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Decoterie Fall 2015 Box Spoilers + Coupon

UPDATE: This company has stopped responding to customers and stopped sending boxes. If you are a subscriber, we recommend filing a chargeback. Do not enter your credit card info on their site.

ThanksΒ Brittany, Brenda and Angie for sharing these spoilers with us for the FallΒ Decoterie box. (UPDATE: The items listed may be included in the box):

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 12.44.02 PM

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 1.39.44 PM

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 12.44.20 PM

What do you think of the spoilers? FYI – the cutoff day is tomorrow to get the Fall Box. Use coupon code WELCOME10 to save 10% off your first box. (Expiration on this coupon code is unknown. This box is $150 a quarter plus $15 shipping).

Important: If you are thinking of subscribing, I recommend checking out the Summer box review first (including comments).

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (119)

  1. I purchased this box despite all the negative reviews because, silly me, I thought that I was somehow safe from all the craziness. I purchased an annual subscription (quarter to quarter) in early September so my first box would have been the Autumn one. I was promptly charged 165. A few days later I decided to cancel the subscription, mainly buyer’s guilt. I knew that despite cancelling I would not receive a refund but instead receive one box and then be done with it. I never got any kind of email informing me of pre-shipment or shipment come early November so I e-mailed late last week. No response. I tried to use the “chat now” box on her new website, no response. I e-mailed again and finally got an e-mail back saying that they e-mailed me a day before (they didn’t) and needed to see my proof of purchase. Never having had an issue before, I deleted my confirmation, my mistake, and only had my credit card bill as proof. Furthermore, they informed me that since I purchased in September I wasn’t even going to get my Autumn box anyhow because of how the quarters are set up. Which is weird considering there was a coupon for the Autumn box all the way up until the 8th of October.. Really frustrating to spend money on something and never receive it. Now I just have to hope that my dispute with my credit card company goes through, sigh. Lesson learned.

  2. ANYONE get their coasters? LIZ, you getting one and doing a review?

    • No I am not getting this box any more. I had purchased an annual subscription, but they cancelled my subscription and refunded me the difference before this box shipped. (I did not request the cancellation).

      • you are one of the lucky ones!

      • I find it very strange there has been NO photos or box openings of this fall box. MUT is silent as well. How is it this subscription has tons of members and little to no discussion about what this box sent out to people. There has been more talk about her new box and holiday box than this recent fall box shipment.

      • I reviewed it as a paying customer. You can click on my name to see it. I don’t think anyone else reviewed it.

        I find the actions towards Liz strange and offputting. I am surprised that happened.

      • This box just gets weirder and weirder by the day. And all the desperate emails with offers to buy more. No way I would touch this subscription or purchase items with a 10 ft pole.

  3. can someone please tell what is their website address. every link i use takes me to a website under construction. this is so frustrating. i would like to follow up on the status of my subscription. I paid the money up front and have gotten NOTHING!

    • Here’s the actual email (I’m not sure if you can login from the wording of the email, but there is a chat that pops up):

      The Holidays are coming!
      And The Box by LE was already featured in the beloved San Francisco Chronicle as a great gift idea for yourself, family, and friends! And since Black Friday weekend will be too late for us to throw a sale party, we are throwing it now. A 25% OFF FLASH storewide sale to be exact. Get your orders in today, and enjoy a beautiful deluxe edition of our Holiday Box come December. You can expect lovely home fragrances, paper goods, office decor, tableware, and maybe even an exclusive Letitia Elizabeth pillow just for subscribers! ALL boxes will include a $250 LE gift card and VIP discount card for the upcoming BOX SHOP. The one-stop shop to browse and shop past and present items as seen in THE BOX by LE. Now that’s star treatment!

      THE BOX by LE shop has been LIVE and waiting for you! Woo hoo! Please note you cannot login to your old account on this website. Billing information is kept secure and we were not able to transfer it, but if you are going to purchase a new subscription or one of the single boxes such as Mini and Holiday, a new account will be created for you as easy as pie! So head over now to shop the 25% OFF FLASH SALE which will be live for the next 25 hours only. Enter code holiday25 at checkout for any purchase storewide. And as always, follow us on instagram to join in on all the customers unboxing fun.

      You will only be able to order the Holiday Box until November 17th at midnight. It is a single box, not a subscription. You can opt out of receiving a holiday box next year once you login after purchase.

    • Here’s the direct link. She switched sub box platforms from Cratejoy to Subbly. I hope everything works out for you.

  4. I know, I know, this company is incredibly touchy about art and items included in their box, and I feel horrible as a person who is about to bash a product of someone’s labor, but here I come. I finally received the box today, for which I paid full price (before the price went down). In it there were three items. I actually like 2 out of 3, but unfortunately those two items’ total value is not commensurate with what I spent. The first item is a “Fine Art Canvas” with a listed price of $89.00. I actually like it. It’s smaller than I thought it would be, but it’s a pretty water color rendition of flowers. I definitely will make use of it. The second item is the handwoven cotton area rug with the listed price of $20.00. It’s actually not bad at all. I will make use of it, especially since we just purchased a house and need an entry mat. It appears to be well made and worth $20.00. So, the two items’ total is $109.00. I paid $155 which included $135 fee for the box (after I received a new member discount) plus $20 shipping fee. So, at this point here I am approximately $46 from breaking even. The third item was the dreaded 100% polyester blanket with lips plastered all over the blanket. The blanket was not in any sort of protective bag. It was just there. The listed price for the blankie was *gasp* $197.00. Are you kidding me?!? I would not pay $10 for a polyester lip blanket. And this person is calling herself a designer? I am not convinced anymore. Unless this box steps up in the quality/quantity of items and communications and punctuality, I am not coming back. I apologize to all who think that lip design is attractive. I know. It is all subjective. I just cannot place it anywhere in the house where anyone will see it. I just can’t. Oh well, I guess that will teach me NOT to subscribe to any boxes unless and until they prove to be worth every penny spent on them.

    • I was hoping to receive the water color flowers! I did not. I was shocked to see the blanket was not wrapped in tissue paper or a bag. My blanket has a couple of dirt smudges on it.

      • Mine too!!!!!

  5. From what I’m seeing I’m not impressed…..way over valued on 2 things at least. And if there’s only 3 hmmmm….not too plentiful with items and the so called spoilers seem to be whole the box…what’s with a few people getting 2 boxes? Maybe another flook on their part.

  6. I’m a little confused on their recent letter. In it, she links to an article where they are one of the vendors listed. Earlier in the article , it references general interest in the marketplace for sub boxes – and Liz is quoted.

    From that, she went to the extent to say that LIZ endorsed her box! What??!
    “Go take a peek, we’re the first on the list + looks like Liz Cadman gives a thumbs up to box love! ”

  7. Anyone get their coasters yet? Anyone get a box (besides the one, trackable person)? πŸ˜€

    • No replacement coasters received.

      No replies to my many attempts at emailing them regarding if I will ever receive my namesake ring dish and if they ever received the 2 coasters I sent in so I can get the 1 replacement “marble” coaster.

      I did get a response once on Instagram but it didn’t address my exact question on where my ring dish is or if they received the returned coasters.

      I really am trying hard to stay optimistic so I can enjoy the other 3 boxes off my annual sub. And I have a question regarding if I will be receiving a box a month (and what will the values be?!) or…. ?!?

      So many questions and no real answers…

      EXCEPT! I do receive the long emails and the social media requests for a brand ambassador and intern!

      I am trying so hard to stay upbeat and optimistic about this sub because I want it to be GREAT! I would really hate it to be money going down the drain πŸ™

    • Nope, it has been over two weeks that I received an Email stating that my box shipped. There has been no movement since. I am so incredibly disappointed in this subscription and the fact that there is no apology, just attempts at excuses. Given the very short but volatile history with this bo, I won’t be coming back and will warn others of my experiences with this box. I am likewise going to hide behind a fake name, since I have not received the box yet. At this point it seems like a waste: of my time, of money, and of hopes for a nice home-related box.

      • If one wanted to contact the better business bureau re the contract and how things have changed since the agreements, how does one do this? They use a fake address in their communications (btw, the physical address is a federal requirement in email marketing). What is happening w/ the annual subscribers? Have the terms & conditions been laid out? Seems like they took money and are not meeting the conditions under which that money was spent. will people still get quarterly boxes that they paid? so many questions.

    • I finally received my box today and it included everything. Even though the possible spoilers were posted, this is not at all what I was expecting from this box. I think after everything that has happened this box should have wowed the socks off of everyone, but I don’t think that’s going to happen.

    • I received the lip coasters that I purchased today, along with the two boxes I ordered and I was very happy!!

      My experience with Decoterie (when they were still Decoterie) had been good…they not only responded to my inquiries, but I even got a call from Letitia Elizabeth herself to explain what was going on.

      My boxes both have the lip blanket, which I love, a painting and a door mat that while may not be beautiful, is functional and well made and works for my home. .I feel the value was there, for me and my family

      Tracking this packing was frustrating, but I was kept in the loop (I called) and of all the boxes I’ve received lately, and today the November Luxor box came too, this was a fun box to receive. I’m looking forward to seeing what the Holiday box is like!

      • how did you purchase the lip coasters? Are they not included?

  8. I’m still confused if I’m even getting a box or not ( was a month by month subscriber.) I received that e-mail awhile back but haven’t heard anything since then… With no website, it’s impossible to figure out. Looks like I will just have to wait and see???

    • I thought I was month to month too until I got charged back in October. I’m surprised we haven’t seen any pics yet from others who have already received their boxes or should I say box…

      • what was the name of the charging company?

      • I was charged directly by Decoterie. I purchased my first box on the final day we were supposedly allowed to use the discount code; however, the code did not work for me but I purchased a one time box regardless of not getting the discount. When I saw the charge in October and finally got through to someone, I was told my original order was for the fall box even though I received her first box. I was then told that if I did not want to continue receiving boxes that I needed to cancel after I receive the fall box, so I’m quite surprised the same thing didn’t happen to others.

      • Dispute it with your credit card company. You will win as her communications are all over the place. Write to her and tell her you don’t want it. And refute with credit card company. They can’t just make you take a box. If she ships, it’s her problem. You can stop delivery too.

  9. I ordered this box and I’m crossing my fingers it will be good…still waiting on shipping…hope I didn’t make a mistake.

  10. So, it’s November 9, and still have not heard from that company on the status of my shipment which has been sitting in pre-shipment for the past ten days. Yes, I did get an email from the company, which email everyone should have received, which stated that they sent preshipment info early to give everyone a chance to con firm their address, and that one of their vendors is late, but honestly the box will have to WOW me for me to consider to remain their client. There has been too much drama and excuses in regard to this box. It was originally supposed to be mailed out before Halloween… Yeah, right.

    • I received my box today. Or I should say 1 box. I was someone who had not received any email about the delay because of a vendor delay. I contacted them about my box not showing any movement and was told that some boxes went out on Thursday and some on Friday. I was also told that we would be getting a second box later this week. Even as of this am, I was not showing any movement on my box. But it was waiting for me when I arrived home.
      As for the box, it has the rug and canvas in it. The canvas is also by Leigh Viner. I thought we would all be getting a canvas with flowers on it. With there being variations of said flowers. Nope. Black and White picture of a face. Not sure whose face. But I am not loving it. I don’t want to complain about the rug, but it is not a WOW item. It is a woven scatter rug that does not have anything exciting about it, imo. I am hoping I get a fabulous throw. I look forward to seeing the variations of items. And I hope everyone loves their canvas more than I care for mine!

      • Wow you received a reply to your email AND you received your box #1 of 2? Lucky!

      • If I get a picture of a face…I’m not going to be happy…UGH

      • THIS IS THE GREATEST NAME EVER! but she will probably figure you out based on tracking – being received yesterday (and your email correspondence)

      • Oh, I am sure they are stalking me now. I’ve waited to put the canvas up for swap, in the hopes someone else will be brave and go first. I am not sure who would want it though! All day my A$$ was seriously chapped over this box. ALL DAY. I have subbed to a lot of boxes. This has got to be one of the worst items I have received. This is my opinion. Art is subjective. Am I wrong, that it seemed like we were getting pics of flowers? What makes me hotter is that this is my first box in a year sub. Yep, I bought a year, because I had serious FOMO and thought I was going to love it. Still hoping the throw makes me feel happier about this box. Has no one else received their box yet?

      • LOL. Do you have it on the swap site yet? I’m dying to see it!

      • I also got a good laugh out of your name!
        I’ve been worried about commenting about the box using my name after seeing/reading all of the emails and everything – so your name couldn’t have been more perfect!

  11. I emailed them today to find out what was going on. They are waiting on a shipment and will ship out at the end of this week. There will be a new website.

    Never a dull moment with this box!

    • How’s that going? πŸ™‚

  12. I purchased a year long sub, shortly after the cut-off for the first box, and before the disaster that followed. So I am stuck with it. After reading the emails from the company, I was definitely uneasy, with giving them my money. I received a tracking # on Tuesday this week. When tracked it is just a label, no movement. And I have tried to visit “The Box” or “Decoterie” website and it is nonexistent. Anyone receive their box or see actual movement on their order?

    • This will be my second box. She issued the tracking numbers a week ahead of time on the first box. Based on that, I am not expecting to see movement until tomorrow or Monday.

      I am hoping her website is down because she is switching to a monthly mode. It’s been an interesting journey. I have it marked in mind not to worry about the tracking until Wednesday of next week.

      • Thank you, PA Anna. That makes me feel better. Yes, it has been quite an interesting story for sure.

  13. I can’t help but be highly concerned over how she is going to handle all the annual subs. We paid upfront more than $100/box, and the words she chose makes it sound like we are getting the same amount of boxes after the change. “Our annual subscribers will have the chance to receive their remaining boxes sooner than later and can choose to renew afterwards if they choose.” ?

    • G,

      I absolutely agree! This whole company seems to be a total MESS! I signed up for an annual sub back in July but still have not received a box. No one will return my calls or emails, and now I’m stuck in a dispute with my credit card company. The annual subscription was a lot of money, and I’m hoping I didn’t just get burned. Too much drama for me, I just want out of this mess.

  14. There was some long winded (as usual) email sent today. Something about changing the name (surprise!) and selling for less. Honestly, it was too long for me to bother to read through it – just skimmed. I’m not subscribed so wasn’t invested. And just sort of seemed like some rationalization or something. info about some friend also closing a box. I don’t know. there was also an email sent yesterday offering $50 to her store – and when I linked to site it didnt work. No terms outlined for the $50. This was yesterday – might be up by now. If you are subscribed, look for the email/message online.

    • After reading the email my heart goes out to the annual subscribers. This doesn’t sound fair to me at all. I really don’t understand why she would change something if she only lost four subscribers and things are thriving and going great. I really hope this works itself out and it doesn’t burn anyone.

      • So instead of “Letitia Elizabeth” and “Decoterie” it will now be “Letitia Elizabeth” and “The Box” essentially. Ok.

      • I guess she is trying to fool google so that the wackness does not show up in searches :/

      • Oh it’s actually “theboxbyle” or “The Box by LE” – sounds simple enough to remember.

      • The Box Bile.

        That is how that first one looks!

    • For those that are interested, here’s the e-mail:

      Dear Decoterie family,

      It’s amazing how you can have something growing as part of you, soon to be alive and thriving, and in an instant you can find out you’ve lost it altogether. Even crazier that you soon find out a friend has gone through the same thing just as recently. How funny that one experience in life can suddenly change the way you react to things, become more defensive or maternally protective or sensitive to things that you didn’t think you were. I guess it’s the same way that one person’s smile instantly changes your day or a surprising gift can change your entire outlook. What are those things that help us heal and have joy and create memories? Are they experiences or material objects or are they the people around us? I believe it’s all of the above. And that’s why Decoterie will be no more. We are replacing it with a bigger and better experience since I’ve experienced firsthand how this can be more than just a box. The ongoing private feedback has been so incredible and even moved us to tears that we realized we were standing in our own way. Should we be more frequent or more affordable? The answer is let’s aim for both! We want to be more accessible to those who could use a little pick me up because you never know when people might need it. In this new online world it’s so easy to guess or assume that we all know each other and what each of us is going through, but when we retreat home it’s the things and the people and the sanctuary we’ve created for ourselves in the real world that gives us the most solace. That is what we want to focus on, not competing to try to have the box with the most amount of goodies at one time or generic designs that will please everyone. You can’t please everyone. We had the wrong goal at the start. Our new goal is joy. We all have different tastes and styles but joy is universal. We can strive to be uplifting and healthier and beautiful, and we can do it together! So thank you to those who shared what our boxes mean to you or how you’ve been using pieces day by day!

      With that, we’re proud to confirm come November we will have a new name and be a monthly box at a lower $100 price point. This won’t change anything for those who pay box to box as you can continue or pause anytime at this new price, but our annual subscribers will have the chance to receive their remaining boxes sooner than later and can choose to renew afterwards if they choose. Cancellations will still remain as easy as a click of a button. More fun things are in store as well, including live televised unboxing videos with us where we can all delight together and you can ask our team anything (myself, Alice, Kasey, Erin, Anne), themed pop up shops in a city near you, and customer personalized boxes. We also will be dividing this newsletter in two. One exclusively for our subscribers and the rest for fans. This way we can send private and exclusive info to active paying members only.

      We also want to start rewarding extraordinary customers and fans. You’re always there to support us and let us know how much you love or hate our box, when our website is down or misbehaving, when our customer service could have been better or when it rocked your world, how our box cheered you up, when you think we should know about a new designer, or just to say hello! So starting today we are announcing CUSTOMER OF THE MONTH as a thank you for taking the time to write to us with elegance, tact, and class when you have so many things you could be doing with your time but you choose to take time to reach out to us. And who knows it might even turn into customer of the week. Our first ever Customer Of The Month is Sherri T.! Cograts Sherri! You are such a beautiful soul and have sent us so many notes that have made us think and laugh and improve our box, so you have won our bestselling and editor fave Brown Honey pillow. We hope you enjoy!

      Lastly, as I write to you from high in the mountains on a little spiritual detox with my mum, back at the office the team can simply not agree on what to do for holiday box. At this rate the box might include over 100 items! So we’re going to do a little poll and see which sort of box you might prefer. Is it a spa and beauty box to indulge at home, a kitchen-themed box, or something more fashionable? Let us know! Vote here! Don’t forget you can reach out to us anytime day or night via email and our online chat. Little reminder that our social media is not used for customer service purposes since we want to make sure we get back to everyone who is trying to reach us and as you can guess, social notifications are not super reliable (I am still waiting to get a response from Ryan Gosling’s facebook regarding my 2009 marriage proposal!). This will be our last email coming to you as Decoterie! For now you can just call us The Box. Hint hint!

      From your fellow box addict in crime,

      Shop Letitia Elizabeth

      Still want a fall box? They ship out October 30.

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      I have no idea what it means. I have no idea if it affects the previously released spoilers. I do know that it adds to my confusion. I do know that it adds to my resolve to not buy anything from this company and to not subscribe to this box until the owner can put together clear, concise sentences and follow through on what she says.

      • She’s got a degree in journalism and fashion marketing.

      • I actually literally thought she had to back out of the business because she had a miscarriage…

      • There’s always a ‘dig’ in her messages. The customer service ‘nod’ is to blessedmommy (I guess acting like the emails that went unanswered were non-existent) – because she wrote on instagram when they weren’t addressed. Hopefully she can turn this around. And hopefully anyone who sent money already will be happy with this change.

      • Hmm lol, maybe I didn’t read the entire email all the way through.. But I just did now.. Could be in reference to me or someone else.. I’ve seen some others comment on social media too! either way though The Customer Service is lacking……. And I won’t be subscribing… There’s too many other wonderful boxes out here that are less worry and more Joy πŸ™‚

  15. Dangit!

  16. I LOVE that Liz suggested reading the comments in the summer review first. As someone who read them a few months ago, I thought that addition to this post was hilarious!

    • πŸ™‚ Well it’s a cautionary tale (proceed at own risk). Otherwise falls into the drama of last round blaming bloggers for miscommunications and driving business. I would definitely proceed with an arms length based on the responses from the owner the last time. It’s a new a new slate, but proceed with caution.

  17. WOW. After reading through all the comments on this box and the previous one, I’m glad I didn’t take the leap to buy the first box. I love animal prints and I saw the original “spoiler”…. and I was really tempted to sign up at the time. I didn’t buy because I just bought a new car and was trying to pair down my boxes a bit that I was currently subscribed to. The drama over this box is really just over the top and makes me want to stay far, far away from it. Comments from the owner are highly unprofessional, in my opinion. I won’t name names but a LONG time ago, I used to buy makeup from an indie makeup brand…. LOVED their products but the owner went nuts…like literally nuts – lashing out at customers over comments about certain products not being FDA safe for use on eyes. Instead of handling it in a professional manner, the owners went bonkers and ended up shutting down her entire business (she’s reopened now but that’s a whole other story). This is why I stay far, far, far away from company owners who take things personally and don’t handle customer opinions for what they are – just personal opinions. The spoilers for this box has the words “may” written all over it and that just tells me to forget all about it… I’m not playing the “MAY be included” game. I work hard for my $$ and I’d rather put it into a business that cares about the customer and not one who is willing to toy with “maybes”. Again, that’s just my OPINION.

    • I’m pretty sure I know who you’re talking about. πŸ˜‰

  18. Wow Decoterie box has so much Drama! I hadn’t read the comments or news letters they sent about them, regarding the first box till today.

    However I am passing on this Box while I think the items they deliver are beautiful. The box is not a good fit for me. Neither is the company After my most recent experience with them I don’t think I will ever order again.

    On August 20th They had a 12hr flash sample sale on Instagram which I decided to participate in. I was excited to try their products. But before I could finalize my purchase I needed to know how they shipped. I was out of the country and my dad was in the middle of moving so USPS was holding my mail. If they didn’t ship USPS I wasn’t going to be able to order. I explained all of this to them and They assured me that they would ship USPS, so I happily bought my items!! Totaling $365. I asked for tracking which they sent by SHYP when I checked it didn’t show any status yet. But as they gave me their word on the shipping method I didn’t think anymore on it.

    After the sample sale was over they posted a disclaimer that said all sales were final and that the items might have slight blemishes or defects.
    I kinda wished they had mentioned that in the beginning of the sale. But I figured I’d be okay with slight blemishes, i.e. missing stitches, crooked stitching or missing buttons etc.

    However ,To my horror when I returned home, the post office did not have this package. They had decided to ship my items by Fedex without letting me know. (Later stating they found fedex to be cheaper and went with that. )I was extremely irritated as they swore they shipped USPS which was the ONLY REASON I ordered. Now I had no package and was now out $365 dollars. I went to our old address and asked the new tenants if they received a box and they informed me fedex came and picked it up. I quickly called Fedex but They didn’t know where my package was and would have someone contact me when they located it.

    I immediately contact Decoterie CS by email expressing my disappointment for the situation and asked what type of insurance they had for situations like this. I didn’t get a response till the next day. But they said that there is nothing they could do as insurance wasn’t purchased and they weren’t at fault since I didn’t tell them to ship by USPS. After reading their very lengthy email in which they basically took no responsibility for their error, I replied back clearly stating that I Did request USPS before purchasing and sent them a screen shot of them Clearly confirming that’s the method they use. I would not have ordered if they didn’t so for them to go back on there word is disrespectful.

    It took me many hours with fedex and I had to speak to 2 supervisors before they located the package at a Fedex location in my city. Then another problem arose, FedEx said I couldn’t pick it up because the Sender “Decoterie” had requested for the package to be returned to them and I would have to contact the company. By this time I had sent several emails and a couple of posts on Instagram but they hadn’t responded yet. Which I relayed to Fedex, then I demanded to speak to a supervisor, explaining that I paid for the items in their possession so it’s my right to pick them up, and if they return it theyd be essentially stealing from me because the company was not responding. They finally agreed to let me to pick it up.

    The whole situation was a disaster, when I got my items I was slightly disappointed. the pillows I ordered weren’t pillows but pillow covers/shams. I inquired about this on their Instagram stating that I was missing the pillows and instead only got covers/ shams .They responded saying –
    “it’s pretty standard for designer brands (not mass merchant) that the insert is not included but as designer terminology is that shams are for beds, cases are for bed pillows and the word “covers” might be used for brands like CW and the rest is Throw Pillows. When Customers shop at Target or Marshalls it is standard to expect the big fluffy pillow but designer homewares it’s always a separate purchase. We are very clear to indicate if pillows include inserts. You can imagine your shipping would have been much higher sending a handful of pillows. πŸ™‚
    Thanks and enjoy”-

    At this point I was inspecting all of my items and had 5 items that had issues with them, when I shared this with Decoterie they reminded me of the disclaimer, to which I told them I understood but insisted that these items weren’t defects or blemishes, these items looked dirty and used.

    All they had to say in response was

    – “the sample sale items are sold as is. That’s all we can do for now but will send a complimentary insert for the shipping courier switch. Thanks! –

    I still haven’t heard from them regarding this free insert but they did email me a invoice that I pay $25 I replied back asking what for?….. They have yet to reply. Since I have a new address I wanted to alert them of it . Yet they haven’t responded to my emails regarding the condition of the items they sent out. I did spend $365 you would think they would care to address me to keep me as a customer. I didn’t want to talk about how bad the condition was on Instagram as I didn’t want to bash them or tarnish there reputation. I wanted to give them a chance to make things right and address me and my concerns as a valued customer they would like to keep. But I don’t feel valued I feel brushed away. The 5 items were not worth the $100 spent on them and if they don’t at least attempt to address this I will be disputing this charge. I’ve been more than nice and have tried to be understanding in this manner but after being lied to about how they shipped, and then when the package is missing they basically tell me I SOL because they weren’t responsible and then receiving items whose condition is so bad they would be better used as rags, This was the last straw.

    One of them is in such bad shape that I wouldnt let a guest touch it let alone use it myself. If the disclaimer was shown before the sale I probably wouldn’t of made this purchase and I feel like I wasted money. I had hoped that seeing the products would make me want to sub to this box, but after this experience and reading about other people’s experiences not to mention the companies responses, this has turned me away from doing business with them again.

    They rarely respond to emails, but did respond to some of my Instagram posts. But have since gone silent again.
    I had such high hopes for this box, but as a single mom of two ill be saving my money and placing it towards a box I know and trust!! Maybe The PS Neiman Marcus box that’s coming soon πŸ™‚
    i’ll keep my eye on the Decotorie, maybe once they’ve been around longer they might be able to win me back πŸ™‚

    • Wow just wow. This is insane. I won’t lie the first box I was seriously contemplating but waffled in the price point and decided to wait, then all the D.R.A.M.A!!!!!!!!

      And now this box interested me again but the email wording was once again vague and even though someone said the asked and were told you get all three you just can’t trust them and now your customer service experience….I just CAN’T EVEN…….

      • Hi Regan,
        I know… The spoilers were intriguing but I just won’t chance it after just having had a bad experience πŸ™ my birthday is this month so I’ll spend my BDay cash elsewhere!!

      • I’m so sorry to hear about this experience. I’m not fully surprised. It seems like it’s just one young woman running this – even the way the “CS” person writes uses the same style, wording, and tone of writing as her. They moved from Miami to New York from what I gathered on Instagram. Guessing they threw up everything in location before move – regardless of condition :/ go via credit card. I’m guessing they won’t even respond to them – and it closes after a time in your favor. Good luck!

    • Wow. I’m so sorry. Since they didn’t post the disclaimer until after you made your purchase, it sounds like you have good grounds to dispute the charge. Good luck!

      • Not just good grounds but also solid legal grounds for dispute. A merchant cannot unilaterally change the terms of sale once the buyer has completed their end of the transaction (i.e., makes payment), per the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC). Your items were not as advertised at the time you purchased therefore you received items not as described. If the company won’t follow the law, your credit card will. And then the sub gets to pay the extra penalty fees for the chargeback. So they can either give you the refund willingly or unwillingly at a higher out of pocket expense to the company. It’s pretty easy math, even for folks who can’t seem to write clear statements to save a life. And this is coming from a lawyer trained to write in vague terms!

      • Yeah, aren’t chargebacks like $75 to them? I read that somewhere. It pays to be focused on the customer.

    • That. Is. Horrifying.

      When the drama with the last box happened, I was initially on their side. At least, I understood their being upset. I do think that a lot of people are overly harsh when describing this as hideous etc, since they don’t seem to recognize that taste is subjective. (Of COURSE, people have every right to say these things. I just don’t personally agree with the perspective.)
      But then she started to attack people. And completely blame others for any issues. And took on a ridiculously superior attitude – much like I see in her comments to you about designer terminology.

      But I wondered if maybe it has just all… snowballed or something. Maybe she was having a bad week? At any rate, I was willing to wait and see if the service improved.

      Reading what happened with you, I can see that this is a pattern with her. She handles the process poorly and then blames everyone else when problems occur. Posting that the products are sold As Is and may have some issues AFTER the sale is completed??? That’s insane! Who does that? And the refusal to take any responsibility… That’s just unacceptable.

      I’ve seen some unprofessional behavior here and there with some of these smaller boxes, but Decoterie blows them all out of the water.

    • I could not sleep last night and read the whole Decoterie drama. After reading that, DON’T let them lure you back! Dispute that charge, baby! All of it.

      • Think there is only a certain time period to make that claim w/ cards. Might want to look into it (at least start it).

      • It depends on the card and the circumstance, I think. This circumstance definitely warrants a looksee! πŸ™‚

    • Update!!!
      Still no reply to my many emails regarding the condition of the items I recieved.
      I’ve been patient but I’m finally tired of being ignored. I reached out again this time on Instagram. My other comments on there seem to have been deleted. I’m really glad I documented everything.

      What bothers me is the fact that the condition of the items sold were released after the sales were complete – I find that to be a tad shady.
      Announcing “all sales are final” while stating that items might have slight defects and blemishes are things I would want to know upfront not after the fact. Had I known I wouldn’t have purchased…

      After reciving them in pretty gross condition… I’m now full of resentment and agrivation. Topple that with all the headache of them lying about the shipping method and my parcel being lost. I have nothing but contempt for the whole situation and the company. I would not reccomend them to anyone I know.

      Sorry everyone for my rant. I’m just in a mood regarding the situation and this companies blatant disregard for their product and their customers satisfaction.

      I hope everyone else has better luck in their experiences than I have.

      • Wow, so as of this morning, they have blocked me on Instagram and removed my comment. I went to check for a reply and I couldn’t find her IG page so I created a new IG and found it, and then noticed my comment had been removed.

        They have time to do that, but no time to actually reply to my concerns. That’s horrible customer service at its best! Well thank god I documented everything. I will be taking further action against them.

      • Contact the better business bureau. They are SHADY!

      • Maybe posting the photos somewhere will force her to contact you. Since she doesn’t want any of her social media involved, perhaps that is the best way to bring attention to what you guys are dealing with. Just a thought.

  19. Wow Read the summer reviews. No way no how based on her reaction

  20. Just a note of caution. I like others have never heard back from decoterie. I’ve never received a box or a shipping notification, nothing. Unfortunately I purchased a year subscription before the “incident” and on false hope. I am now in the process of disputing the charge with my credit card company. I’m just hoping to get my money back so I can be separated from this company. TERRIBLE experience.

  21. When I signed up for a one-time box after seeing all the Instagram spoilers, I thought I was getting the Summer box and I had signed up for another one-time box to take advantage of the promotion they were offering after all the negative reviews they received but my box never came so I finally reached out to them to see what was going on. Apparently I had missed the cut-off for the Summer box and wasn’t going to receive it. I was really disappointed because the FAQs was a bit misleading. I didn’t want to have 2 un-shipped/pending boxes so I asked to cancel either one box or both, but they refused. πŸ™ I felt really mislead-ed and unhappy (extreme buyer remorse) but now that they have released spoliers for their Fall box, I’m feeling optimistic. I really hope that this box will make up for the misleading FAQs.

  22. These look intriguing, but the comments from the last box are, to be frank, a little scary — especially at this price point. I think I’ll hold off for now and see what happens. And note to the curator of the box if you’re still monitoring this blog and the comments: you claimed at one point that you only lost 4 subscribers, and I have no reason to doubt you. However, that number doesn’t take into account people like me who might have subscribed to future boxes (like this one) who you scared off by the way you reacted last time. If there is a next time, I suggest you think carefully before responding to every negative comment.

  23. When I purchased her first box, I thought we had the opportunity to purchase a one-time box or join a membership. I only purchased the one time box; however, I was charged on October 1st $165 . Was I supposed to inform them after receiving the first box that I no longer wanted any future boxes? I have been trying to call and I have left messages many times and I cannot get anyone to answer or return any of my messages. If I have to keep the box, shouldn’t I at least get the discount ?

    • I’m not a subscriber but guessing the FAQs will say something. Might want to find the version from when you signed up tho – think there is a “look back” tool somewhere. Good luck. I may want the fleece if you’re stuck with it.

      • I looked at my account and it shows that I only signed up for one quarter but I did get an email from Letitia after my post so we will see what happens.

  24. I just searched for Artim accent rug on Amazon and found several that are 2’x3′, handcrafted (in India), and “great for the kitchen, dorm, or any entryway”. Pricing varies around $13-$24. I wonder if these are the same. Also, where is it snowing already that’s she’s tracking mud and snow around? That comment was odd to me.

    • I thought the EXACT same thing about the snow comment. I was like…there’s already snow storms somewhere?! Not interested in this box after the drama from the last one.

    • I was thinking that too! Aloha made me think hawaii, but then it went on to say snow…

      • So did you end up receiving two of the same box?

      • And the phone number on their website is a San Fran area code…I was there a week ago and it was in the 70s. Cray cray.

    • She mentioned in multiple places (I think Facebook and the letter), that she is on a retreat in the mountains. She didn’t mention the country or mountain.

  25. I’m excited to see this box. I signed up for a year before the first box shipped and everything happened. so I’m choosing to remain optimistic.

  26. Nope and nope. Although I commend Liz for even highlighting this box on her blog after what they pulled last time. Good luck to those who take the chance. I am anxious the see the rug come review time.

  27. Really happy to see the focus is on home items! Wondering what the dimensions of the rug will be.

  28. I read their updated description and I appreciate that they’ve added the words “handcrafted” and “crafted.” This helps give a better impression of the style of the box. But I still think that they should emphasize the artisanal nature. Like, maybe even use the word “artisanal.”

  29. I still never got what Letitia promised me. She has ignored my emails and refuses to respond. The word “MAY” receive is alarming to me. It can also mean you won’t receive these items either. I encourage you to check out her Instagram. She has yet to send the winning prizes to the “winner” of one of her giveaways. I would hate to see anyone lose money on this ordeal.

  30. After the “incident” Decoterie took a break from social media. While I don’t agree with how things were handled, I can see how it would be hard not to take things personally when you feel something you worked so hard on is being being attacked. (even if the remarks were valid) They seem to be back on track and on point with the next box. These spoilers seem luxe, and I’m definitely interested in the accent rug because it’s something I haven’t seem in a box before.

  31. I would not take a box from these people if it was free . After all the crap they did after the last box. I don’t trust the her. The letters coasters and so on way unprofessional. Good luck to anyone who is getting this box. They never answered any of my emails either. I am actually surprised they are even having another box after what happened last time.

    • I’m really bummed about the coasters too. She posted in her letter that she would allow anyone to return them and receive the marble ones in her next box in exchange. I emailed her MANY times for the address to ship them to. Her letter had only stated to return them to the return address from your shipment. Only a lot of time had passed, so I didn’t still have that box! Didn’t anyone succeed in this endeavor?

      • Does anyone have a phone number for their customer service?

  32. I am a little intrigued by the throw blanket, but I still have a bad taste in my mouth following the back and forth during the summer. Liz, you are very classy to even post this. I love this blog for many reasons, but the way you handle yourself is definitely up at the top. You are my “friend in my head”, as Wendy Williams would say!

    • Thanks so much Chanttee! πŸ™‚ You made my day with the “friend in my head” comment!

      • ???

  33. Is the picture above with all the lips on it a picture of the throw? It is not my taste so I hope there are different throws. When i think of an autumn throw, colors of golds, reds, browns come to mind…not lips. But i realize we all have different tastes and there may be lots of people who would love that throw…it just doesn’t match anything in my house.

    • Probably. The email states that the throw is a new rendition of the print from her Kiss Me pillow from the previous box.

      • Oh, thanks for your guess on this. I think you are right. The thing I like about the pillow is the one giant lips. Wouldn’t be as into it with many lips (and don’t want to mix pink and red). But might still consider it in a swap πŸ˜€

  34. After all the drama from last season, I will not be subscribing to this box. I don’t care if they include a dinner to the White House as a bonus. Mean people

  35. Decoterie confirmed subscribers are receiving all three items with color variations allowing for swapping.

    • where did you see that they confirmed that the subscriber receives all three? I just havent seen that yet. I have only seen “may” thank you in advance!

      • I emailed them. That was their response.

  36. They have not answered any of the emails I sent the past few months. It sucks because they started off well then the big “thing” happened and it’s like they are ignoring emails even ones for simple requests/questions. It’s frustrating! πŸ™

    • totally agree with you.
      i have email them several times with no response from them or even an acknowledgement.

      very disappointing and disrespectful on their part.

  37. You’re a good person, Liz. Cause I don’t think I would have had it in me.

    • πŸ™‚ Thanks Lindsay

  38. Hi, hoping someone can help clarify this…. as it doesnt make sense to me. It says (caps and ** is me)…Here are a few of the goodies that ****MAY**** be included in your Fall Box:

    Then is describes a fleece throw featured in this months’s Organic Spa Magazine. I looked through it…it doesnt show a fleece. It shows the Kiss Me Pillow.

    1) can we choose which option we would like? or will everyone get only 1 of the 3? or possibly none of the 3 but something else?
    2) if so, can we see what the fleece throw looks like? I’m trying to picture that gorgeous print on fleece fabric and having a tough time doing so. How big is it? what are the colors? same as the pillow?
    3) is this available for purchase somewhere (the fleece throw)

    I have a hard time following the language of this box sometimes. And the person running it is supposed to be a journalist so that makes it even harder for me. I don’t know if it is deliberate? or just not clear.

    Maybe I just don’t have enough coffee in me yet…but I am left wondering after reading the full email. And we are supposed to decide by tomorrow – the cutoff.

    • I have two words for you: Plausible deniability.

      • Remember last time, some blogger started the spoiler with an image (and got that info *somewhere*) and they never pulled the info back or stated it was a miscommunication….just let all the misinformation stay out there while orders rolled in…then AFTER people were upset that their info didnt match the spoiler.. then it was blamed on “some blogger” (they could easily have corrected the miscommunication before it was so wide spread).

    • I posted the whole email. You can click on my name to read it. I do have an email in to Decoterie for clarification.

      I read it as it is possible the spoilers “may be included” in your box. I’ll update if I hear back from Decoterie.

      • Thanks. It’s just confusing marketing to me. And the person running it has a journalism AND marketing background so it seems deliberate. Or maybe not vetted. Based on those notes after the review from the last round, I am very cautious.

      • I updated the post to include the entire text of the email.

      • Yay! It’s a confusing email. I’m cautiously optimistic about the fall box.

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