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Trunk Club Review – Women’s Clothing Subscription Service

Trunk Club Review Women's Clothing Subscription Service - - BOX

Trunk Club is a stylist box owned by Nordstrom, and it’s similar to Stitch Fix. (It’s not a monthly subscription though – you can schedule your boxes as frequently as you like). Up until recently they only styled for men, but they’ve opened it up for women as well! They have a waitlist right now, but they’re slowly opening it up for women to try.

Unlike Stitch Fix (the women’s stylist service), there is no upfront stylist fee. You sign up and you get a call from your stylist. Personally, I didn’t love this part because 1) phone calls are something I totally didn’t realize would become so difficult with a newborn! My goodness, you have to time them just right and hope baby sleeps the whole conversation, and 2) I really prefer to do everything online since talking on the phone gives me a little anxiety! Plus, digitally is just easier to me. However, my stylist Emily Lytle was really sweet and made everything really comfortable so it wasn’t bad.

I let my stylist know what kind of clothing I was looking for as well as the brand/size of some of my favorite, best-fitting pieces of clothing I already own.

(One thing to note – I just said my size number in my favorite brand of jeans since they don’t work off measurements, just typical women’s sizing numbers [which we all know can be so different across brands and frustrating in general]. She didn’t prompt me for a waist size measurement and the higher-end pants she sent me are sized in measurements, so she had a lot of guessing room between the two sizing methods and ended up sending me sizes that were too small. I know now to clear that up in my feedback!)

She then sent me a link with the items she had picked out for me and I had 24 hours to reject any item I definitely didn’t want for her to replace with something else, and then the rest would ship.

And then the Trunk Club box arrived a day or two later via FedEx!

Trunk Club Review Women's Clothing Subscription Service - - all items 1

My Subscription Addiction pays for this subscription. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

The Box: Trunk Club

The Cost: Depends completely on what items you keep

The Products: Men and women’s clothing and accessories curated to your taste.

Ships to: US

Delivered via: FedEx. (Which is nice because you can also schedule a free pickup of the items you don’t want to keep via FedEx through the service).

Trunk Club Review Women's Clothing Subscription Service - - all items 2

It was so fun to open up this giant box and have so many things to try!

Trunk Club Review Women's Clothing Subscription Service - - info 1

Trunks come with an info sheet with a note from your stylist, return instructions, and a list of all items in your trunk and their prices.

Trunk Club Review Women's Clothing Subscription Service - - info 2

Here’s the list of my items and their prices.

Trunk Club Review Women's Clothing Subscription Service - - items 1

Sandra Ingrish Sleeveless Double Layer Crepe Blouse – Cost to Keep: $58 (On Sale at for $34.80)

I like this top a lot! I really wasn’t sure the double layer would be flattering but it’s actually pretty nice! I love the color as well. When I looked the garment up, I found that it’s actually on sale at I had asked my stylist about price matching and she said that is the only place they’ll match to, since they’re owned by Nordstrom.

AG ‘The Prima’ Mid Rise Cigarette Jeans – Cost to Keep: $142.40

These jeans were great, except they were too small. Like I mentioned in the beginning of this review, I didn’t give my stylist a waist measurement size to go off of, just what size my current favorite pair of jeans are, which use the typical women’s even-number sizing. This discrepancy meant more guesswork for my stylist, so these jeans fit great everywhere except the waist.

I know I just had a baby but I’m actually back into my pre-pregnancy sizes, and these would have been a size or two too small before I was pregnant, anyway. Obviously, though, being pregnant and giving birth still changes the shape/size of your hips (both your bones and fat) in general, so I’m sure that complicates sizing for pants for me now, too.

Trunk Club Review Women's Clothing Subscription Service - - items 2

Trouvé ‘Everyday’ V-Neck Sweater – Cost to Keep: $68

I liked this top okay. The color is great for Fall, but the fit is weird for me. The sleeves were just a little shorter than I like and I didn’t feel good in the baggier fit of this top.

Paige Denim ‘Manhattan’ Baby Bootcut Jeans (Georgie) – Cost to Keep: $193

Oh, did I love these jeans! They were stretchy, high-quality, flattering, a great wash… but I had the same issue with the size in the hips that I did with the black cigarette pants. Even before being pregnant, the waist would have been a size or two too small for me, plus I’m still figuring out my post-baby hips.

Trunk Club Review Women's Clothing Subscription Service - - items 3

Blondo ‘Valli’ Waterproof Ankle Bootie – Cost to Keep: $149.95

I’m wearing these boots in the previous photo. I love these! They’re a really beautiful neutral and the heel is a great height. Plus, they’re waterproof, which is a total win for suede!

Trunk Club Review Women's Clothing Subscription Service - - items 4

Zella ‘Neo’ Wraparound Cardigan – Cost to Keep: $68

This was a really interesting top – the front doesn’t open at all. You put this cardigan over your head and have a really long piece of fabric hanging down that you twist like an infinity scarf and put it around your neck to make the top look like this. I wasn’t sure what to think at first but I actually really like it and find it quite flattering. The material is really nice, as well.

Trunk Club Review Women's Clothing Subscription Service - - items 5

Hinge Ombré Fringe Cape – Cost to Keep: $78

Capes and ponchos and such are things I’ve always steered clear of because I’ve never found them to be flattering ever. I almost scoffed when I pulled this out of the box but this must be a magical cape or something because I’m actually really happy with how it fits and looks! Maybe I just had to get the design and proportions just right?

Trunk Club Review Women's Clothing Subscription Service - - items 6

Vince Camuto Petite Pleat Front V-Neck Top – Cost to Keep: $69

My info card says this top is the petite version of this top, which is confusing to me because I am the opposite of petite. At 6’ tall, I can’t usually even try to get away with petite items. The length of this top doesn’t hit me too terribly, but I wish I could have seen the regular version. Regardless, I didn’t even really like the style of this top, either – too billowy for me.

Trunk Club Review Women's Clothing Subscription Service - - items 7

Ivanka Trump ‘Chic’ Flat – Cost to Keep: $99.95

I’m wearing these shoes in the previous photo and I have to say I have never known how sexy and chic pointed-toed shoes make a girl feel. I loved the look of these, but these were too narrow for my feet (even though I don’t normally have to wear specifically “wide” shoes).

Trunk Club Review Women's Clothing Subscription Service - - items 8

Trouvé ‘Everyday’ V-Neck Sweater – Cost to Keep: $68

This is the same sweater as the red one earlier, just in blue. I adore this color but I still have the same issues with the style/fit.

Trunk Club Review Women's Clothing Subscription Service - - items 9

Madewell Chambray Boyfriend Shirt – Cost to Keep: $79.50

I actually don’t own any chambray shirts, so I was interested in seeing how I felt about this. I like the way it looks in this photo but in person it felt boxier than I like due to the boyfriend style. I definitely prefer my waist to be more accented, but now I know to keep an eye out for a chambray top with darts/a women’s fit!

Trunk Club Review Women's Clothing Subscription Service - - items 10

Barbour Beadnell Quilted Liner – Cost to Keep: $99

This vest is another item I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to like, but it’s actually not bad! It’s still not my style but it was good to try something new and find out it’s not as bad as I thought it’d be.

Trunk Club Review Women's Clothing Subscription Service - - items 11

cupcakes and cashmere ‘Shrine’ Button Front Shirt – Cost to Keep $100

A good white button down is a great staple to have in every wardrobe. However, this one just isn’t that perfectly fitting staple I need, and I’d want it to be perfect for that cost.

Trunk Club Review Women's Clothing Subscription Service - - items 12

Halogen Long Nep Yarn Cardigan – Cost to Keep: $78

This is my favorite item in the whole box! It’s a beautiful color, a great length, flatteringly fitted, and super comfortable. It’s definitely Fall here in Michigan now, so a new cardigan is totally seasonally appropriate.

Trunk Club Review Women's Clothing Subscription Service - - items 13

Trouvé Faux Leather Front Leggings – Cost to Keep: $78

I loved the look and feel of these leggings but unfortunately I couldn’t get them on all the way.

Verdict: I enjoyed my first experience with Trunk Club for women! I’m only keeping 2 items from this trunk. Most of that is due to my personal budget, but also I didn’t love the style or fit of most things, which can be somewhat expected from the very first box from any styling subscription. That’s likely to improve with feedback and future boxes though. I’m a little bummed there were no dresses in my trunk, though – I would have liked to see a couple. I did have a little sticker shock with some of the items, but everything is from Nordstrom so that’s a little expected, too. Plus, the higher price tags definitely correlate with the high quality of every item.

Ultimately, I really like this service. The Trunk Club site is really easy to use to give feedback on all of your items, and they make shipping back your items easy (and free). You just schedule a pickup from FedEx. In summary, this is a high-cost box, but it also is a very high-end service. I also like that there is zero cost for the whole experience – just pay for what you want to keep.

What do you think of Trunk Club?

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Written by Haley Faye

Haley Faye

Haley Faye first discovered the wonderful world of subscription boxes in 2012 and began writing for MSA in 2014. Over the years, she has found many subscriptions to love. Now a mom of three, her favorite boxes are ones that dress her kids, help her get organized, feed her family, send her snacks, and offer educational fun for her children.

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Comments (28)

  1. Wow! These items look great and seem to be high quality. I’ve sometimes been disappointed in the quality and fabrics I receive from Stitch Fix. Also glad to know they have pants that fit someone my height (also 6 feet!). Another hater of phone calls but it looks worth the discomfort. I may try them after the holidays when my budget can allow it.

  2. I hope you kept the fringe cape! That looked amazing on you. And the color of the first shirt was beautiful with your coloring.

    I’m really happy to hear that there is no styling fee – definitely a positive!

  3. Scrolling through this review, I was thinking, “YES! THIS is how clothes are supposed to fit!” You are brave to try everything on for the camera and I appreciate so much being able to see the sub box clothes on a real person for review purposes. A mannequin just doesn’t tell the truth about cut.
    Most everything fit you so nicely, that I almost subbed. I should wait to settle in from moving before jumping into a pricey subscription. You had me all the way until the denim top. That and the items after that didn’t look as great as the rest. You should keep everything above the denim top- it all flattered you really well! I wish I had ever been that lucky with a clothing box!

  4. So many fellow phone dreaders! I had no idea. I too fear phone calls, and I’ll get them done if I really have to but I’ll be covered in sweat after. There’s something about not being able to read the other person’s visual clues plus the chance they’ll be rude, plus the forced physical inactivity that fills me with panic. Glad to know I’m not the only one. Luckily my husband gladly takes care of most phone calls I need to make :).

    • Plus, (adding one more onto the listed Cons of using Telephone convos–) There is no “transcript” or saved log of what was said by each person– it’s basically impossible to verify or archive any of the information that is exchanged. If you’re later unclear or wanted a reminder of something you misheard, you could always SEARCH and quickly recheck any words in an email or IM chat or text/voice messages. Phone convos are only archived in your mind’s memory and you’ll never know the difference after the convo ends.

  5. Thanks for the great review, Haley! Like you and other commenters, I also have anxiety about talking on the phone, but I still might give this a shot. I can see it being ideal for the upcoming winter season when I don’t feel like leaving the house! I’m pleasantly surprised that some of the prices weren’t as steep as I thought they might be when I first looked into Trunk Club.

    Those red flats are really cute, but I would have the same issue with narrowness. I don’t specifically have to buy E’s or W’s, but a lot of brands/designers just don’t fit me in their M width…yet some do. It’s so arbitrary! (Like those even numbered women’s sizes).

    I’m curious – did you specifically request solids or did they just happen to not send prints or patterns?

    • I just signed up and it said that I would be contacted by my stylist by phone or email, so I don’t think you need the phone call! I too HATE talking on the phone 😉

      • My stylist actually kept the call very brief and emailed me a questionnaire. That worked out great because I had time to think about my responses, and sent him some photos and a link to my Pinterest board. My first trunk is arriving today!!!

  6. Thanks for such an awesome review! I signed up for their waitlist two days ago and just got off it and completed the online survey. Soon I’ll be getting a phone call from my stylist and am quite excited. Stitch Fix never quite worked for me, even with the in depth Pinterest boards, so I am hoping this will help me to clarify my style and needs more. I have to admit that I am also thinking about trying out the M.M. LaFleur Bento Box and wonder if anyone has received it or has any thoughts about it.

  7. I was invited for early access as well and I was super excited! I had an amazing experience with them. Also guys they will let you do emails instead of a phone call, I too suffer from the dreaded phone anxiety. My stylist was awesome about it and I got an amazing box due to it! I was in love with everything! Of course I couldn’t keep it all though due to the prices. Also I had the same exact problem with the jeans that were sent! Too small, I could tell just by looking at them they were going to be. You are rocking all of those looks! Even the ones you don’t like, so gorgeous! I would never be able to guess you just had a baby if I didn’t already know! I love all of your clothing reviews, it’s so awesome to see them on a real person!

  8. I was invited into the early access but also the phone thing… I didn’t respond. I also have phone anxiety. I was too nervous. But the stylist did follow up through an email asking the style questions. So I think it’s fine to ask about just doing an email conversation.

    The second reason I didn’t continue was the price points. Also, I feel like I could get a lot of these items at better prices… But I guess that’s the point of the box- not to have to shop. I would be all over this if I had the funds to spend easily.

  9. Haley, I have to agree that you looked incredible. Of course, you looked incredible before and during your pregnancy, but now I imagine you don’t get any sleep 🙂

    I absolutely love how the cape looks on you. I think you should keep it. I don’t like how the sleeveless top looks, though. It makes you look older, too soccer-mom (and you’ll have enough time for that).

  10. Haley you look amazing
    I need those booties!
    Will they price match if an item is on sale?
    They send so many clothes

    • Kristin – Thank you! And yes, my stylist said they will price match if the item you buy is on sale at Nordstrom and that item’s color and size are available.

  11. Great review! Congrats on the baby! Love those shoes!! But don’t forget your feet widen out a bit too from the pregnancy, they will shrink down as weight goes down. When I lost some weight my shoe size shrunk back down half a size.
    Some of those items looked amazing but I agree with the other comments that it is not something I could look into. I just know I’d love a $200 something. Eesh!

    • Thank you, Veronica! I know feet do funny things related to pregnancy, so maybe that is a factor with those flats’ fit on me. However, I didn’t have any problems with the fit of shoes I already owned changing during pregnancy so I was hoping that wouldn’t be an issue I experienced. Who really knows, though!

      Thanks for reading! =]

  12. I’m too poor to ever try this box, but it’s just as well because I, too, have phone anxiety lol. A lot of people actually have that, so hopefully they’ll change their methods to allow email, etc.

    • I do as well!

  13. Did you keep the fringe cape?!? I absolutely love it!!! I wonder if it comes in different colors? I’ll have to see if I can find it 🙂 great review!!

    • Jenny, I didn’t because I just didn’t think I’d wear it enough to justify the price! I was surprised that I loved it so much, too, though! And every item is on Nordstrom’s website and if you click on the name of each item in our review they’re linked right to that item where you can buy it! It also comes in a tan/neutral color, too.

  14. I want those booties so bad!! This looks like an excellent fit for any mom with young kids who loves shopping and high quality clothes but can’t find the time to go shopping alone.

  15. This was such a fun review!!

    • Thank you – I had fun too! =]

  16. I signed up on the wait list within the last week. I love Stitchfix and Nordstrom so this sounds fun! I am shy on the phone too (I don’t even like to call restaurants to order carryout.) You look like a million bucks – congrats on baby!

    • Thank you, Kate!

  17. I like the idea of this, especially for a busy new mom, but holy moly the total cost of the trunk is over $1400! I know you can send anything or everything back, but I just can’t afford to fall in love with $193 jeans. If you have a generous budget and are short on time, then it would be good.

  18. You have to keep that hinge cape. It’s so flattering. I personally think that was the best item you got! I tend to agree I love capes/ponchos but hate how they look on me. Now I have hope.

    • Justina, I didn’t think I’d wear it enough for the price but one good thing about this box is that all the items are listed on Nordstrom’s website so if I end up regretting sending anything back or need to size up, I can just order it from theit website!

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