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POPSUGAR Must Have Box October 2015 Review + Coupon

This post may contain referral/affiliate links. If you buy something, MSA may earn a commission. Read the full disclosure.


POPSUGAR Must Have is a monthly lifestyle subscription box for women. Each month they send a mix of items from categories like beauty, fashion, food, fitness, home, etc.

FYI – the October box is sold out, but November boxes are still available if you sign up for a monthly subscription.


This box was sent to us early for review purposes. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).


The Subscription Box: POPSUGAR Must Have

The Cost: 39.95 a month

COUPON: Use coupon code MUSTHAVE5 to save $5 off your first box.

The Products: “Must Have” items for women selected by POPSUGAR editors. (Fitness, Home, Beauty, Food, and more)

Check out all of my POPSUGAR Must Have reviews and the Women’s Subscription Box Directory!


Each box comes with a fold out card detailing the items included.


This month, POPSUGAR Must Have has made a donation to Right Action for Women. More on this foundation:



Why Not Me? by Mindy Kaling – Retail Value $25 (On Amazon for $15)

(Also good to know – 25 lucky subscribers will receive a signed copy!) I’m not one of them, but I hope an MSA reader gets a signed copy!

I love Mindy Kaling and I was so excited when I saw this book was going to be in the October box! I had already preordered the book on Audible, but I’m happy to get a hardcover version too. Who knew I was missing awesome Mindy pictures!?


(Also on page 20 (Chapter: How to Look Spectacular: A Starlet’s Confessions) is a picture of Mindy in a face mask that I’m sure most subscription box addicts can relate to!)

And the back cover of this book is great too:


So far I’ve listened to a few chapters and I love it as much as her first book, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me (And Other Concerns).


Savvy Sleepers 100% Satin Pillow Case (Standard Size) – Value $36

I think I’ve only slept on cotton pillow cases (or whatever fabric blend was on sale at Target in my college days), so this is a bit of a treat! And the promises this pillow case makes sound amazing:

Sleeping on satin is recommended by dermatologists for being smoother for skin and preventing nightly face wrinkles and creases compared to sleeping on cotton. It also prevents hair breakage and damage


Also good to know: “Savvy Sleepers are the world’s first pillow case with the secret pocket for love notes, hair ties and jasmine.” (The pocket is on the inside of the open side).


This feels super luxe on my skin, and I can’t wait to use it tonight! And I’m so glad that these cases are machine washable (tumble dry).

I think these may be a popular item in swaps – I know I want a set!


Easy, Tiger Brown Paper Liquor Bag Set – Value $8

This is a set of 4 paper wine bags:


POPSUGAR recommends using one of these for your next housewarming or Halloween party. I like this idea and they will be easier to part with than the LL Bean wine tote they sent in November 2013. (Confession – I still have it!)


Honest Sea Salt + Sugar Body Scrub – Value $17

I am a big Honest Company fan, and I love this scrub, so I’m always happy to have more. It’s all natural and the vanilla/lavender scent is amazing. (And if you like this scrub, I recommend checking out their Lavender Vanilla Candle too!)

This scrub is super moisturizing thanks to the oil and shea butter, but that can also make your shower a little slippery – so just a head’s up!


Richer Poorer Hope Slipper Sock – Value $15

These slipper socks are designed by POPSUGAR to support Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Richer Poorer is also supporting the work of Right Action for Women.

I love grippy slipper socks – they are one of those cozy items I can never have enough of. And I love the pink and white POPSUGAR colors too. This is the perfect subscription box item for me!


Belgian Boys All Natural Stroopwafel – Value $1.50

My husband is not in the target demographic for POPSUGAR Must Have, but he always wants to see what’s in the box each month because of the food! He’s discovered some of his favorite snacks thanks to this subscription. (G H Cretors Chicago Mix Popcorn is #1)

These Stroopwafels are great to warm up over your coffee mug, or you can just eat them out of the package. Eric absolutely loved these Stroopwafels – even without the coffee!


It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-In Product – 2 oz Value $9

This and the gift card below are listed in the info card as Special Extras.

I’ve sampled It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-In Product before, and it is a cult classic for a reason! Of all the hair products I’ve tried, I think this one has made my hair feel the softest. And it also helps detangle, add shine, etc. (It’s a 10 is also a partner of Right Action for Women).


Danielle Stevens Jewelry Monogram Gift Card – $40 Value

(Gift Card expires 12/31/15)

This gift card works only on the personalized section of the Danielle Stevens site. Shipping is free on all purchases, and you don’t need to enter credit card info if this gift card covers the entire cost of the purchase! I decided to go with the Single Name Only piece (no chain) for $30. (I didn’t see any info on character limit for the name, so hopefully that means my gold “mysubscriptionaddiction” name piece will be arriving soon!)

UPDATE: Since I posted this review, the Single Name Only piece I purchased with my gift card was removed from the site. There are no longer any items in the personalized section under the $40 that would make the purchase entirely free.


And this box also included a 30% off coupon code for your first Bundle from the Honest Company, and 20% off Savvy Sleepers.

Verdict: UPDATE: This box has a value of about $101 (that’s using the Amazon sale price for the book, and excluding the gift card). I think that value is good, and this POPSUGAR box feels like it is made for me – I love EVERYTHING! And I think sending out a luxe pillow case is such a nice surprise item from a subscription box!

What do you think of the October 2015 POPSUGAR Must Have box?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. If you buy something, MSA may earn an affiliate commission. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. Wow..what a random box of stuff. I liked the last box way better (however, I didn’t get that one….) 🙁 I will probably be putting this entire box up for swap/sell when it comes!

    • i’ll buy if you have it!

    • if anyone else has a box to sell, i’m your girl!

      i’ll try to sort out how to request on swap site but is that only for swaps?!

      • I will be selling mine. I only really like one thing :/

  2. I’m pretty excited! This is my first PopSugar box in over a year. I signed back up to get my last referral before the referral program changes. Is it one pillowcase or two? The packaging says “cases.” My referral box is November, so I’m hoping they come out with an annual Black Friday deal again. 🙂 My boyfriend will love the caramel waffles, but I love the idea of putting them over your hot coffee to warm them up. I love Honest Company and have never tried their scrub, so this box is a real treat for me!

    • It is a single pillow case. Fingers crossed for a Black Friday deal this year! 🙂

      • Ooo what was the black Friday deal last time?

        • It was awesome, I think i got 6 months for like 150.00 and I like there winter/ spring better than summer/fall. i’m waiting for black firday and cyber monday deals, also, good luck.

          • Just a Q… for the Black Friday deal you did, were you a current subscriber at the time? I’m just wondering if I’ll be able to buy 6 months at that price if they do something similar again if I’m already subscribed… Thanks for the tip, btw!!

      • I was a current subscriber last year and was able to cancel my subscription and resub with the same account immediately for the Black Friday deal. It really was a great deal and I’m hoping for the same this year.

    • This is my first PS box ever and I am not impressed. I watched youtube videos before i subscribed. I can see a couple things that are useful, but not necessarily worth getting excited about. I guess i will see what November brings.

      • This is the worst box I’ve received. Don’t let this box color your opinion – typically they are a lot better ?

        • I am wondering if they accounted that people would use those $10 coupons this month and they kept the value lower..?

    • It must be a mistake but I got 2 pillow cases. I’m not complaining. Its one of the only 2 items I like this month!

  3. ok to people regretting not getting I’ll sell mine unopened cost plus shipping… not sure i’ll get any takers but throwing it out there as I have seen people do this on other posts

    • i’m interested! how much would shipping be though

      • give me your zip code and when i receive I’ll weigh it and let you know

  4. Well, this one is just ‘meh’ for me. I am really considering for the first time ever putting the entire box up for swap, or trying the new eBay thing. I could probably use most of what’s in there, but I am just not excited about it at all.

    • i’ll buy!

  5. I am happy with this box. I will be putting the book and wine bags on the swap site, but overall I am happy!! Don’t feel this was a waste of money at all. PopSugar is exactly what it is designed to be, a little box of fun each month.

    • I agree. But some people can kill the fun out of anything….

  6. Dang! They’re killing it! ALL things I don’t have but wish I did. If it wasn’t sold out I would buy one but I will probably be swapping for items or buying these on my own (except for the wine bags). I’m not someone who needs to have new stuff all the time so it’s amazing that they were able to create a box that I really want! I also would have loved to get the box with the brow kit, travel set, etc.

    • I signed up for November but they emailed me saying that they got me down for an October box (I immediately emailed them and asked to not get one since I didn’t like this at all) so, they still have some.

  7. Any idea if we can use more than one gift card on the jewelry? The only thing I really like is $170. If I can swap for a few more gift cards I will be a happy girl.

  8. Heeeyyyyy, I really like this box! I’ve used the It’s a 10 stuff before and really liked it…so it’s not new but it’s definitely useful! AND I LOVE SLIPPER SOCKS! Weeee! lol I don’t know what I’ll do with the wine bags…kinda silly, but the pillow case sounds lovely! And I look forward to the scrub and book too! This one is great for me! Good…because I paid full price, silly me.

    • Can you use a coupon each month?

  9. Ugh. What a mess. When I get my box I will be putting the entire thing up on the swap site. Those who feel they missed out on this box can grab it.

  10. Here’s hoping for another great black Friday coupon. I would have loved this box if I got it.

  11. I feel like they just threw a bunch of junk into this box. Maybe “junk” isn’t the right word, but it all seems pretty random. I will definitely wear the socks around the house and the body scrub will be used eventually. Wine bags will go in the kitchen junk drawer along with all the note cards, napkins, and other paper products I’ve received from PopSugar. I love to read but am more into actual literature than “essays” written by cable network sitcom actors. I don’t like polyester bedding, so I’m not sure what to think of the pillowcase yet. Also, if it’s just one pillowcase and not a set, it’s pretty much useless anyways.

  12. This will be my first PopSugar box and seeing all this makes me so super excited!! Such an amazing box!

  13. So glad I passed on this box. I would have been highly disappointed as the only thing I’m interested in are the pillow cases.

    • She said it was only one pillow case. Should have been two in my opinion.

  14. I honestly don’t see the hype over PS. I signed up last month because of all the hype and wound up using one item. GC in boxes or coupons are ?. Meh.

    • I feel the same way especially after seeing the full spoiler for this box. Thankfully I saw the early spoilers so I didn’t waste my money like I initially planned.

    • I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who doesn’t see the fuss. I’ve gotten one PS box, and even though it was a great, I just didn’t love it. But to each her own. I’m glad to know they make a lot of people happy.

    • I’m with you on this – tried them out, don’t get the hype, cancelled. Just too many items were a miss for the cost. I am sorely tempted to try out Hello Bliss or Pumeli instead.

  15. I canceled popsugar temporarily and am trying to hold out til Black Friday. This box wouldn’t have been a good fit for me, since I don’t drink alcohol and am allergic to lavender. I love stroopwafel though, and the necklace is cute; please post pics of yours when it arrives!

    • What is everyone talking about with the “Black Friday?” Am I missing out on a deal :0

      • LOL oh my dear … Black friday the day after thanksgiving is rumored to be the biggest holiday shopping day of the year. Recently online operators have been adding in their super sales not just brick and mortar. Google Black Friday…. there is a ton oh crud…. This is a US thing so apologies if you’re in canada and wouldn’t know about it

  16. I’m not a regular popsugar subscriber, I just gift myself a box when I really like the spoiler items. I signed up because I wanted the book, but I LOVE this box! I won’t use all the items, but I’ve been toying with buying a Satin Pillowcase, those wine bags will absolutely get used, I like Lavender so the scrub is fine, and I LOVE Mindy Kahling. The other items don’t really land for me but they’re small and I feel that I got the value out of the box. (My MIL gave me 8 pairs of fuzzy socks one year for Christmas so I have enough for several lifetimes and The hair product I’ll probably give away, my curly hair is too finicky for it.) Now I’m tempted to sign up for November…

    • You should really try the hair product ….I have curly hair that tends to be greasy after a day of no wash …but this is amazing stuff a must try

  17. So glad I didn’t subscribe! I would have been SO disappointed in this box. Paper wine bags? I can draw on some bags and make these for free! I got the same sample of ‘It’s a 10’ over 5 years ago at my salon (for free!) and while it was okay, it didn’t blow me away and isn’t something I’d be excited to get in a box I had to pay for. I already have a satin pillowcase (found it for cheaper than the listed $36 on Amazon) and I’ve never been into those grippy socks since they get weird after they’re washed. I’ve been going back and forth over whether or not I should subscribe and while I’ll keep an eye on next month’s spoilers, at this point I think it’s a no-go for me.

    • I think these boxes can be fun for a little while for most people, but in the longer term I feel like they work better for certain types of people than others.

      Are you someone who:
      -loves trying new beauty products all the time
      -always seems to need a little gift for a party, a teacher, a babysitter, etc
      -is willing to go to the post office to do swaps for items you want & get rid of the ones you don’t?

      Or are you someone who:
      -has a set skincare/haircare regimen that you don’t want to mess with
      -is always fighting back against clutter and excess stuff/doesn’t have frequent occasions for gift-giving
      -is too busy or too lazy to deal with packing up items and dragging them off to the post office to ship them out for swaps (I’m definitely too lazy, haha).

      After subscribing for longer than I probably should have, I realized I’m definitely in category #2, and getting a random box of stuff every month was becoming more stressful than it was fun. I cancelled, and now I love looking at the spoilers and planning to buy the one or two items I really love vs dealing with a whole box of things I could really do without. I think it’s great that it works out for some people though! If you’ll actually use all or most of the items, it’s usually a really good deal.

      • Very well said, Rachel, and should be required reading for everyone who ever signs up for a sub box! 🙂

  18. I’m kicking myself for canceling my subscription. What a great box. I didn’t subscribe as I wan’t thrilled with the book and the only other spoiler was the scrub which is good, but I sue Trader Joes lavender scrub which is only $6. But I’ve been wanting to get a silk pillow case. The paper wine bags I would have used for Christmas gifts. Miracle 10 is a favorite of mine.

    I have cut back on spending and the only box I subscribe to right now is BB as I got the yearly subscription and I’m a makeup junkie.

    I just resubscribed as the big reason I love Pop Sugar is that I put some of the items that don’t work for me in my gift closet which makes the $39 a great savings and I hate to shop and with Christmas around the corner it’s well worth it!

    • I’d sell you my whole box … we’d have to figure out how to do shipping as this may be heavey… let me know

      • I’ll wait for the November box thanks – I already signed up with the coupon.

    • I don’t think it’s silk, it’s polyester (plastic basically). Just based on what is usually described as ‘satin’. I haven’t seen the tag.

  19. Just FYI, Ulta sells an identical satin pillowcase for $9. Same color, pocket feature, material….Even with the discount they’re still super overpriced.

    • Thanks for the info.! Can’t wait to try one out.

    • I’ve tried the $9 pillowcase at Ulta and it’s awful! I’m guessing this savvy sleepers satin pillowcase is way better if Popsugar decided to choose it. The website reviews say it’s amazing!

  20. I looked at the website, and there are only two items less than $40 in their personalized section.

    • Yeah, I was bummed about that. Their products are insanely priced!! $55 for a keychain??? Nope.

      • Y’all are doing better than I am then, because I can’t find anything in that section for under $40. Cheapest thing I show is the cuff bracelet.

        • It looks like they pulled or sold out of everything that was under $40.

          • I finally got my box today and of course the bags I was interested in using the DSJ gift card for are not on there. I guess I will wait a bit and see if they put them back.

    • This feels a lot like when the Sorial code came out 2 boxes ago. Everything was well above the coupon code.
      On the jewelry, I saw nothing for less than $50! I think they do that on purpose. Jack the prices up and take out all of the items that are less or close to the gift card amount. This sucks! The link for the item Liz bought is not even available anymore.
      I should know better then to even look. Anytime a “gift card” is included in boxes these days, it’s not even worth it.
      OK rant over.

      • I agree 100%! I don’t want anything from that site and they have the nerve to make me pay more money to use their lame gift card? No thanks!

      • I checked that Sorial site before I got my box and they had a few things that were reasonable. However, by the time I got my box there was nothing within reason. I’d rather buy a new Henri Bendel for that amount.

    • The DSJ site is so overpriced! At least they had a few reasonably priced items-but they sold out before I even got my box in the mail. The items that they have left are *curiously* about $40. overpriced than the same items at different sites. I think I’m not supposed to post links or I would.
      There are only a few companies that sell ‘blanks’ -the blank pieces of acrylic
      , etc. And the vinyl cutting costs the same-so, they are buying the same materials as other sites/stores but just marking them up insanely high. It’s not like it’s extra nice acrylic.
      Hopefully they have a deal with popsugar to offer every PS subscriber some version of their items that cost under $40 or under. And, if they run out, then to allow the PS subscribers some other consolation-like a discount or use, even if less than $40., in another section. 🙁

  21. I absolutely love this box! Where have I been? I’ve been missing out 🙂

  22. Love the box, waiting patiently for mine. I think it’s a great box. I think I’ll read my book by the fire with my warm slipper socks and have coffee and waffle cookies. ? Then I’ll take a warm cozy bath and use the body scrub. Next would be bed time with my new satin pillowcase. Oh how nice this sounds.

  23. I always reserve final judgment until I have a box in my hands, but based on spoilers I’m thinking this is just an OK box for me. I would have been really excited for the book if I hadn’t already bought the Kindle version. I’m not an Honest Co fan so the scrub will be donated. Everything else I’ll just have to wait and see. On the whole, though, I’m willing to roll with the punches on PS boxes because over the course of a year there’s more good than bad.

  24. Awesome review, Liz! It’s a pretty great box – love the book (SO thrilled – huge fan of Mindy’s show!), satin pillowcase (hope I can exchange for one more), socks, and hair product. Though I don’t like Honest Co. products, I can always use a scrub, so it won’t go to waste. I’ll probably swap the wine bags. So overall, a nice box – pretty happy with it! 🙂

  25. Not really happy. I knew about the book and I’m happy to get it. I’m hoping the Miracle hair product will work for my kids, but it’s just a sample. The rest is blah. I don’t like polyester for sheets or pillow cases, so that’s a total miss. I hate slipper socks and a scrub is a scrub, easily made by mixing brown sugar with some oil. I like the idea of the paper bags for the wine, but I don’t go to that many parties. So this time around I won’t even break even with the price of the box 🙁

    • agreed

  26. Usually I am obsessed with ps, but this months box looks like a hot mess of randomness. the contents kind of remind me of the gifts my mom gives me after she purges her closet and then tries to play off as things she actually bought for me

    • Amen! This box is totally random, nothing at all says fall to me. It’s totally random and weird. That said I’m super excited about the scrub and socks. And the pillowcase will be used, I’ve only used cotton pillowcases. The paper wine bags? Just say tacky to me I don’t understand it. I liked the wine tote better; it’s just a super weird item to have in a box I think. Get one free at the liquor store and color it in with a sharpie… same effect. Just so weird.

      • I bought this box separately from the subscription because I had a $10 off code. Other than the book and the scrub I won’t use any of the items in the box. Seriously? I can’t be excited over pillow cases, and I don’t know anyone who is either.

        The theme was cozy and I feel like this is just a bunch of randomized products.

        • I have been looking everywhere for the $10 off code including from Pop Sugar themselves as I have a subscription but a daughter wants to try a box and I’m trying to minimize the money I spend when I spot a box I think she’ll like. If anyone knows where a can get a $10 off code, I would be most appreciative. Money is tight this month and will continue to be so thru the holidays

          • email me…. gmail

    • I totally agree. I actually tried to buy the October box with my $10 gift code from last month, however, it was sold out and I was bummed. I AM GLAD IT SOLD OUT. This is the most random box PS has ever done. Nothing about this stuff says cozy. Maybe I am too harsh, but what was this?

      This was $40 if you didn’t have a discount code – you could have at least thrown in a PAIR of pillow cases. Who only uses one?? When I was single/living alone, I still had two pillows!

      I like the book and the scrub, which were the two spoilers. Should have known those would be the two best things. Or the cookie, but I’m not paying $40 for a waffle cookie.

      • I AGREE I got a survey for Sept box and i said if i wanted food I’d get a snack subscription not a $40 Must Have Box. If i get survey for Oct same thing will be mentioned

  27. Omg yes!! So excited to receive this. I will use everything in here. PSMH is the one sub I swear I will always have. ?

  28. Love this box (and am so glad to finally have spoilers)! Popsugar always seems to send me something I’ve been eyeing on Amazon but couldn’t justify getting (like the satin pillowcase) or something that I didn’t know I wanted until I saw that I was getting it. Yay Popsugar! Now ship us our boxes already!

  29. This is a great box! I can’t wait for the pillowcase (along with everyone else), the grippy socks – and the waffle! The only things I don’t expect to use are the wine bags and, shockingly, the It’s a 10. I much prefer the keratin version.

  30. i love the socks, and pillow case, but thats about it ! oh well thats what swaps are for 🙂 looking forward to november

  31. Would anyone like to swap their pillowcase? I would love to swap for one 🙂

    • I’ll be more than happy to swap with you when I get it.

      I guess that’s the silver lining, I’ll once again have stuff to swap!

    • ditto on the swap but not sure anyone will want the brown paper bags LOL

  32. This is my perfect fall box.

    • Yay! I feel the same way 🙂

  33. Just wanted to comment that satin is actually a type of weave rather than a material (like silk or cotton) – if you look on the manufacturer’s website these pillowcases are actually 100% polyester (which is why they are machine washable). You can typically get a higher quality silk satin pillowcase on Amazon for less than the price of these, so if anyone loves it and wants to get more, I would recommend trying out silk pillowcases, since they are the ones most frequently touted to be great for skin and hair 🙂

    • You are so right, I forgot about that. I had a satin pillowcase made of polyester and it made me sweat. I got rid of it and my new one is silk. I definitely prefer it over the satin. The silk one I have is machine washable but I have to use delicate cycle and air dry.

    • Thank you for pointing this out. When I read satin, I had to pause a second and remember that SILK is actually the recommended fabric to sleep on, not satin.

    • I was going to comment the same thing. Polyester isn’t breathable and I’m so tired of companies taking advantage of people by using buzzwords such as “100% satin” like satin is a fabric. I’ve ordered silk cases off amazon also, and they’re a steal.

    • I am SO GLAD you said this! I’m a copywriter who’s written a ton of product descriptions, so it bothers me that the pillowcase packaging says “100% satin.” OF COURSE it’s 100% satin, but satin isn’t always silk (and actually quite often, it is NOT silk). I feel like it’s worded this way to be purposefully misleading so that people who don’t understand fabric weaves and fiber content will think they’re getting a silk pillowcase. Buried in the online description it finally calls out polyester, but it’s certainly not upfront about it. And that’s not to say that polyester is terrible (I don’t prefer it), but it’s perfectly acceptable to most people IF they know about it going into a purchase. I just think a little transparency is a good thing. I digress … other than the pillowcase lingo, I think this is an excellent box! It’s a 10 is so amazing (surprised to see so much disappointment from people about that product), and I was going to buy Mindy’s book anyway. Now I don’t have to! I love those wine bags — Hubby and I like to add wine or a nice bottle of beer to many of the gifts we give friends or family, so it’s a nice way to add a little extra flair. Super-fun brand discovery.

  34. I read your review for this box every month and every month it kills me that they don’t ship to Canada!!!!

  35. I’m actually loving this box! I was excited for the book already, but the rest looks fun. Overall, it’s a great mix!

  36. Oh I am so stoked to grt this box! I’ll be regifting an item or two, but it’s basically my dreamboat box!
    I’m so, so glad they gave to this charity.

  37. I like this box and will use everything except the scrub, I’ll give that away. I sleep on a satin pillowcase and love it, it doesn’t pull on my hair, so it will be nice to have another one.

    • I’m so happy to hear good things about satin pillow cases! Can’t wait to try this one tonight! 🙂

      • It might be wishful thinking, but every morning it looks like this one stubborn fine line has been looking better too since I have started sleeping on a satin pillowcase.

        • but is it satin poly? Same type as in this box? I thought it was only the silk pillowcases that really were beneficial.. Curious is all

          • I was wrong and had forgotten that I had gotten rid of my satin pillowcase because it made me hot and switched to silk and that is the one I love. To be fair though, the satin was great for my hair.

  38. I love every single item! I can’t wait to get this box! I am so excited for the pillowcase! I have been thinking about buying one for a few months. I am glad I never got around to buying one!

  39. I usually skip full spoilers/reviews for this one so I can be surprised, but I’m so annoyed at how late my box arrives that I decided to look.
    I think I’ll use more out of this box than the past few so that’s good. I’m excited for the pillow case the most I think!
    Also can’t wait to try the scrub since I love The Honest Co. Socks look comfy (and I’m so happy to get something pink! and not blue!) and I think I’ll enjoy Mindy’s book. I really like getting nice hard cover books every once in awhile. Also good to hear that we can use that gift card w/o cc info and it’s free shipping!
    Thanks for the great reviews Liz!

    • I agree about trying to avoid spoilers, but giving in due to really late shipment. I live in Atlanta, and my boxes used to ship from New York, and I would have my box no later than the 12th-15th of the month. Now they ship from California. I received my September box on 9/24. No idea why this changed, but it’s so frustrating when most people received their PS box at least a week before me!

      • The shipping is hard to figure out, isn’t it? I live in California, but my shipments come from NY so it takes almost a week.

        That said, this was my first box and I quite liked it until I got here and read a bunch of people complaining about it. 😀 I think it’s pretty good value for the $$.

  40. This is such a fun assortment this month ! I can’t wait !! The sample leave in conditioner will be perfect for travel.

  41. I just re-subbed & I’m SO excited! I thought- I want the book and the scrub so it’s probably worth it- but now i can’t wait to put on my sox & go to sleep on that pillowcase! What luxury!

  42. I was sad I didn’t get the popsugarmust have box this month, but seeing it. I’m glad I didn’t.

  43. This box looks okay to me — not great, not terrible, just okay. I’ll probably read the book, use the scrub and the pillowcases. Nothing really screams “must have” to me.

  44. Darn, every time I decide that im getting rid of PSMH they put our a box that really appeals to me! I’ve been reading about these pillowcases and since I sleep flat in my face I’m happy to give it a whirl.
    Im coming to the end of my 6 month membership. Does PSMH typically do holiday discounts (I purchased this go round with a fairly significant discount code I think). I’ve been pretty good about sticking to the LE boxes for my other subs but this one …

    • I think last year they offered $75 off a 6 month subscription for Black Friday.

      • Fingers crossed…. I love a sale 🙂 I am starting to think this Sub might not be for me. I loved the special edition but regular boxes are not wowing me but if it was even less… my wow meter may be easier to move lol. Kinda like Beauty DNA…. meh no way to $25 a month but with my coupons and gilt (thanks MSA) $10 a month I like it

  45. can’t wait for mine to arrive.
    If anyone wants one of the $10 off cards they had in the last box please email me at mskimmers at

    • I’ll be emailing you! I should have signed up to get this box but forgot to and now definitely want next months!

  46. This is a great box

  47. This box looks soo random!

    I suppose after being freshly scrubbed and conditioned one could crawl into bed with their waffle, the book and a bottle of booze in a bag…while wearing the socks and then lay back on the satin pillowcase to read…

    • Haha!!! Love this comment !!!

    • lol awesome idea!

    • what?!??! not everyone crawls in to e normally like a hobo with a bottle of booze in a brown paper bag?!!?? :O

    • HAHAHA that’s exactly what they were thinking!

  48. i know this is your favorite box but i can never see anything exciting about it.
    maybe im just the wrong demograpgic

  49. GREAT box! I keep reading how Satin pillowcases are amazing for keeping your hair good overnight!

  50. Thanks for the review. I was really considering subscribing and trying to select the checkbox for an earlier box (Oct) and I am glad that I didnt as this box wouldn’t have been a fit me. Especially at full price. Glad I held off. It does look like a nice box, but nothing that I feel like I missed out on… hope you get an extra pillowcase in swap 🙂

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