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POPSUGAR Must Have November 2015 Box Spoiler #2 + Coupon!

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POPSUGAR Must Have Box

We have another spoiler for the November 2015 POPSUGAR Must Have box! Each box will include:

Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 2.34.19 PM

this Capri Blue Mercury Jewel Box Candle in Rain

And in case you missed the first spoiler:


Each box will also include a Tarte Cosmetics Beauty & the Box Eye Shadow (Colors may vary) Retail Value $22. (This is a new product from Tarte’s fall line that will be released soon).

And in case you missed the theme hints for this box:

POPSUGAR Must Have Box

What do you think of the November 2015 POPSUGAR Must Have Box spoiler? I LOVE tarte and palettes – so this is a great spoiler for me!

If you haven’t signed up yet, use coupon code MUSTHAVE5 to save $5 off your first box.

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. This spoiler makes me wish I could cancel for the month :(. I’m deathly allergic to gardenia (like throat closing up, hospital level and I’m afraid the whole box will end up smelling like it…so disappointed !

  2. I am happy for this spoiler. I wasn’t sure how if I should cancel after the palette but decided to hang on until the end of the year as planned. I love getting candles and this one looks so cute!

  3. I’m interested in the candle so I’ll buy if the $10 codes work. *shrugs*

  4. I still have two of the $10 off codes they sent in a recent box, and both expire on 11/30. If anyone is interested please let me know – first to ask gets!

    • The codes are generic, btw. You can find them on coupon sites now.

      • Thanks for the update – I tossed them aside and never gave them a second thought!

        • What is the generic code?

        • I’ll post the two I have here just in case – ABX17YZ and B213YMZ.

          If you take one, please mark it claimed so people will know what’s available. Thanks!

          • Took the 2nd code! Thanks!

          • I took the first one, thanks!!

      • Where can I find those codes??

    • I would like one!!

    • I would love one!

      • Abx17yz and b213ymz please claim so others don’t try to use

  5. Can’t tell if it is soy or paraffin. If paraffin, I am not excited because breathing in burning paraffin wax is toxic. Paraffin wax is petroleum derived. PSMH, please look for healthy products.

    • under the candle website faq’s they state the candles are made with a natural soy blend and that they use lead free wicks. hope that helps!

    • Their faqs say it’s a soy wax blend… So not 100% soy.

      • All soy wax is chemically distilled with hexane, then bleached with chlorine, deodorized with boric acid and then hydrogenated. Plus, most soy candles are made from blends of soy plus paraffin, palm and beeswax. Since soy wax is not regulated, producers feel they can call it “soy wax” if it contains as little as 25% soy wax. Lastly, all the US soy farms are agro-conglomerates that are the worst global polluters. Commercial soy farms are machinery intensive and do not employ that many workers. Monsanto patented GMO soy seed and aggressive litigation are driving local family farms out of business.

        In sum, soy candles are pretty damn harmful too unless it’s a non-GMO soy that was sourced from a local family farm. But obviously the cost would be prohibitive to sub boxes at that point.

        • I love everything about this reply lol.

          • Thanks! 🙂

        • Great reply! That is the kind of stuff I want to say when people post things like “I will not put made in china on my skin!” without even understanding what labels like “made in the USA” really mean, or when people proclaim they are boycotting Walmart while holding a Target bag!

          • As someone who has a no-Chinese food or topical products policy, let me respond that I’m totally aware that just because a product says “made in the USA”, it does not mean that that the ingredients for the product do not come from China. And I am, of course, aware that I have no way of knowing where any of the ingredients in any process food or restaurant meals I eat come from. But I don’t believe that the lack of perfect knowledge should prevent me from acting on the knowledge I have.

            Plus, from an economic point of view, if I’m going to pay tons of money for an item that costs pennies to make, I much rather it be made in the US by people being paid a fair wage (which they may not be right now, but I’m working for that as well) than by near-slave labor in China or other countries.

        • Thanks Crystal, very informative!

    • It’s soy. Says on their website under FAQs

  6. After LLB I have been so let down. This box looks wonderful! I cannot wait to get my hands on that candle! I am so so so excited! Yay!!!

    • Agreed! I try to be positive and want to love every box I receive, but I’ve been increasingly disappointed with each one from LLB. With PSMH I’ve yet to be disappointed with a box! Even if there’s an item or two I don’t love, I always feel like the box is still a good value and just full of neat stuff I wouldn’t have otherwise known about. Love both November spoilers!

  7. YES!!!! Capri Blue candles are my favorite but I rarely buy because they’re a little pricey. But the packaging and scents are absolutely top-notch. There’s no way I’ll be able to part with this as a gift, but based on the first two spoilers this might be the month I grab an extra box for gifts.

  8. OMG I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this spoiler!!! It’s right up my ally. I can’t wait to get my box now!!! Thank you Popsugar!! <3

  9. Love the candle for sure!

  10. Yay! I was happy but not absolutely thrilled about the Tarte eye shadow but I am THRILLED about this candle. First home item in at least 3 months.

  11. This will be the first Pop
    Sugar box that I do not receive after a year of getting them. I recently cancelled since I haven’t been too impressed with the last few boxes. I’m not sad to miss this box, BUT I will likely re subscribe IF they have a good deal on Black Friday. I was so disappointed with the Little Lace Box this month and that I will not be continuing their subscription after I get my final box in December, so I’ll plan to continue on with Pop Sugar

    • I swear as soon as I signed up for LLB it just went downhill. After the August box I emailed them that I wanted to cancel after last months box.

  12. Aw man, I really want this. But if the black friday deal is good, I want to get that. I don’t know if I’d get two November boxes then…

  13. Just ordered this as a surprise for a colleague who’s at St. Jude while her 6-month-old undergoes brain tumor treatment. Not sure she can use the candle at Target House, where they’re staying, but what a beautiful surprise to brighten up their temporary home!
    And to all of you ADPis and Tri-Deltas who support Ronald McDonald House and Tri-Delta Place, THANK YOU. Your philanthropy has made a huge difference in this family’s life at a pretty terrible time. Bless you.

  14. I’m usually not a candle fanatic but this one is absolutely gorgeous! This is the first spoiler I’ve ever been supper excited about ??

  15. Love it! I don’t subscribe anymore but hopefully I can swap for a few of these for gifts! I have to get rid of my huge stash before I’m allowed to buy more boxes 🙁

  16. I have been checking this site like crazy for this spoiler! I love it, but i am wondering if this is suppose to be a jewelry box as well as a candle?

    • I think so! I love that wooden lid! 🙂

      • Me too!! Its soo lovely. Haven’t been this excited for their box in awhile!!

  17. What a great item! It’s perfect as a gift. I hope they include more giftables in the box.

  18. What a lovely candle! I’m not a huge candle person, but I really like this one!

  19. Love this!

  20. OUT OF THE PARK! So excited for this- Giftables during Nov/Dec are PERFECT for boxes! LOVE LOVE LOVE

  21. Love the candle. Hate hate HATE having spoilers emailed to me. I always avoid all spoilers, but now I already know the 2 big things in this box. And knew about the book last month. Someone is going to say ‘so don’t open the email’ – I’m not always on guard for things I don’t want to see when pursuing my emails! Also, now that the emails are going to all subscribers, everyone knows what it is and is commenting about it all over the place and I’m more likely to stumble into the info that way now. Not cool Popsugar. (But excellent choice with the candle ?)

    • Interesting, I’m a PopSugar subscriber but have never had a spoiler emailed to me! (don’t get shipping notices either!)
      Thankfully I have MSA for all my spoiler needs:)

    • You should write to them, on facebook or even a private email and ask if there’s a way to opt out of spoilers. I would think they should allow that. Sadly I think if they do they probably will tell you that you opt out of all emails. Which would be a bummer.

    • Yep! Sometimes it’s so hard to avoid spoilers, especially with a popular box. Only like seeing the ones I’m not getting.

  22. That looks really nice, but I’m holding out for Black Friday to subscribe to Popsugar Must Have. Is there a way to just buy a one-time box (other than ebay)?

    • You can buy a gift subscription. But last year at least, if you bought a Black Friday deal you started with the November box.

      • Thanks!

      • If I wait for the Black Friday deal do you think I’m able to get the November box as my first box? Deciding whether I want to pay now with a $10 off coupon or wait until the deal at the end of the month. Let me know what you think!

  23. I am so excited about this spoiler!! This candle is absolutely gorgeous. I’m tempted to buy a second box, but i think I may just try my luck with the swaps instead.

  24. This is such a cute candle ! I like the eyeshadows too ( even though I have way too many nude shadows).

  25. cute candle and I looked I tup online and “rain” is a mix of gardenia scents. one of my favorites! I am going to have to swap for more of these if I like it in person as much as I think I will.

  26. Adorable. will look for that in some trades. I can’t get another box. can’t. can’t. can’t … if I repeat then maybe I will believe.

    • Black Friday is this month. If you pick up a Black Friday deal, you’ll end up with a second box anyway….

      • Thanks. Then it would be my 1st for Nov. I’m holding out 😀 And secretly hoping I can get PS black friday. I will be out of the country and no idea if I will even have reception where I will be (or online when it comes out).

  27. I’m so excited! I love getting candles in boxes, and this one is gorgeous!

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