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Decoterie Subscription Box Review – Summer 2015

This post may contain referral/affiliate links. If you buy something, MSA may earn a commission. Read the full disclosure.

UPDATE: This company has stopped responding to customers and stopped sending boxes. If you are a subscriber, we recommend filing a chargeback. Do not enter your credit card info on their site.

Decoterie Subscription Box Review - Summer 2015 Box

Decoterie is a brand new home decor subscription box. This is the very first box.

Decoterie Subscription Box Review - Summer 2015 Open

My Subscription Addiction paid for this box. Check out the review process postto learn more about how we review boxes).

Decoterie Subscription Box Review - Summer 2015 First Look

This box was practically bursting at the seams thanks to the pillow!

Decoterie Subscription Box Review - Summer 2015 Items

The Subscription Box: Decoterie

The Cost: $150 a quarter, plus $12 shipping to the east coast, $15 to west coast (more for outside US)


The Products: “Each season we send you a luxury hand packed box that’s focused on a theme. Each box contains a selection of 2-5 items ranging from home decor, textile goods, art, decorative accessories, and exclusive collaborations with top designers known as our HERO item. The Decoterie box is very similar in that half of the box will be pieces specifically made-to-order just for our box subscriber not available anywhere else.”

Ships to: US and International

Decoterie Subscription Box Review - Summer 2015 Info

Each box comes with an info card detailing the items included.

Decoterie Subscription Box Review - Summer 2015 Pillow

Throw Pillow – Value $115

From what I can tell, there are different pillow case designs subscribers might receive. It took me a minute to realize this print is a lipstick kiss mark (I think?). I think this is a fun print, but it doesn’t really fit my decor, so I may try to swap it for a different pillow cover.

Decoterie Subscription Box Review - Summer 2015 Zipper

The material is a good quality canvas, and I like the exposed gold zipper too. (In the info card, it is explained that subscribers received a pillow insert this quarter, and will receive other pillow covers to switch out in upcoming boxes).

Decoterie Subscription Box Review - Summer 2015 Wrap

Leather Case – Value $30

(FYI – for non-branded items, I’m just using the values listed on the info card).

Decoterie Subscription Box Review - Summer 2015 Wrap Open

This case is recommended to use for holding pencils, makeup, etc. I think maybe it would work for makeup brushes, lip liners, lip gloss, etc. It could work as a sunglass case too – but I can’t fit my phone in it.

Decoterie Subscription Box Review - Summer 2015 Scarf

Silk Scarf – Value $195

I really love the print of this scarf – it is beautiful. Unfortunately for me, it’s a circle scarf that isn’t long enough to wrap around twice, and I don’t like the look as a single loop. I may try it as a head scarf. (The info card mentions the raw edges of the scarf, but my scarf is completely closed, so I’m wondering if there are different versions of the scarf).

Decoterie Subscription Box Review - Summer 2015 Ring Dish

Plume Et Papier Custom Ceramic Tray – Value $8.50

This ring dish measures approximately 3 inches in diameter. I think it is such a fun personalized touch for the box – I love it!

Decoterie Subscription Box Review - Summer 2015 Candle Box

Live Love Soy Marble Candle – Value $60

Candle Open

This is my favorite item in the box! I love the scent (Coconut & Lime – very beachy), and the marble vessel is gorgeous. I think I’ll use it as a pen holder on my desk when the candle is gone.

Decoterie Subscription Box Review - Summer 2015 Candle

Decoterie Subscription Box Review - Summer 2015 Coasters

HawaiiNot Coasters – Value $24

When I saw the item list spoiler for the box, I assumed these would be marble coasters, but they are “marbled” clay coasters. These have a DIY quality to them that isn’t for me, but I like the color palettes.

FYI – that concludes the items listed on the card. Subscribers for the first box also received a bonus item:

Decoterie Subscription Box Review - Summer 2015 Lobster

Annie Taylor Designs Set of 4 Cards – Value $10?

I love lobsters thanks to Friends, so this bonus item is one of my favorites in the box!

Decoterie Subscription Box Review - Summer 2015 Floral box

This is the second bonus item I received. From what I can tell, most subscribers only received one bonus item, (the cards). (Update – some subscribers received one bonus item, some received two).

Decoterie Subscription Box Review - Summer 2015 Floral Box Open

Decoterie Subscription Box Review - Summer 2015 Soap

Elephant Bird Beauty Co. Princess Lavender and Lace Soap – Value $2

This scent is a little too strong for me, so it will be gifted or donated!

Verdict: I wasn’t sure what to expect with the first Decoterie box, but in general I’m pleased. The one surprise for me was that I was expecting this box to be almost entirely home goods, but it seems now that it is going to be a mix of home, lifestyle and fashion accessory items. (I would have preferred it if the most expensive item in the box was a home decor item and not a fashion item).

This box has a value of about $442. (Some of that value is based on the retail values suggested from Decoterie).

I can tell a lot of thought and curation went into this box, and while every item isn’t a hit for me – I can see the value. What do you think of the first Decoterie box?

UPDATE: For now I’ve decided to close comments on this post. At this point I believe everyone has had the opportunity to share their views. If you have any questions/concerns please email me – [email protected]

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. If you buy something, MSA may earn an affiliate commission. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. Liz, I’m sorry you are getting so singled out on their “newsletter”. This is getting (has gotten) absolutely ridiculous, and you don’t have that coming to you. Mercy, you don’t owe them anything, and I’m not sure why there is an impression that you do. You posted a code, with wording, and your subscribers subscribed to this box. You gave them free press. The backlash they are pointing in your direction is obscene and unprofessional. I’m sorry that you are being targeted on what appears to be a mismanaged launch.

    You’re a blogger. A very important blogger. But you are not the company manufacturing or supplying anything. I just don’t see why you’re getting thrown under the bus here.

    • dare she throw liz under the bus. she has lost a lot of potential subscribers today, i would have unsubscribed even if she had actually sent a “real diamond” studded “350” dollar pillow just because she is being mean to liz!
      writing letters and emails about the one person who got her so much business!!!
      blah blah.
      liz we are all standing with you. ∫ox of crazy can send more emails ! who cares anymore!

    • Hi there! We’d love to respond to you and others who are upset about us mentioning Liz. We see she updated info about the comments so we are excited that this should get published automatically now.

      As we mentioned on the blog of PA Anna it was an extremely tough decision to bring up Liz as she will be strongly defended as we predicted, and rightly so. Liz is in no way to blame, and we did not have a mismanaged launch, and we simply wanted to stop an avalanche that was starting up. If customers are posting hundreds of comments that we lied about a coupon code and refuse to honor it for them or that we are taking advantage of a sale that doesn’t exist all because one blogger unfortunately used the incorrect wording for the expiration date, do we sit back and let the unfair avalanche continue to roll, or do we try and risk defending our brand and speaking the truth? It is indeed a tricky subject, all a learning lesson, but it is absolutely not an attack on Liz, we even prefaced the statement by apologizing as emails can be interpreted a myriad of ways. We loved her so much we sent her some lavender soap as a thank you for assisting with the comments advice. We appreciate your support Liz, and can understand everyone will continue to come to your defense the same as we defended what we loved, but at least there are more new subscribers than there are cancellations so in the end it was a worthy risk and we just needed to do our best to protect our baby and now we know to say 11:59 pm is SO much better than saying “midnight” 🙂 And our more private customers will never comment here, but they are having all their CS issues handled including coaster returns and damaged candles, there simply isn’t anyone saying that info on here. If you are yet to receive a response from us, PLEASE do reach out. It might have been overlooked but we are available via phone all day today. Thank you Liz and fans!

      • Sorry, there’s no excuse for mentioning names in a business email. There are a LOT more classy ways to say things if you *think* someone screwed up. You’re not winning any fans defending that misstep.

      • Decoterie, you guys are obviously very green and need to get a thick skin to be in this business. You are KILLING your business by sending out these emails. Let people say what they want, take feedback and take the high road by bending over backwards to provide exceptional customer service. Quit taking everything so personally. Yes, it is your “baby”, but be mature enough to know you don’t need to defend anything. Nobody can tarnish your reputation but you. That goes for individual vendors as well. Get over it. You are doing way more damage here to your reputation by sending these emails out to subscribers than you realize. Especially for a premiere box, you need to cater to everyone until you establish a firm client base and a good reputation. You haven’t done that yet. Instead, have already soiled it with these emails and turned off many more subscribers than any who would praise your words. Trust me, when turned away nobody is going to take the time to tell you so except by canceling their subscriptions. Yes, I know this is a business and you need to make money and that you aren’t doing so yet, but quit defending and explaining. You can’t please everyone and yes, many didn’t like the coasters. So what? Put out a better box next time. Provide more accurate descriptions. The coasters were not “marble”. They were “marbled” or painted “marble-like”. You are partially to blame for the negative comments by setting up unrealistic expectations in your announcement. Take responsibility for that and quit blaming the unhappy subscribers for expressing their opinions. You can’t control what other people say no matter how hard you try to manipulate that. This is still a free country with free speech. You are free to speak your mind as well, but know that the things you are saying are damaging your business immensely. Keep it professional and impersonal in how you present yourself to current and potential subscribers. Now it’s going to take you a lot more time to repair your damaged reputation than any $35 coasters or blog comments could have ever done on their own. My two cents.

        • Hi there! Thank you so much for your feedback. We would like to respectfully and kindly disagree although we very much appreciate your thoughtful points made here. We agree that Liz has one of the biggest subscription blogs and so it may seem that when you take the temperature of the situation that the comments seen here is how everyone feels. But this is infact not the case. Maybe because this blog has many fans who comment repeatedly and not so much hundreds of ‘individuals’ thinking the same. Out of hundreds we only saw a mere 4 unsubscribes and that speaks a lot to what our core fan base thinks of our branding and what we stand for. We do not regret standing up for our brand nor do we find it “immature” or “crazy” to fight for morals we hold but we do apologize if a blogger feels we don’t appreciate their support. We very much do, including lovely Liz. But even beloved bloggers can make mistakes and can be held responsible as much as the boxes do so we do appreciate Liz making those two corrections now for us. We are pleasantly surprised with the amount of private outreach we received that shows how the majority of our members really feel, and that may be because the subscription addict market is a very small market that we target. Most our fans are fans of LE or fans from design blogs, not so much subscription blogs. However that is changing for the better thanks to forums. We welcome everyone from all walks of life to join, and we also are 100% supportive of negative comments. Our point was lets try to not let the Internet remove a bit tact and respect we can use when selecting the adjectives to describe work. But we are in agreement that free speech should mean harshness is allowed too. It’s definitely a good subject to debate. Perhaps our mistake was taking things personally on behalf of our vendors. We know better now and will hope that future partners have as thick skin as we do since we’ve been around the block as an ecommerce brand this isn’t our first rodeo 🙂 We also agree about the marble vs marbled, we have noted in our last newsletter that our info cards will be more specific for less confusion. Thank you all so much and anyone still in need of assistance don’t hesitate to use our live chat or email us!

          • And by “on D’s side”, I only mean that I agree people are over the top insensitive in what is a small item in 6+ item box. Idk, I didn’t subscribe anyway so what do I know?

          • yes, you saw 4 unsubscribes! but you lost so many who could have signed up after the first box!
            you clearly don’t care about us! gosh, is this really happening. are you really ignoring your own customers advice
            are you really sending those petty emails
            are you really coming to blogs and answering each and everyone!
            you really are an immature subscription box!
            i will be cautious and not sign up! who knows what you will do if i speak a word against it!

          • I guess my first post was deleted because I had a link? Here’s the jist:

            What Is Emotional Intelligence?

            Emotional intelligence is the ability to identify and manage your own emotions and the emotions of others. It is generally said to include 3 skills:

            1. Emotional awareness, including the ability to identify your own emotions and those of others;

            2. The ability to harness emotions and apply them to tasks like thinking and problems solving;

            3. The ability to manage emotions, including the ability to regulate your own emotions, and the ability to cheer up or calm down another person.

          • More than 4 unsubscribes a because of your newsletters. I just unsubscribed.

          • Wait. If the comments made on MSA represent such a small section of your customers, and the vast majority are all warm and fuzzy, why the blast emails to everyone, including people who never even signed up, only gave an email when browsing the site?

      • I want to clarify that I do not own the blog. I do post on the blog. The owner is traveling which is why there are posts from me only and no one else for the past week.

        I also want everyone to know that nothing I wrote is disparaging to Liz or MSA. I’ve commented on Liz’s blog for over a year. I’ve supported her endeavors with collaborations with Quarterly and Kloverbox and also by buying off her links. Even though I finally decided to give a try blogging, it is different than Liz’s style. I don’t think anyone is going to be knocking on my door offering me free boxes anytime soon.

        I did post the emails because I reviewed the box and felt it was fair to post the letters and let people respond to them, whether it was here on MSA or on the other blog. That does not mean I agree with what is written. I do think there is the risk of alienating subscribers by mentioning names and comments. It has been proven in the past that this does not go over well with commenters. Mentioning Liz and MSA is a poor decision in my eyes, but I am not the curator who works with the artists. The curator calculated the risk and felt it was necessary.

        Ultimately, it all goes back to with what most companies are struggling to figure out. How do you handle online criticism and negative posts when you do not have a voice? It’s a subject that has come up before on the blog and will come up again.

        As for the comments about Liz and her blog, it sounds like a huge miscommunication that led to a huge mess. I can’t see Liz wanted the company to fail or being deceptive because this is the type of box that would interest her. People can view the same situation differently.

        Liz has dedicated blog followers that love her. I can see that in the posts that I read today. It’s a testimony to Liz’s work and reputation that commenters are supporting her.

        • Very thoughtful comment, PAAnna. I enjoy your blogs posts, kitties too.
          ; 0)

    • Thanks for the kind words Lindsay 🙂

    • I think everyone needs to step away peacefully. Enough damage has been done. Let’s all move on….

  2. LIZ you are famous! 😛

    • you will hence be a part of “decoterie” newsletters! lol. ridiculous way of handling a business. she should definitely take some ” common sense” classes.

  3. ok, I just saw the unboxing video. I still like the coasters. I stand by that. 🙂

    • I think they are pretty, some boxes send walnut xmas ornaments and metallic tattoos, perspective people.

  4. lol!

    • a new email has arrived! lol. i was thinking of giving this box a try. but, i don’t appreciate unclasp people doing my home decor!

      • LOL.

      • new e-mail? please dish.

        • “I am devastated…”
          Those were the first words that popped up in one of my email notifications. I felt huge a lump in my throat and have never been so scared to open an email from a fellow maker or designer. I knew the time had come – it meant the artist of the coasters had seen all the comments about her work. Comments like this one which I will leave nameless, “The coasters are even more hideous in person. I advise against spending even a penny on them or swapping even one foil packet for them. They are horrible looking and of horrendous quality. I wouldn’t pay a cent for them…” which is infact actually not even one of the worst. I share this to say I think we all can learn a simple lesson in sharing opinions, albeit negative or positive, in a respectful manner keeping in mind we are all humans with feelings and passion and pride about what we do or don’t do. And that comment by the way was in response to someone simply stating that they loved the coasters. I find one person commenting the same thing almost 20 times all over the Internet to persuade someone not to like something is hard to comprehend. That’s just me! Stay tuned to the end for a link to one fan who did a beautiful video review of Decoterie.
          But enough about what I think is right! This box is about you, our lovely fans. With all that has been said I took some time to gather courage and respond to the artist and see what is the best way to handle the situation so that it doesn’t continue to unfold so unfortunately and her reputation tarnished. I still really enjoy the coasters personally and while I can understand some would have preferred they got the same of both colors or gotten them without the gold at all I want to take the opportunity and offer every single person that is unhappy with their coasters to return them without any questions asked to the address on your shipment label. However, since we absolutely do not do this and most boxes don’t offer returns or refunds or exchanges simply because you do not like something, we want to say that we cannot offer return shipping. Before this leads to yet another uproar please do keep in mind that this is not something to be upset about we simply have to be somewhat strict as much as that breaks my heart so that we don’t manifest an expectation that we will be a revolving refund door for customers who complain loud and long enough; these very well fit in a small manila envelope and can be shipped first class as slow as humanly possible for less than two dollars based on weight. We will then make a notation on the accounts of all the customers that have returned both coasters as they received them, and for the next box send a marble slab coaster from the Letitia Elizabeth collection as a replacement. If you’re not an annual subscriber or do not expect to receive another box we will still be sending you these items to express our gratitude for your support of the premier box. Some of you have mentioned that you were completely happy with the coasters as is and appreciate their art form and will be keeping them regardless, we are very happy to hear that and feel free to do so if you wish! Why are we doing this? Well after reading comments that people are going as far as throwing them in the trash, we cannot stand by and let the artist read such words. We rather collect these items and recycle or donate them and make our customers as happy as we can. But do not expect this to be the norm, going forward we firmly stand by our return and refund policy and will not be offering exchanges based on personal taste. This is the fun of subscription boxes and I take a gamble each month on my own boxes as well!

          We want to drive home again that we did not lie about our comments not being approved on MSA nor did we post any visual spoilers regarding pillows or coasters whatsoever and just because commenters say something enough times doesn’t then make it true. It is a simple as this, if we posted a pillow spoiler, where is it? How come no one can track that down? So apologies again for those who felt misled, but we can’t control what people post or guess about for future boxes. We also find it a little hurtful to be accused that we ran out of money or taste and that is why we sent these coasters. That is simply not the case and it was the plan all along. Same goes for the pillow which was designed months ahead. Unbranded items are custom designed items made in house by the same LE factory but we never intended to send LE signature pillows as it simply is cost prohibitive to do so. We are a big brand and we know how to scale so it is not a question of whether we have too many subscribers and could not produce, this again is our industry and trade for over a decade and we certainly can handle any amount of box subscribers needing product when we produce for big retailers just the same! But as we mentioned before we will work on custom tags and custom packaging going forward and better info card descriptions.

          Our deepest thanks and gratitude goes out to the dozens of customers and fans who emailed us long and thoughtful messages in response to the email we sent yesterday. It really touched us and we are very happy to have you as part of the Decoterie family. Especially our new subscribers who felt compelled to purchase the box after reading our very passionate words!! We will definitely sit and let those who do not quite like what we offer widdle out of our list and focus on those who appreciate what we have in store! I will save all future words of passion for Instagram and move our newsletter back to regularly scheduled programming. I don’t want anyone thinking I’m having a mental midlife crisis and having me checked into an institution if you catch my drift! I tease, I tease. Thank you so much!

          • Not anon because I don’t care…won’t be subscribing to this box of crazy.

            Someone should edit those emails prior to sending them out. Not only are they WAY over the top with the drama, they are also very poorly written. Widdle? Is that supposed to be whittle? Or “Widdle” as in “Widdle puddy tat?”

            I know, I know, criticizing grammar and such makes me a small person (and I’m sure there are errors even in my own post), I just can’t get over these emails!

          • “Waddle puddy tat,” LMAO Thank you, Bekki. I think we all needed a little comic relief from this drama!

          • Is she trying to say she’s going to “whittle” people out of her list?

            I find these e-mails unprofessional. And worthy of a “tl;dr” to be honest (I did start reading them, but quit partway through…).

            There are a lot of things that get me about these messages (or what I could bear to get through). Here are a few:

            (1) That they said they took photos of all the boxes prior to shipping. That’s like high school teachers saying they photocopied all the scantron sheets so people can’t change test answers later and claim the scantron machine was wrong. I understand why high school teachers would do it, but it doesn’t make for the underpinnings of a good business model.

            (2) The singling out of individual commenters and/or bloggers as the cause of a bunch of her problems. That’s passing the buck and it’s just not cool.

            (3) Sending out these “oh, poor me” messages to begin with. As many others have said, this is the kind of thing you write and (a) delete or (b) have someone else read first and talk some sense into you or (c) at the very least, reread when you’ve got your emotions in check, even if it’s a week later.

            (4) Referencing cruel comments and hurt feelings. This is the internet. Even “To Kill a Mockingbird” has over 100 1-star reviews on Amazon.

            Oh well. Glad this one did not interest me. I’m generally cool with $20 or $25 mystery boxes but am unwilling to risk disappointment with something much pricier.

          • ETA: The thing about taking photos was from someone’s comment here and not from one of the messages sent by the box company.

          • BTW they still have not emailed me a copy of the picture taken of my box… ..

    • Okay, I found it. Nevermind. Geeeez. 😉

  5. Is her email posted? If so, where?

  6. Shipping is now $20 not $12 or $15…i was considering getting a box, but not with the increase of shipping

    • Yea and not to mention there shipping charge isn’t on the site and noted untilafter checkout….upon sign up I agreed to the price then got an email with the extra $20 shipping added. That wasn’t my total before I hit summit/order/subscribe. Shady if you ask me….

      • It does have the $20 shipping in the FAQ section… but I think it should be noted with the price of the box, or at least on the same page as box prices, not buried in the FAQs.

        • Exactly when I signed up my total did NOT include a shipping amount until after I hit summit, e.I. signed up….

  7. And another email from a company I only looked into and didn’t subscribe to.

    • Same here….
      Just a crazy business model. She should not be airing the dirty laundry to those that did not actually get the box. It sealed my fate of never subbing.

    • same here….
      She should not be airing her dirty laundry to those who have not even received the box. I definitely will not be subbing in the future now.
      (also sorry if this shows up twice computer had a mini meltdown..)

    • I signed up to be on the wait list and was excited for that – but that got me signed up for the newsletter and having just read her second email about all this… definite turn off to a potential subscriber. And seeing that she’s bringing the drama to Instagram too – sigh.

      Yes, I know you’re reading my comment. So please, stop with these types of emails. The first one seemed like a passionate reply but those are the ones most therapists will tell you to write and then delete. The second email… there are helpful people here as well as the negatives, and you ignored the good advice given to you here, including don’t bring up specific comments/commenters. If you won’t take the help that is offered, you won’t improve like your email says you want to.

      • Exactly – way too much drama over a subscription box! Conceptually I get it…. LE was upset because people said some mean things and as an “artist” she felt that she needed to respond thus rambling email #1. But to keep reading the comments and then issue another rambling email based on those comments is just immature – I believe many of us left Junior High years ago so let it go already!

        • Did you ever think maybe this box is made by someone in JR high. sure seems like it. I am way to old for this baby stuff she dishes out.

  8. A $256.00 couch pillow with the most simplistic print you could ever ask for. What has the world come to…

  9. Thanks for posting the letter, Anna PA. I understand the owner’s desire to address misinformation but, unfortunately, her lengthy note didn’t offer me much clarity. I still don’t understand why the incorrect spoiler pillow wasn’t addressed sooner via email and social media. I read a review where someone received what looked like that pillow so… that is confusing to me. She states no one received special treatment, but there are several who have said they got an extra item. Her explanation of the coupon code is convoluted. She mentions Liz a lot but, ultimately, offering the discount was her choice, not Liz’s. Liz may have gotten the deadline wrong, and, if she did, that’s a shame but fixable. Of course people will be angry but calmly explain the discount has ended, sincerely apologize, and move forward. The main point, which she buries in a bunch of discussion of MSA, is that the company made a mistake and couldn’t handle the influx of subscribers. Also ok. It’s a learning process. Admit it and move on.

    The Etsy and price discussion are difficult to sift through. I love Etsy but I’m not surprised that some don’t consider Etsy items to be luxe. Based on the description of Decoterie when the box was first announced I didn’t anticipate Etsy items or fashion accessories in the box. Honestly, I can’t follow her argument regarding how the coasters would have been acceptable in a cheaper box. The lectures on silk prices, papier- mache, and the meaning of “luxury” are not particularly helpful. The major misstep, in my opinion, is calling out commenters. Naming a specific commenter is, I think, a really bad move and asking that comments be removed is not acceptable to me. I know people say negative, hurtful, things. She cannot control that or change it. She can, however, control her response to the negativity and I think a very long, reactionary email written when she was upset was not the best course.

  10. I am sorry to have to mention this but I feel like I must in light of the discussion here.

    Either Liz did receive an upgraded/blogger-style box (or she is just REALLY lucky) because her pillow is worth more than twice the $115 value listed on the info card inside this box:


    Kiss Me Throw Pillow by Leigh Viner

    Per the box owner’s website this “One of kind, exclusive to Letitia Elizabeth, this lovingly handcrafted pillow has been produced in a small batch edition of just 10 pieces.” No one else here has commented that they received this pillow and since there were only 10 made to begin with and the pillow is still available it seems like more than a coincidence to me.

    • That’s a good point!

  11. My advice to Decoterie:

    Take care of yourself: get some rest, eat well, clear your mind.
    Let the fires burn themselves out – which they will.

    Close your sub to new subscribers after the discount ends.
    Treat the customers you have like gold; show us what it means to offer first-rate luxury customer service.

    Never attempt to silence a critic; it will backfire every time.

    Let subscribers who aren’t a good fit fall away, so you’re left with the smaller special group you sought in the first place.

    • This. For real, this. I would have slept on it before firing off that novel email too. They seem like really nice people- But they have to fix the missing/broken items, and should stop responding to things with any type of accusatory/hostile vibe. Mercy. It will blow over. Deliver quality and first rate customer service, and they will be just fine.

    • Sage advice.

    • This is the perfect advice. I think they have so much nerve trying to get people not to say what they feel about the box. That makes them look really bad. This will happen over and over someone will not like something. If they cannot deal with it. Stop selling boxes. They look really bad sending these crazy letters so unprofessional its horrible. They are the ones who sent the coasters with the chipped gold trim to me . Why should I not be able to say I got them that way or that I did not like them. They need advice on how to act and deal with customers. They are very immature

  12. Look at the review for Linen Crate. The owner responded to just about every single post. I doubt Liz deleted any post in this review. People were hash about her recent box too. Very harsh. And she didn’t lash out or delete posts. Even when she was accused of doing it she was able to explain why; first post, different name, included a link, all of which needed to be manually approved.
    In that email the owner actually said that people were happy receiving cheap products in cheaper boxes, but when those same items are included in a supposedly luxury box they were upset. Look at the review for Linen Crate. The owner responded to just about every single post. I doubt Liz deleted any post in this review. People were hash about her recent box too. Very harsh. And she didn’t lash out or delete posts. Even when she was accused of doing it she was able ro explain why; first post, different name, included a link, all of which needed to be manually approved.
    In that email the owner actually said that people were happy receiving cheap products in cheaper boxes, but when those same items are included in a supposedly luxury box they were upset. (Under the “final truth” section of that email)
    That right there sums up exactly how she feels about her customers and this endeavor.

    • Ugh. Sorry for repeating text. I don’t know what happened.

  13. Comment

    • Sorry for the empty comment, mobile malfunction while reading.

  14. There is a way to describe your dislike for something with tact, seems to be a lost art these days. We have to remember these box owners are people and have feelings too, so I can understand why she felt the need to send the email, especially when you can’t publicly defend your business on the same forums where people bash them.

  15. I feel bad that all these people were so mean. I think that it’s important to remember that everyone has a heart and feelings. She is also promoting artists also and for people to criticize them also because she put their work out there on a larger scale is also fueling her anguish. Yes she should develop a thinker skin but we as customers need to realize that we are paying for the mystery that comes from subscription boxes. Yes, the work was beautiful and if I could afford her boxes I would totally sign up. I think she should open up the option to have a half box…half the value and half the products. Like a deluxe and a regular. This way people don’t have to put so much out there to get a box. Just a suggestion. I think we all could use a lesson on kindness here and there. No one deserves to be attacked on such a large scale like that. No one!

    • I personally appreciate people being honest. There is a difference between mean and honesty

    • I agree. It’s unfortunate, but common in the sub world. Liz’s last box wasn’t overwhelmingly received. It’s one thing to say you didn’t like it, the value wasn’t there for you, the style doesn’t match yours, or whatever. It’s ok to admit it was a mistake on your part to have purchased the box.

      The thing is: while we’re sitting on our bums ordering sub boxes, artists are putting themselves out there, knowing they can’t please everyone. There’s a difference between honesty and bashing. Everyone knew there was no past box to base your purchase decision on. If you can’t afford to risk $150 on a premier box and risk that you won’t like everything, then buy something for $150 that you pick out for yourself.

  16. i can’t believe it. i was at her instagram page, she just can’t stop herself! she is showing off some jewelry she bought from etsy for 400 bucks. she claims”not everything from its is cheap”
    ha ha
    ridiculous! i have no idea how did she manage to pull off a business with this attitude!

    • Also, she can’t compare a $400 gold hair piece bought on etsy (I’m assuming it’s $400 because it’s made of real gold, if so that’s a steal for real solid gold) to the coasters we received that just had plain gold trim ( that’s not real gold ). Whatever I’m so over this drama. All I wanted / politelty asked for was a replacement for the missing/damaged items. I even said overall I thought the curation was nice. Yes I’m guilty of commenting on my bad experience/interaction with customer service, I guess my bad. I only shared this in hope that others ( esp future subscribers ) could see the potential risk in dealing with customer service issues and hopefully not receive the same treatment.

  17. Im in shock of that email she sent to subscribers, as she said “I had no words” I received damaged and missing items and reached out to CS and basically they told me they took pictures of every box (I of course asked for a copy) for insurance purposes and that I would have to make a claim with the post office (don’t even know how to do that since I’m the receiver not the sender). Wow I totally regret getting this box. She pretty much implied that there’s no way on there end there could have been shipping mistakes and if it did arrive damaged and missing items oh well not their problem. Take it up with the post office. That’s horrible CS. I have Never ever dealt with poor quality CS and not even offering common courtesy to correct it. It’s still the company’s responsibility to make sure you receive what you paid for intact and with all items. As someone said earlier I’m so happy I have American Express to help me dispute this. I really did not want to go this route. Lesson learned…

    • Unless they sent it insured the post office won’t do much anyway as there’s no proof that the post office did anything wrong. So sorry they are treating customers so badly.

    • It is shocking that a box owner would be so dramatic. Way over the top I think. Plus from what I heard she is not replacing damaged items for people.

      • I was seriously thinking of signing up for this one but will not be any longer after reading about the owner’s email and the horrible customer service. I will stick with my current four luxury boxes and use the money I was going to spend on this box on Limited Edition type boxes instead this Fall. So glad I didn’t sign up for this box.

  18. I read the email too. You can click on my name to read it. I can understand why Liz may not want to post it. It does open up a lot of questions about what is acceptable when it comes to a curator being able to defend his or her business. I’m not sure if this will go over well with the subscribers. The vendors – yes. It may alienate the subscribers.

    I have no dog in the fight. I cancelled my subscription a few days ago. It’s an interesting case study because there is good and bad that comes with promoting through blogs. There will be negative comments and positive comments. I think a thick skin is required especially if you are passionate about what you are doing.

    Anyways, click if you want to see the letter.

    • Thanks for posting the letter from the curator on your blog. I didn’t buy this box (after years of subscribing to way too many boxes, I simply have acquired too much stuff) and from my view, this seems like a really nice box. I also really appreciate the curators points on “luxury.” I’ve noticed lately, especially on MSA, there seem to be a lot of subscribers wanting to get something for nothing, rather than valuing the experience of a mystery box or the value of receiving items that are filling some kind of needin your life. Additionally, it appears that good customer service means that people can demand outcomes or remedies when they’re unhappy. While I do think requesting that customers or potential customers remove their negative feedback, I also think that people shielded by the annonomity of their computer screens communicate in a cruel, harsh time that they would not employ in person. I agree that using such negativity regarding a $10 item in a box, coasters no less, is bizarre.

      • At this price point I think people have a right to be mad over getting coasters and a bowl thst look like a 5 year old made them at Summer camp.

      • Crystal, you are welcome. I do want to point out I am not the owner of the blog that I posted on. The owner has been traveling. I know that’s not what you meant, but I wanted to clarify so no one is confused.

      • I received the email and agree with all of Crystal said. Personally, I loved the dish. It’s so rare to get something personalized in a sub box. I love the style and don’t equate it to something childish. I equate it with something handmade. If I could swap for a bowl with my name on it (or just the heart) I would’ve already!

      • People are upset that they paid $150 and got 2 poorly made items from etsy. Not to mention she inflated the price on the card. Plus when people contacted her about them being defective she basically said she will do nothing about defective items. I think she advertised the box wrong. People were expecting lux items. She should take out that word and put handmade. Plus I honestly was expecting real marble. Since she said it in her posts about the box. I do love my pillow but it is not the pillow she lead people to believe they were getting. She misled people.

        • In the comments under the letter, Kasey from customer service states:
          “Also just want to confirm that indeed we received word we are announcing returns for all customers unhappy with their coasters, no questions asked, and we will be sending real marble from the Letitia Elizabeth collection instead! Thank you!”
          This seems like excellent customer service to me!!!! They are also offering a 25% off deal good today only….I’m tempted, and also glad to read that their boxes are all made in USA.

    • I think that was the longest email I have ever read in my life 🙂
      I wish her good luck and I do believe that is impossible to curate a box that will please even 80% of its recipients but I think that letter is a bit over the top

      • scary over the top YIKES

    • hum, I get she’s hurt but I really don’t believe that Liz would delete anyone’s comments, I think that is just an excuse by them to put the blame elsewhere and add to the poor me attitude which can backfire. I honestly think if she does the right thing and ownes up on the issues personally, that would go much further. Her prices seem way over inflated in my opinion and not having tags or atleast accurate details from the artesians, this only leads people to question more. Why is her versions much higher than what they are listed at? I also kinda liked the coasters, check out their etsy shop, it looks cute. I may just buy a set to support them but at their price listed not hers. I truly believe in second chances so she has time to get it right. Also, if she could give more information on what to expect from her box, I think that would go a long way for folks to preview if her box is for them or not.

      • Here is some background on how comments get approved (Hope this is helpful!):

        If you’ve commented on the site before, your comment should automatically get posted (without admin approval). The exception to that rule is if the comment includes a word that we filter for (spam words, swear words, etc.) and then the comment would go to pending, and need to be approved by admin before it shows up. (For spam reasons any comments including links have to be approved by admin as well).

        If you’ve never commented on the site before, (or you use a different email address or name than you have previously), your comment will be in the pending section of admin before it is approved. (How quickly pending comments get approved depends on how many comments we get that day, my schedule, etc. – admin is just me, and sometimes I can get behind).

        In this particular case, I received an email from Decoterie asking me for advice on how to respond to two comments on the original post about this new subscription service. I gave them my advice, and later saw that they had two comments in pending. Given the wording/content of those comments, I assumed that the comments were written before they saw my email advice, so I left those comments in pending. And I never heard anything about them again, so again assumed I did what was wanted.

        It was an assumption on my part, and I’ve fixed it. Those two comments have since been approved.

  19. I am still in shock at the site of these horrible coasters. I cannot imagine someone calling themselves a designer putting them in a box and sending them. The gold on what they sent me is all over the place. Who painted these ugly things? All I can say is WOW. The candle is nice smells great. The pillow I got is nice too. I would have loved the box minus the coasters.

    • I don’t have them…but I am trading for them. They look super cute to me! But if there is quality issues when I see them in person it might be another thing. But I definitely want to defend them. I’m a little into gold in decor 🙂

      • Just let me know if you want to trade. It will be a few weeks before I have mine up for swap, because I’m currently on vacation – but since the coasters I received don’t match, I will probably list them. I like that they are handmade and I love papier-mâché.

        However, I already have several sets of coasters that I really like and honestly, these are a bit too fancy for my kids. I’m afraid they would destroy them. I received a black one with pink and just a wee bit of teal swirls and a white one with pink and teal swirls. Both are in great shape – no gold flecks of paint in the box!

        I feel compelled to add that I’m amazed at all the discussion over these coasters. They may not be to everyone’s liking. However, they are gajillions times betters than the faux coasters we received in our OP boxes that had a value of $20. Those coasters were nothing more than printed discs of paper. OP including those in our boxes and actually assigning them a value of $20 was, frankly, an insult to our intelligence.

        For me, this just isn’t the same thing. While I know these coasters may not be to everyone’s liking, they are obviously works of art and even more important – they are actually coasters!

        Anyways, I’ll be listing mine in a few weeks if anyone’s interested in swapping so that they can have a completed set. And for what it’s worth, I loved my jewelry dish… I guess it’s all just a matter of taste!

    • The coasters are even more hideous in person. I advise against spending even a penny on them or swapping even one foil packet for them. They are horrible looking and of horrendous quality. I wouldn’t pay a cent for them let alone the over inflated 30+ value given.

      • you are famous too:P

        • This craxy sub box owner can kiss my foot! I stand by my comment and hideous is actually being nice! Cancelled this sub and spreading the word that this sub is run by butt hurt crazy people! !

  20. Really? Check your emails for a big backlash and defense from the company….with several mentions of this site and people merely talking about the box, they don’t understand blogs and how this site and other review sites for boxes work..come on. I’m not really buying there so call apologies it’s a mile long and full of personal stabs in my opinion….

    • Just saw it … :/

      • I’m not sure I understand. What backlash?

        • The sub company is not happy over the negative reviews here and is super pissed off. If you subscribe you’ll get the email and understand.

          • The sad part is that there was a pretty big negative customer service experience that I had (nothing to do w/ issues they raised)…but have been holding my tongue hoping it get resolved. And yes, I have checked my spam. I will continue to hope it gets resolved for a few more days – seems like they are a bit overwhelmed. I’m not sure how big of a team (or if the lack of communication is because there is only a perception being built that there is a team but it is really 1 or 2 people…. it could explain some things). Either way, this letter… no bueno.

          • Oh. I wanted to subscribe, and have not yet and probably won’t now. I did not see email,

    • I got the letter they sent. How immature to send it . This is the internet and on these blogs people can say whatever that want . If they make mistakes or send out stuff that disappoints people they got to deal with it. I think they will lose customers acting that way. For $150 they need to send more high end things. People can get a way better box IMO from OUIPLEASE.

      • I did not get this box but looked into it so I got her basically crazy email just now. The spoilers on this box were not for me so I did not order but I was planning to look at the next edition. I will not be now, when you are so insecure in your own product and business model that you have to send out a mass email specifically calling one paying customer out and one blogger I can not support you. She says she is a box addict herself, well then she should know how this works. She should have taken the high road (popsugar apologizing for CFDA and offering returns) and not the low road (LLB). Frankly she could take a page from Liz’s book – Liz has not broken down when people did not like the boxes she curated, she may have stopped with quarterly (which frankly who could blame her with their hot mess) but she tried again with kloverbox. Peoples dislike has never caused her to have a total meltdown and post a rant on her blog.
        She lost a customer in me, I liked many of her items and would have bought items for her website and possibly future boxes but I can not in good concious support her now.

        • She sure is butt hurt that I didn’t like the coasters and had the gall to be honest about the candle being ugly. I did love the scarf and the lovely bonus items but out of sheer principal now I won’t be using them.

        • DITTO! I just looked into this box and found it wasn’t for me so never subscribed. I was floored when I received that email this morning. I get what she is saying, to a point, but it was very unprofessional and not something I want to be a part of.

  21. This was a great box, I’m happy that I sign up for a year subscription.

  22. I’m so bummed about the CS issues with this box. I was going to sign up for an annual subscription. Thank you everyone for the information as you just saved me from making a mistake! I will continue to look at reviews and if the owner makes things right, and improves in CS, I may reconsider.

  23. I just want to repeat the fact that I am NOT a blogger or reviewer and I got the same more expensive marble candle that Liz got as well as 2 bonuses. Except Liz got soap and I got bath salts. I also got the exact same scarf as Liz.Because of this I don’t believe the bloggers are getting special treatment.

    • What pillow did you receive if you do not mind me asking

      • The pink and gray leopard print looking one. It’s just ok. Not worth 150 by any means!

        • I think I may have seen it in a spoiler or on one of her sites. I don’t remember where I saw it. Did you see my red pillow that I posted on MUT yesterday?

          • Yes it looks alot like the leopard spoiler pillow shown but gray and pink instead of brown and gold. I thought everyone was getting the same pillow but I was wrong. No I didn’t see your red one.

        • I thought we were all receiving one of the animal print or one of the pillows in the blue family on her site. If we had, I would not have been disappointed

      • I feel like they are pulling a Oui Please and just chosing subscribers at random to give bonus items too. I wish they wouldn’t do that. At these higher prices everyone should get the same thing.

        • This is a very expensive box. I am only paying around 90 dollars a month for ouiplease due to a discount they had. I feel if you put these 2 boxes side to side that OUIPLEASE blows them away. I am still shaking my head looking at that clay dish and coasters. Looks like a craft project some kids would make at camp. Not something you would expect in a $150 box. I cannot justify spending such a huge amt of money for stuff like this. I can just see what she sends in a box and order the items I like from etsy. Plus her crazy letter ….

          • Lol we think alike. I also said some of these items ahem coasters and bowl look like they were made by a 5 year old at Summer camp. Maybe that’s too generous though. Should be a 3 year old. Most 5 year olds at least try to draw a straight line and color in the lines.

    • That being said I don’t think this subscription is worth the money. I love the scarf but the candle that everyone seems to want is actually really unattractive and bulky. The pillow is just ok. Mine was leopard print. The bowl looks like something a 5 year old makes at camp. Save your money for sure.

  24. I love the candle and wrap case. That particular pillow is not my style, but I love the idea of getting more covers for it over time. The other items are nice, though I wouldn’t go out of my way to get them. I don’t really care for the scarf at all, but it would look good on some people.

    I’d consider subscribing, but the way this business is run is setting off alarm bells in my mind. Boxes can always improve, but I’ve never seen a shady business do anything but worsen. I’m not impressed that Liz apparently got a limited pillow, the more expensive candle option and two bonuses.

    • I don’t blog or do reviews and I also got the more expensive candle and 2 bonus items.

  25. I thought about getting this box…almost bought it, and decided to wait for a review. It looks OK, but not for the price, and after reports of bad customer service, I definitely won’t be getting this box. Asking someone to remove a comment, and then ignoring them completely is pretty shady.

  26. I was really tempted to get this box when it was first advertised because I like the idea of home decor boxes but I’m glad I showed some restraint on this one. I do not get a luxury or high-end vibe from this box. To me, luxury is more about craftmanship, quality materials, and a feeling of exclusivity; not just a high arbitrary price tag or even a designer name. I do like that they tried to include personalized and custom made items but the craftmanship and quality of the materials do not scream luxury or high end to me. Either way, the style of these items would not have worked for me or my home decor. I am fairly crafty and know how to sew, so for $150 I think I would have been much happier with a trip to Home Goods or Target and a couple of craft stores. Perhaps this may be like the Burke Home Decor boxes where they will improve with the second box.

  27. Huh. The pillow that Liz received is a limited edition pillow that people have been waiting for since last year. There were only ten-I mean twenty five made. Check out her facebook page Weird.

    • I didn’t mean to imply Liz received a better box. I just meant the “10…25 limited edition pillows wait since last year” was weird. I didn’t realize the extent of the thow pillow following! Lol

      • I LOVE the pillow Liz received! I got the red one with black piping. Not a total disappointment – but oh, I love the pink kiss! I’ll have mine up for swap if anyone’s interested :)!

    • I was curious so I clicked your link, but I didn’t see anything about a high demand for the pillow. I did see “Flash Sales” for reduced (but still crazy high) rates on high value items, but for which there were never any buyers.

  28. From Liz’s box, I love her pillow!! And to defend the coasters, I actually like them a lot (but I don’t have them in person to see if there are flaws that others can see) as they go with my decor. I love the leather wrap. I love the candle. And I love the personalized dish (already ordered some for friends). What I don’t love is the varied level of customer service (especially for a box that is brand new). I would have been happy with this box – if I got it in this variation – but alas I don’t have any box at all. Thanks, Liz, for a great review!

  29. I would never pay $150 for this box. So glad I decided to pass on this, definitely not for me!

  30. Well, it’s obvious that the values are inflated because Liz posted the *real* values of the branded items. Decoterie listed those coasters at $35, for instance, when Liz shows they’re $24 on Etsy and look like a Whimseybox project.

    Also, they list the candle at $60 but note that people will receive either the marble one or a “rose gold glass” one. There is a HUGE difference in value between marble and glass!

    I love boxes that give business to Etsy sellers, but those always cost way less than this box. And I would expect a box this expensive to use Etsy items that are more sophisticated than those coasters.

    What I am jealous about is that ring dish! I wouldn’t buy it myself because of the gold gilt, but I would be very touched by the thoughtfulness of that–and would use it!–if I received it in a box. Love the idea of personalization.

  31. This has been one of those eye openers for me in the subscription box community. Products wise, the box is my type of decor and things I would have enjoyed in a box. The part that has been rough is the way Letitia has handled her start. With all of the issues on the coupon codes it was not a great beginning. She reached out to me and offered me the box using the code due to the troubles I had. The catch was I had to remove the comments I made on MSA. Once I did that, Letitia stopped responding to me and then never honored the coupon code or making sure I got a July box. She got what she wanted from me and I got ignored. Lesson learned. As for the products, most of the items clutch, candle, and dish are from Etsy shops. I don’t consider Etsy to be “high end.” The pillows are beautiful and I love the idea of sending out different covers in future boxes. I am just not sure if they are $125 beautiful. The scarf was off-putting and didn’t seem to go with the purpose of the box. I believe it was thrown in to up the value of the box. I will be curious to see if Letitia follows through on her word to anyone else. As for me, she has yet to.

    • I don’t consider Etsy luxurious or high end either. This box was an epic fail and horrible in my opinion and hearing how shady the owner is I wouldn’t trust anything to do with this subscription. My husband and I just bought our dream home so I figured I’d watch this box for a few months and…just yuck!

    • My experience is not far off from yours and will provide this feedback in this comments section at a later date, if it is not resolved.

    • Wow, not cool, you gave her a second chance to make things right and she doesnt follow through on her end of the bargain. I was thinking of this trying this one out as well but her coupon mess made me stay away, something just didn’t seem right to me based on the comments. The box itself is not what I expected in the least but if I got Liz version I would have been happy with it.

    • I recommend re-posting your earlier comments. She failed to honor her end of the bargain. The fact she asked you to do that in exchange for so etching others got for nothing more is unethical in my book, and borderline not legal (if you have proof she can be held to her end of the bargain given that she extended the offer to you; it’s an enforceable written contract–end of this lawyer’s speech–). Anytime a seller needs you to remove less than positive feedback, it speaks volumes to me and not in a good way. Shady is as shady does. You’re showing far more restraint than I would.

      IMO, this isn’t a home decor box. It was advertised as such but is a lifestyle hybrid. I’ve been in the sub box game for over 3 years and have tried out over 70 different ones so far. This one has my shady alarm bells pinging. I’d like to be wrong about it but that hasn’t happened yet with a sub box (not bc I’m psychic or awesome but because the process is so predictable).

      • I have all of my emails and email exchanges with Letitia. She offered to honor the 40% coupon on either subscription I wanted and then asked me to remove my posts on MSA. I wrote Liz and asked Liz to remove the comments which she did. Then Letitia ignored my numerous attempts in getting the code to work. I believe in the honor code and never thought in a million years she would mislead me and not honor her end of things. I won’t lie, I was really hurt by it all. It just didn’t seem like something I would expect from a business owner.

        • I am sorry for your experience, to me customer service is just as important as the product. She most definitely should of honored the coupon code for you. I am glad now that I skipped this one.

        • I’m really appalled by all of these comments and, while am absolutely the target demo for this box, now won’t even consider buying one even if unlike future spoilers (I didn’t care for the dish or pillow this time). Like LLB there is something so wildly unprofessional about the behavior (to the point of seeming unhinged) that infant believe this woman wants to be an entrepreneur…..sorry for your experience and thanks for sharing so we can all avoid.

          • * Like not unlike and I can’t not infant- stupid iPhone. Sorry!

  32. A tip for those of you wanting to reuse the glass or marble container a candle comes in. After burning it all the way down, put it in your freezer overnight. The next day, turn upsidedown and tap (possibly forcefully) on a folded towel on your counter. The excess wax should come right out. You can reuse the container and cut up the candle and use it as wax melts if you like the scent!

    • Do soy candles melt better to get them out cleanly? I’ve always wondered what the big difference is, and thought that might be it.

      • I have frozen soy and non candles and there does not seem to be a big difference is getting the wax out of the glass this way.

    • Thanks so much for letting us know!

    • Great tip! Thank you!

  33. To me this box looks like it’s full of Etsy rejects and craft fair clearance junk. I’m glad most people who got it seem to really like it. Just definitely not my taste or style.

  34. I’m surprised to see the scarf (I do love the print though) and clutch because I thought this was a home decor box. I guess it is actually more of a lifestyle box? I agree with others who are saying the prices seem inflated, but I also don’t have a lot of experience in high-end home decor so I don’t really know. All I can say is the items are not worth the price of the box to me and wouldn’t be of much use with the current color schemes and decor I have going in my apartment. However, I’m happy to have discovered Plume Et Papier’s etsy shop. The personalized dish is really cute.

  35. I had debated getting this sub, but the high price keep me from it. I am kinda glad now. The pillows are just way over priced, there doesn’t seem to be anything that would make them do spendy. The scarf is pretty but also insanely over priced. I understand a scarf being expensive if it is designer, like the voltair and zadig one, but this isn’t worth the price tag. I just received a silk scarf in little lace box that was priced at 45, what makes this one so much more ? My favorite item is actually the little bowl, I might buy one of those for my self. Or perhaps I can even trade for it if possible, my name is so common ! I would like to see what the next box looks like though.

    • What silk scarf in LLB?? I never got a scarf

      • There was a bright, multi-colored silk scarf in the most recent (June) LLB box. The one that focused on fashion- it had the amethyst or turquoise kitsch ring, the body scrub, and the foldable hat… There are pics of it in the swap section.

  36. As usual liz got a better box than me. Except for the horrible coasters I got those too . I got a glass candle . I wish I got a marble one the one I got is not so attractive. I got a light blue pillow with fans on it. I think the pillow is ok. $100 plus… never in a million years .. I would say 20 dollars most. I hate boxes with variations. The candle I got is not worth as much as the marble one. I will not be getting this box again due to the fact that the value of the box varied so much. The scarf I got was blue and white. Do you think these scarfs are silk like she said??? I am wondering . I have some silk scarfs and they feel very different. I am disappointed with the box . I was expecting some high end decorating pieces not some crafts and coaster that are poorly made.

    • I don’t blog or review and I got the marble candle and same scarf as Liz.

    • The scarf is actually true, fine silk. It instantly struck me when I felt it. The other “silk” scarf, which I also received, is a polyester satin. I like polyester satin silk too, but nothing is like true SILK- it just melts between your fingers.

      • Which “silk” scarf is actually polyester satin?

        • I’m guessing she means The-Sub-That-Shall-Not-Be-Named.

          (aka Little Lace Box)

  37. My box hasn’t arrived yet!!! booo i can’t wait to see the items in person!! Great Review Liz!

  38. My thoughts on this box are completely mixed. Some I love, some I hate.

    I’m dying to see the different variations on pillow covers people received. So far, I haven’t seen one that is my taste.

    Love the scarf. It is beautiful and I like the blue one even better.

    Love the candle. I like the predominantly white one much better than the black.

    Love the BOX the soap came in! So pretty!!! Meh on the soap itself.

    I’m honestly impressed that they took the time to personalize everyone’s bowl! What a lovely gesture. Unfortunately, I do not actually care for the bowl itself.

    The leather case is a big disappointment. I thought it looked lovely in the preview pic, but up close pics show that it looks quite rough. Not to mention it’s being too small for most uses.

    I cannot express how much I hate those coasters. SERIOUSLY. ::twitch::

    The risk of decor boxes is that everyone has different tastes, so what one person loves, another might find horrid. It’s got to be really hard curating a box everyone will like. But I too find out odd that the highest value item isn’t a decor piece. O.o

    The best thing they can do is probably just include high quality products. I honestly can’t tell if they’ve done that here. Some items seem like they are, don’t don’t. Mixed bag.

    I still really hate those coasters, though.

    • I am still just very disappointed over my pillow especially after seeing how many people actually received pillows that are on her site. I would be very surprised if anyone could actually say the red pillow I received compares or even comes close to the other pillows on her site. I didn’t realize they were going to be additional items added to certain boxes other than the VIP cards for all of the actual members, so that disappoints me as well especially knowing that we all paid the same price for the box. However, some of us did not get to use the discount. I guess this is my first time having one of those bad experiences with a luxury or limited edition box that you hear so many others speak of. I guess at this point it would be best for me to just stop reading the posts not that I’m not happy for others it’s just plain hurtful when you’re on the other side of the fence.

      • Amen. I paid for a year up front, received no discount, paid extra to have it shipped to CA, and didn’t receive extras or even the nicer options. I’m really in buyer renorse and thinking about a refund for the entire year I paid. Times like this, I LOVE American Express.

        • I love your comment – thank you! I hope you do get your refund if that’s what you decide to do. I think the next time I go with one of the higher end or more expensive subscriptions, I’m going to go with one that offers the same items to everyone.

        • I decided to keep the subscription, and see what happens.

  39. Wow. My box just paled a little. I got the pink and grey pillow, which is pretty decor specific, and doesn’t match. But I have hope in future pillow covers now. Also, my “marble candle” is in a plastic copper colored container. ? The scent is greentea & lemongrass. The scarf I received is gorgeous! It’s more white with ink blue and deep purple. The way the end is attached, makes it lay more flat under a suit jacket, over a sheath dress or such. But I was a bit confused by the “raw edge” comments as well. The four cards I received (and by cards, I mean an unfolded, single piece) are Thank You cards. All in all, I am happy. But I DEFINITELY received an inferior box. Paying an awkward surcharge to ship to CA doesn’t make ithat any more palatable either.

  40. I don’t know why my posts are double posting. Sorry.

  41. My pillow was leopard print and I got the same scarf and candle that Liz got. I love the scarf but I’m not sure if this subscription is worth the money to be honest.

  42. My box arrived damaged and missing the personalized ring tray. I received the rose gold candle (cracked) but would have loved a marble one instead! I reuse candle containers and that marble would be lovely on display for many years to come. I wish I received two bonus items but I just received the cards, no bonus soap or bath salts. Overall I like my first box but I can’t really review it until everything arrives complete. Hopefully I’ll receive my replacement candle and ring tray soon but she mentioned it may be “weeks”.

    • Oh no. Guessing that is because of the personalized item. She likely needs to place a bulk order to make the shipping costs work for her. Hopefully you will get an amazing box too. I sort of wish I had this box, but hopefully can get some items.

  43. My pillow was leopard print and I got the same scarf and candle that Liz got. I love the scarf. Not sure this box is worth the money to be honest.

  44. The personalized bowl is very cute and a nice touch.

  45. I’m dying over that pillow too. I have a hot pink velvet couch that would look amazing on! I ended up with the gray and pink spotted pillow and the pinky is more pinky than hot pink so it is better elsewhere. I didn’t get the bonus…

  46. OMG is right on that pillow, candle and the bonus item. All I can think of is WOW!! I think you are very deserving of it; you do a great job on this site so I am very happy for you. That’s really what I thought from the beginning what the boxes would look like with the exception of the extra item which I didn’t realize would be included. Well I thought the extra item was that discount membership lifetime card for the members.

  47. I am not a blogger or reviewer and I got 2 bonuses as well. Mine were cards and a gorgeous jar of bath salts.

    • Thanks for letting me know – I’ll remove that part of the review then!

      • I’m wondering if they are pulling a Oui Please and just chosing subscribers at random to give bonus items too. I wish sub companies wouldn’t do that. At these higher prices it just seems wrong to give some people extras and not others.

      • I wonder if they are pulling a Oui Please and just chosing subscribers at random to give bonus items too. I wish they wouldn’t do that. At these higher prices it just seems wrong to give some people extras and not others.

        • Ooops sorry for the double post.

  48. Ahhh, regret not getting this box when I first saw it but the coasters threw me off. Love the little bowl with your name in it–too cute!

  49. Yikes, inflated values! Pillowcases should never be over $100 unless they’re made of gold. And ~12″ of fabric (scarf) for $200?! I work with many types of silk very often, and $200 would get you 40 yards of silk chiffon on some fabric sites…

    • Completely agree! I also wouldn’t pay $60 for candle even if it’s in a marble holder…

    • I totally agree with you! I saw the prettiest pillow at Target this weekend on sale for $17.

    • I agree. A generic silk scarf for $200? That doesn’t sound right. I don’t like it when sub boxes over inflate the value of generic non-branded items to make the box seem better.

    • So inflated. When it isn’t a designer or established brand – it seems they can just say whatever price they want – rather silly and verging on dishonest – misleading to be certain. At least in Zoe’s box the prices are real RV – everywhere the item is sold it is the actual price you would pay – that bracelet at Barney’s was $200.00 – Mari sarongs were $98.00, mascara – the other makeup – all real RV.

  50. OMG! You got that pillow?! I’m dying for that pillow. Will pay cash. A lot of cash for it (just not as much as on website) 😀