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Rachel Zoe Box of Style Fall 2015 Box Spoiler!

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Rachel Zoe Box of Style Fall 2015 - Pre-Order Open Now!

The hero item for the Fall 2015 Box of Style has been revealed! (Thanks to Helen, Laura, Sheryl, Lindy, Abby, and Angela for the heads up!) Each box will include:

Rachel Zoe Box of Style


CLUSE La Bohème rose gold watch with interchangable grey and black straps. ($132 Value).

What do you think of the spoiler item? I love that we get two different strap options!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I bought the Summer box and love it, especially the sarong. Can’t wait to use it on my upcoming vacay. I even loved the purse, which I wasn’t sure about since it was white, but it is beautiful.

    Honestly, I’m not that excited about the watch. I’m not big on wearing a watch as an accessory. I wear the same watch everyday, and I love it. I have another wood watch I received to review on my blog, but I really don’t wear it much, even though I like it. I will probably swap this watch or give it to someone who can use it.

  2. This watch will be great for my 2-1/4″ wide wrist. No fat, just big Nordic bones. It broke my heart not to be able to get the bracelet from the first box on my wrist. It sits forever in a drawer.

    • Hi Patricia,
      I’d love to swap with you for the cuff bracelet!

      What are you looking for I just might have it. Shoot me a Message at Blessedmommi at hotmail. Thanks!!

    • I’m definitely willing to trade you some amazing things for four your bracelet! I completely understand certain things not fitting your wrist or ankle. – not being able to wear a cute ankle bracelet frustrated me haha… But I’ve lost around 100 lbs since December 2013, so excited to start trying to get things to fit! …. Sorry for rambling! I missed that box that the bracelet came in, so I would love to trade if you are up for it! … [email protected]

    • Would also be interested in buying the bracelet! I’m at beforeandafterbaking My hope is it will look great with the watch πŸ™‚

    • No, you should swap it! Lol!

  3. Finally pulled the trigger and purchased! I’ve loved the last two boxes and didn’t want to miss out on this one! Still trying to desperately swap for the sarong from the last box. Excited about the watches, as they’re so versatile! I think this box is a great replacement for the disappointment that PSMH LE boxes have become. YAYYY!! So excited.

    • You’re welcome to my sarong! I won’t use it.

      • If she’s not interested, I’d love to swap you something for it!

      • I’d love to swap you for it if you still have your sarong. I wrote a previous comment but it’s not on here so I’ll post again πŸ™‚ please message me. Blessedmommi at hotmail. Thanks so much

  4. Ughhh! Who wears watches these days? Everyone has a smart phone! I haven’t worn a watch in about 10 years. No value here for me.

    • Same here. It *is* really pretty though. These boxes on the whole are a great value, so I’ll stay subscribed. I’ll either gift the watch or sell on eBay.

    • Personally, I love watches. I feel lost without one and when the batteries have died in all of them and I don’t have a working watch. I’ll still wear it because I’m used to it.

    • LOL as I read this. I actually haven’t worn a watch for a few years, but I think it’s super cute and plan on wearing it to work. I have a corporate job where it’s frowned upon to check your phone in a meeting (even if you’re just checking the time). I’m sure someone will be interested in swapping for it (or buying!).

    • Lol I thought the same thing! … In all seriousness, I’ve been looking for one! So much faster to just check your wrist then to dig in your purse, or to constantly keep pulling your phone out of your back pocket (lol mine is too big to go anywhere else:-( ) plus it’s a great accessory layered with a couple of other bracelets, maybe? Lol …. so anyway, I’ve been looking for a watch when out and about. Nothing has struck my interest yet, but this one is great! A great two for one, with a fabulous simple design! If you do not want your watch I would love to trade with you! … [email protected]

  5. YESSSSSS. I love watches and wear one every day. I absolutely adore this hero item and I want the fall box to ship tomorrow. XD

  6. This fall “Hero Item” spoiler absolutely made my day. This box just keeps getting better and better. I love that this is very European, chic, *and* incredibly useful. And giving us two bands along with a beautiful pouch? I’m so happy right now.
    I love that the Box of Style actually gives us items that Rachel Zoe and her team seem to truly love. This really does put all over subscription boxes to shame and it looks like the momentum is continuing with this fall box.

  7. Love this spoiler! Cannot wait to see what else comes with it. This will be my second box as I missed the spring box and this is fast becoming my favorite sub box!

  8. Beautiful! It really looks like it is made well, and is a classic style that will withstand time. I’ve thrown a lot of money towards boxes that have things which will most likely end up in the trash in a few months, so I’m happy that this is something that is really a great investment!!

    I love this site so much… I missed out on signing up for summer, but through the discussions here I found someone that was looking to sell, and I should be receiving the summer box on Wednesday… Yay!!

  9. I’m relieved that I like the spoiler. The face is a little larger than I like, but it looks great on the model. The fall will be my first box.

    I found myself in situations where looking at my cell phone for the time would be rude. I started wearing watches again when I subscribed to Wantables last year.

    I like the classic look and having a choice of bands.

    • I started wearing a watch for the same reason! I am looking forward to having for another one.

  10. At first glance I was sort of disappointed. I then went to the Cluse website and I realized this is a really cool watch. Not only is it pretty (you can see it on all kinds of model wrists) but you can get interchangeable bands in different colors. I like the black face since I don’t own one now and I really like a bigger watch on my wrist. I’m surprised they leaked the grand prize so early. I guess they are trying to get more people to subscribe?

  11. Was waiting for the hero item and I love it. Finally signed up!

    • Me, too! I think I’ve got a! I’m addictated to subscribtion boxes??! i guess we all are, or we wouldn’t be here! omg! I need to scale back. someone help me.
      me: Fab Fit Fun, PopSugar, Boxycharm & now, Rachel Zoe~
      my daughter (17): ipsy & birchbox
      Well, now that I look at it, it doesn’t look SOO bad.. right? hmmmm… thoughts anyone??

      • Oops! I forgot “new beauty test tube” for me…

      • Ha! That’s chump change. Ready? Here I go!
        30 DAYS of Candy
        Beauty DNA
        Beauty Fix (Dermstore)
        Citrus Lane
        Kiwi Crate
        Petit Vour
        Spangler Science Club
        Tinker Crate

        Luxor Box
        Luxor Box Petite

        The Beauty Crop
        Box of Style
        Causebox by sevenly
        Wal-Mart Baby Box
        Wal-Mart Beauty Box

        As they are released:
        Eco Salon Boxes
        Organic Authority Boxes
        Target Boxes
        Teens Turning Green Conscious Collections (Male and Female)

        As they strike my fancy:
        Golden Tote
        Relish Mystery Boxes

        Soooo… no one is allowed to feel bad after that, eh?

        Although I really am coveting some of the vinyl subs, Hampton Lane, Bespoke Post, the perfume one Haley reviews, and some of the geeky ones. The geek boxes are just so hit and miss for me. Also going to start with Globein for the “laundry box” this month.

        • Wow, that’s a lot. Good for you, it must be so fun getting the mail in your house! πŸ™‚ Since you mentioned Frenchbox among your subs, have you gotten July’s yet? It’s almost August, and there’s been no mention at all of July. I have a feeling they folded and left town. Anyone?

          • I was wondering the same thing. The last box wasn’t bad at all. Nothing to write home about, but very decent. I think they probably lost many of their subscribers due to all the issues they were having before. I subscribed once the “revamp” was announced. I know we all love getting a deal, but I see beauty subscription boxes as a fun way to try lots of different things out. If I find an amazing product, I’d buy it full size (or again in the case that I receive full size items some sub boxes). I mean, these people have to make a living for crying out loud, sheesh! ;P Getting the mail IS pretty fun, but not so much now that my daughter is asking me if she can keep the things (makeup, skincare, gadgets, etc.) when I’m “gone”. She’s 5, people. Lol The only thing that is hard is that most of the boxes come within the timeframe of one week. Oh, I forgot Allure Beauty Box (Sample Society) – monthly and the ones they sell from time to time as well. Yikes!

        • you must have won the lottery and have a family with kids πŸ™‚

          • Lol! No, my husband is just a workaholic and I have my salary to spend on “special extras” and savings. I’d easily spend more at Target “browsing”. And those are for my INNER CHILD, thank you very much…..

            πŸ˜› Just kidding!

            Oh! I forgot Allure Beauty Box (previously known as Sample Society)

        • Lol I just noticed that you didn’t mention the Rachel Zoe box. Do you get it too?

          • Oh nevermind I see now…Box of Style πŸ˜€ My bad.

  12. I like the watch very much and was tempted to sign up for this. However, I checked the specs of the watch and a 1.5″ face is too wide for my wrist unfortunately.

    • Same here. This is a box I want in a dream world but not right now no window shop most boxes–trying to spend my extra paying off student loans!

      But this particular box I want hard core and have debated relaxing my budget for this purchase. I LOVE this watch and the summer box. But alas, the 1.5″ watch would be as wide or wider than my wrist. Probably for the best. I’ll just continue appreciating “window shopping” vicariously through Liz. πŸ™‚

    • Hi! I was looking at the pictures on their website and while it’s definitely an ‘oversize’ face, it looks like it can be worn a bit higher on the arm. The model has it placed an inch or two above her wrist and I think it looks kind of cool that way. Plus I can see placing it higher and then stacking a few bracelets closer to the wrist.

      • For me, I have child sized wrists. I usually wear a metal band watch with links and the maximum amount of links that can be removed and it still close are what I usually have to do. Is have to wear such a large face in the middle of my forearm, smack dab in the center of my half sleeve tattoo. Not a good look. >.<

        Times like this are when I'm jealous of people with "average sized" frames. I wear a ring size of 4 so I never get to wear rings from sub boxes either. I ordered a custom made dress and the tailor called to make sure my shoulder measurements were right because I gave "a typical measurement for a kid" — 12 inches across.

        I also can't get an apple watch for this reason, which is probably a good thing because while I love the idea, does anyone need to be MORE connected these days?

        • My eldest daughter also wears a size 4 ring. When she got engaged, my son told her new fiance he better stay away from playgrounds for a while (grin)

        • Same here. My watches are metal bands, and extra bands are removed to fit my wrist. Leather is out, since you cannot really shorten them either.
          I’m sitting this one out.

        • You’re my twin! I just broke down and listed the RZ knot ring from a popsugar LE last year bc it’s a sz7 and won’t fit my sz4 fingers even WITH a sizer πŸ™

      • I have the same issue. My wrists are tiny and my ring size is 3.5. I also can’t wear the Apple Watch, it looks HORRIBLE on my wrist, it is too bulky and thick and the bands don’t work when they overlap to make it fit. However, I really like this watch and can’t wait to get it. I love that we are getting something fashionable and functional. I stalked the company on Instagram and saw all the models wearing it, and a lot of them had tiny wrists and the watch still looked beautiful. So here’s hoping. I really also like the black watch face, and the color of the straps they are giving us. I saw they have a matte black version, and that watch looks so cool. This company will be on my radar in the future if I am looking for another watch.

  13. glad I didn’t sign up.. The watche is nothing to get too excited over..

    • The Box of Style is the best box out there in my opinion, everything in it is expensive and high end, beautiful things to enjoy as a woman that loves stylish things and upscale make up items, I have been overjoyed with this box, and a few things that I didnt think I would use, I swapped to someone else for something great and we are both so happy! I wish we had more to say in a positive way sometimes, this watch coming up is the coolist looking thing, I cant wait to get it! I agree, using your phone for the time is silly, a watch is classic and will look AMAZING with the Cambridge satchel and some great black sunnies!

  14. I was kind of disappointed to see this as the spoiler because I don’t wear watches. I’ve changed my mind after browsing the lookbook on the website. It’s so pretty and versatile, and I’m really excited for this box now!

  15. I love watches and am so excited for this box….I think the pouch it comes in is adorable too…I am dork I know:). Got my summer box on Friday and think this subscription is worth every penny!

  16. I’m in. Was just looking to purchase a rose gold watch, but decided to get the RZ annual subscription because of spoiler. Win, win as I was going to get a MK’s so close to the annual sub. And now I’ll get other goodies as well. Yey!

  17. Does anyone know if you rejoin, after your account is canceled, if you are billed immediately or in August? – Some box companies when you rejoin after canceling will bill as usual, as if it was not a brand new account.

    • I rejoined after cancelling right after the first box, and I was charged immediately.

    • Oh wow it looks really nice on! I was iffy seeing the spoiler but seeing it on looks lovely.

    • Thanks for sharing – it is gorgeous on!!! πŸ™‚

    • I think I’ll like the watch, but I really love the bracelet she’s wearing even more!

      • Ooh, me too!!! πŸ˜€

  18. Are there any coupons available for the box?

    • No. And I doubt there ever will be. You can get each box for $87.50 plus applicable taxes if you purchase the annual subscription.

  19. This is gorgeous! I’m excited to try it out — I don’t normally wear watches, but this could be an exception.

    Curious, though — 90 Euro (price on Cluse’s site) is about $97.50 in current USD… so I’d say they’ve definitely inflated the value.

    • I think the the black strap is also an additional 30 euro

    • I bet the value was accurate when curating the box (before all the financial issues in Europe).

    • Tge price on the Cluse website is in British pounds not Euros. The pound is 1.56 to 1 dollar currently. So the value above is accurate.

      I can’t wait to receive mine!

      • Nope. It’s listed as €89.95. That’s euros, not pounds.

        But €89.95 + €29.95 (for the extra strap) = €119.90, which equals U.S. $129.88.

        The difference of $2.11 can easily be explained by fluctuations in the values of the euro and US dollar.

    • The box is including an extra strap that isn’t included in the €90. Extra straps sell on the site for €30, so the total in US dollars is about $130. Obviously, with the exchange fluctuating, the US value will fluctuate a little, too. πŸ™‚

      (Meanwhile, I hadn’t realized just how much the Euro had plummeted recently!)

  20. I am so glad I was finally able to sign up for this box (I missed the first 2). I don’t wear watches but do wear bracelets. I love this one since it is a gorgeous color but still neutral. Both black and gray (especially the gray) will fit in nicely with the majority of my wardrobe!

  21. This looks so nice. I can’t wait!

  22. Just subscribed for this!

  23. I honestly don’t think the stock photos do it justice. If you look at the website, they feature some Instagram posts, and it looks GORGEOUS!!! I was thinking of getting the Marc Jacobs Baker watch in taupe, but this is a nice alternative. I’m happy πŸ™‚

  24. That watch is gorgeous! Made me sign up.

  25. This is a lovely, elegant watch. I love its clean lines and the contrast between the black face and gray band. But I haven’t worn a watch in years and years. …But then again, maybe I’ll go for a change with this.

  26. Ooh nice! I love rose gold and also the idea of interchangeable straps.
    Looking on their website there are other colours available, but there are no distributors in North America or even the UK.
    Shame, I’d have love a strap in every shade.

    • omg i know! the “petrol” color is very pretty

  27. Looks like a really nice watch, but alas, I don’t wear watches so I will put it up for swap. I like that the colors are a bit unique, but still totally wearable and think this is a good choice for the box.

    Still excited for the other items though!

    • Hi Chris I’d love to swap with you for the watch! Let me know what you want for it!! Thanks πŸ™‚

    • Hi Chris! I’d love to swap with your for the watch πŸ™‚ let me know what you want to trade for? Thanks!!

  28. Beautiful! So glad I finally signed up!

  29. Every time I think I need to cut back on a box, Rachel Zoe puts out another fantastic item. I’m really looking forward to the fall box!

  30. Using these types of watches to check the time (instead if digital/phone) is a great way to exercise your brain and current research is showing that these types of little changes can make huge differences in warding off dementia. I know that’s why you all want to watch! Lol, medical comments aside, this looks like a great quality watch and I’m excited for it!

  31. Yessss this is so cool. The hero items have been so unique! I love that I hadn’t heard of any of the hero item brands before this box. I don’t wear watches but I want to. I just bought a Michael Kors link watch and wanted a leather strap one so now I’m set.

  32. Anyone know when they’re going to charge current subscribers?

    • I think it said Aug 15th when I changed my billing info!

      • Good to know, i unsubbed, based on this spoiler i’m going to resub, yet i’d prefer to be billed closer to the ship day.

  33. Well this spoiler just made me sign up…. I have been wanting a rose gold watch and this is just gorgeous! I can’t wait to get it and see what else is in the fall box!

  34. I love this spoiler item. I think RZ’s boxes just keep getting better and better. I wish this box would start shipping to Canada. I would just on that ASAP!

  35. I am so torn over this box! The watch is not something I would wear, and the past hero items have been fantastic, but again not my style. I think Rachel Zoe has amazing style, and I’ve been loving the non-hero items a lot, but I traded both the bag from summer and the sunglasses from spring. I’ll give this one more chance, since fall usually gives us some great boxes in general!

  36. So glad I signed up for this box, yay!

  37. Love love love that it’s rose gold. Been thinking of buying something very similar…so glad i waited. This one looks great and is a brand that is new to me. Very excited!

  38. I cancelled the box last week, but signed up again when I saw this hero item. The watch is simple but elegant. I’ve already got a similar style watch from my BFF two years ago. May use this as replacement or gift it.

  39. Oh, this is really pretty! I don’t think I’ve seen a watch in a sub box before.

    At work, we check the time on our watches instead of looking at our phones (because looking at our phones made us look distracted/bored in front of clients) so this is an especially nice thing to have.

    • Mission Cute had a watch in their April Box (probably still available) but it was nowhere near as nice as this one– I’m looking forward to getting it! Offhand, I can’t think of any other sub boxes that have included a watch.

  40. It’s nice, but I have a beautiful watch. I’m still trying to get my hands on the Miasani bracelet from the first box!!! UgH!!!

    • I just lost mine this weekend and am sick over it. Maybe if I’m lucky someone will be willing to trade for the watch.

  41. Of course as soon as I sign up the big ticket item is something I won’t use. Oh well, I’m hoping I love the rest of the box.

    • You and me both, lol. I don’t wear watches.

    • Any chance you’d be interested in swapping the watch for the Mara Hoffman sarong… and something else I have available for swap? (But that’s my biggest item.)

  42. So excited for this! I needed a new watch, and this will be a great classic item with the black band. Most of the jewelry in sub boxes is a bit busy for my taste, but the Rachel Zoe box has been killing it for me.

  43. .

  44. Glad I passed. Not exciting or even an attractive watch imo.

  45. I don’t love it, but this could be an item that I like better when I get my hands on it…

  46. Eh. Not that excited. I don’t wear watches

  47. Yep, loving it.

  48. eh – not feeling it.

  49. Pretty, elegant, and versatile – I like it!

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