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New Subscription Box: Luxe Provence Box

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Luxe Provence Box


Thanks to Caroline for letting us know about this new quarterly subscription box! (Spoilers for this box at the end of the post).

The Subscription Box: Luxe Provence Box

The Cost: Single Parcel Special Intro Price $195.00 normally $255.00
Annual membership (quarterly box) Special Intro Price $680.00 normally $900.00

The Products: “Each season, we curate a surprise selection of luxury objects, lifestyle and beauty products, and exclusive collaborations delivered to your door from Provence.

Our parcels are limited editions designed to celebrate each change of season in Provence, featuring local luxury brands, artisanal and hard-to-find items selected in the many small shops and markets of Provence.”

Good to Know: Luxe Provence Box accepts PayPal. I recommend using PayPal whenever possible with subscriptions (especially new ones) since it is easy to dispute charges (if needed) or you can cancel an ongoing subscription directly from your PayPal account.

Keep Track of Your Subscriptions: Add this box to your wishlist or subscription list!

Spoiler for the first box below:

Upcoming V1: Autumn in a Provencal Bastide Parcel will include a tumbler (€100) from Rose et Marius.

Luxe Provence Box Spoiler

What do you think of this new subscription? I’m pretty intrigued! (And I will be signing up and reviewing this one!)

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I received an email confirmation that the first box has shipped as promised on 9/25. However, i was very disappointed to read the following:

    A Note About Customs & Duties Process

    A reminder that your parcels will be shipped from France to your international destination and may be inspected by Customs and Border Protection and assessed for applicable customs duties, taxes and charges, if any. It is the importer’s responsibility, or buyer of goods, to account for any country duties and/or taxes, to ensure compliance with customs regulations. We wanted to make sure this is clear and try our best to avoid any additional costs for our clients whenever possible. Please let us know if any of your parcel items is assessed with any fees, as the tax is not applied consistently across items, destination countries and cannot be assessed in advance.

    I would hate to be hit with any fees based on the high value of this box 🙁

    they also sent a link to the list of items in the box – not sure if i should list them here in case people want to be surprised when they get their box.

  2. Ordered a single box. Wasn’t able to use the code, which was a BIG disappointment, since no expiration date is given. I sent them an email, so we’ll see how they respond. This made the first box very expensive. So hope it’s worth the investment. I love all things French, with the exception of beauty products, which I’m totally good on!
    Also wasn’t able to checkout with PayPal. Listed as an option on one page, but not on the page where I had to enter payment info. I don’t know if this was because I was purchasing a single box (Annual Subs are sold out), but was a bit bothered after the coupon thing. I’d much rather have used PayPal than my CC, as I just had to have it replaced after fraudulent charges were made.
    Have heard good things about Customer Service, so I’m hopeful!

    • I wasn’t able to use the code for my annual sub, and I did ask about it. I was told that it expired when the monthly subs sold out. But if you were able to sign up monthly, then that doesn’t make sense. Also, I paid by paypal, so I’m not sure why you weren’t able to.

      I was a little disappointed about the code, not because the $20 matters much but because it shows they where they are on the subscription box learning curve. It’s kind of funny how each sub makes the same newbie mistakes. They should be asking us all for advice!

  3. OK, I was “good” and didn’t order this yesterday– after a good nights sleep I thought “Why not?” and went for a single (with the $20 discount it came to $175)…

    • I’ve been going back and forth about the subscription. I just ordered it

  4. I love the tumbler. Is anyone interested in trading theirs?

    • I think we all love the tumbler 🙂 hence if anyone bought it that would be why 🙂 I have actually considered just buying one so I get the color I want.

  5. I couldn’t resist. I can’t wait to get this box.

  6. Can’t do it now. About to pay for my mom’s b-day trip to Montreal. No more budget. I will see after the first box, but I really want the tumbler!!

  7. I want an Italian box! 🙂

    • So do I.

    • There is a new Greek box called Ellada Lane. Its close to Italy.

      • Not actually Italy, though. Le sigh…

  8. I’ve been good for so long, I had to reward myself with the annual sub! Here’s hoping I love it!!

  9. This sub has the most receptive customer service ice encountered yet. I had a fee questions and did ask if all parcel would be of about the equal value and here’s my response:

    Thanks for your question. We will try to keep each of the parcels consistent, with as little variation as possible, but allow for some personalized customizations for our Annual members. The only time contents may vary is simply due to limited stock with the artisanal products we source, and the bonus antique gift and samples for the annual members. The core items will remain the same but have a variety of colors and finishes throughout the parcels.

  10. As a self-proclaimed Francophile, I am very tempted by this box. I have tried French Box and Oui Please in the past, and they’ve both been okay for me, but I feel like this box could be great. I wish it wasn’t so expensive. I am going to Paris again next Spring and I know I can get a lot of goods there and at the local prices. I could just put all of the money towards my trip and get everything I want. But the subscription addiction has a hard grip on me.

    • If I were you, I would just wait for those local prices lol.

      • You’re totally right. I know how much stuff I could get there for the same price.

    • I would be very interested to hear cost comparison when you get back but chances we remember are slim for spring?

  11. again emailed them and they replied with in hours

    The 1000LIKES discount is available just until the first parcel sells out. I will keep the monthly $195 discounted pricing (the retail value is much higher) and $680 for the annual to start with and adjust accordingly. Locking in the annual rates now is a good bet!
    Thanks so much for your support.
    Tarik Koivisto
    Founder/Chief Creative

    • i was told the prices will increase after this start. seems like a few messages are out there re prices.

  12. Do they say if everybody gets the same thing?

    • Yes, read my post above. Hopefully they won’t get too overwhelmed with orders. Even at the price point people will sub if the value is there or if the items are special enough. I wish I had held off on OuiPlease.

  13. FYI on the website:

    “Our Autumn Parcel includes rich olive woods, French linens and a porcelain luxury object from Limoges, along with seasonal home scents from the iconic Grasse perfume region. Each item is hand-selected, created with passion in Provence and shipped with care to your door. Shipping for this parcel begins September 25, 2015.”

    • “Please understand that supplies are limited with values much higher than the retail price, at least a $100 savings in each parcel. “

  14. I have no willpower anymore. Hopefully this will prevent me from subbing to anything else!

  15. Here is the follow up email with the questioner:

    VIP Client Preferences

    Welcome to the Luxe Provence Lifestyle

    Your annual subscription purchase allows you priority parcel delivery, personalized curation, a free antique “brocante” gift and Provence samples from our favorite brands. Plus of course, you receive a significant savings on the single parcel price.

    To help us personalize each season’s parcels, please provide a response to the questions below. We will do our best to personalize each parcel, but please note each is a limited edition and some items may not be available in your first choice. However, we will do our best to offer you the best of Provence tailored to you each season. Voila!

    Your preferences were sent off to our stylists and curators. Merci beaucoup!

    Client Name (required)

    Your Email (required)

    Please Indicate Your Color Preferences:
    Warm – Like Sunsets in Provence Cools – Mediterranean Blues Earth Tones – Ocres of Roussillon Arles Bolero Red Olive Green

    Please Indicate Your Scent or Home Fragrance Preferences:
    Florals Watery or Cool Fresh, Green or Citrus Woodsy or Spicy

    Please Indicate Your Metal Preferences:
    Bronze Gold Silver or Platinum

    Style Preferences:
    Timeless Classic Trendy Antique/Vintage

    Details Preferred:
    Delicate/Fine Statement Pieces

    Parfait! Merci beaucoup…your first parcel will be shipped September 25, 2015 and we cannot wait to share it with you!

    • I never got this email. :/

      • I found the email in a weird folder in my gmail, so look around for it, it comes from “Tarik Koivisto at Luxe P.”

  16. Do we know the total value of products we will receive in each parcel?


    • It says at least $125 more than the paid value for each parcel. I assume that is $255+$125 = $380?

      • Thank you, Brooke!
        Compared to Luxe Box’s special edition, this doesn’t have a high value. But the products come from France. Hmm.. hard to decide!

      • yeah, but the Rose et Marius items are 100 Euro which is approximately 100 USD. But they are saying they are worth $125. So looks like they are inflating prices too

        • 100 Euro is more than $100USD Just googled and €100 is about $112.18 so may be a little inflated. but again figure in shipping to states. I will rationalize my purchase. I will rationalize my purchase. 😉

          • Ok, well when I was in Europe in June it was on par.

        • If you read the announcement that goes with the picture and the price, it reads: “Our Vol 1: Parcel contains a gorgeous porcelain vessel (small size shown above) from Provence’s first luxury brand, Rose et Marius, along with a home fragrance featuring the scents of autumn.” The $125 includes the home fragrance as well as the vessel.

          • The second item in the picture/box appears to be that home fragrance.

        • to reply, this price includes the luxe candles plus tumbler. 😉

  17. I keep returning to this post. I love the pictures on the website. I can’t decide if I want to take the risk. Or which boxes I need to cancel.

  18. I found on the website that each parcel will contain “roughly 4-5 items.” Just thought I’d pass that info along in case that sways anyone either way. I love the spoiler, wish I could get this box!

    • Already posted this, but I think what you posted along with this info will help people decide if they want to spring for this. This lists four items…

      “Our Autumn Parcel includes rich olive woods, French linens and a porcelain luxury object from Limoges, along with seasonal home scents from the iconic Grasse perfume region.”

  19. I can’t say no, I’m soooo weak! Just caved and got the year, can’t wait to see what’s in it!!!

  20. Way too expensive. I’m going to Paris in a few months, round trip air from the west coast plus lodging in a private apartment for a week is roughly $1500 total. The cost of this box is about half the cost of my trip. Personally, I’d rather actually go to France than have 4 boxes of French goodies sent to me.

  21. Help! I bought the yearly. I justified it by cancelling quarterly boxes Burke Decor and Arianna Huffington and monthly box Orange glad. I am finding that I am getting more bi-monthly and quarterly boxes than monthly. I am also trying Ellada Lane.

    • I’ve cancelled most of my monthly subs as well but I probably still have too many. I tend to buy a year with coupon codes and at this point I’m not sure what I have coming! I’m excited for this box too … just 4 per year, correct?

      • Did you get all your codes here? I am just learning about subs. This website is an addiction now … would love to know your coupon places and tip. At this rate I won’t have to do ANY holiday shopping 😀 and I know recipients won’t have these items

    • I would love to hear about Ellada Lane. So little info and i know so little about Greece

  22. Liz, did you see the tumbler is dishwasher safe?!? Yes!!

    Can’t wait for the review. I am going to live through you on this one.

    • Yay for dishwasher safe!!!! 🙂

  23. Beautiful, but too Luxe for my budget. Plus, if I had an extra $700 a year to blow it would be on a vacation, not a subscription for pretty things I don’t really need. I do look forward to seeing the reviews for the pretty things though.

    • I’m coming to the same conclusion. It’s so tempting when I’m sitting here in my living room to use something like this as an instant escape, but in the end, I’d rather have the real escape.

  24. I subscribe to the yearly – i have no self control. Lets see what a $165 per box gets me. the confirmation email said that a follow up email will be sent to personalize the box.

  25. I’m relatively new to regular subscriptions (have done BE mystery boxes forever). For those of you veterans, how often do companies succeed with the first box? I’m assuming growing pains are common, but maybe that’s not really the case. I love the idea of this box, the ability to use paypal, and the lower “special intro” price, but it is still a lot of money for me to invest in something that could be disappointing.

  26. Has anyone gotten the personal questionnaire yet? What types of questions are they asking? I’d love a gold/silver choice.

    • Hi I have. Yes one of the choices is silver/platinum, gold or brass. They also ask smell/perfume preference. Color scheme and personal style. Classic uh can’t remember other choices. Some items like the tumbler they will ask your color preference out of 3 colors

      • Fantastic. Thanks!!

  27. The tumbler is beautiful and I’m seriously considering this. However, I’m allergic to lavender and Provence is famous for it.

    With the coupon, it comes out to $165/box, which works out to $55/month, which isn’t really so bad.

    • You may want to contact them and ask if you could NOT get lavender due to allergies. I too am allergic but gambling 1 as had no clue Provence was known for lavender and 2 gift option. Sister LOVES lavender

  28. $165 per box seems like a good deal since this is high end. I had emailed them about annual benefits and they replied in less than 24 hours. They were very helpful and courteous. I got a 1 year subscription. Now the hard part waiting until they ship end of September. And the tumbler looks fantastic

    • What did they tell you about the annual benefits? I’m seriously tempted by this, despite the high price tag.

  29. Way too expensive! I feel like this is a bit much even for a luxe sub box. Smh

  30. I ordered the annual since it comes out to $165 per box with the discount. Fingers Crossed for an awesome box!!

  31. From their FB page I get the idea that they will also be including a printed fabric napkin(s)? It is from a post that says they are finalizing their Autumn Parcel…

  32. I tried talking myself out of it but that did not last long. I am trying the premier box then decide which body part I need less so I can pay for the full year.

  33. So tempting but so expensive! I’m going to really have to think about this one…

  34. I went ahead and subscribed for the annual. I had to go with the annual because of the extras that come with the annual subscription and am very excited about the spoiler. I really appreciate My Subscription Addiction and the members to find out about these great subscriptions.

  35. I want! I read the terms and privacy policy. It ships DHL International and requires a signature upon delivery. You are charged an international shipping fee if you return the parcel.

    They will email you a personal style questionnaire. You can cancel an annual membership minus $225.00 per parcel received.

    There’s a USA office and phone number for USA customer service.

    I second what Liz says about PayPal. I am a big fan of using PayPal for sub boxes.

  36. I’ve wanted that Rose et Marius tumbler ever since I thought we were going to get it in a OuiPlease box (and got their soap instead). I don’t need this box, but may not be able to resist.

  37. Would 195 be the ongoing price if we sign up now (similar to Luxor box), or just the price for the first parcel?

  38. My curiosity is definitely piqued by this… it’s a bit pricey but I am considering it…

  39. Looks nice and I’d love to subscribe… but its a little out of my price range. especially since I keep buying other boxes (I have no self control lately!)

    Looking forward to seeing your review Liz

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