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New Deux Mystery Box Time!

Deux Lux Mystery Box

It is Deux Lux Mystery Box time again!

The Box: Deux Lux Mystery Box

The Cost: $50

The Products: “It’s that time again! Instead of having a sample sale, we are cleaning out our showroom and having an exclusive mystery box! Each mystery box will contain our selection of 3 samples for each unique box. Cannot be combined with any other coupons. Samples will not come in original packaging. All the boxes are different; Non refundable or exchanges. It will ship within 3-5 business days.”

(Check out my review of a past $50 Mystery Box to see what you could expect with this box).

Are you grabbing a box?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (74)

  1. I posted a comment earlier this morning listing what I received (nothing good – not even close!), but now it’s gone. Is anyone else having that issue?

    • Haha. Nevermind. As soon as I submitted that comment and went back to the page, my comment showed up.

  2. Dang it. Finally got my bags, and I can say this is definitely both my first and last DL mystery box. I won’t use a single thing. When my husband saw me open the box, his exact words were “Wait, you actually paid for those? They look cheap.” =( I listed what I ended up getting below and while I guess the value is technically there, it doesn’t really matter to me since I wouldn’t use these no matter what the RV is. I’d honestly carry my things around in the dust bags before I’d use the actual bags (so I guess I should be glad I at least got dust bags since some people didn’t?). Glad some of you got decent stuff, but I won’t be chancing it again when I could have purchased a tote for under $40 on MyHabit that I’d actually use. These bags are already on the swap site:

    – Waverly Messenger in Navy Lace RV $95 – This unlined and is actually see-through, which makes this even worse for me. Why do I want a see-through bag?
    – Fathom Satchel in Mink RV $145 – I don’t mind the mink color, but the gold embellishments all over the front make this a no-go for me. I might have used this in high school, but not now.
    – Orange Three Wallet – RV ? – I couldn’t find this exact wallet online, but I can tell you I’ll never use it since bright orange is not my color.

    • I got the same Fathom mink purse and the fabric feels soft but the gold sequins killed it for me. I don’t know what I was expecting. I somehow thought their products were luxe, but the box they shipped my items in showed they get their stuff from China. I think I’d be better off getting killer deals and something I’d love at Kohls.

      • I’m right there with ya! I don’t know why, but I thought their bags were supposed to be a bit more luxe, too. Instead, they seemed more like something you might find in an overpriced juniors section somewhere – although I don’t think I even know any younger people who would love these (especially the navy lace bag – it’s horrible)!

  3. I couldn’t find this thread at first. Mine showed up days after it should have.
    -Waverly clutch in balck
    -Dreamer clutch fold over top in black
    -Nomad wallet in navy
    I think I love them all! I’m a little afraid of the wallet with all those spikes though! Everything was wrapped and in dust bags.

  4. Very happy with my first Deux Lux mystery box! Got High Line duffel in a gorgeous Mink color, Elle drawstring in black, and Mercury Wristlet, all in nice dust bags. Can use everything, and it was a great deal.

  5. I got my box today. I don’t love anything in it, but I think I’ll use the mercury wristlet and the foiled clutch some. But the big item I got was the dreamer backpack (black). I’m not a backpack person at all and I would have picked the tan/pink one over the black one if I had a choice. And the dreamer print/style is one of the few that I’m not a fan of. So I’m kinda disappointed, but I’ll still buy future mystery boxes from them. This was my second one – the first one was the weekender one (that wasn’t really a mystery). I should have ordered 2 boxes… maybe next time.
    Now I can try out swapping!

  6. Disappointed.
    I had never heard of or purchase Deuxlux before, but with all of the positive reviews earlier for mystery boxes, I thought I’d give Take a chance.

    I did not find any of my products on the site when I went to see what they would be called and priced at. Only one of them had a tag inside (item3).

    I received :
    – a navy blue suede like tote with orange-ish faux alligator trim that was sort of OK although I wouldn’t of picked it out in those colors. I will try to use this as I always can use a tote. This did come with a dust bag.
    – a shiney black, heart-quilted card case. The small case looked OK but I just don’t use card cases, so I’ll be looking to get rid of that. It was too small for a phone to fit in it, which would have made it more attractive to me. This came wrapped in tissue.
    -The third item seemed crazy and incongruous to me. It was a off-white lace and sequined hard clutch case that looks like something my grandma would have uses for fancy dress up. I couldn’t find anything even close to what it was like on the site. To me, It looked very old and dated already. That one had a tag that called it “sequin lace”. The latch to open it is very stubborn also. I will probably get rid of this item at the Goodwill store as I can’t think of anyone I know who would want this. Maybe somebody could use it for a costume or something. This item came wrapped in tissue also.

    I don’t want to be a wet blanket, but I wanted to provide some balance if anyone else was thinking about getting the next Mystery box. I personally would not order the Mystery box again from this site. I’m glad it was only $50 but I think I would’ve rather put the $50 towards one item I really liked. The first two items seemed of a good quality, and I would consider purchasing from their site.

    • Disappointed as well. I took a chance because of the reviews. They never sent a confirmation but it showed up in a small box with no dust jakcets. However I was most concerned with the quality of one the bags, the fringe was easily unattached. I contacted them about it and was told it was a mystery box of samples, sorry (that is it). Will not be ordering again, left a bad taste in my mouth.

  7. Is anyone still waiting for their bags? I bought mine as soon as Liz listed it, but I haven’t received the bags or even shipping info. Just wondering if I should be concerned at all or just be patient – which I’m not good at!!

    • I’m waiting for mine – should be here today. I ordered right away too. I don’t remember when I got my shipping notification, but it shipped out on Monday. The shipping notifications don’t actually come from Deux Lux, mine came from “[email protected]” – I almost missed it when I was going through emails so maybe check through yours?

      • Thanks for the info! I checked my “junk” folder and I definitely haven’t received the notification. I hope this doesn’t mean they haven’t fulfilled the order yet and I’m going to get the “bottom of the barrel” items. Maybe they just didn’t send me a notification and the bags will be at my door when I get home today (fingers crossed!). That’s great that yours should arrive today! I hope you get something good! =)

      • I contacted DL and found out my box just shipped Friday. Not sure why it took so long when I ordered immediately (unless they shipped it once they got my e-mail?). Now I’m even more worried I’ll get not-so-great leftovers. Some of the items in these posts sound SO bad!

      • that is strange that yours shipped so late… but hopefully you’ll get something good! Mine was okay I guess, but some of the others have sounded great!

      • Some boxes shipped from New York and others from CA. I ordered my 2nd box 1 day later – but it took about 5 extra days to ship (the cali one). I personally found the 2nd one (coming from CA) to be better – and included dust bags. The one from New York didnt have dust bags. Not sure if my experience was typical this time around. I wouldn’t worry…

  8. My boxes came yay! I got:
    Dreamer clutch in black (up for swap)
    Maggie drawstring bag in black (up for swap)
    Mercury wristlet in green (mine!)
    Downtown wallet in black (mine or gift not sure)
    Le Cirque Duffle in Gold (mine!!!!!!)
    Mulberry Backpack in white (mine!)
    All in all I think that is pretty good!

  9. Got my box today, LOVED everything! 😀

    – Anguilla Backpack in Green (MSRP: $105)
    – Elle Drawstring Bag in Black (MSRP: $80)
    – Downtown Wallet in Black (MSRP: $58)

    These were items that I would have picked out myself – love the design and the colors. So happy with this mystery box. 🙂

    • And just looked up the actual prices… :p

      – Anguilla Backpack in Green (MSRP: $105) –> on sale for $31.50
      – Elle Drawstring Bag in Black (MSRP: $80) –> on sale for $56.00
      – Downtown Wallet in Black (MSRP: $58) –> on sale for $18.00

      But still not a bad haul. 🙂

  10. Anyone else get anything special? This was my first box. I am going back and forth on how I feel about it. The one item that I liked I could have paid $30 on the sale sites and gotten it in a color that I liked. the other 2 items were useless (for me) and up for swap. I don’t have a lot of storage room.

  11. Mine came today. Very happy with everything I received. I got the Downtown wallet in black, Waverly messenger in navy, and Anguilla tote in green.

    • wow. sounds very nice!

  12. Yay! Mine came. I got a Lexington Bucket Bag (teal and charcoal), silver passport holder, and Promise pouch in nude. This was fun for my 1st time doing this. One more on it’s way… Anyone know if they do these in-house in NYC?

    • meaning… the sales. do they do sample sales soon in the office?

      • I believe they do. I think i saw that on their website somewhere from one of their earlier mystery boxes

      • Hi! We do have sample sales in our NYC showroom a few times a year, we’ll be having the next one on December 3, make sure to come by and check us out! 37 West 20th St, Suite 1204, 11am-7pm

  13. Can’t wait to see what people got! one of mine is due today. Where is everyone’s boxes?

    • Me too! I just got tracking for mine last week and its scheduled to be here on Friday – can’t wait! I just love Deux Lux

    • I ordered two at the same time and they will be here tomorrow!

  14. I received a nomad mini messenger in blue (can’t find the exact one online), the Jube wallet in ecru and the bubbles wristlet in gold. I ordered a second box, but it hasn’t arrived. I’d say my box was so so and I haven’t yet decided if I will use all 3. None of my items had dust bags.

    • I wonder what the reasoning is on this? All of my items had a dust bag. I shipped from Ca but know some shipped for east coast

  15. Got mine today, with mixed results. I got:
    The Jube Clutch in Black. This is the only item I like. I wouldn’t have bought it on my own, but I will use it.
    The Bubbles Wristlet in turquoise. It’s ok, but most likely giving it to our babysitter for Christmas.
    Cannot find the final item, which is so not my style. It’s a purple velvet hobo with sparkles on it. I’ll put that on swaps once I get approved to join the swap site.
    Overall it was ok. But I’d be better off just picking what I like off their site.

    • Oh wow. The Jube sounds wonderful! I was wondering what people got! Mine hasn’t arrived yet. Thanks for sharing!

    • I haven’t received my box or even a shipping notification yet, but your items (and some of the other posts) confirmed my fears. I’m sorry you didn’t get great items. =( I would hate to receive the Bubbles Wristlet or anything that’s purple velvet or has sparkles, let alone both. I totally agree that it’s probably better to just pick something off of their site so you’re guaranteed to get something you want. Lesson learned for me!

  16. I am actually pretty pleased with my mystery box this time around. I received mine yesterday which was extremely quick being that I ordered it on Tuesday.
    I received the Maya tote in black with the handles and inside pouch in a metalllic rose gold color which is very pretty, the Jube Pouch/clutch in grey and the ziggy passport holder in gold.

  17. For those of you who missed out on this mystery box, there are currently some great deals on Deux Lux weekenders, totes, handbags, wallets and card cases on I really wanted a good quality weekender, and got an absolutely gorgeous leather one for $39. I just used it for a getaway and my friend couldn’t get over how beautiful it was, so I just ordered a second for her as a gift. You’ll have to type in Deux Lux in the search box to find all the items.

    • I love my Deux Lux bags (most of them) but I’d love to pick exactly what I want! They’ve become my go to bags for everyday use. Thanks for the tip!

    • Thanks for letting us know about the bags on myhabit. My daughter just received the weekender bag she ordered. It is a really nice bag. (Now I want one too) 🙂

  18. Mine came today. The items are quite nice, and good quality, but not my taste. Everything will be up for swap.

    I got:

    Empress Quilted Tote in Berry
    Phoenix Foldover Messenger with fringe in Taupe
    Black studded coin purse

    • Did you get a shipping notice or did it just appear?

      • It just appeared.

      • By USPS or??

      • I think ups drops it off at the local post office and they ultimately deliver the package. I received a shopping notice yesterday with estimated arrival next Tuesday. That’s 10 plus days … a long time for a package! 6 lbs weight, I hope I live at least one item!

      • Mine was delivered by UPS, I never received shipping information.

    • Jealous of your box. I got Jube mini messenger in black, kawaii mini tote in blue and the quilted honeycomb in beige. I usually love their bags but was way underwhelmed by this mystery box.

  19. So far I’ve loved everything I’ve received from this company (except one of the pairs of earrings). A $50 mystery box probably won’t contain a weekender sadly! I’ve found that I’ve done much better when I order 2 boxes at a time.

    • Oh, no! Do you think earrings are an option for the mystery box? I thought it was primarily going to be bags. Sadly, I can’t wear earrings. =(

      • I don’t think we’ll get earrings for this one – there was one awhile back that specifically said it would include either jewelry or earrings, otherwise from what I can remember, they’ve been handbags, purses, wallets, etc

      • Yes, my last $50 mystery box was a tote, a makeup bag, and a card case.

  20. Bought this on a whim based on the previous mystery box (even though I wasn’t familiar with the brand) and now I’m nervous! I checked out the site and while I really like some of the stuff, I would never use others (like the bags with fringe or sparkles or writing all over them). Crossing my fingers for something a little office-appropriate!

  21. I so want a weekender!!! Here’s to hoping!

  22. I want one so badly (the last one was a great value) but I just don’t have the funds right now. Maybe the next one!

  23. Ordered! Does anyone know how long they take to ship?

    • It says they’ll ship in 3-5 business days

      • Thanks! 🙂

  24. I bought one! Figured why not, loved the last one!!!

  25. I can’t decide. I keep going back and forth on the purchase.

    • All three of my purses are falling apart so, might as well =》

  26. Oh, heck. I signed up in hopes of a weekender! I am sure these will make great swaps and gifts if I don’t like them!

  27. I grabbed one! Thanks Liz! 🙂

  28. Thanks Liz!

    Just ordered 1 – loved the last one that I got (the weekender and small purse) and was thinking about buying a new purse anyways… so couldn’t pass this up!

  29. I got one! I loved the last two $50 boxes… Thanks for the heads up Liz!

  30. Got one, hoping it’s a good one. I have gotten better bags that I liked from the $50 mystery box instead of the $100 boxes.

  31. They are sold out. I had it in my cart but went to checkout and now it’s gone. I guess I shouldn’t have waited. 🙁

    • Hm, it is still showing up as in stock for me.

    • Try again. I just bought one

    • I was just able to get one. I hope I get decent bags because I’ve never really looked into this brand and bought it on a whim based on this post!

  32. I was just thinking about buying a new bag.

  33. Never even heard of this one… but the past mystery box look awesome! Worth the $50 gamble for sure.

  34. Woohoo! Ordered two. Fingers crossed they are good. I missed out the first time they did the $50 one and ended up trading for a bunch.

    • If you order 2, they won’t duplicate any items, will they?

      • I don’t know the answer to that. I just assumed not so we will find out if I am wrong!

      • Btw for future all items were different

  35. I did. fingers crossed that I love it!

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