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Luxe Provence Autumn 2015 Parcel Subscription Box Review

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Luxe Provence Box is new luxury subscription box service from France. They ship four times a year, and this is their very first box!


FYI – this box ships from France via DHL. They sent out an email with shipping information warning subscribers that they may get charged with customs fees. I didn’t get charged anything when I signed for the box and thought I was in the clear. Then my husband told me he was once charged customs by DHL over a month after a package arrived, so we’ll have to wait and see.


My Subscription Addiction pays for this subscription. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).


The Subscription Box: Luxe Provence Box

The Cost: Single Parcel Special Intro Price $195.00 normally $225.00
Annual membership (quarterly box) $700

The Products: “Each season, we curate a surprise selection of luxury objects, lifestyle and beauty products, and exclusive collaborations delivered to your door from Provence.

Our parcels are limited editions designed to celebrate each change of season in Provence, featuring local luxury brands, artisanal and hard-to-find items selected in the many small shops and markets of Provence.”

Good to Know: Luxe Provence Box accepts PayPal. I recommend using PayPal whenever possible with subscriptions (especially new ones) since it is easy to dispute charges (if needed) or you can cancel an ongoing subscription directly from your PayPal account.

Keep Track of Your Subscriptions: Add this box to your wishlist or subscription list!


This box came with a paper sheet instructing subscribers to go online to learn more about their items. I was expecting this box to come with a pretty substantial booklet (like Oui Please) since it is so luxe and pricey, but I suppose there’s nothing wrong with cutting back on paper!


This is the spoiler item for the first box, a tumbler and candle set:


Love the packaging! This is definitely ready to be gifted if you don’t want to keep it yourself!


Rose et Marius Tumbler – Value $112

This is such a quality piece – and not as heavy as I was expecting! I love the metallic gold accents too.


This tumbler can be used with candles, diffusers, etc. And it is dishwasher safe!

The other part of the boxed set is this set of candles:




Two Mini Candles – Value $28 total

Based on the spoilers I thought we’d be getting either the Melon Basil scent or the Fig scent, but I’m happy to see we get one of each! I think the Melon Basil is my favorite scent of the two.


Rose et Marius Hand Carved Discovery Soap – Value $8

This is a smaller “discovery” soap – it weighs 1.18 ounces. I love the scent of this – and the design too!


Stone Washed Linen Tea Towel – Value $27

This tea towel is made with 100% linen and it has a floral photograph print:


(Not sure if subscribers will receive different prints, but I’m happy with this version).


Hand Carved Olive Wood Cutting/Serving Board – Value $30?

This wood is gorgeous, but the board is much smaller than what I was expecting from the spoilers. (They didn’t give a size, I just assumed it would be a little larger). Here it is next to an iPhone 6+ to give you a better idea of scale:


I love the wood grain of this board, so I’ll make sure to use it for serving small amounts of food!


Aix & Terra Truffle Salt – Value $9

As soon as I opened this to take a picture I knew I couldn’t wait to cook with it – it smells so good!

Lastly, all subscribers who pay for an annual subscription up front get a small bonus gift in one of their boxes. More info from Luxe Provence:

Bonus Antique Gift: For our Annual Subscribers, we have included a special found treasure from the brocantes and village antique markets throughout France. We are keeping this little bit a surprise but do please note, these are not “new items”, they are antique or vintage pieces found in France, so they may have some small imperfections or age, but we hope we find this as charming as we do.
(Please note: new Annual Subscribers after September 20, 2015 will receive this gift in their last parcel to allow for more time to curate. We offered this as a bonus in the first parcel to our first annual subscribers, thank you!)

I decided to go for the annual subscription, and here is my bonus gift:


It’s an enameled trinket box that measures about 1.5 inches across. I like the idea of getting an antique item from France in this box, and I think this is an item I’ll pass along to my mom!

Verdict: This box has a value of about $214. (I had to guess on the value of the cutting board, so that value may be off a little). I signed up when there was a $20 off coupon and I bought the annual membership, so this box cost me $165 shipped to the US. (We’ll see if I get hit with customs fees later – the cost might be much higher). $214 worth of goods shipped for $165 is pretty good, and I am very impressed with the curation, but I do have an issue with the pricing:

When I first posted about this box (Sept 2nd), the pricing was listed on their site as:

Single Parcel Special Intro Price $195.00 normally $255.00
Annual membership (quarterly box) Special Intro Price $680.00 normally $900.00

Now the pricing has changed to:

Single Parcel Special Intro Price $195.00 normally $225.00
Annual membership (quarterly box) $700

Based on the original pricing, I assumed that each box would have a value of at least $255, and that signing up for the annual subscription would be a significant saving. Now the normal price of the box has decreased to $225. I also went for the annual subscription up front since it was specially priced and would soon go back to the $900. Turns out, it just went up by $20.

Personally, I feel a little misled by the pricing changes. My thinking was that those “normal” subscription costs meant the box I would receive is the box they would send to someone who paid $255 for it. Now I’m thinking that’s not the case.

OK – I’m done complaining about pricing! All in all, this box feels luxe, and they sent products that I don’t normally see in subscription boxes. I’m still glad I signed up, but I would be cautious about subscribing until we see a few more boxes and get a better sense of what type of value to expect.

What do you think of the Luxe Provence Box?


According to Luxe Provence the $255 pricing I’m referencing is a typo, I’m no longer seeing the $255 listed anywhere on their site, but it is still showing up in search summaries:

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 11.22.34 AM

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. I was throwing away the outside box that Luxe Provence came in and found a packing slip on the side. It had the prices for each item.
    Candle holder and candles : $111.00
    Soap: $6.00
    Wood Cutting Board: $20.00
    Sea Salt: $8.00
    Towel: $15.00
    Antique Gift: $5.00
    Total Value, USD $165.00 Delivery Duties Unpaid

    • Yeah, I saw that. they have to do that for customs because if it went over a certain amount, then we would be liable.

  2. So, if I were to cancel wouldn’t my reimbursement be more? I signed up at the “promotional” rate when annual was $680 and monthly $195, technically I should receive $485. If this was already addressed in previous comments forgive me I only read Liz’s review and a red flag went up in Terms and Conditions.

  3. I love the overall luxe feel of this box.

    A box of this price point isn’t going to appeal to everyone but I really like what I saw from the first one and I am going to give the second one a go. I don’t like annual subscriptions in general so I’m not willing to do that anymore than I am with anything else though. We’ve seen quality change too drastically over time for SO many boxes for me to feel good about long term subscriptions.

  4. My cutting board had a handle with a hole for hanging so I liked it better, but your tea towel print was way better – mine is a picture of an actual person which is kinda weird for the kitchen. My vase was like a greige color which doesn’t really go with my décor, but overall I love this box. What Oui Please SHOULD have been. Maybe they saw all the complaints and decided to get the fancy French box right!

  5. I just got my box! I am in SC so because of the floods, it took several extra days to be delivered. I do have to say I love the items I received! I received the gladiola tea towel and I would have been happy with either that or the hydrangea (anything but the waiter). I got the two candles, the cutting board is tiny but definitely beautiful. My tumbler is silver platinum with navy blue. I wanted blue or green so I couldn’t be happier. My brocante item was a cute little gold tiger brooch, that looks a bit like my little cairn terrier so it was perfect!

    I do love the items, but I am disappointed in the value. I do not think they reached $100 over cost as promised ( (I paid about $165 per box for an annual and I don’t think the items came to $265 retail)and I do hope they improve on this, but the items themselves are lovely and quality.

  6. I received my box yesterday and it is almost identical to Liz’s except my “antique gift’ was an adorable owl pin…it is about 1/2” and his body is all pave and he has amber color eyes. I have no idea if it was really made in France or is even antique…but I love it so I don’t really care.
    So while I loved everything in the box…I was of the believe that the boxes would have a higher value then they did. I think I paid around $165 or 170 a box but was thinking the box would come in around $300 which it didn’t. Hopefully they will increase their value in future boxes. But overall I was pleased with the quality of the things they sent.

  7. Liz, thank you for your review. I am glad my co-workers convinced me to wait until I see your review on the first box. I would definitely be disappointed if I purchase it for $195.

  8. I like what I see here much better than oui. It’s nice that everyone got the same value boxes. I may try this one out.

  9. This box looks extremely disappointing, and it appears that they are ripping off subscribers. I find it EXTREMELY hard to believe the company is actually scouring France for antiques….

    • They live in France and have been going to antique shops. If you look up “Limoges” and pill box, as example, you will see they range in years produced as well as details.

    • Did you get the box? As I mentioned in another post, having it in person makes a difference. The materials for the tea towel are exceptional. The tumbler is beautiful. I haven’t tried the truffle salts yet, but heard someone was making eggs with them everyday since they got it. The little board is really nice quality. To me, the candles smell amazing. Think the words “rip off” might be considered a bit harsh, personally. We have to remember that there are people behind these boxes who feel quite passionate. Sure, it’s great that opinions vary across the board here. And it’s great that we are all expressing them. Receiving items direct from overseas is quite a new model so let’s consider that too.

  10. I received an email from Tarik regarding my comment on facebook (which I think as been removed). I could sense he was insulted with my comment about my vintage special pill box which was not my intent. I appreciate that Liz is realistic and truthful in her reviews and expectations. It is obvious that Luxe Provence cares a great deal about their first box but I do hope that they at list listen to some of the feedback as I think it could be helpful to their on going success.

    • I think the problem may be that “vintage” does not mean the same thing as “antique”. Something form the 60’s or 70’s can be vintage, and yet it was likely mass produced. I remember how my grandmother had pill boxes that came with a plastic insert. Now, the inserts look terribly cheap but I imagine that’s not how it was seen back when plastic started being used in consumer products.

      • I definitely agree with you.

  11. I have been waiting for this review and am glad I didn’t order. Not because of the contents of the box. It’s the off putting email correspondence with Luxe Provence and Liz. I mean LP, do you have any idea how many subscribers she has and the free publicity she is generating for you? P Challenging a viewer on data that she collected form your own web site marketing seems crass. Get your facts together and be nicer. I also question the “from France” trinket items. Many items in Paris flea markets are bronze/brass trinket/pill boxes directly from India. I don’t buy it for one second that that box is from (assumingly produced) in France. AND, Yes, their marketing indeed makes it sound like these items are not just from France –but are assumingly made there. It matters.

    • Until now, I wasn’t sure if I was the only one who felt like the comment from LP, while seemingly polite, came off with a bad vibe.

      • LP’s reply has a defensive tone. Thank you Liz for being super meticulous with your reviews. I appreciate your input and usually rely on your reviews on whether to subscribe to a box or not. Most, if not all of my subscriptions were discovered through your site.

    • I thought the response was professional for being their first response to a negative situation. No ranting novella sent to subscribers in the middle of the night, no name-calling, no forcibly unsubscribing people who posted negative comments. It’s almost dull by regular sub drama standards.

      • I think the unprofessional part is trying to slyly say the $255 is a blogger typo, when it’s actually how you advertised your box.

        • maybe it legitimately was a typo on their end before.

          • Assuming the $255 instead of $225 was a legitimate typo on LP’s end before, why try to play that off as Liz’s error now?

            What about the “($700 or original price paid) – $255 = $445”–wouldn’t LP have noticed that $445 seemed low?

            Finally, what about the original $900? How did that change to $700?

            So many questions. I want to like this box because I really love that tumbler especially but this makes me very apprehensive.

      • Agreed – it was professional but he disagreed. I was fine with the tone and hopefully the business will flourish.

  12. I received my box yesterday and my wallet is happy to report that I do not like it enough to continue purchasing this box.

    I received the larger candle and while the scent is strong and I like it enough I don’t love it. I feel that box is missing a couple of other items to make the curation and value on point.

    The items we received are luxe but I cannot pinpoint what it is that is missing. Maybe it is missing something else from the kitchen/food aisle or maybe it needed some jewelry item as someone else mentioned below.

    Maybe it suffered from too small! Small cutting/serving board, small candles, and small guest soap when we needed everything to be bigger! Normal sized soap, slightly larger wood server, larger candle and tumbler would be a great starting point. Small items in a box under $100 is ok. With the price they are charging they need to pack the box with normal/larger items or there is just too much empty space in the lovely box.

    Also, I got the creepy waiter for the tea towel so I’ll be using this towel with the creepy face turned away so I don’t jump when I reach for it. I would have preferred a floral print or even another cute macaron Eiffel Tower tea towel from The French Box. 🙁

    TLDR: Please no more creepy faces on tea towels & Luxe Provence boxes are probably not for me.

  13. I’m pretty happy with my box – mainly because I absolutely love my Rose et Marius tumbler. That is what drew me in to the annual subscription – and I got a lovely navy, white, and platinum color that matches my house.

    I agree that the value is quite low compared to what we were promised ($125 more than paid – which I calculated to be $255+$125 = $380). I hope they do better in the next box.

  14. super expensive yet no jewelry included?!?! eeeeek!

  15. I loved the idea of this box and it looked very luxurious. I signed up for the annual sub. i received my first box yesterday and while the box is beautiful and the items are nice; I am a very underwhelmed.
    the value is not there!
    the size of the cutting board is miniature, so its the soap. the tumbler is beautiful but it does not make up for the value of the sub.

    I really hope the next box steps it up.

  16. I got this box – and have to defend it. If you had this box in hand, you might feel differently. The tea towel is SO nice – the material, the feel, the weight, the design. The cutting board indeed is great for display (charcuterie and cheese board) – it’s really, really nice in person. The candles – divine smell (unlike any other candles that I have owned and they really need to increase distribution to the US) and scent travels even wrapped. The tumbler is sold for $150 online with US distribution. Yes, can go direct with shipping and get it for about $123 USD (plus cost of candles – shipping increases). I’m thrilled with my tumbler – it is really beautiful (got the beige one but it looks almost gold and silver with the platinum). Got the soap already in Ouiplease but it is really nice too. In person, the whole box FEELS very luxurious. We are genuinely getting high value items direct from France (without paying International shipping on each item – there’s something to be said for that in calculating costs, and Liz I think that needs to be added in on reviews as much as the price discrepancy was on point as well). I agree that the price point is still a tough one for me and I only got the one season so far. I cannot see myself paying $195 for the next one :/ But I am VERY happy that I got this box. The materials for the items are SO EXCEPTIONAL. Not anything you would find at TJ Maxx or other stores here (without paying premium).

    • I referenced TJ Maxx as someone on a another review board mentioned getting cutting boards there. I’m pretty excited to try the truffle salt too. 😀

    • Really good comments. I was looking at purchasing one of the tumblers through another site (note – very few sell them in the US) and the cost was $250 just for the tumbler. That’s why I jumped on the box because I knew the value was there for this one item.

    • Good point about the value in getting international free shipping. I’ll update the review to make sure that is called out.

      I’m really glad you liked this box – I agree about the quality with all the items! 🙂

      • and it was FAST free shipping, it literally went from them to Germany in one day and to NYC the next and to my door that same day!

  17. Misleading, not enough value, and cheapo skimping on the brochure. I’m not convinced that the tumbler is dishwasher-safe, with those metallic accents.

    Please let us know if you get charged customs fees, and how much.

  18. Dear Liz,

    We are so pleased you enjoyed the first Autumn box. We focus on delivering high quality luxury and artisanal items directly from France. Items that are hard to find and special.

    To clarify: The tumbler you reference was actually made of Platinum, not metallic gold. Also, the olive wood serving or cutting board is handcarved and designed for presentation use for serving cheeses, charcuterie, etc. I was so pleased to find these from a local lovely artisan woman named Pascale who creates these individual works of art. Our clients and subscribers have been very pleased with this item.

    We strive to offer something different and unique sent from France for those who value authenticity and special objects. We are not striving to be a “value box”.

    The pricing remains the same. You seem to have a typo on your site referring to $255 pricing? The original price per box is $225 and we sell each unique seasonal gift box for a limited time at $195 with annual subscriptions at $700. We did run an intro promotion for our first season that is now expired.

    We ship around the world, therefore, we feel it best to be clear in regards to any potential customs issues or hidden fees. However, to date, none of our USA clients have had to pay any additional fees and generally are requested at the time of delivery. It is true, we cannot predict each countries customs regulations so we prefer to communicate this in advance.

    Enjoy your Autumn in Provence experience.

    • Hi Tarik,

      My apologies if I’m wrong about the $255 pricing. I am no longer seeing the $255 listed anywhere on your site, but I thought I had seen it when I originally posted about it, and the $255 does still show up in google searches. (I’ll add a screenshot at the end of this review).

      If it wasn’t clear in the review, I am thoroughly impressed with the quality of the items, but I do try to evaluate value in every review I do.

      Thanks for clarifying that Luxe Provence is not striving to be a value box. This was not clear in the original promotional blog posts of this box. This is from this page:
      “Because our seasonal parcels are composed of artisanal and hard-to-find items selected in the many small shops and markets of Provence, please understand that supplies are limited with values much higher than the retail price, at least a $125 savings in each parcel.”

      • Liz, you have the patience of a saint.

      • I loved the curation of this box but the fine print is where I was puzzled. I thought the curation value would be around $300 so when I got the box I was somewhat puzzled because it felt and was ‘light’.

  19. Even with the unpredictable shipping schedule, OuiPlease trumps this sub hands down. And for half the price!

    • Sadly, I have to agree with you. Even though my experience with with Oui Please was unpleasant, I think their boxes (especially the lucky souls who received the super high value boxes) have a much better price to value ratio. Even when I received a low value box from OP they did subsequently send me a leather bracelet to bump my value to the promised amount. The value of the LP box just seems so low, especially for a first box.

  20. I was intrigued when I first saw the post for this box but I did not buy it because of the price, and I am glad I did not. Even though the items do seem very luxury, I would expect more for the price, also a higher value. The whole idea that you could be charged more for shipping puts me off as well. I would like to see the future if this box though.

  21. I really like the contents of this subscription box! Excellent curation.

    However the price is too steep for me.

    Also changing the prices/promised value as they did is very misleading. I am sure this is difficult for a company to gauge at the beginning but they can’t sell promising a certain value if they don’t intend or don’t know for sure if they can meet that value–especially if selling annual subscriptions. Oui Please did something similar if I remember correctly.

    Perhaps they didn’t have a brochure or booklet this time because it’s their first shipment? I would hope they have something like that next time at this price point.

  22. Wow, this is disappointing… Really glad I passed. I was tempted to try it but the value just doesn’t seem to be there. The size of the wooden board is ridiculous. And the soap is quite tiny. Other than the tumbler, none of the items seems particularly special. Plus, the change in pricing seems to me to be equivalent to taking away $200 worth of merchandise from the initial group of annual subscribers (they signed up to get $900 worth of products and will now get $700 worth).

  23. That chopping board is ridiculously small. What exactly can you chop and serve on it?

    • Looks like it would make a good serving tray for cheeses/charcuterie for parties. I’d use it for presentation and not actually for cutting things on it.

    • I have a similarly sized one at home that I use for cutting limes or lemons when I don’t want to wash a full-sized cutting board. That’s about all I use it for!

  24. Wow, this is a disappointing box… Really glad I passed. I was tempted to try it but the value just doesn’t seem to be there. The size of the wooden board is ridiculous. And the soap is so tiny. Other than the tumbler, none of the items seems particularly special. Plus, the change in pricing seems to me to be equivalent to taking away $200 worth of merchandise from the initial group of annual subscribers (they signed up to get $900 worth of products and will now get $700 worth, and $900-$700=$200).

  25. I went for the single parcel– the tumbler is what drew me in. I was sent the beige one, and while it is very nice, it was my least preferred color. I did not have any of the gold wrapping paper– mine was all white tissue, and I do believe that Rachel Zoe Box of Style, Oui Please and Luxor Box do a much better job of wrapping items with care. I also was sent the package of 2 candles; the other variation was a full sized fig candle. There were 2 cutting boards sent– mine is the other one which has a handle. I believe that there were 3 different tea towels sent. All of this was indicated in detail on their blog(?). From what I read of the customs issue you would not have had to pay when you signed for it. If anything WAS due they would have paid upon entry to the US, and then charge you for it later. Hoping that this doesn’t happen!! It looks like they have already opened up orders for the 2nd parcel which will be shipped in Dec.

  26. That tumbler is stunning, but the fact is that the retail value doesn’t even exceed the full price of the box. I know it’s cheap of me, but curation doesn’t make up for a boxes value at this price point.

    • I agree with you re the price point. Although the items are lovely I was left with a strangely empty feeling upon receiving the box. I opted for the full year and I’m hoping not to feel this way 5 more times. I nearly went for Luxor instead.

      • This one’s seasonal, so you have three boxes left. It’s OuiPlease that’s bimonthly.

        • That’s right, I had forgotten. Somehow I find that even more disappointing. So in that case when do we need to cancel in order not to be charged for another year?

          • So they’re asking $900 for 4 boxes? That is awfully high if this is what we can expect to receive (and yes, I know there’s a yearly discount but …).

          • You can cancel now and be refunded for the remainder of the year you purchased. I did.

    • I agree with you 100%. The curation doesn’t seem very creative to me either – soap, candles, cup, towel – even if they are luxury items, they are things I’ve seen in dozens of other boxes. I like subs that introduce you to clever items you wouldn’t have discovered on your own and truly bring a little value as well. I feel like I could find similar items at TJ Maxx or Homegoods for $50.

  27. Personally, I like the items sent and I’m sure the quality is very nice. However, I do not like them enough to warrant the cost of the subscription. For a box this expensive, the overall value is comparatively low. I’m not expecting a huge, mega value, but enough to make it worthwhile for me. I hope that they listen to these comments.

  28. I didn’t know about the pricing until reading this review and that is rather disappointing. I liked the items received but my brocante item was a pill box that seems like a inexpensive mass produced item as it had a cheap plastic liner inside. Not what I was expecting as my vintage special gift for an annual subscription. I really like the other items but agree with Liz on her review.

  29. I’m personally not impressed. While I like the curation and the items do look nice, I do think the value is low considering the price. I’ll be in Paris in January and February, just in time for the huge sales, and I know that $195 (and holy moly, $225) will get me much more than what this box delivered.

    • I’ll be there in the Summer. The sales are wonderful! I hope you’ll be able to get some good stuff.

    • Nice! Jealous. Can you pick up some items for us please? 😀

  30. Could the $255 have been a typo? It seems like an odd price for a box. ($250 would have made more sense if that’s what they were going for.)

    I received the box and am happy with it for the price I paid (annual subscription.) I don’t care about the lack of a card and would rather they save paper. Although maybe a postcard with a pic from Provence on one side and just a little info on the back would’ve been nice.

    I agree the melon basil is best and am glad I got to try that one. The fig is nice too though!

    I can see how this box isn’t for everybody (is anything?) but so far all the comments I’ve seen from subscribers have been positive. There’s just something special about this one… everything is such nice quality.

    • Completely agree! It is very special. I too don’t want a booklet. It’s a waste of paper (it will only be thrown out). Since they are french, they might be more “go green” and it probably wouldn’t have dawned on them to include something like that – we as a society are a little wasteful (not meant to defend as I am raising an eye at myself about this too).

  31. I love the trinket box. Such pretty colors all over it.

    • Except that trinket box was the “extra” item that was not in all the boxes for annual subs. I received a dragonfly brooch a gawdy looking thing. I would have preferred the “Limoge” inspired box. Also for the price why oh why only one dish towel, why not a set. Thanks for allowing me to vent. I’m a sucker I suppose.

  32. I like the idea of this box. But it’s priced a bit high for my budget and I’m not in love with the items. Most of them are not to my taste. It seems like a well-rounded box though.

  33. Horrible box. I’d be embarrassed to ship this to subscribers.

  34. Thank you for reviewing. Was very intrigued to see what was in this one.
    I got the Rose et Marius soap in Oui Please and it totally made me want to turn into Monica from Friends and use it only as fancy guest soap because the soap itself is so pretty (I caved and let my husband use it too).
    I think commenting on the pricing/value of each box is just part of the job that you do for us!

    • Yay for a Friends reference!! 🙂

      • I am sure you probably know this but by some off chance that you don’t…seasons 1-10 are on netflix! 🙂

        • Love Friends! Still my favorite show of all time. 🙂

  35. Hmmm. If the box was in the $100 price range, I would be excited about the curation… But not for over $200.

    Also, the no booklet thing… I understand saving paper when it comes to bank statements.. But not a $200+ luxury item. I think that was a cost cutting measure on their part and you gave them more credit than they deserve. Having to look stuff up on the internet takes away from the unboxing experience.

    Every item seems nice though, and the special surprise you got is cute.

  36. cool! $200 for a chopping board and a bar of soap!

    • Ha ha ha.
      True story.

  37. You can bet I’d break that expensive tumbler within a week. I will give this one a miss

  38. I think you have every right to complain about the pricing! They mislead you, isn’t that even illegal somehow? I think that you should call and ask about prorating your box.

    Other than that, it is a beautiful and well curated box!

  39. Wow absolutely not with this box!
    I’d much rather spend my money on a Nordstrom box or multiple Popsugar boxes.

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