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Rachel Zoe Fall 2015 Box of Style Spoiler #2!

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Rachel Zoe Box of Style Fall 2015 - Pre-Order Open Now!


In addition to the hero item spoiler, we have a new spoiler item for the Fall 2015 Box of Style box! (Thank you to fresaesperanza in the forums for this discovery!)

Each box will include:

The Laundress


The Laundress Fabric Fresh Classic Spray

From The Laundress:

We love everything around us to smell clean and fresh. Ahhh. This nontoxic formula with antibacterial properties adds scent while removing odor. Spray to freshen clothing and bedding between washes. Ideal for deodorizing outerwear, car interiors, sneakers, and luggage. Works great for closets and drawers, too!

I’m guessing this will count as the styling tool item this quarter? What do you think of this spoiler? It looks like a useful/luxe item for laundry care, and I can’t wait to see what’s in the rest of this box!

(If you get your box and want to share pictures with us – email me: [email protected])

Also in other Rachel Zoe news, is anyone else excited for her new show?!


Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. My profile is also bohemian and my box weighs 4 lbs – arrives next week. I wonder if there is variations.

  2. A spoiler pic has been posted today on Instragram by a subscriber. Looks good but one item was already in a prior Popsugar box.

  3. Mine is out for delivery at this moment. If everything is alright, I’ll send a picture to liz when I get home tonight(I’m PST though). My box said 4 pounds also. Though it seems like lighter box with the same value are better, I don’t like bulky items.

    • Thanks in advance for offering to email a picture! 🙂 🙂

  4. Mine just shipped too at 4 lbs:)..can’t wait to get it even tho I just put the watch up for to know what else is in

  5. Aha, finally received a shipping notice! I wondered whether they’d forgotten me as I never did get a profile questionnaire to fill out.
    Soooo, it’s due on Thursday 10th – please, please don’t let it be late. I’m going to the left coast early on Friday and plan to wear my gorgeous new watch on that trip!
    Weigh things however you want, FedEx, just deliver on time please. *Fingers crossed*

  6. Mine just shipped with a weight of 2.4 pounds. So either scales are majorly off, my box is missing something or there’s variations this quarter.

    • D:

    • I highly doubt there would be enough variation to account for 1.6 lbs difference – if there is any at all. It must be FexEx getting us all confused! 😀

      • *FedEx

      • mine shows at 3.3lbs
        so maybe just Fedex

        • For those questioning the differences in weights, mine said 4 lbs when I first received notice that the shipping label was created but once it actually shipped it said 3.2 lbs. I’m guessing they estimated 4 lbs when printing labels but actual weight is 3.2.

  7. I got my shipment notification this morning, and I have a seasonal membership. It looks like it ships from LA and I live a couple hours from there, fingers crossed that I have the box by the weekend! I’m going to try and let the rest of the box be a surprise and not peak anymore after this. We’ll see how that goes, haha!

  8. Mine shipped at 3.3 lbs. I like this item, but I’m dying to know the others! I subbed too late for summer, though I hunted almost every items down (no lip stuff – that’s it) for $130 total, so not TOO bad. I LOVED that box I missed!

    Mine is tracking to be here next Wednesday, so I still have a WEEK! ???

    I can’t wait to see what you girls get! Post the items! I’m dying!

    • I got mine shipped too at 3.3 lbs. I believe i put edgy as my style. Did anyone else put edgy ?

      • I picked edgy too!

      • I picked edgy too and my box is 4lbs. I’m sure it’s just FedEx scales off and nothing major.

  9. Has anyone not gotten shipping info yet?

    • I haven’t. It sounds like the annual subscribers are getting theirs first. I hope the rest aren’t that far behind!

      • I’m not annual and mine shipped yesterday.

    • I JUST got mine. Expected delivery on Tuesday!

      It’s too far away, though! Must. Have. Spoilers! XD

  10. Mines arriving Saturday!

  11. Hi…if anyone is looking to sell their box, please message me at mhiggins at viaswine dot com please. Will pay, cost + shipping.

  12. Mine is scheduled to arrive on Friday! However, I am never the first to get a box so I am expecting full spoilers from someone tomorrow! Mine weighs 3.3 lbs too, but I never worry when weights are all over the place as it is usually just an issue with the FedEx scales.

  13. Mine is on the way and arriving early next week.

  14. This is an ok spoiler for me. Not sure I’ll really use it. Ordered for the watch, though, so I’m ok with that. Still waiting for mine to ship though. First time ordering. Are they usually pretty quick with getting shipments out?

    • Annual subscribers get theirs first usually. Meaning if you paid 350.00 for a year up front generally those people get their boxes before the month to month pay 100.00 subscribers. No this box isn’t always quick to ship out. I personally haven’t had any issues but other ladies have. The Summer box had a ton of late shipping issues.

  15. I really like this spoiler. Seems useful and doesn’t take up a lot of value. Also, I’m excited for the Laundress coupon code, as there are a few other things I would love to buy from them and a discount would be great.

  16. My BOS has officially shipped! A total of 4lbs. cant wait to see what else is in there….the 2 spoilers definitely don’t add up to that weight. Hmmmm

    • Mine shipped also. But shipping info shows a total of 3lbs. Not 4lbs like yours 🙁 … I wonder why.

      • Same. Mine is only 3.3lbs. I wish someone would get theirs so all items would be displayed! Mine isn’t expected to be delivered until next Wednesday!

        • Mine is 4lbs as well.

        • This makes me wonder if this box is starting to have variations instead of everyone getting the same things. Guess we have to wait and see.

          • I hope not. Variations are the reason why I don’t sub to ouiplease.

          • I hope for
            Not variations… Although they sent an email asking to check shipping information and complete my profile … Like size u wear, skin tone, style… Etc.

      • Maybe Tom Brady works at FedEx. Deflated boxes 🙁

        Haha, sorry, I’m actually sick of deflate gate, but I somehow couldn’t resist.

        • Love!

    • Mine is listed as 3.3 lbs. Should be arriving by Tuesday!

  17. Anyone noticed that every BOS has a brochure?
    There’s a lot of CODEs of the items in the box, I think it’s great.
    I got a OMG peeling for free by useing the code.
    I think it’s a nice thing for both the brands & us, you try something new and you like to buy it in discount.

    • what do you mean? can you clarify?

      • She means that coupon codes are included for alot of the brands in the box. One of the codes was for a free peel with any xx.xx purchase.

      • Yes,I tried the code on OMG website & got a free peeling just as the one in summer box, I just paid for the shipping (6.99 I remembered)

  18. Super excited for the new show!! I miss The Rachel Zoe Project.
    Love this spoiler. I got the Globein laundry box and I love how much everything in that box makes laundry seem like less of a chore. Now I have a really luxe item to keep things fresh in between washes.

    • I totally agree. This seems fun and useful to me.

      I subbed to Globein when they had the laundry box too and I love it! That bag is awesome for hauling my daughters laundry up and down the stairs.

  19. I’m happy with the spoiler. It is a useful item. My teenager came to me the other day asking me if I had something similar to use on his sports bag.

  20. (Srsly, my comments all seem to be taking forever to show up. O.o )

    I think it’s neat. I’ve been wanting to try more Laundress products, so I’m happy with this.

    I imagine it IS the styling tool, like the fashion tape and nippies from the other boxes. And I’m certainly happier with this than with the nippies. 😀

  21. I like the spoiler!

    It is useful yet a bit luxurious, something a stylist would definitely have on hand, and hey, I love laundry!

    Love Rachel and excited for her new show! 🙂

  22. was not expecting something like this… and can’t say i’m thrilled lol

  23. Interesting. Not something I would have purchased myself, but it looks nice to try. Why did they release another spoiler if they are all sold out? I just wanna see all the contents already! 🙂
    Thank you for being on top of the news.

    I haven’t gotten my shipment confirmation yet. First time subbing to it so I’m a little anxious until I know it’s on it’s way.

    • Waiiiit what? I just saw the last box had a second spoiler and it was the sarong which was a high value even next to the purse. I hope there are still higher value items in the box.

      • This is a reveal from The Laundress, not The Zoe Report, so I don’t think it’s one of the main items in the box. Hope that makes sense!

        • I agree.
          I just checked their website and this item seems a 2 O.Z size and worth for $ 8. So I think there still some items will surprise us.
          But I also like to try this product, it’s fun & useful.

        • Ohhhh, okay. I understand now. Thank you for the clarification!

    • I don’t believe that Zoe BOS released this. The company who makes the item did.

      • Thank you!

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