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Deux Lux Mystery Box Review – May 2015

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Deux Lux Mystery Box Review - May 2015 Box

As a subscription box addict, I pretty much have zero resistance when it comes to mystery boxes – so I had to buy one of these Dexu Lux boxes! (FYI – this box is no longer available, but make sure to sign up for the MSA daily newsletter if you’d like an alert the next time they go on sale).

Deux Lux Mystery Box Review - May 2015 Items

The Box: Deux Lux Mystery Box

The Cost: $50 (shipping is free)

The Products: β€œEveryone loves surprises! Treat yourself to our sample sale mystery box! Each box will contain 3 items randomly selected from our NYC sample sale! β€œ

Deux Lux Mystery Box Review - May 2015 Bag

Havana Tote in Blue – Retail Value $135

This tote has a nice summer/beachy vibe to it – and I like the colors. I’m not sure if it is a good fit for my style, but I really appreciate the quality of the materials and craftsmanship. Here is a look inside:

Deux Lux Mystery Box Review - May 2015 bag Lining

I also appreciate that every item comes with tags and in a protective bag – I wasn’t expecting that for a mystery box!

Deux Lux Mystery Box Review - May 2015 Clutch

Cotton Candy Wristlet – Retail Value $60

This is my favorite piece in the box. I love the grey material with silver accents, and gold hardware is always a plus for me. The only thing I don’t like about this wristlet is the poof on the chain – but that is easy enough to remove with jewelry pliers!

Deux Lux Mystery Box Review - May 2015 Clutch Lining

Deux Lux Mystery Box Review - May 2015 Wallet

Rose Glitter Card Case – Retail Value $30

I’m more of a wallet than a card case person, but I’m sure this will be useful on occasions when I just need to bring a small clutch/bag.

Verdict: I’m really impressed with the quality of items included, and I definitely feel like I got my money’s worth. I think if I loved the most expensive item in the box, I would be thrilled with this box, but I’m still good with the box. And if I’m being honest with myself…I’ll probably buy another one next time they have a mystery box.

What do you think of the Deux Lux Mystery Box? Which items did you get?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Hi Liz,
    Is there a review page for the June Deux Lux Travel Mystery Box? I received mine this morning and want to review it. Thanks!

  2. I will definitely do this again! I am very very happy with my items!

  3. Omg, I am so upset I missed this! If there’s another one I will definitely be buying. I love everything you got!

  4. Just got my box in and I’m just ok with it. All my items came very well packaged(def. brand new, wrapped up in plastic & paper), with 1 green & white dust cover that says deux lux on it & 2 beige ones with a gold dog print on it. I received the Essex mini messenger in sand(retail 115$) this piece is super nice with gold trim & a gold chain & leather? as part of the adjustable strap, Ravello Wristlet in black, this piece actually has 3 crystals on the front & is striped w/ black, red & beige (retail-70$) the front is striped and the back is all black leather, & lastly Taj Pouch in Natural, this looks like a huge makeup bag! I mean huge! It has a geometric design to it and gold & a very dark purple in these triangular designs & of course it’s a beige, it also has pockets in it (retail-65$). These pieces are all nice but quite frankly I really can’t use any of the because I’m disabled & have to take meds & I need something I can fit my medicine bottles in. I was definitely hoping for a satchel or backpack, just something with some room that also has a strap!! I do feel like it was worth the 50$ though!

  5. Wow, I’m impressed with the value! Wish I had bought one now! Hopefully they do this again soon!!

  6. I only had 2 items, the black downtown pouch and a blue havana messenger, which arrived in the biggest UPS box in existence – with dusters – but it took over a week to get here. Honestly I didn’t know UPS was capable of being that slow.

    I e-mailed them about the missing third item. I do really like the messenger, it’s the same style that Liz got but just tinier. Not sure I like/have a use for the pouch, I love the royal purple interior but since the pouch isn’t very sturdy it doesn’t seem to be used for much more than a tablet, or possible makeup storage?

    • Did they ever send you a third item?

  7. Oh Liz, I LOVE your Havana tote – it’s SO me! Here’s what I received: Elle tote in hunter with pink trim ($70,) the Downtown wallet in white ($58) and the Anguilla card case in ecru ($35.) Even though what I received isn’t quite my style, I do agree that the workmanship is excellent and I would definitely try for one of these mystery boxes again in the future.
    I am going to either gift or try and swap these.

  8. My bags came folded together as one, wrapped with one piece of tissue paper, and squeezed in a small UPS box. No dusters, no tags attached. I guess if you got tags and dust bags, then you were the lucky ones! Lol! I received: wanderlust backpack in raspberry, black karma wallet/wristlet (with two huge green and burgundy felt tassels) and a card case. Not my style at all. Disappointed.

    • Mine came like that too! Sadly it also came in less than new condition. The tote has a weird stain on it so I can’t gift this set as I had planned. I’m waiting for them to respond to my sad email…

      • Deux Lux customer service rocks! They are sending a replacement. Very happy with how professional and quick they are.

  9. I got the same items except instead of the card case I got the Havana make up case in brown. Not my style but I was able to trade my 3 items for something on my swap wish list. I did like some of the bags others got, so maybe i will get to swap for one.

  10. I so love my two boxes! Everything was packaged so nice and in pretty dust bags that all matched.
    In the first box I received
    1. Dreamer messenger bag in black retail 90.00
    2. Anguilla Wallet in peach retail 55.00
    3. Ziggy Card case in gunmetal retail 30.00

    In the second box, I received
    1. Elle large tote in Peacock retail 75.00
    2. Anguilla Cosmetic bag in ecru retail 38.00
    3. Anguilla card case in green retail 35.00
    I was hoping for a large tote, a nice wallet, and hoping to get items in the green/teal color family. So I am thrilled. If they have another sale next year I am so buying two more.

  11. I am so happy with what I received! I got the Elle tote in Peacock (a beautiful teal with pink lining and a removable leather tassel – so chic!) and a cosmetic case in the anguilla (tropical birds) pattern in the green color. My two items look beautiful together, so I’m using the anguilla case to tote my travel cosmetics inside of my new purse. I started using them immediately out of the box! I was worried I wouldn’t get something my style, but I was so pleasantly surprised. My value was much lower than yours ($65 for the tote and $38 for the cosmetics case), but they were both packaged beautifully in the fabric pouches and I am so happy with the curation of my box. I didn’t expect the two items to work together so perfectly! Deux Lux just made a lifetime fan.

    • EDIT: whoops, I looked back in my box after reading we all received three items, and my third item was the Ziggy card case in jade – which matches the teal/green colors of my other two items! Holy cow! Plus that puts the total value of my box to $133, well worth the $50.

  12. I didn’t get one of these, but I believe that it said that the items would come from their sale list. when I looked, I saw some things that I really liked, especially the purses. I also noticed luggage tags, key rings, card cases and jewelry that wasn’t my taste. Since they didn’t guarantee that you would get at least one purse or other high value item, i was afraid that I would get a key ring, a luggage tag and an ugly piece of jewelry. Looks like I should have taken a chance but I’ve had bad experiences with mystery boxes in the past. I’ll try next time.

  13. Okay, I looked up sample sale and I guess it does qualify under the definition.

  14. I got two boxes:
    1. Bucket hobo in Black
    2. Bucket hobo in Cognac
    3. Ziggy card case
    4. Shiny Rose card case
    5. Dreamer clutch (big one – apparently you’re suppose to fold it)
    6. Ravello wristlet

    Except for the rose card case, each had a dustbag and all were packaged nicely.

    I was hoping for 2 different styles of bags instead i got same bag in 2 colors.

  15. I like the value for these items..I’m not complaining. However, I thought sample sale items are supposed to be very new items..items to test on the public..items used for shows, etc. All of these items appear to be old stock and discounted, usually (except for the anguilla line). It seems like deceptive marketing to dump old stock and calling it mystery box sample sale.

    • Most times sample sales I attend in NYC sell items from previous seasons. So no, it isn’t always new items

  16. All my items arrived in dusters with tags. The Mykonos tote did not have a price on it and was wrapped in the same duster as Liz’s. The 2 Anguilla items arrived in the ivory bag with the gold logo. I’m happy with my items. I already posted on the other thread so quick comments.

    1. Anguilla Cosmetic Case in Green – I gave this to my sister who loves it.

    2. Anguilla Card Case in Peach – I will use this.

    3. Mykonos clear tote in white – This will be useful in the summer.

    I noticed that the Anguilla line is full price on the Deux Luxe website and the Mykonos tote is clearanced out on other websites. Maybe the dusters represent different years?

  17. I bought two boxes also, but I received one big box with six items and lots of paper – no dust bags, covers, plastic bags or any other covering or protection. Everything was in perfect shape, but I wonder if Liz got special treatment.

    • Definitely not, my items were all in dust bags as well.

    • Mine were all covered in plastic with dust bags too. I would order again in a heartbeat:)

  18. I am kind of disappointed because none of mine came with the dust bags :(. The items are very good quality but they were wrapped all together in one piece of tissue with no tags and no dust bags. Oh well, I guess that is the risk with getting mystery boxes. I got the Wanderlust tote in navy/orange and a nice wallet and card holder. I will be able to swap the items so I am not too worried but would have loved the little extra touch of the dust bags.

  19. I have mixed feelings about the bags I received. I got a large black perforated pleather clutch, a green iridescent card case and a very small handbag in a raffia style design like Liz’s largest bag. While I mostly like everything (the card case will go to my daughter; shapeless clutches don’t ever seek to get used in our house no matter in whose closet they’re stored). I wouldn’t have paid $50 for the 3. I feel like those who purchased later got whatever was left since 2/3 of my selections are no longer listed in their store. I saw a lot of people getting bucket bags and was really hoping for one, too. I think this was one of those mystery boxes that you needed to get in on early to get the best value.

  20. I think I’d like to try this one! I’m a purse addict lol

  21. I bought two boxes! I received the Shinjuku messenger in black, too! And my other bigger bag didn’t have a name on its bag or tag, but it looks like a bucket bag in the the Downtown style, in black. It has a purple lining instead of the ususal Deux Lux lining and rose gold accents. This is my favorite piece! The only problem is that I already have a nice black bag – and it was a gift from my boyfriend. There’s a decent chance he’ll be insulted if I show up with a new black bag. (Any other color!! … well… almost any.)
    I also received three Anguilla (the pattern with the birds) items. One wallet in peach, one cosmetic case in ecru, and one card holder in hunter. Finally I got one Ziggy card holder in Jade.

    The dust cases mine came in were like Sara’s, beige with the gold emblem. Either way, the dust case is a nice touch.

    I am pleased with the quality of most of these bags. I didn’t get any of the lines I was really hoping for (Mod, Dottie, Mayfair) but I don’t think anybody did so I guess they weren’t in the mix. Oh well. I do really like the Downtown bucket bag and plan to keep it, one of the card cases, and maybe the wallet. The others are going up for trade, as they’re just not my taste.

    • Are you willing to sell the first black bag you mentioned?

      • The Shinjuku messenger? Actually, yeah sure. I was going to list it for swap, but selling it directly might be easier. πŸ™‚

        • How much would you want for? Also, I read back your comment and if I’m right, it appears you are keeping three items and we’re going to swap three.. I would buy these three at same price you paid for the mystery box..

        • I don’t know how to access your swap profile; I’m still on wait list.

        • I was able to do a search on the swap site and I think I saw one of your item, but I’m on the wait list .. Let me know if we can come to an agreement of some sort!! I really love the black messenger bag and the Anguilla items are real cute!!

    • I also got the downtown bucket in Hunter, a hunter wallet in orange, and a ziggy card case in gold. The craftsmanship really is pretty amazing. I wanted one of the Anguilla pieces but I’m pretty happy with what I got. All my items came in the dust covers (tan with a good emblem) and are wrapped in tissue paper, complete with tags. The wallet is really lovely but I wouldn’t have chosen orange. I suspect these are all items that I will probably learn to live! Or swap, lol.

  22. I seriously loved everything I got.
    I’m DEFINATELY doing it again if they do it.

    I got the Havana tote in white.
    A pouch that is see through with white and blue lace
    And a Blush-pink card case with sequin lace

    • *the wanderlust tote! Whoops!

  23. I really wish I had purchased this box when I had had the chance! I am definitely going to get it the next time around!

  24. I really like the tote, wish I bit on thus lol!

  25. I LOVED my mystery tote…i received the elle drawstring messenger in snow {I did put it up for swap bc I’m not a “snow” (it’s white) kind of purse girl}, but the bag is GORGEOUS! Hoping to swap for another deux lux bag {preferably anything with the bird on it}. Also received the Downtown Pouch in mint {not up for swap bc I’m going to use this as a summer clutch!} and it seems like most of us received a ziggy card case…mine is gold & will look perfect in my Downtown Pouch! I’m getting TWO mystery bags next time!

  26. OMG I love all those pieces! I want that tote.

  27. Just opened mine! I got the Anguilla Card Case in Peach with the bird design on it – not something I would have picked out for myself but cute, the same bird design cosmetic bag in Ecru – I have so many cosmetic bags already and definitely don’t need another so this is disappointing, and of course the one item I was hoping I wouldn’t get – the mostly see through Mykonos Hand Tote in Navy. The tote is very well made and I love the navy color but I live in NYC and take the subway every day so have no desire to carry a bag around that everyone can see through! Guess I’ll be putting most of this up on the swap page. I really like so many of the items I’ve seen other people receive so was expecting to like what I got much more than I do. Hopefully I’ll have better luck next time!

    • Maybe you could find a pretty coordinating scarf and make a liner out of it? I’ve done that before with a see through bag I had and it worked well. I also bought some fabric at Joann’s and just put it in and kind of tied it to the strap from the inside. I hope that made sense but it’s pretty easy and doesn’t look bad at all, in my opinion at least. πŸ™‚

      • That’s a good idea! If I don’t find anything I want to swap for maybe I’ll try that. Thanks for the suggestion! πŸ™‚

        • You’re welcome Kristin. πŸ™‚ Good luck with the swap too.

  28. OK, this is really odd – All of my items also came in protective bags, but they are completely different – Ivory with a gold dog emblem on them! I got the Shinjuku messenger bag in black, the Dreamer pouch in taupe, and the Dreamer card case in black. My daughter needed a card case, so I got $35 of value right off the top. I like the messenger bag a lot, and think it will be a good versatile bag which I will use. The dreamer pouch is more meh – I don’t really like the pattern, but I could see it being usefull to carry my tablet and papers to meetings inside of a tote. I am going to keep it for the time being to see whether I use it, and swap it if I don’t find it useful within a month. There was definitely good value here, but I find the shipping from Los Angeles for NY sample sale items and different color protective cases a little odd. Perhaps we are getting items from different seasons/years? By the way, I also got a case for the card case, which was a really nice touch.

    • I received the Shinjuku messenger in black as well. I really like it a lot! My bag came with the green chevron dust case you were wondering previous poster.

  29. I did get the proof ball wristlet as well. I received it in pink. I was thinking the same. Take pliers and remove the poof. I like the material as well.

  30. I love everything here, I especially covet the Havana Tote if you wish to trade!

    I had not heard about this mystery box, hope I can catch the next one.

  31. My box was completely different then yours ….. the quality is wonderful. The price is good. – The tote you got it adorable. I also got a tote bag, yet I like yours much better. Mine is natural color with a geometric pattern. I cant decide if I want to keep it or swap it. I got a green bird small wallet that I like and a beige bird cosmetic pouch I will never use. Yet its cute. Would make a fun summer gift for someone. They did a wonderful job putting dust bags on each item and the box was big enough not to crush any of the items.

  32. I think I’m glad I didn’t go for it. I was never a big fan of Deux Lux stuff when Little Black Bag was still around. It seems to be good quality, it’s just not my style.

    Now if there was ever a mystery bag with Ivanka Trump bags, I would be doomed…

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