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Luxor Box Limited Edition “Most Requested” Box Review

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At the end of August, Luxor Box announced their Limited Edition “Most Requested” Box. This box is curated based on the most requested products Luxor Box receives via social media and email.


This box was sent to us for review purposes. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).



The Box: Luxor “Most Requested” Box

The Cost: $135 to the US, $165 to Canada

The Products: $450+ worth of most requested products (not previously featured in Luxor boxes), with one jewelry piece that you can select metal choice for: gold or silver. (The jewelry piece is not earrings).


This box came with an info card detailing the categories of items that are most requested:

Jewelry, Makeup, Hair Accessories, French Perfume, and Gourmet Treats

And then Specific Product requests for each category.


The box also included mini info cards for each item.


Robyn Rhodes Bracelet and Ring Set

Luxor Box allowed customers to select gold or silver for their jewelry choice in this box.


Robyn Rhodes Xavier Bracelet – Value $89

Robyn Rhodes Cody Adjustable Ring – Value $80

This bracelet is 14kt gold finished over brass. (I’m assuming the ring is the same material – I just can’t find it on their website).


If you read this blog frequently, you may be sick of hearing me say I love delicate gold jewelry – but I do! This bracelet is definitely my taste, and I like the ring too, but it isn’t very comfortable. I may need to try adjusting the metal.


Deepa Gurnani Irene Headband in Gold – Value $62


(Subscribers will receive this headband in gold or silver based on their gold/silver selection).

I just realized that I have two other Deepa Gurani pieces thanks to subscription boxes, and they are now my go-to wedding/special event pieces. (I have a necklace from the POPSUGAR Must Have 2015 Fall Special Edition Box, and a hair clip from the September 2013 Sample Society box).

I really like the design and quality of these pieces, so I’m happy to have another one in my collection. I originally thought I wouldn’t be able to pull off this look, but in wavy/semi curly hair, it only shows a little, and I like the look!

Here is a better look at the detail:



Rose et Marius L’eau De Mademoiselle Rose Citrus Eau de Parfum – Value $75

French Perfume was one of their most requested categories. I personally think perfume is a tough item to send out in subscription boxes since it is so taste-specific, but hopefully most customers love this scent.

The packaging is gorgeous:



The bottle and cap are wrapped in leather! The scent is a light citrus perfume, and I like it. (But I LOVE the packaging!)


MarieBelle Chocolate & Sea Salt Bar – Value $8

(Customers will receive either Chocolate & Sea Salt, Rum Raisins or Running Espresso).

More beautiful packaging! Here it is opened:



MarieBelle Chocolate Covered Caramel 4-Piece Box – Value $13



These chocolates are gorgeous! (FYI – these are not soft caramels).

These chocolates were the most requested gourmet treat, and my husband Eric definitely enjoyed them!


Bellapierre 5-Piece Travel Brush Set – Value $40



I always want new makeup brushes, so I was excited to see these in the box. I was surprised to see Bellapierre in this box, though. I like the brand a lot, but I’m used to seeing it in Ipsy, Beauty Box 5 and Boxycharm boxes, so it feels a little out of place in this luxe box. (I could be discounting Bellapierre when I shouldn’t be, though – let me know what you think).


Bellapierre 9 Stack in Serenity – Value $90

I love the colors of this stack. (And of course, I appreciate the natural ingredients and no parabens). My only issue with this palette is actually the stack design. Since each pot is the lid of the pot below it, there is no inner lid that only lets out a small amount of powder at a time.


If you’re a little sloppy like me, you may spill a little:


The pigment and shimmer of these shades is great. Here are a few swatched:


Verdict: This box has a retail value of about $457. I think the value is great for a $135 box, and these items are a good fit for me, but this box isn’t exactly what I was expecting from a most requested box.

I would have loved it if Luxor Box had let customers know the most requested categories up front when first marketing this box. For example, I wouldn’t have guessed that makeup, hair accessories, and French perfume were in the top 5 most requested categories. (I would have thought maybe something in a home and spa category would have been in there, though). So that would have done a lot in setting expectations and helping customers decide if they should purchase.

I do really appreciate that they let customers select silver or gold on this box, though!

What do you think of the “Most Requested” Luxor Box? What’s your favorite item?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. I agree with a previous post that it was a mistake that they did not have a home item included. I’ve received their boxes in the past and enjoyed them all. I’m happy with this box too, however, I do feel it is not quite up to par with their previous boxes. I loved the ring, bracelet, headband, perfume and even the travel brushes. The chocolate was not my favorite, I prefer Swiss or Belgian chocolate – I’m a chocolate snob LOL! The eyeshadows were the one item that seemed cheap – hate the stacking pods – and colors are too shiny – so those will be given to my daughter. I do like Luxor box and will continue my sub and hope that the next one is better!

  2. I was scared for this box because of all of the negative comments and almost all of the LE boxes I receive I put everything up for swap but THIS BOX WAS AWESOME! The only thing on swap is the bracelet, ring, and perfume because I personally don’t use any of those items. I opened everything and thought it was packaged beautifully and saw the value in so many items and wished other companies would take note. They had stuff from France, which is huge right now, gave the option in jewelry color, chocolate that was amazing, perfume which I thought IS light and pretty, a headband that can be dressed up or dressed down, and makeup that can work with anyone and I thought the feel of the brushes was great but I am gifting those to a friend!

    • I agree completely! This was a great box. I ordered a gold and a silver and was thrilled with everything. I am definitely sticking with this sub box! I am sure we are not the only ones Lara to feel satisfied with this box.

      • YAY! I am so happy to hear we’re not alone in this world 😉 I can’t wait to hear about what you think of the next box!!

        • I like the box fine, but in truth I like all 3 of their bi-monthly boxes better and at 495 for me they were cheaper than this box. The other boxes had more variety and the skin care products and makeup were higher quality than the makeup in this box. i think they realize that including bellapierre in the box was a big mistake and I think everyone would would have been happier if at least one home and one spa item were included – instead we got two pieces of jewelry – would have been better with just the bracelet and one thing of chocolate, higher end makeup and a home and spa item. They have said that there will be a home item in the November box, so I am looking forward to that. I think they had included something like a throw or nice picture frame, more people would have been happier with the box. I love the rosewood box from the second box and I think people were thinking they would get something like that.

    • So out of 7 items you only kept 3? Glad you’re happy but that doesn’t sound like a great box to me.

      • Big-time swapping is a really costly way to operate as there’s the cost of the box, time to list and e-mail, cost to package and ship and actually going to the post office (most of the time). Time and effort is worth something. I’ve found that the best way to get a coveted item from a box is to either pay for it from the vendor directly or via eBay.

      • That is what I was thinking! the three things you didn’t like we’re the highest value in the box! How on earth is chocolate, a tween headband, and cheap makeup a win??

  3. Right now on you can get deepa guarni headbands on sale. The couple I saw were 90-120.00 The coupon code is for 35$ off a 70$ purchase is… Save35off70… Haven’t tried to use it. Hope this helps someone out xo

    • awesome THANKS

  4. I have there bimonthly subscription and for me they’re boxes are always hit or miss for me. But, i must say I’m extremely upset by this box. The brushes and makeup that they said had a value of $40 & $90 for a total of $130. When in actuality you can get for $20 or $15 a piece. I think thats what the ladies previously said. That is a pretty big chunk to take out of the value of the box. Plus, I too was really looking forward to a home & spa box. They’re so much harder to find. So when I do I get excited. Instead I was let down by the normal kind of items that did come. I personally think the Luxor better be prepared to offer some sort of ground control. By that I mean offering either a full refund or to try to prevent most boxes coming back to them for the refund. They should offer credits of some sort on up coming boxes or on they’re subscriptions. It is they’re fault for providing cheap products and giving them expensive values. But, above all misleading the consumer completely as to what to expect most of all in the box!!! Before my box came I kept thinking to myself how I know I messed up and should have boughten the December box but, didn’t! Looks like I just might have been right not to. Unless they learn they’re lesson here and offer a kick butt good December box to makeup for they’re error. I hope that would be the case because they deserve it!!!!

  5. I urge anyone who is unsatisfied with their box to take it up with Luxor AND your bank/credit card company. Here in Illinois you can fight the charge, if the description of items were misleading. Home and Spa vs. melted chocolate and knockoff eye shadow. I think you’d get your money back.

    • Oh I emailed and commented on facebook…. nothing…
      I received items so not sure how my CC would agree to drop charge

      • you would have to return the box

    • I filed a claim through PayPal and sent the box back for a refund.

      • wow let me know if it works …. i already am swapping items from this box so kinda s “shoot darn” but then again i had nothing to swap either lol now i may get something i want from a box i missed so kinda a win? Like a fender-bender but the other guys insurance is gonna pay.

      • I too would like to know if that works. I get that subscription boxes have an exciting hit or miss element but in this case, the variance in “value” feels kinda lousy.
        I keep looking over at the box sitting on my desk with complete disdain…

    • Yes, it worked. The package was delivered back to them today and I was refunded through PayPal. Paypal protection is pretty serious with “not as described” items, and this box clearly listed home and spa as categories that would be included.

  6. I just received my Luxor SE box and I didn’t like it as much as I have liked the regular Luxor boxes. By the way, what has happened to Oui Please?
    I have an annual subscription and didn’t receive a box in September. It was to be the 3rd in my year of 6.
    Now I can’t even find their web site and they don’t reply.

    • OuiPlease has moved to They’ve posted on Facebook that products are stuck in Customs (which they obviously have not yet learned how to plan for). They said they are aiming to ship end of this week into next week.

  7. I am mystified by the negativity concerning this box. I purchased a gold and a silver. I loved everything and, quite unusual for me, almost nothing from my boxes went up for swap. All I put on the swap board were the fancy chocolates in the box and eyeshadow stacks and I was inundated with requests for them. Personally I have found myself moving away from the cheaper once a month boxes to quarterly and LE boxes and I have been much much happier with these premium boxes. Almost 100 percent of what I receive is now either perfect for me or suitable for gifting. Frankly so much of the other boxes were including foil packets, handmade skincare, and knotted bits of string they were calling jewelry it was all just being put up for swap and taking a lot of time to get rid of. For me this box was actually a home run. Am I the only one who really liked the box?

    • Ann,

      Speaking for myself, this box was a disaster given the price. The fragrance was not “light and fresh” as described. Regardless of the RV or lux brand, fragrances can always be tough to include in any box unless it’s a minor part of the value. The headband was okay, but none of my friends can fit it on their head without pain. My stylist says this is common with items like this that are made overseas. The makeup is thisclose to worthless, and the brushes are some of the worst I’ve seen in ages quality wise. The jewelry, and I’ve been in the industry for decades, is really, really poor quality (like most boxes, cheap or costly). It’s badly cast and not even marked. The style of the bracelet also doesn’t match the picture. The chocolate was delicious, but I got the single awful flavor in the bar, and it was thrown away with the brushes.

      With inflated values and poor quality, it’s one of the worst boxes I’ve ever received. Truly the worst of the luxury ones.

    • I agree with Laura, personally I don’t see the price tag matching the items provided. Poor and misleading description prior to purchase, too much candy, and the ridiculous headband and makeup prices.. wow. I view this box as a complete rip-off. Boxes like this remind me to stay aware of certain companies who are just out to make money on the subscription box trend.

    • I loved my box also! I was so impressed! This was my first Luxor box and they seem to be much nicer than the PS LE boxes. There is no comparison. Also, I wasn’t sure what to expect so I had no expectations. I don’t remember them saying they would have home or spa products. I loved the box and am so glad I ordered the December one as well! So excited.

  8. I’m still in the fence about whether or not this box is for me. If anyone wants to purchase for cost +shipping please email me, I have the silver version.
    NOTE: I did spray the perfume once. [email protected]

    Regarding RV, some are inflated some are not. Deepa Gurnani actually sells at RV, even on eBay. Yes you can get a cheap replicas but that would hardly be luxe, if this is a brand you desire you are likely going to pay RV. The same is true for Robyn Rhodes. What one feels the value of her pieces are really is quite irrelevant, this is what they actually sell for so if you want one of her pieces that’s likely what you will pay. To include these items in luxe boxes makes complete sense to me, I wouldn’t purchase them on my own but at a fraction of the price I am thrilled! Bella Pierre is fairly accurate with their retail “value”. Bare Escentuals claims a retail “value” of $110 for 10 pods yet they sell for $30. I have used minerals for as long as I can remember and Bella Pierre is superior to BE, IMO….. But let’s be real, no one would actually spend $90 on that stack! I am satisfied with the brushes, I feel that the quality is consistent with most synthetic brushes I have purchased from Ulta and Sephora.

    I think it’s fair to deduct $80 from the retail value of the box (for the Bella Pierre). That’s still an actual RV of $377 which is still a great deal if you are happy with the selection.

  9. Home and Spa? Really? This box was a huge disappointment. The bracelet and ring are uncomfortable and cheap looking. I’m allergic to chocolate (I know, sad isn’t it?) I wish these boxes would stop sending candy. I can buy candy anywhere for a lot less. The perfume was just okay – the packaging being the most “luxe” thing about it. Those brushes in that awful faux-sticky shiny black plastic case – disappointing to say the least. That awkward stack of mineral shadows reminded me of those cheap towers of lipsticks you used to be able to buy – and were also messy. The colors are pretty though. The headband was pretty but not something I would wear often. Never again… Where is the HOME item??

  10. I’m often so thrown by RV in these boxes … I would NEVER EVER EVER spend $60+ on a headband. You can get lookalikes at Forever 21 (at a lower quality, sure, but whatever for a headband) for about $7. So glad I didn’t get this one.

    • Or $90 for an unknown brand of eyeshadows?? I’m pretty sure no one is buying that or especially requesting it all the time.

      • Just found the 9 stack eyeshadow on Amazon for $25.

      • It is a KNOWN brand of makeup/eyeshadow, but not in a good way. A company notorious for inflating retail prices but offering steep discounts all the time so a “$90 retail” eyeshadow stack can be had for twenty bucks on Groupon or as a low priced BOGO.
        I love your comment. The notion they are most requested is an insult! No one is asking for this brand in any box, luxury or not.

  11. Ok, is it weird I see this and think, “Dang! Wish I had been getting boxes in August so I knew about this?!” I think it’s it’s pretty good… But, not amazing. They seem to promise luxury, and if I can get a swap or buy one of these from someone who hates theirs, probably will… However, I purchased the LE holiday one, so fingers crossed it’s more “luxurious” than this one!

  12. I did not order this box. I did order the special edition December box. I wonder how Rose et Marius feels about being in the same box as Bellapierre. I would not expect to find Bellapierre in this box. That mistake makes me feel nervous because I paid a lot of money on the basis that they know what they are doing.

    I love the headband! I’m in my 40s all the time and wear headbands because I have long, beachy waves/curly hair. I receive compliments all the time when I wear headbands.

    • I need to proofread my comments LOL. I wear headbands all the time although I am in my 40s all the time too 🙂 No turning the clock back.

      • hahah PA Anna, that was a funny typo. I’m 28 all the time too, despite wanting to be 19 again sometimes.

  13. This makes me nervous about the $175 x 2 I just plunked down for that special edition box…. Will there be anything other than the clutches worthwhile in that box? I’m really not impressed with this, at all.

    I get the impression it’s a small company (they don’t even have proper ways to order….you go through paypal), in contrast to something like Rachel Zoe or Popsugar Must Have, which is much better connected in the luxury industry.

  14. Hmmmm. I was definitely disappointed when I opened the box. This was my present to myself when I successfully defended my comprehensive exam paper. $135 is a lot to spend for PhD student.

    None of these items are things I would have chosen myself. That said, after having had the box for a day, the items are growing on me.

    I got the sea salt chocolate bar and LOVE it. So good! I can’t believe I have any of it left. Initially when I saw the jewelry I thought it looked cheap and awful. But I wore the bracelet today and thought it looked pretty and elegant on my wrist, and is a good piece for work. The ring is cool but I agree that it’s uncomfortable. I was stunned when I saw Bella Pierre items in a “luxe” box, just like many others. When I tried the mineral powders, however, I found the colors to be very beautiful. I do hate the packaging though as I could easily spill an entire color if I’m not careful, since there are no protective lids over the colors. And the fact that it’s available for such a discount says to me that Luxor Box got it for an insane discount as well. Haven’t tried the brushes but they do look cheap, and the container is ugly. They do look easy to travel with though so I’ll give them a shot. Headband is pretty but a little cheap-looking, imo. I was also not a fan of the necklace by this company that was in the Fall Popsugar box. I think it’ll look kind of nice on days when my bangs aren’t behaving, and is more work-appropriate than the super boho style headbands I already own. The perfume packaging is beautiful but I am not crazy about the scent; it’s nice but not outstanding. I’ll see how it holds up over a full day of wear. Those chocolates are to pretty to eat!! I think that will make a nice gift.

    I’m not nearly as incensed as everyone else seems to be. I think $100 would have been a better price, and they should have chosen a more luxe makeup brand, but I’ll use all the items and I like the bracelet, mineral makeup stack, and the chocolate. I can’t help but compare to PopSugar and think that they do a much better job of curating LE boxes that cost less than this.

  15. Id like to add that the chocolate in mine was melted because in houston its still been 90 plus each day. I emailed them last night and by this morning i had a nice response from them that they will send a replacement on ice shortly. As long as they follow up on that i will be happy. I have no reason to believe they won’t do it.

    • I was just getting ready to post about this very issue when I read your comment. I live in Florida and it really annoys me that sub boxes ship chocolate in months where it’s still really warm in some states. Come on sub box people, can’t you plan to send these items in boxes that ship between November/December and April/May? How much common sense that does that really require?

      • I need to add that I received an immediate (within 1/2 hour) reply from Luxor Box that a replacement will be shipped to me directly from the chocolate company, with an ice pack. That’s excellent customer service on their part!

  16. I would have loved the perfume and chocolates, and the headband is pretty for the holidays. I’m glad I didn’t buy this one though.

  17. Worst. Box. Ever. And that’s saying a lot.

    The fragrance is hardly “light and fresh,” the jewelry is really poor quality, the makeup is overpriced (the brush set is particularly crappy), and the headband is so tight it gives me a headache. The box of chocolates were delicious, but I received the rum raisin bar, and that went in the trash. I’ll be lucky to get a few bucks at the garage sale.

  18. Here’s a question: What exactly does 14k gold “finished” mean?

    I’ve done some research and the closest I can find is that “finished” is a kind of broad term that could mean it’s gold electroplated or just that it is finished in something with a gold tone.

    Since these pieces say 14k gold, they must have real gold in the finishing, but I suspect the plating isn’t thick enough to actually call it “gold plate,” or they would have just called it gold plated.

    Thoughts anyone??

    • I share your questions which is exactly why I never buy XX-plated/finished anything. It’s either solid K or you won’t get my dollars lol.

  19. I was overall pleased but def frustrated with huge discrepancy on RV of stackable powder. Side note–I loved the headband and went to the makers website to look at others. The first one that comes up is called the Katie, costs $56 and says it’s featured in PSMH. Does anyone know if it was in an older box, or could it hopefully maybe be a spoiler on an item to come??

    • Good find! This wasn’t in an older box, so I would guess the December box?

      • Here’s hoping 🙂 !

    • That would make sense — Popsugar tends to include a less fancy version of an item they included in the previous special edition box in a monthly box a couple months later (ex. turkish towel in Resort box and then turkish towel in june box).

    • that’s hilarious as I thought the Luxor box was on par with a normal PSMH box

    • I was wandering around on Magazine St in New Orleans about 3 years ago and was in this weird little shop where all the clothes were too small–I loved every single thing in the shop. There was a large display of Deepa Gurnani headbands and I paid full retail for almost the exact same one you linked to. I have worn it so much, it’s coming apart. I haven’t subbed to PSMH in a long time, but as soon as I finish writing this, I’m getting back on board!! I really hope you’re right!

  20. For what it’s worth, I just ate the chocolate bar and it’s HEAVENLY! When I opened it yesterday, was not pleased to get that temptation. But it was amazing.

  21. The box was overall okay for me. I love the perfume. The jewelry was a nice style, but seems a little flimsy. Like if I try to adjust the size it’ll break. I hate the make up and brushes, so cheap. My brush set smells so bad like cheap fake leather. The headband is pretty, but nothing I’d wear. I love chocolate, but not in $135 box. The retail prices they listed are a joke. If I had to do over I would not buy. At least I got the clutch I want for the December box. I will definitely not do a reoccurring sub with them.

    • I thought the exact same thing about the jewelry! Pretty, but like if I adjusted it more than once or twice it could snap!

  22. I’ve commented on this elsewhere in your site but I’m going to keep going. The Bellepiere items really do damage to the idea of this as a luxe box. They have appeared in literally every sub box out there …. nothing luxe about it. Aside from that, not a terrible box but so terribly inconsistent! As others have commented, they didn’t live up to their advertising claims, sigh. Curiously, I found this box less disappointing than the Luxe Provence box.

  23. The only items I am interested in from this box is the perfume and chocolate. I wouldn’t end up using anything else. Jewelry is incredibly hard for me to like; I am more likely to enjoy a perfume than a piece of jewelry. That’s why I typically stay away from these types of boxes that tend to send jewelry as their high price item. It’s too risky for me to buy one and not like the pieces.

    I agree with everyone else about the BellaPierre being out of place in a “luxe” box. It’s along the lines of Be A Bombshell when it comes to sub box beauty. We often get full sizes of these items in lower priced beauty boxes. It seems to be a fairly common thing.

  24. Ugh. Worst impulse buy ever. So glad I didn’t jump on the December box.. This is HUGE disappointment. Cannot believe I wasted $135 on this. Horrible job and misleading advertising, Luxor Box.

    • Britt, are you on the swap site? I’ll buy it full price. (:

      • I listed my unopened silver edition on the swaps site if you’re interested.

      • Hi Katherine:

        I am on the swap site. I have all the items except the chocolate caramels. My husband ate them. I still have the full size bar! So, I can knock off a few bucks. If you’d like to email me offsite (still setting up my paypal) I’m [email protected]

      • Katherine, I am! Still don’t have eBay listing up, but if you find me and send me a message we can settle for sure! Hubby ate the chocolate caramels so I will knock off a few dollars!

      • Katherine- I put up the box for swap (I also said “hi Katherine” in comments so you know it’s me!)

  25. I wonder if Rose et Marius will reconsider contributing to sub boxes after seeing their perfume next to the Bella Pierre items.

    I was hoping for a “home” item in this box, too… in fact, I thought that was one of the advertised categories. While I’m not disappointed with this box, it does lean heavily on beauty/jewelry which is a bit … common? I was hoping for more variety.

    • the original description said home and spa…. That’s what caught my interest so you weren’t mistaken

  26. Honestly, the only thing in this box I kind of enjoyed was the chocolate, and that was certainly not worth $130. I’m not sure I have anyone to gift the items to and haven’t gotten a single hit on a swap site I’m on. Kicking myself for spending that kind of money without a single spoiler. Definitely thought it would be more “luxe” and would have for sure expected a home or spa item.

  27. Comment

  28. while all the items are fine, I think most requested would be home and jewelry. the only thing i’m absolutely keeping is the bracelet. If I can sell/trade the rest so be it and if not, I don’t mind keeping them, just not really out of the park for me. I hope the December one is WAY better

  29. Bellatierra seems to be one of those companies that gives its items a ridiculous RV and then heavily discounts them. The 9-stack in on sale at Groupon for $15 -20% off. I actually think I’d like to get this for my tween, but I think I rather buy it for $12 than swap at a $90-value.

    • I was just thinking I wouldn’t mind having that stack, but not at $90. Thank you for posting about it being on Groupon. I can absolutely afford $15.

  30. I am SO glad I read your review. I had no clue about the stack shadows I would have made a gigantic mess opening it. LOL.

    I think Luxor should have been more specific in categories. Knowing 25% of the content would be chocolate, would have completely changed my decision to buy. If I had known the categories, I would not have been set up for such a let down. If you go to the limit edition most wanted home page it states, “these are amazing products that we have not featured in the past and will range from beauty, home, spa, fashion, jewelry and more.” They said and more not “or aother category”… no mention of food but they state HOME and SPA then they don’t include? They could have avoided a lot of people being disappointed if they stuck to their description.

  31. This was a total waste of my money. All the other boxes have been great. We’ll have to see if I can swap.

  32. Hmmmm. I was expecting better. It’s a interesting curation overall though. I’m glad I skipped out but I wouldn’t complain if I got this as a gift or I had a lot of extra money.

  33. I am still shocked that they included Bellepierre. I absolutely think of them as a generic sub box brand – not exciting or new at all. And these very products can be found way cheaper elsewhere!

    I was really liking the ring/bracelet combo, but seeing them on makes me reconsider.

    I thoroughly agree with your statement about including perfume. Although i surcharges seeing the Rose et Marius brand! And that IS lovely packaging.

    Luxor is so inconsistent. IMO. One box is glorious, another is a dud. Makes it so hard to decide if I want to subscribe or not!!

    • (sigh. Autocorrect, you win again!)

      “Surcharges” = “appreciate”

    • I decided not to get Dec nor subscribe You can see my posts in other Luxor discussions… too much inconsistency too much rushing you to buy before you got the box you already bought and WAY too much raising prices again and again.
      Between the subscription cost and December special you’d spend $300. I would rather take that $300 and get my own item or in my case Spa Day. I’m in North Carolina. $300 here, versus NYC DC or San Diego, buys a good spa day LOL

      • Heck, I’m in the Bay Area and even $300 in the Silicon Valley buys you a good spa day.

  34. Why do I feel like I NEED that headband in silver. I mean I NEEEEEEDDDDD IIITTTTTTT!!!!! I’m just not sure why!

  35. I think the inclusion of two BellaPierre products are the two biggest disappointments. This is a brand that Beauty Box 5 sells on their website!! Let me say it slowly- BEAUTY.BOX.5- the cheapest and least luxurious box EVER!!


    Other than those items, I am pleased with everything else, especially the perfume. As it turns out, it smells wonderful on my skin once it mellows.

    • The Bellapierre stack is currently on sale on Groupon for $14.99 plus shipping.

      • OK, that would tick me off big time. BIIIIG difference between stating it’s $90 and actually being able to purchase it for $14.99.

    • I did email them and I think they realized their mistake in including the Bellapierre brand in with the other items. I have loved their boxes, but I do feel that including that brand cheapened the box.

      • Did they actually reply to you? You are VERY special

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