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FabFitFun Fall 2015 Subscription Box Review + Coupon


The FabFitFun Box is a quarterly subscription from Each season they send you a box of $100+ worth items in categories like beauty, fashion and fitness. FYI – if you are interested in this box – it is still available for purchase!


This box was sent to us for review purposes. (Check out the review process postto learn more about how we review boxes).


The Box: FabFitFun Box

The Cost: $49.99 a box sent every quarter

COUPON: Limited Time Only! Use code BYESPRING to save 40% off your first box when you sign up for a seasonal subscription!

The Products: The hottest seasonal items (worth at least $100) selected by the FabFitFun team

Ships to: US and Canada

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FabFitFun switched from an info sheet to a mini mag with this box and I love it!


The magazine includes background info on the brands included in the box, and some tips too!


I love that illustration too!


Tappan Collective Umbrella – Value $32

This umbrella is an exclusive collaboration made with Tappan Collective artist Ashkahn Shahparnia. Subscribers will get one of a variety of colors:

FabFitFun Umbrella options

(If you pay for a year upfront of FabFitFun, you get to pick out the variation you receive on certain items every box).

I like this color and the print, and I can always use an extra quality umbrella. Plus I love getting exclusive designs in subscription boxes. (I’m still waiting for that day when I see some stranger in public with an item I know is from a subscription box. Then I’ll approach them like a weirdo! “Do you love subscription boxes too?!”)


HISY Battery Pack – Value $24.99

Subscribers will receive one of three colors for this charger – the pale green shown, pink or blue:

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 6.09.04 PM

I don’t think I would have cared which color I received, but I think this one is my favorite out of the options.

Here it is next to an iPhone 6+ to give a better sense of scale:


It’s not too heavy, so it will be good purse item.


Glass Crystal Bead Bracelet by Tribe Alive -$49 Retail Value

The beads in this bracelet are made with hand-cut glass crystals. The info magazine doesn’t list the chain material, but it looks like the bracelets are very similar to these necklaces, which are made with 14k gold filled chain.

This bracelet comes in four different varieties for subscribers:

FabFitFun Bracelet Options

I’m going to try to swap for all of the other colors – I think they would look beautiful together and these bracelets are delicate enough to stack without adding much bulk on your arm at all.

Here is the bracelet on:


It closes with a clasp, so you can adjust it to get the fit you want, and I hope it will fit most subscribers.

Also, Tribe Alive is an awesome company, and I’m happy to see them in the box:

Tribe Alive utilizes a passion for fashion and responsible commerce as a platform to help alleviate poverty among women. We work with artisan partners all over the world to employ impoverished women at fair trade wages and give them access to a safe job, sustainable income and a chance to determine their own future. We strive to create positive change in the lives of women by providing market place access through the fair production and sale of our beautiful and unique pieces. We believe that every purchase should be made with a purpose, and that there is nothing more stylish than giving back. Hope is our message. Fashion is our medium.


Manna Kadar Lip Locked Lucky Lip Stain – Value $24

(Good to know for swaps – both ends of package are sealed with clear sticker)

This lip product is designed to be a primer, stain, and gloss in one. The shade is somewhat close to my lip color, so I’m having a hard time determining just how much stain/pigment it adds. The shine is perfect though – not too glossy, and not sticky at all.

Here it is swatched below:


One minor thing to add – the packaging of this LipLocked is different than the one on the Manna Kadar site – (4 ml vs 5 ml). Not sure if this lip stain packaging was created just for this FabFitFun box?


Doctor D Schwab Flawless Skin Fluid – Value $39

(Good to know for swaps – foil seal under cap).

This skin fluid is basically a lightweight moisturizer with a luminous finish – I love it! And it’s all natural. I think this may be my favorite discovery in the box. I just tried it out, so we’ll see how long the luminous part lasts, but I think I’ll be buying more of this in the future. (Plus I love that this is a great item whether or not you wear makeup!)


Gold Radiance Luxury Facial Mask – 2 Pack Value $65

(Good to know for swaps – both ends of package are sealed with clear sticker)

I’ve wanted to try this mask ever since I saw Kim’s instagram picture! (I have a slight obsession with all things gold, so we’ll see if these live up to the hype in my head!).


Merrithew Strength Tubing Ankle & Tone Body Tone + DVD – Value $33

I’m so excited to try this DVD! I just tried the video clip on the Merrithew site and I have a feeling it is going to be tough! (I definitely can’t push my leg out as much as they do!) The DVD includes:

  • 24 exercises in main program
  • 9 exercises in Bonus program
  • Workout time = 33 minutes (main program)
  • Workout time = 12 minutes (Bonus program)
  • DVD Length = 84 minutes

Here is the ankle tube out of the packaging:


The black bands are made with velcro and go around your ankles.


Purple Purse Foundation Tassel Charm – Value $10

FabFitFun partnered with The Purple Purse Allstate Foundation for the Fall box. I love this addition. Here is more on the foundation and ways you can support:

In 2014, over 140 community partners came together in support of Purple Purse through ongoing fundraising challenges from CrowdRise. This Purple Purse Challenge raised over $2,500,000 to help give survivors of domestic violence the financial knowledge, skills and resources they need to break free from abuse.

Proudly clip a Purple Purse charm to your bag and help domestic violence survivors break free from abuse. All proceeds from charm sales will support more than 160 Purple Purse Challenge nonprofits and the domestic violence survivors they serve. See a complete list of the organizations here.

Share a photo of the charm on your bag with #PurplePurse.


Picture it On Canvas $75 Gift Card (with free shipping; expires 12/1/15)

Jeweler’s Wife $15 Gift Card (with free shipping; expires 12/31/15)

(FYI – both of these offers say one gift card per order, so I don’t believe you would be able to stack them if you had multiples).

Awesome news about the Picture it On Canvas coupon code – you do not have to enter billing info to use it! (If your order is $75 or under). I’m still browsing the site for which item to pick, but I’m leaning toward the 12″ by 12″ Woodgrain Print ($75 exactly).

Also good to know about Jeweler’s Wife – you don’t need to enter credit card info for this one either if your order total is under $15! I was just testing out the checkout to see if I needed to enter my credit card info, and I managed to accidently place an order, so I recommend making sure you have what you want in your cart before you click “apply” on the gift card section!

Normally gift cards included in subscription boxes are “gift codes” that require a purchase of some amount – I’m so impressed that both of these are true gift cards!


Crest 3D White Brilliance 2-Step System Sample

And this box also included this 3D White sample as a bonus sponsored item. Not too exciting for me, but no complaints considering everything else that is in the box!

Verdict: I think this is my favorite FabFitFun box of all time. For one thing – I LOVE that the gift cards can be used as actual gift cards! What an awesome surprise! (And because of that I think it is fair to count the value of those gift cards toward the overall value of the box).

This box has a retail value of about $367 – I really don’t know how they do it with a $50 box, but I’m impressed! And I will use every single item, so the personal value is there for me too.

What do you think of the FabFitFun Fall 2015 Box? What are you going to buy with your gift cards?


How do subscribers rate FabFitFun?

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (143)

  1. I just got done trying to use the “Picture It…” gift card to do some Christmas shopping. And every item I click on gives me a message that says, “Not available at this time.” I’ve emailed the company to find out what’s going on. But the bottom line is, if I can’t get what I want from the site, this gift card won’t be worth the paper it was printed on. I am unimpressed :\

    • Yup, same thing happened to me. When the spoilers came out I picked what I wanted on the site, but now that I have the coupon, several of the items I was interested in are unavailable.

      I also checked out pictureitoncanvas reviews (Yelp) to see which items people were happy with, and there are many bad reviews. I know there are fake ones as well as people unhappy with groupon issues, but a common thread seems to be poor image quality, high shipping, damaged items during shipping, and bad service.

      I might wait and see if the tote or something that’s hard to mess up comes back in stock.

      • Hmmm. I just came on here to gush about my Pictureit purchase. I got a 12×12 slate and an upgrade to the display tripod, and it came out to 74.99 and with free shipping, so it was completely free. I used a picture of a butterfly on a flower that I took, and it came out great. The colors are more muted than the original, but it is really beautiful. I also got a 60% off coupon in the box, and am planning on getting another one as a Christmas present.

      • Wow thanks for posting that!! I went on the site today and noticed items are back in stock, this really is a great coupon code and fabulous box 🙂

    • Just today I used the Picture It… coupon to order a Christmas gift for my newly-married son and his wife. I ordered a set of 4 acrylic drinks coasters using 4 different landscape images from their honeymoon to Scotland, then added a stand-up photo on slate of the two of them in Scotland. If I hadn’t also selected a mahogany coaster rack, the entire order would have been free (I ended up paying $4.79). I am very impressed with this coupon being included in the box and am looking forward to seeing the quality of the items!

    • Does anyone know if we all got the same code or if everyone’s is different? I don’t want to swap for one if I am just going to get the same code.

      • We all got the same code. It was an issue for me because I bought 2 FFF boxes, but felt unethical redeeming the same code twice :/

  2. Received my box. So happy with everything. If anyone is having problems with shipping etc. just email them and customer service will take care of it for you. Their customer service is excellent. I’ve experienced excellent respond times and they always took care of my needs. Don’t give up. They do get busy as so many orders get shipped out. Please be patient, or email with your concern. I’m in love with my box. Thank you Fabfitfun and Liz

    • I had a rather lengthly talk with a customer service manager yesterday. She explained that Federal Express lost over 600 VIP boxes that had been set to go out on September 21. FedEx kept saying they weren’t lost and would be sending them out; hence the delay. FFF finally said that if they weren’t out by yesterday (10/6) that they would be sent by priority (2-3) day mail today (10/7).

      • It’s a bummer that FedEx had such a mess up. My original package label was created 9/17 but never moved. Doesn’t even say it was picked up by FedEx so who knows. They did ship my new box overnight yesterday as promised and it arrived today. So glad it finally came. I sure hope they fix this issue with FedEx or get another carrier. I have never had a good experience with FedEx. I prefer UPS anyways.

      • Umm, yeah. But they didn’t tell people about it or resend until they asked. So you have to hound them for the box you already paid for. And, by the way that’s a different story than I was told. They told me it was the warehouse! Hmmm. And replacement shipment? Three day priority mail sent on the 10th? Yeah that’s also lost or delayed or something. Tracking info still reads “pre shipment information received.”

        I’m disgusted with customer service too. They’re sweet enough, but if I want to wait a few days to watch for follow-up (read, actual shipment) before rating the help, I’m told I can’t give feedback because the issue is resolved. Ummmm nah.

        Oh yeah. And now of course I’m getting multiple “last chance” emails about ordering additional boxes. Really?

      • I’m still waiting for my Fall box, and getting the “order another FFF box” emails are VERY annoying considering I haven’t received my FIRST one yet. I’m a VIP member and anxious to know if I got my colour options.. But, having read some of the comments looks like I’ll be lucky to get the bracelet at all.. :(( I hope I do since it was one of the two items I was really excited about getting. The masks and make up I will be swapping.

        I am not sure how the gift cards will work since I’m in Canada. Any Canadians out there that can let me know?

      • You will pay for shipping but I found the PIOC shipping costs to be reasonable (I paid $15 to have my print on wood shipped – the gift card covered the entire cost of the print though). The Jeweler’s Wife one. . . well. . . not worth it imo. Their third party shipping company wanted to charge $44 to ship a $40 bracelet. . . so the $15 off wasn’t worth it to me.

    • Yes, customer service via email is excellent (thank you Alex). Calling them…well, that’s another story. But, like I said they responded to my email/s very quickly and resolved my issue promptly. My hubby ordered another Fall box for me. I love everything and I’m excited to see what color umbrella they’ll send this time (I got black the last time and I would be happy with anything but the orange/peach). It’s been raining alot this weekend, so made use of my current one. This is by far my favorite subscription!!!!

  3. Tried to buy something from Jewelers wife website a few days ago, got a call today that its all sold out and my order is cancelled. really? hmmm?
    The item was 21 or 23.00 I think and free shipping so it would have been a bracelet for cheap, no dice. not sure I will give it another try. Not impressed with first impression.

    • I must have gotten in under the wire there. I bought something that cost me a little over a dollar after the discount. I think that is the flaw with these gift cards. The company gets such a run on products that they can’t keep up, especially if they sell one of a kind pieces.

      • When does the gift card expire? I haven’t even gotten my box yet!

      • One expires on Dec 1 and the other on Dec 31. I forget which is which but I think the jewelry one expires on Dec 31.

    • I got a pair of Mickey mouse silver earrings for $6 after the gift card and they arrived yesterday 🙂 there is hope for anyone still wanting to use theirs!

    • I got a pair of Swarovski earrings for $7.50 after the discount. They arrived today, were shipped incredibly fast, packaged well for shipping and in a beautiful box with a bow. I’m trying to swap for more gift cards because wow.

  4. I am so frustrated that I have not received my box! Has anyone else had success solving this issue? I am a select member and annual subsriber. On 10/1 I contacted FFF to inquire where my box was as I had not even received tracking info. Two days later they replied with a tracking number that showed a label was created on 9/17 but no movement … I’ve contacted them again yesterday and have had no response. I’ve always loved this box but if they don’t send it to me I’ll have to cancel.

    • Call them. I had a similar issue. I’m also an annual subscriber and select member. I hadn’t received mine, so I e-mailed them. I received an e-mail stating that it would go out the following week (this would have been last week). By Friday, I still hadn’t received a tracking number, so I called them. I was on hold for quite awhile, but when I finally talked to someone, she was very nice. She looked at my account, realized that although they had put it out for delivery it hadn’t actually left their facility, and said she was shipping out another box by priority mail. She also refunded me for the extra product I had ordered. I did get the e-mail with the refund by the time I got off the phone with her, although I expect the refund itself will take 2-3 days (which is customary). So I highly, highly recommend a phone call instead of relying on e-mail.

      • Thanks! I called this morning and was told they would overnight me a package. I haven’t received any shipping info yet (although they did tell me that FedEx may have already done the daily pick up for today). I was promised the box by Wednesday, 10/7. We’ll see. I’ve been a subscriber for over 2-years and an annual/select member since March. I’ve never had this issue but I’m sad to see how rampant the issue appears to be for this fall box. They should work hard to straighten out whatever is going on in their warehouse or they’ll be loosing a ton of subscribers, including myself.

      • *this evening, not this morning*

    • I’m in the same boat. I email them over a week ago and their response was it would be shipping soon. Then they sent me a rate your experience email. I answered truthfully that they answered nothing! I got a new email the next day saying they finally looked into the shipping and a label was created on 9/21. If I don’t get it by tomorrow then I need to contact them so they can send me another box. I’m definitely calling them. I just hope I get all the same colors I originally selected as a VIP.

  5. I think I’m the only person not super excited about this box. I was bummed the lip gloss had mineral oil in it. I thought the summer box was much better!

    • I was much more upset that it has PARABENS in it when the website shows advertises that it is paraben-free! Who does that!?

  6. Should i be worried that I haven’t gotten s shipping notice yet?

    • Give them a call. I hadn’t received a shipping notice either. I e-mailed them last week and was told it would be mailed this week. As of today, I still hadn’t received a notice so I called them. Turns out FedEX either never picked it up or lost it, so they’re mailing me another one via priority mail and refunding me the cost of the add-on I had picked (I’m a yearly subscriber). I did have to wait on hold for a while, but I think it was worth it, and the person I talked to was quite polite and understanding.

  7. Ya know, I had a really bad first impression with them during the summer, seeing as I had damaged and missing items, but they were really quick to correct the problem(they sent me a whole new box in fact) but I was upset with the wait and the whole experience that I thought I would just cancel. Well I forgot to, and saw little spoilers here and there of this box and wanted it almost immediately. I signed back into my account and found out I forgot to cancel it! Haha! Both of the boxes I’ve recieved from them have been amazing, I got the pink charger, white bracelet, and yellow umbrella, ALL of which were colors I wanted, but didn’t request, and it arrived rather quickly. I cannot wait to see what the holiday boxes will have!! 😀

    • That is good to hear about their responsible CS to replacing items. Mine arrived yesterday and the Tribe Alive bracelet is missing and the Lather AHA cream I added on had a loose top and leaked! The bracelet was one of the spoiler items that caused me to sub in the first place so not to see it in there was disheartening. I am worried due to all of the reviews about their CS and billing and cancellation problems, but I’ve called and emailed, so we will see.

  8. Am I the only one who is still waiting on their box? I don’t even have an email with shipping information yet!

    • I just received my shipping info this morning in an email. I ordered my box last week – Thursday or Friday I think.
      Hoping you get your box or info soon.

      • I ordered 2 boxes a month ago and haven’t received tracking. They keep telling me it will ship by the end of the month at the latest, but here we are (9/30) with no shipping notification. Frustrating! Especially when I hear someone who ordered last week received tracking already! Although happy for you that your box is on its way 🙂

      • That would be frustrating! I think annual subscribers and people who ordered boxes first should definitely have theirs shipped first.

    • I am still waiting as well. Have been a long time subscriber and switched to annual in early September. I sent FFF a PM on Facebook and received tracking info (still waiting for the email confirmation), but my box has not shipped yet. I also raised concern about why the wait especially since they claim to ship VIPs first yet new subs are starting to receive their boxes. They did not address that concern, just provided tracking info which indicates a shipping label was created on Sep 21.

    • I am a VIP and still haven’t gotten a shipping notice either. I was VIP before the sumber box. I reached out to customer service but haven’t heard anything.

      • I’m also a VIP and have not received my box. I e-mailed them last Thursday or Friday and was told they were mailing boxes this week. I agree that those of us who are VIPs, or even regular subscribers who subscribed earlier, should receive our boxes before newcomers (not that I begrudge newcomers their boxes at all, just that it should be first come-first served). Although I really like this subscription, and am definitely looking forward to this box in particular, as has been pointed out before, their customer service leaves something to be desired.

      • Yep, I’m a VIP too and I finally heard back that they’ll be shipping my box this week. What?? Why am I a VIP if I’m last to get it? They better have my color choices correct! Thanks for all the reassurance everyone.

  9. What is the website to swap items?! 🙂

  10. Just having my little pity party over here TRYING to be patient on this darn box. Over a week now since it has shipped and they keep pushing back my delivery date. So maybe I will have it 10/1! 🙁
    I am really excited about everything! I don’t even care too much about what colors I receive, I just want to PLAY WITH ALL THE THINGS!
    Rant over.

  11. Can anyone describe the true color of the lip product? Liz’s swatch looks a little brownish on my computer screen but it looks like a rose color on their website. Is it a true rose or mauve color? Or does it have some brown or orange/coral undertones? I would not wear it if it was brown or orange/coral so trying not to open it if I can get away without doing so.


    • I was apprehensive too, but I caved and opened it. It is so neutral, I think this color will look nice on all skin types.

    • On second thought, after applying again today…. It is quite light, it may be a bit pasty on darker skin…. Not a bad thing but worth noting.

      • Thank you Monica. I don’t think this will be a color for me. I need a vibrant pink/mauve.

  12. Just in case anyone didn’t know you can use the $15 jewelry giftcard for anything at not just the jewelers portion of the site. had more variety $15 and under 🙂

    • Where did you see anything even close to $15?

      • I found a lot of earrings around $15, I just sorted them by price.

      • Yes. I just ordered a very nice pair of freshwater pearl and sterling silver drop earrings for $14.95. My sister will love them… yay for early Christmas shopping!

  13. I literally ran to get my box today! My first one, and will be able to use everything in there or give as Xmas gifts~ little disappointed with the black umbrella and mint charger though; I would really have likes something brighter… haven’t been approved for the swap page yet, anyone wants to swap?

  14. Just got my box in and I love it ! I got the orange umbrella, dark blue bracelet, and rose charger ! Such a great deal for $40

  15. I have two boxes coming, one with an add on and yet no shipping or tracking notice 🙁 Anyone get their box without tracking? REALLY want this box but I want it now lol

    • just got mine today with no tracking, so worried before!

  16. Got my box today…thrilled! Got the mint charger, turquoise umbrella and aquamarine bracelet. Will gift the bracelet. Will get a bracelet I like with the gift card. Was going to cancel FFF after this. But since I’ve cancelled most my beauty boxes, will prob keep. Like the variety.


    (And yes, I totally meant to shout that out for everyone to hear! ? )

    I wanted to begin by saying that I have had no problems with FFF’s customer service. In fact, I was quite impressed by it. I had a box ordered for $40 and then found out about the AWESOME code mentioned above. I emailed customer service at midnight to cancel, thinking they would get to my request within a day or so. However, thirty minutes later, I received an email stating my subscription had been canceled. I ordered an hour later with the new code with no difficulty. I was never charged for the first box that I canceled. So, I only have good things to say about their customer service.

    I LOVE the new format with the mini mag. It really elevates FFF to a new level. The curation is magnificent and the variety is perfect!!!

    I agree with Liz that this is my favorite FFF box in a looooooooong time. Well, at least as long as I can remember, which isn’t saying much these days.

    This will also make a perfect Christmas present for my friends and family.

    I highly recommend the box to anyone!

  18. i liked everything in this box. i have yet to see if the battery charger will work with my iphone 6. I went to the HISY website to see if the coupon code will work and it said that the coupon has expired eventhough it had an expiry date of October 31, 2015. WTH?

    • A related question – if you have an iPhone, do you need to provide your own charging cord? Anybody know?

      • Yes, you will need to provide your own cord. The charger only comes with its own charging cable, which is a standard micro usb, which is commonly used on androids and other non-smart phones.

      • Thank you, Rose! I thought that might be the case.

  19. I’m an annual subscriber and picked out the mexican blue bracelet with the Aqua & Navy charger. I got the Aquamarine bracelet with the Mint charger instead. I did get the correct umbrella but the whole point of going annual was to get colors that I would like.

    Anyone else have this issue?

    • I signed up as an annual subscriber this year and I’ve had an issue with both of the boxes so far, in the spring I got the wrong scarf and the summer box I got the wrong necklace. Both times they did resend the correct one. The only downside is that it takes a month to get it ?

    • I am pretty sure I got the wrong bracelet too. I can’t see my choices anymore, but I got the aquamarine too, and chose the blue.

  20. Hi all, im still on the wait list for the swap site, so I thought I’d see if anyone was looking to swap for or sell this box. I’m really wanting to get it, but also am terrified of the customer service issues I’ve heard about… Let me know! Thanks!

    • I really wanted it but was worried about customer service too – so I just got a prepaid visa and used that to sub. I just didn’t want to have to enter my cc info and worry about charges.

      • Oh, good point! I’ll prob end up doing that. Thanks, Randi!

  21. Wow, those gift cards!!! And the umbrella is so cute. I didn’t realize it had words on it. I am pretty happy with this box. I think I have picked out my jewelry, and I am probably going to go with a slate picture. Fun!!

  22. Anyone having trouble using the Jewelers Wife card? I put it in as a coupon code and get an error message saying it was not found. Should I put it somewhere else?

    • try entering the card under the Gift Card along with the amount

  23. You can use code JW1030 on the Jeweler’s wife website for $10 off of $30. Stacks with the gift card…Happy shopping…. I got a crystal bar necklace and gold spike earrings ?

    • Thank you!

    • Good to know! Thanks!

    • lucky that the coupon worked for you, just tried it and it said: coupon code not found…

  24. Omg I can’t wait to get this box, I’m very happy with FFF. This is an awesome box. I’m ordering 3 more for presents ? thanks Liz

    • Awesome gift idea! 🙂

      • Yes, although you might want to sneak in the box and order something with the picture gift card to include with the gift before the Dec. 1 expiration!

  25. Do FFF boxes sell out? I think I want to order more, but want to see everything in person first. Also, is it possible to order a one time box and get the $10 off or is that only with a sub? Thanks!

  26. Well, Out of Curiosity I added a $20 pair of earring to the cart and started “check out” to see if the gift card will work in Canada. I’m sure it would, But over $40.00 Shipping and the earrings magically turned into $38.00 earrings. So over $78 for a $20 dollar pair of earrings before the $15 card. I think not. The only downside to FFF is that us in Canada can never seem to use the codes, or if we can, the shipping is never worth it.

    • That’s disappointing to hear. I guess it will probably be the same for the Picture it On Canvas code.

  27. Looks like a fun box! I am excited to get the charger. I definitely need it!

  28. Got this box for $24.99 after a $25 credit for referrals. What a steal!!!

  29. I’ve been going back and forth on whether to get this sub, and I’m so glad I signed up for the fall box! I mainly ordered it because I’m heading to ACL festival in a few weeks so that charger is going to be great to take with, and I don’t currently have an umbrella. I seriously can’t wait to get it in the mail.

    • I wishe i could attend ACL this year. At last being pregnant has stopped me from going. I am green wih envy

  30. WOW! I love this box! The FFF boxes have never really impressed me, but this one blew me away! I just ordered my first one. So excited to receive it! Thanks for the review Liz 🙂

  31. FFF is always sending me “come back and get $10 off your box” emails, but now that I’ve actually decided to come back, I can’t seem to find any of them! Does anyone know a code for returning subscribers? I’m trying to avoid creating a new account. This really is a nice box….

    • I tried to do the old accounts too because I kept getting those but as soon as the full spoilers were released they stopped sending them! And even on the current subscribers page you were able to add an extra box for $40 and now it’s back up to $50. The early birds got the cheap worms I guess. I had to make a new email account

      • Thanks for letting me know. This is a good one so it looks like they’re not pushing discounts. Too bad I missed the $30 window!

  32. Wow, I am very impressed with the value of this box! It is also a nice variety of items. When I was reading this I kept thinking “wait, there’s more?!” Well done, FFF!

    A girl I know also has the Kendra Scott Danielle earrings that were in PSMH a while back. 🙂 My brother was with me when I saw this so I told him about it. He didn’t really understand what was so exciting about this, ha ha!

  33. Lol, In response to liz’s comment about seeing someone in public with a sub box item- I recently saw a girl with the blue/pink plaid POPSUGAR scarf from August and I was so silly excited to see another local wearing it, I made a comment to her about how great popsugar boxes are and she looked at me like I was crazy, she had no clue what i meant. I told her i had the same one, from my popsugar box and that I had assumed she received it from that as well ( I wondered for a sec if she bought it from the company) but she said her friend gave it to her because she didn’t want it. She didnt seem to like it much herself. I felt a little embarrassed for making a big deal out of it.

    • So funny; I did that to a co-worker for the glass coffee cup PS had in their boxes awhile back and we’ve since bonded over our addiction to sub boxes! LOL.

  34. Everything looks fantastic and usable! I can’t wait to get mine!

    • Yay – hope you love it! 🙂

  35. what did you get with your jeweler’s wife gift code?

  36. The box looks wonderful! It’s tempting to resubscribe. I like how they offer choices for annual subscribers. People appreciate the customization.

  37. Warning: I cancelled this box after receiving the summer box, but was charged for fall. When I got the charge notification, I immediately emailed them to try to sort out their mistake. Their customer service has not responded, nor did they respond when I emailed after receiving a shipping notification. Mistakes happen, but the FFF customer service is a joke.

    • Call them, I have had issues with them before, a phone called resolved the issue and they were very helpful and accommodating. Good luck

    • A ton of us had problems getting re-charged for the summer box. I canceled mine after the spring box and I got charged for another year. I tried calling several times, no one answers the phone I also had to email a few times before they finally got back to me. Too much effort to cancel and when I canceled the first time, I was still charged. Won’t ever get the box again for that reason.

      • Ditto to above. Have had a terrible time trying to cancel in the past and double charged etc.

    • I had the exact same thing happen to me. I’m glad I kept the emails saying I wouldn’t be charged. But I haven’t heard back either.

    • I’ve sent many emails to FFF and NEVER received any kind of response. It’s like they just disappear into thin air. Calling them is the only way to get a response.

  38. I’m just going to have to hurry up and order one, and then hopefully not order two! Should be able to use the gift cards to get some Christmas gifts (so happy for free shipping!). And I think I’ll use almost everything in box.
    Excited to try that lotion / moisturizer, especially after reading what you wrote Liz.

    And I’m so waiting for the day when I see someone else with a sub box exclusive item and can run up to them too!

    • I saw a girl wearing the Rachel Zoe Box of Style Mara Hoffman sarong and was so excited! I totally went up to her and said something!

  39. Kinda sucks that the pictureitoncanvas can’t be combined with any offers. Since they often have 50-80% off coupon or groupon, and their prices are super inflated, the $75 off is only worth it if you spend less than $100-125

  40. Wait wait wait- if the cards act like actual gift cards, does that mean we could use them with a discount code?? Like a 30% off code (random example)?

    Because that would be genuinely awesome. 😀

    • Both say “not valid with other offers” so I’m assuming no, but I haven’t tested it.

      • Aw shucks. Oh well. At least I saw a bunch of stuff for $75 and under. 🙂

    • Nope. They work like gift cards, but aren’t actual gift cards. When I finished my purchase on PIOC, the code HAS to go in the coupon section, so it is processed like a coupon, but can cover shipping costs, if any.

  41. It’s awesome you can use them as actual gift cards! Sad that they go out in December though, so they wouldn’t be practical for Christmas (as one would be expired and one would be almost expired lol).

    I love everything in the box though. I can’t wait to get mine! I love the saying on the umbrella, it’s so cute and so appropriate, being and umbrella and all LOL

  42. Blanket! Blanket blanket blanket!! My son was such an ADORABLE baby when he was born, still is now, but of course, I’m a mother so of course I think my baby is so precious! But seriously. This probably the thing I’m most excited about!! I am SO HAPPY they work as actual gift cards and not coupons!!!

  43. I haven’t even received my first box and I already want to order another! I want the bracelet and umbrella in multiple colors! Luckily, I got the first box with the $30 deal, so I think I can justify getting another.

    • I feel the same way.

  44. Liz, can you (or anyone else!) link us to the items you found for $75 on the Picture It On Canvas site? I can’t find anything for that price!!

      • Thank you!!!!

    • I started a thread on the forum (titled something like “using the FFF code”) to talk about what people were getting with their card. If you go for the various personalized things, there are a ton of options!

  45. This box looks AMAZING! I didn’t think FFF had good curation but this proved me wrong! I love almost every single item, I need to buy 1 like now. Lol.

    • I’m thinking of buying an extra or two 😉

  46. This looks great and for $40 I couldn’t pass this up. I’ll use way more of this than I did the september popsugar box. I’m glad its still available!

    • Yay – hope you love it! 🙂

  47. I read that the phone chargers are Android only. Is that correct?

    • It works for apple devices too. (Anything that can charge via USB). The wire included is for charging the battery itself, then you would use your iPhone charger cable to connect it to your iPhone. (So you’d have to have that in your purse as well!)

      Hope that makes sense!

    • Hi, I have the iPhone 6s and the charger does not work on my phone. Not sure if it is just me.

  48. Does the umbrella have a button to open ?

    • Just checked – it does!

  49. FFF fall boxes are always the best they send out in my opinion. They others are great as well, but they knocked this out of the park! 🙂

    • You are so right! I just realized I ordered 2 of last year’s fall box as well!

  50. Where do I find swap sites for subscription boxes?

    • Well I would recommend the MSA one 🙂

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