toy stockings I have squirreled away in the hall closet. (Seriously, probably 6 of the extra large). Unfortunately, that closet is also where Lord Vacuuuuuum lives, so they are always on alert when I open its door! And we rarely do treats due to Scooter’s diabetes. But Ragan, I just adore your cats!

  8. There is no better visual representation of pathos than a cat whose cone collar won’t let him get at a box of treats. Poor Monkey! I hope he gets to lose the collar soon.

    Thanks for sharing the photos – they’re all so cute! glad they enjoyed the goodies in the box!

  9. If anyone was just going to throw their info card away, I would love to have it for my daughter (she is super into cute cat pictures and jokes right now) – I would pay for shipping… 🙂

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