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Rachel Zoe Box of Style Complete Fall 2015 Box Spoilers!

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Rachel Zoe Box of Style Fall 2015 - Pre-Order Open Now!

Finally! We have the complete Fall 2015 Box of Style spoilers thanks to Instagram user hykdiva (Thanks for the head’s up, Ann!)

The box includes:

One Love Organics Gardenia + Tea Antioxidant Body Serum ($39 Value)

CLUSE La Bohème rose gold watch with interchangable grey and black straps. ($132 Value).

The Laundress Fabric Fresh Classic Spray ($8 Value)

SHASHI Earrings (I believe these are the same ones as pictured – $55 Value)

UPDATE: Confirmed the hat and notebook details from The Zoe Report:

Topshop Fedora ($48 Value – can’t find the exact one online)

Sloane Stationery Custom Set of Notebooks for Box of Style subscribers ($40 Value)

The red notebook says “It’s Everything” and the black notebook says “Shut It Down”

What do you think of the full box? I’m so happy with it!

FYI – the Fall box is sold out, but they are now taking orders for the winter box – use this link to save $10 off your first box!


Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. My box just arrived and I LOVE it! I expected a black hat from the picture but it’s actually olive. So pretty!!

    • Olive? Nice. What is the material?

    • Oh that would be sooooo awesome! I just bought a black fedora that I love so I was bummed to have to swap this. Fingers crossed I get olive or even navy, tan or burgundy would be awesome!

      • The booklet says “The neutral, olive hue of this hat pairs best with…” So, I’m assuming all of the hats are this gorgeous olive color! ????

  2. I love the whole box, this is what a Fall box should be. Kudos to the Zoe team for not sending out a scarf!

  3. My box is on its way to me, and while super excited for the watch, I’m definitely NOT a hat person. If anyone wants it – I’m in the swap group also here’s my email: [email protected]

    • I must be really out of the loop, but what does ‘Shut it down’ mean??

      • it’s like ‘put an end to it” or ‘stop it’. But it comes from the idea that if something isn’t working–in particular something negative from others–you put a stop to it…

        • Oh, thanks for the explanation. Not something I’d want to take to a meeting then. I’d seem like a real negative Nancy! lol

  4. Anyone selling the notebooks? Those are the only things in the whole box I’m bummed to miss out on.

    • Hi, I am willing to sell both notebooks for $25 via paypal. Let me know if interested.

  5. This is my least favorite of the RZ boxes, but I still like it quite a bit. I’m happy that the beauty item isn’t makeup, as I don’t end up using a lot of the makeup from boxes. I will probably end up selling the hat and earrings as I never wear hats and my ears aren’t really pierced anymore. But overall, this is still my favorite box and I already can’t wait to see the hero item for winter.

  6. The body serum came in a Popsugar Must Have box a few months ago. It was sticky, but once it dried, I found it nice. Not a fan of watches with a leather band. Plus my fiance just bought me the Apple watch, which I love. I’m actually glad I did not get this box. Really, I only like the hat and maybe the ear rings. Which I’d swap for the necklace in my fall Popsugar LE box!

    • I’ll swap you the hat for the necklace, if you’re interested. (:

    • I’ll swap the earrings for the necklace

  7. My box is out for delivery and I cannot wait! Love every thing in this box. Hats are one of my favorite things so I am so excited for this fedora. What a great box and treat for myself!!

  8. Love the watch, definitely will use the notebooks, laundry spray and serum. Some hats work, some don’t so i’ll just have to see.

  9. Can’t wait to get mine! I really hope the hat fits my pea head! Since I’m waitlisted for the swap board, I guess one of my average-headed friends will get a nice gift from me this fall!

    • I’ve got a small head, I think it’s ok. I usually just “stuff” the inside brim inside of all of my hats to make them fit! Works great?

  10. I will be selling the watch once I receive my box – it is too similar to something I already have. $100 plus free shipping, pay via Paypal. Please email me if interested: [email protected] and I will send an invoice. Thanks!

  11. Even though I already have the body serum from PSMH and already have a nearly-identical hat, I am still thrilled about this box. The watch and ear climbers are big, big wins for me. The linen spray isn’t as exciting but will be super useful. RZ box #2 for me and I’m a happy camper!

  12. The Fedora is beautiful but sadly something I can’t pull off so it will be going to the swaps as well as the serum. I already swapped the watch and gonna wait to decide on the earrings..Sadly this box was a miss for me but it gives me good swap

    • I will BUY the Fedora if anyone is selling!!! I have been looking for one
      Pretty please….

      • Hi Kristin! I will sell you mine! I already have a great one 🙂 Let me know!

      • Kristin, I wish I could pull off the fedora! It’s so cute, but I live on Maui and don’t have a need for it. Please email me at [email protected] if you’re interested!

      • Hi! I’m interested in selling or swapping the fedora. It’s really cute – I just don’t wear hats!

      • Hey, I am interested to sell Fedora. Make me an offer 😉

  13. Anyone know if there is a coupon code for CLUSE in the box? I have 3 straps in my cart and hoping they don’t sell out like the others before I get my box. /:

    • There’s a 15% off coupon code in there.

    • Code: boxofstyle15

  14. Omg, I just realized the earrings are CLIMBERS! Now I’m both super excited and nervous. They look so cool, but one of my earring holes is basically a slit. I’m worried I won’t be able to wear them! Eek!!

  15. I am so psyched! I am in serious need of a watch for taking vital signs. Doctoring in style!

    • 😀

  16. I couldn’t resist (I never can!) clicking to see the spoilers. Love it! This has become my favorite box.

  17. anyone know if there is a CLUSE coupon code in the booklet?

    • Yes 15% off.

    • Code: boxofstyle15

  18. This is my first box from her and I am thrilled! I subscribed for the watch since I broke mine and wear alot of grey, but am excited for the rest of the items. I tried to swap for the serum previously and never could. I will see how the hat looks but that will probably be the only thing I might trade.

    • I’m your girl if you want to swap the hat! Click my name to go to my swap profile. 🙂

  19. So excited for this box. I will swap the hat, though. I have a big head and hats do NOT look good on me.

    • Shelly, I am LOVING the hat. If you want to swap, please click my name and it’ll take you to my swap profile page. Y’all, that hat is ME lol.

  20. Wow, wow, wow! Amazing box!! Absolutely screams “fall” to me and it’s so nicely thought out and a great value. I don’t have pierced ears though, but I love the earrings so maybe that’s enough to push me over the edge and get my ears pierced (I’m 41 and I’ve been putting it off for so long. . but. . those earrings!). This is my 3rd box and it’s another home run, couldn’t be happier. 🙂

    • That is the first thing I thought when I saw the box too. I’ve been debated getting my ears pierced for a long time, but these are too cute to not wear. 😀

  21. Love the hat and the watch. I’m actually getting 2 boxes since I had canceled, changed my mind and hit renew. I didn’t realize it would renew for the current month that I hadn’t received yet. I’m giving the 2nd box to my sister. Looks like my sister and I are going to have some matching accessories, just like when we were little.

  22. I think Zoe can do no wrong with this box! Perfect for fall. I’ve loved the curation of every one of these so far! Yay!

    The notebooks may be my favorite item here. Love them! The SHASHI Earrings will be up for swap though since I can’t pull those off. Excited to check out the rest!

  23. I like that there’s no make-up and the laundress spray is something that can be used by everyone. I highly doubt I could pull off that hat though.

  24. Over the moon with excitement!!!!!!!! I need/want every single thing in this box. I will definitely be wearing that wool fedora here in Sioux Falls, and have been looking for a fancy hat, so ding, ding, ding!! Signed up for the watch…I know a lot of folks don’t wear them anymore, but I’m an exception. I cannot wait to wear this one!!! Those earrings are spectacular, I’m a writer so I love all things notebook, and I already have some of the serum from PopSugar that I use all the time. That laundry spray looks fantastic, and I’m thrilled it doesn’t have anything noxious or toxic in it. Well done imo!!

  25. There is no way I can pull off that hat. Also, I have a big head. 🙁 So it’s going up for swap. And I may list the serum.

    I like that they’re moving away from what looked like a formula (two fashion items, two beauty items, and one fashion tool.) There are more fashion and fewer beauty items, which is awesome.

    Meanwhile “Shut it down” makes me think of 30 Rock and that’s always good. 🙂

    • Yes to all things 30 Rock! 🙂

      • 😀

    • Tamara, I would love to swap for that hat! If you click my name, it’ll take you to my swap profile. I’m expecting Aster Market, Pijon Box, GlobeIn, and Pennie Post this month. I have items from the last Aster Market, GlobeIn and CardNest as well that I could list.

      • Also Bark Box and Horror Block towards the end of the month.

      • Hi Rowsdower, will you swap the jewelry bowl or the cosmetic bag from the most recent Aster Market box? Let me know if you plan to list them!

        • Tamara,
          I’m getting two Aster boxes, so I will part with some of it definitely for the hat.

  26. I am so excited! I think the only thing I won’t use is the earrings. I would really like to swap my earrings for the sarong in the Summer 2015 Box of Style!

  27. I am really happy with this box again. I have been trying to cut back a bit on “stuff” so cancelled a few other subscriptions and hung onto this one. I will use or gift each of these items. This box seems like a good value, nice quality, fun factor is there for me!

  28. This is my first box and I am pretty happy with it. I was just looking at hats the other day. I just hope it fits my big head. lol

  29. I am so excited to get this box!!! I might end up swapping the hat depending on how it looks on me but other than that i am in absolute love with everything!!!

    • I’d love to swap for the hat! You can click my name to go to my swap profile. I’m getting a handful of boxes this month, so I may be adding more. Thanks!

  30. I love the earrings and like the hat but I knew since the hero item was the watch this box wasn’t for me. I will be stalking the swap site for the earrings though.

  31. I logged into my account today and it says “failed” which I am assuming means they ran my credit card and it didn’t process (I have now confirmed that my billing address was not correct even though I updated it months ago). I emailed them but haven’t heard anything. I am so worried that I won’t get a box now. Has anyone had this happen to them? Are they usually good about responding to customers?

    • The box sold out. I doubt if they held one. Hopefully they did though. Most sub boxes try 1-3 times over the course of 48-72 hours to run your card and if is declined each time they suspend your subscription

      • That is what I am figuring at this point. I am so sad – I have been looking forward to that watch for months now 🙁 If anyone is looking to just sell the watch (or the whole box), please email me at [email protected] 🙂

        • That happened to me ( wrong address per the cc I used and I was out of town) about 2 weeks after people received their box I realized I hadn’t. I fixed the error and RECEIVED the box a week later. It was summer and sold out too. Worth the try!

          • They just emailed me back – no box for me 🙁

        • I am willing to sell the watch for $60 via paypal. Let me know if you are interested.

          • @angela I would be interested in the watch if you still have available [email protected]

          • Hi Joell,

            Please send me a email. [email protected]. my box is due to arrive on September 8th.


    • Mine also said “failed”. CC expired. I emailed them yesterday and they said I wouldn’t get this one but would get the winter box. Bummed.

      • I’m willing to sell the whole box for cost plus shipping if you’re interested. My email is [email protected]

  32. Oh man, I am SO glad I didn’t get this box, I would’ve been crushed. The only thing I like is the earrings and I don’t have pierced ears, LOL. Thank you, intuition!

  33. Will sell unopened box for cost + shipping. Email me if you’re interested [email protected].

    • Sold!

  34. I am pretty pleased with this box! Love everything. So glad there were not any scarves in this one. Live the idea of a fall hat, not just the typical summer straw or winter beanies. I love watches. This box is a win for me! I canceled Oui Please to get this instead. Best investment! The gardenia body serum will likely be up for swaps.

    • I’m not on the swap board but if I was I’d JUMP on that… I had that serum from another box and loved it! You’ll probably have a lot of takers/

  35. This looks like a good box, but glad I didn’t get it because the big ticket item isn’t worth it for me. Can’t wait to see what the winter hero item is. I may just get it!

  36. Nope.
    I LOVE the box when I look at it objectively, but when I think about if it’s worth it for my personal taste- I don’t think so. I will most likely be selling mine.
    But! I am not giving up on the box because all three so far have been really great.

    • Hi there! If you are still selling your box I’m interested. My email address is [email protected]. Thanks!

  37. Ok, my favorite box of hers yet. I didn’t think I wanted that watch, but it looks amazing on. I love that hat- hope I get a chance to wear it in the fall! (California can be warm!) I love the Laundress products, and also love that serum. And the earrings are amazing!

  38. I am so happy with this! Can’t wait to get my box. Should be here on Saturday. I am only listing one thing for swap; which is awesome!

  39. I may need to swap for that hat…

    • I will be putting the hat up for swap! I really love it, but I live in Hawaii and have no need for a black wool (?) hat.

      • It’s not a black.. dark green!!

      • I would love to swap for the hat. Dark green is even better! Click my name to be directed to my profile page. Thanks!

          • Thanks Megan, but I already scored one thanks to one of the lovely ladies on the forum. That hat was made for my head lol!

  40. My first box of style and I am already over the moon about it! I can’t wait to get it next week. I absolutely love everything in this box!

  41. I’m probably alone in this, but not liking this at all!

    • You’re not alone…I look awful in hats and I love a watch but I hate gold tone anything

      • The weird thing is, I’m not really a huge fan of the RZ boxes, but I consistently buy them!

    • I love hats – loving this box:) There is no way to please every subscriber.

  42. A nice box, but glad I canceled. The most exciting thing for me would’ve been the earrings and linen spray.

  43. The notebooks are Sloane Stationery.

  44. Oh…I love those notebooks!!!!

  45. I can’t wait for my box to arrive. I love the hat and the earrings. I’ve been wanting to try products from OneLove. I’m not that excited about the watch, but only because I’m not a big watch person. I wear the same one everyday.

  46. Wow, this definitely my favorite box of the three. The one-love body serum is awesome! I got one from PopSugar months ago and I adored it.

    • Me too – I LOVE that body serum. So happy to have more! 🙂

      • Me three!!!

      • Won’t wear the earrings and probably won’t make use of the notebooks or the hat, but overall really excited about the other items! Just have to wait another week for my box to arrive. :-p

    • Oooo, that is the same serum right? Love it! I’m almost out was going to try to swap for more. Everything else looks awesome. Can’t wait for my box to arrive! Yay Box of Style!!

  47. I will use everything!! Love her boxes so much!! It’ll be here Saturday!

  48. Omg it looks fantastic!! That hat is fab. Anyone know what’s under the watch? Looks like 2 notebooks? Mine should be here Tuesday; I can’t wait!!!

  49. OMG I WANT THIS! If anyone wants to sell, please email me at [email protected]

    • Are you looking for the hat or for the entire box? I’m looking to sell the hat.

  50. Am selling full box. Full cost plus postage. Will send Paypal invoice. I can ship after Labor Day. Email me if interested: [email protected]

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