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POPSUGAR Must Have November 2015 Box Spoiler + Coupon!

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POPSUGAR Must Have Box

We have a spoiler for the November 2015 POPSUGAR Must Have box! (Thanks Lily and Elise for the head’s up!) Each box will include:


(Colors may vary) UPDATE: Retail Value $22. This is a new product from Tarte’s fall line that will be released soon.

And in case you missed the theme hints for this box:

POPSUGAR Must Have Box

What do you think of the November 2015 POPSUGAR Must Have Box spoiler? I LOVE tarteΒ and palettes – so this is a great spoiler for me!

If you haven’t signed up yet, use coupon code MUSTHAVE5 to save $5 off your first box.

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. New spoiler emailed: beautiful candle.

  2. So disappointed but on the other hand I will cx and save 40. I have all the eyeshadow I can use. I liked last month. If every sub never included eyeshadow again I’d be very happy. And this will be hard to swap considering the comments.

  3. Meh, more eyeshadow … I just cancelled. I’ve realized the last few months I’ve given away most items from my boxes. I can’t afford to throw away money like that. I’ll keep an eye on future spoilers to see if I can justify resubscribing.

    • I feel the same way. The last few boxes, I’ve put most of the items up for swap.

      But last year’s December box was amaaaazing, so I figured I’d wait it out through the holidays and see what happens.

      Also, for some reason I have a hard time bringing myself to cancel subscriptions. :/

      But at this rate, I figure I can just swap for the few things I like in each box and be done with it.

  4. I just cancelled. Realized I’ve been putting all but one or two items per box up for swap so it’s not worth keeping at this time.

  5. Just an FYI follow up to my comment about wondering why these aren’t for sale… Popsugar finally replied to my question about it on Facebook and said these are new eyeshadow pallets to be released this Fall. So I feel better about it. Maybe the Ebay thing is someone who saw these spoilers and trying to get a head start on selling from their box?

  6. I am debating cancelling. I love tarte but don’t need this so waiting on another spoiler before deciding. I was gonna ride it out until the end of the year but I am not sure. I will only sued like 2 or 3 things from Octobers box which I received on Monday.

  7. I’m on the waitlist for swap site. But man do I want to swap this and a lot of other items from the October and November boxes…

  8. I just cancelled. The past 2 months have been less than exciting and I have only kept 2 items from both boxes combined. I think I am going to pick up GlobeIn which actually sticks to its themes and has some interesting items. Still looking forward to the Holiday PS box though…

    • Ditto, however, GlobeIn is literally the best sub box I have ever had!

      • I got sold on the Bedroom Theme!!! And I always regret not joining when I see the full item release! Thanks for confirming it for me and making me happy with my decision to take the plunge! =)

      • Agreed! I just joined Globein when I saw the mug from this month. Now I’m super excited about the bedroom theme. Bye-bye Popsugar you have failed me a few too many times!

  9. I am actually pretty excited about this spoiler. I love tarte cosmetics but I am a little worried about the different color options. I am one of the few that likes neutral shades, beiges and browns. I hope the rest of the box us great ! Hoping for no wrapping paper or gift tags!

  10. Well, I finally did it (hoping I don’t regret it like I have in the past): I canceled. I have been a PSMH subscriber on and off and on and off again for 2 years. Every time I am a regular subscriber I get everything I don’t want- the exception this time was August (which nobody seemed to like) and the second I cancel the best box ever comes out. Based on this one spoiler though, I am glad that I am not getting this one. I just can’t justify the $43 per month for things that I just don’t/can’t use. Did the company switch curators or something? I remember there being WAY more exciting products at this time last year. But, to each their own. I am super excited about keeping my FabFitFun box sub going as summer and fall totally surpassed all of my expectations! πŸ™‚

  11. I am so excited with this spoiler! I have not yet tried Tarte eyeshadows. πŸ™‚

  12. Sad to say this isn’t overwhelming me. I got my Oct box today and don’t like it at all….I can’t stand the scrub scent and am not a fan of mindy kaling. …and I don’t use ebay so I’m stuck with it as I got tired of the hassle of swaps. Wait listen to me being negative nancy…..overall I love psmh so I’m good with one box being ugh to me

  13. Some tarte eyeshadows are made in china and I’m not crazy about using cosmetics made in china… I’m hoping this isn’t one of them, but we shall see!

  14. Boring spoiler to me but I ordered the box anyways since I still had a $10 off coupon. I figured it should be worth the 32 dollars. I didn’t like October at all but I was able to swap the items for stuff I really loved so there is always that.

  15. …underwhelmed.

  16. This looks nice but I really don’t need any more eyeshadow, lol. If I cancel my PS sub, will I be able to purchase the Limited Edition Holiday Box from PopSugar when it comes out sometime in the next few weeks?

  17. the October box, which I should be receiving today, is the last box from my 6 month PSMH subscription. I’ve been hoping that I could cancel bc I haven’t been happy about the last few months of this subscription. The items have just not been exciting and interesting enough. I am quite happy that this spoiler is not exciting or interesting, and that I was able to quickly and easily cancel my sub so that it won’t be auto-renewed next month. I might resub at some point, especially if there are some holiday deals in the next couple of months.

    I got hooked last November with the sub and I think I’ve gotten every box since then. Can’t wait to see what’s in the rest of the box.

  18. Did anyone happen to catch PSMH’s recent Instagram post referring to novembers box? It said they’re “brewing” something special up and off to the side of the picture there was a really cool looking pour over / vacuum Brewer (glass and wood).

    Any coffee brewing item would be exciting since we haven’t seen that sort of item from them yet (at least this past year I’ve been a subscriber)

  19. Oh well, these colors are too ordinary, too boring for me. I personally think that PSMH should stay away from cosmetics and instead focus on lifestyle products. Since June, I haven’t been very excited with the boxes received.

    • I feel the same way. Thats why I have not resubbed. I don’t mind the occasional hand cream soap body oil shower gel sunscreen in a popsugar box. Yet for the past few months there has been makeup I cant use.

    • Yeah, I was just thinking the same thing. I already get plenty enough makeup each month with ipsy, birchbox, and julep!

  20. I have said this before–but I just can’t help it.

    It REALLY grinds my gears to see spoilers from the November box before I’ve even received my October box. It’s the 19th for God’s sake. I am pleased with the contents, I just want to receive them.

    • SAME HERE! Will I ever get the current months box prior to hearing about the NEXT months spoilers?! Sigh. About to cancel PSMH – I need to save $$$ and this one is on the chopping block for sure. Love the contents usually; dont love the wait times… (sigh)

      • I agree about the wait times and the comment above about staying away from cosmetics.
        I ordered a few things online last Thursday (from NY) and received them yesterday – so that was 2-3 days! But Popsugar finally shipped last week sometime and I’ll be lucky to get it by the end of this week and its coming from NY too. I seriously think they pick the absolutely slowest shipping method possible!
        And I’d rather see other items than cosmetics in Popsugar, one every once in awhile is okay, but we got eyeshadow in June I think (Pacifica) and then another palette in the Fall SE box and now another one in Nov… At least I’ll probably be able to use this one unlike the brow stuff they sent in September.
        Just seems some people are very picky about makeup so its so hard so send something that will please a majority of people.

  21. Tarte also has good packaging but the box isn’t pretty enough to distract me from the basic color selection. I’ll pass but I’m opening to more spoilers.

  22. just cancelled my sub. No desire for makeup in my non-makeup subscriptions.

  23. How does this match with the theme teasers??????!!! Nice addition, but I would like to see something more inspiring that is not cosmetics.

    • Defo in the gifting category for me LOL This does NOT excite me. Yawnnnn…

      • Same for me, but interestingly, their other Beauty & The Box palette is listed under their “Bow and Go” gift category, so maybe that’s exactly what they meant!

  24. Comment

    • I love Tarte! I haven’t tried too many of their eye shadows so I hope they work well and are pigmented. I’m so excited for this!

  25. LOVE all things tarte but I have so many palettes from them including these colors πŸ™ I shall swap for other colors but for now, this isn’t persuading me to drop the $44 (cali tax included)

    • Ditto! Not good when the first thing you see, you already know will go up for swap! Nice gift for a gf fall birthday or Christmas gift, but I want to see home items.

      • I am on my third month and have really been hoping for some items. It seems like that haven’t done one in awhile.

        • Home items*

  26. I have this exact palette. I got it as part of a Sephora deal of Tarte favorites earlier this year or late last year. Hopefully I’ll get different colors with this one.

  27. I’ve definitely seen Tarte’s Beauty in the Box shadows in grid format before.

    I like Tarte a lot, but my last experience with their Beauty in the Box shadows was not great. They were dry, chalky, and not very pigmented.

    BUT that was at least a couple years ago, so they could have changed the formula. And these colors DO look pretty. πŸ™‚

  28. Tarte has done the 4 squares in a grid instead of the 4 stacked rectangles in a box at least once before — for their “Eye Heart Tarte” kit for Ulta. It was a $34 kit containing an eye shadow palette like the one shown here, an eye liner, a rim liner, and a mascara. That was sold in February/March? This post says “(Colors may vary)” so I guess it could be those exact ones.

    So just like the Peaches and Petals box, I don’t think we need to worry about counterfeit makeup. It looks different from what we are familiar with probably because it’s back stock at worst. (I mean, if it was a PSMH exclusive or an early release, they would have said so.) Luckily, expiry dates on most eyeshadows are pretty generous. This spoiler doesn’t make me excited, but it doesn’t worry me much, either.

  29. Ok, so while I cant imagine anyone being in absolute, dire need of another neutral eye palette so soon after having received one (unless for some reason they really go thru eyeshadow like a mad woman & are already at pan… in that case, they deserve an award of some kind!) I’ll gladly take me some Tarte cosmetics on this one… mostly because that lessens the chances (so far… fingers staying crossed tho) of getting random papergoods like turkey shaped gift tags or cornucopia printed napkins. Lol. J/K (Kinda, sorta)… I’m actually glad its from a prestige brand, so its all good.

    As an aside, am I being completely unrealistic by secretly hoping for a luxurious throw, bourgeoisie candle, maybe a decadent PSL or Peppermint Hot Chocolate mix, and some kind LS PSMH exclusive mug in a fall box?
    I think that would be an awesome fall box to prep us for the holiday chaos!

    #DontWakeMeIfImDreaming πŸ˜‰

    • OK, so I googled PSL and got Pumpkin Spice Latte (God, I hope not!) but LS? You got me on that one.
      There was a mug only two months ago, I doubt they’d repeat themselves so soon.

      • Lol, Helen~ I’m not a big PSL fan myself, but since this time of year I tend to be in the minority regarding best seasonal hot beverage, I always reference them along with my Peppermint Hot Chocolate/Mochas just to cover my bases.
        By LS, my overworked & obviously under-caffeienated self goofed & meant LE (limited edition)… but yeah, realistically you’re probably right about them not doing a mug again so soon… Maybe a fancy stainless steel double walled insulated travel mug would be a nice touch. πŸ˜‰

  30. I love Tarte, I just signed up for November. For $31 it should be a good box, granted there aren’t anymore paper bags in next month.

  31. The shadows in this format aren’t available anywhere. I’m only seeing the four rectangles style of palette for sale.
    I’m a bit leery of this too, unless this is being produced specially for Popsugar.
    I believe it was the Rachel Zoe Summer box that featured Tarte?

    • RZ Summer Box of Style featured Too Faced, of which I’m now a fan. Te lipstick is like butter and smells like lemon pie! It’s heavenly. πŸ™‚

    • The Rachel Zoe spring box had tarte mascara. Maybe that’s what you’re thinking of?

  32. Literally my entire face has Tarte cosmetics on it. LOVE this spoiler!

  33. I like but I don’t have any idea what it has to do with the theme???anyone else?????

    • … Festivities? (i.e. getting dressed up and made up for a party?)

      To be fair, they always include a beauty product of some sort, but it’d be hard to fit almost any beauty product into their theme.

  34. Do I *need* more eyeshadow? Never again in this lifetime. Do I *want* this palette? Yep. In reality, I’ll probably get it, admire it and then use it as a holiday gift.

    • haha, same.

  35. I haven’t tried very many tarte products yet, but I have loved everything I’ve tried from them so far so I am definitely excited for this spoiler!

  36. Love Tarte Cosmetics. Love this eyeshadow too. ???

  37. ooo thats pretty

  38. These shadows are pretty, but I have to admit that I’m disappointed to see Tarte Cosmetics again so soon after the last time it was included (the amazonian clay blush — i forget what month). Also, I recall a tarte cheek and lip duo from a little while back (maybe a special edition box)? Feeling like they could have included a different brand of eye shadow to switch things up a bit more.

    • That was February, as I recall. So it’s been a while. πŸ™‚

  39. I’m of two minds about this spoiler. On the one hand, I’m excited because the shadows look like a nice fall-to-winter palette. On the other, we just got an eye shadow palette from PSMH earlier this year, and it even had some similar colors.

  40. Just curious if this is a special edition thing, or can be bought elsewhere? I can’t find this exact palette anywhere besides Ebay. Just curious the retail value, etc.

    • I was wondering the same thing. I can’t find it on Tarte’s website or Sephora. In any case, I hope there are different colors sent out. I like eyeshadow, but I really can’t get excited about yet another neutral eyeshadow palette.

      • Yeah… I see a box of the same name on Tarte’s website but the shadows are vertical instead of in a 4×4 pattern. Maybe I spent too much time reading the eyeshadow drama on Peaches and Petals that my old makeup/eyeshadow alert is on high. I doubt Popsugar would make an amateur move like that though, so probably just made especially for them or something….

  41. Love that! Looove Tarte cosmetics!

  42. I love Tarte Cosmetics! I’m glad I decided to order this box, I know I won’t be disappointed πŸ™‚

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