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Universal Yums Subscription Box Review – June 2015

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Universal Yums Subscription Box Review – June 2015 - Box

Universal Yums is an international snack subscription box. Every month they send a mix of snacks from one country or region. (A different country or region is featured each month.)

Universal Yums Subscription Box Review – June 2015 - Inside

This month’s snacks are from Mexico!

This box was sent to us for review purposes. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

Universal Yums Subscription Box Review – June 2015 - Contents

The Subscription: Universal Yums

The Cost: $13/month for the Yum Box (6+ snacks) and $25/month for the Yum Yum Box (13+ snacks). (Note that this is a review of the Yum Yum Box.)

The Products: A selection of unique snacks from a different country each month.

Ships to: US

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Universal Yums Subscription Box Review – June 2015 - Card

Every box contains an information card detailing the featured items. They also list details and the ingredients of each item on their website.

Universal Yums Subscription Box Review – June 2015 - Takis

Sabritas Adobadas (45 g)- $1.25

The adobo flavor on these chips is a mix of chilies and spices. I’m a big fan! They’re heavily seasoned, and the flavor is a little smoky, a little spicy, and a little sweet.

Takis Fuego (4 oz)- $1.72

Takis Fuego are rolled tortilla chips flavored with hot chili pepper and lime. I tried dipping them in a sour-cream dip, and I was very impressed. They’re pretty spicy on their own, so I was happy to have something cool to cut through the heat.

Universal Yums Subscription Box Review – June 2015 - Barcel

Barcel Hot Chili Peper & Lime Peanuts (3.2 oz)- $2.08

According to Universal Yums, “chili and lime is to Mexicans what salt and pepper is to Americans.” They claim this classic Mexican flavor combination can be found everywhere: tacos, fruit, and even pizza.

Paleta Payaso (1.59 oz)- $1.14

This giant “lollipop” is a large marshmallow covered with chocolate and decorated with gummy “eyes’ and a “nose.”

Universal Yums Subscription Box Review – June 2015 - Pulparindo

Pulparindo (Two- 14 g packets)- $.29

Wowzers- this treat packs a punch! Pulparindo mixes tamarind pulp with salt and spice. It’s unlike anything I’ve tried before, and I actually kind of like it. It reminds me of a salty, sour, and spicy fruit leather

De La Rosa Mazapan (2 packs)- $.29

Unlike traditional marzipan, which is made from almonds, this mazapan is made from peanuts. It’s crumbly, rich, and sweet.

Glorias (2 candies)- $2

Glorias dulce de leche candies are made with pecans and goat’s milk. They’re quite large (two large bites, at least) and extremely addictive.

Universal Yums Subscription Box Review – June 2015 - Kranky

Kranky (1.41 oz)- $1.25

Kranky is a chocolate-covered cornflake treat. I love the sound of this snack, but I’m disappointed that the cornflakes are coated in a chocolate-flavored coating, instead of actual chocolate. As a chocoholic, I just don’t think there’s any substitute for the real thing.

Rockaleta (.84 oz)

Rockaleta is a lollipop with a gum center. Kind of like a spicy Blow Pop! This item isn’t listed on the information card, so I’m guessing it’s a bonus item or was a last minute addition to the box.

Vero Mango (2 lollipops)- $.21

These mango flavored lollipops are coated in a spicy powder. They’re a little too spicy for me, but I rinsed some of the spice off and the resulting blend of mango and spice was delicious!

Universal Yums Subscription Box Review – June 2015 - Salsaghetti

Chocoretas (1.41 oz)

Universal Yums claims that Chocoretas are the “M&Ms of Mexico.” They’re similar to the classic US treat, but also something different- a layer of mint!

Watermelon Salsaghetti (.85 oz)- $.52

Salsaghetti is a long, watermelon-flavored rope candy that comes with its own “sauce” packet. Instead of tomatoes, though, the sauce is made with tamarind.

Universal Yums Subscription Box Review – June 2015 - Duvalin

Duvalin (2 packets)

Duvalin is a sweet candy dip with a swirl of strawberry and hazelnut creams. It reminds me of frosting! Since it doesn’t come with any dippers, I’m assuming it’s perfectly acceptable to just dig in with a finger?

Canel’s Gum (4 packets)- $.40

Canel’s Gum comes in 4-piece packs and a wide variety of flavors like blueberry, cinnamon, spearmint, and violet. I received strawberry, apple, banana, and “fruit.”

Bubu Lubu (1.23 oz)

I love the name of this snack (it rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it?) and also the ghost mascot. According to Universal Yums, this strawberry, chocolate, and marshmallow snack is best when it’s frozen.

Universal Yums Subscription Box Review – June 2015 - Next

On the information card, Universal Yums provides a clue to the next month’s destination. The land of the rising sun? It looks like next month’s snacks will be from Japan!

Verdict: This month’s Universal Yums box contained a lot of candy that I’ve never tried before. I had a lot of fun trying so many different kinds of Mexican candy, and I discovered some delicious (and spicy!) new snacks. I couldn’t determine an overall value (since everything wasn’t available for sale online), but I imagine it’s in line with the value of their previous boxes. Boxes from Universal Yums don’t often have a value that exceeds the cost, but I enjoy their curation and feel it adds a lot of value to the subscription. They really excel at introducing new foods and snacks in a fun way, and I love being transported to a new destination each month. I can’t wait to see what’s included in next month’s Japanese box!

What do think about the Mexican candy from this month’s Universal Yums Box?

Written by Lindsey Morse

Lindsey Morse

Lindsey is a professional baker by day and a subscription box junkie by night. She first subscribed to Birchbox in 2013 and her addiction grew when she signed up for Graze, PopSugar, and Knoshy. Her favorite part about being a subscription box addict is discovering new products- especially gourmet goodies, beauty products, and kitchen tools!

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  1. This is my FAVORITE sub box to date! It surpasses my beauty boxes! Ughh…Love food more!!!?? Every box is a new adventure into a new area of foods in another country! Loving this road trip for sure! Bring on the travels UY!

    • I totally agree! I’m always so excited for this box! And really looking forward to Japan!

  2. I was so excited about the Israel box last month, but I disliked almost everything in the box. I was definitely NOT excited for this month since I once subscribed to Mexican Candy Box and found all the ingredients to be sort of cheap and artificial. The chocolate-flavored cornflake covering in this box is a good example. In fact, I actually hated everything in this box. I tried it all and hated every single thing. Just the smell of tamarind now makes me flinch.

    I do know I like pretty much any Japanese snacks and sweets, though, and I have loved every UY box before the Israel one, so I’m going to hang on!

  3. I tried Takis for the first time yesterday after hearing so much about them. I have the Fuego, which they say is the hottest, but I didn’t find it hot at all. They’re absolutely delicious! Where have they been all of my life?!

    I also live in an area with a large Hispanic community, so I might see if I can find some of these snacks at one of the Mexican grocery stores.

    Based on the hint for next month, I might subscribe to this box. We also have a large Asian community here too so Japanese candy isn’t too hard to find. But there are some of the more unique candy that I’ve been wanted to get my hands on.

  4. This was my first UY box and I wasn’t too thrilled, partly because I live in an area heavily populated with Mexican-Americans, so I can get some of these items locally. Except for the potato chips and the Chocoretas, I haven’t cared for what else I’ve tried and half the box still sits uneaten…and I have teenagers at home! I put my sub on hold for now and will wait until the box is sourced from somewhere I’m more excited about. I will say UY has excellent customer service and I’m eager to give them another try.

  5. I think this might be my favorite food box. It’s so unique. I am going to have to subscribe to it soon I think!

  6. Universal Yums is amazing! Every single box had been great. Our whole family enjoys the wide variety of snacks, the info card, trying new things from interesting places.

  7. I lived in Mexico in the 1980’s and discovered Pulparindo tamarind candy then. It remains, to this day, my all-time favorite Mexican candy. They make a spicier version in a red packet, but even I can’t handle that one!!

    I am so glad you liked it. 🙂

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