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Treats Subscription Box Review – October 2015

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Treats Subscription Box Review October 2015 - 1

Treats is a monthly subscription box for international snacks.  Every month they send an assortment of snacks from different countries to give you an authentic snacking experience from the chosen country for that month.

Treats Subscription Box Review October 2015 - 2

The Subscription Box: Treats

The Cost: $12.95 for the Standard Pack and $24.95 for the Premium Pack

COUPON: Save 15% off your first month with coupon code MYSUB

The Products: 4-5 snacks in the Standard Pack and 8-10 snacks in the Premium Pack

Ships to: US (free shipping to the US) and Worldwide (Shipping fees apply.  Shipping to Canada is $5.56, shipping to Mexico is $9.47, and shipping to all other countries is $15.80)

This box was sent to us for review purposes.  Please be sure to check out our review process post for more information about how we review boxes!

Treats Subscription Box Review October 2015 - 3

Treats ships their boxes wrapped in kraft paper which is fun to open!  The box is a heavy weight, white box.  It wouldn’t be easy to crush this one during shipping!  Inside, the snacks are wrapped with tissue paper with a sticker holding it closed and a cute note card on top.  This month, Treats personalized the notecard, explaining where my snacks were from, and offering a suggestion for the bonus Kinder Happy Hippo included.

Treats Subscription Box Review October 2015 - 4

This month’s treats are from Serbia and Croatia!  The vast majority of the items this month were sweet, with only two snacks being savory.  Many of the items in the box are chocolate, and while that’s usually not a bad thing, it was this month.  We are still hitting temperatures in the 100s and all of the items in this box that were chocolate were completely melted.  Treats does not ship their items with weatherproof packaging which is something to keep in mind if you live in a warmer climate.

Treats Subscription Box Review October 2015 - 5

This is my second Treats box and I am just as impressed this month as I was last month with how much they fit into this box!  It takes some clever packing for sure!

Treats Subscription Box Review October 2015 - 6

Here’s everything unpacked…you can see that it really is a lot of snacks!  One great thing about Treats is that they list all the ingredients of each snack on their site, which is great for allergies.  They also include a few fun facts about each snack.

Treats Subscription Box Review October 2015 - 7

Napolitanke Mocca Wafer Cookies – $4.52

These wafer cookies are described as “a wafer with coffee-flavored filling – perfect for coffee lovers although the coffee taste is not too strong.”  They also mention that these are generally eaten with coffee or tea.  I enjoyed these!  The coffee taste isn’t super strong and they were lightly sweet but not overpoweringly so.  The country of origin for these is Croatia.

Isleri Eurocrem Biscuit – $1.69

These biscuits come from Serbia.  Unfortunately, these were one of the items that melted.  I tried to get a whole one out to try it but failed miserably.  So I broke off a few pieces and tried what I could.  From what I was able to try, these are great!  The outer cookie ha a coating of chocolate, while the inside cream is hazelnut flavored.  The closest thing I could compare these to, would be a hazelnut Oreo.

Treats Subscription Box Review October 2015 - 8

Dorina Keks Chocolate Bar – $1.79

Kras Lizli MIlk Chocolate – $0.60

Bananko – $1.00

These three chocolate bars are from Croatia.  All of them came completely melted, so I haven’t tried them yet.

The Dorina Keks Chocolate bar is a crunchy chocolate bar with biscuit pieces in it.  I love crunchy pieces in my chocolate (just not nuts, do not pollute my chocolate with nuts!), so this is right up my alley!

The Kras Lizil Milk Chocolate bars are “chocolate on a stick, sculped in the shape and appearance of a cartoon mascot.”  You can receive a bear, bunny, cat, dog, or elephant shaped chocolate.  I don’t think I’ll be able to tell when I finally get to these but these seem like fun for kids!

The Bananko chocolates are in the shape of bananas, with banana flavored ‘foam’ inside.  They sound interesting!  According to the Treats website, they are a staple candy bar in the Baltic region.

Treats Subscription Box Review October 2015 - 9

Pionir Kidy Coconut Desert – $2.00

These are also chocolate based and were melted.  I am not the biggest fan of coconut, so I will be taking these to a coworker that I know loves coconut. These chocolate bars are from Serbia.

Tortica Wafer – $0.78

These individually wrapped wafer treats are from Croatia.  They look similar to the Mocca wafer cookies, just covered in chocolate!  These will be great to keep at my desk when I’m craving something sweet!

Kinder Happy Hippo – $0.80

This was a bonus gift thrown in this month.  This candy is from Germany.  I love Kinder chocolates and the Happy Hippos are one of my favorites.  They are so cute and tasty!  I will be taking the suggestion made in the note to me and putting this in the freezer before I eat it!  This one, even though it has chocolate on it made it unscathed!

Treats Subscription Box Review October 2015 - 10

Animal Kingdom Chocolate Bars – $1.80

These candy bars are from Croatia.  Each candy bar comes with a collectible sticker that Treats recommends assembling into an “Animal Kingdom Album.”  I did not try these – I am saving them for a friend’s children.  I think they will enjoy them!

Ki-Ki Plus Candies – $1.49

These chewy candies are from Croatia.  They are quite similar to Mamba candies.  I used to eat them all the time as a kid.  The Ki-Ki Plus candies have vitamin C in them, which according to Treats, makes them a healthier alternative candy to eat.

Jaffa Munchmallow Classic – $6.85

These little cookies are from Serbia.  They remind me a bit of inside out s’mores!  There is a cookie base, with marshmallow on top of that, and then the whole cookie is enrobed in chocolate.

Treats Subscription Box Review October 2015 - 11

Smoki Snack – $2.49

This snack is from Serbia.  The best way I can think to describe it is that it’s like a peanut flavored puff.  They’re delicious and I had to stop myself from eating the entire bag in one sitting!

Prima Pretzel Sticks – $1.99

These pretzels are from Serbia.  I enjoy pretzels more than most chips and these are great.   All I need is some ranch dip and I’ll be set!

The verdict:  My calculated value for this month’s Treats box is $27.80.  I think that’s quite good for a snack subscription box.  I really enjoyed getting snacks from an area of the world I have never visited.  I love traveling and part of my love of traveling is eating food from the areas we visit; this gives me a small opportunity to try the food at home!  The disappointing thing is that about 80% of my box was melted when it arrived.  Hopefully most of you don’t live in an area of perpetual summer and you’ll have better luck with your shipments!

What did you think about October’s Treats box?

Written by Bekki Menzies

Bekki Menzies

Bekki first discovered subscription boxes in 2014 and they quickly took over her life! (Not quite, but pretty close.) She started with POPSUGAR Must Have, then moved to Little Lace Box, Birchbox, Hamptons Lane…the rest was history. Her favorite product find is Beekman 1802 Fudge (so, so good) and her favorite boxes are Birchbox and Hamptons Lane…but she’s always looking for a new subscription to try!

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  1. Living in southern California it’s so hard to get unmelted chocolate……in the 90’s still…..
    Even treatsie with its hot weather packaging arrived melted….I would love this box. I might try them December through April

  2. I subscribe to this box, also, and love it! I live in an area where the temperature is still in the high 80’s every single day.
    My box arrived without anything being melted. I don’t know exactly how they did it, but I received it halfway across the country in one day and all the contents are perfect.

    I love the fact that this box gives us CHOCOLATE instead of just crunchy chips and little hard candies.
    I think they put a lot of thought and time into the curation. 🙂
    It’s becoming my fave foodie sub box.

    • It really is an amazing box! I am glad they do a mix of sweet and savory, and the chocolate, even when melted, is welcome always!

  3. I know what my husband is getting for Christmas!

  4. Great review! This is one of my favorite boxes so far – I’ve gotten two months from them and both were super fun. Sorry to hear yours had melted items in it…I lucked out with the weather and timing here in the Midwest because it was delivered during a colder spell last week. If I had received it this week (with temps in the mid 80s), I probably would have melted chocolate, too.

  5. What a bummer it came melted! Otherwise it looks like a great box, and I love that it all comes from Croatia & Serbia. I feel like those countries don’t normally get a lot of love in sub boxes 🙂

    • It was nice to see those two countries featured! It was definitely unexpected and fun!

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