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Bare Minerals Mystery Box Review – July 2015

Bare Minerals Mystery Box Review -  July 2015 - 1

Every few months, bareMinerals offers a surprise collection from their brand.  Join their mailing list to be one of the first to know when it’s available.  This particular collection has 11 items and is valued at $166.

Bare Minerals Mystery Box Review -  July 2015 - 2

Bare Minerals Mystery Box Review -  July 2015 - SCREENSHOT2

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Bare Minerals Mystery Box Review -  July 2015 - SCREENSHOT1

Bare Minerals Mystery Box Review -  July 2015 - SCREENSHOT3

The Box: bareMinerals Mystery Box

The Cost: $35+tax (Free Shipping)

The Products: a variety of beauty products from the bareMinerals brand

Ships to: US and Canada only

Bare Minerals Mystery Box Review -  July 2015 - SCREENSHOT4

Bare Minerals Mystery Box Review -  July 2015 - 3

Lash Domination Volumizing Mascara Sample – Value: $2.00?

Active Cell Renewal Night Serum – Value: $2.00?

While placing my order, my purchase automatically placed two “free” samples in my cart!  I love this mascara and I love skincare so this was a mini win-win for me before the box even arrived.  I’m still working on the night cream from another box, so I may save this for our upcoming trip.  It looks to be enough for about 3 applications.

Bare Minerals Mystery Box Review -  July 2015 - 4

Bare Minerals Mystery Box Review -  July 2015 - 5

Bare Minerals Mystery Box Review -  July 2015 - 6

Patent Leather Bag – Value: $4.00

I received a cute little makeup bag.   I like the magnetic closure.  This is my first mystery box from this brand, chime down below if you know if it’s the same “bareEscentuals” inscribed bag every single time. I like it but was really hard to photograph once I took it out the protective sleeve.  It’s very shiny.

Bare Minerals Mystery Box Review -  July 2015 - 7

Prime Time Neutralizing Foundation Primer 1oz – Value: $24.00

I’m not sure how this primer will look on my face. (all swatches at the end) It’s very yellow but seems to blend out well.  It’s got good reviews online that says it color corrects redness, and makes your makeup appear glowy.

Bare Minerals Mystery Box Review -  July 2015 - 8

Everything else came bagged up like this.  There was also an inventory sheet with the “unit prices” of each item.  I’m not using it to list the values here because everything was priced very low, it’s weird. I don’t know why they would include that when we know you can’t find these items at those prices.

Bare Minerals Mystery Box Review -  July 2015 - 9

Bare Minerals Mystery Box Review -  July 2015 - 10

Mineral Veil in Original 2g – Value: $5.00

I’m excited to try this out.  I’ve used their Touch Up Veil and I hope that this one works just as well for my skin tone.

Bare Minerals Mystery Box Review -  July 2015 - 11

Prime Time Brightening Eyelid Primer 1.5ml – Value: $9.oo

This little guy is half the size of the full sized version.  I think this will be more than enough to test out, when I made swatches, this was the hardest thing to wash off!  It’s got some serious staying power.

Bare Minerals Mystery Box Review -  July 2015 - 12

Bare Minerals Mystery Box Review -  July 2015 - 13

5-in-1 BB Cream Eyeshadow in Blushing Apricot 3ml – Value: $18.00

This will be my third 5-in-1 color.  I really like them. I like to use them as an eyeshadow base to make my brighter eyeshadows pop.  They dry quickly, so apply lightly and “werk” fast!

Bare Minerals Mystery Box Review -  July 2015 - 14

Bare Minerals Mystery Box Review -  July 2015 - 15

Soft Focus Face Brush – Value: $30!!

Made with synthetics fibers, it says this brush can be used after you’ve applied your makeup to blend out harsh lines without using any other products.

Bare Minerals Mystery Box Review -  July 2015 - 16

Bare Minerals Mystery Box Review -  July 2015 - 17

Marvelous Moxie Lipgloss in Daredevil 2.25ml – Value: $9.00

I’m only a little sad because I have two of this color already.  Woe is me, right?!  I was hoping for a new color, but hey, I got one that I know looks great on me.  So I can’t complain.  I should give it to Abigail, she’s alway trying to get into my makeup anyway.

Bare Minerals Mystery Box Review -  July 2015 - 18

Bare Minerals Mystery Box Review -  July 2015 - 19

Loose Eyecolor in Nightfall 0.57g? – Value: $14.00

I’m not sure on the size, it’s not listed. This shade is very beautiful.  It’s shimmery brown with red undertones.  The texture is very smooth and the littlest swatch went a long way.

Bare Minerals Mystery Box Review -  July 2015 - 20

Bare Minerals Mystery Box Review -  July 2015 - 21

Bare Minerals Mystery Box Review -  July 2015 - 22

Big & Bright Eyeliner in Charcoal and Plum 0.35g – Value: $14.00

I believe these eyeliners are being phased out along with a few other items in this bag. I wished the plum color was a little brighter, it swatches as dark as the charcoal color.

Bare Minerals Mystery Box Review -  July 2015 - 23

Bare Minerals Mystery Box Review -  July 2015 - 24

Multi-Tasking Concealer in Summer Bisque 0.57g? – Value: $9.50

This container is the same size as the eyecolor so I’m guessing on the size.  This may be the only product that is too fair for my skin tone.  I’ve never tried concealer in a powder form, so I plan on trying it out anyway.  I’m curious to know if anyone received this in a different shade.

Bare Minerals Mystery Box Review -  July 2015 - 25

Swatch #One:

5in1 in Blush Apricot

Moxie Lipgloss in Daredevil

Eyeliner in Charcoal

Eyeliner in Plum

Bare Minerals Mystery Box Review -  July 2015 - 26

Swatch #Two:

Mineral Veil

Eyecolor in Nightfall

Concealer in Summer Bisque

Bare Minerals Mystery Box Review -  July 2015 - 27

Swatch #Three:

Neutralizing Foundation Primer

Brightening Eyelid Primer

Bare Minerals Mystery Box Review -  July 2015 - 28

Verdict: The bareMinerals Surprise Collection Bag had an estimated value of $150.50 ($154.50 if you count the bonus items).  My calculations are probably off from their estimated value of $166 due to the items that did not have the weight listed. Overall, I’m very happy with the value, the sizes and the products.  Including the purse and brush, I know I received at least six full sized items, and everything else including the “not for sale” freebies have a good number of uses!  Even though this is my first bareMinerals Box, this is definitely one of my favorite boxes ever.

What did you think of the bareMinerals Mystery box?  Are you going to grab one next time?

Written by Celicia Gantz

Celicia Gantz

Celicia was introduced to both The Honest Company and CurlKit in March 2013 and has been addicted to subscription boxes ever since. Always on the hunt for the undiscovered family staple, she loves trying new skincare, natural hair care, makeup, and finding delicious snacks with hidden veggies for her kids (and Hubby too). Favorite finds: Body Oil, Stuffed Animals, Books, non-GMO Tortilla Chips and Perfume Samples.

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Comments (33)

  1. Just got my shipping conf for this box! I’m not very happy with it ?.
    3 brushes and a makeup bag!
    Sorry but 3 brushes seems to be a bit much!!! I won’t order there boxes again!
    Not to mention the two weeks it took just to receive the shipping conf, who knows how long it will take to get the actual order!!! ?

  2. I’m bummed I missed this one, I loved my first bareMinerals mystery box but the one before this disappointed me a bit, a LOT of highlighting and contouring powders and compacts. This one seems to have a better variety of products. Great review too!

  3. Awesome review! Looking forward to more from you! Also, I’m glad I saved my money on this box… 🙂

  4. I purchased a mystery box last fall (returned it) and last winter (kept it). I thought about getting this one, but I’m glad I didn’t since almost everything you got this time already came in the fall or winter box of 2015. Not a fan of so many repeats.

  5. The past boxes never impressed me but I wish I got this one! This one looked so good!

  6. Shoot. I debated about picking this one up. Grr. Totally regretting not grabbing it before it sold out. I currently have or would like to try almost everything inside. Oh well.

  7. The eyecolor in Nightfall is gorgeous!

  8. Thanks for the swatches. Also if you peel the stickers off the bottoms of the containers at the little arrows it has the size of the products listed under there.

  9. Just wanted to chime in and say that the concealer is amazing! I have acne prone skin, and it seems I am regularly trying to hide a zit, or red mark, or scar that just won’t disappear. After applying foundation and my Benefit concealer, when there’s still a bright, red blemish shining thru, I reach for my Bare MInerals Summer Bisque, just dab/pat a little on and the blemish finally disappears!

  10. This was my very first time purchasing the bare minerals mystery box and I’m so happy I did! I didn’t get the brightening eyelid primer in my box but I got the stippling brush instead. I love both of the brushes that I got!

  11. I received the same items as listed in the review; I appreciate your explanation/description of each. My bag of products had burst open and landed all over the place when I opened the box, but were intact with no spillage, thankfully. I don’t have any of these products as this was my first box with them but am impressed how well the colors blend and are compatible to my complexion (HELL0 you gorgeous lip color!); the value vs cost and surprise factor were a definite plus for me.

    • I loved my box!! I received the full size mineral veil as well. I did not receive the eye primer or shadow but I did receive 3 different face brushes that I love love love.

  12. From the mineral veil to the lip gloss to the bag and brush, this is almost completely what I got when I bought one of these last Year. The HUGEST ripoff considering how expensive the company is. They need to include their foundation and stuff like that to make it worth the price.

  13. This box is already sold out when I checked today. Also the price is listed as $45.00 not $35.00

    • Perhaps you are seeing a different listing. This box was $35. Previous ones have been $45.

  14. I’m always on the fence about BareMinerals boxes. Some of their makeup is nice, but I don’t like most of it. I really like their brushes, though – so I kind of wish I had gotten this one. 🙂

    • I had three brushes in mine! I did not get the Nightfall eye color or the eye primer. I love the brush I got instead of the primer. I’m not as please to have missed the Nightfall 🙁

  15. I didn’t get the eye primer or the 5in 1. I got 2 more brushes that are amazing. And I got a full size mineral veil. I I got a brown eye pencil instead of Charcoal and my eye shadow wads dusty pink color. was so happy with my box .

    • My Mineral Veil was also full-sized (yay!). I also have the Chocolate liner instead of the Charcoal, which I prefer since I already have plenty of black eyeliner and the plum they sent is so dark. I also got an amazing brush instead of the tiny eye primer, which I am also pleased about.

      However, I got a meh brush instead of the Nightfall eye color. This part makes me sad, but the other subs were benefits, so I suppose I still ended up on top.

  16. I am so happy with this box. I want sure what to expect, but there isn’t a single thing that I wish I hadn’t received. I was skeptical about the eyeliners, being a strictly black liner girl, but I love these! The plum is great with my green eyes – I lined the top with plum and the bottom with charcoal and its much softer than straight black, but still with a dramatic effect. I didn’t realize that this was an ongoing box, so I’m looking forward to checking out future boxes.

  17. I was excited to finally try the products, but I’m returning this box. I would not recommend these products (especially the mineral veil and concealer powders) for anyone that is older (I’m 45 and it aged me to look like I am 45 and then some). The powder eyeshadow didn’t blend well at all, the apricot 5 in 1 looked like concealer, the primer smelled like chemicals, and the lip gloss was so sticky. Not my cup of tea, but if someone likes these products, it is a FANTASTIC value, for all you get. Also, customer service was very accommodating and polite with my request to return the box.

    • My mom is 63 and uses the mineral veil daily! Key is to use a VERY VERY small amount

    • I think Marvelous Moxie lip gloss is one of the best out there! I love the bisque concealer as well.

      Cosmetics are very subject to personal opinions 🙂

  18. I got the same box and am really happy with it. I was worried because it looked like the last 2 boxes were bad news.

    • That’s why I ordered! I figured after two misses, they’d really bring it this time. I’m not wowed, though. But I’m not disappointed, either.

  19. Thanks for the great review! The swatches are very helpful. Hope you enjoy your box!

  20. It’s funny, I was glad I passed on this, but now, seeing the pics, I kind of wish I’d picked it up. The contents are almost completely different from the last box in Spring, so there’s not much repetition which is cool for those who got both. The lip gloss and eye liners don’t wow me because I have way too much of both, but I love the mineral veil (makes skin look almost flawless!) and the 5-in-1 cream eyeshadow is a favorite of mine that I so hoped would be in the Spring box but was not. Ah well, there’s always next time! 🙂

    • Same here! I passed, but I love the 5-in-1 shadows and just finished up the last of one. Oh well.

      • I have one on swap! I don’t know how to use cream shadows, lol!

  21. So happy to see this review! One thing though, the original mineral veil is $21 for 3g. The 2g sample should be valued at $14 🙂 that should help the overall value too. And isn’t that lipgloss color GORGEOUS? I was worried at how dark it looked in the tube but on the lips it is just so perfect!

  22. I got the same colors and the same items. I love that you reviewed this! I love the bare minerals mystery boxes. I really enjoyed seeing everything broken down. P.S. I thought all those colors looked gorgeous against your complexion. Absolutely gorgeous!

  23. Thank you for such a comprehensive review! Had no idea what those mystery boxes had in them.

  24. Cecilia, for me, this is the best review you have done. Kuddos! Loved it! Well written, a bit quirky, and very informative. Great post!

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