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Play! By Sephora October 2015 Subscription Box Reveal

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Play! By Sephora October 2015 Subscription Box Reveal

The reveal for the October 2015 Play! By Sephora subscription box is up! AKA – my box envy continues! (Play! by Sephora is only open to subscribers in certain test markets right now, but you can sign up on their waitlist to get notified when you can sign up. Boxes are $10 a month).

The October 2015 Play! By Sephora box includes:

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 3.55.54 PM

Belif The True Cream Aqua Bomb – 10 ml Value $8.80

Dr. Jart Ceramidin Face Tint (Size/value unknown)

Sephora Pearl Mask – Value $6

Boscia Detoxifying Black Cleanser with Konjac Sponge – 1 oz Value $5.60 for the cleanser, $15 for the sponge

Fresh Black Tea Age-Delay Instant Infusion Treatment Toner – .5 oz Value $6

Atelier Cologne Collection Azur – Mandarine Glaciale – Perfume Sample

What do you think of the October 2015 Play! By Sephora box?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I’m so frustrated with Sephora that I don’t even want this box anymore. September, I moved and called to update my address. They didn’t do that, so no September box. My credit card needed to be changed as well, so I did that and was promised the October box. I called today and was told oh sorry, nothing was updated. It didn’t even show you called! Then they tried to give me some story about how I called yesterday…uh no. Try again. I just feel really annoyed that I’ve been given the run around two months in a row and haven’t felt really great about it. What’s gonna be the issue in November?!

    • I’m curious, why did you call instead of emailing or updating your info online? When I had the issue of a missing product I emailed and heard back within 36 hrs. Issue resolved.

  2. A group of friends and I all signed up the same day for this sub. I was the only one to receive the invite and I’m in Jacksonville, FL. Also not a VIB or VIB rouge. ?
    Disappointed by the glitch of showing the Becca Product only to have them really be sending out Dr. Jart — which apparently didn’t get into my box! I contacted Sephora and the cost of that month’s box was entirely refunded as they could not send out the product. That is a pretty satisfactory way to handle it, IMO.
    As to complaints of no make-up products, I think Sephora is doing “themes” much like Birchbox does, only with a clearer focus. ( I always look at my Birchbox contents and the “theme” card and shrug my shoulders because I never see it reflected in the contents.) if Sephora does continue to be very specific in their theme & contents, I will be satisfied.
    ALSO — how quickly people forget Birchbox used to be wait-listed as well and you had to receive your invite from a current member! Patience my dears!

    • My entire box was lost in the mail for almost a week, and I was really disappointed that I wasn’t able to get a replacement box. Of course, after I received the refund, my box magically appeared …

      I totally get that its in a testing phase, but I think its shortsighted to not have X amount of boxes set produced as replacements. Not being able to replace one product is understandable, but an entire box should be replaced, in my opinion.

  3. I hope Sephora wakes up and starts expanding their test market (SMH). I’m VIB Rouge, and I agree, those who are at that status, shouldn’t have to wait. Ok…I’m gonna step down from my soap box now. Carry on…….

    • Agree! When you have spent as much money as we have to be VIB rouge status we should be put at the front of the line as priority and VIP!

  4. SO disappointed – my box has been lost somewhere, probably in the local sorting facility – and Sephora will only do a refund, they do not replace boxes.

    I wasn’t really looking forward to this box, given that its all skincare, but I do find it really annoying that they do not replace boxes.

  5. I am so aggravated by the whole waitlist situation. It’s frustrating to me that this wasn’t opened up to VIB Rouge members first. Also, this is Sephora…why do they need a test market? Obviously subscription boxes are popular and some even in high demand and this is Sephora, a very popular store with a lot of connections. I just don’t get it. It almost makes me not want to subscribe. Having a waitlist is just like saying, “you can’t sit with us.” And then people getting boxes that didn’t even sign up for the waitlist?? Ridiculous and very frustrating.

    • I agree I spend how much for vib rouge? When I found out about it I was kinda pissed off.

    • Well most subscription boxes have a waitlist and sephora was testing it in certain states first. I live in one of the states that they were testing it in and I subscribed without having to be on the waitlist. But you saying that having a waitlist is like saying you can’t sit with us, well having it open to VIB rouge only first is like saying you can’t sit with us. Mainly because Sephora is starting to appeal to more and more teenagers, many can’t afford to get to the VIB rouge status. Also, I think it is good that they are doing a test market because then they can see what products people are interested in and what appeals to people. Personally I hated the October box because it was all skin care and a cologne sample which you can get for free. Since Sephora is doing a tester market I think what they really want right now is just feedback.

    • They also need a test market for glitches. Because, as you may or may not have heard many people logged on to the Sephora website to see what they were receiving and there was a glitch that said they were receiving a Becca highlighter. So hopefully through the test market they will be able to remove all the glitches. Because coding is a lot harder than many people think. Also, the people coding the website have quite a bit of pressure because they have to have it ready by a certain time and day and they might not have a long period of time to code the information.

    • I totally agree with you. I am a VIB Rouge and it’s very frustrating and upsetting that the offer of a subscription would not be opened to members who should be valued. I would have signed up instantly without even thinking twice. When you have a customer basically saying “Here’s money, take it”… you’d think you would listen and happily oblige! :O I understand about wanting feedback, testing, etc. but why not send out a note to members asking if they’d like to participate in a new/pilot service and provide honest feedback.

  6. Received mine, and bummed that there is not a single makeup item. Really? Sephora + “play” = no makeup??? Also, my dermatologist cautions against trying multiple new skincare items at once, so it seems odd to receive so many at once… Maybe a decent value, but to me, not fun.

  7. I live in one of the state’s they offered… i signed up for it as soon as I know about it. Nada. I have no ideas how they are picking it

    • I think it was randomly chosen. Both my sister and I received invites and we’re in Texas (north of Houston).

  8. Thought I saw a Becca highlighter in the post of the release… but where is it?

    • When the box shipped Becca was on the page for my Play account instead of the Dr. Jart, but that must have been a mistake because the Dr. Jart is in the booklet and the Becca isn’t. My page is now showing the correct items. I hope that’s a bug they work out while testing this.

      • Yes, I think that was one of the reasons for the Test Market, for them to work out the glitches. Because imagine how angry people would be if in their Ipsy glam room they were receiving different products than in their actual bag. Hopefully they work out all the glitches soon because I know many people want to subscribe.

  9. I’m in Shreveport, La and I got an invite when they started. I’m not a VIB Rouge either. But, I did sign up for the Flash when it was available. Maybe it was a random pick on who got invites.

  10. So i checked online and these are their responses:
    Q: When will invites be sent out?
    A: The first wave of invitations for sign up will be sent during the week of August 17th. They will continue to be sent out in waves throughout the duration of the limited market release.

    Q: Where is this being offered?
    A: The limited release markets for the initial months are Boston and Cincinnati / Columbus. We may be adding additional limited markets later in 2015, before the full national launch in 2016.

  11. Wow i wasn’t even aware there was a wait list. I got both September and October’s box. I live in West Texas and the nearest Sephora is 2+hrs from me. Guess I got lucky!

    • I live in Central TX about an hour from the nearest Sephora, and I, too, have gotten both boxes! I guess we should fee lucky! 🙂

      • And yet, I live in Austin TX and did not get an invite yet.

        • Awe, I’m sorry! I don’t know how they chose anyone then, it must have been random. Hope you get chosen soon!!! 🙂

  12. So Jelly. Michigan is in NO ONES Test Market – EVERRRRR! 🙁

    Ann Arbor is supposed to be a top 5 place to live?! What gives?? LOL. Sigh.

    • Ramona, I feel you! I’m in MI too.

    • I feel you as well, Michigan here too.

    • I’m in Oklahoma! We are probably along with you guys when it comes to being last. /sad face

    • Top 5 places to live… If you go to U of M? 😛 kidding. Go Blue!

  13. Think the waitlist thing is silly after 2 months. Not sure if I even want it anymore. Cancelled most of my subs anyway to free up funds for one times and exclusives during the holidays. Now looking forward to Black Friday .

  14. I’m one of the lucky few who got the first box (loved it!!) and I just got this 2nd box. I love this box more than the first one! (Dry skinned gal here, so this moisture & glow-boosting theme is right up my ally!!)

    So far this subscription has been everything that I have wanted out of the lower price range subscription category:
    -high end brands that are familiar and actually hold value to me (most important)
    -decent sizes
    -stuff I will actually use

    I prefer skin care & body care to makeup (just because Im picky with what colors I like to wear), so the lack of makeup items so far hasn’t bugged me one bit. The only other box that is comparable (when referring to brands sent out) is the Allure Beauty Box. So those 2 plus Birchbox are the only beauty subs I’m sticking too now!

    Ipsy was just a bunch of low-quality-high-price-tag makeup & skin/hair care products that didn’t match my profile. So cancelling Ipsy & switching over to this sub has been the highlight of my sub-box year!

  15. I’m reading reviews for a few months before I try to sign-up for this box. So far, it’s been okay. I don’t get too excited about skincare. Make-up products are my favorites so, for now, I’ll stick with Ipsy.

  16. I was on the wait list and just got an email today that I’m able to sign up. Of course, I did! I can’t wait to get my first box! I’m wondering if I’ll get October or start with November. I know they originally said “starting in select markets” or whatever. I’m in south Texas between Houston and Corpus Christi. Don’t know if that has anything to do about when you get off wait list though. Eagerly anticipating my first box!

  17. I’m confused why they didn’t open this up to their rouge members first? Maybe they did, and I just missed it, but isn’t being rouge supposed to get you special perks? This seems like one of them…!! Boo for the wait list!

    • Right? I’m a little confused and kind of peeved about that too. 🙁

    • I am too. My best friend is a VIB Rouge (who actually works at Sephora) & she lives down the street from me, yet even she hasn’t gotten an email.
      I am a VIB Rouge too, but Im just lucky I guess that I’ve been able to get the 2 boxes so far.

    • Same here! This would have been the perfect Rouge perk.

  18. I signed up through a link on facebook, It was one those advertisements that pop up in your feed. It accepted right away and didn’t have to wait. I’m in Amarillo, Tx. and the only Sephora we have is a small one inside JCP.

  19. I legit just got my email to sign up today. I did sign up for the waiting list as soon as it came out, though. I live in South Louisiana, so maybe it’s by region? I do have a Sephora in my area, if that means anything.

    • I think you’re right about the regions thing, because I also live in South Louisiana and I got my email today too. Yay.

      • well im in baton rouge are and I still haven’t received an invite. I am rouge also. Been on the waitlist since it first opened.

    • South Louisiana here and I’ve had it since the first box. Its definitely a regional thing.

  20. This will be my first box and I live in Dallas. I wasn’t on the wait list too long. I like skin care a lot so I’m excited about this one. I’m sad I missed the last one with all the makeup. The value and samples are awesome. I hope they continue to rock!

  21. One of the reasons so I didn’t sign up for ipsy was because of the exclusive wait issues. I still get ipsy emails asking me to join and i choose to ignore them at this point.

  22. I’m from Texas and have received both the September and October boxes. I clicked on the link and entered my email and boom it said click on credit card I wanted to use so I did. Next thing I know I was signed up and received my email confirming it all. I called Sephora to make sure and they said it must have been a glitch but in my favor. Woo hoo! It is my favorite box.

  23. I got my box today and love it (except for the perfume which gave me a headache). I don’t mind their perfume samples since you get 6 samples and I just consider it an extra. And FRESH! you don’t usually see them in a sub box!
    I’m in the Boston area and I don’t spend a ton of $$ at Sephora (Beauty Insider but not Rouge or VIB) and got off waitlist right away. I’m thinking maybe because there is a Sephora in my town and I would be more likely to go there?
    The booklet they include is amazing, lots of information on the products and skin care info. You can use their App to scan and get even more info.
    The theme for October is “Secrets to dewy skin” and focuses on hydration, cleansing, skin care routines, etc. They discuss K beauty on how it’s all about caring for skin vs covering it up w/makeup.
    They also suggest alternate uses for the products in the booklet (i.e. for Septembers Glam Glow cleanser, you can use it as blemish treatment too, the sponge in October’s box can be used on its own to exfoliate)
    I hope you all get to experience it soon!!! xoxoxo

  24. I received an invite to sign up for the box today. This box looks pretty good. I’m bummed that there is no makeup in it. The first box looked better to me as well. But I’m happy nonetheless!

  25. i think I only want this because I can’t have it…

    • OMG..seriously ..right?

  26. I am in the test market area. I have been on the wait list from day one. My daughter and I are Sephoraholics! I do not understand why I am still on a wait list while others that have never signed up are receiving invites, lol.

    • Me too, Bonnie. I’m in DC. People around here get it. And I’ve been on the list since it was first announced here. I even buy stuff from Sephora. I’m miffed I haven’t been invited yet.

  27. I live in Columbus and just got mine today. This box has become my favorite sub because it is only $10 and they send amazing skincare products to try out.

  28. ? (me not able to get this box yet)

  29. I love love love the Play! boxes. I am in Houston and was only on the waitlist for I think 1-2 weeks before I got off and I have gotten both the September and October boxes. I think I liked September’s box better since it had more variety and value, but I’m a sucker for skincare so I didn’t mind October’s box one bit! I estimate the value of the October box to be around $40. FYI, the sponge you receive is the mini version (Sephora has a 3 pack of minis on their website for $16), so the value of the sponge is more like $5-6 vs the $15 that Liz has listed.

  30. I want all of it 🙁 Sam Diego sephora! Open up to us! We have like 20 sephoras

  31. Wish there was more…or any…Makeup included in this box. ?

  32. I got a random email from them at the beginning of the month asking me if I wanted to sign up. I had never been on their waitlist or anything (although I do spend obscene amounts of money at Sephora), but I went ahead and joined. Got my box today (I’m from Louisiana), and nothing particularly interests me, but I’m gonna keep the sub. Looking forward to seeing what’s in future boxes.

  33. You can add me to the Box Envy club as well! Those of you who will be getting this box are so lucky! I love everything in it!

  34. I literally just whined while sitting here looking at it because I want it and can’t get it yet.

  35. I like this box but did find it a bit odd that it is all skin care and no makeup.

  36. A wee bit surprised there isn’t at least a makeup foil. Oh well. I’ll still subscribe when available in Georgia!

  37. It is so strange. I got an email today letting me sign up, but I don’t remember ever actually asking to get on the wait list or anything. But, I won’t ask too many questions. I signed up, so I’m hoping I get the box above, though I’m not sure how many months I’ll subscribe.

    • I saw on the Sephora message board that the wait list doesn’t matter during the trial period but that all invitees are pre-selected based on certain criteria. i’m guessing that since Sephora tracks every persons purchases that they are tring to see how the box influences buying of people who already spend a good deal there to people who spend much less in addition to geography.

  38. It’s fantastic and I continue to be vaguely annoyed that I can’t sign up. I’ve been Rouge since it’s first year and have been active on Beauty Talk for the last few years. (Well… I was until my sub box obsession kicked into high gear.)


  39. This was my first month and I’m pleased 🙂 I wish there had been some Korean skincare products, but overall I am pleased.

    • The belif is one of the most popular Korean moisturizers on the market! Dr. Jart is Korean too.

  40. I am on waitlist to join Sephora’s box subscription; did not make the “test” group. Cannot wait to get this going. I liked the October box you previewed w us. Thanks.

  41. I was able to finally get the box here in San Antonio. Am so so so please with my October box. I would choose these types of boxes over Birchbox or Ipsy any day!!! So excited!!!

  42. I’m so over it. lol. Seriously, I don’t want to see anymore posts of things we cannot get because we don’t live in 1 of the 3 lucky bastard cities. Yes..I have box envy. lmao.

  43. so lucky for those that got this subscription! I’m jealous! This box has items that I would be happy to try! Sigh when will they expand to my area.

  44. When is it coming to California? :/

  45. so jealous!! At least I’m on the waitlist….hopefully soon!!!

  46. Jealous!!!!

  47. I got my box yesterday! The Dr. Jart is 0.17 fl. oz.

  48. Got mine yesterday. I love the booklet they sent with directions for use of each product. I think it is a great value for $10. Plus you get a card with it to use with your next purchase and get 50 bonus VIB points.

    • I agree and I love that they sent the sponge to try with the cleanser. I just wish we could get the points for online purchases. I liked this box better than the first one.

  49. Waaaaahhhhhh! I want one so bad!!!

  50. I think I have the worst box envy about this. I’m VIB ROUGE and I called them and BEGGED to let me sign up!!!
    Didn’t work…. :/

    • Sympathies ladies. Try not to think too much about it till you get the invite email.

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